AccessionTitle or Alias
SRP018446Escherichia coli 99.1753RefSeq Genome
SRP018447Escherichia coli 99.1775RefSeq Genome
SRP018448Escherichia coli 99.1793RefSeq Genome
SRP018449Escherichia coli 99.1805RefSeq Genome
SRP018450Escherichia coli ATCC 700728RefSeq Genome
SRP018451Escherichia coli PA19RefSeq Genome
SRP018452Escherichia coli PA13RefSeq Genome
SRP018453Escherichia coli PA2RefSeq Genome
SRP018454Escherichia coli PA48RefSeq Genome
SRP018455Escherichia coli PA8RefSeq Genome
SRP018456Escherichia coli 7.1982RefSeq Genome
SRP018457Escherichia coli 99.1781RefSeq Genome
SRP018458Escherichia coli 99.1762RefSeq Genome
SRP018459Escherichia coli PA35RefSeq Genome
SRP018460Escherichia coli 3.4880RefSeq Genome
SRP018461Escherichia coli 95.0083RefSeq Genome
SRP018462Escherichia coli 99.0670RefSeq Genome
SRP018463Brachyspira hampsonii 30599RefSeq Genome
SRP018464Collodictyon japan strain Transcriptome
SRP018465Inferring the in vivo cellular program of developing bovine muscle from expression data
SRP018468Draft genome sequence of B. pseudomallei strain Maran
SRP018469RA_amplicon Metagenome
SRP018470Triticum urartu Genome sequencing
SRP018471Clostridium botulinum CB11/1-1 genome sequencing and assembly
SRP018472Sphingopyxis sp. MC1 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP018473Pectobacterium atrosepticum CFBP 6276 Genome sequencing
SRP018474Streptococcus oralis subsp. tigurinus 1366 Genome sequencing
SRP018475Streptococcus oralis subsp. tigurinus AZ_3a strain:AZ_3a Genome sequencing
SRP018482Colinus virginianus strain:Texas Genome sequencing
SRP018486Prevotella nigrescens F0103RefSeq Genome
SRP018487Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Gallinarum str. 9184 RefSeq Genome
SRP018488Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Dublin str. SL1438 RefSeq Genome
SRP018489Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Dublin str. HWS51 RefSeq Genome
SRP018490Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Enteritidis str. SE8a RefSeq Genome
SRP018491Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Enteritidis str. 20037 RefSeq Genome
SRP018492Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Enteritidis str. SE10 RefSeq Genome
SRP018493Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Enteritidis str. 436 RefSeq Genome
SRP018494Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Enteritidis str. 18569 RefSeq Genome
SRP018495Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Enteritidis str. 13-1 RefSeq Genome
SRP018496Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Enteritidis str. PT23 RefSeq Genome
SRP018497Escherichia coli 99.0848RefSeq Genome
SRP018498Escherichia coli PA47RefSeq Genome
SRP018499Rhodococcus erythropolis R138 Genome sequencing
SRP018502Escherichia coli PA11RefSeq Genome
SRP018503small RNA sequencing
SRP018504Adelieledone polymorpha Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018505Octopus kaurna Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018506Homo sapiens double strand breaks map
SRP018507Helianthus hybrid species transcriptome
SRP018508Nicotiana benthamiana Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018509Let-7 represses Nr6a1 and a mid-gestation developmental program in adult fibroblasts [small_RNA-Seq]
SRP018510Let-7 represses Nr6a1 and a mid-gestation developmental program in adult fibroblasts [RNA-seq_siRNA_transfection]
SRP018511Let-7 represses Nr6a1 and a mid-gestation developmental program in adult fibroblasts [mRNA-seq_Flag-HA-NR6A1_overexpr]
SRP018512Transcriptome analysis of Snake Head Fish Channa striata
SRP018513Let-7 represses Nr6a1 and a mid-gestation developmental program in adult fibroblasts [ChIP-seq_histone]
SRP018514Let-7 represses Nr6a1 and a mid-gestation developmental program in adult fibroblasts [ChIP-seq_nr6a1]
SRP018516Transcriptome Profiling of Rattus norvegicus Embryonic Stem Cells by RNA-Sequencing
SRP018517Hyalella azteca Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018518Shorea beccariana strain:AA1841 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018519Lymantria dispar Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018520Lymantria dispar Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018521MLV integration sites in human K562 cells
SRP018522Surface glacier ice Metagenome
SRP018523Bisulfite-Seq profiling of undifferentiated ESCs, and in vitro derived primordial germ cells (iPGCs)
SRP018524RNA deep sequencing reveals novel candidate genes and polymorphisms in boar testis and liver tissues with divergent androstenone levels.
SRP018525Genetic Programs in Human and Mouse Early Embryos Revealed by Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing
SRP018526Stomoxys calcitrans Genome sequencing
SRP018527Bulk soil Metagenome
SRP018528DNA methylation of hematopoietic stem cells during ontogeny and after enforced proliferative history
SRP018529Nodularia spumigena CCY9414 Genome sequencing
SRP018530HIV-1 V3-loop 454 sequencing to define virus tropism
SRP018531Reticulitermes flavipes Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018532Lone Star virus TMA1381 Genome sequencing
SRP018533Triticum aestivum strain:Chinese spring deletion line Random survey
SRP018534Escherichia coli KTE118 Genome sequencing
SRP018535Rosa hybrid cultivar strain:Samantha
SRP018536Macaca mulatta Genome sequencing
SRP018537Genomic features and regulatory roles of intermediate-size non-coding RNAs in Arabidopsis
SRP018538Comparison of cardiomyocyte transcripts after knockdown of Gata4 in zebrafish embryos
SRP018539GSE44018: Identification of Transcription Factor DPL-1::GFP Binding Regions in L1
SRP018540GSE44005: Identification of Transcription Factor F45C12.2::GFP Binding Regions in L2
SRP018541GSE44006: Identification of Transcription Factor ALY-2::GFP Binding Regions in L2
SRP018542GSE44007: Identification of Transcription Factor R02D3.7::GFP Binding Regions in L3
SRP018543GSE44008: Identification of Transcription Factor LIN-15B::GFP Binding Regions in L1
SRP018544GSE44012: Identification of Transcription Factor NHR-77::GFP Binding Regions in L1
SRP018545GSE44016: Identification of Transcription Factor LIN-35::GFP Binding Regions in L1
SRP018546Sumoylation Pathway Is Required to Maintain the Basal Breast Cancer Subtype
SRP018547Competition between pre-mRNAs for a limiting splicing machinery drives global changes in splicing
SRP018548Identification of SF-1 genomic binding sites in conditions of basal and increased dosage in the H295R adrenocortical tumor cell line
SRP018549Long-range bidirectional transcription is a general feature of developmental gene promoters in mammals (RNA-Seq 1)
SRP018550Next Generation Annotation of prokarotic genomes with EuGene-P: application to Sinorhizobium meliloti 2011
SRP018551GSE44011: Identification of Transcription Factor ZK377.2::GFP Binding Regions in L4
SRP018552Probing the off-target effect of EGFP siRNA and pro-siRNA in the HeLa-d1EGFP cell line
SRP018554Genome-wide maps of Cbx3 in pluripotent mESC and pre-iPSCs
SRP018555The Neuron-specific chromatin regulatory subunit BAF53b is necessary for synaptic plasticity and memory.
