AccessionTitle or Alias
SRP014686Deep sequencing and analysis of small RNAs from the flowers of four Rosa
SRP014687Oryctolagus cuniculus Metagenome
SRP014689High throughput RNA-Seq method. Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014690Strongylocentrotus purpuratus developmental transcriptomes
SRP014691Small RNAs in undifferentiated and differentiating mouse embryonic stem cells
SRP014692Acinonyx jubatus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014693Viral pathogen detection and discovery by clinical metagenomics
SRP014694Staphylococcus epidermidis strain AU12-03
SRP014695HE327 Metagenome and Metatranscriptome
SRP014696Comparative polygenic analysis of maximal ethanol accumulation capacity and tolerance to high ethanol of cell proliferation in yeast
SRP014697Human 454 Amplicon Sequencing
SRP014708Dictyostelium discoideum Genome Re-Sequencing for Mutation Rate Estimate
SRP014709Transcriptome-wide Regulation of Splicing and mRNA Localization by Muscleblind Proteins
SRP014713TChAP protocol validation
SRP014714Sinorhizobium loti WGS
SRP014715Honey bee (Apis mellifera) and an ectoparasitic mite of honey bee, Varroa destructor Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014716termite gut metagenome Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014717Next-generation sequencing facilitates quantitative analysis of wild type and Bmp4f/f;Wnt1Cre tooth mesenchyme transcriptomes
SRP014718Free-living bacteria associated with Ridgeia piscesae Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP014719Gallus gallus strain:Specified pathogen free (SPF) - white leghorn Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014720Prokaryotic diversity in hydrothermal springs of the Azores
SRP014721Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici strain:multiple Genome sequencing
SRP014722Triticum aestivum strain:HD2985, HD2329 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014723Deep sequencing of microRNAs in multiple tissues of Scylla paramamosain under Vibrio parahaemolyticus infection
SRP014724Comparative Genomics of Dengue virus for Broad Institute Viral Genomics Initiative
SRP014726Comprehensive analysis of silencing mutants reveals complex regulation of the Arabidopsis methylome.
SRP014727Evolutionary potential, cross-stress behavior and the genetic basis of acquired stress resistance in Escherichia coli
SRP014728Poecilia mexicana Reference Transcriptome
SRP014729Transcriptome sequencing of Pteropus alecto and Myotis davidii
SRP014730Anopheles gambiae strain:G3 Genome sequencing
SRP014731A Metagenomic Approach to Characterization of the Vaginal Microbiome Signature in Pregnancy
SRP014736Saccharomyces cerevisiae x Saccharomyces uvarum Variation
SRP014737Pteropus alecto Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP014738Myotis davidii Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP014739A global analysis of tandem 3''UTRs in eosinophilic chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps
SRP014740DNA methylomes of the fire ant Solenopsis invicta.
SRP014741Whole genome sequence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain LAN211
SRP014742Transcriptomic sequencing of the murine testis during the first wave of spermatogenesis
SRP014743NFATc1 integrates STAT3 inflammatory signals to promote Kras(G12D)-driven carcinogenesis in the pancreas.
SRP014745Murine colon Metagenome
SRP014746EBNA1 ChIP-seq and MNase-seq in EBV-positive MUTU cell lines
SRP014747Disordered Microbial Communities in the Upper Respiratory Tract of Cigarette Smokers
SRP014748crucian carp (Carassius auratus) Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014749GSE39887: Global Gene Expression Profiling in Litopenaeus stylirostris
SRP014750Metagenomic Characterization of Culture-Negative Bovine Clinical Mastitis Samples to Understand Disease Etiology
SRP014751Transcriptional Architecture and Chromatin Landscape of the Core Circadian Clock in Mammals [RNA-seq]
SRP014752Transcriptional Architecture and Chromatin Landscape of the Core Circadian Clock in Mammals [ChIP-seq]
SRP014753Rapid Genome-Scale Mapping of Chromatin Accessibility in Tissue
SRP014754miR-146a promotes the initiation and progression of melanoma by activating Notch signaling
SRP014755Saccharomyces cerevisiae PE-2 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014756Anopheles gambiae Transcriptome
SRP014757The Etiology of HDL Cholesterol
SRP014758Dermacentor andersoni strain:Reynolds Creek Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014759Homo sapiens Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014760TGF-beta/Smad2/3 signaling directly regulates several miRNAs in mouse ES Cells and early embryos
SRP014761Dnmt2-dependent methylomes lack biologically relevant DNA methylation patterns [Schistosoma mansoni]
SRP014762Dnmt2-dependent methylomes lack biologically relevant DNA methylation patterns [Drosophila melanogaster]
SRP014763NKX2-1 occupancy in human lung adenocarcinoma cell lines
SRP014764Marine metagenome
SRP014765Environmental lake bacterium Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP014766Musa acuminata Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014768Athabasca River sediments Metagenome
SRP014769The effect of oral live-attenuated and wildtype Shigella dysentariae 1 strain 1617 on gastrointestinal microbiota in Cynomolgus macaques
SRP014770Escherichia coli MG1657 Genome sequencing
SRP014771Bacillus subtilis QB928 Genome sequencing
SRP014772Danio rerio strain:*AB Variation
SRP014773GSE21721: Transcriptome profiling analysis of bacterial challenged Lateolabrax japonicus reveals deep insight into the immune-relevant genes in marine fish (RNA-seq)
SRP014774Homo sapiens Variation
SRP014775Morella rubra strain:Biqi Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014776de novo assembly of Camelina sativa transcriptome by pair-end sequencing
SRP014777Cyprinus carpio Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014778Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus 120 Genome sequencing
SRP014779Haliotis kamtschatkana and Ostrea lurida Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014780Single Neuron Sequencing Quantifies L1 Retrotransposition and Somatic Mutation in the Human Brain
SRP014781Single Neuron Sequencing Quantifies L1 Retrotransposition and Somatic Mutation in the Human Brain
SRP014782Belgica antarctica isolate:Palmer_Station_2011 Genome sequencing
SRP014783Analysis of gene expression differences between Apis cerana cerana queens and workers based on DGE method
SRP014784Transcriptome analysis of the honeybee Apis cerana
SRP014785Sporadic autism exomes reveal a highly interconnected protein network of de novo mutations
SRP014787Human Gut Baohong-454-ND-data Metagenome
SRP014788Rainwater Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP014789Rearrangements of the MAST Kinase and Notch Gene Families in Breast Cancer
SRP014790The Small Molecule Genistein Increases Hepcidin Expression in Human Hepatocytes
SRP014791H2AZ extended acidic patch is necessary for formation specialized chromatin states in ESCs [RNA-Seq]
SRP014792Zea mays Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014793H2AZ extended acidic patch is necessary for formation specialized chromatin states in ESCs [ChIP-Seq]
SRP014794Small RNA sequencing from Arabidopsis adult leaves and profiling of Arabidopsis transcripts in response to flg22 peptide
SRP014795Retrograde bilin signaling enables Chlamydomonas greening and phototrophic survival
SRP014796Escherichia coli 99.0816 genome sequencing project
SRP014797Escherichia coli 99.1753 genome sequencing project
SRP014798Escherichia coli 99.1793 genome sequencing project
SRP014799Escherichia coli PA13 genome sequencing project
SRP014800Escherichia coli PA48 genome sequencing project
SRP014801Escherichia coli PA8 genome sequencing project
SRP014802Bromodomain-dependent stage-specific male genome programming by Brdt [ChIP-Seq]
SRP014803Assessing bacterial populations in the lung by replicate analysis of samples from the upper and lower respiratory tracts
SRP014804Escherichia coli 99.0814 genome sequencing project
SRP014805Escherichia coli 99.0815 genome sequencing project
SRP014806Escherichia coli 99.1775 genome sequencing project
SRP014807Escherichia coli PA11 genome sequencing project
SRP014808Escherichia coli PA19 genome sequencing project
SRP014809Persistent androgen receptor-mediated transcription in castration-resistant prostate cancer under androgen-deprived conditions
SRP014810Transcriptome-wide Analysis of Exosome Targets in the Budding Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
SRP014811The genomic foundation of heterotrophy to photoautotrophy transition in Oleaginous Chlorella
SRP014812Escherichia coli 99.0848 genome sequencing project
SRP014813Escherichia coli 99.0839 genome sequencing project
SRP014814Escherichia coli 09BKT078844 Genome sequencing
SRP014815Escherichia coli 99.1805 genome sequencing project
SRP014816Escherichia coli ATCC 700728 genome sequencing project
SRP014817Escherichia coli PA2 genome sequencing project
SRP014818Escherichia coli PA47 genome sequencing project
SRP014819Lung-enriched Organisms and Aberrant Bacterial and Fungal Respiratory Microbiota following Lung Transplant.
SRP014820Short-term time course of the effects of 1a,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 treatment on open chromatin regions in THP-1 monocytic leukemia cells
SRP014821Food samples Metagenome
SRP014822sRNA profiling during Oxytricha conjugation
SRP014823Lake A protist communities
SRP014824Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Adelaide str. A4-669 genome sequencing
SRP014826C. elegans piRNAs are processed from capped-small RNAs transcribed at promoters throughout the genome
SRP014827A transcription factor based mechanism for mouse heterochromatin formation
SRP014828Mnemiopsis leidyi strain:wild caught Genome sequencing
SRP014829Deregulated microRNAs in triple-negative breast cancer revealed by deep sequencing
SRP014830Differential use of Alternative Transcripts in Breast Cancer Subsets
SRP014831Micrarchus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014832Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Baildon str. R6-199 genome sequencing
SRP014833Homo sapiens Genome sequencing
SRP014834Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Alachua str. R6-377 genome sequencing
SRP014835Brassica napus reduced representative library sequencing
SRP014836Carassius auratus x Cyprinus carpio Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014837Carassius auratus red var. Genome sequencing
SRP014838Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Give str. S5-487 genome sequencing
SRP014839High-throughput sequencing of Brf1 (Zfp36l1) and Brf2 (Zfp36l2) targets
SRP014840ChIP-seq analysis of SRT1 and H3K9ac in MH63 and srt1 RNAi.
