AccessionTitle or Alias
SRP009660Whole transcriptome sequencing reveals dynamic RNA changes in the aging rat brain
SRP009661Helicoverpa zea strain:HZAM1 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP009662Gene expression profile of right ventricles from adult wild type and Ezh2-deficient hearts
SRP009663Poised RNA Polymerase II changes over developmental time and prepares genes for future expression (RNA-seq data)
SRP009664Poised RNA Polymerase II changes over developmental time and prepares genes for future expression (MNase-seq data)
SRP009665Oryctolagus cuniculus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP009666Whole-Genome Sequencing and Genetic Variant Analysis of a Quarter Horse Mare
SRP009667Mustela putorius furo Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP009668Transcriptomic analysis of cellulolytic fungus Penicillium decumbens strains in response to different carbon sources
SRP009669Bacterial community composition in coking wastewater treatment bioreactor sludge
SRP009670Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis BS 01 genome sequencing project.
SRP009671Reads spanning introns supporting the iTAG annotation
SRP009672Poised RNA Polymerase II changes over developmental time and prepares genes for future expression (ChIP-seq data)
SRP009673Plasmodium falciparum Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP009674Malaria 454 PNG_long_cohort
SRP009675Transcriptome analysis of buckwheat seed developmental
SRP009676Genome-wide Detection of Genes Targeted by Aberrant Somatic Hypermutation in Lymphoma
SRP009677RNA-seq profiling of theca and granulosa tissue of dominant follicle at 3 stages of follicular development in cows and heifers.
SRP009678Mapping regulatory elements using signatures of open chromatin in Arabidopsis thaliana
SRP009679Transcriptome Sequencing of Life Stages and Tissues of the Yellow Fever Mosquito Ae. aegypti
SRP009680Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP009681Transcriptome analysis reveals strain-specific and conserved stemness genes in Schmidtea mediterranea
SRP009682Klebsiella pneumoniae cifa_HP1 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP009683Bacterial symbionts of the pinewood nematode Metagenome
SRP009684WGS sequencing
SRP009685Poly(A) site choice in an Arabidopsis CPSF30 mutant
SRP009687Canis lupus familiaris Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP009688Chinchilla lanigera Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP009690Termitomyces albuminosus
SRP009691Aequorivita sublithincola DSM 14238 genome sequencing
SRP009692Alistipes finegoldii DSM 17242 Genome sequencing
SRP009693Bigelowiella natans CCMP2755 genome sequencing
SRP009694Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. H112180280 Genome sequencing
SRP009696Ferret URT Targeted Locus
SRP009790Modulation of NF-kB-Dependent Gene Transcription Using Programmable DNA Minor Groove Binders
SRP009800Three Distinct Phases of Regeneration-Specific Gene Expression in the Axolotl Blastema
SRP009801Aciduliprofundum sp. MAR08-339 Genome sequencing
SRP009802Microbial metagenomics in different depths of the terrestrial mud volcanoes, southwestern Taiwan
SRP009812Neisseria meningitidis M16917 Genome sequencing
SRP009813The transcriptome of embryos of the green anole, Anolis carolinensis, at 28 and 38 somite pair stages
SRP009814Anopheles merus mate-paired sequences
SRP009815Gene and nucleosome organization in Dictyostelium
SRP009816Berlin - C167.4 F1 hybrid genomic DNA.
SRP009817HOXC9-induced neuronal differentiation in human neuroblastoma BE(2)-C cells [ChIP-seq analysis]
SRP009818Transcriptome study in rhesus monkey
SRP009819Taif and South Platte Rivers Sediment Samples Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP009820Gossypium raimondii Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP009821Rare alleles increase genome-wide in a hybrid zone
SRP009822Glycine max Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP009823Ion Torrent 316 chip sequencing of E. coli O104:H4 STEC strain 280
SRP009824The methylome of Drosophila melanogaster
SRP009825Human Gut Metagenome
SRP009826Comparing the response to chronic ozone of five agriculturally important legume species.
SRP009827LRH-1 and PTF1-L coregulate an exocrine pancreas-specific transcriptional network for digestive function [ChIP-Seq]
SRP009829Analysis of 3'' 2''-O-methylated small RNAs in Caenorhabditis elegans
SRP009830Microbial Community Structure and Microbial Activities Related to CO2 Storage Capacities of a Salt Cavern
SRP009831Anolis carolinensis Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP009832Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP009833Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP009834Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP009835Woodrat foregut contents Targeted Locus
SRP009836Ribosome profiling of wild-type and loc1- cells in S. cerevisiae
SRP009837Effects of soil warming and season on the bacterial community in a temperate mountain forest soil assessed by 16S rRNA gene pyrosequencing
SRP009838Three-dimensional folding and functional organization principles of the Drosophila genome
SRP009839Poplar Fungi Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP009840Outgrowth of Clones Carrying Mutations in Cytosolic 5’-Nucleotidase II in Childhood Relapsed Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
SRP009842Alexandrium transcriptome under pressure from preditors
SRP009844Digital RNA Sequencing Minimizes Sequence-Dependent Bias and Amplification Noise with Optimized Single Molecule Barcodes
SRP009845Multiplexing of 7 E. coli O104 strains using MiSeq
SRP009846Vitis amurensis Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP009848Degradation of cellular miR-27 by a novel, highly abundant viral transcript is important for efficient virus replication in vivo.
SRP009849Schmidtea mediterranea strain:Clonal asexual Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP009850Analysis of the Arabidopsis shoot meristem transcriptome during floral transition identifies distinct regulatory patterns and an LRR protein that promotes flowering
SRP009851Comparing two transcriptome technologies - sequencing match microarrays [RNA-Seq]
SRP009852A genome-wide view of the expression and processing patterns of Thermus thermophilus HB8 CRISPR RNAs
SRP009853H2A.Z Facilitates Access of Active and Repressive Complexes to Chromatin in Embryonic Stem Cell Self-renewal and Differentiation
SRP009854Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP009855Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP009856Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP009857Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP009858Microbial communities in sponge samples from Gulf of Mexico
SRP009859Bacterial and phytoplankton responses to nutrient amendments in a boreal lake at different taxonomic resolutions
SRP009861Nuclear Matrix Factor hnRNP U/SAF-A Exerts a Global Control of Alternative Splicing by Regulating U2 snRNP Maturation
SRP009862GSE34448: RNA Subcellular CAGE Localization from ENCODE/RIKEN
SRP009863A zebrafish model of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma by dual expression of hepatitis B virus X and hepatitis C virus core protein in liver
SRP009864High-throughput sequencing of AGO-immunoprecipitating miRs in human senescent fibroblast WI-38
SRP009865Escherichia coli 93-001 genome sequencing project
SRP009866Global analysis of non-coding small RNAs in Arabidopsis in response to jasmonate treatment by deep sequencing technology
SRP009867Development of high-density genetic maps for barley and wheat using a novel two-enzyme genotyping-by-sequencing approach.
SRP009868Genome-wide maps of RNA Polymerase II and p65 localization in HUVECs stimulated with TNF alpha
SRP009870Sequence capture of 532 selected genes from cotton (G. hirsutum)
SRP009871piRNA-mediated transgenerational inheritance of an acquired trait
SRP009872Rhesus macaque genomic DNA sequencing
SRP009873GC-Content Normalization for RNA-Seq Data
SRP009874Escherichia coli
SRP009875CIDR Whole-exome sequencing in families with aggressive prostate cancer
SRP009876NHLBI GO-ESP: Family Studies (Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension)
SRP009877Exome sequencing and disease analysis implicate of a single family implicate a mutation in KIF1A in hereditary spastic paraparesis
SRP009878Escherichia coli TW06591 genome sequencing project
SRP009879An Evaluation of Sequence Capture Technologies with Polyploid Cotton
SRP009880Transcriptome analysis and SNP development can resolve population differentiation of Streblospio benedicti, a developmentally dimorphic marine annelid
SRP009881Population Genomics of the Facultatively Mutualistic Bacteria Sinorhizobium meliloti and S. medicae
SRP009882mRNA-seq and expression profile of mouse ES OS25 cells
SRP009883Polycomb associates genome-wide with a specific RNA polymerase II variant, and regulates metabolic genes in ES cells (ChIP-Seq)
SRP009884Two replicates of mRNA from Arabidopsis thaliana leaves 24 hours post infection with Botrytis cinerea
SRP009885Apple small RNAs
SRP009886Ettlia oleoabundans UTEX 1185 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP009888Identification of differentially methylated regions using streptavidin bisulfite ligand methylation enrichment (SuBLiME), a new method to enrich for methylated DNA prior to deep bisulfite genomic sequencing
SRP009890Replisome stability at defective DNA replication forks is independent of S-phase checkpoint kinases
SRP009892High-throughput sequencing of small RNAs from Brugia pahangi and Haemonchus contortus
SRP009893Medicago truncatula strain:Jemalong A17 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP009895Systematic RNA-seq analysis of the early events of CD4+ T cell activation
SRP009896Genotyping-by-sequencing of maize NAM population
SRP009897Trichoderma longibrachiatum ATCC 18648 Genome sequencing
SRP009899The small RNA complement of salamander limb regeneration
SRP009903The Rapidly Evolving Pan Genome of the Globally Distributed Coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi
SRP009904The transcription factor CDX2 maintains active enhancer in intestinal villus cells in vivo (ChIP-seq data)
SRP009906Allelic imbalance in Drosophila hybrid heads: exons, isoforms and evolution.
