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1 DRP000498 DRA000477 fish_related environments_microbiome Metagenomics fish metagenome
food metagenome
freshwater metagenome
freshwater sediment metagenome
209.2M 2011-10-28 HYDRO_CAS
2 DRP001329 DRA001264 Bacterial community in carp intestine Metagenomics fish metagenome
freshwater metagenome
106M 2013-12-19 HYDRO_CAS
3 DRP002298 DRA002220 Microbiology of drinking water distribution system Metagenomics freshwater metagenome 43.5M 2014-04-15 DELFT
4 DRP002438 DRA002414
PAB-DWDS Other freshwater metagenome 60M 2014-07-31 DELFT
5 DRP003262 DRA005093 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing (V4+V5) from Japanese deep lakes Other freshwater metagenome 48.9M 2016-09-05 KYOTO_CER
6 DRP003663 DRA005422 Microbial community of various water sources in Kathmandu Valley Other freshwater metagenome
groundwater metagenome
riverine metagenome
955.8M 2017-01-05 YAMANASHI
7 DRP003684 DRA004882
Environmental DNA as a tool for animal biodiversity monitoring Other freshwater metagenome 476M RYUKOKU
8 DRP003908 DRA005118 Bacterial composition in precipitation collected in Japan over one and half years Other aquatic metagenome
freshwater metagenome
synthetic metagenome
74M 2016-09-08 UT_CB
9 DRP003941 DRA004779 The gut bacterial communities of crucian carp (Carassius auratus) associated with water quality and disease Other fish gut metagenome
freshwater metagenome
sediment metagenome
1.1G 2016-05-27 CIB_CAS
10 DRP004163 DRA006698 shogun metagenomic analysis in HKU Other freshwater metagenome 14.4G 2018-04-02 HU-RCZC
11 DRP004164 DRA006697 16S rRNA amplicon analysis in HKU Other freshwater metagenome 8.5M 2017-02-09 HU-RCZC
12 DRP004181 DRA006774 Metagenomic analysis in Bangkok, Thailand Other freshwater metagenome 9.1G 2018-04-12 HU-RCZC
13 DRP004196 DRA006806 16S rRNA amplicon analysis in BKK Other freshwater metagenome 547.9M 2017-02-06 HU-RCZC
14 DRP004422 DRA006454
Culture-independent metagenomic and metaepigenomic analysis of prokaryotes in Lake Biwa, Japan Other Escherichia coli
freshwater metagenome
21.3G 2018-01-24 UT_CB
15 DRP004514 DRA006237 Microcystis CRISPR amplicon sequences Other freshwater metagenome 368.7M 2017-10-11 KYOTO_AG
16 DRP004586 DRA005271 The detection of eDNA from all 19 species and subspecies of the genus Anguilla Other freshwater metagenome
riverine metagenome
seawater metagenome
synthetic metagenome
91.5M 2016-11-18 NUBS
17 ERP000189 ERA006995 Exploring Fecal Bacterial Diversity for Microbial Source Tracking by Barcoded Pyrosequencing Metagenomics freshwater metagenome
organismal metagenomes
49.6M GIST
18 ERP000339 ERA013614 Viral metagenomic study of two freshwater Lakes. Metagenomics freshwater metagenome 706.2M UBP-CNRS
19 ERP000580 ERA023922 Bacteroidetes pyrosequencing for microbial source tracking (MST) Metagenomics bovine gut metagenome
chicken gut metagenome
freshwater metagenome
gut metagenome
human gut metagenome
organismal metagenomes
46.7M GIST
20 ERP000842 ERA043547 Metagenome sample taken from adult grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idellus) intestine and associated environments Metagenomics fish metagenome
freshwater metagenome
freshwater sediment metagenome
phyllosphere metagenome
92.2M IHB