SRP014841Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Gaminara str. A4-567 genome sequencing
SRP014842Stochastic genome - nuclear lamina contacts are linked to histone H3K9 dimethylation (RNA-seq data)
SRP014843Saccharomyces cerevisiae 3' poly(A) site mapping
SRP014844Histone acetylation regulates intracellular pH
SRP014845Polycomb-dependent H3K27me1 and H3K27me2 characterization in mouse ES cells (E14 and E36 with H3K27me1/2 and H3)
SRP014846Flying lemur, or colugo, of Southeast Asia
SRP014847Control of Somatic Tissue Differentiation by the Long Non-Coding RNA TINCR (HTS)
SRP014848Trichoderma atroviride IMI 206040 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014849Phleum pratense Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014850Populus tremuloides Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014851Termite gut Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP014852Artibeus jamaicensis jamaicensis Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014853Brassica napus Genome Resequencing
SRP014854GATA3 acts upstream of FOXA1 in mediating ER binding by shaping enhancer accessibility
SRP01485516SrIII Phytoplasma Genome Sequencing
SRP014856Synthetic cationic peptide IDR-1018 modulates human macrophage differentiation
SRP014857ALKBH5 is a New Mammalian RNA Demethylase
SRP014858CELF4 wt and knockout transcriptome by localization to hippocampal CA1 cell body or neuropil
SRP014859Pristionchus pacificus hypersusceptibility mutant genome sequencing
SRP014860Leptin Deficient Obese Mice Tag Encoded 16s rRNA gene pyrosequencing
SRP014861Genome Sequencing of Chlorocebus aethiops aethiops
SRP014862Genome sequencing of Chlorocebus aethiops pygerythrus
SRP014863Genome sequencing of Chlorocebus aethiops cynosuros
SRP014864Genome Sequencing of Chlorocebus aethiops sabaeus
SRP014865Genome Sequencing of Chlorocebus aethiops tantalus
SRP014866High resolution mapping of sister chromatid exchanges in single cells using DNA template strand sequencing
SRP014867Cleavage Factor Im as a key regulator of 3’ UTR length
SRP014868Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Inverness str. R8-3668 genome sequencing
SRP014869Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Johannesburg str. S5-703 genome sequencing
SRP014870Genome-wide distribution of 5-formylcytosine in ES cells is associated with transcription and depends on TDG
SRP014871Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Minnesota str. A4-603 genome sequencing
SRP014872Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Mississippi str. A4-633 genome sequencing
SRP014873Piwi negatively regulates Polycomb Group proteins in maintaining germline stem cells and oogenesis
SRP014874Transcriptomes of the Drosophila subspecies
SRP014875HCH-2-contaminated soil Metagenome
SRP014876Pseudomonas fluorescens NCIMB 11764 Genome sequencing
SRP014877Human Colorectal Mucosa Targeted Locus
SRP014878Pristionchus pacificus Genome sequencing
SRP0148795-hmC in the brain: abundance in synaptic genes and differences at the exon-intron boundary (MRE-Seq)
SRP014880Pol II docking and pausing at growth and stress genes in C. elegans
SRP014881Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Rubislaw str. A4-653 genome sequencing
SRP014882Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Senftenberg str. A4-543 genome sequencing
SRP014883Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Uganda str. R8-3404 genome sequencing
SRP014884Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Urbana str. R8-2977 genome sequencing
SRP014885Transcriptome sequencing of Prunus mume for different tissues.
SRP014886Immune response of the Caribbean sea fan, Gorgonia ventalina exposed to an Aplanochytrium parasite as revealed by transcriptome sequencing
SRP014887Nasutitermes corniger hindgut microbiota
SRP014888Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Wandsworth str. A4-580 genome sequencing
SRP014889Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Hvittingfoss str. A4-620 genome sequencing
SRP014890RNA sequencing of circulating tumour cells implicates WNT signaling in pancreatic cancer metastasis (mouse data)
SRP014891Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense siRNA sequencing
SRP014892Global changes in the nuclear positioning of chromatin domains and genomic interactions that orchestrate B cell fate
SRP014893RNA sequencing of circulating tumour cells implicates WNT signaling in pancreatic cancer metastasis (human data)
SRP014895Hammondia hammondi strain:H.H.34 Genome sequencing
SRP014898Human Sperm Epigenomes and Transcriptomes Reveal Novel Features of Enhancers, Sex Chromosomes, piRNAs, Gametogenesis, and Inherited Small RNAs (Bisulfite-Seq)
SRP014899Human Sperm Epigenomes and Transcriptomes Reveal Novel Features of Enhancers, Sex Chromosomes, piRNAs, Gametogenesis, and Inherited Small RNAs (RNA-Seq)
SRP014900Arctic Deep marine sediment Metagenome
SRP014901Therapeutic potential of a novel HSP90 Inhibitor, NXD30001, for Neurofibromatosis type 2
SRP014902Sus scrofa strain:Duroc and wild boar Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014903High-throughput sequencing of mouse liver transcriptome.
SRP014905Human Sperm Epigenomes and Transcriptomes Reveal Novel Features of Enhancers, Sex Chromosomes, piRNAs, Gametogenesis, and Inherited Small RNAs (ChIP-Seq)
SRP014906Whole Genome sequencing of a normal karyotype AML cell line
SRP014907Chlorocebus sabaeus Genome sequencing
SRP014908Transcriptomic profiling of Aspergillus flavus in response to 5-azacytidine & gallic acid
SRP014909Regulatory impact of RNA secondary structure across the Arabidopsis thaliana transcriptome
SRP014910Pan troglodytes Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014911Hepatotropic viruses from human plasma using deep sequencing: a new generation diagnostic tool
SRP014912Transcriptome analysis of autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus
SRP014913RNASeq analysis of Salmonella B cell infection model
SRP014914Anaerobic thermophilic cellulolytic sludge Metagenome
SRP014915Subseafloor Sediments Metagenome
SRP014916Taxus mairei Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014917Prediction of altered 3''- UTR miRNA-binding sites from RNA-Seq data: the Swine Leukocyte Antigen Complex (SLA) as a model region
SRP014918Accessory sex gland and testis Transcriptome or Gene expression from Eriocheir sinensis
SRP014919Study of expression changes and alternative splicing events during RPS4-mediated resistance in Arabidopsis using a temperature-inducible system which mirrors pathogen-infection
SRP014920Gene Expression Changes in a Tumor Xenograft by a Py-Im Polyamide
SRP014921Boreal forest soil Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP014922Bbssk1 dependent gene expression in Beauveria bassiana
SRP014923GSE39524: RNA-seq from ENCODE/UW
SRP014924Listeria monocytogenes FSL J1-208 genome sequencing
SRP014925mRNA profiles following TUT knock-down in HeLa
SRP014926Genome-wide maps of FoxP3 binding in transduced CD4+ T cells
SRP014927Bovine rumen Targeted Locus/Loci
SRP014928Sewage Viruses Metagenome
SRP014929Bartonella quintana RM-11 strain:RM_11 Genome sequencing
SRP014956Transcriptome analysis of miR167 transgenic lines in the background of LA1589
SRP014960Jamaican fruit-eating bat transcriptome
SRP014967Functional analysis of Arabidopsis ARGONAUTE1 using a slicer-defective mutant: Small RNA immunoprecipitation
SRP014968The p23 molecular chaperone and GCN5 acetylase jointly modulate protein-DNA dynamics and open chromatin status.
SRP014970Functional analysis of Arabidopsis ARGONAUTE1 using a slicer-defective mutant: Transcript immunoprecipitation
SRP014971RUNX1 reshapes the epigenetic landscape at the onset of hematopoiesis
SRP014972High-fat or ethinyl-estradiol intake during pregnancy increases mammary cancer risk in several generations of offspring
SRP014974Humulus lupulus strain:Merkur and Tettnanger Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP014975Dendroctonus ponderosae Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP014997Homo sapiens Genome sequencing
SRP014998Real time evolution of new genes by innovation, amplification and divergence
SRP014999The cistrome of NKX3.1 in LNCaP prostate cancer cells
SRP015000Microbial communities during crude oil degradation Targeted Locus/Loci
SRP015001Sinopodophyllum hexandrum Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015002RNA-Seq of control and ELL2-depleted MPC11 plasmacytoma cell lines
SRP015003Papillary Type 2B RCC - RNA SEQ
SRP015004Amitermes wheeleri hindgut microbiota
SRP015005The unfolded protein response in fission yeast modulates stability of select mRNAs to maintain protein homeostasis
SRP015006Homo sapiens Exome
SRP015007Sand Thermal Spring Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP015008Genome-wide and single-base resolution DNA methylomes of the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas provide insight into the evolution of invertebrate CpG methylation
SRP015009Human sub-gingival plaque bacterial microbiome Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP015010Erodium chrysanthum Genome sequencing
SRP015011Pinus tabuliformis Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015012Gallus gallus Oviduct Transcriptome
SRP015013A model system for assessing the ability of tag sequencing to detect genes specific for malignant B-cells
SRP015014Global endometrial transcriptomic profiling: transient immune activation precedes tissue proliferation and repair in healthy beef cows
SRP015015Listeria monocytogenes FSL F2-208 genome sequencing project
SRP015016Panicum virgatum Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015017Investigating putative RPS4-chromatin associations during Arabidopsis plant disease resistance, using a temperature-inducible system which resembles pathogen-infection
SRP015113Mechanistic and structural insight into the functional dichotomy between interleukin-2 and interleukin-15
SRP015114Global spatial organization of ? proteobacterial nucleoids is determined by specific long-range interactions.