SRP009907Sequencing-based ssDNA detection
SRP009908Improved primers and a pyrosequencing approach recover wide range of nitrogen reductase genes from peatlands
SRP009909Depletion of RUNX1/ETO in t(8;21) AML cells leads to genome-wide changes in chromatin structure and transcription factor binding (ChIP-seq)
SRP009911Oreochromis niloticus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP009912Exome sequencing of chronic hepatitis B infected humans and healthy controls
SRP0099135-hydroxymethylcytosine is linked with expression of brain-specific protein-coding genes but not brain-specific microRNA host genes [hMeDIP-Seq]
SRP009914Next Generation Mendelian Genetics: Atypical Werner syndrome
SRP009915Large-Scale CLL Genome Analysis
SRP009916Next Generation Mendelian Genetics: Auriculochondylar syndrome (ACS)
SRP009917Ruditapes philippinarum Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP009918Transcriptome of 3 developmental stages of Colletotrichum graminicola during infection of Zea mays leaf sheaths
SRP009919Adenosine deaminases that act on RNA induce reproducible changes in abundance and sequence of embryonic miRNAs
SRP009920Phylogenomic analysis of transcriptome data elucidates co-occurrence of a paleopolyploid event and the origin of bimodal karyotypes in Agavoideae (Asparagaceae)
SRP009921Candida albicans strain:multiple Genome sequencing
SRP009922Ochotona princeps Genome sequencing
SRP009923Sulfobacillus thermosulfidooxidans DSM 9293 genome sequencing
SRP009924Microbial community structures in microbial electrolysis cells (MECs) fed with waste activated sludge (WAS)
SRP009925Pelagophyceae sp. CCMP2097 Genome sequencing
SRP009926Transcriptomic analysis of buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench.) seed development and ripening using RNA-seq.
SRP009930Macleaya cordata Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP009931Panonychus citri Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP009933Macleaya microcarpa Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP009935Danio rerio Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP009936Genome-wide profiling of DNA methylation in two Arabidopsis ecotypes and their reciprocal hybrids - mRNA-seq
SRP009937Genome-wide profiling of DNA methylation in two Arabidopsis ecotypes and their reciprocal hybrids - small RNA-seq
SRP009938Genome-wide profiling of DNA methylation in two Arabidopsis ecotypes and their reciprocal hybrids - Bisulfite-seq
SRP009939High-Throughput Sequencing on mRNA from Rojo Pasion Apricot
SRP009941All-iPS cell mice generated from terminally differentiated B cells
SRP009942Genome sequencing for Aplysia californica
SRP009943Bacillus toyonensis strain:BAG1O-2 Genome sequencing
SRP009944Bacillus cereus BAG1O-3 Genome sequencing
SRP009945Bacillus cereus BAG1X1-1 Genome sequencing
SRP009946Bacillus cereus BAG1X1-2 Genome sequencing
SRP009947Bacillus cereus BAG1X1-3 Genome sequencing
SRP009948Bacillus cereus BAG1X2-1 Genome sequencing
SRP009949Bacillus cereus BAG1X2-2 Genome sequencing
SRP009950Bacillus cereus BAG2O-1 Genome sequencing
SRP009951Bacillus cereus BAG2O-2 Genome sequencing
SRP009952Bacillus cereus BAG2O-3 Genome sequencing
SRP009953Bacillus cereus BAG3X2-1 Genome sequencing
SRP009954Bacillus cereus BAG6O-1 Genome sequencing
SRP009955Bacillus mycoides strain:CER057 Genome sequencing
SRP009956Bacillus mycoides strain:CER074 Genome sequencing
SRP009957Bacillus cereus HD73 Genome sequencing
SRP009958Bacillus cereus HuA2-1 Genome sequencing
SRP009959Bacillus cereus HuA2-4 Genome sequencing
SRP009960Bacillus cereus HuA2-9 Genome sequencing
SRP009961Bacillus cereus HuA3-9 Genome sequencing
SRP009962Bacillus cereus HuA4-10 Genome sequencing
SRP009963Bacillus toyonensis strain:HuB4-10 Genome sequencing
SRP009964Bacillus cereus HuB5-5 Genome sequencing
SRP009965Bacillus cereus IS195 Genome sequencing
SRP009966Bacillus cereus IS845/00 Genome sequencing
SRP009967Bacillus cereus K-5975c Genome sequencing
SRP009968Bacillus cereus MC118 Genome sequencing
SRP009969Bacillus cereus MC67 Genome sequencing
SRP009970Bacillus cereus MSX-A1 Genome sequencing
SRP009971Bacillus cereus MSX-A12 Genome sequencing
SRP009972Bacillus cereus VD014 Genome sequencing
SRP009973Bacillus cereus VD021 Genome sequencing
SRP009974Bacillus cereus VD022 Genome sequencing
SRP009975Bacillus cereus VD045 Genome sequencing
SRP009976Bacillus cereus VD048 Genome sequencing
SRP009977Bacillus mycoides strain:VD078 Genome sequencing
SRP009978Bacillus cereus VD102 Genome sequencing
SRP009979Bacillus cereus VD107 Genome sequencing
SRP009980Bacillus cereus VD115 Genome sequencing
SRP009981Bacillus cereus VD133 Genome sequencing
SRP009982Bacillus cereus VD148 Genome sequencing
SRP009983Bacillus cereus VD154 Genome sequencing
SRP009984Bacillus cereus VD156 Genome sequencing
SRP009985Bacillus cereus VD169 Genome sequencing
SRP009986Bacillus cereus VD196 Genome sequencing
SRP009987Bacillus cereus VD200 Genome sequencing
SRP009988Bacillus mycoides strain:VDM022 Genome sequencing
SRP009989Bacillus mycoides strain:VDM019 Genome sequencing
SRP009990Bacillus cereus VDM034 Genome sequencing
SRP009991Bacillus cereus VDM062 Genome sequencing
SRP009992Phaeocystis globosa Project
SRP009993Genome-wide maps of binding sites of Nanog-like and Mxtx2 in blastula stage zebrafish embryos
SRP009995Discovery of and characterization of genes related to insecticide resistance in Bactrocera dorsalis by functional genomic analysis of a de novo assembled transcriptome
SRP009996A draft map of cis-regulatory sequences in the mouse genome [HiC]
SRP009998Bacillus cereus BAG2X1-1 Genome sequencing
SRP009999Bacillus wiedmannii strain:BAG2X1-2 Genome sequencing
SRP010000Bacillus cereus BAG3O-2 Genome sequencing
SRP010001Bacillus cereus BAG3X2-2 Genome sequencing
SRP010002Bacillus cereus BAG4O-1 Genome sequencing
SRP010003Bacillus cereus BAG4X12-1 Genome sequencing
SRP010004Bacillus cereus BAG4X2-1 Genome sequencing
SRP010005Bacillus cereus BAG5O-1 Genome sequencing
SRP010006Skewed primary Ig? repertoire and V-J joining in C57BL/6 mice: implications for recombination accessibility and receptor editing
SRP010007Bacillus cereus BAG5X1-1 Genome sequencing
SRP010008Bacillus cereus BAG5X12-1 Genome sequencing
SRP010009Bacillus wiedmannii strain:BAG5X2-1 Genome sequencing
SRP010010Bacillus cereus BAG6O-2 Genome sequencing
SRP010011Bacillus wiedmannii strain:BAG6X1-1 Genome sequencing
SRP010012Bacillus cereus BAG6X1-2 Genome sequencing
SRP010013Bacillus cereus BMG1.7 Genome sequencing
SRP010014Bacillus mycoides strain:BtB2-4 Genome sequencing
SRP010015Bacillus cereus HuB1-1 Genome sequencing
SRP010016Bacillus cereus HuB2-9 Genome sequencing
SRP010017Bacillus cereus HuB4-4 Genome sequencing
SRP010018Bacillus cereus MSX-D12 Genome sequencing
SRP010019Bacillus cereus VD166 Genome sequencing
SRP010020Comparison of Mixed-Acid Fermentations Inoculated with Six Different Mixed Cultures
SRP010021Gossypium hirsutum Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010022Unexpected diverse fungal symbionts revealed by deep sequencing of sponge microbiome
SRP010023Bacillus cereus AND1407 Genome sequencing
SRP010024Potential environmental impact of releasing commercial GM-bacteria
SRP010025Picrorhiza kurrooa Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010027Inhibition of the LSD1 (KDM1A) demethylase reactivates the all-trans-retinoic acid differentiation pathway in acute myeloid leukemia [ChIP-Seq]
SRP010028Bacillus cereus IS075 Genome sequencing
SRP010029Bacillus cereus str. Schrouff Genome sequencing
SRP010030Bacillus cereus TIAC219 Genome sequencing
SRP010031Bacillus cereus VD142 Genome sequencing
SRP010032Muskrat isolate
SRP010033Latimeria menadoensis genome sequencing project
SRP010034The tudor domain protein Kumo is required to assemble the nuage and to generate germline piRNAs in Drosophila
SRP010036Genome-Wide Small RNA Profiling of a Soybean Seed Compartment
SRP010037Methylation Changes During Soybean Seed Development
SRP010038Molecular Effects of Doxycycline Treatment on Pterygium as Revealed by Massive Transcriptome Sequencing
SRP010039MicroRNAome comparison between intramuscular and subcutaneous vascular stem cell adipogenesis
SRP010040Ribosome profiling of early zebrafish embryos -- miRNA-mediated regulation during embryogenesis causes translational repression before mRNA decay
SRP010041Detecting splicing variants from non-differentially expressed genes of human idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
SRP010043Antarctic Soil Microbiome Targeted Locus
SRP010044Effect of anti-rotavirus vaccination on the gut microbiota
SRP010045Estrogen-responsive Estrogen Receptor alpha binding sites in MCF-7 by ChIP-seq
SRP010046Sequence based polymorphic (SBP) marker technology for targeted genomic regions: its application in generating a molecular map of the Arabidopsis thaliana genome.
