AccessionTitle or Alias
ERP018469Ruminococcaceae bacterium YAD3003
ERP018470Halobellus clavatus CGMCC 1.10118
ERP018471Jannaschia faecimaris DSM 100420
ERP018472Proteiniborus ethanoligenes DSM 21650
ERP018473Klebsiella sp. NFIX25
ERP018474Halopenitus persicus IBRC10041
ERP018475Amycolatopsis pretoriensis DSM 44654
ERP018476Herbiconiux ginsengi CGMCC 4.3491
ERP018477Bacillus sp. 166AMFTsu
ERP018478Anaerobaculum thermoterrenum DSM 13490
ERP018479Delftia lacustris LMG 24775
ERP018480Citreimonas salinaria DSM 26880
ERP018481Micromonospora pattaloongensis DSM 45245
ERP018482Lachnobacterium bovis DSM 14045
ERP018483The Legacy of Human Cadaver Decomposition on Soil Biological Structure and Function
ERP018484Alistipes timonensis DSM 25383
ERP018485Pedobacter hartonius DSM 19033
ERP018486Psychroflexus halocasei DSM 23581
ERP018487Haloplanus vescus CGMCC 1.8712
ERP018488Bacillus sp. CL115
ERP018489Bacillus sp. 112MF
ERP018490Chitinophaga terrae Kim and Jung 2007 strain:DSM 23920
ERP018491Bizionia paragorgiae DSM 23842
ERP018492Rubrimonas cliftonensis DSM 15345
ERP018493Desulfuromusa kysingii strain:DSM 7343
ERP018494Microbulbifer marinus CGMCC 1.10657
ERP018495Paenibacillus sp. 276b
ERP018496Lachnospiraceae bacterium NK3A20
ERP018497Prevotella bryantii KHPX14
ERP018498Flavobacterium gillisiae DSM 22376
ERP018499Klebsiella sp. NFIX12
ERP018500Prevotella ruminicola D31d
ERP018501Oribacterium sp. KHPX15
ERP018502Marinobacterium georgiense DSM 11526
ERP018503Prevotella sp. TC2-28
ERP018504Mycobacterium sp. 283MFTsu
ERP018505Acidovorax soli DSM 25157
ERP018506Brenneria quercina ATCC 29281
ERP018507Nitrosolobus multiformis Nl4
ERP018508Porphyromonadaceae bacterium KH3R12
ERP018509Pseudobutyrivibrio sp. ACV-2
ERP018511Trichococcus collinsii DSM 14526
ERP018512Thiothrix caldifontis DSM 21228
ERP018513Arachidicoccus rhizosphaerae Vu-144
ERP018514Thalassobacillus cyri CCM7597
ERP018515Alkalimonas amylolytica CGMCC 1.3430
ERP018516Actinomyces nasicola KPR-1
ERP018517Burkholderia sartisoli LMG 24000
ERP018518Variovorax sp. YR216
ERP018519Salinimicrobium catena DSM 23553
ERP018520Leifsonia sp. 21MFCrub1.1
ERP018521Eubacterium aggregans SR12
ERP018522Klebsiella sp. NFIX34
ERP018523Pelagibacterium sp. H642
ERP018524Bacteroides xylanisolvens NLAE-zl-G339
ERP018525Response of grass carp to conjugated linoleic acid-supplemented diets free of fish oil and fish meal: growth performance, intestinal microbiota and associated immunological responses
ERP018526Virulence factor characterization of EAEC strains
ERP018527Pelagic Microbiome: viruses metagenomic data from oceanic samples collected at the chlorophyll maximum.
ERP018528Optimization of design and production strategies for novel adeno-associated viral display peptide libraries
ERP018529Draft Genome Sequence of Pan-Drug-Resistant Serratia marcescens Clinical Isolate SM1890 and SM1978 Harboring blaNDM-1 and Multiple Plasmids
ERP018530Genomic variations leading to alterations in cell morphology of Campylobacter spp.
ERP018531In this study, methylomes of HPO tissues were profiled to investigate the differences, similarities and the methylation interaction between genes and CGIs.
ERP018532Complete genome sequence of Desulfovibrio piger FI11049
ERP018533RNA-seq analysis of cell-line models for monocyte to macrophage transformation: Project 3 of Open Targets - Epigenomes of Cell Lines
ERP018534DNA damage is a major cause of sequencing errors, directly confounding variant identification
ERP018535Microbacterium sp. CL12A
ERP018536Nonomuraea solani CGMCC 4.7037
ERP018537Caloramator fervidus DSM 5463
ERP018538Alcanivorax sp. DSM 26293
ERP018539Chryseobacterium humi DSM 21580
ERP018540Halobellus limi CGMCC 1.10331
ERP018541Thauera chlorobenzoica 3CB-1
ERP018542Saccharopolyspora hirsuta ATCC 20501
ERP018543Halomonas daqingensis CGMCC 1.6443
ERP018544Marinobacterium lutimaris DSM 22012
ERP018546Legionella quinlivanii DSM 21216
ERP018547Thermoleophilum album ATCC 35263
ERP018548Nitrosolobus multiformis Nl13
ERP018549Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron NLAE-zl-C579
ERP018550Variovorax sp. NFACC29
ERP018551Sphingobacterium lactis DSM 22361
ERP018552Flavobacterium urumqiense CGMCC 1.9230
ERP018553Sphingopyxis sp. YR583
ERP018554Bosea lathyri DSM 26656
ERP018555Klebsiella sp. NFIX14
ERP018556Streptomyces yanglinensis CGMCC 4.2023
ERP018557Oleiphilus messinensis DSM 13489
ERP018558Bryocella elongata DSM 22489
ERP018559Prevotella ruminicola AR32
ERP018560Vibrio hangzhouensis CGMCC 1.7062
ERP018561Jhaorihella thermophila DSM 23413
ERP018562Bacillus sp. OK061
ERP018563Parabacteroides chinchillae DSM 29073
ERP018564Natronorubrum sediminis CGMCC 1.8981
ERP018565Nitrosomonas ureae Nm13
ERP018566Eubacterium ruminantium FB3002
ERP018567Algoriphagus boritolerans DSM 17298
ERP018568Pseudomonas aestusnigri VGX014
ERP018569Paenibacillus sp. UNC499MF
ERP018570Thalassococcus halodurans DSM 26915
ERP018571Actinomadura echinospora DSM 43163
ERP018572Microbacterium sp. CL152
ERP018573Lachnospira multipara D15d
ERP018574Butyrivibrio sp. Su6
ERP018575Methylobacterium sp. 190MF
ERP018577Human skin bacterial and fungal microbiotas analyses
ERP018578Metagenome sequencing of freshwater anammox reactor
ERP018579Metagenome sequencing of marine anammox reactor
ERP018580Circadian regulation of the host by the microbiome
ERP018581Inferring Microbial Interactions in Thermophilic and Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion of Hog Waste
ERP018582Inferring Microbial Interactions in Thermophilic and Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion of Hog Waste
ERP018583RNA seq of Saccharomyces cerevisiae expressing pathways designed to increase ATP or GTP consumption
ERP018584Oral bacterial populations in patients affected by ulcerative diseases
ERP018585Biological soil crusts, Southern Spain
ERP018586BAC sequencing related to WRKY genes
ERP018587Expression profiling of 3 and 24 months mouse skeletal muscle (RNA-seq)
ERP0185895-hydroxymethylcytosine (5hmC) methylation profiling of adult mouse brain and liver tissues (hMeDIP-seq)
ERP018590Ancient DNA Analysis of St. Mary’s City Lead Coffin Burials
ERP018591We present here a whole-genome resequencing of 4 European wheat cultivars Premio, Renan, Robigus and Xi19.
