AccessionTitle or Alias
ERP023905Bacterial shifts associated with known inhibitors for nitrification process
ERP023907ChIP-Seq of Yy1 binding sites in dorsal cerebral cortex cells at E12.5 and E15.5.
ERP023908Transcriptomics to study the role of Yy1 in melanoma
ERP023909Whole-genome sequences of multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli in South-Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo: characterization of phylogenomic changes, virulence and resistance genes
ERP023910Environment and host structure communities of green-algal symbionts in lichens
ERP023911Determination of mRNA half-lives in embryonic mouse skin
ERP023912Bacterial microbiomes of individual ectomycorrhizal Pinus sylvestris roots are shaped by soil horizon and differentially sensitive to nitrogen addition
ERP023913Albacore basecalled reads from PRJEB15636 and PRJEB15431
ERP023914De novo transcriptome assembly of walking catfish (Clarias batrachus)
ERP023915Identification of regions of differentiation and study speciation patterns across the genome of European and Siberian chiffchaff. This project includes reference based genome assembly of European chiffchaff and whole genome sequencing of 40 chiffchaffs.
ERP023916Genomic landscape of human diversity across Madagascar
ERP023918Exploiting CRISPR-Cas9 technology to investigate individual histone modifications
ERP023919ChIP-Seq of Yy1 binding sites in melanoma cells.
ERP023920WGS VanD type vancomycin resistant Enterococcus faecium
ERP023922Nitrogen and phosphorus recycling mediated by copepods in Western Tropical South Pacific
ERP023923Cryptic Aspergillus species from clinical samples in USA, including a new species in section Flavipedes
ERP023924BAC sequences of tea plant BAC library
ERP023926Multilocus sequence typing reveals the important genetic diversity of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma solani’ isolates associated with ‘Bois Noir’ grapevine yellows in Azerbaijan
ERP023928Actinobacterial endophytes of medicinal plant Melia toosendan
ERP023929Herbivore dung, a forgotten source of Eurotialean fungi
ERP023931A new species of the calcareous sponge genus Leuclathrina (subclass Calcinea) from the Maldives
ERP023933Tandem repeat sequencing in XLID
ERP023934Whole-genome sequencing of bloodstream Staphylococcus aureus isolates does not distinguish bacteraemia from endocarditis
ERP023935M.marinum RNA-Seq B11 mutant
ERP023936Integrative revision of the montane Udea alpinalis group from the Palearctic Region (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Crambidae)
ERP023937Real-time genomics to decipher atypical bacteria in clinical microbiology
ERP023941Gastrointestinal microbial community changes in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) exposed to crude oil
ERP023942Delineating Arabidopsis thaliana growth and root microbiome in two culture systems
ERP023944Long term effect of dry-rewetting stress on functional response of soil prokaryotic communities
ERP023945Lotus japonicus response to Nod factor: wild type and nfre mutants
ERP023946Macrocystis pyrifera bacterial diversity
ERP023947Effects of milk on gut microbiome
ERP0239481000 Plant (1KP) Transcriptomes: The Remaining Data
ERP023949Moderate-intensity exercise affects gut microbiome
ERP023950Host-microbiota interaction induces inflammation and impairs glucose metabolism in a bi-phasic fashion during colonization of germ-free mice
ERP023954Microbiome dynamics and adaptation of expression signatures during methane production failure and process recovery
ERP023955Draft genome sequence of Lactuca sativa L. cv. Tizian
ERP023957Evidence for viable and stable triploid Trypanosoma congolense parasites.
ERP023958Leptosphaeria brassicae trancriptomes
ERP023959Temperature and nutrients as drivers of microbially mediated arsenic oxidation and removal from Acid Mine Drainage
ERP023960Endophytic fungal communities in the needles of Scots Pine, Pinus sylvestris, planted in three progeny plantations in Scotland
ERP023961Whole genome sequencing of sputum to identify drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis compared to MGIT sequencing.
ERP023962Identification of Sertoli cell-specific transcripts in the mouse testis and the role of FSH and androgen in the control of Sertoli cell activity
ERP023963Microbial community structure and functions in ethanol-fed sulphate removal bioreactors for treatment of mine water
ERP023964RNA-seq for splenic gene expression in response to Newcastle disease virus challenge in two chicken lines with different disease resistance
ERP023965Bacterial communities in two seasons
ERP023966Molecular characterization of white-necked Eurasian Teals (Anas crecca)
ERP023967Emergence of blaCTX-M-27-encoding Escherichia coli ST131 lineage C1/M27 clone in clinical isolates in Germany
ERP023968Study of fungal and prokaryotic communities in a long-term nutrient optimised boreal spruce forest
ERP023969Genome-wide 5mC and 5hmC DNA profile of the hippocampus of maternally deprived rats
ERP023970Metagenomics 1st 5 data
ERP023972Emergence of blaCTX-M-27-encoding Escherichia coli ST131 lineage C1/H30R clone in clinical isolates in Germany.
ERP023973Cox 1 sequence fragments of geospatially tagged earthworm specimens
ERP023974High throughput genome sequencing of three breeds of common carp:Hebao carp, Yellow-river carp and mirror carp
ERP023975Contribution of endophytic fungi to leaf litter communities
ERP023976Illumina and PacBio sequences for haddock
ERP023977Relationships within Capitotricha bicolor(Lachnaceae, Ascomycota) as inferred from ITS rDNA sequences
ERP023978Resequencing of the Leptospirillum ferriphilum typestrain genome from culture samples
ERP023979TCR repertoire sequencing of mice treated with IgG or DSS+aIL10R
ERP02398016S for Salmonella infected Swiss Webster Mice
ERP023982RNA-seq of Plasmodium falciparum for comparative analysis of clinical isolates with severe and uncomplicated malaria.
ERP023986Marine Lichen Microbiome
ERP02398716S rRNA gene sequencing of colon mucosal-associated bacteria
ERP02398816S rRNA sequencing of colon luminal or mucosal-associated bacteria from IgG or DSSaIL10R treated mice
ERP023989Cytochrome c oxidase barcodes for aquatic oligochaete identification: development of a Swiss reference database
ERP023991Illumina and PacBio targeted sequencing of IKBKG, IRAK4 & MYD88
ERP023992RNA extraction from decaying wood for (meta)transcriptomic analyses
ERP023993Anoectochilus setaceus 18S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence; internal transcribed spacer 1, 5.8S ribosomal RNA gene, and internal transcribed spacer 2, complete sequence; and 28S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence, Thanh Hoa
ERP023994Analysis of genetic diversity at the PRLR gene in the Italian Mediterranean river buffalo and association study with milk fatty acid
ERP023996The gorgonian coral Eunicella labiata hosts a distinct prokaryotic consortium amenable to cultivation
ERP023997Orpheovirus IHUMI-LCC2 genome
ERP023999Identification of the centromeres of Leishmania major
ERP024004RNA-seq of coding RNA from USP14 knockout human haploid (HAP1) cells
ERP024005Haploid genome-wide screens for essential components and negative regulators of interferon lambda signaling in human cells
ERP024006RNA-seq of coding RNA from DDX6 knockout human haploid (HAP1) cells
ERP024007Pesticide degrading bacterial populations on glacier
ERP024008Hailstorm clouds as a novel source of Streptomyces species producing antibiotic and antitumor compounds
ERP024009Near full length 16S rRNA gene sequences for 62 bacterial strains used in artificial community experiment
ERP024010Dual Mosaic, a versatile method for mosaic gene function analysis
ERP024013Molecular identification of Macrorhynchia spp.
ERP024017The study aims to study the transcriptional response of soil communities to the external addition of a pure isolate with potential to degrade toxic compounds
ERP024018Requirement for the Mediator kinase module for activation of super-enhancer associated genes in colon cancer cells
ERP024019Benguela Upwelling sediments metagenome study
ERP024022RNA-seq of enriched barley stomatal complexes versus total leaves
ERP024023Metagenomic analysis of the DNA virome of faeces from healthy adult Wayampi Amerindians.
ERP024024Transcriptomes of Latent and Active Human African Trypanosomiasis Cases
ERP024027Microbiome of Mice Fed a High Fat Diet Supplemented with Lactobacillus plantarum
ERP024028Whole genome sequencing for B. pertussis epidemiology : Core genome MLST enables precise B. pertussis epidemiology
ERP024029New Penicillium releted to P. oxalicum isolated from acid and saline soils
ERP024030Detection of novel syntrophic acetate oxidizing bacteria from biogas processes by a continuous acetate-enrichment approach
ERP024031Serum microRNA profiling by small RNA sequencing of healthy, hypertensive or obese pediatric individuals
ERP024032Probiotic administration effect on microbiome composition, emotional memory and decision-making
ERP024033Changes of fungal communities in fertilizer application soils
ERP024034De novo transcriptome assembly of stinging catfish (Heteropneustes fossilis)
ERP024035The response and adaptation of microbial communities to salinity in farmland soils: a molecular ecological network analysis
ERP024036An interventional Soylent diet increases the Bacteroidetes to Firmicutes ratio in human gut microbiome communities: a randomized controlled trial
ERP024037Transcriptome profiling of sorted endoreduplicated nuclei from mature-green tomato fruits
ERP024039Evolution of the AUST-2 prevalent strain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Australian CF patients
ERP024040Molecular identification of Haematopota samples
ERP024041Decection of ChiVMV in Naga king chilli (Capsicum chinense Jacq) from two isolates of north-east India.
ERP024042Linseed oil supplementation of lambs’ diet in early life leads to persistent changes in rumen microbiome structure
ERP024043High resolution analysis of microbial diversity in a Svalbard permafrost core
ERP024044Resistant and susceptible chicken lines show distinctive responses to Newcastle disease virus infection in the lung transcriptome
ERP024046Novel insights into the pathways regulating the canine hair cycle and their deregulation in Alopecia X
ERP024048The genetic basis for the adaptation of E. coli to sugar synthesis from CO2.
ERP024050Expression of small RNAs along a natural CO2 gradient in the sea anemone Anemonia viridis
ERP024051This project deals with description of novel Klebsiella taxa
ERP024052RNA-Seq of neuroblastoma Th-MYCN mouse model, samples sensitive to chemotherapy, and those with chemotherapy resistance
ERP024053The salivary microbiota and its association with inflammatory mediators in periodontitis
ERP024054Metagenome assembly and binning allow analyzing microbial diversty in groundwater of an artesian borehole in an hard rock aquifer.
ERP024055Forward Genetics by Genome Sequencing Uncovers the Central Role of the Aspergillus niger goxB Locus in Hydrogen Peroxide Induced Glucose Oxidase Expression
ERP024057Whole Genome Sequence of Acinetobacter johnsonii
ERP024058Paracoccus seriniphilus DSM 14827
ERP024059Sphingomonas guangdongensis CGMCC 1.12672
ERP024060Amphiplicatus metriothermophilus CGMCC 1.12710
ERP024061Streptomyces sp. 1331.2
ERP02406316S amplicon sequences of Crete soil meta genomes
ERP024064An study of species composition of Anopheles mosquitoes in the vicinity of Novosiborsk (Russia)
ERP024067The effects of depth, distance, and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge on genetic differentiation of abyssal and hadal isopods (Macrostylidae)
ERP024068DNA sequencing of Arabidopsis thaliana nrpd1-3 background with novel insertions of LTR retrotransposon ONSEN/COPIA78.
