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        PrimaryAccessionNumber Definition SequenceLength MolecularType Organism
      C11649 Caenorhabditis elegans cDNA clone yk190a8 : 3' end, single read. 180 mRNA Caenorhabditis elegans
      AU181303 Oryza sativa Japonica Group cDNA, partial sequence (C11649_98Z). 480 mRNA Oryza sativa Japonica Group
      AU181302 Oryza sativa Japonica Group cDNA, partial sequence (C11649_97A). 297 mRNA Oryza sativa Japonica Group
      KE352976 Escherichia coli E2265 genomic scaffold C11649_G, whole genome shotgun sequence. 371 DNA Escherichia coli E2265
      LA788309 TSA: Monomorium pharaonis mRNA, contig: c11649_g1_i1. 503 mRNA Monomorium pharaonis
      LJ537432 TSA: Solenopsis invicta mRNA, contig: c11649.graph_c0_seq1. 207 mRNA Solenopsis invicta
      LT231963 Spodoptera frugiperda genome assembly, scaffold: C11649. 101 DNA Spodoptera frugiperda
      JT568357 TSA: Eustoma exaltatum subsp. russellianum E_gra_c11649 mRNA sequence. 1246 mRNA Eustoma exaltatum subsp. russellianum
      FX145544 TSA: Elaeocarpus photiniifolius mRNA, contig: Ep_rep_c11649. 786 mRNA Elaeocarpus photiniifolius
      FX157226 TSA: Schima mertensiana mRNA, contig: Sm_c11649. 571 mRNA Schima mertensiana
      HO837070 vsubiol_040785_74509.8_c11649 vsubiol_029137_74509.8 Dioscorea alata cDNA, mRNA sequence. 207 mRNA Dioscorea alata
      FX127745 TSA: Calophyllum inophyllum mRNA, contig: Ci_rep_c11649. 472 mRNA Calophyllum inophyllum
      HO613667 penium_71836_c11649_c Penium margaritaceum EST library Penium margaritaceum cDNA 5', mRNA sequence. 1019 mRNA Penium margaritaceum
      JP192701 TSA: Stylophora pistillata allreg_c11649 mRNA sequence. 1120 mRNA Stylophora pistillata
      FX173399 TSA: Pandanus boninensis mRNA, contig: Pb_c11649. 462 mRNA Pandanus boninensis
      KA290975 TSA: Camellia sinensis tea_c11649 mRNA sequence. 1095 mRNA Camellia sinensis
      JU375229 TSA: Scophthalmus maximus Pmax_rep_c11649 mRNA sequence. 1319 mRNA Scophthalmus maximus
      HO437636 klebsormidium_60434_c11649_c Klebsormidium flaccidum EST library Klebsormidium flaccidum cDNA 5', mRNA sequence. 475 mRNA Klebsormidium flaccidum
      EZ468088 TSA: Mustela putorius furo Ferret_c11649, complete sequence, mRNA sequence. 269 mRNA Mustela putorius furo
      HO821327 vsubiol_025042_74509.9_c11649 vsubiol_013396_74509.9 Dioscorea alata cDNA, mRNA sequence. 230 mRNA Dioscorea alata
      JO238673 TSA: Coleochaete sp. CFD corb_UMD_Coleochaete_c11649_c_s mRNA sequence. 433 mRNA Coleochaete sp. CFD
      HP011637 TSA: Arachis duranensis DurSNP_c11649.Ardu mRNA sequence. 116 mRNA Arachis duranensis
      JO216487 TSA: Penium margaritaceum pmar_71836_c11649_c mRNA sequence. 1019 mRNA Penium margaritaceum
      JO847498 TSA: Aedes albopictus Aalb_oocyte_rep_c11649 mRNA sequence. 550 mRNA Aedes albopictus
      BS002210 Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 hCoV-19/Japan/SZ-NIG-3-C11649/2021 RNA, complete genome. 29800 RNA Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
      CP003284 Anabaena sp. 90 chromosome chANA01, complete sequence. 4329264 DNA Anabaena sp. 90
      LT599047 Brucella sp. 10RB9215 isolate BR10RB9215WGS1 genome assembly, chromosome: 1. 2256786 DNA Brucella sp. 10RB9215
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