ERP018592Bacteroides ndongoensis genome
ERP018598Combining deep-sequencing, proteomics, phosphoproteomics and functional screens to discover novel regulators of sphingolipid homeostasis
ERP018599Multiple independent evolution of non-recombining mating-type chromosomes in anther-smut fungi
ERP018600Bacterial, archaeal and eukaryotic diversity associated with hydrothermal sediments retrieved from the Menez Gwen, Lucky Strike, and Rainbow vent fields assessed by rRNA gene tag pyrosequencing.
ERP018601Improving and correcting the contiguity of long-read genome assemblies of three plant species using optical mapping and chromatin capture data
ERP018602Genome-wide mRNA expression of Clostridium phytofermentans ISDg after exposure to ferulic acid
ERP018603Genome sequences of Clostridium phytofermentans ISDg strains subjected to long-term growth selection in an GM3 automat with increasing concentrations of ferulic acid.
ERP018604Organotrophic diversity of bacteria in deep continental bedrock fracture fluid assessed with acetate-amended microcosms
ERP018606Expression profiling of adult mouse brain and liver tissues (RNA-seq)
ERP018607Study of the effect of diferentt anode materials for H2 production from urine in microbial electrolysis cells
ERP018608RNA-seq analysis of budding yeast wild type (BY4741) and prp45(1-169) mutant
ERP018609Bio-anode acclimation to human urine in microbial fuel cell
ERP018611Investigation of Thaumarchaeal diverity in the hypoxic-anoxic zones of the southern Ocean.
ERP018612The earliest maize from San Marcos cave (Tehuacan, Mexico) is a partial domesticate with genomic evidence of inbreeding
ERP018613The earliest maize from San Marcos cave (Tehuacan, Mexico) is a partial domesticate with genomic evidence of inbreeding
ERP018614Pilot study of the microbiota of a healthy chilean population
ERP018615Direct RNA-seq of Type I PRRSV isolated from pig tissues
ERP018616Adaptation of a plant-fermenting bacterium to resist lignin phenolics
ERP018617‘Moonlighting’ cytoplasmic proteins distinguish community- and hospital-associated MRSA isolates
ERP018618Transcriptional profiling of Setd5 heterozygous and knockout mouse embryonic stem cells
ERP018619Syngas degrading enrichments: Microbial diversity
ERP018621Identification of bacterial pathogens and antimicrobial resistance directly from clinical urines by nanopore-based metagenomic sequencing.
ERP018623comparative transcriptomics of two temperate C3 bioenergy and forage grasses under water stress
ERP018626Diplonemids are the most diverse planktonic eukaryotes in the world ocean
ERP018627Recombination Suppression is Unlikely to Contribute to Speciation in Sympatric Heliconius Butterflies
ERP018628Pseudomonas putida experimental evolution under silver or nanosilver stress
ERP01863016s compositional metagenomic data from raw milk and environmental samples
ERP018631LAB in feed
ERP018633Nitrosomonas eutropha Nm56
ERP018634Pseudospirillum japonicum DSM 7165
ERP018635Dyadobacter koreensis DSM 19938
ERP018636Oceanicola nitratireducens CGMCC 1.7292
ERP018637Halohasta litchfieldiae DSM 22187
ERP018638Paenibacillus sp. 181MFCol5.1
ERP018639Frateuria terrea DSM 26515
ERP018640Arthrobacter sp. YR096
ERP018641Lysinimicrobium mangrovi DSM 24868
ERP018642Paenibacillus sp. CL130
ERP018643Cribrihabitans marinus DSM 29340
ERP018644Kandleria vitulina KH4T7
ERP018645Trichococcus sp. DSM 22150
ERP018646Ensifer meliloti AK83, DSM 23913
ERP018647Pseudomonas sp. NFACC07-1
ERP018648Streptococcus equinus Ye01
ERP018649Sphingomonas sp. OV641
ERP018650Azotobacter beijerinckii DSM 373
ERP018651Pseudomonas sp. NFACC23-1
ERP018652Lachnoclostridium clostridioforme NLAE-zl-G208
ERP018653Dyadobacter sp. SG02
ERP018654Lentzea waywayandensis DSM 44232
ERP018655Streptococcus sp. 45
ERP018656Bhargavaea ginsengi CGMCC 1.6763
ERP018657Pseudomonas sp. NFR16
ERP018658Achromobacter sp. NFACC18-2
ERP018659Propionispira arboris DSM 2179
ERP018660Bacillus thuringiensis DAR 81934
ERP018661Prevotella sp. KHP7
ERP018662Lachnospiraceae bacterium A10
ERP018663Xiangella phaseoli CGMCC 4.7038
ERP018664Sphingobium sp. AP50
ERP018665Pseudomonas linyingensis LMG 25967
ERP018666Myroides marinus DSM 23048
ERP018667Variovorax sp. OK202
ERP018668Alkalibacterium gilvum DSM 25751
ERP018669Azotobacter beijerinckii DSM 1041
ERP018670Deinococcus reticulitermitis CGMCC 1.10218
ERP018671Pseudomonas oleovorans LMG 2229
ERP018672Burkholderia tropica LMG 22274
ERP018673Roseateles sp. YR242
ERP018674Marinovum algicola DSM 10251
ERP018675Ectothiorhodospira marina DSM 241
ERP018676Burkholderia diazotrophica LMG 26031
ERP018677Flavobacterium terrigena strain:DSM 17934
ERP018678Sharpea azabuensis DSM 20406
ERP018679Haemophilus ducreyi ATCC 33940
ERP018680Cyclobacterium halophilum IBRC-M 10761
ERP018681Sphingomonas diazotrophica JS21-1
ERP018682Pseudomonas sp. NFPP10
ERP018683Ruminococcus flavefaciens YRD2003
ERP018684Aquimarina amphilecti DSM 25232
ERP018685Parapedobacter koreensis Jip14
ERP018686Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron KPPR-3
ERP018687Pseudosphingobacterium domesticum DSM 18733
ERP018688Streptococcus equinus pR-5
ERP018689Pseudomonas sp. NFACC41-3
ERP018690Butyrivibrio sp. OB235
ERP018691Paenibacillus sp. CL141A
ERP018692Nonomuraea pusilla strain:DSM 43357
ERP018693Combining deep-sequencing, proteomics, phosphoproteomics and functional screens to discover novel regulators of sphingolipid homeostasis.