ERP024069Bacterial communities in nanofiltration membranes used for drinking water production from anoxic groundwater
ERP024070Respiratory infections alter the composition of the murine gut microbiota
ERP024072A comprehensive in silico approach for finding novel microRNAs in human genome
ERP024076Turritopsis and Pennaria study
ERP024077Bacterial microbiota associated with Rhipicephalus sanguineus s.l. ticks from France, Senegal and Arizona
ERP024079Analysis of endophytic fungal communities of Norway spruce trees
ERP024080Discover new allele of HLA DRB1*12 in Taiwan
ERP024081Skin Microbiome in Atopic Dermatitis: relation to disease severity and filaggrin mutations
ERP024082Drosophila guanche genome
ERP024083Whole-genome amplification (WGA) create specific chimeric fragments, which consist mainly of palindrome sequences. We developed the tool Pacasus to detect and correct these palindromic sequences in long reads, for example from PacBio and Nanopore.
ERP024086OMIA LCV: Bulldog dwarfism in Dexter cattle
ERP024087Microbial biosphere of the coastal serpentinizing hydrothermal field of the Prony bay, New Caledonia
ERP024088Whole genome sequences from two mutT deletants from the Keio collection: JW00097-1 and JW00097-3. Used in Krasovec et al. 2017, Spontaneous Mutation Rate Is a Plastic Trait Associated with Population Density across Domains of Life, PLoS Biology
ERP024089Changes of Tenebrio molitor gut microbiota after environmental changes
ERP024090Manure-dwelling mesostigmatid mites from layer-farm buildings
ERP024091lncRNA downregulation
ERP024092Tuberculosis in Swiss captive elephants
ERP024094Improved recovery of ancient DNA from subfossil wood – application to the world’s oldest Late Glacial pine forest
ERP024098Overexpression of human APOBEC3H in human HEK-293T cells
ERP024099comparative rRNA/rDNA analysis of air samples collected on Cook campus in New Brunswick, NJ (40.48°N, 74.44°W)
ERP024101Archaeal genomes reconstructed from groundwater samples of a legacy radioactive site.
ERP024102MDR-TB in Serbia between 2008 and 2014
ERP024105Genomic sequence of a Escherichia coli strain isolated from mouse feces
ERP024106RNA-seq of different Plodia interpunctella tissues for males and females
ERP024109A genome-wide association study identifies susceptibility loci for primary central nervous system lymphoma at 6p25.3 and 3p22.1:
ERP024110mutT deletants from Keio collection used in Krasovec et al. 2017 PLoS Biology
ERP024113Listeria monocytogenes abdominal periaortitis
ERP024115Cucurbitariaceae study
ERP024117Vitamine D Substitution leads to a shift of the intestinal bacterial composition in CD
ERP024118gut microbiota of mice treated with ag-nanoparticles
ERP024119uncultured rhizarian RNA-Seq
ERP024120Protist communities in moored long-term sediment traps (Fram Strait, Arctic) – Preservation with mercury chloride allows for PCR-based molecular genetic analyses
ERP024121Arcobacter canalis sp. nov., a new species isolated from a water channel.
ERP024122Changes of AOA and AOB under long-term fertiliztion
ERP024124RNA targets of YBX3 in Human HeLa cells
ERP024125A/B testing for colon model
ERP024126Metagenomic investigation of the response of microbial organisms to nutrient perturbations in a Red Sea mesocosm experiment.
ERP024127Phylogeography of the Ibero-Maghrebian red-eyed grass snake (Natrix astreptophora)
ERP024129Rapid antifungal chitinase-dependent assay of chitinolytic actinobacteria isolated from a semi-arid Algerian soil and capture of GH18 chitinase genes
ERP024130Identification of a new HLA-B*07 allele in a French patient with an indication of hematopoietic stem cell allograft.
ERP024133Higher substrate ratios of ethanol to acetate steered chain elongation toward n-caprylate in a bioreactor with product extraction
ERP024134RNA-seq of wheat leaves and roots in response to Xanthomonas translucens infection
ERP024135Higher substrate ratios of ethanol to acetate steered chain elongation toward n-caprylate in a bioreactor with product extraction
ERP024136Bacterial community profiling of mangrove sediments employing metagenomic methods
ERP024137Characterising and quantifying the genome size expansion in wood-white (Leptidea) butterflies. This study includes Genome sequencing of Leptidea sinapis and resequencing of Leptidea reali and Leptidea juvernica.
ERP024138Phylogenetic analysis of Lucilia bufonivora using Cox1 gene sequence data.
ERP024139Exploration of the genomic diversity of Rhizobium isolates that are the closest known relatives to arsenite-oxidizing Rhizobium strain NT-26.
ERP024140Metagenomes and metatranscriptomes from Axial Seamount, 2013-2014.
ERP024141RNA sequencing for L.ferriphilum cultures
ERP024142Anaerobic biodegradation of phenol in structured-bed reactors under methanogenic and sulfate-reducing conditions: performance assessment and microbial community analysis
ERP024143First detection of coxsackievirus A24 and EV71 causing neurological disease in Tunisia
ERP024144Prevotellaceae bacterium MN60
ERP024145Prevotellaceae bacterium KH2P17
ERP024146Lachnospiraceae bacterium LC2019
ERP024147Ruaniaceae bacterium KH17
ERP024148Ruminococcaceae bacterium R-25
ERP024149Streptococcus equinus AR3
ERP024150Clostridiales bacterium R-7
ERP024151Lachnoclostridium contortum NLAE-zl-C134
ERP024152Isolation and molecular identification of Lactic Acid Bacteria from Northwestern Argentina common beans
ERP024153Whole exome sequencing of human HEK-293T cells transiently overexpressing a human APOBEC3 cDNA
ERP024155Taxonomic Revision of the Genus Papillaria (Meteoriaceae, Bryophytina)
ERP024156Mapping open chromatin in iPSCs derived from beta-cells
ERP024159Transcriptomics of Arabidopsis thaliana nrpd1-3 and nrpd1-3 plant 2L under control or heat stress
ERP024161West Nile virus strain replacement in mosquito vector populations in 2015-2016 in south-eastern Romania
ERP024162Culturomics study
ERP024163Raoultibacter massiliensis genome
ERP024164Beduinella massiliensis genome
ERP024165Characterization of clinical and environmenatal Pseudomonas putida group isolates and Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates
ERP024167RNA-seq of Streptococcus equi strains with and without csrRS SNPs
ERP024168Genome-wide mapping reveals conserved and diverged R-loop activities in the unusual genetic landscape of the African trypanosome genome
ERP024169Modelling the development of caste-specific gut microbiota in bumblebees
ERP024171Goyet Q56-1 nuclear DNA sequences
ERP024172Emergence of Ceftazidime-Avibactam resistant KPC-producing K. pneumoniae (KPC-Kp) during ceftazidime-avibactam-based antimicrobial treatment.
ERP024173Mycoses in patients with septic shock
ERP024174Whole-genome sequencing and Phylogeographic analysis of Salmonella enterica serovar Napoli strains isolated from human cases occurred in Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna, Northern Italy
ERP024175RNAseq of roots and leaves of tender wheat (Triticum aestivum cv chinese Spring) during interactions with mycorhizal fungi (Funneliformis mossae) with and without a pathogen attack by Xanthomonas translucens
ERP024176Les Cottes Z4-1514 nuclear DNA sequences
ERP024178Screening of beauveria bassiana isolates in Syria
ERP024179Eimeria maxima apical membrane antigen 1
ERP024181Reconstructing Prehistoric African Population Structure
ERP024183Verotoxin-producing E.coli genomes with AMR data
ERP024184Mezmaiskaya 2 nuclear DNA sequences
ERP024185Vindija 87 nuclear DNA sequences
ERP024186Spy 94a nuclear DNA sequences
ERP024187Comprehensive analysis of the secRNome of Listeria monocytogenes reveals rli32 as a potent inducer of IFN-beta response
ERP024188Urmitella massiliensis genome
ERP024190New species of Aspergillus from South American soils
ERP024191PacBio sequencing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
ERP024192Effect of stress on the binding affinity of yeast eIF4F components to their target RNAs
ERP024193Complete genome sequence of Bovine viral diarrhea virus sub-genotype 1a strain isolated in Italy in 2005
ERP024194Bacillus massiliogabonensis genome
ERP024195Pygmaeilla massiliensis genome
ERP024197Collinsella provencensis genome
ERP024198Rhizomicrobiome structure of sorghum genotypes over plant growth stages in different soils
ERP024199Deep targeted sequencing of multiregional sampling in hepatocellular carcinoma
ERP024200Steinernema borjomiensis n. sp. (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae), a new entomopathogenic nematode from Georgia
ERP024201iCLIP of the RNA-binding protein ARPP21
ERP024202Transcriptome profiling of multiregional sampling in hepatocellular carcinoma
ERP024207Penicillium olsonii was isolated and identified using molecular markers.
ERP024208The origins and vulnerabilities of two transmissible cancers in Tasmanian devils (2018)
ERP024209Salinity imapcted the nitrifying and denitrifying processes in sediments
ERP024212Analysis of microbiota in whole body of sea cucumber (Apostichopus japonicus) from South Korea for seafood management
ERP024213Draft genome sequence of Carnobacterium divergens MFPA43A1405, a meat-borne isolate from a spoiled modified atmosphere-packed organic beef carpaccio
ERP024214Draft genome sequence of Brochothrix thermosphacta 160x8 isolated from horse meat
ERP024215Draft genome of Leuconostoc gelidum sbsp gasicomitatum strain MFPA44A1401 isolated from a spoiled modified atmosphere-packed organic beef carpaccio.
ERP024216Draft genome of Lactobacillus algidus CMTALT10 isolated from vacuum-packed beef carpaccio.
ERP024217Draft genome of Lactococcus piscium CMTALT02 isolated from vacuum-packed beef carpaccio
ERP024218Draft genome of Lactococcus piscium CMTALT17 isolated from vacuum-packed beef carpaccio
ERP024219Draft genome of Pseudomonas lundensis MFPA15A1205 a meat-borne isolate from a spoiled modified atmosphere-packed organic beef carpaccio
ERP024220Draft genome of Lactobacillus fuchuensis MFPC41A2801 isolated from vacuum-packed beef carpaccio
ERP024222SNPitty: An intuitive web-application for interactive B-allele frequency and copy-number visualization of next generation sequencing data.
ERP024224PeaTAR1B: Characterization of a second type 1 tyramine receptor of the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana
ERP024226The Genome Sequence of Agrocybe aegerita provides insights into the conservation of many fruiting-related genes and a versatile repertoire of biopolymer-degrading enzymes
ERP024229Gene Expression in Different Diets
ERP024230Surface properties of SAR11 bacteria facilitate grazing avoidance
ERP024231Whole genome sequencing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex isolates belonging to the Beijing genotype, subgroup Central Asian outbreak (CAO)
ERP024232Two plasmids (i.e., blaCTX-M-15-positive and blaOXA-48-positive) were respectively fromKlebsiella pneumoniae L7 and Escherichia coli UPEC-RIY-4 bacteria. We sequenced the plasmid and assembled to several scaffords.
