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        PrimaryAccessionNumber Definition SequenceLength MolecularType Organism
      M26641 Human transferrin. 183 mRNA Homo sapiens
      M73258 Human cellular DNA/Human papillomavirus proviral DNA. 6042 DNA Human papillomavirus
      X16162 Human DNA homologous to human telomeric sequence. 973 DNA Homo sapiens
      U53009 Human microsatellite marker sRA11. 131 DNA Homo sapiens
      U53016 Human DXYS154 microsatellite sequence. 283 DNA Homo sapiens
      U67809 Human primary Alu transcript. 317 RNA Homo sapiens
      U67813 Human primary Alu transcript. 342 RNA Homo sapiens
      U67817 Human primary Alu transcript. 325 RNA Homo sapiens
      U67821 Human primary Alu transcript. 277 RNA Homo sapiens
      U67825 Human primary Alu transcript. 302 RNA Homo sapiens
      U67829 Human primary Alu transcript. 315 RNA Homo sapiens
      V00082 Artificial gene for human proinsulin. 277 DNA synthetic construct
      V00505 Human gene for delta-globin. 1976 DNA Homo sapiens
      V00508 Human gene for epsilon-globin. 3919 DNA Homo sapiens
      V00509 Human gene for preproenkephalin. 1014 DNA Homo sapiens
      V00513 Human a gamma-globin gene. 1628 DNA Homo sapiens
      V00514 Human A-gamma-globin gene. 1473 DNA Homo sapiens
      V00579 Human repetitive DNA sequence. 171 DNA Homo sapiens
      V00589 Human 5S ribosomal RNA. 121 mRNA Homo sapiens
      V00593 Human gene for somatomammotropin (hormone). 551 mRNA Homo sapiens
      U03887 Human BXP20 gene. 512 DNA Homo sapiens
      X06705 Human PLA-X mRNA. 883 mRNA Homo sapiens
      X14253 Human mRNA for cripto protein. 2033 mRNA Homo sapiens
      X15007 Human cHD4 pseudogene K2. 1133 DNA Homo sapiens
      X15014 Human RAL A gene. 621 mRNA Homo sapiens
      X15399 Human DNA for hemopoxin promoter. 511 DNA Homo sapiens
      X16706 Human fra-2 mRNA. 1007 mRNA Homo sapiens
      X51408 Human mRNA for n-chimaerin. 2167 mRNA Homo sapiens
      X52987 Human mRNA for rap2b gene. 552 mRNA Homo sapiens
      X53154 Human gene for desmin. 3284 DNA Homo sapiens
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