SRP015115Boehmeria nivea Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015116Soil microbial diversity of 61 samples Metagenome
SRP015117Soil microbial diversity of 106 samples Metagenome
SRP015118Genomic analysis of the combined effects of H-NS and co-regulators on E. coli gene expression
SRP015119Metagenomic sequencing of DNA viruses in cystic fibrosis sputum
SRP015120Bacterial community diversity of Rattlesnake spring ourflow channel
SRP015121Agrilus planipennis Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015122Identification of a specific reprogramming-associated epigenetic signature in human induced pluripotent stem cells
SRP015123Genome wide maps of E2F7 binding in IMR90 cells
SRP015125Transcriptome Analysis of Cytokinin Response in Tomato Leaves
SRP015126Bacillus subtilis SigA ChIP-chip
SRP015127Distinct distal gut microbiome diversity and composition in healthy children from Bangladesh and the United States - 16S rDNA Targeted Locus
SRP015128Corylus heterophylla Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015129Saccharomyces pastorianus CCY48 - 91 Genome sequencing
SRP015130Transcription profiling of Arabidopsis plants overexpressing SlHsfA3
SRP015131Mus musculus TCR beta repertoire
SRP015132GSE30709: Genome-Wide Analysis of Host-Chromosome Binding Sites for Epstein-Barr Virus Nuclear Antigen 1 (EBNA1)
SRP015133Robust 4C-seq data analysis to screen for regulatory DNA interactions
SRP015134Integrated transcriptomic and epigenomic analysis of primary human lung cell differentiation (ChIP-Seq)
SRP015135The Mediator MED23 plays opposing roles in directing smooth muscle cell and adipocyte differentiation
SRP015136GSE39509: Lineage analysis of basal epithelial cells reveals their unexpected plasticity and supports a cell of origin model for prostate cancer heterogeneity
SRP015137Small non-coding RNA expression in mouse elongated spermatids
SRP015138Hydroxymethylation at gene regulatory regions directs stem cell commitment during erythropoiesis
SRP015139Human Diffuse Type Gastric Cancer Genome Sequencing
SRP015140Soil microbial diversity of 106 samples Metagenome
SRP015141Durinskia baltica strain:GS 38 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015203Genome-wide maps of Foxa2 binding sites in mouse embryonic stem cell-derived definitive endoderm cells
SRP015234Trichophyton rubrum transcriptome in response to acriflavine
SRP015235Exome sequencing of (MSL) Mende in Sierra Leone HapMap population
SRP015236Whole genome sequencing of (MSL) Mende in Sierra Leone HapMap population
SRP015237Exome sequencing of (ESN) Esan in Nigeria HapMap population
SRP015238Whole genome sequencing of (ESN) Esan in Nigeria HapMap population
SRP015239Exome sequencing of (BEB) Bengali in Bangladesh HapMap population
SRP015240Whole genome sequencing of (BEB) Bengali in Bangladesh HapMap population
SRP015241Exome sequencing of (STU) Sri Lankan Tamil in the UK HapMap population
SRP015242Whole genome sequencing of (STU) Sri Lankan Tamil in the UK HapMap population
SRP015243Exome sequencing of (ITU) Indian Telugu in the UK HapMap population
SRP015244Whole genome sequencing of (ITU) Indian Telugu in the UK HapMap population
SRP01524596 mRRBS libraries: Gel-free multiplexed reduced representation bisulfite sequencing for large-scale DNA
SRP015246Bacterial diversity in agricultural soils
SRP015251Genome-wide maps of NME2 in A549 lung adenocarcinoma cells.
SRP015253Soil aquifer treatment site soil samples and simulated conditions Metagenome
SRP015254Next Generation Sequencing Facilitates Quantitative Analysis of Cyp26b1-/-skin and En1cre;Cyp26b1f/- epidermal and dermal Transcriptomes
SRP015258Macrosiphum euphorbiae strain:Tomato Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015260Homo sapiens Exome
SRP015261High-throughput sequencing of HMW RNAs (4-10 kb) from Drosophila Dnmt2 mutants during heat shock recovery
SRP015263Panax ginseng root, stem, leaf and flower transcriptome project
SRP015264Schizosaccharomyces pombe Genome sequencing
SRP015265Miscanthus lutarioriparius Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015266Larix gmelinii var. olgensis x Larix kaempferi Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015267Brassica rapa subsp. chinensis strain:Wu Genome sequencing
SRP015268Human Hep G2 cell line transcriptome
SRP015270Evolution of the eye transcriptome under constant darkness in Sinocyclocheilus cavefish
SRP015271Soil eukaryotic Transcriptome
SRP015313Hrp3 controls nucleosome positioning to suppress non-coding transcription in eu- and heterochromatin [MNase-Seq]
SRP015314Permafrost soil along CRCOP Metagenome
SRP015315Transgenerational profiling of small non-coding RNAs in C.elegans RSD mutants
SRP015316Large-Scale Identification of Coregulated Enhancer Networks in the Adult Human Brain
SRP015317cis-Regulatory Requirements for Tissue-Specific Programs of the Circadian Clock
SRP015319CF50 DNA Sequencing - Multispecies Mixed Culture
SRP015320Dehalobacter sp. CF strain:CF Genome sequencing
SRP015324Maternal slimming reprograms metabolic gene expression in mice offspring (mRNA-Seq)
SRP015325Hot springs Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP015326Oryza sativa Genome sequencing
SRP015327Transcription profiling of Arabidopsis plants overexpressing SsCBF1
SRP015328Transcription and enhancer profiling in human monocyte subsets
SRP015329Reprogramming of DNA methylation in pollen guides epigenetic inheritance via small RNA.
SRP015330Spodoptera littoralis Gut Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP015331Cold induced RNA-binding proteins influence alternative polyadenylation
SRP015332Multiple insert size paired-end sequencing for deconvolution of complex transcriptomes
SRP015333Genome-wide mapping of Olig2 targets in primary oligodendrocytes
SRP015334Identifying reference genes with stable expression from high throughput sequence data
SRP015335Scylla paramamosain Random survey
SRP015336Unprecedented alternative splicing and 3 Mb of novel transcribed sequence leads to significant transcript diversity in the transcriptome of the human retina
SRP015337Metabolic regulation of 'Ca. Methylacidiphilum fumariolicum' SolV cells grown under different nitrogen and oxygen limitations
SRP015338GSE40522: ENCODE PSU Hardison RnaSeq
SRP015339Zea mays Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015340Genome-wide profiling of Argonaute-chromosome interactions [ChIP-Seq]
SRP015342Genome-wide DNA hydroxymethylation changes are associated with neurodevelopmental genes in the developing human brain
SRP015343Histone Demethylase Lsd1 is Required to Repress Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cell Signatures During Blood Cell Maturation
SRP015344Phaseolus vulgaris strain:BAT93 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015345Combined effect of Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM and cellobiose on composition of human gut microbiota and production of short-chain and branched-chain fatty acids: A randomized double-blinded cross-over trial
SRP015346Oral microbiome
SRP015347Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense race 1 Genome sequencing
SRP015348high-throughput sequencing and analysis of transcriptome of viral-infected Litopenaeus vannamei
SRP015349Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense race 4 Genome sequencing
SRP015350Activated Sludge (Acetate Acclimated) Targeted Locus
SRP015351Microbial Communities in the Respiratory Tract of Patients with Immune Suppression and Interstitial Lung Diseases: Are they disordered
SRP015352Robust 4C-seq data analysis to screen for regulatory DNA interactions
SRP015353A Fundamental Protein Property, Thermodynamic Stability, Revealed Solely From Large-Scale Measurements of Protein Function
SRP015354Lactuca sativa cultivar:Salinas Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP015356Amorphophallus konjac Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015357Amorphophallus bulbifer Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015358Histomonas meleagridis strain:Buford Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015359RACK1 function in the miRNA pathway
SRP015360RNAseq analysis of the human neutrophil transcriptome, with and without in vitro cytokine stimulation
SRP015361Genome-wide analysis of BRCA1 and PALB2 [ChIP-seq and RNA-seq]
SRP015362Sorghum bicolor Liang Tang Ai Project
SRP015363Maternally deposited germline piRNAs silence the tirant retrotransposon in somatic cells
SRP015367Transgenerational changes in small RNA profiles of C.elegans mutants lacking PRG-1
SRP015368Midas cichlids lip gene expression
SRP015369POLIISER5 and POLIISER2 ChIP-Seq in mutant RNAi LID Drosophila Melanogaster
SRP015370Evolution of mammalian miRNA genes
SRP015377Leptospira noguchii str. Cascata Genome sequencing
SRP015381Leptospira interrogans str. Kito Genome sequencing
SRP015382Leptospira noguchii str. Hook Genome sequencing
SRP015395Pseudomonas sp. P17 Genome sequencing
SRP015396Bacteria community in the southern East China Sea
SRP015397Panicum hallii EPS-1c Project
SRP015398Soil microbial diversity of 42 samples Metagenome
SRP015399Study on bacterial diversity and functionality in the Adriatic Sea
SRP015400Panicum hallii LAR-1a Project
SRP015401cymbidium sinense Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015403Panicum hallii COR-18 Project
SRP015404Panicum hallii PIN-1 Project
SRP015406Panicum hallii POI3-8 Project
SRP015407Microbial mat Metagenome
SRP015408Genome Sequencing and Comparative Transcriptomics of Race1 and Race4 of Banana pathogen: Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. Cubense
SRP015409iMir: An integrated pipeline for high-throughput miRNA-Seq data analysis