SRP018556GSE44038: TET1 is a maintenance DNA demethylase in adult cells [DREAM]
SRP018557DTF1 is a core component of RNA-directed DNA methylation and may assist in the recruitment of Pol IV
SRP018558GSE44009: Identification of Transcription Factor ZK377.2::GFP Binding Regions in L1
SRP018559GSE44010: Identification of Transcription Factor ZK377.2::GFP Binding Regions in L3
SRP018560GSE44013: Identification of Transcription Factor NHR-116::GFP Binding Regions in L4
SRP018561GSE44017: Identification of Transcription Factor HPL-2::GFP Binding Regions in L1
SRP018562Deep transcriptome profile analysis reveals different expression patterns of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae strains
SRP018563Mechanisms of Ikaros Tumor Suppression with HDAC1 through distinct histone markers in Pre-B ALL Leukemia
SRP018564Identification of chromatin regulatory sites in conditions of basal and increased SF-1 dosage in the H295R adrenocortical tumor cell line
SRP018565ChIP-seq of three core components of the circadian clock (BMAL1, CLOCK and CRY1) in unsynchronized human U2OS cells
SRP018566GSE44015: Identification of Transcription Factor LIN-35::GFP Binding Regions in yA
SRP018567GSE44014: Identification of Transcription Factor SPTF-1::GFP Binding Regions in L1
SRP018568Escherichia coli T1282_01 Genome sequencing
SRP018569Escherichia coli 09bkt024447 Genome sequencing
SRP018570Escherichia coli T1840_97 Genome sequencing
SRP018571Cohesin and CTCF Differentially Affect the Chromatin Architecture and Gene Expression in Human Cells
SRP018572Escherichia coli Bd5610_99 Genome sequencing
SRP018573Escherichia coli T234_00 Genome sequencing
SRP018574Escherichia coli T924_01 Genome sequencing
SRP018575Daubentonia madagascariensis Genome sequencing
SRP018576Escherichia coli 08BKT77219 Genome sequencing
SRP018577Thermotoga maritima MSB8 Genome sequencing
SRP018578GSE44200: Mot1 redistributes TBP from TATA-containing to TATA-less promoters
SRP018579Metatranscriptome of phototrophic microbial mats from Yellowstone
SRP018580Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. DH10B Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018581Butomus umbellatus mitochondrial genome sequencing
SRP018582Legumes_transcriptomic Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018583Tinospora cordifolia cultivar:IC-281970 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018584Geographic Sewage Study Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP018585Escherichia coli 08BKT055439 Genome sequencing
SRP018586HMGN1 Modulates Nucleosome Occupancy And DNaseI Hypersensitivity At The CpG Island Promoters Of Embryonic Stem Cells
SRP018587Canonical Nucleosome Organization at Promoters Forms During Genome Activation
SRP018588Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain R008 Genome Sequencing
SRP018589Blastomyces dermatitidis ATCC 26199 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018590Ishikawaella symbiont of Megacopta cribraria Genome sequencing
SRP018591Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018592Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018593Leptospira terpstrae serovar Hualin str. LT 11-33 = ATCC 700639 Genome sequencing
SRP018594Leptospira interrogans serovar Copenhageni str. M20 Genome sequencing
SRP018596Cooperia oncophora Genome Sequencing
SRP018597Allele-specific maps of RNA polymerase II phosphorylated at serine 5 in mouse cultured hybrid cells and mouse hybrid brain
SRP018598Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018599Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018600Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018601Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018602Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018603Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018604Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018605Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018606Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018607Soil microbial communities from the Bolivian Altiplano Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP018608Aphanomyces invadans Genome Project
SRP018609Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018610Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018611Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018612Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018613Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018614Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018615Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018616Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018617Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018618Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018619Master Transcription Factors and Mediator Establish Super-Enhancers at Key Cell Identity Genes [ChIP-Seq]
SRP018620Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018621Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018622Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018623Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018624Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018625Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018626Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018627Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018628Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018629Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018630Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018631Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018632Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018633Aphanomyces astaci Transcriptome Project
SRP018634Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018635Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018636Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018637Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018638Genome-wide maps of DNA cytosine methylation state in during normal differentiation commitment in hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) and in Special AT-rich sequence-binding protein1 (Satb1) - deficient HSC
SRP018639Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018640Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018641Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018642Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018643Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018644Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018645Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018646Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018647Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018648Gene expression is a circular process
SRP018649Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018650Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018651Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018652Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018653Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018654Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018655Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018656Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018657Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018658Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018659Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018660Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018661Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018662Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018663Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018664Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018665Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018666Transcriptome profiling of Andrographis paniculata (Kalmegh) for generation of Genomic Resources
SRP018667Cryptococcus neoformans var. grubii F0 and F2 Variation
SRP018668Whole-genome landscape of histone H2AX and ?-H2AX along with related factors in activated cells
SRP018669acinia cell carcinoma case study
SRP018670Aspergillus flavus Sclerotia Transcriptome
SRP018671Ostertagia ostertagi Genome Sequencing
SRP018672Analysis of the host transcriptome from demyelinating spinal cord of murine coronavirus infected mice
SRP018674Whole Genome shotgun of great apes
SRP018675Neotoma lepida Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018676Hemileia vastatrix HvCat Genome sequencing
SRP018677Thlaspi arvense strain:MN106 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018678Leptospira Genomics And Human Health
SRP018680Loliolus noctiluca Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018681Sepia latimanus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018682Whole genome sequencing of 12 breeds of Canis lupus familiaris
SRP018683Sepioteuthis australis Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018684Pareledone turqueti Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018685Sepia pharaonis Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018686Octopus cyanea Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018687Hapalochlaena maculosa Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018688Escherichia coli REL606 Genome sequencing
SRP018689Whole genome sequences for a set of 79 great ape individuals. Genome sequencing
SRP018690Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain R103 Genome Sequencing
SRP018691Microbiome dynamics during the anaerobic treatment of slaughterhouse wastes
SRP018692Avian resistance to Campylobacter jejuni colonization is associated with an intestinal immunogene expression signature identified by mRNA sequencing.
SRP018693Saccharomyces cerevisiae P301 Genome Sequencing
SRP018694Tripterygion delaisi Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018695RNA-Seq and RNA Polymerase II ChIP-Seq of mouse spermatogenesis
SRP018696Transcript profiling of the biotrophic interaction between Theobroma cacao and the fungal pathogen Moniliophthora perniciosa
SRP018697Acinetobacter oleivorans DR1 : WT stationary phase vs. aqsR mutant stationary phase
SRP018698Arabidopsis thaliana mutant chm1-1 Genome sequencing
SRP018699Gene expression profiling of zebrafish embryos at 5 days post fertilization [Illumina RNA-Seq]
SRP018700Genome-scale DNA methylation maps of mouse chromaffin cells with or without Sdhb knock-out.