SRP010048Serotype 1/2a strain isolated from mice
SRP010049Mesocricetus auratus Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP010050Octodon degus Genome sequencing
SRP010051mRNA-seq analysis of Levamisole resistance in Oesophagostomum dentatum
SRP010052PCGF Homologs and RYBP Define Functionally Distinct PRC1 Family Complexes
SRP010053Staphylococcus warneri RN833 genome sequencing project
SRP010054Chromatin Accessibility Reveals Insight into Androgen Receptor Activation and Transcriptional Specificity
SRP010055Amplification of siRNA in Caenorhabditis elegans generates a transgenerational sequence-targeted histone H3 lysine 9 methylation footprint
SRP010056Staphylococcus epidermidis VCU113 Genome sequencing
SRP010059Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus 649 Genome sequencing
SRP010060Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus 923 Genome sequencing
SRP010061K562 polyA RNA-Seq
SRP010062Three acyltransferases and a nitrogen responsive regulator are implicated in nitrogen starvation-induced triacylglycerol accumulation in Chlamydomonas
SRP010063Genome-wide identification of non-coding RNAs targeted by XRN exoribonucleases in collaboration with FRY1 using RNA-Seq in Arabidopsis thaliana.
SRP010064"Calling Cards" for DNA-binding proteins in mammalian cells
SRP010068DRIP and DRIVE-seq reads in human Ntera2 cells
SRP010070Tetranychus urticae strain:Houten1 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010072Taenia multiceps Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010073Escherichia coli EC4402 genome sequencing project
SRP010074Tetranychus urticae strain:Santpoort1 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010076Escherichia coli EC4196 genome sequencing project
SRP010077Identification of miRNAs in strawberry
SRP010078Escherichia coli EC4203 genome sequencing project
SRP010079Escherichia coli
SRP010080Escherichia coli EC4436 genome sequencing project
SRP010081Escherichia coli EC4013 genome sequencing project
SRP010082Escherichia coli EC4436 genome sequencing project
SRP010083Escherichia coli TW10246 genome sequencing project
SRP010084Impact of oxidative stress on ascorbate biosynthesis in Chlamydomonas via regulation of the VTC2 gene encoding a GDP-l-galactose phosphorylase
SRP010085Locust Midgut 2 treatment 2 metatranscriptome Project
SRP010086Pyrosequencing of bacterial symbionts within Axinella corrugata sponges: Diversity and seasonal variability
SRP010087Trichoderma asperellum CBS 433.97 Genome sequencing
SRP010089Dirofilaria immitis Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010091Lygus lineolaris transcriptome
SRP010092Mus musculus domesticus Epigenomics
SRP010093Larix kaempferi Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010094Escherichia coli TW09098 genome sequencing project
SRP010095Genome-wide analysis of a reversible neurodegenerative process in Drosophila reveals the regulation of potential neuroprotective genes
SRP010096Genome-wide analysis of histone H3.1 and H3.3 variants in Arabidopsis thaliana
SRP010097Proliferation and Tumorigenesis of a Murine Sarcoma Cell Line in the Absence of Dicer
SRP010099Profiling of conserved microRNAs in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell lines
SRP010100Escherichia coli EC4421 genome sequencing project
SRP010101A novel recurrent mutation in MITF predisposes to familial and sporadic melanoma
SRP010102Mustela putorius furo Transcriptome during influenza infection
SRP010103Glycine max Epigenomics
SRP010104Glycine max Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010105Glycine max Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010106Transcriptome of double-positive thymocyte precursors transduced with a retrovirus encoding Lin28a
SRP010107NHLBI GO-ESP: Heart Cohorts Exome Sequencing Project (ARIC)
SRP010108NHLBI GO-ESP: Heart Cohorts Exome Sequencing Project (CHS)
SRP010109NHLBI GO-ESP: Heart Cohorts Exome Sequencing Project (Framingham Heart Study - FHS)
SRP010110NHLBI GO-ESP: Heart Cohorts Exome Sequencing Project (Jackson Heart Study)
SRP010111Escherichia coli TW14301 genome sequencing project
SRP010112Escherichia coli TW09195 genome sequencing project
SRP010113Escherichia coli EC4437 genome sequencing project
SRP010114Escherichia coli EC1738 genome sequencing project
SRP010115Escherichia coli EC1845 genome sequencing project
SRP010116The DNA-binding protein CTCF limits proximal V? recombination and restricts ? enhancer interactions to the immunoglobulin ? light chain locus.
SRP010117Escherichia coli 5412 genome sequencing project
SRP010118Escherichia coli PA3 genome sequencing project
SRP010119A unique regulatory phase of DNA methylation in the early mammalian embryo
SRP010121Oncorhynchus keta Variation
SRP010122Escherichia coli PA10 genome sequencing project
SRP010123Escherichia coli PA42 genome sequencing project
SRP010124Complementation contributes to transcriptome complexity in maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids relative to their inbred parents
SRP010125Chromosomal translocations are guided by the spatial organization of the genome
SRP010126Curvularia lunata m118 Genome sequencing
SRP010127Deep annotation of mouse iso-miR and iso-moR variation
SRP010128Genome-wide mapping of HIF-2 binding in 786-O clear cell renal carcinoma cells
SRP010129Multicolor miRNA fluorescence in situ hybridization for tumor differential diagnosis
SRP010130Escherichia coli PA41 genome sequencing project
SRP010131Escherichia coli PA5 genome sequencing project
SRP010132Chad Metagenome and 16S rRNA amplicon study
SRP010133Escherichia coli PA9 genome sequencing project
SRP010134Genome-wide structure and organization of eukaryotic pre-initiation complexes
SRP010135Escherichia coli FDA517 genome sequencing project
SRP010136Escherichia coli PA14 genome sequencing project
SRP010137Escherichia coli PA33 genome sequencing project
SRP010138Escherichia coli PA28 genome sequencing project
SRP010139Gene Mapping via Bulked Segregant RNA-Seq (BSR-Seq)
SRP010140Escherichia coli PA15 genome sequencing project
SRP010141Escherichia coli PA31 genome sequencing project
SRP010142Escherichia coli FDA505 genome sequencing project
SRP010143Escherichia coli FRIK1996 genome sequencing project
SRP010144Escherichia coli PA25 genome sequencing project
SRP010145Escherichia coli FRIK1990 genome sequencing project
SRP010146Escherichia coli FRIK1985 genome sequencing project
SRP010148Escherichia coli PA39 genome sequencing project
SRP010149Acute depletion of Tet1-dependent 5-hydroxymethylcytosine levels impairs LIF/Stat3 signaling and results in loss of embryonic stem cell identity [MRE-seq]
SRP010150Escherichia coli PA32 genome sequencing project
SRP010151Escherichia coli PA24 genome sequencing project
SRP010152Pseudomonas aeruginosa MPAO1 variant re-sequencing
SRP010153Sequencing of small RNAs in healthy human serum from China
SRP010154Identification of Host-Chromosome Binding Sites and Candidate Gene Targets for KSHV LANA
SRP010155Serotype 1/2a strain isolated during epidemic outbreak
SRP010156A food-borne pathogen
SRP010159Ascaris suum Genome sequencing
SRP010162Homo sapiens infected with rRSV Transcriptome
SRP010163Only skin deep: shared genetic response to the deadly chytrid fungus in susceptible frog species
SRP010164Mus musculus musculus GRO-seq Sequencing
SRP010165Genetic and epigenetic determinants of neurogenesis and myogenesis [ChIP-seq]
SRP010166Deep Sequence Analysis of non-small cell lung cancer: Integrated analysis of gene expression, alternative splicing, and single nucleotide variations in lung adenocarcinomas with and without oncogenic KRAS mutations
SRP010168Deep annotation of mouse iso-miR and iso-moR variation
SRP010169Deep annotation of mouse iso-miR and iso-moR variation
SRP010170Deep annotation of mouse iso-miR and iso-moR variation
SRP010171Delaware MO Early summer (May 10) Project
SRP010172Delaware MO Winter (Dec 10) Project
SRP010173Delaware MO Summer (July 11) Project
SRP010174Delaware MO Spring (Mar 10) Project
SRP010175Miscanthus junceus Project
SRP010176Miscanthus transmorrisonensis Project
SRP010177Illumina RNA-seq results of Eustigmatos cf. polyphem
SRP010178Laccaria bicolor S238N-H70 Project
SRP010179Genome-wide Profiling of Progesterone Receptor and GATA2 Binding in the Mouse Uterus [ChIP-Seq]
SRP010181Derivation of HLA types from shotgun sequence datasets
SRP010182comparative analysis of transcripts for rose flower
SRP010184Composition and seasonal variation of the bacterial community of Rhipicephalus sanguineus and Rhipicephalus turanicus ticks
SRP010188Notch1-driven epigenetic changes in a mouse model of T cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (T-ALL)
SRP010189Genome-wide analysis of K3K27ac, H2AZ and methylation data in mouse embryonic stem cells
SRP010190Gene expression profiles of tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) overexpressing miR-511-3p
SRP01019116S_rRNA from Key West and Persian Gulf
SRP010192Pisolithus tinctorius Marx 270 Genome sequencing
SRP010194Jaapia argillacea MUCL 33604 Genome sequencing
SRP010197Gossypium hirsutum Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010203The Kdm5c histone demethylase controls enhancer and promoter function.
