AccessionTitle or Alias
ERP105400Soil bacterial community was changed after Brassicaceous seed meal application for suppression of Fusarium wilt on pepper
ERP105402Dispersal limitation promotes the diversification of the mammalian gut microbiota
ERP105403Microbial diversity in four Mediterranean irciniid sponges
ERP105404The study compares the performance of five barcoding genes for ecological quality status inference in marine environments. The genes include one bacterial, one foraminiferal and three eukaryotes ones,
ERP105405Metagenomic analysis of the minke whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) gut microbiome
ERP105409STAT1 and STAT3 ChIP-seq for naive and effector memory (Tem) CD4 T-cells after IL-6 treatment
ERP105411Genomic evolution in Kras-Mad2 Breast Tumors
ERP105412WGS of selected Shigella sonnei clinical isolates from Switzerland
ERP105413Mycobacterium sp. nov. basiliense: whole genome sequencing
ERP105414Whole Genome Sequencing compared with phenotypic (MGIT) and commercial molecular tests for drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated from patients in Brazil and Mozambique.
ERP105415Geochemical and microbial co-succession in a High-Arctic proglacial area
ERP105416Five stage developmental time course RNA-seq reads for the ctenophore Beroe ovata
ERP105417Genome sequence of a Burkholderia cenocepacia strain isolated from soil in Burkina Faso and evolutionary close to the highly transmissible epidemic ET12 lineage
ERP105418RNA-seq of coding RNA (polysomal and free fraction) from human adipose tissue stem cells treated with cyclopamine, purmorphamine and DMSO
ERP105419Selection and identification of skeletal muscle-targeted RNA aptamers for therapeutic oligonucleotide delivery.
ERP105420RNA-seq of adipose tissue from pigs divergent in feed efficiency reveals variations in adipose growth, extracellular matrix formation, lipid metabolism and immune response
ERP105421Meta-analysis of indigenous Frankia populations in soils from five continents
ERP105422Sequences of PL6-like haloarchaeal plasmids
ERP105423Investigating the association between the caecal microbiomes of broilers and Campylobacter burden
ERP105424The classical MHC genes Paan-A and Paan-b are sequenced by PacBio NGS sequencing.
ERP105425ADAM17 is required for EGF-R induced intestinal tumors via IL-6 trans-signaling
ERP105426Diminished age-related loss of neurons, neuroinflammation and oxidative stress in Triggering Receptor Expressed on Myeloid cells-2 deficient mice
ERP105428A novel affordable reagent for room temperature storage and transport of fecal samples for metagenomic analyses
ERP105430Whole genome analyses of CMY-2-producing Escherichia coli isolates from human, animal, and food in Germany reveals a ST131 clonal lineage distinct from the CTX-M-15-producing ST131-O25b cluster
ERP105431WGS-based analysis of tuberculosis in inmigrants
ERP105432RNA-seq of Heliconius melpomene adult male and female heads (eye+brain), antennae, mouthparts (labial palps+proboscis) and legs
ERP105433V4 region amplified with universal 18S primers from ten different samples taken around Uppsala, Sweden.
ERP105435RNA-seq of liver from pigs divergent in feed efficiency highlights shifts in macronutrients metabolism, hepatic growth and immune response
ERP105436Phylogenetic clustering of small low nucleic acid-content bacteria across diverse freshwater ecosystems
ERP105439Beroe ovata ctenophore genome assembled from PacBio reads
ERP105440Bacterial communities associated with Phormidium (cyanobacteria) dominated biofilms
ERP105441Phylogenomics of NTHi during PCV13 Implementation
ERP105442Microbiome and culture based analysis of chronic rhinosinusitis compared to healthy sinus mucosa
ERP105443Endophytic bacteria cultured on water and tryptic soy agar
ERP105444Transcriptional profiling of yeast strains with different growth rate
ERP105447Genomic sequence from Phaseolus vulgaris for the study of the PvLHY promoter
ERP105451Effect of crop rotation and straw addition on microbial communities in rhizosphere and bulk soil
ERP105452Community analysis submission for UniEuk_EukBank
ERP105453Testis transcriptome alterations in zebrafish (Danio rerio) with reduced fertility due to developmental exposure to 17a-ethinylestradiol
ERP105454RNA-seq of estrogen (E2) induced changes of mRNA expression in early pregnant porcine endometrium
ERP105455Outbreak of invasive wound mucormycosis due to multiple strains of Mucor circinelloides f. circinelloides resolved by whole genome sequencing
ERP105456Sandusky Bay ODNR1 2015-L 18S
ERP105457EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Comparison or twelve metagenomes from peat matrix, fen and bog, at two different depths in troplicates (PeatMetagenome) data set.