SRP018701Genome sequencing of Homo sapiens
SRP018703Drosophila malerkotliana malerkotliana strain:mal0-isoC Genome sequencing
SRP018704High resolution transcriptome-wide RNA cytosine methylome of Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts
SRP018705Spatial organization of chromatin at the HoxD locus in developing caeca (4C-seq)
SRP018706Aphanomyces invadans Transcriptome Project
SRP018707Transcriptome along the murine developing gut
SRP018708Transcriptome in developing caeca
SRP018709Gallus gallus Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP018710Mizuhopecten yessoensis Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018711Bacterial diversity of unexplored co-occurring marine samples of Palk Bay by Illumina sequencing
SRP018712Brachybacterium muris UCD-AY4 Genome sequencing
SRP018713Influence of wastewater treatment plant effluents on bacterial community composition and antibiotic resistance in the environment
SRP018714Coenagrion puella Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018715Next generation sequencing in ZS rats
SRP018716Remodeling of Ago2-mRNA interactions upon cellular stress reflects miRNA complementarity and correlates with altered translation rates (part 1)
SRP018717Remodeling of Ago2-mRNA interactions upon cellular stress reflects miRNA complementarity and correlates with altered translation rates (part 2)
SRP018718Remodeling of Ago2-mRNA interactions upon cellular stress reflects miRNA complementarity and correlates with altered translation rates (part 3)
SRP018719Remodeling of Ago2-mRNA interactions upon cellular stress reflects miRNA complementarity and correlates with altered translation rates (part 4)
SRP018720Trichoderma harzianum IOC 3844 Variation
SRP018721Fermented shirimp food (Saeu-jeot) Targeted Locus
SRP018722Utricularia gibba Genome sequencing
SRP018723NSun2-mediated cytosine-5 methylation in Vault non-coding RNA determines its processing into small RNAs [iCLIP]
SRP018724Homo sapiens Targeted Exome Sequencing
SRP018725Astyanax mexicanus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018726Exome resequencing in conifers
SRP018727Porphyridium purpureum Genome sequencing
SRP018728Mississippi River Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP018729Aphis gossypii Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018730Soil microbial diversity patterns of a lowland spring environment.
SRP018731Transcriptome resource of Chinese Tan sheep skin tissue
SRP018732Physcomitrella patens strain:Gransden Epigenomics
SRP018733Pseudopodoces humilis Phenotype or Genotype
SRP018734De novo sequencing and assembly of an acorn squash (Cucurbita pepo ssp. ovifera) fruit and seed transcriptome
SRP018735Transcriptome analysis of NIC+DOCK1wt/wt and NIC+DOCK1flx/flx mice mammary tumors
SRP018736Body 68 Metagenome
SRP018737Guillardia theta CCMP2712 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018738Desulfocurvibacter africanus PCS Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP018739Characterization of differential transcript abundance through time during Nematostella vectensis development
SRP018740miRNA and mRNA sequencing in cattle and pig
SRP018741Frog microbiota Metagenome
SRP018742The serum resistome of the globally disseminated, multidrug resistant uropathogenic E. coli ST131 strain EC958
SRP018743Bacterial and archaeal diversity in Armenian hot springs
SRP018744Bacillus licheniformis DSM 13 = ATCC 14580 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018745Sand filter Metagenome
SRP018746Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus VH60 Genome sequencing
SRP018747Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus 333 Genome sequencing
SRP018748Staphylococcus aureus VH221 Genome sequencing
SRP018749Staphylococcus aureus 3957 Genome sequencing
SRP018750Mus musculus strain:C57BL Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018751Vitis vinifera Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP018752Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) discovery in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) using restriction site associated DNA (RAD) sequencing of doubled haploids and assessment of polymorphism in a populations’ survey
SRP018753Zea mays subsp. mays Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018754Comau Fjord Metagenome
SRP018755Genomic basis for the repeated evolutiuon of coastal forms in the Senecio lautus complex
SRP018756Papio cynocephalus Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP018757Saccharomyces cerevisiae W303 Genome sequencing
SRP018759RA Metagenome
SRP018760Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018761Chip-seq for H3K27me3 and H3K4me3 in DNA methylation deficient mouse embryonic fibroblasts
SRP018762Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018763Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018764Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018765Degradome sequencing reveals an endogenous microRNA target in C. elegans
SRP018766Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018767Genome-wide binding of TEAD4 in gastric cancer cell lines MKN28 and SNU216
SRP018768Whole genome bisulfite sequencing of rdm16ros1, ros1, nrpd1ros1 mutants and C24 wild-type
SRP018770Chromatin connectivity maps reveal dynamic promoter-enhancer long-range associations
SRP018771Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018772Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018773Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018774Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018775Next-generation sequencing identifies mRNAs targets that experience significant changes in alternative splicing upon PQBP1 knockdown in mouse embryonic cortical neurons
SRP018776Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018777Stranded RNA-seq of H9 cells
SRP018778Cellular generation of 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine by redox-active chemicals via an unprecedent non-enzymatic mechanism
SRP018779Coronary Artery Disease Associated Transcription Factor TCF21 Regulates Smooth Muscle Precursor Cells that Contribute to the Fibrous Cap
SRP018780A global differential transcriptomic profiling of Mycobacterium gilvum PYR-GCK during pyrene and glucose metabolism, using RNA seq.
SRP018781PAX5 overexpression is not enough to reestablish the mature B-cell phenotype in classical Hodgkin lymphoma (ChIP-Seq)
SRP018784H3K27me3 in human bladder transitional cell carcinoma cell line CL1207
SRP018785GenomeTrakr Project: US Food and Drug Administration
SRP018786NSun2-mediated cytosine-5 methylation in Vault non-coding RNA determines its processing into small RNAs [RNA-seq]
SRP018787Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018788Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP01878916S rRNA from Mouse Models of Liver Disease Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP018790Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018791Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018792Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018793Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018794Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018795Genomic binding profile of TAL1 in human Endothelial Colony-Forming Cells
SRP018796Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018797An inherently bi-functional subset of Foxp3+ Treg/T-helper cells is controlled by the transcription factor Eos
SRP018798Analysis of Drosophila salivary glands and Kc cells with depleted levels of linker histone H1 (Illumina smRNA-Seq]
SRP018799Macro histone variants preserve cell identity by preventing the gain of H3K4me2 during reprogramming
SRP018800Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018801RNA-sequencing technology identifies specific genes expressed in the ICM of mouse embryos
SRP018802Acinetobacter oleivorans DR1 : Wild type treated with tetracycline vs. harboring plasmid (pAST2) treated with tetracycline
SRP018803BACH2 mediates negative selection and p53-dependent tumor suppression at the pre-B cell receptor checkpoint.