ERP024233The phenotype and pharmacogenetics of Thiazide Induced Hyponatremia
ERP024234Mesorhizobium carmichaelineae genome sequence
ERP024235Anoectochilus setaceus RNA polymerase C (rpoC1) gene, partial; chloroplast; Thanh Hoa
ERP024236Curculigo orchioides RNA polymerase C (rpoC1) gene, partial; chloroplast; Thanh Hoa
ERP024237Curculigo orchioides RNA polymerase beta subunit (rpoB2) gene, partial; chloroplast; Thanh Hoa
ERP024238Genome and Transcriptome analysis
ERP024239Microbial community structure in response to the drainage in a tropical peatland soil
ERP024241Transcriptomics of Wolbachia of Brugia malayi reveals new genes and a novel, clade-specific transcript
ERP024242Isolates from a biofilm formed in an oleate fed reactor
ERP02424316S and MGS data - Multi-omics Differentially Classify Disease State and Treatment Outcome in Pediatric Crohn's Disease
ERP024249Soil bacterial diversity is associated with human population density in urban greenspaces
ERP024250A new record of Xiphinema dentatumSturhan, 1978 and description of X. paradentatum sp. n. (Nematoda: Dorylaimida) from Serbia
ERP024251Occurrence of Sheraphelenchus entomophagus (Nematoda: Aphelenchoidinae) and Panagrolaimus sp. associated to pomegranate decaying fruit in Italy
ERP024252Detection of plasmid mediated colistin resistance, mcr-1and mcr-2 genes, in Salmonella spp. isolated from food at retail in Belgium from 2012-2015
ERP024254Genomics of Mesolithic Scandinavia
ERP024255Complete Genome Sequence of a Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus Subgenotype 1e Strain MA/101/05 isolated in Italy
ERP024256The genome of two local sheep breeds from the Basque Country, Sasi Ardi and Latxa, have been resequenced and scanned searching for selective sweeps related with natural and artificial selection.
ERP024257No Genotype 1 Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Subtype Misclassification by LiPA 2.0
ERP024259Dloop and tnfa II sequences from Vesta stream brown trout, Italy
ERP024260Bacterial communities of blood, gut of pikas and their ectoparasites
ERP024261Association between bacterial microbiota composition and oral vaccine response among Indian infants enrolled in a zinc/probiotic supplementation trial
ERP024262Shift and resilience dynamics in soil bacterial communities upon addition of different fertilizers
ERP024263Species-complex diversification and host-plant associations in Bemisia tabaci: a plant-defense, detoxification perspective revealed by RNAseq analyses
ERP024264RNAseq data from leaves of C. procerra To study the plant response to drought and osmotic stress, we treated plants with polyethylene glycol or PEG and NaCl and carried out transcriptomic and metabolomics measurements across a time-course of five days.
ERP024265SSU rRNA amplicon of the Arctic Ocean during Winter-Spring Transition
ERP024266Application of next generation semiconductor based sequencing for species identification in dairy products
ERP024270Diversity of symbiotic and free-living bacteria associated with mung bean (Vigna radiata [L.] R. Wilczek)
ERP024271Microsatellite loci for sooty terns (Onychoprion fuscatus) sequenced using an Illumia MiSeq Benchtop Sequencer
ERP024272Increasing tetracycline concentrations on the performance and communities of microalgae photo-bioreactors to treat effluent from anaerobic membrane reactors.
ERP024273p1775 - gene expression in mouse liver
ERP024275First detection of E. coli VIM-1 in meat products in Belgium, 2015
ERP024276RNA-Seq of canine transmissible venereal tumors (CTVT)
ERP024277Complete genome sequence of the nitrogen-fixing bacterium Bradyrhizobium sp. ORS3257, an efficient and competitive symbiont of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp) in SENEGAL
ERP024280RNA-seq in a patient with idiopathic X-linked intellectual disability compared to healthy controls with normal mir222 expression
ERP024283Effects on adult testis of Sertoli cell-specific ablation of miR-17-92 in mouse embryos
ERP024284Descriptions of new fungal taxa
ERP024286An omic approach for the assessment of the molecular responses to different stresses in embryos and adult immune cells of the Mediterranean sea urchin species Paracentrotus lividus
ERP0242872 anemone species were sequenced to determine tissue-specific differential expression and to find toxin composition in the two sea anemones
ERP024288In-depth characterization of the cisplatin mutational signature in human cell lines and in esophageal and liver tumors
ERP024289Metabolic Adaptation of Methanogens in Anaerobic Digesters upon Trace Element Limitations
ERP024290Temporal Dynamics of the microbial community composition with a focus on toxic cyanobacteria and Toxin presence during harmful algal Blooms in two South German lakes
ERP024291Description of new Arcobacter species
ERP024292The Effects of Ogi, Omidun and pure lactobacilli on Bacterial Diversity and Population Structure in Rat model of colitis
ERP024293Paracentrotus lividus Msx-1 mRNA, complete CDS
ERP024294Seasonal analysis of microbial metatranscriptomes at the Radiales station E2-Gijón/Xixón
ERP024295The 'zoo' accompanying Botryococcus alga: A metagenomic survey reveals deep insights to the community relationship
ERP024296Small RNA sequencing of Foxtail mosaic virus-infected wheat after 7 serial passages
ERP024297Injury Promotes Sarcoma Development in a Genetically- and Temporally-Restricted Manner
ERP024298The present study is to understand the expression of genes involved in lipid metabolism pathways in intestine of salmon at early developmental stages and fed by different diets.
ERP024299Extensive reshaping of bacterial operons by programmed mRNA decay
ERP024300De novo assembly and annotation of Clarias gariepinus transcriptome
ERP024301A mixture of eight DCV isolates was passaged three times in Wolbachia-infected or Wolbachia-free Drosophila melanogaster females.
ERP024303Maize root microbiota
ERP024304Composition of fungal communities in woody debris and the underlying organic horizon
ERP024305Analysis of microbiota of the swimming crab (Portunus trituberculatus) in South Korea to minimize foodborne illness
ERP024306Discover new allele of HLA DRB1*15 in Taiwan
ERP024307Early effects of agroforestry practices on soil microbial communities in vineyards
ERP024308Sequence based typing at the German Reference Centre for staphylococci - the next generation
ERP024309Ceftriaxone resistant Salmonella Typhi carries an IncI1-ST31 plasmid encoding CTX-M-15
ERP024310Community analysis of guinea pig faecal samples
ERP024311laccase from P. ostreatus
ERP024314Zoonotic transmission of ESBL resistance genes from non-intensive poultry farms in Vietnam
ERP024315Whole genome sequencing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains resistant to D-cycloserine
ERP024316Infections by human gastrointestinal helminths are associated with changes in faecal microbiota diversity and composition
ERP024317Transcriptional profiling of articular cartilage in a porcine model of early post-traumatic osteoarthritis
ERP024318Maternal omega-3 fatty acids regulate offspring obesity through persistent modulation of gut microbiota
ERP024319COMPARE Salmonella isolates project 1048
ERP024320Secondary Structure prediction for the 18S rRNA across Trematoda families
ERP024321Tea is a popular and natural non-alcoholic beverage, and is produced from fresh leaves of Camellia sinensis. Tea leaves contain many bioactive compounds that have significant health benefits. We constructed a high quality bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) library by using the fresh petals of C. sinensis ‘Shuchazao’ for genome sequencing and improvement of genomic assembly.
ERP024322Host-microbiome interactions
ERP024323Ceropegia pollinators
ERP024324Lysogeny is prevalent and widely distributed in the murin gut microbiota
ERP024325A long-term project to assess diversity of yeast fungi in soils and adjacent substrates.
ERP024326Cultures of jelly fungi deposited in the DSMZ in various years are revised here.
ERP024327Penicillium uruguayensis sp. nov
ERP024328Diversity of bacteria strains isolated from fresh water
ERP024329Marine floral assemblages along a temporal lava flow gradient in the Piton de la Fournaise volcano (Réunion, Indian Ocean)
ERP024330Dictyosporiaceae family
ERP024331Lactobacillus plantarum NCFB 965 assembly
ERP024332HLA-B*15:07:01:02 confirmatory
ERP024333ChIP-seq of H3K4me3 and H3K27ac of dermal fibroblasts
ERP024334Yeast community associated with sandfly Phlebotomus perniciosus
ERP024335Sequencing Arabidiopsis thaliana and A. lyrata WGS samples in Snowdonia National Park, Wales, for real-time ID and phylogenomics.
ERP024336RNA-seq of of dermal fibroblasts
ERP024337BORIANI M., TADDEI A., BAZZOLI M., MICHELOTTI S. 2019. Detection and molecular analysis of three exotic auger beetles of the genus Sinoxylon DUFTSCHMID, 1825 (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) intercepted in Italy.
ERP024338Carriage of Neisseria meningitidis in Nottingham University students from 2009-2010 and 2015-2016
ERP024339Fungal community associated with Phlebotomus perniciosus using NGS technologies
ERP024340RNA seq of different species of Salsoleae with different photosynthetic types
ERP024341single-cell RNA-seq of of dermal fibroblasts
ERP024342Interspecies hybridization and species delimitation in Aspergillus viridinutans complex (section Fumigati) encompassing opportunistic mammalian pathogens
ERP024345The Evolutionary History of Dogs in the Americas
ERP02434616s-Metagenome analysis of the A. tamarense and C. polykrikoides associated bacteria using Nanopore technology
ERP024347Efficacy of infliximab in treatment on inflammatory bowel disease and factors affecting the therapeutic
ERP024348Leaf variegation and impaired chloroplast development caused by a truncated CCT domain protein in albostrians barley.
ERP024350Transcriptome profiling of short-term response to chilling stress in resistant and susceptible rice seedlings
ERP024352Three-domain microbial communities in Aplysina and Dysidea sponges
ERP024354Sediment slurry incubations with and without Nereis diversicolor mucus were used to assess how invertebrate mucopolysaccharides affect the structure of the total bacterial and archaeal sediment community.
ERP024355Genome sequences of Magnaporthe oryzae isolated from Bangladesh in 2016 and 2017
ERP024356Correlation between gut microbiota and presence of fecal fungal isolates in Crohn's disease patients.
ERP024357High phosphate intake and gut-related parameters – results of a randomized placebo-controlled human intervention study
ERP024360cruise to the Peruvian upwelling region in October 2015
ERP024365Soil and Rhizobium samples mixed with synthetic spikes, DNA co-isolated, co-amplified and sequenced
ERP024367The genomes of four Meyerozyma caribbica isolates and novel insights into the Meyerozyma guilliermondii species complex
ERP024368Genome variation and conserved regulation identify genomic regions responsible for strain specific phenotypes of metabolic syndrome in rats
ERP024369Metatranscriptome analysis of maize rhizosphere microbiome under nanosilver exposure
ERP024370Protists collected from soils in Neotropical rainforests
ERP024372Animal experiment: the effect of light exposure on the diurnal oscillation of gut microbiota in mice
ERP024373TGF-ß signaling suppresses tumor surveillance by inducing the differentiation of tumor associated NK cells into type 1 innate lymphoid cells
ERP024375Biofilms on synthetic polymers in the marine environment
ERP024378Metagenomic study on pasturelands chronically exposed to pesticides
ERP024381B19 sequence Albania
ERP024382The impact of land use change and the composition of soil organic carbon on microbial abundance and bacterial diversity in soils across Europe
ERP024383Trypanosoma brucei ribonuclease H2A is an essential enzyme that resolves R-loops associated with transcription initiation and antigenic variation
ERP024384Heterogeneous pathway activation and drug response modelled in colorectal-tumor-derived 3D cultures
ERP024385RNA-seq analysis of cytoplasmic RNAs extracted from human T Cells obtained from humanized mice infected with wild-type HTLV-1 and a mutant form lacking the PBM of Tax.