SRP015410Fucus vesiculosus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015411Kingella kingae KKC2005004457 Genome sequencing
SRP015412Global spatial organization of ? proteobacterial nucleoids is determined by specific long-range interactions (E. coli)
SRP015413Drosophila melanogaster Epigenomics
SRP015415Differential transcript isoform usage pre- and post-zygotic genome activation in zebrafish
SRP015417Localization of the Rb tumor suppressor in MEFs during reprogramming to iPS and the consequence of Rb loss on the transcriptional profile and histone landscape in these cells
SRP015419Genome-wide analysis of the Integrator complex (HTS)
SRP015421Allele-Preferred Targeted Correction of CFTR Gene in Cystic Fibrosis Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
SRP015422Spartina petinata IL-102-2-6-1 Project
SRP015423Old Rifle Site metagenome
SRP015424Mimulus guttatus NonTol1_HomozygousPool Project
SRP015426Marine Samples Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP015427Drosophila mauritiana strain:MS17 Genome sequencing
SRP015428Ruditapes decussatus RNA-Seq
SRP015431Miscanthus sinensis Roland Project
SRP015432The Genomic Binding Profile of GAGA Element Associated Factor (GAF) in Drosophila S2 cells
SRP015433Oryza sativa strain:CL 161, CL 151 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015434Diaporthe longicolla Genome sequencing
SRP015435Divergent roles of ALS-linked proteins FUS/TLS and TDP-43 intersect in processing long pre-mRNAs (CLIP-Seq)
SRP015436CMOP 2009-2010 16S amplicon pyrosequencing
SRP015437Divergent roles of ALS-linked proteins FUS/TLS and TDP-43 intersect in processing long pre-mRNAs (RNA-Seq)
SRP015438Panicum hallii KNT14-5 Project
SRP015439Efficient direct reprogramming of c-Kit- mature amniotic cells into endothelial cells by ETS factors and TGFß suppression
SRP015440Novel Foxo1-dependent Transcriptional Programs Control Treg Cell Function [ChIP-Seq]
SRP015441An Australian Klebsiella pneumoniae isolate bearing the KPC2 carbapenemase
SRP015442Pampa ondulada Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP015443Targeted Correction of CFTR Gene in Cystic Fibrosis iPS Exome Seq
SRP015444Megachile rotundata Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015446Panicum hallii MCR19 Project
SRP015447Panicum hallii UVL1-3 Project
SRP015448Panicum hallii CNF2 Project
SRP015449Integrative Analyses of Gene Expression and DNA Methylation Profiles in a Breast Cancer Cell Line Model of Tamoxifen-Resistance Indicate a Crucial Role of Cells with Stem-like Properties
SRP015450Identification of transcription factor binding sites from ChIP-seq data at high-resolution
SRP015451Pecan rhizosphere Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP015452Gata2 is a master regulator of endometrial function and progesterone signaling [ChIP-Seq]
SRP015453Laguna Brava Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP015454An atlas of in vivo transcribed enhancers in human primary cells
SRP015455An allele-aware approach identifies altered nuclear associations of the contracted D4Z4 array at the FSHD locus
SRP015456Cryptococcus Multiisolate Transcriptome or Gene expression (NHGRI)
SRP015458STATs Shape the Active Enhancer Landscape of T Cell Populations
SRP015460CTCF binding patterns in mouse trophoblast stem cells
SRP015461Miscanthus sinensis Rigoletto Project
SRP015462Miscanthus floridulus PI295762 Project
SRP015463Miscanthus sinensis Super Stripe Project
SRP015464Miscanthus sinensis Strictus Project
SRP015465Miscanthus sinensis Gold Bar Project
SRP015466Miscanthus sinensis Little Zebra Project
SRP015468Miscanthus sinensis Little Nickey Project
SRP015469Saeu-jeot Microbial community
SRP015470Transcription reguraltion of mouse heart development
SRP015471Miscanthus sinensis Dixieland Project
SRP015472Miscanthus sinensis Morning Light Project
SRP015473Endoparasitic wasps L. boulardi and L. heterotoma Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015474Miscanthus sinensis var. condensatus Caberet Project
SRP015475Miscanthus sinensis IGR-2011-004 Project
SRP015476Miscanthus sinensis Sarabande Project
SRP015477Miscanthus sinensis Blondo Project
SRP015478TB sputum Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP015479Miscanthus sacchariflorus Golf Course Project
SRP015480Miscanthus sinensis IGR-2011-003 Project
SRP015481Genome-wide regulatory analysis reveals T-bet controls Th17 lineage differentiation through direct suppression of IRF4
SRP015482Mus musculus strain:C57/Bl6 Variation
SRP015483Panicum hallii FIL2 X HAL2 (F1) Project
SRP015484Genetic and transcriptome analyses of early T-cell checkpoint failure and leukemia initiation in Rag1-deficient NOD mice
SRP015486Miscanthus sinensis November Sunset Project
SRP015487Macrobrachium rosenbergii Developmental Transcriptome
SRP015508Miscanthus sinensis EF456 var Purpurascens Project
SRP015516Sorghum bicolor Tx378 Project
SRP015586Miscanthus sinensis SF54 var Zebrinus Project
SRP015622Panicum hallii DOF11 Project
SRP015626Foxp3 exploits a preexistent enhancer landscape for regulatory T cell lineage specification [ChIP-Seq]
SRP015627Miscanthus sinensis SF16 var Goliath Project
SRP015628P6 Mouse Sertoli Cell Small RNA seq
SRP015629Beta arrestin1 associated genomic regions in nicotine induced Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma (NSCLC) cell line A549
SRP015630Miscanthus sinensis SF2 var Silbertum Project
SRP015631Sorghum bicolor SC155 Project
SRP015632Sorghum bicolor SC265 Project
SRP015633Draft genome sequence by Washington University
SRP015634Sorghum bicolor SC971 Project
SRP015635Autotrophic microbial electrosynthesis Targeted Locus
SRP015636Sorghum bicolor Ajabsido Project
SRP015637Sorghum bicolor IS3620c Project
SRP015638Belgica antarctica Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015639Sorghum bicolor Tx631 Project
SRP015640Comprehensive comparative analysis of RNA sequencing methods for degraded or low input samples
SRP015641Sorghum bicolor SC1103 Project
SRP015642Sorghum bicolor SC35 Project
SRP015643Eucalyptus grandis strain:S1G Genome sequencing
SRP015644Oncorhynchus mykiss Genome sequencing
SRP015645Eucalyptus grandis strain:S1F Genome sequencing
SRP015646Hypoxylon sp. EC38 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015647Eucalyptus grandis strain:S1E Genome sequencing
SRP015652Waste activated sludge Metagenome
SRP015654Sorghum bicolor BTx631 Project
SRP015655Sorghum bicolor Tx642 Project
SRP015656Mimulus guttatus pool 4 population Project
SRP015657Mimulus guttatus pool 3 population Project
SRP015658Bombina maxima Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015659Aquilegia coerulea Goldsmith x chrysantha F1 hybrid Project
SRP015660nifH amplicons from marine bacteria
SRP015661Clostridium sp. BNL1100 Genome sequencing
SRP015662Mimulus guttatus IM62+DUN hybrid 2 Project
SRP015663Mimulus guttatus DUN Project
SRP015665Hungateiclostridium alkalicellulosi strain:DSM 17461 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP015666Burkholderia cepacia ATCC 25416 genome sequencing project
SRP015668aSyn polyA-RNAseq in PD and unaffected cortical brain samples
SRP015669Genome-wide targets of conserved histone chaperone Asf1 in budding yeast
SRP015670Identification of genes critical for resistance to infection by West Nile virus using RNA-Seq analysis
SRP015671Homo sapiens Genome Restricted Sequencing
SRP015672Citrus aurantiifolia Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015673Rumex acetosa Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015674Genome wide binding sites of BAP1, HCF1 and OGT
SRP015675Genome-Wide Progesterone Receptor Binding: Cell Type-Specific and Shared Mechanisms in Uterine Fibroids and Breast Cancer (ChIP-Seq)
SRP015676ChIPseq analysis of IRF4 and BATF in immune cells
SRP015677Regulation of Oxidative Stress Responses by the Arabidopsis Heat Shock Factor A4A
SRP015678Genome wide co-localization of Polycomb orthologs and their effects on gene expression in human fibroblasts
SRP015679S1 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015680Transcriptomic analyses of Myc-induced zebrafish liver cancer
SRP015681Quantitative, genome-wide analysis of eukaryotic replication initiation and termination
SRP015682Poecilia formosa strain:female Genome sequencing
SRP015683Histone Methylation Regulates Nephron Progenitor Cell Fate in Mice
SRP015684Chinook RAD Linkage Map
SRP015685Bos taurus Genome sequencing
SRP015686Astyanax mexicanus isolate:Rio Sabinas/Rio Valles surface cross Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP015687Treponema sp. SAG7 Project
SRP015688C. elegans linker cell transcriptome
SRP015689A user-friendly chromatographic method to purify small regulatory RNAs
SRP015690Physeter macrocephalus Genome Sequencing
SRP015691uncultured bacterium Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP015692Chaenocephalus aceratus Genome sequencing
SRP015693Haloferax volcanii Nucleosome map
SRP015694Bos taurus strain:Angus, Nellore Genome sequencing
SRP015695Genome-wide mapping of FOXM1 binding reveals co-binding with oestrogen receptor alpha in breast cancer cells (ChIP-seq)
SRP015696Acidovorax sp. BoFeN1 Genome sequencing
SRP015697Aedes aegypti Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015698MHE-associated gut microbiota Targeted Locus
SRP015699Investigation of antigenic variation in Neisseria species using high throughput sequencing
SRP015700Penaeus monodon Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015701Sporobolus maritimus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015702Sporobolus alterniflorus strain:Population from Landerneau (Finistere, France) Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP0157035'-Serial Analysis of Gene Expression of the transcriptomes of Coprinopsis cinerea during fruiting body initiation