SRP018804Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018805Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018806Directed shotgun proteomics guided by RNA-Seq identifies a complete expressed prokaryotic proteome
SRP018807Genome-wide analysis identifies a functional association of Tet1 and Polycomb PRC2 in mouse embryonic stem cells but not in differentiated tissues
SRP018808Genome-wide maps of histone modifications in male and female mouse liver
SRP018809Long-range bidirectional transcription is a general feature of developmental gene promoters in mammals (RNA-Seq 2)
SRP018810Long-range bidirectional transcription is a general feature of developmental gene promoters in mammals (ChIP-Seq 1)
SRP018811Next Generation Sequencing Analysis of Wild Type and Hypomorphic Nkx2-5 mutant heart Transcriptomes
SRP018812Genome-wide maps of Nkx2-5 in E11.5 mouse embryonic heart
SRP018813Processing-Independent CRISPR RNAs Limit Natural Transformation in Neisseria meningitidis
SRP018814The Translation Initiation Factor eIF3h Targets Specific Transcripts to Polysomes during Embryogenesis
SRP018815RNA helicase A is necessary for KIF1Bß tumor suppression in neuroblastoma
SRP018816Neurospora crassa strain:Oak ridge Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018817Xiphophorus birchmanni Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018818Pseudoxiphophorus jonesii Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018819Genome-wide nucleosome, TFIIIC and TFIIIB occupancies in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
SRP018820An Ancient Transcription Factor Initiates the Burst of piRNA Production During Early Meiosis in Mouse Testes (ChIP-Seq)
SRP018821Asian longhorned beetle gut microbiome
SRP018822Clinical microbiology Genome sequencing
SRP018823Zea mays subsp. mays Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018824Gut microbial communities from children with irritable bowel syndrome before and after exposure to the FODMAPS (low fermentable substrate) diet. Metagenome
SRP018825Fish gut microflora Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP018826Grapevine leaves Metagenome
SRP018827Phenol-degrading consortia 454 pyrosequencing data
SRP018828Stylophora pistillata Targeted Locus
SRP018829Usf1, a Suppressor of the Circadian Clock Mutant, Reveals the Nature of the DNA-binding of the CLOCK:BMAL1 complex in mice
SRP018830Locusta migratoria Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP018831Glycine max strain:Isoclark Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018832Zea mays Genome sequencing
SRP018833Klebsiella pneumoniae Genome sequencing
SRP018834Marine unicellular eukaryote succession Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP018835Changes in membrane lipid composition during Iron depletion and starvation in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
SRP018836Identification of mRNAs bound and regulated by human LIN28 proteins and molecular requirements for RNA recognition [RNA-Seq]
SRP018837Identification of mRNAs bound and regulated by human LIN28 proteins and molecular requirements for RNA recognition [PAR-CLIP]
SRP018838Single Cell RNA-Seq
SRP018839Isolated congenital asplenia
SRP018840Comprehensive investigation of miRNAs enhanced by analysis of sequence variants, expression patterns, AGO loading and target cleavage
SRP018841CGCI: HIV+ Tumor Molecular Characterization Project (HTMCP) – Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma (DLBCL)
SRP018842High-throughput RNA sequencing analysis of WT, rdm16-2 and sta1 mutants
SRP018843CTCF binding in B cells and Plasmablasts
SRP018844Global DNA Methylation Remodeling Accompanies CD8 T Cell Effector Function
SRP018845Dnmt3L-dependent regulation of DNA methylation promotes stem cells differentiation toward primitive germinal cells [MeDIP-seq]
SRP018846Differential Molecular Effects of Imiglucerase and Velaglucerase Alfa in Gaucher Disease Mice [RNA-Seq]
SRP018847Sus scrofa domesticus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018848Repeat elements study in pluripotent stem cells [RNA-seq]
SRP018849Burkholderia pseudomallei NCTC 13392 sequencing
SRP018850Thamnophis sirtalis Genome sequencing
SRP018851Xiphophorus malinche Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018852Genome-wide transcriptional response of the filamentous fungus Trichoderma reesei to lignocellulose using RNA sequencing and comparison with Aspergillus niger
SRP018853Altered microRNA expression in individuals at high risk of type 1 diabetes
SRP018854Anoplocnemis curvipes Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018855An Ancient Transcription Factor Initiates the Burst of piRNA Production During Early Meiosis in Mouse Testes (RNA-Seq)
SRP018856Sus scrofa Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018857Leaf litter and underneath soil Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP018858DG Metagenome
SRP018859Genome wide RNA-seq analysis of E9.5 Smchd1 wild type and mutant embryos
SRP018860Genome wide RNA-seq analysis of E14.5 Smchd1 wild type and mutant placenta
SRP018861Activation and repression by oncogenic Myc shapes tumour-specific gene expression profiles
SRP018862Evidence of a critical role for cellodextrin transporter 2 (CDT-2) in both cellulose and hemicellulose degradation and utilization in Neurospora crassa
SRP018863Sus scrofa domesticus strain:Guadyerbas Iberian pig breed Genome sequencing
SRP018864Genome-wide Analysis Reveals SR Protein Cooperation and Competition in Regulated Splicing
SRP018865Gaucher Disease: Transcriptome Analyses Using Microarray or mRNA Sequencing in a Mouse Model Treated with velaglucerase alfa or imiglucerase [RNA-Seq]
SRP018866The ParS/ParR regulon in Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1
SRP018867Next generation sequencing facilitates quantitative analysis of Caenorhabditis elegans N2 wild type, emr-1(gk119), lem-2(tm1582) and emr-1(RNAi) lem-2(tm1582) transcriptomes.
SRP018868Hepatitis delta virus high-throughput sequencing of the right region of genomic HDV RNA
SRP018869Genome-wide analysis of dFOXO binding sites in Drosophila
SRP018870Nosema apis BRL 01 genome sequencing
SRP018871Transcriptome along the hedgehog developing gut
SRP018872Priapella compressa strain:wild Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018873E Coli, substrain DH10B and U2OS Genome sequencing
SRP018874Saccharomyces cerevisiae Epigenomics
SRP018875Populus pruinosa Transcriptome
SRP018876Pagothenia borchgrevinki Reference Transcriptome
SRP018877Transciptome Maps of Functionally Distinct CD4+ T-cell Subpopulations
SRP018878Malus domestica Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018879Human gut stool samples Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP018880Independent Regulation of Metabolism but Coordinated Control of Tissue Development by Epidermal Specific Transcription Factors in Caenorhabditis elegans
SRP018881Insect communities Metagenome
SRP018882Pygsuia biforma strain:PCbi66 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018883Multiple roles for Grainyheadlike transcription factors in the establishment and maintenance of human mucociliary airway epithelium
SRP018884Holocentromeres are dispersed point centromeres localized at transcription factor hotspots
SRP018885Genome-wide maps of CENP-A nucleosomes in three neocentromere-containing cell lines
SRP018886Global analyses of how 3'' UTR-isoform choice influences mRNA stability and translational efficiency
SRP018887Xiphophorus alvarezi strain:wild Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018888Everglades Soil 16S Amplicon
SRP018889Xiphophorus andersi strain:wild Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018890Xiphophorus clemenciae strain:wild Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018891Xiphophorus continens strain:wild Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018892Xiphophorus couchianus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018894Fecal slurry Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP018895Aphanomyces astaci Genome Project
SRP018896Bacteria from Nephrops norvegicus gut Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP018897Asbestopluma hypogea Metagenome
SRP018898Xiphophorus evelynae Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018899Xiphophorus gordoni Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018900Xiphophorus hellerii Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018901Xiphophorus maculatus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018902Xiphophorus mayae Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018903Arabidopsis thaliana Genome sequencing to study water use efficiency
SRP018904Bacillus subtilis MB73/2 Genome sequencing
SRP018905Bacterial community diversity of four A. thaliana cer mutants and Ler wild type
SRP018906Xiphophorus meyeri Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018907Xiphophorus milleri strain:mil82 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018908Xiphophorus montezumae strain:Rascon Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018909Xiphophorus monticolus strain:Tej Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018910Xiphophorus multilineatus strain:Rio Coy Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018911Xiphophorus nezahualcoyotl strain:Arroyo Gallitos Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018912Xiphophorus nigrensis strain:Rio Choy Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018913Xiphophorus pygmaeus strain:Nacimiento Rio Huichihuayan Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018914Xiphophorus variatus strain:Rio Calnali Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018915Xenopus laevis strain:Female Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018916Xiphophorus xiphidium strain:SC Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018917Haliotis rufescens testis transcriptome sequencing
SRP018918Xiphophorus malinche Genome sequencing
SRP018920Michigan 16S Amplicon
SRP018921Rothamsted Metagenome
SRP018922Populus x canadensis strain:I-214 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018923Mesocyclops edax Random survey
SRP018924Glossina morsitans Genome sequencing
SRP018925Chinese pangolin, sometimes referred to as the spiny anteater
SRP018926MBD3 localization by ChIP-seq
SRP018927Pseudopodoces humilis Transcriptome data used for gene annotation
SRP018928mRNA-seq in DNA methylation deficient mouse embryonic fibroblasts
SRP018929DNA methylation profiling by HELP-seq in Dnmt1+/+ mouse embryonic fibroblasts
SRP018930Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing in DNA methylation deficient mouse embryonic fibroblasts
SRP018932Zea mays Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018933Small RNA profiling of human cumulus cells and oocytes
SRP018934Ostrinia nubilalis 454 transcriptome
SRP018935Wolfiporia cocos YST1 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018936Amycolatopsis azurea DSM 43854 Genome sequencing
SRP018937Renibacterium salmoninarum Genome sequencing
SRP018938Phylogenomics of myriapods.