SRP010205Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP010206Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP010207Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP010208Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP010209Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP010210Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP010211Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP010212Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP010213Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP010214Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP010215Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP010216Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP010218In vivo nucleosome occupancy in yeast (MNase-seq)
SRP010235Contribution of Make-Up Water to the Microbial Community in an Oil Field from Which Oil Is Produced by Produced Water Reinjection
SRP010254Vulcanithermus mediatlanticus DSM 14978 Genome sequencing
SRP010255Thioflavicoccus mobilis 8321 genome sequencing project
SRP010256Thermoanaerobacter siderophilus SR4 genome sequencing project
SRP010257Thermacetogenium phaeum DSM 12270 Genome sequencing
SRP010258Pediatric BAL Samples Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP010259Transcriptomic changes in aquaporin PIP1;2 deficient Arabodposis plants
SRP010261Genome-wide analyses reveal the extent of opportunistic STAT5 binding that does not yield transcriptional activation of neighboring genes.
SRP010262Epigenetic dynamics of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine during mouse spermatogenesis
SRP010263Otiwi1-interacting RNAs at four time points during Oxytricha conjugation
SRP010264Drosophila melanogaster Epigenomics
SRP010265Lake Mendota Practice 29OCT2010 epilimnion Project
SRP010266Homo sapiens Exome
SRP010267Linker Amplification: Combination of genome (Pseudoalteromonas phage H105/1) and metagenome (Biosphere2 Ocean) datasets
SRP010271Mycobacterium bovis BCG str. China genome sequencing project.
SRP010272Targeted metagenome exploration by solution hybridization-selection capture coupled to next-generation sequencing
SRP010273Trout Bog Practice 18AUG2009 hypolimnion Project
SRP010274Trout Bog Practice 18AUG2009 epilimnion Project
SRP010275Trout Bog Practice 03JUN2009 hypolimnion Project
SRP010276Lake Mendota Practice 20APR2010 epilimnion Project
SRP010278Extensive conservation of ancient microsynteny across metazoans
SRP010279Integrative genome-wide analysis reveals cooperative regulation of alternative splicing by hnRNP proteins (CLIP-Seq)
SRP010280Integrative genome-wide analysis reveals cooperative regulation of alternative splicing by hnRNP proteins (RNA-Seq)
SRP010283Epigenetic profiling of WT and Ezh2-null MLL-AF9 murine leukemic cells
SRP010285Line P sample_F_10_SI03_150 Project
SRP010286Dynamic loss of H2B ubiquitylation without corresponding changes in H3K4 tri-methylation during myogenic differentiation
SRP010288High-throughput pyrosequencing of forum domains termini (FT) isolated and amplified from human HEK293T cells
SRP0102905-hydroxymethylcytosine is associated with enhancers and gene bodies in human embryonic stem cells.
SRP010291miR-221 is required for endothelial tip cell behaviors during vascular development
SRP010292Amorphotheca resinae ATCC 22711 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010293Locust Midgut 2 treatment 1 metatranscriptome Project
SRP010294Locust Hindgut 2 control metatranscriptome Project
SRP010295Locust Hindgut 1 treatment 2 metatranscriptome Project
SRP010296Locust Midgut 1 treatment 2 metatranscriptome Project
SRP010297Plasmodium falciparum strain 7G8 genome sequence
SRP010298Plasmodium falciparum 87_239 genome sequencing project
SRP010299Locust Hindgut 2 treatment 2 metatranscriptome Project
SRP010301Microbial community composition of rock pool bacterioplankton
SRP010302Locust Midgut 1 treatment 1 metatranscriptome Project
SRP010303Embioptera sp. UVienna-2012 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010304Locust hindgut 2 treatment 1 metatranscriptome Project
SRP010305Phyllium philippinicum Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010306MacroH2A1 regulates the balance between self-renewal and differentiation commitment in embryonic and adult stem cells
SRP010307Streptococcus pneumoniae GA04672 genome sequencing project
SRP010308Locust hindgut 1 treatment 1 metatranscriptome Project
SRP010309Streptococcus pneumoniae GA04216 genome sequencing project
SRP010310Streptococcus pneumoniae GA60190 Genome sequencing
SRP010311Streptococcus pneumoniae GA58771 Genome sequencing
SRP010312Streptococcus pneumoniae GA58581 Genome sequencing
SRP010313Anguillicola crassus strain:Europe and Taiwan Variation
SRP010314Streptococcus pneumoniae GA60080 Genome sequencing
SRP010315ChIP-Seq analysis of Phytochrome Interacting Factor 5 DNA binding in low R/FR condition
SRP010316Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP010317Global Transcriptome Analysis of the Scorpion Centruroides noxius: New Toxin Families and Evolutionary Insights from an Ancestral Scorpion Species
SRP010318Mimulus guttatus IM62 Project
SRP010319Rhesus macaque17573 Exome sequencing
SRP010321Line P sample_F_10_SI03_10 Project
SRP010322Line P sample_F_10_SI03_100 Project
SRP010323Line P sample_F_10_SI03_135 Project
SRP010324Musa acuminata AAA Group strain:Brazilian and Nongke No 1 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010325Line P sample_F_10_SI03_120 Project
SRP010326Line P sample_J_08_P26_500 Project
SRP010327Line P sample_A_09_P04_1300 Project
SRP010328Nitrospina sp. SCGC AAA288-L16 genome sequencing
SRP010329Adhaeribacter aquaticus DSM 16391 Genome sequencing
SRP010330Halosimplex carlsbadense 2-9-1 Genome sequencing
SRP010331Alkaliflexus imshenetskii DSM 15055 genome sequencing project
SRP010332Meiothermus chliarophilus DSM 9957 genome sequencing project.
SRP010333Halocella cellulolsilytica DSM 7362 Project
SRP010334Joostella marina DSM 19592 genome sequencing
SRP010335Switchgrass Rhizo bact communities RL3 Project
SRP010337Miscanthus Rhizosphere Soil Replicate 1 Project
SRP010339Lottia scabra Project
SRP010341Genome-Wide Mapping Of Time-Series ChIP-Seq Data For Human ERa Breast Cancer Cell Line (MCF-7)
SRP010342Platygyra carnosa Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010343Bacterial Functional Genes Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP010344Large-scale collection and annotation of gene models for date palm (Phoenix dactylifera, L.)
SRP010349Ruff transcriptome characterisation
SRP010350Effects of Cardiac Glycosides on RNA Expression in Prostate Cancer LNCaP-abl Cells
SRP010352Identification of miRNA from Cyprinus carpio by high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics analysis
SRP010355Genome-wide analysis of EGR2/SOX10 binding in myelinating peripheral nerve
SRP010358Streptococcus pneumoniae GA54354 Genome sequencing
SRP010359Streptococcus pneumoniae GA56113 Genome sequencing
SRP010361Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus BK22179 Genome sequencing
SRP010362Genome-wide identification of CTCF and Cohesin binding sites in neonatal mouse brain
SRP010363Analysis of plant LTR-retrotransposons at the fine-scale family level reveals individual molecular patterns
SRP010364Virulence regulator EspR of Mycobacterium tuberculosis is a nucleoid-associated protein
SRP010365Genome-wide occupancy profile of Tbx3, Gata4, Nkx2-5 and p300 in adult mouse whole heart
SRP010367Homo sapiens Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010369Linking Molecular Microbial Ecology to Geochemistry in a Coastal Hypoxic Zone
SRP010370Conserved Topological Domains in Mammalian Genomes Identified by High-resolution Analysis of Chromatin Interactions
SRP010372Syntrophorhabdus aromaticivorans UI genome sequencing
SRP010373Methanolinea tarda NOBI-1 genome sequencing project
SRP010374Wobble Base-pairing Slows in vivo Translation Elongation in Metazoans
SRP010375Methanoregula formicicum SMSP genome sequencing
SRP010378Fecal samples of rats Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP010379Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655 Genome sequencing
SRP010380Galerina marginata CBS 339.88 Genome sequencing
SRP010382Antibiotic occurrence in water and sediment in three water supply reservoirs related to antibiotic resistance genes in natural bacterial assemblages
SRP010383Treponema brennaborense DSM 12168 genome sequencing
SRP010384Transcriptome of normal, paracancerouse and cancerous bladder tissues based on RNA-Seq method
SRP010385GSE32509: Combinatorial patterning of chromatin regulators uncovered by genome-wide location analysis in human cells
SRP010386Identification of differentially expressed non-coding RNAs in neural embryonic stem cell differentiation
SRP010387Marine metagenome MBL_1
SRP010388Marine metagenome MBL_2
SRP010389Anaerobaculum mobile DSM 13181 Project
SRP010391Characterization of Microbial Population Shifts During Sample Storage
SRP010392Mimulus nasutus SF5 Project
SRP010394Sindbis virus induces the production of a novel class of endogenous siRNAs in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes
SRP010399Piromyces sp. E2 Project
SRP010401Bacterial diversity in the guts of honey bees
SRP010402Switchgrass Rhizo bact communities RL2 Project
SRP010403Megajapyx sp. UVienna-2012
SRP010405The airway microbiota in cystic fibrosis: a complex and dynamic biological community and implications for therapeutic management
SRP010406RNA-Seq analysis for heat tolerance associated genes in catfish
SRP010407Karst groundwater from Edwards Aquifer Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP010408Endogenous mammalian histone H3.3 exhibits chromatin-related functions during development
SRP010409Draft Genome Sequences for Clostridium thermocellum Wild-Type Strain YS and Derived Cellulose Adherence Defective Mutant Strain AD2
SRP010410wheat transcriptome sequencing
SRP010411Transcriptional profiling analysis in Populus yunnanensis provides insights into the molecular mechanisms of sexual differences in plant salinity tolerance
SRP010415Phycomyces blakesleeanus B2 Project
SRP010420Thermus thermophilus JL-18 genome sequencing project
SRP010421Aquiflexum balticum DSM 16537 genome sequencing project
SRP010423In situ TCE degradation mediated by complex dehalorespiring communities during biostimulation processes
SRP010424Thermobia domestica Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010425Conserved and Essential Transcription Factors for Cellulase Gene Expression in Ascomycete Fungi.