ERP024386A simplified framework for dissecting complex host-microbiota interactions
ERP024388Dryopteris villarii, partial chloroplast genome
ERP024389As part of the EFFORT project, we sampled feces from pig and poultry livestock in nine European countries (BE, BG, DK, FR, ES, GE, NL, PL, SP). More than 9000 animals were sampled, across 181 pig and 178 poultry herds to generate herd-level composite fecal samples. Using shotgun metagenomics, we have quantified and characterized the antimicrobial resistance gene pools (resistomes) in Europe's two most intensively raised livestock species.
ERP024390Complete genome sequence of Acinetobacter baumannii K50
ERP024391A novel HLA-B*15:01:01 allele
ERP024392Yeasts in pollen collected by honey bees in Belgium
ERP024393RNA-seq analysis of transport deficient S. pneumoniae TIGR4 mutants
ERP024394The chicken or the egg? Adaptation to desiccation and salinity tolerance in a lineage of water beetles
ERP024396Hyrax microbiome
ERP024398Molecular and structural characterization of the desalination mechanisms in euryhaline fish
ERP024399yeast community of Phlebotomus perniciosus
ERP024400Transcriptome Analysis of the Human Cytomegalovirus Using Pacific Biosciences RSII Platform
ERP024401Single-cell RNA-seq of of dermal fibroblasts using microfluidic droplet capture (stimulated cells)
ERP024404Diversity of culturable thermophiles
ERP024405Single-cell RNA-seq of of dermal fibroblasts using microfluidic droplet capture (unstimulated cells)
ERP024406Whole genome shallow sequencing of ctDNA from leiomyosarcoma patients
ERP024408In this study we described at genomic level the first strain of Escherchia coli harbouring the blaOXA-181 gene isolated in Italy
ERP024411Tissue-specific DNase-seq during Drosophila melanogaster embryogenesis
ERP024412The genomic sequences of four isolates of Klebsiella pneumoniae from a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit helped in the identification and characterization of the strain resposible for an outbreak
ERP024414Enrichment cultures degrading hexadecene
ERP024415RNA-seq analysis of gene expression associated to altered gene dosage of DeIF6 during eye development in Drosophila melanogaster
ERP024416Diversity of xerotolerant and xerophilic fungi in honey
ERP024417This project aims at sequencing a few Terrisporobacter species.
ERP024418The influence of sludge retention time on the expressed functional diversity of and biotransformation rates of micropollutants performed by a community originating from wastewater activated sludge
ERP024419Protein-SIP experiment with a bacterial community enriched from a sulfidic and benzene-contaminated aquifer
ERP024420Globodera rostochiensis infected tomato root miRNome collected at three time points.
ERP024421Small RNA-seq of quiescent, activated of differentiated mouse skeletal muscle stem cells
ERP024422Danmap 2016
ERP024424EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Ocean Sampling Day (OSD) 2014: AUTHORITY-RAW amplicon and metagenome sequencing study from the June solstice in the year 2014 (osd-2014) data set
ERP024427Human cytomegalovirus sequences from clinical samples
ERP024428Nuclear genes, matK and the phylogeny of Poales
ERP024429Kwangyang bay ocean microbiome
ERP024430Nanopore reads
ERP0244314x Pilon polished nanopore assembly drafts
ERP024432ILMN reads
ERP024433Ovarian transcriptome (mRNA and miRNA) profiling of Finnsheep, Texel and their F1-crosses
ERP024434Echinochloa crus-galli genome analysis provides insight into its adaptation and invasiveness as a weed.
ERP024435Genomic study of Corynebacterium diphtheriae and related species
ERP024437Unusual ecophysiology of Candidate phylum Acetothermia bacteria associated with anaerobic digesters revealed by complete genome sequencing and advanced in situ microscopy
ERP024441Consistent associations with beneficial bacteria in the seed endosphere of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
ERP024443Diagnostics, epidemiological observations and genomic subtyping in an outbreak of pullorum disease in non-commercial chickens
ERP024444Latitudinal shifts in native and invasive plant rhizosphere microbial community based on 16S rRNA gene
ERP024445Latitudinal shifts in native and invasive plants rhizosphere microbial community based on Fungal ITS
ERP024447Bladder culture collection reveals interconnected urogenital microbiome
ERP024448eDNA 16S metabarcoding of Bolivian frog communities
ERP024449Nematoda of New Caledonia
ERP024450Metagenomic characterization of airborne viromes in cheese production plants
ERP024452ChIP-seq of definitive endoderm cells derived in vitro from human embryonic stem cells in order to study the role of transcription factor GATA6 in human pancreas development
ERP024453RNA-seq of definitive endoderm and pancreatic progenitor cells derived in vitro from human pluripotent stem cells in order to study the role of transcription factor GATA6 in human pancreas development
ERP024454RNA-Seq of RAW 264.7 cells stimulated with the AS03 adjuvant after 4 and 8 hours
ERP024455An ancient mobile genomic island introducing cephalosporinase and carbapenemase morons in Enterobacteriaceae.
ERP024456Differences in the structure of bacterial and archaeal communities including the functional group of ammonia oxidizers in soils beneath Rhizophora mangle and Avicennia germinans mangroves determined by tide?
ERP024457Recombination within an asexual species: what the mitochondrial genomes reveal in the Fusarium oxysporum species complex
ERP024458Single-molecule sequencing of maize and sorghum developmental tissues
ERP024459Methane production from hexadecene enrichment cultures
ERP024460RNA-seq of barley lines overexpressing or silencing HvPap-1 gene.
ERP024461Genome sequence ofRhodopseudomonas palustris Strain RP2
ERP024464Ribosome profiling and RNA-seq of in vitro differentiated human CD4+ Th1 cells.
ERP024465Sequence determination and analysis of Acinetobacter spp. plasmid isolated from different environments
ERP024467Single molecule real-time (SMRT) DNA sequencing of HLA genes
ERP024468Comparison of seven single cell Whole Genome Amplification commercial kits using targeted sequencing
ERP024469Isolation of bacteriophage from cattle slurry 2016
ERP024470Metagenomic profiles of samples from aquaculture systems
ERP024471Discovery of large polymorphic inversions by chromosome conformation capture sequencing
ERP024473ChIP-seq for Prep on whole zebrafish embryos at 3.5 and 12hpf
ERP024474LAG-3 Inhibitory Receptor Expression Identifies Immunosuppressive Natural Regulatory Plasma Cells
ERP024477Microbial community structure in a tropical Malaysian peat swamp forest: the influence of tree species and depth
ERP024478Isolation and sequencing of Clostridium species from preterm infant faecal samples
ERP024480Role of STING in gut homeostasis and inflammation
ERP024481Entomological signatures in honey: an environmental DNA metabarcoding approach can disclose information on plant-sucking insects in agricultural and forest landscapes
ERP024482Application of next generation semiconductor based sequencing of a plant DNA barcoding region to detect the botanical composition and geographic origin of monofloral, polyfloral and honeydew honey
ERP024484Whole genome sequence of 123 Mycobacterium abscessus subsp. abscessus isolates and 39 Mycobacterium abscessus subsp. massiliense isolates.
ERP024485Sample preservation, DNA or RNA extraction and data analysis for high-throughput phytoplankton community sequencing
ERP024486Whole genome sequences of two canine transmissible venereal tumours (CTVTs) and their hosts derived from The Gambia.
ERP024487Genomic analysis of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium DT56 variant in New Zealand
ERP024488Metagenome Analysis of palm oil mill effluent
ERP024489RNA-seq of muscle in mice with Lewis lung carcinoma with or without access to physical activity
ERP024490Genome assembly and annotation of Arabidopsis lyrata ssp. petraea
ERP024491Profiling Mycobacterial Communities in Pulmonary Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Disease
ERP024492Transcriptome analysis of embryonic domains in Norway spruce reveals candidate genes regulating suspensor cell death
ERP024495human oral microbiom cfsgd xx
ERP024496Sequence Requirements for Cascade Function in a Type I-E CRISPR System: ChIP-Seq
ERP024497Sequence Requirements for Cascade Function in a Type I-E CRISPR System: Plasmid Loss
ERP024498Exploring the relationship between 5fC and nucleosomal organization in tissues obtained from mouse embryos E11.5 and synthetic DNA
ERP024499Sequence Requirements for Cascade Function in a Type I-E CRISPR System: RNA-Seq
ERP024500Sequence Requirements for Cascade Function in a Type I-E CRISPR System: ChIP Library-seq
ERP024503The mRNA cap methyltransferase gene is essential for in vivo survival of T. brucei bloodstream form
ERP024505Bioactive peptides from Ranidae
ERP024506A Phylogenetically Based Comparative Transcriptional Landscape of Maize and Sorghum Obtained by Single-molecule Sequencing
ERP024507antimicrobial peptide
ERP024508Sorghum RNA-seq data of comparative transcriptome study
ERP024509Fungal ITS sequencing data from salt marsh soil samples (n=60) (Illumina MiSeq platform)
ERP0245103' end mapping of nascent HIV-1 reverse transcripts during infection of CEM-SS T cells in the presence of APOBEC3G
ERP024512A Muco-Inflammatory Milieu Characterizes Early CF Lung Disease
ERP024514Analysis of a rabies cross-species transmission suggests a role for sub-viral populations in successful maintenance within new host reservoirs.
ERP024515study lung cancer under various circumstances(dirt, smoke, dry, etc.)
ERP024518Dietary cholesterol promotes steatohepatitis-related hepatocellular carcinoma by inducing aberrant genomic expression and mutations
ERP024520Bacterial 16S rRNA sequencing data from salt marsh soil samples (n=60) (454 sequencing platform)
ERP024522Biodiversity and composition of bacterial communities inhabiting the surface of altered tuff
ERP024524Faecal microbiota transplantation in pigs in order to improve feed efficiency
ERP024525ChIP-seq of SATB1-bound regions in human ESC-derived dopaminergic neurons (60 days of differentiation) treated with 6OHDA
ERP024526Expression profiling of Jurkat cells infected with HIV-1 and treated with digoxin or DMSO
ERP024527Although lungs of cystic fibrosis (CF) infants are normal at birth, destructive airways disease begins early in life. Understanding the contributions of mucus, inflammation, and infection to early pulmonary pathophysiology is critical to prevent CF airways disease.
ERP024528Impact of L rhamnosus on barrier integrity and microbiota
ERP024529Metatranscriptome sequencing reveals insights into the gene expression of the bovine rumen wall microbial community during subacute ruminal acidosis
ERP024531Response of nitrifying and denitrifying functional genes and microbial community structure to experimental warming
ERP024532Pristionchus Nematodes Whole Genome Sequencing.
