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        PrimaryAccessionNumber Definition SequenceLength MolecularType Organism
      M26641 Human transferrin. 183 mRNA Homo sapiens
      M73258 Human cellular DNA/Human papillomavirus proviral DNA. 6042 DNA Human papillomavirus
      X16162 Human DNA homologous to human telomeric sequence. 973 DNA Homo sapiens
      K03513 Human calcitonin mRNA, partial. 109 mRNA Homo sapiens
      L04291 Human dinucleotide repeat sequence. 240 DNA Homo sapiens
      L07553 Human intragenic minisatellite. 467 DNA Homo sapiens
      L09704 Human DNA sequence. 632 DNA Homo sapiens
      L11066 Human mRNA sequence. 2845 mRNA Homo sapiens
      L13118 Human tandem repeat polymorphism. 334 DNA Homo sapiens
      L13123 Human tandem repeat polymorphism. 499 DNA Homo sapiens
      L14274 Human prohibitin pseudogene. 343 DNA Homo sapiens
      L31919 Human probe on chromosome 16q24.3. 173 DNA Homo sapiens
      L31924 Human probe on chromosome 16q24.3. 208 DNA Homo sapiens
      L32606 Human homeobox-like mRNA. 2415 mRNA Homo sapiens
      L32607 Human homeobox-like gene. 4283 DNA Homo sapiens
      L35531 Human Alu repeat region. 482 DNA Homo sapiens
      A01344 Human immunodeficiency Viral epitope. 128 DNA synthetic construct
      A08525 Artificial sequence human parathyroidhormone. 253 DNA synthetic construct
      A08536 Artificial sequence human parathyroidhormone. 306 DNA synthetic construct
      A10916 Artificial mRNA for human prourokinase. 1500 RNA unidentified
      A15879 Human mature apoAI RNA. 732 RNA Homo sapiens
      A21952 modified human insulin precursor. 161 DNA synthetic construct
      A31572 Synthetic human lysozyme gene. 464 DNA synthetic construct
      DQ473509 Human rhinovirus A, complete genome. 7129 RNA Rhinovirus A
      FM210540 Human Adenovirus 23 fibershaft. 444 DNA Human adenovirus 23
      FM210543 Human Adenovirus 26 fibershaft. 444 DNA Human adenovirus 26
      FM210546 Human Adenovirus 32 fibershaft. 444 DNA Human adenovirus 32
      FM210549 Human Adenovirus 38 fibershaft. 441 DNA Human adenovirus 38
      FM210552 Human Adenovirus 43 fibershaft. 423 DNA Human adenovirus 43
      FM210555 Human Adenovirus 47 fibershaft. 446 DNA Human adenovirus 47
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