ERP105458Metagenomic identification of KPC-Klebsiella pneumoniae, and vancomycin resistant Enterococcus faecium, for surveillance and outbreak investigation
ERP105459Microbiota in acute gastroenteritis
ERP105460Comparison of the transcriptomic impact of NRF2 depletion with that of NUAK1 depletion in SW480 colorectal cancer cells
ERP105461Using mitoribosomal profiling to investigate human mitochondrial translation
ERP105463Draft genome sequencing of Mycobacterium sp. 3519A
ERP105464Host range of antibiotic resistance genes in wastewater treatment plant influent and effluent
ERP105466Allodiplogaster sudhausi Genome Pcr Free library
ERP105467In situ depletion of Nuak1 in murine colon tumours
ERP105469RNA-seq of estrogen (E2) induced changes of mRNA expression in male and female blastocysts.
ERP105471Draft genome sequencing of Mycobacterium sp. 4858
ERP105472WXS of mouse DNA using a human enrichment kit
ERP105473miRNome Expression Analysis Reveals New Players on Leprosy Immune Physiopathology
ERP105474Molecular profiling of Ctcf hemizygous mouse embryonic fibroblasts: RNA-seq
ERP105476Molecular profiling of Ctcf hemizygous mouse embryonic fibroblasts: ChIP-seq
ERP105477LysMD3 is a type II membrane protein without an in vivo role in the response to a range of pathogens
ERP105478Tracking disease resistance deployment in potato breeding by enrichment sequencing
ERP105482Biomarkers of response and resistance to checkpoint blockade immunotherapy in metastatic melanoma
ERP105483LAB isolation from chickpeas flours
ERP105484Infant Gut Microbiome
ERP105485Molecular profiling of Ctcf hemizygous mouse embryonic fibroblasts: HiC
ERP105486Emergence and rapid expansion of pneumococcal serotype 7C due to clonal expansion of sequence type 177 (ST177)
ERP105499IZSLT WGS data under ENGAGE project
ERP105500Seasonality of pico- and nano-eukaryotes inhabiting surface waters of a coastal upwelling system
ERP105501RNA-Seq analysis of human osteoarthritic intact cartilage following total knee replacement
ERP105503Samples were taken during the Peacetime study in May/June 2017 in the Mediterranean Sea.
ERP105504Antarctic Snow Algae 2014/15 16S and 18S Illumina Seq of snow algae communities around Ryder Bay, Antarctica
ERP105505Taxonomic study in Pleosporales
ERP105506Characterization of bacterial communities associated with the particulate fraction in constrasting phytoplankton blooms induced by natural Fe-fertilization in the Southern Ocean.
ERP105507Bacterial Ecology of school desks during a cleaning episode
ERP105508The Reestablishment of Microbial Communities after Surface Cleaning in Schools - fungal
ERP105509Deep Metagenomic Sequencing of Cellulolytic Populations Uncovers Novel Taxonomic and Functional Diversity.
ERP105510Molecules vs. morphology ? is Eratigena atrica (Araneae: Agelenidae) one species or three?
ERP105511Draft genomes from diverse jellyfish (Cnidaria, Acraspeda) lineages: Calvadosia cruxmelitensis (Staurozoa) and Cassiopea xamachana (Scyphozoa)
ERP105513Impact of fire on active layer and permafrost microbial communities and metagenomes in an upland Alaskan boreal forest.
ERP105515NIPH-NIH WGS data under ENGAGE project
ERP105516two new species of Sadiria
ERP105517The importance of the avian route in the spreading of ticks and tick-borne pathogens in a highly densely populated area in Northern Italy
ERP105518Investigating plains zebra populations for evidence of cryptic structure. Using this information to gain novel insights into the phylogeography of plains zebras.