ERP018694Jannaschia helgolandensis DSM 14858
ERP018695Rhodococcus maanshanensis DSM 44675
ERP018696Pseudomonas agarici LMG 2112
ERP018697Bacteroides vulgatus NLAE-zl-G202
ERP018698Stigmatella aurantiaca DSM 17044
ERP018699Methanobrevibacter gottschalkii DSM 11978
ERP018700Thermococcus thioreducens OGL-20
ERP018701Alkalibacterium pelagium DSM 19183
ERP018702Loktanella koreensis DSM 17925
ERP018703Pseudomonas sp. NFPP18
ERP018704Roseivivax marinus DSM 27511
ERP018705Pseudomonas hussainii JCM 19513
ERP018706Streptacidiphilus jiangxiensis CGMCC 4.1857
ERP018707Paenibacillus sp. OK003
ERP018708Maribacter orientalis DSM 16471
ERP018709Blastococcus sp. DSM 46786
ERP018710Chryseobacterium antarcticum DSM 17047
ERP018711Ruminococcus albus KH2T6
ERP018712Roseovarius azorensis DSM 100674
ERP018713Roseovarius marinus DSM 25228
ERP018714Kosakonia sacchari SP1
ERP018715Streptococcus equinus H24
ERP018716Chitinophaga rupis DSM 21039
ERP018717Rhizobium oryzae CGMCC 1.7048
ERP018718Burkholderia caballeronis LMG 26416
ERP018719Lactobacillus mucosae KHPC15
ERP018720Klebsiella sp. NFIX19
ERP018721Duganella sp. CF402
ERP018722Luteibacter sp. UNC138MFCol5.1
ERP018723Halomonas daqiaogenesis CGMCC 1.9150
ERP018724Bosea lupini DSM 26673
ERP018725Pseudobutyrivibrio ruminis ACV-9
ERP018726Haloferax larsenii CDM_5
ERP018727Carnobacterium iners DSM 28070
ERP018728Roseovarius nanhaiticus CGMCC 1.10961
ERP018729Pseudoxanthomonas sp. GM95
ERP018730Nitrosovibrio tenuis Nv1
ERP018731Variovorax sp. YR750
ERP018732Colwellia chukchiensis CGMCC 1.9127
ERP018733Acinetobacter sp. DSM 11652
ERP018734Alkalibacterium putridalgicola DSM 19182
ERP018735Streptococcus gallolyticus VTM1R29
ERP018736Pasteurella skyensis DSM 24204
ERP018737Roseovarius tolerans DSM 11457
ERP018738Staphylococcus sp. NFPP34
ERP018739Methylobacterium sp. AP11
ERP018740Paenisporosarcina quisquiliarum SK 55
ERP018741Syntrophus gentianae DSM 8423
ERP018742Pinastrimonas cellulosilyticum A37T11
ERP018743Halomonas caseinilytica CGMCC 1.6773
ERP018744Luteibacter sp. UNCMF331Sha3.1
ERP018745Acinetobacter sp. UNC434CL69Tsu2S25
ERP018746Bacillus persicus DSM 25386
ERP018747Chryseobacterium taichungense DSM 17453
ERP018748Bradyrhizobium sp. OK095
ERP018749Roseovarius sediminilitoris DSM 29439
ERP018750Halobacterium jilantaiense CGMCC 1.5337
ERP018751Bacteroides sp. AR20
ERP018752Klebsiella sp. NFIX41
ERP018753Fuchsiella alkaliacetigena WG12
ERP018754Pseudomonas sp. OK272
ERP018755Lactobacillus ruminis WC1T17
ERP018756Terribacillus saccharophilus DSM 21619
ERP018757Arthrobacter sp. OV608
ERP018758Blastococcus endophyticus strain:DSM 45413
ERP018759Gemmobacter aquatilis DSM 3857
ERP018760Sphingomonas sp. S6-262
ERP018761Hydrogenoanaerobacterium saccharovorans CGMCC 1.5070
ERP018762Paenibacillus sp. OK076
ERP018763Loktanella fryxellensis DSM 16213
ERP018764Pseudomonas sp. Snoq117.2
ERP018765Paenibacillus sp. OV219
ERP018766Prevotella sp. NE3005
ERP018767Leifsonia sp. 467MF
ERP018768Mucilaginibacter gossypiicola Gh-48
ERP018769Maribius pelagius DSM 26893
ERP018770Cryobacterium luteum CGMCC 1.11210
ERP018771Pseudorhodobacter antarcticus CGMCC 1.10836
ERP018772Nitrosomonas marina Nm22
ERP018773Methylobacterium sp. UNC300MFChir4.1
ERP018774Lihuaxuella thermophila DSM 46701
ERP018775Lysinibacillus sp. SG45
ERP018776Nitrosolobus multiformis Nl18
ERP018777Pseudomonas sp. OK266
ERP018778Rhizobium tibeticum CGMCC 1.7071
ERP018779Halorientalis persicus IBRC-M 10043
ERP018780Brachymonas denitrificans DSM 15123
ERP018781Megamonas sp. Calf98-2
ERP018782Niastella yeongjuensis DSM 17621
ERP018783Streptomyces rubidus CGMCC 4.2026
ERP018784Halomonas aquamarina 558
ERP018785Duganella sp. CF517
ERP018786Paracoccus alcaliphilus DSM 8512
ERP018787Peptostreptococcus russellii Calf135
ERP018788Bacillus subtilis inaquosorum BGSC 3A28
ERP018789In-Situ Biogas Upgrading with Pulse H2 Additions: Microbial Adaptation and Reactor Performance of Anaerobic Digestion
ERP018790Paenibacillus sophorae CGMCC 1.10238
ERP018791Klebsiella sp. NFIX13
ERP018792Flavobacterium sp. FV08
ERP018793Amphibacillus marinus CGMCC 1.10434
ERP018794Pseudomonas sp. NFACC39-1
ERP018795Streptococcus bovis ES1
ERP018796Flavobacterium sinopsychrotolerans CGMCC 1.8704
ERP018797Denitrobacterium detoxificans DSM 21843
ERP018798Nitrosomonas oligotropha Nm76
ERP018799Rhodospirillales bacterium URHD0017
ERP018800Streptococcus equi equi DSM 20561
ERP018801Mucilaginibacter sp. OK283
ERP018802Amycolatopsis saalfeldensis DSM 44993
ERP018803Rhodopseudomonas pseudopalustris DSM 123
ERP018804Lechevalieria xinjiangensis CGMCC 4.3525
ERP018805Salinihabitans flavidus DSM 27842
ERP018806Rhizobium sp. NFR03
ERP018807Flavobacterium urocaniciphilum DSM 27078
ERP018808Faunomonas pinastri A52C2
ERP018809Aquisalimonas asiatica CGMCC 1.6291
ERP018810Lachnospiraceae bacterium RM5
ERP018811Acinetobacter sp. YR461
ERP018812Escherichia coli PA-3
ERP018813Virgibacillus subterraneus CGMCC 1.7734
ERP018814Halopiger salifodinae CGMCC 1.12284
ERP018815Salisediminibacterium haloalkalitolerans 10nlg
ERP018816Halogranum amylolyticum CGMCC 1.10121
ERP018817Epilithonimonas lactis DSM 19921
ERP018818Enterobacter sp. NFIX58
ERP018819Piscibacillus halophilus DSM 21633
ERP018820Propionispora vibrioides DSM 13305
