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        PrimaryAccessionNumber Definition SequenceLength MolecularType Organism
      M26641 Human transferrin. 183 mRNA Homo sapiens
      M73258 Human cellular DNA/Human papillomavirus proviral DNA. 6042 DNA Human papillomavirus
      X16162 Human DNA homologous to human telomeric sequence. 973 DNA Homo sapiens
      FM210541 Human Adenovirus 24 fibershaft. 441 DNA Human adenovirus 24
      FM210544 Human Adenovirus 27 fibershaft. 438 DNA Human adenovirus 27
      FM210547 Human Adenovirus 33 fibershaft. 444 DNA Human adenovirus 33
      FM210550 Human Adenovirus 39 fibershaft. 444 DNA Human adenovirus 39
      FM210553 Human Adenovirus 44 fibershaft. 444 DNA Human adenovirus 44
      FM210556 Human Adenovirus 48 fibershaft. 428 DNA Human adenovirus 48
      FM210559 Human Adenovirus 10 fibershaft. 441 DNA Human adenovirus D10
      FM210562 Human Adenovirus 22 fibershaft. 444 DNA Human adenovirus 22
      L23208 Human chromosome-specific mRNA. 846 mRNA Homo sapiens
      L23401 Human repeat region mRNA. 581 mRNA Homo sapiens
      L29511 Human GRB2 isoform mRNA. 933 mRNA Homo sapiens
      L31659 Human STS UT234. 341 DNA Homo sapiens
      L31707 Human STS UT567. 324 DNA Homo sapiens
      L09704 Human DNA sequence. 632 DNA Homo sapiens
      L11066 Human mRNA sequence. 2845 mRNA Homo sapiens
      L11289 Human YC1 mRNA sequence. 1520 mRNA Homo sapiens
      L13115 Human tandem repeat polymorphism. 166 DNA Homo sapiens
      L13119 Human tandem repeat polymorphism. 273 DNA Homo sapiens
      L13123 Human tandem repeat polymorphism. 499 DNA Homo sapiens
      L14273 Human prohibitin pseudogene. 1208 DNA Homo sapiens
      L14484 Human prohibitin pseudogene. 369 DNA Homo sapiens
      L14485 Human prohibitin pseudogene. 217 DNA Homo sapiens
      L14599 Human mRNA, complete cds. 1618 mRNA Homo sapiens
      L14843 Human zinc finger mRNA. 885 mRNA Homo sapiens
      A01699 Synthetic DNA for human LIF. 561 DNA synthetic construct
      A10915 Artificial mRNA for human prourokinase. 1500 RNA synthetic construct
      A12340 oligonucleotide competitor for human IgE. 228 DNA synthetic construct
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