ERP024533Boar sperm DNA fragmentation
ERP024539Microbial communities in drinking water systems
ERP024542Host-associated niche metabolism enhances the expression of type 3 secretion and a co-ordinated suite of effector proteins during enteric infection
ERP024543MeDIP profiling by high-throughput sequencing of Primary Human Hepatocytes (PHH) exposed to Valproic Acid (VPA) for 3 days daily and 3 days daily exposure followed by 3 days washout.
ERP024544RNA-seq of Primary Human Hepatocytes (PHH) exposed to Valproic Acid (VPA) for 3 days daily and 3 days daily exposure followed by 3 days washout.
ERP024545Kellis 2 mitogenome
ERP024546Shotgun Metagenomic Analysis of Microbial Composition of Kombucha
ERP024547Stingless bee transcriptome sick bees
ERP024550Contribution of the Hog1 SAPK to nitrosative stress response in Candida albicans.
ERP024551Expression of genes in different tissues of Drosophila melanogaster
ERP024553Gut microbiome diagnostics in pre-term babies
ERP024555Porcine feed efficiency (FE)-associated intestinal microbiota and physiological traits: finding consistent cross-locational biomarkers for feed efficiency
ERP024562A muco-inflammatory milieu characterizes early cf lung disease
ERP024563Genetic ancestry of Rapa Nui (Easter Island, Chile) before and after European contact
ERP024564We employed and combined the long reads sequencing technologies (MinION and PacBio) and short reads (Illumina). The de novo assembly of the reads derived from the three technologies was performed, resulted in the completion of the yeast genome.
ERP024565Cd-treated maize seedlings roots transcriptome
ERP024566Profiles of enzyme activities, production of oxalic acid, and Fe3+-reducing metabolites secreted by the Polyporales brown-rot species Fomitopsis pinicola
ERP024567Genome sequencing of fish from a natural population of the guppy, Poecilia reticulata, for studying sex chromosome evolution
ERP024568Successful dissemination of resistance to oxazolidinones in multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus epidermidis clinical isolates
ERP024570Full genome or transcriptome sequencing of forty-three P. graminis f. sp. tritici isolates from fifteen countries and two P. graminis f. sp. avenue isolates.
ERP024574Not applicable
ERP024575Egyptian Ketomium© as a new broad spectrum biological fungicide for fusarial wilt
ERP024576Exome assembly in the Andante cultivar of Miscanthus sinensis
ERP024578Pilot Study DBT-BBSRC
ERP024579The structure variation of airborne bacteria compared between Asian continental are (Yongin, Korea) and Japan island area (Yonago, Japan) during Asian dust events
ERP024580Improving feed efficiency in pigs through microbial modulation: faecal microbiota transplantation in sows and/or dietary supplementation of offspring with inulin
ERP024581RNA-Seq of murine lung endothelial cells stimulated with IFN-gamma and dexamethasone
ERP024582Human and rhesus macaque KIR haplotypes defined by its transcriptome.
ERP024583RNA-Seq analysis of mouse dopamine neurons identifies transcriptional repression of PlexinC1 by Lmx1a and Lmx1b
ERP024584Cryptic resistance mutations associated to misdiagnoses of Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (Whole genome sequencing)
ERP024585Expression data of CD11b+ cells isolated from WT and C3aR knockout mice after CTX injury
ERP024586Whole transcriptome analysis of rat peritoneal cells in a TGFß1 induced mesothelial-to-mesenchymal transition
ERP024587RNA-seq of human dendritic cells from patients with type 1 diabetes after phagocytosis of autoantigen-loaded phosphatidylserine-liposomes
ERP024588Hot water plumbing microbiome
ERP024589shotgun sequencing of cheese production facility and associated samples
ERP024590microRNA profile of bovine monocyte-derived macrophages infected in vitro with Streptococcus agalactiae
ERP024591Diversity and cyclical seasonal transitions in the bacterial community in a large and deep perialpine lake
ERP024592The ChIP-Seq binding peak data of the H4K20me3 in mESCs, Pwp1(-/+) ESCs and Pwp1-overexpressed Pwp1(-/+) ESCs
ERP024594A ceftriaxone resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae infection acquired in Denmark in 2017
ERP024596Attenuated virulence of M. tuberculosis in the bovine host
ERP024597Identification of target genes of Cud-type transcription factor, spdA, in a Dictyostelid social amoebae by ChIP-seq
ERP024598Updated VC N16961 reference genome
ERP024599RNA-seq of rat microglia, mouse neurons and human astrocytes in co-culture, both in control conditions and challenged with LPS.
ERP024600Canis lupus familiaris NAPEPLD, N-acyl phosphatidylethanolamine phospholipase D (NAPEPLD), mRNA
ERP024602The microbial community composition in aggregate sized fractions down the soil profile in Irish soils
ERP024657Genome resequencing of P. putida KT2440 strains in use in the laboratory of M. Auxiliadora Prieto
ERP025138Acetyl-H4 chIP-seq of control, NaBu-treated, and random behavioral clusters of zebrafish 8 dpf larvae
ERP026868Lactobacillus fermentum IMDO 130101 genome sequencing
ERP027561Polynucleobacter sp. AP-Melu-1000-B4
ERP037957Discover new allele of HLA B*40 in Taiwan
ERP038318Assessment of the cPAS-based BGISEQ-500 platform for metagenomic sequencing
ERP039584Study type II and I methanotrophs in paddy soils
ERP040145Rna-seq of control and 2mM NaBu-treated zebrafish larvae (8 dpf)
ERP040786Genetic diversity of GRSPaV in Tunisia
ERP041392Genetic diversity of GRSPaV in Tunisia
ERP042394methanotrophs in wetland paddies
ERP044454Genotype-by-sequencing and chloroplast genome sequencing were carried-out for 192 accessions of wild and landrace wheat accessions.
ERP044471Genetic diversity of GRSPaV in Tunisia
ERP046087Analysis of rRNA 2'-O-methylation plasticity upon fibrillarin depletion
ERP051557Three dimensional cartography of microbiome and metabolome data onto radiological images of the human lung
ERP067338Sequence based identification of BLNAR Haemophilus Influenzae strains
ERP067363The transcriptional regulator LysG of Mycobacterium tuberculosis activates lysE in a lysine-dependent manner
ERP067388PRC1.6 RNAseq
ERP067573PRC1.6 ChIPseq - HEK239
ERP067959Complete genome sequence of Eubacterium hallii strain L2-7
ERP068579New variant of Salmonella Genomic Island 1 in S. Kentucky
ERP068977Development of the oral micro biome during childhood: an ecological succession associated with dental health status
ERP069106PRC1.6 ChIPseq - mouse ES
ERP070186Comparing the transcriptome profiling of ob/ob mice treated with the GLP-1 receptor agonist liraglutide, a clinically used GLP-1 receptor agonist, versus baseline controls
ERP071171Whole genome sequencing of Sake brewing strain UC5
ERP079497hair follicle associated microbiome
ERP085746RNAseq of whole ovarian follicles from young and old mice.
ERP086266A Compendium of Sequenced NBS-domains of Resistance Genes in 96 Potato Cultivars
ERP086915Diversity of Picoeukaryotic community in the Gulf of Gabès (south-eastern Mediterranean)
ERP087765Genetic diversity and mother-child overlap of the gut associated microbiota determined by reduced genome sequencing
ERP087838New genus and species of foraminifera
ERP088807Genomic analysis of pre-conquest human remains from the Canary Islands reveal close affinity to modern North Africans
ERP089440Fungal control of early-stage bacterial community development in wood
ERP089481A "Leak-Free" inducible promoter for Synechocystis
ERP089530Synthetic negative feedback circuits using engineered small RNAs
ERP090011EMOSE (2017) Inter-Comparison of Marine Plankton Metagenome Analysis Methods
ERP091820Time line RNAseq of iPSC-derived neurons from ASD and control subjects.
ERP093205The present work aims to analyze the microbial diversity found in Lake Bolonha.
ERP095838HIV Oral Bacterial Microbiome
ERP101460Gut dysbiosis in patients with multiple sclerosis
ERP103926Study of the microbial assembly of lab-scale biofilter media
ERP103929Bacteria in drinking water and biofilms (16S rDNA amplicon study)
ERP103930Investigation into the impact of vitamin D supplementation on the microbiota of patients with and without ulcerative colitis.
ERP103931Retrieval of a million high-quality, full-length SSU rRNA sequences without primer bias
ERP103932RNA-seq of Gordonia rubripertincta CWB2 to uncover the styrene specific degradation pathway
ERP103933genetic variantion data for LYC
ERP103937Carbapenemase producing E.cloacae complex Ireland
ERP103938Assigning names to common human and animal pathogens in Neocosmospora
ERP103940The Effect of Dog Ownership on the Microbiome of Elderly Humans
ERP103941Genomic profiling of the FaDu cell line and derived subclones using amplicon-based targeted sequencing
ERP103942Dietary fat-induced gut barrier dysfunction and pathobiont expansion aggravate experimental colitis
ERP103943new or confirmatory sequences of HLA class I and II genes
ERP103945Whole genome sequencing of Acinetobacter baylyi 93A2
ERP103946RNAseq timecourse of rat neurons at hours (0, 2, 4, 8, 16, and 24) after treatment with BDNF, with & without ATF4 knockdown
ERP103949Testing the effect of a brownification and eutrophication in lakes.
ERP103950Extension of HLA sequences
ERP103951sRNA locus identification from large-scale sRNA sequencing in Arabidopsis thaliana
ERP10395616s from Alcatara WWTP
ERP103957Generation and comparison of CRISPR/Cas9 and Cre-mediated genetically engineered mouse models of sarcoma
ERP103958Infant Rhesus Monkey Fecal Microbiome
ERP103959Who eats the tough stuff – DNA stable isotope probing (SIP) of bacteria and fungi degrading 13C-labelled lignin and cellulose in forest soils
ERP103960Gut bacteria from giant stick insect guts
ERP103961EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Human Microbiome Project (HMP) Metagenomic WGS Projects, deeper sequencing of the human microbiome samples: Production Phase (human metagenome) data set
ERP103962RNA-seq of a P. infestans resistance segregating population with parents Desiree (cv) and breeding line SW93-1015
ERP103963Influence of electron acceptors in transcript diversity of active members of the denitrifying community
ERP103964Chagas disease microbiome
ERP103966Lactobacillus mucosae AGR63
ERP103967Nitrosomonas ureae Nm15
ERP103968Pseudobutyrivibrio ruminis DSM 9787
ERP103969Quadrisphaera granulorum DSM 44889
ERP103970Bacteroides sp. AR29
ERP103971Streptomyces sp. TLI_55
ERP103972Rhodobacter maris JA276
ERP103973Alcanivorax xenomutans JC109
ERP103974Rhodobacter vinaykumarii JA123
ERP103976Lysinibacillus xyleni JC22
ERP103977Stappia indica USBA 352
ERP103978Thalassospira xiaminensis USBA 78
ERP103979Rhodopseudomonas pentathenatexigens JA575
ERP103980Rhodobacter litoris JA431
ERP103981In the first part of the experiment, naphthalene contaminated surface sediments, where effluent from the coal-tar contaminated groundwater surfaces, were incubated in situ with either 13C-labeled or natural abundance 13C-naphthalene at various dosing regimes. The dosing regimes correspond with 3 doses in a 24 hr timespan; 5 doses in a 72 hr timespan and 8 doses in 8 days. Shotgun metagenome libraries were prepared in triplicate from all 13C-labeled sediments following the enrichment for 13C-labeled DNA. Sediments fed natural abundance 12C-naphthalene were not replicated, but where exposed to the identical handling as DNA extracted from 13C-labeled sediment. In the second part of the experiment, groundwater was sampled from pristine ('upstream') and contaminated monitoring wells ('shallow','mid' and 'deep'). DNA was extracted directly from filters (5L of groundwater per well) and shotgun metagenomes were sequenced. This data corresponds with metaproteomic data from Hanson et al., 2015.
