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        PrimaryAccessionNumber Definition SequenceLength MolecularType Organism
      C31631 Caenorhabditis elegans cDNA clone yk289f7 : 3' end, single read. 300 mRNA Caenorhabditis elegans
      LA812348 TSA: Monomorium pharaonis mRNA, contig: c31631_g1_i1. 257 mRNA Monomorium pharaonis
      LI512593 TSA: Lasius neglectus mRNA, contig: c31631.graph_c0_seq1. 1169 mRNA Lasius neglectus
      LI512594 TSA: Lasius neglectus mRNA, contig: c31631.graph_c0_seq2. 2569 mRNA Lasius neglectus
      LI512595 TSA: Lasius neglectus mRNA, contig: c31631.graph_c0_seq3. 2335 mRNA Lasius neglectus
      LA812349 TSA: Monomorium pharaonis mRNA, contig: c31631_g2_i1. 755 mRNA Monomorium pharaonis
      LT241957 Spodoptera frugiperda genome assembly, scaffold: C31631. 102 DNA Spodoptera frugiperda
      JT588312 TSA: Eustoma exaltatum subsp. russellianum E_gra_c31631 mRNA sequence. 620 mRNA Eustoma exaltatum subsp. russellianum
      HO372227 chaetospheridium_74953.1_c31631_c Chaetosphaeridium globosum EST library Chaetosphaeridium globosum cDNA 5', mRNA sequence. 422 mRNA Chaetosphaeridium globosum
      HO445536 klebsormidium_60434_c31631_c Klebsormidium flaccidum EST library Klebsormidium flaccidum cDNA 5', mRNA sequence. 508 mRNA Klebsormidium flaccidum
      JU361832 TSA: Scophthalmus maximus Pmax_c31631 mRNA sequence. 371 mRNA Scophthalmus maximus
      EZ488070 TSA: Mustela putorius furo Ferret_c31631, complete sequence, mRNA sequence. 120 mRNA Mustela putorius furo
      HO551296 nitella_74953_c31631_c Nitella hyalina EST library Nitella hyalina cDNA 5', mRNA sequence. 513 mRNA Nitella hyalina
      HP031605 TSA: Arachis duranensis DurSNP_c31631.Ardu mRNA sequence. 213 mRNA Arachis duranensis
      JO871295 TSA: Aedes albopictus Aalb_oocyte_rep_c31631 mRNA sequence. 597 mRNA Aedes albopictus
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