SRP015704Genome-wide mapping of nucleosome positioning and DNA methylation within Individual DNA molecules
SRP015705A survey of intra-isolate genome variation in Glomus
SRP015706Transcription factor Msn2 dependent gene expression in two entomopathogen fungi, Beauveria bassiana and Metarhizium robertsii under thermal and oxidaitve stresses
SRP015707Ovis aries Genome sequencing
SRP015708Pusillimonas noertemannii BS8 Genome sequencing
SRP015709Drosophila mauritiana Pool-Seq
SRP015710Molecular Analysis of Skin Bacterial Assemblages from Dry-Salted Codfish and Pollock
SRP015711CLIP-seq of eIF4AIII reveals transcriptome-wide mapping of the human exon junction complex
SRP015712Pooled whole transcriptome sequencing of human glioma
SRP015713Pooled small RNA sequencing of human glioma
SRP015714Acquisition of nystatin resistance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
SRP015715Revisiting Global Gene Expression Analysis (RNA-Seq)
SRP015716Homo sapiens Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015717Chromolaena odorata Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015718Caragana intermedia intermedia Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015719Camelina sativa strain:Celine Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015720Tissue-specific regulation of chromatin insulator function
SRP015721Effect of HIV-microbicide applications on the vaginal microbiota
SRP015722NHLBI GO-ESP: Family Studies (Idiopathic Bronchiectasis)
SRP015723Genome-wide comparison of DNA hydroxymethylation in mouse embryonic stem cells and neural progenitor cells by relative quantitative hMeDIP-seq
SRP015724macroH2A histone variants act as a barrier upon reprogramming towards pluripotency
SRP015725Differences in miRNA Detection Levels are Technology and Sequence Dependent [NGS]
SRP015726Non-coding transcription within the Igh distal VH region at PAIR elements affects the 3D structure of the Igh locus in pro-B cells
SRP015727RNA-Seq profiling unveils a non-canonical Wnt signalling signature in pancreas versus liver fate decision
SRP015728High Arctic active layer and permafrost Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP015729Abundance and activity of bacterioplankton in open ocean surface waters
SRP015730Endosymbionts of Ridgeia piscesae Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP015731Northern Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia can Alter Sediment Communities of Nitrifying Archaea
SRP015732Arabidopsis thaliana Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015733EWS function in Ewing sarcoma
SRP015734Transcriptome variation in annual sunflowers Helianthus annuus, H. petiolaris, and first-generation hybrids
SRP015735Mixed root associated fungi Metagenome
SRP015736Homo sapiens Random survey
SRP015737Brassica oleracea genome sequencing
SRP015738Solea solea Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015739Synchronization of flowering transition by the tomato TERMINATING FLOWER gene
SRP015740GSE40848: DNaseI Hypersensitivity by Digital DNaseI from ENCODE/PSU
SRP015741Transcriptome-wide analyses of CstF64-RNA interactions in global regulation of mRNA alternative polyadenylation
SRP015742GSE40832: Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing by ENCODE/HAIB
SRP015743KDM2B binds CpG islands and modulates recruitment of Ring1b
SRP015744High-resolution transcriptome and genome-wide dynamics of RNA polymerase and NusA in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (ChIP-seq)
SRP015745Enterobacter cloacae Phenotype or Genotype
SRP015746High-resolution transcriptome and genome-wide dynamics of RNA polymerase and NusA in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (RNA-seq)
SRP015747Investigating the sRNA and mRNA transcriptional response to antibiotics in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus using Illumina RNAseq
SRP015749Global mapping of estrogen receptor and histone modifications in breast tumor samples uncovers distinct patterns for aromatase inhibitor resistance
SRP015750Caenorhabditis elegans strain:N2-derived Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015751A Fundamental Protein Property, Thermodynamic Stability, Revealed Solely From Large-Scale Measurements of Protein Function
SRP015752Water Metagenome
SRP015753Cleome hassleriana Genome sequencing
SRP015754Murine Gut Microbiome Microbial Communities
SRP015755Antarctic Soil Hypolithic Samples Metagenome
SRP015756Solanum lycopersicum strain:Ailsa Craig Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015757Plasmodium vivax Genome Sequencing - Field Isolates
SRP015758Genome-wide quantitative enhancer activity maps identified by STARR-seq
SRP015759Ovis aries breed:Texel Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP015760Transcription profile analysis of S. cerevisiae ZTW1 wild-type and mutant strains
SRP015761Detecting and characterizing fusions and tandem duplications in acute myeloid leukemia transcriptome assemblies using Barnacle.
SRP015762Metagenomic analysis of microbial communities in hydrocarbon resource environments
SRP015763Genome-wide maps of H3K27me3 in WT (wild type) and Epi-df (mutant) rice
SRP015764Characteristics of Cross-Hybridization and Cross-Alignment in Pseudo-Xenograft samples by RNA-Seq and Microarrays [RNA-Seq]
SRP015765Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015766Hordeum vulgare Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015767Small RNA sequencing in human kidney allograft
SRP015768Bacillus altitudinis strain:BA06 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP015769Homo sapiens Exome
SRP015770Francisella noatunensis subsp. noatunensis FSC775 Genome sequencing
SRP015771Population and sex differences in Drosophila melanogaster brain gene expression
SRP015772Marine sediment metagenome Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015773A validated regulatory network for Th17 cell specification
SRP015774Comparative Sequence Analysis Of H. Pylori Isolates From Subjects With Distinct Gastric Pathologies
SRP015775Comparative Sequence Analysis Of H. Pylori Isolates From Subjects With Distinct Gastric Pathologies
SRP015776Helicobacter pylori Hp H-1 Genome sequencing project
SRP015777Helicobacter pylori CPY6291 Genome sequencing project
SRP015778Helicobacter pylori CPY1662 Genome sequencing project
SRP015779Dysfunction of the Intestinal Microbiome in Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Treatment
SRP015780Aiptasia pallida Transcriptome
SRP015781Impact of STAT5 dosage and binding location on genetic and biological programs activated in mouse mammary epithelium during pregnancy.
SRP015782Calanus sinicus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015783Micrococcus luteus str. modasa Genome sequencing
SRP015784Transcriptome analysis of M.tuberculosis using RNA-seq indicates WhiB6 repression of dormancy associated genes
SRP015785The Oscillating miRNA 959-964 cluster impacts Drosophila feeding time and other circadian outputs [miRNA-seq].
SRP015786The Neuregulin 1-HER axis as a key mediator of hyperglycemic memory effects in breast cancer
SRP015787Zea mays Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015788Human gut microbiota composition and diversity (IMPACT subset)
SRP015789Allele-specific Methylation of Human Placental Tissue
SRP015790Homo sapiens Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP015791Brinker regulates wing disc growth in part via repression of Myc expression
SRP015792Identification of Cbt target genes in Drosophila wing imaginal discs
SRP015793Marinifilum flexuosum strain:CECT 7448 Genome sequencing
SRP015794Marinifilum fragile CECT 7942 Genome sequencing
SRP015795Genome-wide nucleosome positioning during embryonic stem cell development [MNase-Seq]
SRP015796Genome-wide nucleosome positioning during embryonic stem cell development [RNA-Seq]
SRP015797Genome-wide nucleosome positioning during embryonic stem cell development [ChIP-Seq]
SRP015798Zea mays subsp. mays Genome sequencing
SRP015799BCL11B function in Ewing sarcoma
SRP015800Bradyrhizobium japonicum USDA 6 Genome sequencing
SRP015801Molecular profiling of activated neurons by phosphorylated ribosome capture [RNA-Seq]
SRP015802Patiria miniata testis and ovary transcriptome sequencing
SRP015803Apis mellifera Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015804ChIP-seq analysis of H3K27me3 histone modification in EZH2 mutant and wild type DLBCL cell lines
SRP015805Genome-wide measurement of Nkx-6.1 in mouse islets.
SRP015806Allium cepa DH 5225 Transcriptome Sequencing
SRP015807GSE40944: Identification of Transcription Factor EOR-1::POL-2 Binding Regions in L3
SRP015808GSE40945: Identification of Transcription Factor EGL-5::POL-2 Binding Regions in L3
SRP015809Allium cepa OH-1 Transcriptome Sequencing
SRP015810Statistical Modeling of Enzyme Kinetics for Base Modification Detection
SRP015811A long noncoding RNA mediates both activation and repression of immune response genes.
SRP015812Non-coding transcription within the Igh distal VH region at PAIR elements affects the 3D structure of the Igh locus in pro-B cells
SRP015813GSE40869: DNaseI Digital Genomic Footprinting from ENCODE/University of Washington [Mouse]
SRP015815Steroid-induced changes in gene expression of airway smooth muscle in patients with asthma
SRP015816Transcriptome analysis of Dunaliella viridis in response to changes in light duration and temperature
SRP015817SIRT3 functions in the nucleus in the control of stress-related gene expression.
SRP015818Sequencing of small RNA libraries prepared from Invertebrate Iridescent Virus 6 (IIV6)-infected S2 cells or adult flies.