ERP105519Addition of zeolites to boost continuous bio-hydrogen production
ERP105520Raoultibacter timonensis genome
ERP105523Bivariate genome-wide association analysis of BMI and WHR in Chinese twins
ERP105525Madeiran Arabidopsis thaliana reveals ancient long-range colonization and clarifies demography in Eurasia
ERP1055284SU-iCLIP of MATR3 from HEK293 cells with or without PTBP1 depletion
ERP105530Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with submerged isoetids
ERP105531Gene expression profiling of L cells
ERP105532Contrasting evolutionary origins of two mountain endemics: Saxifraga wahlenbergii(Western Carpathians) and S. styriaca(Eastern Alps)
ERP105533Alistipes phocaeensis genome
ERP105535Lachnoclostridium edouardi genome
ERP105536Microbial Communities in Simulated Lanfills
ERP105538Redistribution of CHH Methylation and Small Interfering RNAs across the Genome of Tomato ddm1 Mutants
ERP105540Whole genome sequencing of Leishmania mexicana selected for amphotericin B resistance
ERP105541Eukaryotic communities across the Pacific Ocean
ERP105543The Preterm Infant Microbiome: Biological, Behavioral and Health Outcomes at 2 and 4 years of Age
ERP105545This study describes an outbreak of ST203 vanA VRE in Australia associated with daptomycin non-susceptibility
ERP105546Heat resistant ascomycetes from semi-arid soils from Argentina
ERP105547Identification of active straw degrading microbiota in the rhizosphere and bulks oil of Zea maize
ERP105548Transcriptome analysis of Plasmodium berghei during its exo-erythrocytic development
ERP105549Global Malaspina 2010 Vertical Profiles sequences
ERP105550Lactococcus lactis in starter cultures
ERP105553Gut Microbiota Dynamics in Travelers Returning from India Colonized with Extended-Spectrum Cephalosporin-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae: a Longitudinal Study
ERP105554Identification of Trypanosoma brucei human serum sensitivity determinants by RNAi library selection
ERP105555oil microbial community
ERP105556IZSLT WGS data under ENGAGE project batch 02
ERP105557Identification of Trypanosoma brucei apolipoprotein-L1 sensitivity determinants by RNAi library selection
ERP105558EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Experimental trial using phytase in the diet for broiler (Phytase) data set.
ERP105559Metagenome data from DNA stable isotope probing of Stiffkey saltmarsh sediment microcosms to investigate methanogenesis from choline
ERP105560Bacteriophage infectivity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa in simulated saline conditions
ERP105561Novel transcriptome-derived SNPs in cultured tench (Tinca tinca) decipher that breed is dominant over phylogenetic origin
ERP105562A novel ß-glucosidase isolated from the microbial metagenome of Lake Poraquê (Amazon, Brazil)
ERP105563Amplicon data 18S Rothera research station
ERP105564Comparing angiogenic and invasive glioblastoma gene networks. Thrombospondin-1 as the highest connected invasive gene.
ERP105565Evolutionary routes and KRAS dosage define pancreatic cancer phenotypes
ERP105566Blanes temporal series sequences (10 years)
ERP105567Whole-Genome Sequences of a cluster of 14 unidentified related Veillonella sp. from human clinical samples and type strains of 4 Veillonella validated species
ERP105568Whole genome sequencing of Neisseria carriage study isolates from the United Kingdom
ERP105569Lymph Node Metastases in Colon Cancer are Polyclonal
ERP105570T helper cell type 2 ChIP-seq
ERP105571Fiber-mediated nourishment of gut microbiota protects against diet-induced obesity by restoring IL-22-mediated colonic health
ERP105572Cloning and characterization of heat stress responsive genes in Indian bread wheat cv. C306 (37 C-848 ESTs)
ERP105573iCLIP of MATR3 from C57BL/6J wildtype mice
ERP105574Transcriptome responses in the abscission, distal and proximal regions of the flower pedicel during shedding of flower in Euphorbia pulcherrima
ERP105575Placental chemokine compartmentalisation is essential for effective embryonic macrophage development
ERP105576RNA-IP of TAP-tagged ZC3H32 in bloodstream-form Trypanosoma brucei
ERP105578Amplicon sequencing-based analysis of eukaryotic communities in marsh soil.