SRP010426RNA-sequencing reveals allelic expression imbalance in the diploid pathogen Candida albicans
SRP0104275-hydroxymethylcytosine is linked with expression of brain-specific protein-coding genes but not brain-specific microRNA host genes (RNA-Seq)
SRP010428Helicobacter pylori CPY1124 Genome sequencing project
SRP010429Variable Loading Conditions Influence Charge and Current Generation in Multi-Anode Environmental Microbial Fuel Cells
SRP010430A protective strategy against hyperinflammatory responses requiring the non-transcriptional actions of GPS2
SRP010431Helicobacter pylori CPY1313 Genome sequencing project
SRP010432Helicobacter pylori CPY1962 Genome sequencing project
SRP010433Helicobacter pylori CPY3281 Genome sequencing project
SRP010434Helicobacter pylori CPY6081 Genome sequencing project
SRP010435Helicobacter pylori CPY6261 Genome sequencing project
SRP010436Helicobacter pylori CPY6271 Genome sequencing project
SRP010438Helicobacter pylori CPY6311 Genome sequencing project
SRP010440Helicobacter pylori NQ4044 Genome sequencing project
SRP010441Helicobacter pylori NQ4053 Genome sequencing project
SRP010442Helicobacter pylori NQ4076 Genome sequencing project
SRP010443Helicobacter pylori NQ4099 Genome sequencing project
SRP010444Helicobacter pylori NQ4110 Genome sequencing project
SRP010445Helicobacter pylori NQ4161 Genome sequencing project
SRP010446Helicobacter pylori NQ4200 Genome sequencing project
SRP010447Helicobacter pylori NQ4216 Genome sequencing project
SRP010448Helicobacter pylori NQ4228 Genome sequencing project
SRP010449Drosophila albomicans strain:KM-55-5 Genome sequencing
SRP010450Aged Mouse Cecum Content Targeted Locus
SRP010452Jiangella gansuensis DSM 44835 genome sequencing
SRP010458T-cell factor 4 and ß-catenin chromatin occupancies pattern zonal liver metabolism.
SRP010461Polarella glacialis strain:CCMP2088 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010462Helicobacter pylori Hp P-4 Genome sequencing project
SRP010464High-throughput Illumina Hiseq2000 seuqencing of small RNAs from Hevea brasiliensis PB260 and PB217 clones
SRP010466Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough Project
SRP010470Alkaline Insect Gut Metagenome Project
SRP010475Desulfovibrio sp. U5L genome sequencing project
SRP010477Cloacibacillus evryensis DSM 19522 genome sequencing
SRP010478Tectaria macrodonta strain:wild type Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010481Transcriptional profiling of the Arabidopsis abscission mutant hae hsl2 by RNA-Seq
SRP010482H3K79 methylation - cell cycle
SRP010483The human pancreatic islet transcriptome: impact of pro-inflammatory cytokines
SRP010485Whole Transcriptome analysis of the coral acropora millepora reveals complex responses to ocean acidification during the initiation of calcification
SRP010486Helicobacter pylori Hp A-11 Genome sequencing project
SRP010487Helicobacter pylori Hp H-11 Genome sequencing project
SRP010488Helicobacter pylori Hp H-16 Genome sequencing project
SRP010489Helicobacter pylori Hp H-18 Genome sequencing project
SRP010490Helicobacter pylori Hp H-19 Genome sequencing project
SRP010491Helicobacter pylori Hp H-21 Genome sequencing project
SRP010492Helicobacter pylori Hp A-14 Genome sequencing project
SRP010493Helicobacter pylori Hp A-17 Genome sequencing project
SRP010494Helicobacter pylori Hp A-8 Genome sequencing project
SRP010495Helicobacter pylori Hp H-10 Genome sequencing project
SRP010496Helicobacter pylori Hp H-24b Genome sequencing project
SRP010497Helicobacter pylori Hp A-16 Genome sequencing project
SRP010498Helicobacter pylori Hp A-20 Genome sequencing project
SRP010499Helicobacter pylori Hp A-6 Genome sequencing project
SRP010500Helicobacter pylori Hp A-9 Genome sequencing project
SRP010501Helicobacter pylori Hp H-23 Genome sequencing project
SRP010502Helicobacter pylori Hp A-26 Genome sequencing project
SRP010503Helicobacter pylori Hp A-27 Genome sequencing project
SRP010504Helicobacter pylori Hp A-4 Genome sequencing project
SRP010505Helicobacter pylori Hp A-5 Genome sequencing project
SRP010506Helicobacter pylori Hp P-2b Genome sequencing project
SRP010507Helicobacter pylori Hp P-30 Genome sequencing project
SRP010508Helicobacter pylori Hp H-44 Genome sequencing project
SRP010509Helicobacter pylori Hp H-5b Genome sequencing project
SRP010510Helicobacter pylori Hp P-15b Genome sequencing project
SRP010511Helicobacter pylori Hp P-15 Genome sequencing project
SRP010512Helicobacter pylori Hp P-16 Genome sequencing project
SRP010513Helicobacter pylori Hp P-1b Genome sequencing project
SRP010514Helicobacter pylori Hp H-24c Genome sequencing project
SRP010515Helicobacter pylori Hp P-25 Genome sequencing project
SRP010516Helicobacter pylori Hp P-3 Genome sequencing project
SRP010517Helicobacter pylori Hp H-42 Genome sequencing project
SRP010518Helicobacter pylori Hp M9 Genome sequencing project
SRP010519Helicobacter pylori Hp P-11 Genome sequencing project
SRP010520Helicobacter pylori Hp P-13 Genome sequencing project
SRP010521Helicobacter pylori Hp P-1 Genome sequencing project
SRP010522Helicobacter pylori Hp P-25c Genome sequencing project
SRP010523Helicobacter pylori Hp H-30 Genome sequencing project
SRP010524Helicobacter pylori Hp P-74 Genome sequencing project
SRP010525Helicobacter pylori Hp P-8 Genome sequencing project
SRP010526Helicobacter pylori Hp P-26 Genome sequencing project
SRP010527Helicobacter pylori Hp P-41 Genome sequencing project
SRP010528Helicobacter pylori Hp P-4d Genome sequencing project
SRP010529Helicobacter pylori Hp H-43 Genome sequencing project
SRP010530Helicobacter pylori Hp H-6 Genome sequencing project
SRP010531Helicobacter pylori Hp P-11b Genome sequencing project
SRP010532Helicobacter pylori Hp P-23 Genome sequencing project
SRP010533Helicobacter pylori Hp P-25d Genome sequencing project
SRP010534Helicobacter pylori Hp H-29 Genome sequencing project
SRP010535Helicobacter pylori Hp P-8b Genome sequencing project
SRP010536Helicobacter pylori Hp P-13b Genome sequencing project
SRP010537Helicobacter pylori Hp P-2 Genome sequencing project
SRP010538Helicobacter pylori Hp H-4 Genome sequencing project
SRP010539Helicobacter pylori Hp P-3b Genome sequencing project
SRP010540Helicobacter pylori Hp H-45 Genome sequencing project
SRP010541Helicobacter pylori Hp H-24 Genome sequencing project
SRP010542Helicobacter pylori Hp H-34 Genome sequencing project
SRP010543Helicobacter pylori Hp H-41 Genome sequencing project
SRP010544Helicobacter pylori Hp M1 Genome sequencing project
SRP010545Helicobacter pylori Hp P-28b Genome sequencing project
SRP010546Helicobacter pylori Hp P-4c Genome sequencing project
SRP010547Helicobacter pylori Hp H-3 Genome sequencing project
SRP010548Helicobacter pylori Hp H-9 Genome sequencing project
SRP010549Helicobacter pylori Hp M2 Genome sequencing project
SRP010550Helicobacter pylori Hp H-27 Genome sequencing project
SRP010551Helicobacter pylori Hp H-28 Genome sequencing project
SRP010552Helicobacter pylori Hp P-62 Genome sequencing project
SRP010553Helicobacter pylori Hp H-36 Genome sequencing project
SRP010554Helicobacter pylori Hp M3 Genome sequencing project
SRP010555Helicobacter pylori Hp M4 Genome sequencing project
SRP010556Helicobacter pylori Hp M5 Genome sequencing project
SRP010557Helicobacter pylori Hp M6 Genome sequencing project
SRP010561Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Saintpaul str. SARA28 Genome sequencing
SRP010562Coastal Sediments Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP010563Systems and trans-system level analysis identifies conserved Fe-deficiency responses in the plant lineage
SRP010564Hypersaline Lake Metagenome
SRP010565Mus musculus Circular chromosome conformation capture (4C) and RPA ChIP-Seq from mouse B cells
SRP010567Co-culture of Streptococcus thermophilus DGCC7710 with phage 2972
SRP010568Genome-wide maps of H3R2me2s in pro-B cells
SRP010570Interaction between BZR1 and PIF4 integrates brassinosteroid and environmental responses [ChIP-seq]
SRP010571Zebrafish Sex Determination
SRP010572Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Heidelberg str. N19992
SRP010573Mannheimia haemolytica PHL213 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010574Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Heidelberg str. 670102-5
SRP010575Pasteurella multocida subsp. multocida str. 3480 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010576Metagenome of Two novel Accumulibacter clades
SRP010577Aplysia californica Genome Sequencing
SRP010578Pyrosequencing-based transcriptome analysis of the pond snail Lymnaea stagnalis, with a focus on genes involved in molecular response to oxidative and cellular stress
SRP010579GSE35239: Open Chromatin by FAIRE from ENCODE/OpenChrom(UNC Chapel Hill)
SRP010580Genome-wide assay of Vezf1 and RNA Polymerase II binding
SRP010581High-throughput SOLEXA sequencing of endogenous small RNAs from Arabidopsis thaliana wild-type
SRP010582Transcriptomic analysis of copper tolerance and wood decay in the brown rot fungus Fibroporia radiculosa
SRP010584Nothofagus nervosa strain:Alpina Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010585ATRX-mediated chromatin association of histone variant macroH2A1 regulates alpha globin gene expression
SRP010586Genome-wide DNA methylation events in TMPRSS2:ERG fusion negative prostate cancers implicate an EZH2 dependent mechanism with miRNA-26a hypermethylation.