ERP018821Chitinophaga arvensicola DSM 3695
ERP018822Pseudomonas lutea LMG 21974
ERP018823Nitrosovibrio sp. 12 Nv6
ERP018824Salipaulidibacillus auranticus S9
ERP018825Streptococcus equinus MPR1
ERP018826Pseudomonas sp. NFPP19
ERP018827Lachnospiraceae bacterium NE2001
ERP018828Lysinibacillus sp. TC-13
ERP018829Pseudomonas cuatrocienegasensis LMG 24676
ERP018830Halomonas subterranea CGMCC 1.6495
ERP018831Ectothiorhodospira magna B7-7
ERP018832Lewinella agarilytica DSM 24740
ERP018833Phycicoccus cremeus CGMCC 1.6963
ERP018834Loktanella sp. DSM 29012
ERP018835Pseudomonas soli LMG 27941
ERP018836Streptomyces radiopugnans CGMCC 4.3519
ERP018837Devosia sp. YR412
ERP018838Roseivivax roseus DSM 23042
ERP018839Prevotella sp. TC2-24
ERP018840Azotobacter beijerinckii DSM 378
ERP018841Natrinema salaciae DSM 25055
ERP018842Ignavigranum ruoffiae DSM 15695
ERP018843Streptococcus equinus Sb18
ERP018844Litorimicrobium taeanense DSM 22007
ERP018845Prevotella bryantii DSM 11371
ERP018846Streptomyces sp. YR375
ERP018847Klebsiella sp. NFIX26
ERP018848Lachnobacterium bovis S1b
ERP018849Bacillus licheniformis VTM3R78
ERP018850Basfia succiniciproducens KPR-2
ERP018851Pseudovibrio axinellae DSM 24994
ERP018852Mycobacterium sp. 88MF
ERP018853Butyrivibrio sp. TB
ERP018854Pseudomonas sp. NFACC02
ERP018855Aliicoccus persicus IBRC-M10081
ERP018856Friedmanniella flavus flava CGMCC 4.6856
ERP018857Lentzea flaviverrucosa CGMCC 4.578
ERP018858Klebsiella sp. NFIX43
ERP018859Psychrobacillus sp. OK032
ERP018860Chitinophaga sp. YR573
ERP018861Lentzea albida DSM 44437
ERP018862Solimonas aquatica DSM 25927
ERP018863Hyunsoonleella jejuensis DSM 21035
ERP018864Treponema bryantii B25
ERP018865Isobaculum melis DSM 13760
ERP018866Thalassobius gelatinovorus DSM 5887
ERP018867Myroides profundi DSM 19823
ERP018868Nitrosomonas ureae Nm9
ERP018869Flavobacterium frigoris DSM 15719
ERP018870Rhizobium sp. NFIX01
ERP018871Propionibacterium cyclohexanicum DSM 16859
ERP018872Amphritea atlantica strain:DSM 18887
ERP018873Rosenbergiella nectarea 8N4
ERP018874Giesbergeria anulus ATCC 35958
ERP018875Sphingobium sp. YR768
ERP018876Granulicatella balaenopterae DSM 15827
ERP018877Fabibacter pacificus CGMCC 1.12402
ERP018878Pedobacter rhizosphaerae DSM 18610
ERP018879Nitrosomonas sp. 51 Nm51
ERP018880Actinokineospora terrae DSM 44260
ERP018881Butyrivibrio fibrisolvens AR40
ERP018882Gracilibacillus ureilyticus CGMCC 1.7727
ERP018883Pediococcus ethanolidurans CGMCC 1.3889
ERP018884Streptococcus gallolyticus VTM2R47
ERP018885Pseudomonas bauzanensis LMG 26048
ERP018886Clostridium fimetarium DSM 9179
ERP018887Streptomyces qinglanensis CGMCC 4.6825
ERP018888Olsenella umbonata KHGC19
ERP018889Corynebacterium cystitidis DSM 20524
ERP018890Draconibacterium orientale DSM 25947
ERP018891Nitrosomonas europaea Nm35
ERP018892Haloterrigena hispanica CDM_6
ERP018893Olsenella sp. KH3B4
ERP018894Prevotella sp. KH1P2
ERP018895Ruminococcaceae bacterium KH2T8
ERP018896Anoxybacillus pushchinoensis K1
ERP018897Pseudomonas graminis LMG 21661
ERP018898Hymenobacter actinosclerus DSM 15310
ERP018899Chryseobacterium wanjuense DSM 17724
ERP018900Anaerobranca gottschalkii DSM 13577
ERP018901Paenibacillus sp. NFR01
ERP018902Luteibacter sp. 329MFSha
ERP018903Paracoccus homiensis DSM 17862
ERP018904Salinibacillus kushneri CGMCC 1.3566
ERP018905Thorsellia anophelis DSM 18579
ERP018906Thalassotalea agarivorans strain:DSM 19706
ERP018907Myxococcus fulvus DSM 16525
ERP018908Geodermatophilus poikilotrophi DSM 44209
ERP018909Halanaerobium congolense WG5
ERP018910Austwickia chelonae DSM 44178
ERP018911Burkholderia sp. NFACC38-1
ERP018912Nonomuraea wenchangensis CGMCC 4.5598
ERP018913Stigmatella erecta DSM 16858
ERP018914Pseudobutyrivibrio sp. C4
ERP018915Clostridium polysaccharolyticum DSM 1801
ERP018916Marinobacter segnicrescens CGMCC 1.6489
ERP018917Enterobacter sp. NFIX09
ERP018918Pseudomonas sp. NFR09
ERP018919Geobacillus thermantarcticus M1
ERP018920Oceanobacillus limi IBRC-M 10780
ERP018921Natronincola peptidivorans DSM 18979
ERP018922Nitrosomonas marina Nm71
ERP018923Pleomorphobacterium xiamenense DSM 24423
ERP018924Enterococcus sp. KPPR-6
ERP018925Pedobacter suwonensis DSM 18130
ERP018926Methanococcoides vulcani SLH 33
ERP018927Campylobacter lari ATCC 35221
ERP018928Variovorax sp. OV084
ERP018929Stenotrophomonas rhizoplanae SC-N050
ERP018930Halanaerobium congolense WG6
ERP018931Nitrosolobus multiformis Nl7
ERP018932Pseudomonas otitidis LMG 23769
ERP018933Unravelling the molecular evolution of spider venoms
ERP018934Unravelling the molecular evolution of spider venoms
ERP018935Unravelling the molecular evolution of spider venoms
ERP018936Unravelling the molecular evolution of spider venoms
ERP018937Microbiota-based analysis reveals specific bacterial traits and a novel diagnostic strategy for infectious infertility
ERP018938Bacillus mediterraneensis genome
ERP018940‘Moonlighting’ cytoplasmic proteins distinguish community- and hospital-associated MRSA
ERP018942Isolation and Characterization of Kingella negevensis sp. nov., a Novel Kingella Species Detected in a Healthy Pediatric Population
ERP018943Starvation effect on the chemosensory transcriptome of Spodoptera littoralis larvae
ERP018944Expression of microRNAs in African swine fever virus infected pigs.