SRP018939Chamaeleo chamaeleon Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018940Canis lupus familiaris strain:Parson Russell terrier Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP018941MyoD and myogenin ChIP-seq in differentiated C2C12 cells
SRP018942Erwinia tracheiphila PSU-1 genome sequencing project
SRP018943MicroRNA sequence and expression analysis of rat liver tissue exposed to aflatoxin B1 by deep sequencing
SRP018944Anaerobic manure digester Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP018945Interferon-mediated innate immune responses against malaria parasite liver stages
SRP018946Genome binding profile of TFIIH helicases XPB and XPD in HT1080 cells
SRP018947Fanconi anaemia Exome
SRP018948Genome-scale methylation changes induced by photoperiods in Nasonia vitripennis
SRP018949Small RNA genes of Physcomitrella patens
SRP018950Drinking water Metagenome
SRP018951Sequencing of Immunomodulatory bugs
SRP018952Xenopus laevis Gut Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP018953Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018954Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP018955Klebsiella pneumoniae JHCK1 Genome sequencing
SRP018956Klebsiella pneumoniae VA360 Genome sequencing
SRP018957Populus x canadensis strain:I-214 Genome sequencing
SRP018958Neolecta irregularis DAH-3 Genome sequencing
SRP018959Haemorhous mexicanus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018960Panax quinquefolius Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018961Anoplocnemis curvipes Variation
SRP018962Aphis craccivora Variation
SRP018963High resolution nulceotide level methylation map of female mouse primary keratinocytes
SRP018964Clavigralla tomentosicollis Variation
SRP018965Megalurothrips sjostedti Variation
SRP018966Sus scrofa ligand-directed mapping
SRP018968Mus musculus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018969The Role of Tet1 During Somatic Cell Reprogramming
SRP018970Nannochloropsis gaditana Transcriptome
SRP018971Anguilla japonica Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018972AGS cell line and AGS-EBV cell line Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018973AGS cell line and AGS-EBV cell line Genome sequencing
SRP018974Sequencing of Immunomodulatory bugs
SRP018975Sequencing of Immunomodulatory bugs
SRP018976Sequencing of Immunomodulatory bugs
SRP018977Sequencing of Immunomodulatory bugs
SRP018978Sequencing of Immunomodulatory bugs
SRP018979Sequencing of Immunomodulatory bugs
SRP018980Sequencing of Immunomodulatory bugs
SRP018981Sequencing of Immunomodulatory bugs
SRP018982Sequencing of Immunomodulatory bugs
SRP018983Sequencing of Immunomodulatory bugs
SRP018984Sequencing of Immunomodulatory bugs
SRP018985Sequencing of Immunomodulatory bugs
SRP018986Sequencing of Immunomodulatory bugs
SRP018987Sequencing of Immunomodulatory bugs
SRP018988Flammulina velutipes KACC42780 Genome sequencing
SRP018989Ostrinia scapulalis 454 transcriptome
SRP018990Soil sample Metagenome
SRP018991Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP018992Genome-wide maps of virus-induced transcription factors and transcription machinery at steady state and after virus infection
SRP018993Solanum lycopersicum Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018994Characterization of the tissue-associated microbiome in pelvic pouch inflammation
SRP018995Functional small RNAs are generated from select miRNA hairpin loops in flies and mammals
SRP018996Temperate stream bacteria Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP018997Solanum lycopersicum strain:Yellow Stuffer Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP018998Homo sapiens Genome sequencing
SRP018999Acanthophis wellsi Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019000Brachyurophis roperi Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019001IL-17-committed Vg4+ gd T cell deficiency in a spontaneous Sox13 mutant CD45.1 congenic mouse substrain protects from dermatitis
SRP019002Cacophis squamulosus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019003Denisonia devisi Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019004Echiopsis curta Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019005Furina ornata Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019006Hemiaspis signata Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019007Hoplocephalus bungaroides Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019008Pseudonaja modesta Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019009Suta fasciata Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019010Vermicella annulata Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019011Cotesia vestalis Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019026CG methylated microarrays identify novel methylated sequence bound by the CEBPB|ATF4 heterodimer that are active in vivo
SRP019027Transcriptome sequencing of neonatal thymic epithelial cells.