SRP015819Divergent transcription of lncRNA/mRNA gene pairs in embryonic stem cells
SRP015820Genome-wide identification of MBD2 and MBD3 binding sites by ChIP-seq
SRP015821Somatic L1 Retrotransposition of Colorectal Tumors
SRP015822Takifugu rubripes Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015823Takifugu flavidus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP01582416S rRNA gene and transcript based analysis of different methods to extract DNA and RNA from soil
SRP015825CpG underrepresentation and the new bacterial CpG specific DNA methyltransferase M.MpeI
SRP015826Orcinus orca Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP015827Glossina palpalis gambiensis Genome sequencing
SRP015828Eco-pathogenomics of chlamydial infection: The role of the vaginal microbiota
SRP015829Humulus lupulus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015830Glycine max Variation
SRP015831Feces Metagenome Targeted Locus
SRP015832Feces Metagenome Targeted Locus
SRP015835Epigenetic polymorphism and the stochastic formation of differentially methylated regions in normal and cancerous tissues (ChIP-Seq and MeDIP-Seq)
SRP015836Changes in small RNAs upon Viral infection of C.elegans
SRP015837Cytosine methylation and hydroxymethylation mark DNA for elimination in Oxytricha trifallax.
SRP015838Methylation Changes in Soybean Mid-Maturation Seed Parts
SRP015839The APSES Transcription factor Efg1 regulates a novel phenotype switch in Candida parapsilosis [ChIP-seq].
SRP015840The APSES Transcription factor Efg1 regulates a novel phenotype switch in Candida parapsilosis [RNA-seq].
SRP015841Whole genome assembly of Pacific Walrus using multiple sequencing platform
SRP015842Glossina fuscipes fuscipes Genome sequencing
SRP015844Midgut microbiota of Dysdercus fasciatus
SRP015845Next Generation Sequencing Facilitates Quantitative Analysis of Argonaute 2 (Ago2)-immunoprecipitation (IP) after miR-195 or miR-497 overexpression in HepG2
SRP015846High-throughput sequencing of mouse liver transcriptome in Clock mutant animals
SRP015847Anode biofilm in microbial fuel cells Metagenome
SRP015848Acid sulfate soil Metagenome
SRP015849Takifugu rubripes x Takifugu flavidus strain:Jiyan-1 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015850Agrotis ipsilon pheromone gland transcriptome sequencing
SRP015851Mouse CD4+/CD8+ thymocytes from miR-181a1/b1 KO vs WT
SRP015852Transcriptome sequencing of Cleome hassleriana for different tissues
SRP015853Integrated detection of both 5-mC and 5-hmC by high-throughput tag sequencing technology highlights methylation reprogramming of bivalent genes during cellular differentiation [DGE]
SRP015854Integrated detection of both 5-mC and 5-hmC by high-throughput tag sequencing technology highlights methylation reprogramming of bivalent genes during cellular differentiation [HMST-Seq]
SRP015855Integrated detection of both 5-mC and 5-hmC by high-throughput tag sequencing technology highlights methylation reprogramming of bivalent genes during cellular differentiation [MeDIP_hMeDIP]
SRP015856Zinc deficiency impacts CO2 assimilation and disrupts copper homeostasis in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
SRP015857QTL analysis of high thermotolerance with superior and downgraded parental yeast strains reveals new minor QTLs and converges on novel causative alleles involved in RNA processing
SRP015858Latimeria menadoensis Transcriptome
SRP015859Capra hircus strain:814164 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015860Genome-wide TNFa-induced p65 binding before and after telomerase inhibition in HeLa cells
SRP015861Escherichia coli 99.1762 genome sequencing project
SRP015862Escherichia coli 99.1781 genome sequencing project
SRP015863Escherichia coli 99.0670 genome sequencing project
SRP015864Escherichia coli 3.4880 Genome sequencing
SRP015865Escherichia coli 7.1982 genome sequencing project
SRP015866Escherichia coli 95.0083 genome sequencing project
SRP015867Escherichia coli PA35 genome sequencing project
SRP015868Homo sapiens strain:MCF-7 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015869RNA-Seq Analysis of P. coccineus interspecific interactions
SRP015870Brain transcriptomics of honey bee parasitized by Varroa destructor or Nosema ceranae
SRP015871Homo sapiens Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP015872cMyc and Max ChIP-seq analysis in small cell lung carcinoma cells
SRP015873Transcriptional state during endodermal differentiation
SRP015875Sisymbrium austriacum Variation
SRP015876Genome Wide Profiling of p53 Response to Differentiation or DNA Damage of Human Embryonic Stem Cells
SRP015877Soil in greenhouse China Metagenome
SRP015878Gluten induces massive changes of mice gut microbiota composition that correlate with vaccine efficiency
SRP015879Stress-associated H3K4 methylation accumulates during postnatal development and aging of Rhesus macaque brain
SRP015880Gonadal DNA methylomes of half-smooth tongue sole Cynoglossus semilaevis
SRP015881Genome-wide profiling of miRNAs and their target genes during somatic embryogenesis in cotton by small RNA and degradome sequencing
SRP015882Human pulmonary secretions and tissue Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP015883Populus trichocarpa Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP015884Saccharomyces cerevisiae YPS2073, YPS2079 Saccharomyces paradoxus YPS3395, YPS3434 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015885Profiling microRNA expression in bovine alveolar macrophages using RNA-seq
SRP015886Cryptococcus Multiisolate Genome sequencing
SRP015887Nucleosome remodeling by the SWI/SNF complex in non-coding RNA-mediated transcriptional gene silencing (ChIP-seq)
SRP015888The Cellular EJC Interactome Reveals Higher-Order mRNP Structure and an EJC-SR Protein Nexus
SRP015889Erodium moschatum Genome sequencing
SRP015890Erodium texanum Genome sequencing
SRP015891Francoa sonchifolia Genome sequencing
SRP015892Geranium maderense Genome sequencing
SRP015893Hypseocharis bilobata Genome sequencing
SRP015894Melianthus villosus Genome sequencing
SRP015895Monsonia emarginata Genome sequencing
SRP015896Pelargonium citronellum Genome sequencing
SRP015897Pelargonium cotyledonis Genome sequencing
SRP015898Pelargonium x hortorum strain:Ringo White Genome sequencing
SRP015899Saprolegnia diclina VS20 Genome sequencing
SRP015900Ipomoea purpurea Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015901Mycoplasma feriruminatoris sp. nov. Genome sequencing
SRP015902Principles of nucleation of H3K27 methylation during embryonic development
SRP015903Trichoderma harzianum IOC 3844 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015904A dynamic H3K27ac signature defines VEGF-regulated endothelial enhancers
SRP015905Candidatus Microthrix parvicella Bio17-1 Genome Sequencing
SRP015906The histone demethylase Jarid1b ensures faithful mouse development by protecting developmental genes from aberrant H3K4me3 [ChIP-Seq]
SRP015907Mus Musculus miRNA Sequencing
SRP015908Lonicera japonica Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015909mRNA profiles of WTAP siRNA-treated HUVECs
SRP015910OsJMJ703, a Histone H3K4 Demethylase, Controls Transposon Activity in Rice
SRP015911Genome-wide analysis of FNR and s70 in E. coli under aerobic and anaerobic growth conditions.
SRP015912Transcriptome analysis of lettuce (Lactuca sativa) upon infection with Botrytis cinerea. Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015914Bacillus anthracis str. ''Ames Ancestor'' Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015916Elkhorn Slough Microbial Mat Metagenome
SRP015917Fungal ITS1 amplicons from airborne house dust
SRP015918Influence of p38 MAPK (PMK-1) on the heat stress response of C. elegans
SRP015920A retrotransposon-driven Dicer variant enhances endogenous RNAi in mouse oocytes
SRP015921Orpinomyces sp. C1A Genome sequencing
SRP015922BGI Research Institute Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015923Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae KpO3210 Genome sequencing
SRP015924Wadden Sea sediment Metagenome
SRP015925Genome-scale methylome analysis of the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria
SRP015926Homo sapiens Transcriptome of PABPN1-deficient HeLa cells
SRP015927Acute Stress Induced Increase in Histone H3 Lys 9 Trimetylation in Rat Hippocampus
SRP015928GSE35583: Histone Modifications by ChIP-seq from ENCODE/University of Washington
SRP015929Epibacterial community on marine brown macroalgae (16S rRNA gene)
SRP015930Deciphering the genetics of mammalian limb growth
SRP015931Sus scrofa domesticus strain:Gottingen minipig Genome sequencing
SRP015932Leishmania aethiopica L147 Genome sequencing
SRP015933Trypanosoma cruzi Tula cl2 Genome sequencing
SRP015934Trypanosoma cruzi M6241 cl.6 Genome sequencing
SRP015935Agent of cutaneous leishmaniasis
SRP015936DNA Sequencing in Bladder Cancer
SRP015937Takifugu flavidus Genome sequencing
SRP015938Saliva Metagenome
SRP015939Soil samples Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP015940Atlantic cod Transcriptome
SRP015941Human melanoma cells over-express Extracellular Matrix 1 (ECM1) which is regulated in part by TFAP2C
SRP015942Canis lupus familiaris beagle Genome Sequencing
SRP015943YAP mediates crosstalk between the Hippo and PI3K-TOR pathway by suppressing PTEN via miR-29
SRP015944Lachancea kluyveri Copy number analysis
SRP015945Circulating Breast Tumor Cells Exhibit Dynamic Changes in Epithelial and Mesenchymal Cell Composition
SRP015946Ribosome profiling in muscle reveals the translation landscape of the giant protein titin
SRP015947Transcriptome sequencing of the halictid, Lasioglossum albipes
SRP015948Musca domestica strain:aabys Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP015949Musca domestica strain:aabys Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015950Transcription factors interfering with dedifferentiation induce direct conversion
SRP015951Geranium maderense Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015952Puget Sound Microbial Metagenomes
SRP015953Human Gut Metagenome Targeted Locus
SRP015954Glossina palpalis gambiensis Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015955Chromatin modification by SUMO-1 stimulates the promoters of translation machinery genes
SRP015956Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus USA300 Variation
SRP015957Homo sapiens Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP015958Homo sapiens strain:IMR-91L III p15 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015959Single-cell transcriptomics reveals widespread heterogeneity in gene regulation and RNA processing in stimulated immune cells
SRP015960Genome-wide analysis of miRNA-mRNA interactions in the marrow microenvironment (HTS)
SRP015961Deep RNA sequencing reveal a complex transcriptional landscape of a bat adenovirus.