SRP010588Combined miRNA and mRNA Sequencing Identifies Protective Transcriptional Signature of Enhanced PI3Kalpha Signaling in Cardiac Hypertrophy
SRP010589Cynara cardunculus transcriptome project
SRP010596Odoribacter splanchnicus DSM 20712 genome sequencing project
SRP010598Leptonema illini DSM 21528 genome sequencing project
SRP010603Deep-sequencing influences the results obtained in small-RNA sequencing
SRP010604Essential and unexpected role of YY1 to promote mesodermal cardiac differentiation
SRP010605Enterococcus Multiispecies Project
SRP010606Comparative Transcriptome Analysis of Wild Type and pap1 Mutant of Papaver somnifera Using 454-Sequencing Platform
SRP010608Desulfobacca acetoxidans DSM 11109 genome sequencing project
SRP010609Myroides odoratus DSM 2801 Genome sequencing project
SRP010611Enterobacter soli strain:LF7a Genome sequencing
SRP010612Epigenetic modifications and chromosome conformations of the beta globin locus throughout development
SRP010613Post-transcriptional regulation of cell-cell interaction protein-encoding transcripts by Zfs1p in S. pombe (RNA-Seq)
SRP010614ChIP-Seq anti gH2AX to investigate DNA damage and Telomeres senescence
SRP010615RNA polymerase V targets transcriptional silencing components to promoters of protein-coding genes
SRP010616Genome-wide occupancy map of GATA-1 in proliferating and differentiating murine ES cell derived erythroid progenitors (ES-EP)
SRP010617Locust Midgut 1 control metatranscriptome Project
SRP010618Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Heidelberg str. SARA33 Genome sequencing
SRP010619Dysregulation of cholesterol homeostasis in human prostate cancer through loss of ABCA1
SRP010621Trichoderma reesei RUT C-30 Genome sequencing
SRP010622Drosophila simulans whole genome DNA-seq
SRP010623Clostridium thermocellum DSM 1313 Genome sequencing
SRP010628Deinococcus peraridilitoris DSM 19664 Project
SRP010629Halalkalicoccus jeotgali B3 genome sequencing
SRP010630Gillisia limnaea DSM 15749 genome sequencing project.
SRP010631Deinococcus maricopensis DSM 21211 genome sequencing project.
SRP010634Caldicellulosiruptor kristjanssonii 177R1B genome sequencing project
SRP010635Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough Project
SRP010636Sphaerochaeta pleomorpha str. Grapes Genome sequencing
SRP010637saliva microbiomic genes
SRP010638Sequencing of a RRL for SNP marker detection in Tilapia
SRP010639Rumex acetosa Genome sequencing
SRP010640Silene latifolia Genome sequencing
SRP010641Sequence and expression analysis of human chromosome 20 gaps
SRP010642Brassinosteroid, gibberellin, and phytochrome impinge on a common transcription module in Arabidopsis
SRP010643Salmo salar Skin Transcriptome
SRP010644Rescue Of Dysfunctional Autophagy By Peptide IDR-1018 Attenuates Hyperinflammatory Phenotype Of Cystic Fibrosis Cells (RNA-seq)
SRP010645Influence of yeasts supplementation on microbiome composition of liquid fraction rumen content of lactating cows
SRP010646Caenorhabditis elegans strain:N2, adr-1, adr-2, adr-1;adr-2 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010647Dosage imbalance of NMD genes is associated with intellectual disability
SRP010648Homo sapiens Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP010649Spearmint Plant Denominated KI-MsEM0042
SRP010650King George Island site S2 sample ANT 05_23.45m Project
SRP010651King George Island site S2 sample ANT 04_23.45m Project
SRP010653Tierra del Fuego site MC sample ARG 01_11.3m Project
SRP010654Saccharomyces cerevisiae pool-segregant whole-genome sequence analysis
SRP010655Sequencing and analysis of the Mediterranean amphioxus (Branchiostoma lanceolatum) transcriptome
SRP010656King George Island site S1 sample ANT 02_9.5m Project
SRP010657Genome-wide profiling of LXR, RXR and PPARa in mouse liver reveals extensive sharing of binding sites
SRP010658Deep-sequencing Identifies Prominent small RNA Profiles In Campthotecin-sensitive And Resistant Jurkat Cells
SRP010659Temporally-regulated tRNA-derived small RNAs are associated primarily with non-polysomal fractions in Drosophila
SRP010660Svalbard Archipelago station 1 sample NOR 08_45m Project
SRP010661Microbial Culturomics: Paradigm shift in the human gut microbiome study
SRP010663Analysis of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Pan-Genome Reveals a Pool of Copy Number Variants Distributed Throughout Diverse Yeast Strains From Differing Industrial Environments
SRP010664GSE35276: Identification of Transcription Factor GEI-11::GFP Binding Regions in L3
SRP010665GSE35277: Identification of Transcription Factor CES1::GFP Binding Regions in L3
SRP010666Baltic Sea site KBB sample SWE 26_20.5m Project
SRP010667Manduca sexta Genome sequencing
SRP010668Hippophae rhamnoides Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010669Genome-wide analysis of histone methylation reveals chromatin state-based regulation of host cellular gene expression induced by hepatitis B viruses (ChIP-Seq dataset)
SRP010670Genome-wide analysis of histone methylation reveals chromatin state-based regulation of host cellular gene expression induced by hepatitis B viruses (DGE dataset)
SRP010671Wetland Surface Sediment Feb2011 Site L1 Bulk Project
SRP010672Tierra del Fuego site OR sample ARG 04_12.3m Project
SRP010673Laccaria bicolor 81306 Genome sequencing
SRP010674Comparative transcriptome analysis of Pima and Acala cotton during boll development using 454 pyrosequencing technology
SRP010675Small RNA profile of HeLa cells through the cell cycle
SRP010676Tierra del Fuego site MC sample ARG 03_11.3m Project
SRP010678Transcriptome profiling of epidermal differentiation
SRP010679The translational landscape of mTOR signaling steers cancer initiation and metastasis
SRP010680B73 RNA-Seq Atlas
SRP010681Vicia sativa Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010682Potentilla microsatellites
SRP010683Nucleotidyltransferase gene HESO1
SRP010705Genome wide analysis of FOXO3 transcription regulation through RNA pol II profiling
SRP010707Saccharomyces cerevisiae Genome Sequencing
SRP010708Unexpected diverse algae symbionts revealed by deep sequencing of sponge microbiome
SRP010709Dynamics and Persistence of Dead Sea Microbial Populations as Shown by High-Throughput Sequencing of rRNA
SRP010710Homo sapiens, anonymous human, genome sequencing project
SRP010711Crassostrea virginica Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010712miR-seq of human frontal lobe
SRP010713Trebouxia sp. TR-9 Genome sequencing
SRP010714ChIP-Seq of Sox2 and Brn2 in ESCs, NPCs, and differentiating ESCs
SRP010715Genetic recombination is directed away from functional genetic sites in mice.