SRP019028Transcriptional Characterization of Streptococcus pneumoniae Interacting with Human Pharyngeal Cells
SRP019029Sequencing of Immunomodulatory bugs
SRP019030Mouse Model Colitis
SRP019031Mouse Model Colitis
SRP019032Mouse Model Colitis
SRP019033Mouse Model Colitis
SRP019034Mouse Model Colitis
SRP019035Mouse Model Colitis
SRP019036Mouse Model Colitis
SRP019037Mouse Model Colitis
SRP019038Linking Lifestyle to the Oral and Gut Microbiota in a Large Prospective Cohort
SRP019039Gossypium hirsutum strain:GA120R1B3 Genome sequencing
SRP019040Foodborne Pathogen Survey
SRP019041Methanopyrus kandleri small RNA analysis
SRP019043Gossypium hirsutum cultivar:yucatanense Genome sequencing
SRP019044Gossypium mustelinum Genome sequencing
SRP019045Nucleosome positioning in the IMR90 cell line
SRP019046Serp Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP019047Escherichia coli E-01_37 Genome sequencing
SRP019048Escherichia coli C-04_22 Genome sequencing
SRP019049Escherichia coli A-03_34 Genome sequencing
SRP019050Escherichia coli D-04_27 Genome sequencing
SRP019051Escherichia coli B-04_28 Genome sequencing
SRP019052Soda Lakes Metagenome
SRP019053Eutreptiella sp. ''Long Island Sound 2002'' Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019054Triticum urartu strain:PI 428198 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019056Eriocheir sinensis Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019057HMP reference genome
SRP019058temperature bamboos Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP019059HMP reference genome
SRP019060HMP reference genome
SRP019061ETNP Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP019062HMP reference genome
SRP019063HMP reference genome
SRP019064Transcriptome or Gene expression from the interface of heartwood and sapwood from Santalum album
SRP019065Advenella kashmirensis WT001 Genome sequencing
SRP019066HMP reference genome
SRP019067HMP reference genome
SRP019068Foodborne Pathogen Survey
SRP019069Sequencing of microbiome from different Pseudo-nitzschia species
SRP019070HMP reference genome
SRP019071HMP reference genome
SRP019072HMP reference genome
SRP019073HMP reference genome
SRP019074HMP reference genome
SRP019075Foodborne Pathogen Survey
SRP019076HMP reference genome
SRP019077HMP reference genome
SRP019078DGE analysis of transcriptome change during photoperiodic regulation of potato tuber formation
SRP019079Long-range bidirectional transcription is a general feature of developmental gene promoters in mammals (ChIP-Seq 2)
SRP019080E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019081E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019082E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019083E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019084E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019085E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019086E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019087E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019088E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019089E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019090E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019091E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019092E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019093E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019095E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019096E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019097E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019098E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019099E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019100E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019101E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019102E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019103E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019104E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019105E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019106E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019107E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019108E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019109E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019110E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019111E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019112E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019113E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019114E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019115E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019116E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019117E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019118E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019119E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019120E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019121E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019122E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019123E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019124E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019125E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019126E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019127E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019128E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019129E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019130E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019131E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019132E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019133E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019134E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019135E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019136E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019137E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019138E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019139E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019140E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019141E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019142E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019143E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019144E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019145E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019146E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019147E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019148E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019149E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019150E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019151Affymetrix 500K SNP array data for Primary Effusion Lymphoma samples
SRP019152E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019153E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019154E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019155E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019156E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019157E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019158E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019159E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019160E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019161E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019162E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019163E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019164E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019165E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019166E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019167E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019168E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019169E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019170E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019171Sorghum bicolor strain:BTx642; Tx7000 Variation
SRP019172Abronia graminea Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019173Aspidites melanocephalus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019174Azemiops feae Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019175Boa constrictor Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019176Chamaeleo calyptratus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019177Chlamydosaurus kingii Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019178Cylindrophis ruffus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019179Iguana iguana Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019180Intellagama lesueurii Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019181Sequences for: Improved use of a public good selects for the evolution of undifferentiated multicellularity
SRP019182Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP019183Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP019184Noninvasive prenatal detection for pathogenic CNVs related with fetal monogenetic diseases
SRP019185Palaemon carinicauda Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019186Medicago sativa strain:Golden queen Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019187Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP019188Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP019189Transcriptome and transposable element dynamics during PIWI regulation in Drosophila ovarian cell cultures
SRP019190An Ancient Transcription Factor An Ancient Transcription Factor During Early Meiosis in Mouse Testes (PAS-Seq and CAGE)
SRP019191Plasmodium falciparum-like Parasites Infecting Wild African Apes Do Not Represent a Recurrent Source of Human Malaria
SRP019192Drinking water distribution systems Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP019193mRNA Expression Comparison Between Igfbp7-null and wild type mice at Lactation Day 3
SRP019194HMP reference genome
SRP019195Pneumocystis murina B123 genome sequencing
SRP019196Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP019197Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP019198Regional control of histone H3 lysine 27 methylation in Neurospora
SRP019199Schizosaccharomyces pombe fission yeast deletion library barcode sequencing
SRP019200Rice paddy soil Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP019201Sitodiplosis mosellana Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019202Transcriptional response of Pagothenia borchgrevinki during warm acclimation to 4°C
SRP019203Festuca pratensis strain:HF27, B1416 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019204Candida albicans SC5314, Candida albicans MMC3, Candida dubliniensis Wue284 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019205Eastern Mediterranean Deep Sea Sediment Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP019206Bursaphelenchus xylophilus transcriptome Sequencing
SRP019207Breakpoint analysis of transcriptional and genomic profiles uncovers novel gene fusions spanning multiple human cancer types (RNA-seq)
SRP019208Rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) ligand-directed mapping
SRP019209Human GTFs ChIP-exo
SRP019210Gene Expression and Exon Splicing Change Analysis of Mouse N2A Cell Transcriptome upon Polypyrimidine tract-binding protein depletion.
SRP019211Mycobacterium leprae Genome sequencing
SRP019217Pararge aegeria ovarian and oocyte transcriptome
SRP019218Haiti Anniversary set of V. cholerae
SRP019219Homo sapiens Ligand-directed mapping
SRP019220Genome-wide transcription factor binding maps of glioma-associated oncogene family zinc finger 3 (Gli3) in Second Heart Field (SHF) cells disected from Mouse Embryos.
SRP019221The histone demethylase Jmjd3 sequentially associates with the transcription factors Tbx3 and Eomes to drive endoderm differentiation
SRP019222Epstein-Barr virus maintains lymphomas via its miRNAs
SRP019223Roquin promotes constitutive mRNA decay via a conserved class of stem-loop recognition motifs.
SRP019224Genome-Wide Binding of Ehf in mouse corneal epithelium
SRP019226Loss of cytosine-5 methylation in tRNA triggers stress responses in a disease model for Intellectual Disability
SRP019227Genome-wide binding profiles of KLF3 and KLF3 mutants in MEF cells
SRP019228Bovine mammary gene expression profiling during the onset of lactation
SRP019229Next-Generation Sequencing for Whole Transcriptome Analysis in Scrambled Control and EGFR Knockdown Cells Cultured under Normoxia and Hypoxia
SRP019230Next-Generation Sequencing for Small RNA Application in Scrambled Control and EGFR Knockdown Cells Cultured under Normoxia and Hypoxia
SRP019231Distinct Global Shifts in Genomic Binding Profiles of Limb Malformation Associated HOXD13 Mutations
SRP019232Whole genome bisulfite-seq of two healthy males.
SRP019233Identification of microRNAs in Caragana intermedia by high-throughput sequencing and expression analysis of 12 microRNAs and their targets under salt stress
SRP019234Genome-wide occupancy profile of Tbx3 in adult mouse whole heart
SRP019235A Probabilistic Model of Transcription Dynamics applied to Estrogen Signalling in Breast Cancer Cells
SRP019236Comparison of vineyard, enological and laboratory yeast transcriptomes at different steps of the fermentation curve
SRP019237Global transcriptional and phenotypic analyseis of Escherichia coli O157:H7 strain Xuzhou21 and its pO157_Sal cured mutant
SRP019238Recipe for a busy bee: MicroRNAs in honey bee caste determination
SRP019239Histone deacetylation-dependent and -independent transcriptional dysregulation in early-onset polyglutamine disease
SRP019240Classification of cancer cell lines using a promoter-targeted liquid hybridization capture-based bisulfite sequencing approach
SRP019241LncRNA DEANR1 facilitates human endoderm differentiation by activating FOXA2 expression
SRP019242A compendium of nucleosome and transcript profiles reveals determinants of chromatin architecture and transcription [Nuc-Seq]
SRP019243Imprinted expression of genes and small RNA is triggered by localized demethylation of the maternal genome in rice endosperm
SRP019244Feeding with miR-184 affects the mRNA expression profile of queen larvae
SRP019245Porteresia transcriptome sequencing
SRP019246Physiology study of Escherichia coli harboring high intracellular ATP driven by artificial Pck expression
SRP019247sRNA from strawberry flower
SRP019248Interleukin-27 treated human macrophages induce the expression of novel miRNAs which may mediate anti-viral properties (RNA-seq)
SRP019249CLIP-seq of S. cerevisiae Drn1-TAP and Dbr1-TAP
SRP019250Global analysis of alternative splicing regulated by RBM10
SRP019251NA-Seq reveals dynamic changes of gene expression in key stages of intestine regeneration in the sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus.
