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        PrimaryAccessionNumber Definition SequenceLength MolecularType Organism
      M26641 Human transferrin. 183 mRNA Homo sapiens
      X16162 Human DNA homologous to human telomeric sequence. 973 DNA Homo sapiens
      M73258 Human cellular DNA/Human papillomavirus proviral DNA. 6042 DNA Human papillomavirus
      L31658 Human STS UT173. 404 DNA Homo sapiens
      L32607 Human homeobox-like gene. 4283 DNA Homo sapiens
      L49171 Human OCP2 gene fragment. 125 DNA Homo sapiens
      L02062 Human repeat polymorphism gene. 309 DNA Homo sapiens
      L13116 Human tandem repeat polymorphism. 231 DNA Homo sapiens
      L13124 Human tandem repeat polymorphism. 274 DNA Homo sapiens
      L22525 Human matrilysin promoter. 1205 DNA Homo sapiens
      L27603 Human nuclear pseudogene. 100 DNA Homo sapiens
      FM210545 Human Adenovirus 29 fibershaft. 444 DNA Human adenovirus 29
      FM210553 Human Adenovirus 44 fibershaft. 444 DNA Human adenovirus 44
      K03513 Human calcitonin mRNA, partial. 109 mRNA Homo sapiens
      U38615 Human mariner transposon humar1g1. 1591 DNA Homo sapiens
      U43374 Human normal keratinocyte mRNA. 1267 mRNA Homo sapiens
      U18669 Human Stat1 gene, exon. 197 DNA Homo sapiens
      U91729 Human 90K promoter region. 3271 DNA Homo sapiens
      U53012 Human microsatellite marker sAVA5. 253 DNA Homo sapiens
      U67811 Human primary Alu transcript. 340 RNA Homo sapiens
      U67819 Human primary Alu transcript. 378 RNA Homo sapiens
      U67827 Human primary Alu transcript. 317 RNA Homo sapiens
      X03168 Human mRNA for S-protein. 1582 mRNA Homo sapiens
      X03541 Human mRNA of trk oncogene. 2301 mRNA Homo sapiens
      X05196 Human aldolase C gene. 6694 DNA Homo sapiens
      X13224 Human mRNA for perforin (P1). 1668 mRNA Homo sapiens
      U03672 Human clone H3 mRNA. 222 mRNA Homo sapiens
      V00509 Human gene for preproenkephalin. 1014 DNA Homo sapiens
      V00589 Human 5S ribosomal RNA. 121 mRNA Homo sapiens
      X15218 Human ski oncogene mRNA. 3511 mRNA Homo sapiens
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