ERP103982Fondecyt Grant 1160426 -Bacterial microbiota strains associated with diarrheogenic E. coli infection promotes fimbrial-mediated adherence and inflammation induction of Enteroaggregative and Shiga Toxin-producing E. coli to intestinal cells
ERP103983A deconvolution protocol for chip-seq reveals analogous enhancer structures on the mouse and human ribosomal RNA genes
ERP103984Transcriptomes of inducible CD271 overexpression in the human melanoma cell line M010817. Part of p2352
ERP103986Soybean cultivation inhabits diverse arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal community in central Argentina
ERP103988SeagrassDB: An open-source transcriptomics portal for exploring the phylogenetically profiled transcriptomics landscape in aquatic plants
ERP103989Cyclic-di-adenosine monophosphate (c-di-AMP) is required for osmotic regulation in Staphylococcus aureus but dispensable for viability in anaerobic conditions
ERP103991Rhizobium subbaroanis JC85
ERP103992Lysinibacillus acetophenoni JC23
ERP103993Rhodobacter ovatus JA234
ERP103994Bacillus oleivorans strain:JC228
ERP103995Hoeflea halophila KCTC 23107
ERP103996Salinicoccus kekensis DSM 23173
ERP103997Blastococcus aggregatus strain:DSM 4725
ERP103998Ornithinimicrobium pekingense USBA17B2
ERP103999Chromohalobacter canadensis USBA 855
ERP104000Streptomyces microflavus CG 893
ERP104001Streptomyces sp. 2323.1
ERP104002Paenibacillus sp. RU26A
ERP104003Paenibacillus sp. RU5M
ERP104004The urinary microbiome associated with bladder cancer
ERP104007Draft genome sequence of Weissella viridescens MFPC16A2805
ERP104008Draft genome sequence of Lactobacillus sakei J112
ERP104009Draft genome sequence of Lactobacillus sakei J18
ERP104010Draft genome sequence of Lactobacillus sakei J156
ERP104011Draft genome sequence of Lactobacillus sakei J160x1
ERP104012Complete genome sequence for Lactobacillus sakei J54
ERP104013Complete genome sequence of Lactobacillus sakei J64
ERP104014Complete genome sequence of Lactobacillus sakei FLEC01
ERP104015Complete genome sequence of Lactobacillus MFPB19A1501
ERP104016Complete genome sequence of Lactobacillus sakei MFPB16A1401
ERP104017Xmas Dinner Microbiome
ERP104018Effect of the Christmas dinner on the gutmicrobiota
ERP104020Chromothripsis 18 in multiple myeloma patient with rapid extramedullary relapse.
ERP104021Correlation between gut microbiota and presence of fecal fungal isolates in Crohn's disease patients (part 2).
ERP104022Chip-seq study for the genome-wide identification of CBX7 binding sites in CBX7 overexpressing CD34+ cellChip-seq study for genome-wide mapping of H3K9me3 and H3K27me3 in CD34+ cord blood cells upon overexpression of Polycomb CBX7 and Polycomb CBX8
ERP104023Genome of Eubacterium hallii strain L2-7
ERP104026Salt-responsive gut commensal modulates TH17 axis and disease
ERP104027Cladosporium sp. (FP)
ERP104028PCR screening and sequence analysis
ERP104029Comparative genomics of Campylobacter concisus: Analysis of clinical strains reveals genome diversity and pathogenic potential
ERP104030The role of diet composition in high-fat diet induced obesity related microbiota composition.
ERP104031an isolated thermophilic azo dye degradation microbial consortium
ERP104032Response of microbial community and metabolic genes on the petroleum hydrocarbons contaminated soil by column simulation
ERP104033A draft genome combined with transcriptomics reveals unique aspects of Phocine herpesvirus-1 infections in the brains of harbor seals
ERP104034ESP deployed about 1-2 km from catalina island. Sampled 1 to 2 times per day in the photic zone.
ERP104036Assembly of the Asian seabass genome using PacBio long-read data and multi-layered scaffolding
ERP104037WGS of a MDR-TB Cluster and related strains from patients originated from the Horn of Africa
ERP104038EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Gut microbial succession follows acute secretory diarrhea in humans (cholera_succession) data set
ERP104039EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Dynamics and Stabilization of the Human Gut Microbiome during the First Year of Life (InfantGut) data set
ERP104040New species of Methylomirabilis
ERP104041EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the stool samples Raw sequence reads (stool) data set
ERP104042Genome-wide binding sites of NF90/ILF3 in K562 erythroleukemia cells
ERP104043Highly competitive fungi manipulate bacterial communities in decomposing wood
ERP104044EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Pediatric Fecal Metagenome (human gut metagenome) data set
ERP104045EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Canadian MetaMicrobiome Library Projects (Canadian MetaMicrobiome) data set
ERP104046RNA-seq of mouse alveolar macrophages sorted from CD11cCre/+ Tgfbr2fl/fl and control Tgfbr2fl/fl neonatal mice
ERP104047EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Human Gut Microbiome in a Multiplex Family Study of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (human gut metagenome) data set
ERP104048Defining objective clusters for rabies virus sequences using affinity propagation clustering
ERP104049The importance of the avian route in the spreading of ticks and tick-borne pathogens in a highly densely populated area in Northern Italy
ERP104050RNA-seq comparison of Clostridium acetobutylicum wild-type and pks mutant under batch fermentation conditions.
ERP104051Injury-activated glial cells promote wound healing of the adult skin in mice
ERP104052RNA sequencing of chicken (Gallus gallus) bone marrow derived macrophages (BMDMs), both unstimulated and 24 hours after stimulation with lipopolysaccharide (LPS).
ERP104054Genetic interactions between the chromosome axis-associated protein Hop1 and homologous recombination determinants in Schizosaccharomyces pombe
ERP104055Molecular typing of fecal eukaryotic community of wild young South American (Arctocephalus australis) and Subantarctic fur seals (Arctocephalus tropicalis)
ERP104056Soil metagenome from healthy and unhealthy agricultural soil
ERP104058RNA-seq analysis of Catharanthus roseus adventitious roots
ERP104060SCCmecFinder, a web-based tool for typing of staphylococcal cassette chromosome mec
ERP104061ESBL-encoding isolates from food
ERP104062We provide a detailed systematics account of the Caribbean species, including description of three new ones, and on their example we are demonstrating that combination of morphological and molecular data is necessary to deal with the species-level systematics of the genus.
ERP104063Natural variation of Chronological aging in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae species reveals diet-dependent mechanisms of life span control
ERP104064Analysis of the Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) intestinal microbiome based on high-throughput sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene.
ERP104065We provide a detailed systematics account of the Caribbean species, including description of three new ones, and on their example we are demonstrating that combination of morphological and molecular data is necessary to deal with the species-level systematics of the genus.
ERP104066Multiple origin of the Phaenonotum beetles in the Greater Antilles (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae): phylogeny, biogeography and systematics
ERP104067EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Linking Lifestyle to the Oral and Gut Microbiota in a Large Prospective Cohort (human gut metagenome) data set
ERP104068EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Raw reads of the microbiota of premature infant mouth, skin, and gut (human gut metagenome) data set
ERP104069EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Human gastric microbiome metagenome (human gut metagenome) data set
ERP104070Ancient genomes reveal the ancestry of domestic and Przewalski's horses
ERP104071EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Metagenome sequencing of the Hadza hunter-gatherer gut microbiota. (human gut metagenome) data set
ERP104072EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Metagenomic analysis of infant stool sample (human gut metagenome) data set
ERP104073EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Library preparation methodology can influence genomic and functional predictions in human microbiome research (human gut metagenome) data set
ERP104074EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Core genomes of cosmopolitan surface ocean plankton (jcvi_gos_circumnavigation) data set
ERP104075EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Symptomatic atherosclerosis gut metagenome. (gut metagenome) data set
ERP104076EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2016.00579 We employed shotgun metagenome and 16S rDNA gene amplicon sequencing of topsoil samples to robustly compare the taxonomic and functional gene content (Oklahoma and Alaska 1-Year Soil Warming Experiment) data set
ERP104077EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Metagenomes and metatranscriptomes from the diffuse hydrothermal vents of Axial Seamount from 2013 (2013 'Omics from the diffuse hydrothermal vents of Axial Seamount) data set
ERP104078The emergence of a novel nosocomial outbreak-associated species of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacter cloacae complex
ERP104079Rhodococcus sp. OK270
ERP104080Burkholderia sp. D7
ERP104081Geodermatophilus sabuli DSM 46844 Genome sequencing and assembly
ERP104082Cytophagales bacterium TFI 002
ERP104083Marinobacter sp. LV10R510-11A
ERP104084Pseudomonas fluorescens ATCC 13525
ERP104085Salinimicrobium sediminis CGMCC 1.12641
ERP104086Ensifer adhaerens RP12G
ERP104087Curtobacterium sp. 314Chir4.1
ERP104088Rhizobium sp. AN5
ERP104089Orenia metallireducens MSL47
ERP104090Methanohalophilus euhalobius WG-1MB
ERP104091Actinoplanes atraurantiacus CGMCC 4.6857
ERP104092Pseudomonas sp. LAMO17WK12:I5
ERP104093Pseudomonas sp. LAMO17WK12:I12
ERP104094Pseudomonas sp. LAMO17WK12:I11
ERP104095Pseudomonas sp. LAMO17WK12:I10
ERP104096Fibrobacter sp. UWT3
ERP104097Pseudomonas sp. LAMO17WK12:I6
ERP104098Pseudomonas sp. LAMO17WK12:I7
ERP104099Pseudomonas sp. LAIL14HWK12:I3
ERP104100Pseudomonas sp. LAIL14HWK12:I8
ERP104101Gemm-3 bacterium JGI 053
ERP104102Pseudomonas sp. URMO17WK12:I9
ERP104103Streptomyces sp. OK228
ERP104104Oceanicola antarcticus CGMCC 1.12662
ERP104105Fibrobacter sp. UWB16
ERP104106Rheinheimera tuosuensis CGMCC 1.12461
ERP104107Pedobacter xixiisoli CGMCC 1.12803
ERP104108Nitrosomonas ureae Nm42
ERP104109Bacillus sp. GL120224-02
ERP104110Enterobacter sp. CC120223-11
ERP104111Stenotrophomonas sp. CC120223-11
ERP104112Pantoea sp. GL120224-02
ERP104113Salinibacterium xinjiangense CGMCC 1.05381
ERP104114Nocardia amikacinitolerans DSM 45537
ERP104115Variovorax sp. YR752
ERP104116Clostridium thermocellum LQRI
ERP104117Serratia sp. JKS296
ERP104118Enterobacteriaceae sp. JKS000234
ERP104119Serratia sp. JKS000199
ERP104120Sediminitomix flava DSM 28229
ERP104121Nitrosovibrio sp. Nv4
ERP104122Halomonas sp. HL-4
ERP104123Spongiibacterium pacificum DSM 25885
ERP104124Cohaesibacter sp. ES.047
ERP104125Streptomyces sp. Ag82_G6-1
ERP104126Pseudomonas sp. URIL14HWK12:I9
ERP104127Delftia acidovorans ATCC 11299b
ERP104128Pseudoxanthomonas wuyuanensis CGMCC 1.10978
ERP104129Rhizobium sp. AN6A
ERP104130Burkholderia sp. OK233
ERP104131Streptomyces zhaozhouensis CGMCC 4.7095
ERP104132Alysiella filiformis DSM 16848
ERP104133Streptomyces sp. 1222.2
ERP104134Jatrophihabitans sp. GAS493
ERP104135Spirosoma fluviale DSM 29961
ERP104136Terribacillus aidingensis CGMCC 1.8913
ERP104137Persephonella hydrogeniphila DSM 15103
ERP104138Natronoarchaeum philippinense DSM 27208
ERP104139Burkholderia sp. YR290
ERP104140Streptomyces sp. Ag109_G2-15
ERP104141Burkholderia sp. OK806
ERP104142Streptomyces sp. OV198
ERP104143Pedobacter metabolipauper DSM 19035
ERP104144Pseudomonas syringae pv. fabae BS2730
ERP104145Sediminibacterium goheungense DSM 28323
ERP104146Caenispirillum bisanense USBA 140
ERP104147Blastococcus sp. DSM 44270
ERP104148Pedobacter alluvionis DSM 19624
ERP104149Methylobacterium sp. B4
ERP104150Cohaesibacter gelatinilyticus DSM 18289
ERP104151Hydrogenobacter hydrogenophilus DSM 2913
ERP104152Rathayibacter rathayi VKM Ac-1601
ERP104153Microbiome in the hair follicle of androgenetic alopecia patients
ERP104154Microbiome in the hair follicle of androgenetic alopecia patients
ERP104155Microbiome in the hair follicle of androgenetic alopecia patients
ERP104156Ezakiella peruensis str. M6.X2 genome
ERP104157Microbial community composition of a lacustrine sediment sequence from Laguna Potrok Aike
ERP104158Microbial processes in the deep biosphere of the active CO2-dominated fault zone in NW Bohemia
ERP104159Illumina Miseq paired-end sequencing (2x250 or 2x75) of 550 pb fragment from the genome of one red junglefowl
ERP104161Phylogenomics Of Pristionchus nemtodes
ERP104163Time course ChIP-seq analysis of the human GM12878 lymphoblasts upon Sendai Virus infection
ERP104164Single-cell RNA sequencing of OT-I CD8+ T cells after stimulation with different affinity ligands
ERP104165Time course GRO-seq analysis of the human GM12878 lymphoblasts upon Sendai Virus infection.