SRP019252Comparative characterization of microRNA profiles of different genotypes of Toxoplasma gondii
SRP019253Citrus aurantiifolia Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019254Genome-wide maps of chromatin state for H3.3 tagged cells
SRP019255Genome-wide maps of chromatin state for HIRA, UBN1 and ASF1a
SRP019256Transcriptome sequencing analysis of pepper
SRP019257Small RNA sequencing analysis of pepper
SRP019258An Ancient Transcription Factor Initiates the Burst of piRNA Production During Early Meiosis in Mouse Testes (smallRNA-Seq)
SRP019259Genome wide mapping of PSF binding sites in prostate cancer cells
SRP019260The developmental life cycle of the enteric parasite Entamoeba invadens: transcriptome analysis reveals a crucial role for phospholipase D in stage conversion
SRP019261Zfp322a regulates mouse ES cell pluripotency and enhances reprogramming efficiency [ChIP-Seq]
SRP019262Regulatory role of glycerol in Candida albicans biofilm formation
SRP019263Genome-wide Analysis of Transcriptional Regulators in Human Blood Stem/Progenitor Cells reveals a densely interconnected network of coding and non-coding genes.
SRP019264HITS-CLIP analysis of FMRP mRNA binding sites from P11-P25 mouse brain polysomes
SRP019266Interrogating translating RNAs and cell-type specific gene expression using Cre-activated translating ribosome affinity purification
SRP019267Apis mellifera Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019268Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP019269Dendrocalamus latiflorus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019270Trans-chromosomal regulation by a novel lincRNA required for adipogenesis that escapes X-chromosome inactivation
SRP019271Solanum lycopersicum Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019272Genetic regulation of human adipose microRNA expression and its consequences for metabolic traits
SRP019273Genome of Indian Leishmania donovani Ld BHU 1220
SRP019274Santorini volcanic complex chimneys and mats Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP019275Mutational activation of a mechanosensitive megachannel drives metastatic cell survival.
SRP019276Ultra-deep profiling of alternatively spliced Drosophila Dscam isoforms by circularization-assisted multi-segment sequencing
SRP019277Bovine fetus isolated
SRP019278This strain will be used for comparative genome analysis
SRP019279This strain will be used for comparative genome analysis
SRP019280Strain will be used for comparative genome analysis
SRP019281This strain will be used for comparative genome analysis
SRP019282Biovar 3 reference strain
SRP019283Brucella melitensis bv. 3 str. K26 Genome sequencing
SRP019284Brucella suis bv. 3 str. 686 genome sequencing project
SRP019285Brucella abortus 544 Genome sequencing
SRP019286Brucella suis F8/06-1 Genome sequencing
SRP019287Brucella abortus 63/138 Genome sequencing
SRP019288Brucella melitensis F6/05-6 Genome sequencing
SRP019289Brucella abortus 600/64 Genome sequencing
SRP019290Brucella abortus 63/144 Genome sequencing
SRP019291Brucella suis F7/06-5 Genome sequencing
SRP019292Brucella abortus 64/81 Genome sequencing
SRP019293Brucella abortus 84/26 Genome sequencing
SRP019294Brucella abortus R42-08 Genome sequencing
SRP019295Brucella melitensis F10/06-16 Genome sequencing
SRP019296Brucella abortus 80/28 Genome sequencing
SRP019297Brucella sp. 56/94 Genome sequencing
SRP019298Brucella abortus 93/2 Genome sequencing
SRP019299Brucella suis F5/03-2 Genome sequencing
SRP019300Brucella melitensis BG2 (S27) Genome sequencing
SRP019301Brucella abortus F10/06-3 Genome sequencing
SRP019302Brucella abortus 87/28 Genome sequencing
SRP019303Brucella melitensis UK3/06 Genome sequencing
SRP019304Brucella abortus 67/93 Genome sequencing
SRP019305Brucella melitensis F9/05 Genome sequencing
SRP019306Brucella abortus F1/06-B21 Genome sequencing
SRP019307Brucella abortus 355/78 Genome sequencing
SRP019308Brucella abortus 63/130 Genome sequencing
SRP019309Brucella ovis 81/8 Genome sequencing
SRP019310Brucella abortus F10/05-11 Genome sequencing
SRP019311Brucella canis 79/122 Genome sequencing
SRP019312Brucella abortus 225/65 Genome sequencing
SRP019313Brucella melitensis UK31/99 Genome sequencing
SRP019314Brucella suis F7/06-2 Genome sequencing
SRP019315Brucella abortus 65/63 Genome sequencing
SRP019316Brucella suis F8/06-3 Genome sequencing
SRP019317Brucella suis F5/05-10 Genome sequencing
SRP019318Brucella suis 01-5744 Genome sequencing
SRP019319Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019320Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019321Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019322Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019323Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019324Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019325Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019326Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019327Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019328Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019329Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019330Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019331Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019332Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019333Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019334Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019335Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019336Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019337Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019338Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019339Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019340Brucella melitensis UK29/05 Genome sequencing
SRP019341Brucella abortus 78/14 Genome sequencing
SRP019342Brucella ovis 63/96 Genome sequencing
SRP019343Brucella suis F7/06-1 Genome sequencing
SRP019344Bovine fetus isolate
SRP019345Brucella sp. F5/06 Genome sequencing
SRP019346Brucella sp. F96/2 Genome sequencing
SRP019347Brucella II
SRP019348Brucella II
SRP019349Biovar 3 strain
SRP019350Brucella ovis 80/125 Genome sequencing
SRP019351Brucella suis F9/06-1 Genome sequencing
SRP019352Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019353Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019354Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019355Biovar 6 reference strain
SRP019356Virulent biotype 9 strain
SRP019357Strain used for vaccine production
SRP019358Type strain for comparative analysis
SRP019359Strain for comparative analysis
SRP019360Isolated from marine mammals
SRP019361strain for comparative analysis
SRP019362Deep profiling of the novel intermediate-size noncoding RNAs in intraerythrocytic Plasmodium falciparum
SRP019363Isolated from marine mammals
SRP019364Rodent isolate
SRP019365Seal isolate
SRP019366Strain for comparative analysis
SRP019367Strain for comparative analysis
SRP019368Strain for comparative analysis