ERP1055794SU-iCLIP of PTBP1 from HEK293 cells with or without MATR3 depletion
ERP105580Transcriptome 3' end profiling by high throughput sequencing of HeLa cells depleted of MATR3, PTBP1/2 individually or in combination.
ERP105581Efficiency of different strategies to mitigate ascertainment bias when using SNP panels in diversity studies
ERP105582Control human blood RNA
ERP105583RNAi of XAC1 (Tb927.7.2780) in Trypanosoma brucei bloodstream forms
ERP105584Marine microbial communities demonstrate resilience to engineered silver nanoparticles
ERP105585RNA-IP of TAP-tagged 4EIP in Trypanosoma brucei
ERP105586Copolymers enhance selective bacterial community colonization for potential root zone applications
ERP105587RNA-Seq data: RNA-IP (TAP-ZC3H30 pull down followed by RNA-Seq) and total transcriptomics (Effect of ZC3H30 gene deletion) in procyclic form of T. brucei
ERP105588Immunomodulatory effects of heat stress and lipopolysaccharide on the bursal transcriptome in two chicken lines
ERP105590Late Quaternary climatic change explains soil fungal community composition rather than richness in forest ecosystems
ERP105591Genome-wide mosaicism in divergence between zoonotic malaria parasite subpopulations with separate sympatric transmission cycles
ERP105592Discover new allele of HLA C*15 in Taiwan
ERP105593Alignment of 21 different goat breeds (breedpools)
ERP105594Anaerococcus marasmi genome
ERP105596Paired meningococcal isolates from Ethiopia. Sampled as part of GK Baarnes' PhD.
ERP105598Early signature of aGvHD development in the gut microbiota composition of pediatric patients given allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation for hematological disorders
ERP105599Benthic bacterial and archaeal community structure at ultra-slow Southwest Indian Ridge 10°-17°E
ERP105600Transcriptome of Naegleria gruberi
ERP105602DNA- and RNA-seq to study the impact of 5-formylcytosine on nucleosome organization and gene expression in embryonic mouse tissues and stem cells
ERP105604Down-regulatory responses to heat stress and lipopolysaccharide in the chicken thymic transcriptome
ERP105605Genomic study of lung adenocarcinoma in young never-smokers
ERP105606Eukaryotes in the gut microbiota in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
ERP105607Association between SNPs within candidate genes and fertility in pigs
ERP105608Transcriptome of Trichoplax adhaerens
ERP105609Shotgun metagenomics for identification and typing of microorganisms in clinical samples
ERP105610Transcriptome of Sphaeroforma arctica
ERP105611Leishmania genome dynamics during environmental adaptation reveals strain-and species-specific differences in karyotypic instability and telomere maintenance
ERP105612Mutational profiling of LUAC in young never-smokers
ERP105614Comprehensive survey of Phaseolus vulgaris viruses in Tanzania and molecular evidence for their occurrence
ERP105617First report of Avocado sunblotch viroid (ASBVd) naturally infecting avocado (Persea americana) in Greece
ERP105619Genome sequences from Nannocystis spp. strains
ERP105620Cercozoan Diversity in forests of North America
ERP105621Control libraries for Arabidopsis thaliana Col-0 flower buds
ERP10562216S rRNA gene amplicon data from DNA stable isotope probing of Stiffkey saltmarsh sediment microcosms to investigate methanogenesis from choline
ERP105623Clinical sequencing of 1134 colorectal cancer tumors.