SRP010716Homo sapiens Genome sequencing
SRP010718whole genome shotgun sequencing of tomato Heinz
SRP010720Surface sediments from Hg contaminated streams Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP010721Plasmodium falciparum genome sequencing of imidazolopiperazine resistant strains
SRP010722Svalbard Archipelago station 2 sample NOR 13_50m Project
SRP010723Arctic LTER
SRP010724Isl1-Lhx3 fusion specifies motor neuron fate by inducing motor neuron genes and concomitantly suppressing the interneuron programs
SRP010725Targeted Biofilm samples from two redox zones- FS08_3 Project
SRP010726Argopecten irradians Eye Transcriptome
SRP010727Baltic Sea site KBB sample SWE 21_20.5m Project
SRP010728Chromosomal translocations are guided by the spatial organization of the genome
SRP010730Wetland Surface Sediment Feb2011 Site B2 Tule Project
SRP010732Geothermal soil crust Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP010733Targeted Biofilm samples from two redox zones- PC08_3 Project
SRP010734Targeted Biofilm samples from two redox zones- LI09_4 Project
SRP010735Carassius auratus, Cyprinus carpio, Carassius auratus x Cyprinus carpio Multispecies Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010736Targeted Biofilm samples from two redox zones- GS10_10 Project
SRP010737Light Crust, Colorado Plateau, Green Butte 2 Project
SRP010738Wetland Surface Sediment Feb2011 Site L1 Cattail Project
SRP010739Pachycara brachycephalum strain:natural population Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010740Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus 118 Genome sequencing
SRP010741Wetland Surface Sediment Feb2011 Site B2 Cattail Project
SRP010743Mediator promotes CENP-A incorporation at fission yeast centromeres [ChIP-seq]
SRP010744MicroRNAs induced during response to stress in C. elegans
SRP010745Small RNA profiles through the cell cycle in HeLa [small RNA-seq]
SRP010746Bhattacharya Lab Paulinella ovalis single cell genomics
SRP010747Wetland Surface Sediment Feb2011 Site B1 Cattail Project
SRP010748Wetland Surface Sediment Feb2011 Site B1 Bulk Project
SRP010749Trans Chromosomal Methylation in Arabidopsis hybrids
SRP010750Habitat and host related variation in sponge bacterial communities in Indonesian coral reefs and marine lakes
SRP010751Wetland Surface Sediment Feb2011 Site A1 Tule Project
SRP010753Tierra del Fuego site OR sample ARG 06_12.3m Project
SRP010754Baltic Sea site KBA sample SWE 07_21m Project
SRP010755Composition and function of a bacterial community shed light on the pest status of Rhizoglyphus robini
SRP010756Svalbard Archipelago station 2 sample NOR 18_50m Project
SRP010757King George Island site S1 sample ANT 01_9.5m Project
SRP010758PR soil-derived Feedstock-adapted consortia SG only Project
SRP010759Baltic Sea site KBA sample SWE 12_21m Project
SRP010760King George Island site S2 sample ANT 06_23.45m Project
SRP010761Svalbard Archipelago station 1 sample NOR 05_45m Project
SRP010762PR soil-derived Feedstock-adapted consortia SG + Fe Project
SRP010763Comparing of transcriptome profiles between queen- and worker-destined larvae in honey bee by RNA-Seq
SRP010764Zea mays subsp. mays Genome sequencing
SRP010765Arabidopsis thaliana Doubled Haploid Genotyping Data
SRP010766Targeted Biofilm samples from two redox zones- PC08_64 Project
SRP010767Tierra del Fuego site OR sample ARG 05_12.3m Project
SRP010768Targeted Biofilm samples from two redox zones- GS09_5 Project
SRP010769Bacterial community composition along the salinity gradient in salt-affected soils
SRP010770Differentiated Truncation and Uridylation Patterns of miRNAs in Arabidopsis and Rice hen1 Mutants Suggest miRNAs May Re-program RISC
SRP010771Microbacterium laevaniformans (Actinobacteria) strain OR221, a bacterium tolerant to metals, nitrate and low pH
SRP010773ChIP-seq analysis of H3K4Me3- and H3K27Me3-marked chromatin in mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), osteoblasts derived from MSCs and the osteosarcoma cell line U2OS
SRP010774Buchnera aphidicola str. Sg (Schizaphis graminum) Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010775transcriptome sequencing of tomato
SRP010776Reference genome-independent assessment of mutation density using restriction enzyme-phased sequencing
SRP010777Aquilegia glandulosa Project
SRP010778Transcriptome analysis of female and male Sebastiscus marmoratus
SRP010779Aquilegia vulgaris Project
SRP010780Penetrance of biallelic SMARCAL1 mutations is associated with environmental and genetic disturbances of gene expression (3)
SRP010781Relocalization of retinoic acid receptors from non-canonical to canonical spaced binding elements during embryoid body differentiation
SRP010788King George Island site S1 sample ANT 03_9.5m Project
SRP010789Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. 19N genome sequencing
SRP010792Rapid de novo evolution of X chromosome dosage compensation in Silene latifolia, a plant with young sex chromosomes
SRP010795Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. MB102109-0047 genome sequencing
SRP010797Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. MB111609-0052 genome sequencing
SRP010804Sip1 in cortical interneuron migration
SRP010805Aquilegia sibirica Project
SRP010806Aquilegia aurea Project
SRP010807Svalbard Archipelago station 2 sample NOR 15_50m Project
SRP010808Structure of planktonic bacterial communities in the Arctic
SRP010809Tropical soil bacterial communities in Malaysia: pH dominates in the equatorial tropics too
SRP010810Tropical soil bacterial communities in Malaysia: pH dominates in the equatorial tropics too
SRP010811Tierra del Fuego site MC sample ARG 02_11.3m Project
SRP010812Baltic Sea site KBA sample SWE 02_21m Project
SRP010813Targeted Biofilm samples from two redox zones-LI09_3 Project
SRP010817Testing the limits of 454 pyrotag sequencing: reproducibility, quantitative assessment and comparison to T-RFLP fingerprinting of aquifer microbes
SRP010818Targeted Biofilm samples from two redox zones- FS06_10 Project
SRP010819Cocoa bean fermentation metagenome
SRP010820Resistant Hypertension in African Americans
SRP010821Correlations Between Root-Associated Microorganisms and Peach Replant Disease Symptoms in a California Soil
SRP010823Digital DNaseI Drosophila S2 cell line
SRP010824Targeted Biofilm samples from two redox zones- PC08_66 Project
SRP010825The anti-Shine-Dalgarno sequence drives translational pausing and codon choice in bacteria
SRP010826UAP56 couples piRNA clusters to the perinuclear transposon silencing machinery [RNA-Seq and RIP-Seq]
SRP010827Targeted Biofilm samples from two redox zones- AS07_7 Project
SRP010829Activated sludge Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP010832Permafrost metatranscriptome cDNA-P1 Project
SRP010833Amanita thiersii Skay4041 Genome sequencing
SRP010836Characterization of European Sea Bass transcripts by RNA SEQ after Oral Vaccine against V. anguillarum
SRP010837Rhizotron Metagenome Targeted Locus
SRP010838SOLiD Sequencing for SNP discovery across Cucumis melo
SRP010839Distinctive rhizoplane bacterial communities in tropical trees
SRP010840Novel cellulose-degrading bacteria
SRP010841Miscanthus giganteus Project
SRP010843Spatial-scale independence of soil bacterial communities in Malaysian tropical forests
SRP010844Raphanus sativus strain:Weixianqing Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010845Whole Genome Sequencing of Coxiella burnetii M44
SRP010846MicroRNA discovery and analysis of Dirofilaria immitis by deep sequencing.
SRP010847High-throughput sequencing of small RNAs from adult Taenia multiceps
SRP010848Shigella flexneri 1235-66 Genome sequencing
SRP010849Thousands of novel transcripts identified in mouse cerebrum, testis, and ES cells based on ribo-minus RNA sequencing
SRP010850ChIP-seq study of BEAF binding in four Drosophila spcies
SRP010851New insights in gut microbiota establishment in healthy breast-fed neonates
SRP010852Plant-Microbe Interfaces
SRP010853Genome-wide analysis of the role of FOG-1 in GATA-1 chromatin occupancy
SRP010854High-throughput sequencing of endogenous small RNAs from rat vascular smooth muscle cells with and without Angiotensin II stimulation
SRP010855Genomes of viruses and phages that have been isolated in and on the human body, to be used as Reference Genomes for the Human Viral Microbiome Project (HMP)
SRP010857Streptococcus pneumoniae GA56348 Genome sequencing
SRP010860Svalbard Archipelago station 1 sample NOR 02_45m Project
SRP010861ChIP-seq and mRNA-seq experiment to find the direct target genes of ATF4 and CHOP
SRP010862Wetland Surface Sediment Feb2011 Site B2 Bulk Project
SRP010863Drosophila bipectinata de novo transcriptome
SRP010864Macaca Reduced Representation Libraries
SRP010865Culex quinquefasciatus strain:strain Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010866Thermotoga thermarum DSM 5069 genome sequencing project
SRP010868Baltic Sea site KBB sample SWE 18_20.5m Project
SRP010870Wetland Surface Sediment Feb2011 Site A2 Cattail Project
SRP010871Amorphotheca resinae ATCC 22711 Genome sequencing
SRP010872BRCA1 functions independently of homologous recombination in DNA interstrand crosslink repair
SRP010873An Investigation into the Bacterial Diversity of Peri-apical Lesions Associated with Persistent Apical Periodontitis Using 454 sequencing: An in vivo Metagenomics study
SRP010874Whole Transcriptome RNA-seq Analysis: the Tumorigenesis and Metastasis of Melanoma
SRP010876Genotyping-by-sequencing of Morex x Barke DH population
SRP010877Trout Bog Practice 03JUN2009 epilimnion Project
SRP010878Aspergillus aculeatus ATCC 16872 Genome sequencing
SRP010880Panicum virgatum Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010881Spatial organisation of the X inactivation center
SRP010883Deep oil plume Sample 16_below plume Project
SRP010885Clostridium sp. DL-VIII genome sequencing
SRP010886Brachypodium distachyon strain:Bd21-3 Genome sequencing
SRP010889Analysis of transcriptome dynamics in the B biotype Bemisia tabaci (the Middle East-Asia Minor 1) between the different host and sex strains Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010898Targeted resequencing reveals a single origin of a beneficial pigment allele in young populations of beach mice
SRP010899Piromyces sp. E2 strain:E2 Genome sequencing
SRP010900De novo transcriptome assembly of black pepper (Piper nigrum L.)