ERP104166Regulation of stem cell function in embryonic mouse mammary progenitor cells
ERP104167Model of genomic region containing the two coding exons of the chicken leptin gene
ERP104168Qualitative and quantitative description of the TCRß repertoire in bank vole (Myodes glareolus)
ERP104170Whole genome sequencing of white tecc strain YO502 (DBVPG1853)
ERP104173EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the A human gut microbial gene catalog established by deep metagenomic sequencing (MetaHIT) data set
ERP104174EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Shotgun Sequencing of Tara Oceans DNA samples corresponding to size fractions for prokaryotes. (APY) data set
ERP104175EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Making and breaking DMS by salt marsh microbes (Illumina HiSeq 100bp) (Stiffkey_Saltmarsh_Sediment_SIP_Organosulfur) data set
ERP104176EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Gut metagenome in European women with normal, impaired and diabetic glucose control (gut metagenome) data set
ERP104177EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Metagenomes and metatranscriptomes from the diffuse hydrothermal vents of Axial Seamount, 2011-2012 (Axial Seamount Metagenomes 2011-2012) data set
ERP104178EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Microbial Community of Mobilong Acid Sulfate Soil depth profile using Metagenomics (Mobilong Soil Profile) data set
ERP104179EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the metagenome fecal microbiota, Ilumina seq reads of 12 individuals at 2 timepoints (EKmeta) data set
ERP104180EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Shotgun metagenomics reveals a wide array of antibiotic resistance genes and mobile elements in a polluted lake in India (Antibiotic resistance genes in a polluted lake) data set
ERP104181EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Lime was injected to acid sulfate soils with aim to balance the acidity. The indigenous microbial communities before and after injection were investigated. (Effects of lime injection on the microbial community in acid sulfate soils) data set
ERP104182EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Gut microbial metabolism shifts towards a more toxic profile with supplementary iron in a kinetic model of the human large intestine (TIM2_iron_study) data set
ERP104183EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Metagenomic analysis of sediments along a uranium gradient (Metagenomic analysis of sediments along a uranium gradient) data set
ERP104184EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the BASE – Biomes of Australian Soil Environments (BASE) data set
ERP104185EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Microbial diversity and isolation of novel hydrolases from the Kudu Rumen (Kudu Metagenome) data set
ERP104186EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the The initial state of the human gut microbiome determines its reshaping by antibiotics (Impact of cefprozil on the gut microbiome of healthy individuals) data set
ERP104187EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Forest harvesting reduces the soil metagenomic potential for biomass decomposition (Forest harvesting reduces the soil metagenomic potential for biomass decomposition) data set
ERP104188A Female Viking Warrior Confirmed by Genomics
ERP104189EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the MiDAS DNA Extraction metagenomics and metatranscriptomics (ena-STUDY-AALBORG UNIVERSITY-27-02-2015-09:25:27:418-237) data set
ERP104190EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Coupled metagenomic and metatransciptomic study of the Columbia River coastal margin salinity gradient (Columbia River coastal margin 'omics) data set
ERP104191EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Subseafloor microbes at Mid-Cayman Rise (Mid-Cayman Rise FS848 and FS856 metagenomes) data set
ERP104192EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Chinese Poyang Lake resistant genes from soil metagenome (Chinese Poyang Lake resistant genes from soil metagenome) data set
ERP104193EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Genomic and in situ investigations of the novel uncultured Chloroflexi associated with 0092 morphotype filamentous bulking in activated sludge (Genome sequence for Ca. "Promineofilum breve" Cfx-K) data set
ERP104194EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the The Pig's other genome: a reference gene catalogue of the gut microbiome (A catalog of the pig gut metagenome) data set
ERP104195EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Metagenomes and metatranscriptomes from the diffuse hydrothermal vents of Axial Seamount from 2014 (2014 'Omics from the diffuse hydrothermal vents of Axial Seamount) data set
ERP104197EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Light-dependent microbial metabolisms drive carbon fluxes on glacier surfaces (Ecosystem functions in cryoconites) data set
ERP104198EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Mining for novel cellulase genes from different ecosystem metagenomes (Mining for novel cellulase genes) data set
ERP104199EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Comparison of two soil microbiomes with different organic matter content (Restinga experiment) data set
ERP104200EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery of morbidly obese patients shows swift and persistent changes of the individual gut microbiota (GBP) data set
ERP104202EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Metagenomic characterization of three Swedish sewage treatment plants (Swedish STPs) data set
ERP104203EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Arctic Ocean metagenomes from HLY1502 (Arctic Ocean metagenomes) data set
ERP104204EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Study of the changes in the metagenome of the groundwater community at (Metagenomics of a radioactive legacy site) data set
ERP104205EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Metagenomic analysis of soil samples from an oil contaminated military base (Enviro_05_10_2015) data set
ERP104206EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Oyster and water samples from Texas bays. (Texas Bay Metagenomes) data set
ERP104207EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Molecular study on haloarchaea producing industerially important enzymes (Molecular study on Haloarchaea) data set
ERP104208EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Metagenomic, Metatranscriptomic and Metviriomic analysis of samples collected at four time points during a single day at the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea. (Red Sea Diel) data set
ERP104209EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Microbial composition of samples from infant gut (human gut metagenome) data set
ERP104210EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the DIPP Diabetes Microbiome (DIPP Diabetes Microbiome) data set
ERP104211EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Central Alaskan Permafrost Metagenome (permafrost metagenome) data set
ERP104212EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Kansas, Cultivated corn soil metagenome reference core Project (402463) data set
ERP104214EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the DG Metagenome (soil metagenome) data set
ERP104216RNA sequencing of cattle (Bos taurus) bone marrow derived macrophages (BMDMs), both unstimulated and 7 hours after stimulation with lipopolysaccharide (LPS).
ERP104217RNA sequencing of pig (Sus scrofa) bone marrow derived macrophages (BMDMs), both unstimulated and 7 hours after stimulation with lipopolysaccharide (LPS).
ERP104218RNA sequencing of horse (Equus caballus) bone marrow derived macrophages (BMDMs), both unstimulated and 7 hours after stimulation with lipopolysaccharide (LPS).
ERP104219EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Rapid evolution of the human gut virome (human gut metagenome) data set
ERP104220Complete BK Polyomavirus genome sequences from two patients with urinary tract infections using the Ion Torrent platform
ERP104221EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Oklahoma soil 10 year warming Metagenome (soil metagenome) data set
ERP104222EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Wetland samples Metagenome (soil metagenome) data set
ERP104223EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Gut metagenome from two premature infants (human gut metagenome) data set
ERP104224EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Metagenome on soil background with high concentration of arsenic and antimon Genome sequencing (soil metagenome) data set
ERP104225EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Uncultured Antibiotic Resistance Genes from Grassland and Agricultural Soil (soil metagenome) data set
ERP104226EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Municipal Pensacola Beach Sand Metagenome (beach sand metagenome) data set
ERP104227EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Metagenome study of rice samples under various conditions (soil metagenome) data set
ERP104228EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Homo sapiens fecal metagenome Raw sequence reads (human gut metagenome) data set
ERP104229Complete genome sequence of the piezophilic mesophilic sulfate-reducing bacterium Desulfovibrio profundus strain 500-1
ERP104230EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Evaluation of vertical transmission between mother-infant (human gut metagenome) data set
ERP104231EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Shotgun sequencing on multiple activated sludge samples (activated sludge metagenome) data set
ERP104232EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Biochar-amended soil Targeted loci environmental (soil metagenome) data set
ERP104233EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Human Gut Microbiome Metagenome (human gut metagenome) data set
ERP104234RNA sequencing of rat (Rattus norvegicus) bone marrow derived macrophages (BMDMs), both unstimulated and 7 hours after stimulation with lipopolysaccharide (LPS).
