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        PrimaryAccessionNumber Definition SequenceLength MolecularType Organism
      KJ466348 Elaeis guineensis, pooled multiple clones, *** SEQUENCING IN PROGRESS ***, 235 unordered pieces. 3441612 DNA Elaeis guineensis
      KJ155474 Homo sapiens clone BMMD-RP11_130B16, complete sequence. 188886 DNA Homo sapiens
      KJ155477 Homo sapiens clone BMMD-CH17_116O7, complete sequence. 213031 DNA Homo sapiens
      KJ155480 Homo sapiens clone BMMD-CH17_60L4, complete sequence. 201321 DNA Homo sapiens
      KJ155483 Homo sapiens clone BMMD-CH17_210L21, complete sequence. 236556 DNA Homo sapiens
      KJ650506 Oryza glaberrima clone OG_BBa0063K01, complete sequence. 152977 DNA Oryza glaberrima
      KJ810978 Oryctolagus cuniculus clone BAC LBAB_319H05, complete sequence. 83793 DNA Oryctolagus cuniculus
      KJ810980 Oryctolagus cuniculus clone BAC LBAB_29G08, complete sequence. 132401 DNA Oryctolagus cuniculus
      KJ810982 Oryctolagus cuniculus clone BAC LBAB_204B12, complete sequence. 119296 DNA Oryctolagus cuniculus
      KJ810984 Oryctolagus cuniculus clone BAC LBAB-866H07, complete sequence. 122115 DNA Oryctolagus cuniculus
      JX863083 Mus musculus strain NZM2328 chromosome 4 clone 400-F3, *** SEQUENCING IN PROGRESS ***, 32 ordered pieces. 147807 DNA Mus musculus
      JX844825 Lycodichthys dearborni clone LdBAC007, *** SEQUENCING IN PROGRESS ***, 4 ordered pieces. 82681 DNA Lycodichthys dearborni
      JX003248 Capsella rubella clone BAC 34G24, complete sequence. 133593 DNA Capsella rubella
      JX185680 Boechera stricta clone LTM_BCMA3, complete sequence. 57415 DNA Boechera stricta
      KM555249 Trichoderma harzianum strain IOC-3844 clone egl2BAC, *** SEQUENCING IN PROGRESS ***, 2 unordered pieces. 153466 DNA Trichoderma harzianum
      KM555251 Trichoderma harzianum strain IOC-3844 clone bgl2BAC, *** SEQUENCING IN PROGRESS ***, 2 unordered pieces. 160884 DNA Trichoderma harzianum
      KM555253 Trichoderma harzianum strain IOC-3844 clone xynBAC, complete sequence. 113535 DNA Trichoderma harzianum
      KM396694 Gossypium hirsutum chromosome 11 clone MUSB1000, *** SEQUENCING IN PROGRESS ***, 5 ordered pieces. 118075 DNA Gossypium hirsutum
      KM396702 Gossypium hirsutum chromosome 11 clone MUSB0404, *** SEQUENCING IN PROGRESS ***, 11 ordered pieces. 75834 DNA Gossypium hirsutum
      KP063111 Saccharum spontaneum clone SES-208_23k06 genomic sequence, complete sequence. 127624 DNA Saccharum spontaneum
      KP063115 Saccharum officinarum clone LA Purple_99P01 genomic sequence, complete sequence. 74193 DNA Saccharum officinarum
      JF288170 Neovison vison clone Rspo-2, *** SEQUENCING IN PROGRESS ***, 24 ordered pieces. 153091 DNA Neovison vison
      JF288178 Neovison vison clone DEFB1, *** SEQUENCING IN PROGRESS ***, 51 ordered pieces. 188366 DNA Neovison vison
      HQ896310 Solanum tuberosum clone RH201H22, complete sequence. 211591 DNA Solanum tuberosum
      FQ790363 Pig DNA sequence *** SEQUENCING IN PROGRESS *** from clone CH242-248M5. 162852 DNA Sus scrofa
      FQ790366 Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH1073-422N22 in linkage group 8. 13023 DNA Danio rerio
      FQ790369 Zebrafish DNA sequence *** SEQUENCING IN PROGRESS *** from clone CH73-202L6. 118460 DNA Danio rerio
      FQ790375 Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH73-176D21 in linkage group 16. 83068 DNA Danio rerio
      FQ790384 Pig DNA sequence from clone CH242-134I16 on chromosome X. 30477 DNA Sus scrofa
      FQ790387 Pig DNA sequence from clone PigE-4F11 on chromosome X. 41275 DNA Sus scrofa
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