SRP010902Transcriptome profile of healthy horn tissue in Kankrej Bullock
SRP010903Heterobasidion annosum sensu stricto Genome Sequencing
SRP010904RNA-Seq analysis and polyadenylation site detection in Murine Gammaherpesvirus 68
SRP010905Comprehensive analysis of different in vitro insulin resistance models
SRP010906Pundamilia nyererei RNA Sequencing
SRP010907Suppression of the antiviral response by an influenza "histone mimic"
SRP010908Exploratory Sequencing of B. rapa and B. oleracea
SRP010909Massively parallel functional dissection of mammalian enhancers in vivo
SRP010910Genome-wide profiles of RNA polymerase II (Pol 2) DNA occupancy and the histone modifications H3K4me3 and H3K36me3 around the circadian cycle
SRP010911Analysis of H3K79 methylation during reprogramming
SRP010912Lake Mendota Practice 15JUN2010 epilimnion Project
SRP010913Hoolock leuconedys Genome sequencing
SRP010914Hylobates moloch Genome sequencing
SRP010915Hylobates pileatus Genome sequencing
SRP010916White-cheeked gibbon genome sequencing
SRP010917Symphalangus syndactylus Genome sequencing
SRP010918High resolution genetic mapping by genome sequencing reveals genome duplication and tetraploid genetic structure of the diploid Miscanthus sinensis
SRP010919Prolonged and Substantial Discordance in Prevalence of Raltegravir-resistant HIV-1 in Plasma versus PBMC Samples Revealed by 454 'Deep' Sequencing
SRP010920Whole-exome sequencing in Simons Simplex families
SRP010921Switchgrass Rhizosphere Bulk Soil Metagenome Project
SRP010923Comparative transcriptome analysis of the intertidal barnacles, Amphibalanus amphitrite and Tetraclita japonica formosana: interspecific variation in settlement-related genes and barnacle cement proteins
SRP010925sRNA annotation Research
SRP010926Deep oil plume Sample 52_in plume Project
SRP010928Efficient Copy Number Profiling from Human Tumor Methylome obtained by Bisulfite Sequencing
SRP010929Degradome analysis in Phalaenopsis aphrodite subsp. formosana
SRP010930Sequencing and assembly of the Nothobranchius furzeri transcriptome
SRP010931Exploring the DNA-Recognition Potential of Homeodomains
SRP010932Comparative analysis of regulatory elements between Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae by genome-wide transcription start site profiling [TSS-Seq]
SRP010933Human oral microbiome (root canal, apical abscess, and oral cavity) Targeted Locus
SRP010934Genome Variation among HIV-Resistant People with Hemophilia
SRP010935Switchgrass Rhizo bact communities RL3 Project
SRP010937Bing Bong Sediment Bacterial 16S rRNA (V6) 454 sequence
SRP010938Arabidopsis thaliana strain:Columbia (Col-0) Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010939Whole Genome Shotgun (WGS) project of Aquilegia formosa
SRP010940Radicicol treatment of Drosophila cells
SRP010941Aquilegia chrysantha Project
SRP010942Real-time transcriptional profiling of cellular and viral gene expression during lytic cytomegalovirus infection
SRP010943Small RNA profiles following TUT knock-down in HeLa
SRP010944RIP-seq analysis of eukaryotic Sm proteins identifies three major categories of Sm-containing ribonucleoproteins
SRP010945Genome wide DNA methylation analysis of leukemia and reprogrammed leukemia cells (sequencing)
SRP010946Early life antibiotic-driven changes in microbiota enhance susceptibility to allergic asthma
SRP010947RNA-directed DNA methylation in near-gene chromatin regulation
SRP010950Oryzias melastigma Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010951Hevea brasiliensis strain:RRIM 600 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010954Maternal Influence on Exonic CpG Island Methylation in the Developing Hippocampus [Bisulfite-Seq]
SRP010955Maternal Influence on Exonic CpG Island Methylation in the Developing Hippocampus [RNA-Seq]
SRP010956Baltic Sea site KBB sample SWE 26_20.5m Project
SRP010958Chiropteran Mucosal 16S rRNA Targeted Locus
SRP010959Essential role of EBF1 in B cell immunity by controlling the generation and function of distinct mature B cell types
SRP010960Oryza sativa Japonica Group Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010961Alternative Splicing Networks Regulated by Signaling in Human T Cells
SRP010963Whole Cell Extract
SRP010964Orenia marismortui DSM 5156 Genome sequencing
SRP010965GSE35868: Identification of Transcription Factor FOS-1::GFP Binding Regions in L1
SRP010966Integrative functional genomics identifies an enhancer looping to the SOX9 gene disrupted by the 17q24.3 prostate cancer risk locus
SRP010967SV-Capture: Direct investigation of structure variation in specific region
SRP010968Phoca largha Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010969SOLiD sequencing of Noccaea (Thlaspi) caerulescens root transcriptomes from three contrasting ecotypes
SRP010970Unbiased pyrosequencing of human immunoglobulin mRNA repertoires defines onset of immune senescence
SRP010971Zebrafish Globin Locus (ChIP-seq)
SRP010972Zebrafish Globin Locus (DNAse)
SRP010973Select microRNAs are essential for early development in the sea urchin.
SRP010974Transcription factor Ebf1 regulates differentiation stage-specific signaling, proliferative expansion and survival of B cells [EBF1]
SRP010975Transcription factor Ebf1 regulates differentiation stage-specific signaling, proliferative expansion and survival of B cells [H3K4me2 and H3K4me3]
SRP010976Candidatus Pelagibacter ubique HIMB083 Genome sequencing
SRP010977Global remodeling of nucleosome positions in C.elegans
SRP010979Yarwun Port Curtis Sediment Bacterial 16S rRNA (V6) 454 sequence
SRP010980Pinus pinaster infected with B. xylophilus
SRP010981Pinus pinaster inoculated with H2O
SRP010982Pinus pinea infected with B. xylophilus
SRP010983Pinus pinea inoculated with H2O
SRP010985Phoenix dactylifera cultivar:Khalas Genome sequencing
SRP010986Mitochondrial DNA heteroplasmy in diabetes and normal adults: Role of acquired and inherited mutational patterns in twins
SRP010987Type A strain
SRP010988Transcriptome profile of cancerous horn tissue in Kankrej Bullock
SRP010989Single-cell Exome Sequencing and Novel Mutation Characteristics of Kidney Cancer
SRP010990Single-cell Exome Sequencing and Monoclonal Evolution of a JAK2-negative Myeloproliferative Neoplasm
SRP010991Metatranscriptomic Analysis of Lactic Acid Bacterial Gene Expressions during Kimchi Fermentation
SRP010992Gulf of Mexico Enrichments Metagenome
SRP010994Mycobacterium tuberculosis Genome sequencing
SRP010995Targeted gene addition to a predetermined site in the human genome using a ZFN-based nicking enzyme
SRP010996Cucumis melo Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010997Dimocarpus longan strain:honghezi Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP010998Bacteria of the genus Endozoicomonas dominate the microbial communities of the Mediterranean gorgonian soft coral Eunicella cavolini
SRP010999Global Mapping at the Core of the Arabidopsis Circadian Clock Defines the Network Structure of the Oscillator
SRP011001Transcriptional regulation by H3K122 acetylation in the lateral surface of the histone octamer
SRP011002Distribution of transcription elongation complex in the PTPRN2 gene
SRP011003Tumor suppressor REST/NRSF controls genome stability by preventing R-loop formation
SRP011004ChIP-Seq for Nkx3-1 in whole mouse prostate
SRP011005Whole environmental genomic DNA from Census of Deep Life
SRP011006High-throughput sequencing of small RNAs (25-70 nt) from Drosophila wild-type and Dnmt2 mutants
SRP011007Homo sapiens Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP011008Homo sapiens High Throughput Sequencing
SRP011009Trachemys scripta elegans embryonic transcriptome
SRP011010Homo sapiens Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP011012Characterization of bacteria community of dye wastewater in an Anaerobic sequencing batch reactor
SRP011013Identification of Cux2 binding sites in female and male mouse liver
SRP011014High throughput sequencing of the mouse transcriptome within the VTA following exposure to emotional stress.
SRP011015Microbial community structure across biogeochemical gradients in a perennially stratified Arctic lake
SRP011017GENEVA Prostate Cancer
SRP011018Pseudoperonospora cubensis strain:MSU-1 Genome sequencing
SRP011019Combined metatranscriptomic and FE-SEM investigation of soft tunic syndrome
SRP011021Prostate Cancer Genome Sequencing Project
SRP011022Populus trichocarpa strain:101-74 Epigenomics
SRP011023Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni NCTC 11168 = ATCC 700819 Genome sequencing
SRP011024Molecular Subtypes of Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma are Associated with Distinct Pathogenic Mechanisms and Outcomes
SRP011025HMP reference genome
SRP011026HMP reference genome
SRP011027HMP reference genome
SRP011028Micro RNA 172 (miR172) signals epidermal infection and is expressed in cells primed for bacterial invasion in Lotus japonicus roots and nodules
SRP011029HMP reference genome
SRP011030HMP reference genome
SRP011031HMP reference genome
SRP011032A molecular mechanism for compartmentalization and silencing of chromatin domains at the nuclear lamina [ChIP-seq]
SRP011033HMP reference genome
SRP011034HMP reference genome
SRP011035HMP reference genome
SRP011036Aquilegia flabellata Project
SRP011037Conservation of replication timing reveals global and local regulation of replication origin activity.
SRP011038Impaired Insulin-/IGF1-Signaling Extends Life Span by Promoting Mitochondrial L-Proline Catabolism to Induce a Transient ROS-Signal
SRP011039Schistosoma haematobium Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP011040Apostichopus japonicus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP011041Comparative transcriptomics of pathogenic and non-pathogenic Listeria species
SRP011042CircleSeq in Human Fibroblasts
SRP011043Complexity of expression from transiently transfected plasmids
SRP011044Genetic heterogeneity of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell clones revealed by whole genome sequencing
SRP01104516S sequences from geothermal soil
SRP011046Aquilegia oxysepala Project
SRP011048Apple miRNAs and tasiRNAs with novel regulatory networks
SRP011049HMP reference genome
SRP011050Identification of Conserved and Novel MicroRNAs in Cashmere Goat (Capra hircus) by Deep Sequencing
SRP011051Streptococcus pneumoniae GA62681 Genome sequencing
SRP011052Streptococcus pneumoniae GA19998 genome sequencing project
SRP011053Streptococcus pneumoniae GA62331 Genome sequencing