SRP015962Evolution of holometabolous insects
SRP015963A next generation sequencing approach to profiling the host miRNA response to a bovine mastitis pathogen
SRP015964RNA-seq HL60 cells
SRP015965The AHL- and BDSF-dependent quorum sensing systems control specific and overlapping sets of genes in Burkholderia cenocepacia H111
SRP015966Pig intestinal microbiota identification
SRP015967Nemurella pictetii Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015968Targeting Unique Metabolic Properties of Breast Tumor Initiating Cells
SRP015969Forficula auricularia Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015970Zorotypus gurneyi Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015971Transcriptome-wide miR-155 binding map reveals widespread non-canonical microRNA targeting [CLIP-seq data]
SRP015972Foodborne Pathgen Survey
SRP015973Foodborne Pathgen Survey
SRP015974Foodborne Pathgen Survey
SRP015975Foodborne Pathgen Survey
SRP015976The loop position of shRNAs and pre-miRNAs is critical for the accuracy of Dicer processing in vivo
SRP015977Mouse Model of Clear Cell Sarcoma
SRP015978Lactobacillus rhamnosus LRHMDP2 Genome sequencing
SRP015979Lactobacillus rhamnosus LRHMDP3 Genome sequencing
SRP015980Phoradendron microsatellites.
SRP015981Sus scrofa scrofa Phenotype or Genotype
SRP015982Small RNA analysis of Tu And SJD zebrafish strain and their progeny
SRP015983DDM1 and RdDM are the major regulators of transposon DNA methylation in Arabidopsis
SRP015984GSE37074: DNaseI Hypersensitivity by Digital DNaseI from ENCODE/University of Washington
SRP015985GSE41304: ENCODE HudsonAlpha Methyl-seq
SRP015986Kdm2b maintains murine embryonic stem cell status by recruiting PRC1 complex to CpG islands of lineage genes [ChIP-Seq]
SRP015987Signaling Pathways Deferentially Affect RNA Polymerase II Initiation, Pausing, and Elongation in Human Cells: TNF-alpha dependent signaling in AC16 cells
SRP015988Signaling Pathways Deferentially Affect RNA Polymerase II Initiation, Pausing, and Elongation in Human Cells: Estrogen dependent signaling in MCF-7 cells
SRP015989EWS/FLI function in Ewing sarcoma
SRP015990Triticum aestivum strain:Kukri, Excalibur, Jagger, Chinese Spring, RAC875, Bobwhite, CAP7, CAP8, CAP11, CAP12 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015991Opposing actions of IL-2 and IL-21 on Th9 differentiation correlate with their differential regulation of BCL6 expression
SRP015992Danaus plexippus Genome Sequencing
SRP015993Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici 104E137A Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP015994Forestomach fluid Metagenome
SRP015995Human skin microbial community analysis
SRP015996Fish Gut Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP015997The evolutionary landscape of alternative splicing in vertebrate species
SRP015998Elephas maximus borneensis (Bornean elephant) sequencing project to isolate de novo markers
SRP015999Trichomonas vaginalis strain:T016 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP016000Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP016001Genome-wide DNA methylation profiles of non-small cell lung carcinomas and control lung tissues
SRP016002Distribution of insulator proteins CP190, dCTCF, Su(Hw) and Mod(mdg4)2.2 in Drosophila S2 cells in the presence or absence of dPARP inhibitor 3AB
SRP016003Ago HITS-CLIP in KSHV-infected primary effusion lymphoma (PEL) cell lines BCBL-1 and BC-3
SRP016004Multiple platform assessment and isomir analysis of the EGF dependent microRNA-ome by microarray and deep sequencing analysis [small RNA-seq]
SRP016005Role for DNA methylation in Gata4-binding in embryonic stem cells-derived mesoderm
SRP016006Caenorhabditis sex-specific RNAseq
SRP016007H2A.Z inheritance during the cell cycle and its impact on promoter organization and dynamics [ChIP-seq]
SRP016008Deep sequencing of the small RNA transcriptome of blood leukocytes from Parkinson's disease patients prior to and following deep brain stimulation (DBS) and as compared with healthy control volunteers
SRP016009Zebrafish (Danio rerio) catecholaminergic neuron RNA-seq based transcript profiles
SRP016010Single-cell DNA methylation analysis of epimutations in mouse liver cells.
SRP016011Microbial community from polynya in the Amundsen Sea
SRP016012Simian immunodeficiency virus Variation
SRP016013The Piper nigrum L infected with Fusarium solani Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP016014Drosophila simulans Genome sequencing
SRP016015Glycine max Genome sequencing
SRP016016Chiroptera Virome
SRP016017Lake Arreo, Alava, Spain Metagenome
SRP016018An epigenetic role for disrupted paternal gene expression in postzygotic seed abortion in Arabidopsis interspecific hybrids
SRP016019Digital gene expression profiling of mouse skin gene expression after cyclophosphamide (CYP) treatment
SRP016020Changes in histone modifications H3K4me2, H3k27me3 and H3K36me3 due to phenobarbital in mice
SRP016021Drosophila simulans Africa Pool-Seq
SRP016022microRNAs in C. elegans, P. pacificus, and S. ratti: Conserved miRNAs are candidate post-transcriptional regulators of developmental arrest in free-living and parasitic nematodes
SRP016023Genome-wide Analysis of Functional Sirtuin Chromatin Targets in Yeast
SRP016024Histone H3K4 Demethylation is Negatively Regulated by Histone H3 Acetylation in S. cerevisiae
SRP016025Nonsense-mediated decay of alternative precursor mRNA splicing variants is a major determinant of the eukaryotic steady state transcriptome
SRP016026Polypyrimidine tract-binding protein homologues from Arabidopsis are key regulators of alternative splicing with implications in fundamental developmental processes
SRP016027Stegastes partitus isolate:25-593 Genome sequencing
SRP016028Microbial community and potential pathogen shifts along an ornamental fish supply chain
SRP016029Comparative molecular microbial ecology of the spring haptophyte bloom in an arctic oligosaline lake in Greenland
SRP016030Marine bacteria exhibit a bipolar distribution.
SRP016031Eukaryotic diversity at pH extremes
SRP016032Solanum lycopersicum Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP016033Human gammaherpesvirus 8 Genome sequencing
SRP016034Eulaliopsis binata Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP016035Panax ginseng transcriptome project
SRP016036Solanum lycopersicum strain:CV M82 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP016037soil metagenome Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP016038Bacterial communities of brackish and freshwater rock pools
SRP016039Leishmania braziliensis siRNA sequencing
SRP016040Centaurea solstitialis transcriptome project
SRP016041Eulaliopsis binata Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP016042Mus musculus strain:BL6 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP016043Atlantic Halibut RAD Linkage Map
SRP016044AllDist Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP016045Piper nigrum L. infected of Fusarium solani f. sp. piperes Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP016046Staphylococcus aureus Genome Sequencing from Clinical Isolates
SRP016047Genomic sequences of Tragopogon dubius, Tragopogon pratensis and Tragopogon porrifolius
SRP016048Mus musculus Sequencing of genomic DNA after enrichment by pulldown from a custom microarray designed with probes for exons in a region of chr2
SRP016049Marine eukaryotic protists Metagenome
SRP016050Healthy Microbiota Metagenome
SRP016051Enhancer-associated H3K4 mono-methylation by Drosophila Trithorax-related, the Drosophila homolog of Mll3/Mll4
SRP016052Genome Sequencing of Penicillium digitatum Pd1
SRP016053Zic3 interacts with distant regulatory elements to regulate zebrafish developmental genes
SRP016054Histone H3K9 Methyltransferase G9a Represses PPAR? Expression and Adipogenesis [ChIP-Seq and RNA-Seq data]
SRP016055Escherichia coli O157:H7 sequencing
SRP016056Analysis of miRNA, piRNA and siRNA in Caenorhabditis species
SRP016057Nucleosome driven transcription factor binding and gene regulation [ChIP-Seq]
SRP016058Homo sapiens Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP016059RNA-seq for gastric cancer and normal tissues/cells
SRP016060Sorafenib inhibits epithelial-mesenchymal transition through an epigenetic-based mechanism in human lung epithelial cells
SRP016061Epigenetic regulation of gene expression is instructed by promoter sequence and refined by developmental progression
SRP016062Genome-Wide Profiling of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor ? in Primary Epididymal, Inguinal, and Brown Adipocytes Reveals Depot-Selective Binding Correlated with Gene Expression
SRP016064Encephalitozoon cuniculi EcunII-CZ strain:II Variation
SRP016065Multidimensional regulation in transcriptome during sexual development in Neurospora crassa revealed with RNA sequencing
SRP016066Schizothorax biddulphi Random survey
SRP016067Symptomatic atherosclerosis gut metagenome
SRP016068Ceratitis capitata gut metagenome
SRP016069Analysis of the humoral immune response against aberrant self by RNA sequencing of the fat body in Drosophila melanogaster
SRP016070Hog1 bypasses stress-mediated down-regulation of transcription by PolII redistribution and chromatin remodeling
SRP016071Highly parallel assays of tissue-specific enhancers in whole Drosophila embryos
SRP016072GSE41232: Adaptive evolution of Corynebacterium glutamicum resistant to oxidative stress and its global gene expression profiling
SRP016073Felis catus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP016074Olea europaea Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP016075Homo sapiens Epigenomics
SRP016076Transcriptome analysis of Drosophila CNS midline cells reveals diverse peptidergic properties and a role for castor in neuronal differentiation
SRP016077GSE41346: Paired End CNV Kc 167
SRP016078GSE41347: Paired End CNV S2 DRSC Cells
SRP016079GSE41348: Paired End CNV W1 Cl.8+ Cells
SRP016080GSE41349: KC WT Repliseq
SRP016081Gene content or gene expression, which determines the difference in host specificity and virulence of strains of Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri?