ERP105625Mitochondrial phylogenomics, the origin of swallowtail butterflies, and the impact of the number of clocks in Bayesian molecular dating
ERP105626Secondary contacts between European white oaks reveal genes underlying reproductive isolation
ERP105627Genetic diversity of benthic microbial eukaryotes in response to spatial heterogeneity of sediment geochemistry in a mangrove ecosystem
ERP105628A multiscale approach to decipher molecular mechanisms implicated in the intergenerational effect of ibuprofen on the mosquito Aedes aegypti
ERP105629A multiscale approach to decipher molecular mechanisms implicated in the intergenerational effect of ibuprofen on the mosquito Aedes aegypti
ERP10563016S rRNA sequence of obese microbiota treated with pectin from lemon and Bifidobacteria longum BB-46 using a Simulator of the Human Intestinal Microbial Ecosystem (SHIME®).
ERP105635Towards on-site food authentication using nanopore sequencing
ERP105637Weaning transition microbiota and blood types in pig
ERP105638Epigenetic alterations in longevity regulators, reduced lifespan and exacerbated aging-related pathology in old father offspring mice
ERP105639First insight into microbial communities associated with species belonging to orders Coleoptera and Thysanura inhabiting anthills of Formica rufa and F. polyctena
ERP105640RNA-seq of human ovarian adenocarcinoma cell line SKOV3 treated with bisphenol A (10 or 100 nM) against untreated controls
ERP105643Eukaryotic Taxonomy
ERP105644Draft genome sequence of Sarocladium strictum IMI 501407
ERP105645Gene expression profiling of healthy skin tissue
ERP105646RNA-seq transcriptomics of Leishmania mexicana promastigotes selected for AmB resistance
ERP105647Engage project for collaboration in next generation sequencing.
ERP105648Sheep transhumance and Pestivirus
ERP105649Diet of Sable Antelope
ERP105650Multi-omic study of the HIV gut-associated microbiome
ERP105651Queensland C. diphtheriae toxin gene positive case
ERP105652Environmental MicroEukaryote sampling in Nago Bay, Okinawa
ERP105654Salmonella Typhimurium antigenic formula 4,[5],12:i:- from Italy
ERP105655Molecular authentication of six economically important prawn species by species-specific PCR-assay
ERP105656Long range PCR to study the ribosomal proteins genetic region as a phylogenetic marker for Frankia strains.
ERP105661Zebrafish larvae fed on HFD
ERP105662T helper type 2 and type 0 RNA-seq time course
ERP105663RNA-seq of total RNA from human adipose tissue stem cells induced to adipogenesis and osteogenesis for 24 hours
ERP105664Polymicrobial infections in brain tissue from elderly persons and Alzheimer's disease patients
ERP105665Pandoravirus braziliensis genome
ERP105666RNAseq analyses of Podospora anserina S life cycle
ERP105667Pandoravirus pampulha genome
ERP105669Pandoravirus massiliensis genome
ERP105671RNA sequencing of T helper cell type 2, with CRISPR KO
ERP105672TGACv2: A new version of TGAC wheat assembly scaffolded by 40Kb fosill mate-pairs
ERP105673Assembly and ecological function of the angiosperm root microbiome
ERP105677Korean Complex Karyotype Sarcoma Patients
ERP105679First case of candida auris infection in Germany
ERP105680Thermal stress of Benthic foraminifera microbiome.
ERP105681Intratumoural mutation profiles in clear cell renal cell carcinoma by targeted sequencing
ERP105682Detection of bovine leukemia virus and its genomic characterization in Italian cattle population.
ERP105683Human gut metagenome assemblies.
ERP105684Combined omics in the marine sponge Aplysina aerophoba
ERP105685Genomic analysis of Salmonella Agona outbreaks in France
ERP105687Common swift feather microbiota described by high throughput DNA sequencing
ERP105688Voriconazole resistant Aspergillus flavus clinical isolates
ERP105689Amundsen Sea Polynya International Research Expedition (ASPIRE)
ERP105690Eukaryotic diversity in the largest glacial lake of the Iberian Peninsula: a metabarcoding approach
ERP105691Discover and clone resistance genes in wild wheat
ERP105694Long-term storage effects of human fecal microbiota samples
ERP105695Molecular inventory of the eukaryote diversity found in the street gutters of Paris, France.