SRP019369Isolated from a bottlenose dolphin
SRP019370This strain will be used for comparative genome analysis
SRP019371Rodent isolate
SRP019372Lens culinaris strain:multiple cultivars, accessions and species Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019373Genome-wide maps of chromatin histone methylation marks in neonatal and adult cardiomyocytes
SRP019374RNA-seq expression analysis to determine expression profile similarities between fibroblasts, induced endothelial cells from fibroblasts, and human dermal microvascular endothelial cells
SRP019375Brucella abortus NI352 Genome sequencing
SRP019376Brucella abortus NI639 Genome sequencing
SRP019377Brucella melitensis F3/02 Genome sequencing
SRP019378Brucella abortus F6/05-2 Genome sequencing
SRP019379Brucella abortus 63/294 Genome sequencing
SRP019380Brucella abortus F5/04-7 Genome sequencing
SRP019381Brucella abortus F6/05-9 Genome sequencing
SRP019382Brucella abortus 67/781 Genome sequencing
SRP019383Brucella abortus levi gila Genome sequencing
SRP019384Brucella abortus NI518 Genome sequencing
SRP019385Brucella melitensis 66/59 Genome sequencing
SRP019386Brucella sp. F8/99 Genome sequencing
SRP019387Brucella sp. UK1/97 Genome sequencing
SRP019388Brucella abortus 85/69 Genome sequencing
SRP019389Brucella melitensis F1/06 B10 Genome sequencing
SRP019390Brucella abortus 90/50 Genome sequencing
SRP019391Brucella abortus NI613 Genome sequencing
SRP019392Brucella abortus 85/140 Genome sequencing
SRP019393Brucella melitensis F10/05-2 Genome sequencing
SRP019394Brucella abortus NI492 Genome sequencing
SRP019395Brucella abortus 65/157 Genome sequencing
SRP019396Brucella melitensis F2/06-6 Genome sequencing
SRP019397Brucella abortus NI593 Genome sequencing
SRP019398Brucella abortus 80/102 Genome sequencing
SRP019399Brucella abortus NI649 Genome sequencing
SRP019400Brucella melitensis R3/07-2 Genome sequencing
SRP019401Brucella abortus 80/108 Genome sequencing
SRP019402Brucella suis F8/06-2 Genome sequencing
SRP019403Brucella abortus NI628 Genome sequencing
SRP019404Brucella abortus LEVI237 Genome sequencing
SRP019405Brucella abortus F3/01 Genome sequencing
SRP019406Brucella abortus 65/110 Genome sequencing
SRP019407Brucella melitensis UK37/05 Genome sequencing
SRP019408Brucella melitensis F5/07-239A Genome sequencing
SRP019409Brucella abortus 63/183 Genome sequencing
SRP019410Brucella abortus 64/122 Genome sequencing
SRP019411Brucella abortus I103_(UK3/01) Genome sequencing
SRP019412Brucella abortus F3/07-1 Genome sequencing
SRP019413Brucella abortus 88/226 Genome sequencing
SRP019414Brucella abortus F6/05-4 Genome sequencing
SRP019415Brucella abortus 64/108 Genome sequencing
SRP019416Brucella melitensis UK22/04 Genome sequencing
SRP019417Brucella abortus 63/168 Genome sequencing
SRP019418Brucella sp. UK40/99 Genome sequencing
SRP019419Brucella abortus 63/59 Genome sequencing
SRP019420Brucella abortus F1/06 B1 Genome sequencing
SRP019421Brucella abortus NI645 Genome sequencing
SRP019422Brucella abortus 93/1 Genome sequencing
SRP019423Brucella melitensis UK23/06 Genome sequencing
SRP019424Brucella suis 92/29 Genome sequencing
SRP019425Brucella melitensis F8/01-155 Genome sequencing
SRP019426Brucella suis 92/63 Genome sequencing
SRP019427Brucella abortus NI388 Genome sequencing
SRP019428Brucella abortus NI622 Genome sequencing
SRP019429Brucella abortus F6/05-3 Genome sequencing
SRP019430Brucella abortus F2/06-8 Genome sequencing
SRP019431Brucella suis 63/198 Genome sequencing
SRP019432Brucella abortus 78/36 Genome sequencing
SRP019433Brucella abortus NI422 Genome sequencing
SRP019434Brucella suis 63/252 Genome sequencing
SRP019435Brucella abortus 863/67 Genome sequencing
SRP019436Brucella melitensis 64/150 Genome sequencing
SRP019437Brucella abortus NI240 Genome sequencing
SRP019438Brucella abortus NI633 Genome sequencing
SRP019439Brucella melitensis Uk24/06 Genome sequencing
SRP019440Brucella melitensis UK22/06 Genome sequencing
SRP019441Brucella abortus 88/19 Genome sequencing
SRP019442Brucella abortus 877/67 Genome sequencing
SRP019443Brucella sp. UK5/01 Genome sequencing
SRP019444Brucella melitensis UK19/04 Genome sequencing
SRP019445Brucella abortus 80/101 Genome sequencing
SRP019446Brucella abortus NI274 Genome sequencing
SRP019447Brucella suis F12/02 Genome sequencing
SRP019448Brucella abortus NI495a Genome sequencing
SRP019449Brucella abortus NI380 Genome sequencing
SRP019450Brucella melitensis 63/227 Genome sequencing
SRP019451Brucella sp. 63/311 Genome sequencing
SRP019452Brucella melitensis UK14/06 Genome sequencing
SRP019453Brucella suis 63/261 Genome sequencing
SRP019454Brucella sp. UK38/05 Genome sequencing
SRP019455Gene expression data from CD11b-positive myeloid cells infiltrating tumors after local irradiation
SRP019456Brucella sequencing
SRP019457Brucella sequencing
SRP019458Brucella sequencing
SRP019459Brucella sequencing
SRP019460Brucella sequencing
SRP019461Brucella sequencing
SRP019462Brucella sequencing
SRP019463Brucella sequencing
SRP019464Brucella sequencing
SRP019465Brucella sequencing
SRP019466Brucella sequencing
SRP019467RNA-seq analysis of ES cell populations with different functional potentials in serum/LIF and 2i/LIF, as well as analysis of the transcriptional effect of LIF in ground state (2i) culture conditions.
SRP019468MBBR treating wastewater Targeted Locus
SRP019469Soil community for preservation Metagenome
SRP019470Canis lupus familiaris Genome sequencing
SRP019471Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis: Genome sequencing
SRP019472Seasonal dynamics of microbial communities in the activated sludge over 4 years
SRP019473Chromosome-wide profiling of X-inactivation status and epigenetic regulation in fetal brain
SRP019474Archaea and bacteria in coal and mine water samples Metagenome
SRP019475Olives Metagenome
SRP019476Caenorhabditis briggsae strain:AF16 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019477Paraclostridium bifermentans ATCC 19299 Genome sequencing
SRP019478Paraclostridium bifermentans ATCC 638 Genome sequencing
SRP019479Clostridioides difficile CD43 Genome sequencing
SRP019480Clostridioides difficile CD9 Genome sequencing
SRP019481Clostridioides difficile DA00165 Genome sequencing
SRP019482Clostridioides difficile DA00196 Genome sequencing
SRP019483Clostridioides difficile DA00197 Genome sequencing
SRP019484Clostridioides difficile DA00244 Genome sequencing
SRP019485Clostridioides difficile DA00261 Genome sequencing
SRP019486Clostridioides difficile F152 Genome sequencing
SRP019487Clostridioides difficile F200 Genome sequencing
SRP019488Clostridioides difficile F480 Genome sequencing
SRP019489Clostridioides difficile F501 Genome sequencing
SRP019490Clostridioides difficile F525 Genome sequencing
SRP019491Clostridioides difficile F548 Genome sequencing
SRP019492Clostridioides difficile F601 Genome sequencing
SRP019493Clostridioides difficile F665 Genome sequencing
SRP019494Clostridioides difficile P23 Genome sequencing