ERP018946Delftia tsuruhatensis LMG 29104
ERP018947Poseidonocella pacifica DSM 29316
ERP018948Cohnella sp. OV330
ERP018949Flavobacterium swingsii DSM 21789
ERP018950Azotobacter beijerinckii DSM 282
ERP018951Citrobacter sp. NLAE-zl-C269
ERP018952Collimonas sp. OK607
ERP018953Pseudomonas simiae DSM 18861
ERP018954Janthinobacterium sp. 344
ERP018955Clostridium frigidicarnis DSM 12271
ERP018956Halorubrum sodomense RD 26
ERP018957Amycolatopsis marina CGMCC 4.3568
ERP018958Rhizobium sp. NFR07
ERP018959Rhodococcus kroppenstedtii DSM 44908
ERP018960Pseudomonas sp. NFPP13
ERP018961Pseudomonas sp. NFPP24
ERP018962Bacillus sp. UNCCL13
ERP018963Selenomonas ruminantium L14
ERP018964Nocardioides alpinus CGMCC 1.10697
ERP018965Algoriphagus aquimarinus DSM 23399
ERP018966Pseudomonas sp. NFIX10
ERP018967Paracoccus halophilus CGMCC 1.6117
ERP018968Acetitomaculum ruminis DSM 5522
ERP018969Lentibacillus halodurans CGMCC 1.3702
ERP018970Litoreibacter janthinus DSM 26921
ERP018971Cellulomonas marina CGMCC 4.6945
ERP018972Massilia yuzhufengensis CGMCC 1.12041
ERP018973Xenorhabdus japonica DSM 16522
ERP018974Ruminococcus albus AR67
ERP018975Streptomyces sp. CF124
ERP018976Flavobacterium succinicans DSM 4002
ERP018977Microbacterium sp. CL127
ERP018978Thermodesulforhabdus norvegica strain:DSM 9990
ERP018979Klebsiella sp. NFIX35
ERP018980Collimonas sp. OK412
ERP018981Chitinophaga sp. YR627
ERP018982Pseudonocardia ammonioxydans CGMCC 4.1877
ERP018983Algoriella xinjiangensis XJ109
ERP018985Robiginitalea myxolifaciens DSM 21019
ERP018986Thioclava dalianensis CGMCC 1.12325
ERP018987Halobiforma haloterrestris DSM 13078
ERP018988Izhakiella capsodis N6PO6
ERP018989Chryseobacterium oleae DSM 25575
ERP018990Formivibrio citricus DSM 6150
ERP018991Pantoea sp. OV426
ERP018992Actinomadura madurae DSM 43067
ERP018993Pseudobutyrivibrio sp. UC1225
ERP018994Chryseobacterium jeonii DSM 17048
ERP018995Dokdonella immobilis CGMCC 1.7659
ERP018996Loktanella tamlensis DSM 26879
ERP018997Zunongwangia mangrovi DSM 24499
ERP018998Halogeometricum limi CGMCC 1.8711
ERP018999Butyrivibrio sp. YAB3001
ERP019000Cupriavidus sp. OV038
ERP019001Flavobacterium ummariense DS-12
ERP019002Nitrosospira briensis Nsp8
ERP019003Donghicola eburneus DSM 29127
ERP019004Poseidonocella sedimentorum DSM 29315
ERP019005Cohaesibacter marisflavi CGMCC 1.9157
ERP019006Pseudomonas sp. NFACC24-1
ERP019007Variovorax sp. NFACC26
ERP019008Bosea sp. DSM 18164
ERP019009Proteiniclasticum ruminis ML2
ERP019010Salegentibacter flavus strain:DSM 17794
ERP019011Roseovarius lutimaris DSM 28463
ERP019012Halogeometricum rufum CGMCC 1.7736
ERP019013Mycetocola miduiensis CGMCC 1.11101
ERP019014Marinobacter gudaonensis CGMCC 1.6294
ERP019015Enterobacter oryzae CGMCC 1.7012
ERP019016Bizionia echini DSM 23925
ERP019017Brevinema andersonii ATCC 43811
ERP019018Mesorhizobium sp. NFR06
ERP019019Bradyrhizobium sp. Ghvi
ERP019020Idiomarina maritima CGMCC 1.7285
ERP019021Pseudomonas syringae pv. aptata BS0292
ERP019022Marinobacter daqiaonensis CGMCC 1.9167
ERP019023Sphingomonas sp. OK281
ERP019024Algoriphagus ornithinivorans DSM 15282
ERP019025Capnocytophaga haemolytica DSM 11385
ERP019026Nitrosospira briensis Nsp10
ERP019027Paracoccus pantotrophus DSM 11073
ERP019028Maribacter stanieri DSM 19891
ERP019029Marinospirillum celere DSM 18438
ERP019030Pseudoalteromonas denitrificans DSM 6059
ERP019031Streptomyces aidinglake CGMCC 4.5739
ERP019032Polaromonas sp. OV174
ERP019033Prevotella ruminicola BPI-162
ERP019034Microbulbifer thermotolerans strain:DSM 19189
ERP019035Flexibacter flexilis DSM 6793
ERP019036Amycolatopsis rubida DSM 44637
ERP019037Pseudobutyrivibrio sp. JW11
ERP019038Clostridium aminovalericum DSM 1283
ERP019039Flavobacterium akiainvivens DSM 25510
ERP019040Lachnospiraceae bacterium XBB1006
ERP019041Variovorax sp. PDC80
ERP019042Tropicimonas isoalkanivorans DSM 19548
ERP019043Muricauda antarctica DSM 26351
ERP019044Verrucosispora sediminis CGMCC 4.3550
ERP019045Parapedobacter composti DSM 22900
ERP019046Nocardioides terrae CGMCC 1.7056
ERP019047Psychrobacillus psychrotolerans DSM 11706
ERP019048Eubacterium pyruvativorans KHPC4
ERP019049Geodermatophilus obscurus subsp. dictyosporus strain:DSM 43161
ERP019050Pseudomonas citronellolis LMG 18378
ERP019051Spirosoma endophyticum DSM 26130
ERP019052Variovorax sp. OK212
ERP019053Salipiger nanhaiensis DSM 27508
ERP019054Fructobacillus durionis DSM 19113
ERP019055Bacillus sp. 491MF
ERP019056Bifidobacterium bifidum Calf96
ERP019057Pragia fontium DSM 5563 = ATCC 49100
ERP019058Thioalkalimicrobium sp. ALE5
ERP019059Bacillus sp. OV322
ERP019060Alkalibacterium subtropicum DSM 23664
ERP019061Clostridium uliginosum DSM 12992
ERP019062Algibacter lectus DSM 15365
ERP019063Geodermatophilus taihuensis strain:DSM 45962
ERP019064Streptococcus equinus Sb13
ERP019065Kushneria avicenniae DSM 23439
ERP019066Tropicibacter multivorans DSM 26470
ERP019067Saccharopolyspora jiangxiensis CGMCC 4.3529
ERP019068Oceanicola nitratireducens DSM 29619
ERP019069Devosia psychrophila CGMCC 1.10210
ERP019070Flavobacterium phragmitis CGMCC 1.10370
ERP019071Bacillus sp. UNCCL81
ERP019072Streptococcus gallolyticus ATCC 700065
ERP019073Algibacter pectinivorans DSM 25730
ERP019074Pseudomonas syringae pv. aptata BS3825
ERP019075Eubacterium callanderi NLAE-zl-G225
ERP019076Thiohalospira halophila strain:HL3
ERP019077Chitinophaga sp. CF118
ERP019078Methylobacterium sp. 13MFTsu3.1M2
ERP019079Pseudomonas straminea JCM 2783
ERP019080Bacillus sp. OV194
ERP019081Enterococcus casseliflavus NLAE-zl-G268
ERP019082Lactobacillus sp. R-53102
ERP019083Acidovorax konjaci DSM 7481
ERP019084Roseivivax sediminis DSM 26472
ERP019085Enterobacter sp. NFIX08
ERP019086Paenibacillus catalpae CGMCC 1.10784
ERP019087Acidaminococcus fermentans pGA-4