SRP016082GSE41350: S2 WT Repliseq
SRP016083GSE41351: BG3 WT Repliseq
SRP016084Human supragingival microbiome Targeted Locus
SRP016085Next Generation Mendelian Genetics: Familial Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis
SRP016086Cyclorana alboguttata Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP016087Alwernia Metagenome
SRP016088Transcript expression levels of neonatal mouse cardiomyocytes mock-transfected, or transfected with cel-miR-67, hsa-miR-590-3p or hsa-miR-199a-3p
SRP016089H3K79me2 ChIP-seq in mouse proximal intestinal Lgr5(hi) stem cells and villus cells
SRP016090The Island Project - Fungal communities in boreal forest soils
SRP016091Lasioglossum albipes Genome sequencing
SRP016092Genome-wide mapping of the TET3 CXXC domain binding sites
SRP016093comprehensive chromatin interaction in TNF alpha stimulated HUVECs
SRP016094Whole genome sequencing of (PUR) Puerto Rican in Puerto Rico HapMap population DNA for sequencing was extracted from whole blood
SRP016095Whole genome sequencing of (CHS) Southern Han Chinese HapMap population DNA for sequencing was extracted from whole blood
SRP016096Whole genome sequencing of (KHV) Kinh in Ho Chi minh City, Vietnam. DNA for sequencing was extracted from whole blood
SRP016097Whole genome sequencing of (ACB) African Caribbean in Barbados HapMap population. DNA for sequencing was extracted from whole blood
SRP016098Whole genome sequencing of (PEL) Peruvian in Lima, Peru HapMap population. DNA for sequencing was extracted from whole blood
SRP016099Exome sequencing of (PEL) Peruvian in Lima, Peru HapMap population. DNA for sequencing was extracted from whole blood
SRP016100Whole genome sequencing of (STU) Sri Lankan Tamil in the UK HapMap population. DNA for sequencing was extracted from whole blood
SRP016101Exome sequencing of (ACB) African Caribbean in Barbados HapMap population. DNA for sequencing was extracted from whole blood
SRP016102Exome sequencing of (KHV) Kinh in Ho Chi minh City, Vietnam HapMap population. DNA for sequencing was extracted from whole blood
SRP016103Entosphenus tridentatus RAD seq
SRP016104Genome-wide profiling of 5-Formylcytosine reveals it roles in epigenetic priming
SRP016105Whole genome sequencing of (ITU) Indian Telugu in the UK HapMap population. DNA for sequencing was extracted from whole blood
SRP016106Exome sequencing of (ITU) Indian Telugu in the UK HapMap population. DNA for sequencing was extracted from whole blood
SRP016107Exome sequencing of (STU) Sri Lankan Tamil in the UK HapMap population. DNA for sequencing was extracted from whole blood
SRP016108A novel proteomic approach reveals GREB1 as an Estrogen Receptor co-factor
SRP016109Expressed Pseudogenes in the Translational Landscape of Human Cancers
SRP016110Homo sapiens Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP016111Hermodice carunculata Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP016112Ectopically expressed MSL2 females compared with normal females
SRP016113Homo sapiens skin and blood Genome sequencing
SRP016114Pyronema omphalodes CBS 100304 Genome sequencing
SRP016115Staphylococcus aureus MW2 Genome sequencing
SRP016116Spatial Compartmentalization at the Nuclear Periphery Characterized by Genome-wide Mapping
SRP016117Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri Genome sequencing
SRP016118Expression data for HT29 cells treated with 5-aza-deoxy-cytidine [RNA-Seq]
SRP016119Amplicon sequencing of 16S rRNA genes from hydrothermal vent samples (Logatchev field, MAR)
SRP016120Dual RNA-Seq during orange-Penicillium digitatum interaction
SRP016121Phf19 links methylated lysine 36 of histone H3 to regulation of Polycomb activity [ChIP-Seq]
SRP016122Ixodes ricinus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP016123Xanthomonas citri pv. citri Genome sequencing
SRP016124Whole Genome Resequencing of Black Angus and Holstein cattle for SNP and CNV discovery
SRP016125Pitx1 broadly associates with limb enhancers and is enriched on hindlimb cis-regulatory elements
SRP016126Wapl controls higher-order chromatin structure in interphase chromosomes (ChIP-Seq)
SRP016127Xanthomonas citri pv. citri str. 306 Genome sequencing
SRP016128Cow rumen microorganisms Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP016129Genomic Characterization of Meningiomas
SRP016130The viral and cellular microRNA targetome in lymphoblastoid cell lines
SRP016131Trypanosoma brucei brucei strain:Lister 427 29-13 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP016132Danio rerio Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP016133Genlisea margaretae Genome sequencing
SRP016134Danio rerio Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP016135Mate pair sequencing for the detection of balanced and unbalanced chromosomal aberrations in patients with intellectual disability and congenital malformations
SRP016136Clostridioides difficile 342 Genome sequencing
SRP016138GRO-seq of Drosophila embryos at 2-2.5 hours and 3-3.5 hours after egg laying (AEL)
SRP016139Bacterial community diversity and structure of winter wheat-cultivated soils
SRP016140Identification of Novel Molecular Markers through Transcriptomic Analysis in Human Fetal and Adult Corneal Endothelial Cells
SRP016141Canis lupus familiaris Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP016142Leptospira interrogans str. UT126 Genome sequencing
SRP016143Decoding human cytomegalovirus using ribosome profiling
SRP016144Polycomb PHF19 binds H3K36me3 and recruits PRC2 and demethylase NO66 to embryonic stem cell genes during differentiation
SRP016145Freshwater Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP016146Clostridioides difficile 6041 Genome sequencing
SRP016148Clostridioides difficile 6042 Genome sequencing
SRP016150Clostridioides difficile 6057 Genome sequencing
SRP016151Clostridioides difficile 655 Genome sequencing
SRP016154Clostridioides difficile 824 Genome sequencing
SRP016156Clostridioides difficile 840 Genome sequencing
SRP016157Clostridioides difficile 842 Genome sequencing
SRP016160Clostridioides difficile CD104 Genome sequencing
SRP016162Clostridioides difficile CD109 Genome sequencing
SRP016164Clostridioides difficile CD111 Genome sequencing
SRP016166Clostridioides difficile CD113 Genome sequencing
SRP016168Clostridioides difficile CD127 Genome sequencing
SRP016170Clostridioides difficile CD129 Genome sequencing
SRP016172Clostridioides difficile CD13 Genome sequencing
SRP016174Clostridioides difficile CD131 Genome sequencing
SRP016175Clostridioides difficile CD132 Genome sequencing
SRP016178Clostridioides difficile CD133 Genome sequencing
SRP016180Clostridioides difficile CD144 Genome sequencing
SRP016182Clostridioides difficile CD149 Genome sequencing
SRP016184Clostridioides difficile CD159 Genome sequencing
SRP016186Clostridioides difficile CD160 Genome sequencing
SRP016188Clostridioides difficile CD165 Genome sequencing
SRP016190Clostridioides difficile CD166 Genome sequencing
SRP016192Clostridioides difficile CD169 Genome sequencing
SRP016193Clostridioides difficile CD17 Genome sequencing
SRP016196Clostridioides difficile CD170 Genome sequencing
SRP016198Clostridioides difficile CD175 Genome sequencing
SRP016200Clostridioides difficile CD178 Genome sequencing
SRP016202Clostridioides difficile CD18 Genome sequencing
SRP016203Clostridioides difficile CD181 Genome sequencing
SRP016206Clostridioides difficile CD196 Genome sequencing
SRP016208Clostridioides difficile CD200 Genome sequencing
SRP016210Clostridioides difficile CD201 Genome sequencing
SRP016212Clostridioides difficile CD206 Genome sequencing
SRP016214Clostridioides difficile CD21 Genome sequencing
SRP016215Clostridioides difficile CD211 Genome sequencing
SRP016218Clostridioides difficile CD212 Genome sequencing
SRP016219Clostridioides difficile CD22 Genome sequencing
SRP016222Clostridioides difficile CD3 Genome sequencing
SRP016224Clostridioides difficile CD34 Genome sequencing
SRP016226Clostridioides difficile CD38 Genome sequencing
SRP016228Clostridioides difficile CD39 Genome sequencing
SRP016230Clostridioides difficile CD40 Genome sequencing
SRP016231Clostridioides difficile CD41 Genome sequencing
SRP016234Clostridioides difficile CD42 Genome sequencing
SRP016235Clostridioides difficile CD44 Genome sequencing
SRP016238Clostridioides difficile CD45 Genome sequencing
SRP016240Clostridioides difficile CD46 Genome sequencing
SRP016242Clostridioides difficile CD47 Genome sequencing
SRP016244Clostridioides difficile CD49 Genome sequencing
SRP016245Clostridioides difficile CD51 Genome sequencing
SRP016248Clostridioides difficile CD68 Genome sequencing
SRP016250Clostridioides difficile CD69 Genome sequencing
SRP016252Clostridioides difficile CD70 Genome sequencing
SRP016253Clostridioides difficile CD8 Genome sequencing
SRP016256Clostridioides difficile CD86 Genome sequencing
SRP016258Clostridioides difficile CD88 Genome sequencing
SRP016259Clostridioides difficile CD90 Genome sequencing
SRP016262Clostridioides difficile CD92 Genome sequencing