ERP105696Functionally conserved non-coding regulators of cardiomyocyte proliferation and regeneration in mouse and human
ERP105697Survey of microbial eukaryotes from BATS
ERP105698Survey of microbial eukaryote from Hudson River, New York
ERP105699Survey of microbial eukaryotes from Ulsan Harbor, Korea
ERP105700Survey of microbial eukaryotes in Daegok dam, Korea
ERP105701Survey of microbial eukaryotes from Solidaridad Riviera Maya, Mexico
ERP105702Survey of microbial eukaryotes in White Lake of NJ, USA
ERP105703Survey of microbial eukaryotes from pitcher plants
ERP105704Draft genome of the predatory yeast Saccharomycopsis schoenii (CBS 7425) [PacBio]
ERP105705Genomewide gene expression of Saccharomycopsis schoenii (CBS 7425) during predatory conditions
ERP105707Acidaminococcus provencensis genome
ERP105708Ethanolibacter massiliensis genome
ERP105709Janibacter sp. genome
ERP105710Peptoniphilus colimassiliensis genome
ERP105711Blattella germanica Insulin-like Peptides (ILPs)
ERP105712Selenomonas massiliensis genome
ERP105713Vaginisenegalia massiliensis genome
ERP105714Whole genome sequencing of Campylobacter samples from the United Kingdom
ERP105716North American Beaver (Castor canadensis) RNAseq 16 pooled tissue samples.
ERP105717Metagenomic and Metatranscriptomic Analysis of the Microbial Community in Swiss-type Maasdam Cheese During Ripening
ERP105718Whole genome sequencing of Campylobacter samples
ERP105719Unravelling the composition of the root-associated bacterial microbiota of Phragmites australis and Typha latifolia
ERP105722An insight into the social and genetic structure of Stenella coeruleoalba in the Gulf of Taranto (Northern Ionian Sea, Central-eastern Mediterranean Sea) and phylogenetic relationships from cytocrome b marker.
ERP105723Changes in the diversity, composition and trophic groups of protists due to transformation of lowland rainforest into plantations.
ERP105726T helper cell type 2 ATAC-seq time-course
ERP105727STRT RNAseq of pluripotent stem cells reprogrammed with CRISPRa
ERP105728Airborne biodiversity in Sweden 2006 and 2007
ERP105729Aedes albopictus mosquitoes host rich and diverse fungal communities
ERP105731Root-associated bacterial and fungal community profiles of Arabidopsis thaliana are robust across contrasting soil P levels
ERP10573318S rRNA gene V4 region amplicon sequencing of protists in NYC environmental samples
ERP105734Genomic sequencing of T. brucei cell lines resistant to AN7973
ERP105735ATAC-seq of HEK293 cells with Alu-motif targeted dCas9GFP
ERP105736Genomewide gene expression of Saccharomycopsis schoenii (CBS 7425) during mating and sporulation conditions
ERP105737Draft genome assembly of the predatory yeast Saccharomycopsis schoenii (CBS 7425) [PacBio]
ERP105738Expression changes during aging in Fukomys mechowii and Rattus norvegicus
ERP105739An Accurate Microbial DNA Quantification Assay for HTS Library Preparation of Human Biological Samples
ERP105740Bacterial and viral communities within fermented foods
ERP105742All plant material was derived from two tissues (endosperm and embryo) of coffea arabica seeds at 150 and 200 days after flowering (stage 5 and 6, respectively). Total RNA was also extracted from separated endosperm and zygotic embryos using the RNeasy™ Lipid Tissue Kit (Qiagen). cDNA were tagged independently (Titanium kit, Roche Diagnostics) then mixed for sequencing by GATC Biotech AG (Germany) using GS FLX Titanium (Roche).
ERP105743Analysis of Cas9/sgRNA mutagenic activity at a variety of loci in zebrafish
ERP105745Lactobacillus reuteri genomes
ERP105746Rickettsia fournieri genome
ERP105747RNA-seq of Bacillus subtilis (i) sigI-rsgI knock-out strain, (ii) rsgI disrupted strain, and (iii) wt strains during growth at 52°C and 37°C
ERP105749An integrative transcriptome analysis indicates regulatory networks for residual feed intake in Nelore cattle
ERP105750Eukaryotic diversity in biofilms from a drinking water distribution network
ERP105751Genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) raw data of 1116 barley accessions from the Barley Core Collection hosted at the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK) Gatersleben. A single plant was analyzed for each accession.