ERP019088Lentibacillus persicus DSM 22530
ERP019089Prevotella sp. TF2-5
ERP019090Paracoccus denitrificans DSM 415
ERP019091Sulfitobacter brevis DSM 11443
ERP019092Roseovarius indicus DSM 26383
ERP019093Shimia marina DSM 26895
ERP019094Sharpea azabuensis KH2P10
ERP019095Nannocystis exedens ATCC 25963
ERP019096Variovorax sp. OK605
ERP019097Actinopolyspora alba DSM 45004
ERP019098Clostridium populeti DSM 5832
ERP019099Thermophagus xiamenensis DSM 19012
ERP019100Kosakonia diazotrophica S29
ERP019101Streptococcus equinus Sb20
ERP019102Enterobacter sp. NFIX04
ERP019103Nitrosomonas sp. Nm166
ERP019104Blastococcus desertis DSM 46838
ERP019105Marinobacter sp. DSM 26671
ERP019106Cupriavidus sp. OV096
ERP019107Streptomyces alni CGMCC 4.3510
ERP019108Pseudobutyrivibrio sp. NOR37
ERP019109Dyella marensis UNC178MFTsu3.1
ERP019110Roseivivax halotolerans DSM 15490
ERP019111Halolactibacillus alkaliphilums CGMCC 1.6843
ERP019112Succiniclasticum ruminis DSM 9236
ERP019113[Clostridium] aminophilum strain:F
ERP019114Pseudomonas sp. NFACC06-1
ERP019115Thermoanaerobacter thermohydrosulfuricus DSM 7021
ERP019116Pasteurella multocida ATCC 51689
ERP019117Peptostreptococcaceae bacterium pGA-8
ERP019118Paenibacillus algorifonticola CGMCC 1.10223
ERP019119Trichococcus pasteurii DSM 2381
ERP019120Methylobacterium sp. YR596
ERP019121Peptostreptococcus sp. D1
ERP019122Streptomyces mirabilis OK461
ERP019123Flavobacterium xueshanense CGMCC 1.9227
ERP019124Pseudomonas composti CECT 7516
ERP019125Sunxiuqinia elliptica CGMCC 1.9156
ERP019126Sphingobacterium antarcticum ATCC 51969
ERP019127Lactobacillus rogosae ATCC 27753
ERP019128Actinoplanes philippinensis DSM 43019
ERP019129Bacillus iranensis DSM 23995
ERP019130Acidovorax wautersii DSM 27981
ERP019131Enterovibrio norvegicus DSM 15893
ERP019132Flexibacter ruber DSM 9560
ERP019133Sanguibacter marinus DSM 19083
ERP019134Aureimonas phyllosphaerae L9-753
ERP019135Mycobacterium sp. 455MF
ERP019136Fontimonas thermophila DSM 23609
ERP019137Geodermatophilus sp. DSM 44208
ERP019138Curtobacterium sp. YR515
ERP019139Micropolyspora internatus ATCC 33517
ERP019140Clostridium cadaveris NLAE-zl-G419
ERP019141Duganella sp. CF458
ERP019142Halobacillus alkaliphilus FP5
ERP019143Klebsiella sp. NFIX38
ERP019144Salegentibacter agarivorans DSM 23515
ERP019145Actinopolymorpha cephalotaxi CPCC 202808
ERP019146Pseudomonas sp. NFPP28
ERP019148Stenotrophomonas sp. 92MFCol6.1
ERP019149Klebsiella sp. NFIX30
ERP019150Planifilum fulgidum DSM 44945
ERP019151Clostridium homopropionicum DSM 5847
ERP019152Agromyces sp. CF514
ERP019153Ensifer sp. OV372
ERP019154Ralstonia sp. NFACC01
ERP019155Roseobacter denitrificans DSM 7001
ERP019156Mitsuaria sp. PDC51
ERP019157Desemzia incerta DSM 20581
ERP019158Streptococcus equinus MPR4
ERP019159Yuhushiella deserti CGMCC 4.5579
ERP019160Novosphingobium sp. CF614
ERP019161Halopelagius inordinatus CGMCC 1.7739
ERP019162Jannaschia rubra DSM 16279
ERP019163Pseudomonas borbori LMG 23199
ERP019164Neptunomonas qingdaonensis CGMCC 1.10971
ERP019165Pontibacter chinhatensis LP51
ERP019166Variovorax sp. NFACC27
ERP019167Prevotella sp. KH2C16
ERP019168Sphingomonas sp. S5-249
ERP019169Halanaerobium congolense WG1
ERP019170Sporolactobacillus nakayamae ATCC 700379
ERP019171Enterobacter sp. KPR-6
ERP019172Desulfotomaculum arcticum DSM 17038
ERP019173Erythrobacter nanhaisediminis CGMCC 1.7715
ERP019174Nautella italica DSM 26436
ERP019175Tranquillimonas alkanivorans DSM 19547
ERP019176Bacillus megaterium ATCC 14581
ERP019177Klebsiella sp. NFIX54
ERP019178Halolactibacillus halophilus DSM 17073
ERP019179Desulfotomaculum geothermicum DSM 3669
ERP019180Algoriphagus hitonicola DSM 19315
ERP019181Hydrogenimonas thermophila EP1-55-1
ERP019182Lachnospiraceae bacterium C7
ERP019183Staphylococcus epidermidis NLAE-zl-G239
ERP019184Palleronia marisminoris DSM 26347
ERP019185Oribacterium sp. WCC10
ERP019186Stenotrophomonas maltophilia IAM 12423
ERP019187Sulfitobacter dubius DSM 16472
ERP019188Salibacterium halotolerans S7
ERP019189Corynebacterium spheniscorum strain:DSM 44757
ERP019190Lactobacillus ruminis DSM 20403
ERP019191Methylobacterium phyllosphaerae CBMB27
ERP019192Klebsiella sp. NFIX17
ERP019193Methylobacterium gossipiicola Gh-105
ERP019194Proteus mirabilis NLAE-zl-G534
ERP019195Pseudomonas sp. NFACC45
ERP019196Amycolatopsis regifaucium DSM 45072
ERP019197Pedobacter insulae DSM 18684
ERP019198Pseudomonas syringae pv. aptata BS3829
ERP019199Neisseria elongata ATCC 25295
ERP019200Pseudomonas sp. NFACC54
ERP019201Paracoccus aminovorans DSM 8537
ERP019202Nitrosospira sp. 17 Nsp14
ERP019203Cryobacterium levicorallinum CGMCC 1.11211
ERP019204Lachnospiraceae bacterium NLAE-zl-G231
ERP019205Halomonas xianhensis CGMCC 1.6848
ERP019206Halorubrum aquaticum CGMCC 1.6377
ERP019207Lachnoclostridium citroniae NLAE-zl-G70
ERP019208Pseudomonas syringae pv. aptata BS3827
ERP019209Tindallia magadiensis Z-7934
ERP019210Oscillibacter sp. PC13
ERP019211Trichococcus flocculiformis DSM 2094
ERP019212Pseudobutyrivibrio sp. OR37
ERP019213Planctomicrobium piriforme DSM 26348
ERP019214Pisciglobus halotolerans DSM 27630
ERP019215Pseudarcicella hirudinis DSM 25647
ERP019216Nocardioides psychrotolerans CGMCC 1.11156
ERP019217Albimonas pacifica CGMCC 1.11030
ERP019218Collimonas sp. OK307
ERP019219Selenomonas ruminantium Z108
ERP019220Bradyrhizobium sp. CF659
ERP019221Bradyrhizobium sp. Gha
ERP019222Pseudomonas guineae LMG 24016
ERP019223Enterobacter sp. NFIX59
ERP019224Parapedobacter indicus RK1
ERP019225Chryseobacterium frigidisoli DSM 26000
ERP019226Ruminobacter amylophilus DSM 1361
ERP019227Lysinibacillus sp. SG53
ERP019228Pseudomonas sp. NFPP08
ERP019229Pseudomonas sp. NFPP07
ERP019230Megasphaera elsdenii YE34
ERP019231Burkholderia megapolitana LMG 23650