ERP104235EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Increased intestinal microbial diversity following fecal microbiota transplant for active Crohn''s disease (human gut metagenome) data set
ERP104236EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Identification of fungi and ameba from human wound genomic sequencing (human wound) data set
ERP104237EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the human salivary and gut microbiomes, as well as a microflora colonized on the surface of marine kelp Metagenome (terrestrial metagenome) data set
ERP104242Single-cell RNA-sequencing of Platynereis dumerilii
ERP104243Mouse tumors were induced by conditional alleles of the WNT, EGFR, TGF-beta and p53 pathways in intestinal stem cells of adult mice. Multiple primary tumours or metastases were cultured in 3D in conditions equivalent to those established for human CRC organoids
ERP104244RAD-seq of 552 S. cerevisiae strains from a cross between Sake-brewing strain YO486 (UC5) and white tecc strain YO502 (DBVPG1853)
ERP104245The NLR protein NLRP6 does not impact gut microbiota composition
ERP104248Evolutionary and genomic insights into Clostridioides difficile sequence type 11: a diverse, zoonotic and antimicrobial resistant lineage of global One Health importance. mBio 10:e00446-19. https://
ERP104249Complete genome sequence of conjugative plasmid pJ23A1
ERP104250Complete genome sequence of conjugative plasmid p332A2
ERP104251Eight in situ Hi-C experiments of mouse OG2 stem cells for 7 different starting material and that were digested by either HindIII (2 samples) or MboI (6 samples) restriction enzymes
ERP104252Marker Frequency analysis on Escherichia coli RecB mutants
ERP104253The evolutionary impact of Intragenic FliA Promoters
ERP104254The evolutionary impact of Intragenic FliA Promoters
ERP104255Investigation of an outbreak of Enterobacter cloacae on a neonatal intensive care unit in Germany, 2015.
ERP104256Social behavior and gut microbiota in red-bellied lemurs (Eulemur rubriventer): In search of the role of immunity in the evolution of sociality.
ERP104258Diversity patterns and isolation of Planctomycetes in metalliferous deposits from hydrothermal vent fields along the Valu Fa Ridge
ERP104260Microbial community characterization of ozone-biofiltration systems in drinking water and potable reuse applications
ERP104262Chromosomes 8 and X from 98 woolly mammoths
ERP104263Isolation of anaerobic bacteria from Gujarat
ERP104264Host effects on microbiota community assembly
ERP104265Taino genome project
ERP104266Environmental radiation alters the gut microbiome of the bank vole Myodes glareolus
ERP104267Campylobacter-infected chicken caecal tonsils
ERP104271Comparison of rat and mouse ESC transcriptome. Effect of Nanog over-expression on the rat ESC transriptome.
ERP104272Phylogenetic relationships of Mediterranean black corals (Cnidaria: Anthozoa: Hexacorallia) upends the classification of the Order Antipatharia
ERP104273Ecological facilitation in soil microbial communities
ERP104274ChIP-seq based genome wide profiling of the histone mark H3K27ac and transcription factor Nuclear Factor 1 (NFI) in a differentiating murine brown preadipocyte cell line (IBA)
ERP104275Next generation sequencing for patients with hypomyelinating leukodystrophies
ERP104276Community structure of insect herbivores is driven by conservatism, escalation and divergence of defensive traits in Ficus
ERP104278Embryonic expression patterns of panarthropod Sox genes
ERP104279How to optimize the precision of allele and haplotype frequency estimates using pooled-sequencing data - Supplementary material S3: Effects of average sequencing depth and overdispersion on haplotype frequency estimates
ERP104280The role of microRNAs in an organism with strong maternal effect phenotypes
ERP104281Ancient genomes show social and reproductive behavior of early Upper Paleolithic foragers
ERP104282The anaerobically induced sRNA PaiI affects denitrification in Pseudomonas aeruginosa PA14
ERP104283Detecting rare AID-induced mutations in B-lineage oncogenes from High-Throughput Sequencing data using DeMinEr
ERP104285Polyphasic data support the splitting of Aspergillus candidus into two species
ERP104286Larvicidal treatment impacts the internal microbiome of mosquitoes in hurricane created larval habitat
ERP104287Whole genome sequencing of Salmonella Enteritidis isolates from Queensland Australia
ERP104288Orchids associated bacteria
ERP104289In vivo competition and horizontal gene transfer among distinct Staphylococcus aureus lineages as major drivers for adaptational changes during long-term persistence in humans
ERP104290Orchids associated bacteria
ERP104291WGS of human and foodborne VIM carbapenemase-expressing Citrobacter freundii
ERP104292Studying the impact of HRT on the anaerobic digester microbiome shows divergence between standard model predictions and experimental evidence
ERP104294Fixation, description and DNA barcode of a neotype for Botryllus schlosseri (Pallas, 1766) (Tunicata, Ascidiacea)
ERP104295PacBio - Illumina comparison
ERP104296Limited influence of primary treated sewage waters on bacterial abundance, production and community composition in coastal seawaters
ERP104297Quaternary range history in the European high mountain plant species Homogyne alpina (Asteraceae)
ERP104298Intestinal Fork Head Regulates Nutrient Absorption and Promotes Longevity
ERP104300Bioinformatic pipelines have a more considerable impact than sequencing platforms on outputs from shotgun metagenomic analysis of low complexity microbial communities
ERP104301RNA-seq of transplanted pluripotent stem cells-derived human intestinal organoids upon mechanical lengthening and human jejunum tissues
ERP104303Draft genome sequence of Mycobacterium gilvum PYR2010
ERP104304Molecular and Functional Characterization of Wheat Rhizosphere Associated Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria
ERP104305Cloning and characterization of heat stress responsive genes in Indian bread wheat cv. C306 (37°C HS)
ERP104306Complete genome sequence of Mycobacterium sp. PYR2015
ERP104307The MHC class I genes are sequenced by PacBio sequencing on cDNA.
ERP104310Sequencing of S. pseudintermedius isolates from the skin flora from healthy animals belonging to different carnivor species
ERP104314A novel HLA-B*40:02:01 allele characterised by SBT
ERP104316Tcruzi drug resistance
ERP104317EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Sheep rumen microbiome (gut metagenome) data set
ERP104318EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the RA Metagenome (soil metagenome) data set
ERP104319EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Wisconsin, Continuous corn soil metagenome reference core Project (Soil 402460) data set
ERP104321EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Bacterial diversity in various environments such as cultivated soil, alpine soil, semi-arid soil (Soil diversity) data set
ERP104322EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the ASS lime injection - injection site (ASS lime injection - injection site) data set
ERP104323Parallel paleogenomic transects reveal complex genetic history of early European farmers
ERP104325Environmental E. coli
ERP104326Adenosine impairs the proliferative capacity of terminally mature NK cells
ERP104327miR-222 isoforms are differentially regulated by type-I interferon
ERP104328Iron and phosphorus in sediments were seasonally influenced by the bacterial community in Lake Taihu
ERP104329Biogeography and Tree's Signature of Neighboring Mycobiome in Eastern China Forests
ERP104333Cell-SELEX identify an aptamer named ACE4 against the Annexin A2
ERP104335The project aims to study the transcriptional response of Pseudomonas veronii 1YdBTEX2 during inoculation, exponential and stationary growth in natural and polluted soils.
ERP104336Measuring the gut microbiome in birds: comparison of faecal and cloacal sampling
ERP104337Sarracenia flava and Sarracenia minor microbiome of detritus found inside the pitchers
ERP104338Human Postmortem Microbiome - Ecology of 188 Cases
ERP104341Anthony Nolan Submissions to IPD-IMGT/HLA Database from September 2017 to September 2018
ERP104345Direct PCR offers a fast and reliable alternative to conventional DNA isolation methods for gut microbiomes
ERP104347A study of the microbial communities of mealworms and how they differ with various diets
ERP104349Acetate-triggered granular sludge floatation in methanogenic bioreactors
ERP104350Recombinant production of ll37-rIbAMP4 and assessment of its antimicrobial activity
ERP104351The Genomic History of Southeastern Europe
ERP104353Golden pompano genome sequence
ERP104354Biochar is a soil amendment for carbon sequestration and contaminant remediation. However, there is relatively little information on the effects of biochar on soil microorganisms that play key roles in pollutant degradation. We investigated the interrelations between soil chemical properties, microbial community, and difenoconazole bioavailability after biochar amendments.
ERP104355Metagenomics investigation of agarlytic genes and genomes in mangrove sediments
ERP104356Illumina sequencing of the common ragweed chloroplast genome (Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.)
ERP104357Effects of soil microbial network interaction in different fertiliztion
ERP104358Effects of soil microbial network interaction in Peanut/Cassava intercropping system
ERP104359Southern African ancient genomes estimate modern human divergence to 350,000-260,000 years ago
ERP104360Lanice reefs environmental nosZ sequencing
ERP104363Molecular Characterization of Phosphate Solubilizing Gene
ERP104364Isolation of echinocandin-resistant Candida tropicalis from endotracheal secretions of a patient without prior drug exposure
ERP104365Cultivation and metabarcoding of bacteria associated with Ectocarpus subulatus cultures
ERP104366Isolation of echinocandin-resistant Candida tropicalis from endotracheal secretions of a patient without prior drug exposure
ERP104367Human Parvovirus B19 sequence from Cuba
ERP104368Paired End Illumina WGS sequence data from individuals and pools supporting the identification of the SULF locus as an inverted duplication regulating yellow flower colour pattern in Antirrhinum
ERP104369Isolation of echinocandin-resistant Candida tropicalis from endotracheal secretions of a patient without prior drug exposure
ERP104370Single-cell RNA-seq analysis of LPS- and palmitate-stimulated THP-1 macrophages
ERP104371RNA-seq of LPS- and palmitate-stimulated THP-1 macrophages
ERP104372Host response to Newcastle disease virus challenge in the Harderian gland transcriptome
ERP104373RNA-seq of retina from 6 pairs of litter-matched Bhlhe23-/- and wild type mice at postnatal day 7
ERP104374Translational control by elongation in yeast
ERP104375Study of Phosphate solubilizing bacteria
ERP104376Comparing microbiota composition of various airway sample types in adults with mild mild atopic asthma.
ERP104377Impact of different sequencing and analysis methods for 16S rRNA gene-based bacterial community analysis in dairy products
ERP104379Evolutionary trends in host physiology outweigh dietary niche in structuring primate gut microbiomes
ERP104380Colistin-resistance mediated by amino acid alterations in PhoQ sensor kinase in clinical Enterobacter cloacae ST-335 strain
ERP104381GBS data of 101 accessions of domesticated rye, S. vavilovii, S. strictum and S. sylvestre.
ERP104383DISARM is a widespread bacterial defence system with broad anti-phage activities
ERP104384Analysis of transcription factor binding on nucleosomal DNA
ERP104389Assembly of the Durum Wheat (cv. Svevo) genome
ERP104390Inter-population variation in the Atlantic salmon microbiome reflects environmental and genetic diversity
ERP104391Staphylococcus aureus joint infections
ERP104392Some Title
ERP104393Complete Genome Sequence of the Plant Growth-Promoting Bacterium Hartmannibacter diazotrophicus strain E19T
ERP104394Effect of BPA exposure in a rabbit model
ERP104395An RNASeq normal tissue atlas for mouse and rat
ERP104397Microsatellites for Cryptocarya mandioccana