ERP019232Pseudomonas sp. NFPP04
ERP019233Bosea sp. OK403
ERP019234Bacillus sp. 71MF
ERP019235Methylobacterium brachiatum 111MFTsu3.1M4
ERP019236Streptosporangium canum CGMCC 4.2126
ERP019237Jannaschia pohangensis DSM 19073
ERP019238Hymenobacter sp. UNC380MFSha3.1
ERP019239Pseudomonas sp. NFPP11
ERP019240Pseudomonas argentinensis LMG 22563
ERP019241Nitrosomonas sp. Nm34
ERP019242Paenibacillus sp. UNC496MF
ERP019243Aquamicrobium aerolatum DSM 21857
ERP019244Xenorhabdus mauleonii DSM 17908
ERP019245Celeribacter neptunius DSM 26471
ERP019246Treponema bryantii XBD1002
ERP019247Chryseobacterium indologenes DSM 16777
ERP019248Phyllobacterium sp. CL33Tsu
ERP019249Ruminococcaceae bacterium D5
ERP019250Caulobacter sp. UNC279MFTsu5.1
ERP019251Olleya namhaensis DSM 28881
ERP019252Amycolatopsis sacchari DSM 44468
ERP019253Natronobacterium gregoryi DSM 3393
ERP019254Chryseobacterium treverense DSM 22251
ERP019255Thermoflavimicrobium dichotomicum DSM 44778
ERP019256Pseudomonas kunmingensis DSM 25974
ERP019257Brevibacillus sp. OK042
ERP019258Myroides guanonis DSM 26542
ERP019259Sphingomonas sp. NFR04
ERP019260Terrisporobacter glycolicus strain:KPPR-9
ERP019261Desulfomicrobium apsheronum DSM 5918
ERP019262Nereida ignava DSM 16309
ERP019263Huaishuia halophila CGMCC 1.8891
ERP019264Klebsiella sp. NFIX21
ERP019265Marinobacter persicus IBRC-M 10445
ERP019266Halobacillus dabanensis CGMCC 1.3704
ERP019267Pseudomonas sp. 48MFCvi1.1
ERP019268Pantoea sp. YR512
ERP019269Cellulomonas sp. KH9
ERP019270Succinivibrio dextrinosolvens 22B
ERP019271Halolamina pelagica CGMCC 1.10329
ERP019272Pseudomonas toyotomiensis JCM 15604
ERP019273Variovorax sp. 770b2
ERP019274Frateuria terrea CGMCC 1.7053
ERP019275Pseudomonas sagittaria JCM 18195
ERP019276Methylophaga sulfidovorans DSM 11578
ERP019277Streptomyces pini PL19
ERP019278Lactobacillus mucosae KHPX11
ERP019279Marinilactibacillus piezotolerans DSM 16108
ERP019280Pseudovibrio ascidiaceicola DSM 16392
ERP019281Mesorhizobium albiziae DSM 21822
ERP019282Flaviramulus basaltis DSM 18180
ERP019283Celeribacter marinus DSM 100036
ERP019284Methylocapsa palsarum NE2
ERP019285Pseudomonas sp. NFACC52
ERP019286Nitrosomonas aestuarii Nm69
ERP019287Roseomonas stagni DSM 19981
ERP019288Rhodanobacter glycinis MO64
ERP019289Bacillus sp. 5MFCol3.1
ERP019290Lysobacter sp. CF310
ERP019291Microbacterium sp. CF046
ERP019292Porphyromonadaceae bacterium KH3CP3RA
ERP019293Methylobacterium salsuginis CGMCC 1.6474
ERP019294Geodermatophilus ruber DSM 45317
ERP019295Azotobacter beijerinckii DSM 381
ERP019296Lachnospiraceae bacterium KH1T2
ERP019297Nitrosomonas crytolerans Nm55
ERP019298Butyrivibrio proteoclasticus P18
ERP019299Sphingomonas rubra CGMCC 1.9113
ERP019300Parafilimonas terrae DSM 28286
ERP019301Caldicoprobacter faecalis DSM 20678
ERP019302Bacillus endophyticus DSM 13796
ERP019303Shimia haliotis DSM 28453
ERP019304Hymenobacter arizonensis DSM 17870
ERP019305Nitratireductor indicus CGMCC 1.10953
ERP019306Halomicrobium zhouii CGMCC 1.10457
ERP019307Sharpea azabuensis KH1P5
ERP019308Halogranum rubrum CGMCC 1.7738
ERP019309Salinicoccus halodurans CGMCC 1.6501
ERP019310Bacillus sp. OK634
ERP019311Trichococcus palustris DSM 9172
ERP019312Paenibacillus sp. 1_12
ERP019313Loktanella salsilacus DSM 16199
ERP019314Dyella sp. OK004
ERP019315Leifsonia sp. 98AMF
ERP019316Pseudomonas sp. NFACC46-3
ERP019317Methylobacterium pseudosasicola BL36
ERP019318Streptococcus equinus JB1
ERP019319Halanaerobium salsuginis ATCC 51327
ERP019320Lactococcus garvieae M79
ERP019321Leifsonia sp. CL147
ERP019322Methanobrevibacter olleyae DSM 16632
ERP019323Clostridium innocuum NLAE-zl-C381
ERP019324Desulfomicrobium norvegicum DSM 1741
ERP019325Bradyrhizobium sp. NFR13
ERP019326Pelosinus propionicus DSM 13327
ERP019327Granulicella pectinivorans DSM 21001
ERP019328Thalassobius aestuarii DSM 15283
ERP019329Gracilibacillus orientalis CGMCC 1.4250
ERP019330Pseudomonas syringae pv. fabae BS2732
ERP019331Fuchsiella alkaliacetigena WG13
ERP019332Loktanella litorea DSM 29433
ERP019333Rugamonas rubra ATCC 43154
ERP019334Nocardia asteroides DSM 43373
ERP019335Marinobacter sp. DSM 26291
ERP019336Bacillus qingdaonensis CGMCC 1.6134
ERP019337Legionella jamestowniensis DSM 19215
ERP019338Pseudomonas bauzanensis CGMCC 1.9095
ERP019339Nitrosomonas communis Nm44
ERP019340Enterococcus mundtii C2
ERP019341Pseudomonas pachastrellae LMG 23570
ERP019342Marinobacter zhejiangensis CGMCC 1.7061
ERP019343Variovorax sp. OV329
ERP019344Nitrosomonas nitrosa Nm146
ERP019345Agrococcus baldri IAM 15147
ERP019346Pseudomonas sp. NFPP05
ERP019347Pseudomonas yangmingensis DSM 24213
ERP019348Methanolobus profundi Mob M
ERP019349Pimelobacter simplex ATCC 6946
ERP019350Pseudomonas sp. OK602
ERP019351Bacteroides xylanisolvens NLAE-zl-C202
ERP019352Chryseobacterium sp. SUR2
ERP019353Pseudomonas formosensis JCM 18415
ERP019354Psychrobacillus psychrodurans DSM 11713
ERP019355Ectothiorhodospira marismortui DSM 4180
ERP019356Saccharopolyspora antimicrobica CPCC 201259
ERP019357Bradyrhizobium sp. Rc3b
ERP019358Marinobacter pelagius CGMCC 1.6775
ERP019359Streptococcus equinus SI
ERP019360Pleomorphomonas diazotrophica R5-392
ERP019361Bacillus sp. CL95
ERP019362Pseudomonas sp. NFIX49
ERP019363Lachnoclostridium oroticum NLAE-zl-C242
ERP019364PCNA polyubiquitylation is not required for DNA damage tolerance in DT40 cells
ERP019365Genomic characterization of Multi-Drug Resistant Uropathogenic Escherichia coli isolates from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
ERP019367Metagenomic investigation of six depths from the anchialine Bundera sinkhole
ERP019368Solanum tuberosum tubersphere soil bacteria 16S-rRNA amplicons from plots with none, one, or four annual bacterial antagonist application(s).
ERP01936916S rRNA gene sequences of human gut microbiota
ERP019370Next-Generation-Sequencing with the Base-Position Error Rate (BPER) method on circulating DNA in lung cancer patients
ERP019371Changes in the microbial community of an anammox consortium during adaptation to marine conditions revealed by 454 pyrosequencing
ERP019372Broiler ceca microbiota
ERP019376Complete genome sequence of the dairy isolate Lactobacillus acidipiscis ACA-DC 1533
ERP019393Six of L. brevis strains were sequenced and compared
ERP019394Personal Genome Project - United Kingdom
ERP019396Saccharopolyspora flava strain:DSM 44771
ERP019397Halostagnicola kamekurae DSM 22427
ERP019398Mucilaginibacter polytrichastri DSM 26907
ERP019399Succinivibrio dextrinosolvens ACV-10
ERP019400Paenibacillus sp. 453MF
ERP019401Halolactibacillus miurensis DSM 17074
ERP019402Acinetobacter pakistanensis ANC 5076
ERP019403Pseudomonas sp. NFACC48-1
ERP019404Lysinibacillus sp. SG55
ERP019405Sulfitobacter marinus DSM 23422
ERP019406Streptomyces sp. OK210
ERP019407Porphyromonadaceae bacterium NLAE-zl-C104
ERP019408Yangia pacifica DSM 26894
ERP019409Brevundimonas viscosa CGMCC 1.10683
ERP019411Arthrobacter sp. OV118
ERP019412Zhouia amylolytica CGMCC 1.6114
ERP019413Lutibacter maritimus DSM 24450
ERP019414Marininema halotolerans DSM 45789
ERP019415Bacillus sp. 103MF
ERP019416Methylobacterium sp. YR668
ERP019417Streptomyces harbinensis CGMCC 4.7047
ERP019418Paenibacillus sp. BC26
ERP019419Lysinibacillus sp. BC-43
ERP019420Hyphomicrobium facile subsp. facile DSM 1565
ERP019421Actinopolyspora righensis DSM 45501
ERP019422Pseudomonas sp. NFACC42-2
ERP019423Idiomarina abyssalis KMM 227
ERP019424Lishizhenia tianjinensis CGMCC 1.7005
ERP019425Oceanitalea nanhaiensis CGMCC 1.10826
ERP019426Chryseobacterium formosense DSM 17452
ERP019427Pseudoxanthomonas sp. YR558
ERP019428Crenotalea thermophila strain:DSM 14807
ERP019429Pseudomonas sp. NFPP25
ERP019430Pseudoalteromonas sp. DSM 26666
ERP019431Halomonas saccharevitans CGMCC 1.6493
ERP019432Geodermatophilus amargosae strain:DSM 46136
ERP019433Algoriphagus locisalis DSM 23445
ERP019434Pseudomonas marincola LMG 24752
ERP019435Devosia crocina IPL20
ERP019436Leisingera nanhaiensis CGMCC 1.10959
ERP019437Methanosarcina sp. DSM 11855
ERP019438Pseudovibrio denitrificans DSM 17465
ERP019439Mesorhizobium sp. YR577
ERP019440Enterobacter sp. NFIX06
ERP019441Burkholderia aspalathi LMG 27731
ERP019442Lachnospiraceae bacterium XBD2001
ERP019443Selenomonas ruminantium GACV-9
ERP019444Pseudoalteromonas lipolytica CGMCC 1.8499
ERP019445Kosakonia arachidis Ah-143
ERP019446Campylobacter hyointestinalis ATCC 35217
ERP019447Massilia namucuonensis CGMCC 1.11014
ERP019448Bradyrhizobium arachidis LMG 26795
ERP019449Micrococcus terreus CGMCC 1.7054
ERP019450Eubacterium pyruvativorans KHGC13
ERP019451Pseudomonas sp. OV546
ERP019452Nitrosolobus sp. Nl14
ERP019453Halomonas korlensis CGMCC 1.6981
ERP019454Nitrosomonas eutropha Nm24
ERP019455Porphyromonadaceae bacterium KHP3R9
ERP019456Pontibacter akesuensis DSM 18820
ERP019457Pantoea sp. YR525
ERP019458Jannaschia seohaensis DSM 25227
ERP019459Polaromonas sp. YR568
ERP019460Roseovarius crassostreae DSM 16950
ERP019461Butyrivibrio sp. INlla21
ERP019462Butyrivibrio sp. M55
ERP019463Xenorhabdus koppenhoeferi DSM 18168
ERP019464Streptococcus gordonii strain:LMG 15572
ERP019465Clostridium innocuum NLAE-zl-G197
ERP019466Clostridium sp. DSM8431
ERP019467Methylobacterium sp. UNCCL125
ERP019468Alicyclobacillus macrosporangiidus DSM 17980
ERP019469Methylobacterium sp. 174MFSha1.1
ERP019470Pustulibacterium marinum CGMCC 1.12333
ERP019471Acidovorax caeni DSM 19327
ERP019472Ruminococcus flavefaciens SAb67
ERP019473Pseudidiomarina donghaiensis CGMCC 1.7284
ERP01947416S rRNA gene sequences of human gut microbiota
ERP019475Establishment of Mixed microbial/methanotrophic consortia
ERP01947616S rRNA gene sequences of human gut microbiota
ERP01947716S rRNA gene sequences of human gut microbiota
ERP01947816S rRNA gene sequences of human gut microbiota
ERP019479Amplicon sequencing of 16S rRNA of bacterial communities from deep-sea surface sediments in pressure and food source experiments
ERP019481Salmonella Dublin Invasome
ERP019484Metagenomic Analysis of Dairy Bacteriophages: Extraction Method and Pilot Study on Whey Samples Derived from Using Undefined and Defined Mesophilic Starter Cultures
ERP019485Nutritional programming of lifespan: Excessive sugar consumption in early adulthood curtails Drosophila survival by inhibiting dFOXO
ERP019488Investigation of the Bacteriophage Community in Induced Lysates of Undefined Mesophilic Mixed-Strain DL-Cultures Using Classical and Metagenomic Approaches
ERP019489Have you tried spermine?
ERP019491Draft genome of Staphylococcus sciuri subsp. sciuri ATCC 29059
ERP019492RNA-Seq of steady-state and LPS stimulated splenic classical dendritic cells from wild type, germ-free and IFNAR knockout mice
ERP019494STELLA and MuERV-L activation are essential for early mouse development
ERP019497Whole genome sequencing of Shigella isolates
ERP019499This study aims to generate a draft transcriptome for Pecten maximus (The King Scallop).
ERP019500Evaluation of whole genome sequencing for the epidemiological typing of Legionella pneumophila
ERP019501Whole genome sequencing and analysis of Escherichia coli isolates
ERP019502Subspecies in the global human gut microbiome
ERP019503Transcriptomic data from early stages during zygotic embryo development in Pinus sylvestris L.
ERP019504Bacterial and fungal communities in beech and spruce forest soil
ERP019505The shotgun genome of freshwater Lyngbya hieronymusii CHAB 3367
ERP019506Analysis of cardiovirus and infected host-cell gene expression through RNA sequencing and ribosome profiling
ERP019507Impact of LAB supplementation in drinking water on chicken crop and ceca
ERP019509Genome and transcriptome sequencing of the thermophilic fungus Rhizomucor pusillus