ERP105752Capture Hi-C identifies putative target genes of breast cancer risk loci
ERP105754Effects of a pectin from lemon alone or combined with Bifidobacterium longum BB-46 on the obese microbiota using a gut microbiome model
ERP105755Impact of GOS on chicken gut
ERP105756Diversity and ecology of nanophytoplankton in the Gulf of Gdansk
ERP105761The ATR kinase of Trypanosoma brucei links DNA damage signalling during antigenic variation with regulation of RNA Polymerase I transcribed surface antigens
ERP105762SHAPE-MaP probing of RNA structures in E. coli cells
ERP105763Narragansett Bay Eukaryotes - Sedimentary archived eukaryotic diversity in Narragansett Bay, RI, USA
ERP105765Complex genomic and epigenomic architecture of Agrobacterium tumefaciens T-DNA insertions revealed by long DNA molecule technologies
ERP105767Synthetic gene constructu syn-F4, coding for synthetic de novo protein Syn-F4
ERP105769Genome-scale analysis of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus USA300 reveals a tradeoff between pathogenesis and drug resistance
ERP105770Cutaneous phaeohyphomycosis caused by Amesia atrobrunnea
ERP105771Cutaneous phaeohyphomycosis caused by Amesia atrobrunnea
ERP105772We sequenced the whole genome of the T. spelta genotype CSCR6 and assessed its sequences against those of common wheat Chinese Spring.
ERP105774Dynamic shifts of phytoplankton community structures in the course of a dinoflagellate bloom
ERP105775Application of a novel amplicon-based sequencing approach reveals the diversity of the Bacillus cereus group in stored raw and pasteurized milk
ERP105778RNA-Seq of 293T cells depleted of U2AF-related proteins
ERP10578018S eukaryotic diversity in the English Channel using an automated water sampling platform
ERP105786RNAseq of 1-day-old mycelium + 4-day-old mycelium + 2-day-old perithecia + 4-day-old perithecia from Podospora comata strain T
ERP105787NVRI WGS data under ENGAGE project
ERP10578818S-V4 diversity in the English channel using an automated water sampler
ERP105789ChIP-seq of tumour associated macrophages derived from high grade ovarian serous carcinoma patient ascites
ERP105792Shotgun sequencing of archaeological bone points from Droulers, Quebec.
ERP105793ChIP-seq of CSF-1R, H3K4me1, H3K4me3 in human primary unstimulated monocytes and monocytes differentiated 72h with CSF-1 (3 healthy donors buffy coat) and in monocytes from two CMML patients and one healthy donor, EGR1 ChIP-seq in unstimulated monocytes (3 healthy donors buffy coat)
ERP105794Intertidal transects of the microbial communities from sandy beaches of Calvert Island, British Columbia, Canada
ERP105795Senataxin resolves R-loops forming at DNA double strand breaks to prevent translocations
ERP105796Global Lacustrine Eukarya - Eukaryotic diversity in lake water and sediments
ERP105797Further Effects of preservation and storage conditions on the fecal microbiome
ERP105798PIGA mutations in T-cell clones isolated from recipients who received alemtuzumab-based T-cell depleted allogeneic stem cell transplantation and from a healthy donor
ERP105799H. seropedicae global iron studies
ERP105801Neonatal gut-microbiome-derived 12,13 DiHOME impedes tolerance and predicts childhood atopy and asthma
ERP105802KatharoSeq enables high-throughput microbiome analysis from low-biomass samples
ERP105803The effect of mixed probiotics on fecal microbiota of farmed raccoon dogs
ERP105804The effect of mixed probiotics on fecal microbiota of farmed fox
ERP105805RNAseq of mouse stromal compartment of melanoma PDX
ERP105806RNA-Seq of BEAS-2B cells treated with low doses of Ag nanoparticles for 6 weeks
ERP105807The Chromatin Remodeling Factor Kismet/CHD7 Controls Intestinal Stem Cell Proliferation by limiting EGFR signaling
ERP105808Complex ecological interactions of Staphylococcus aureus in the vagina during menstruation
ERP105809Transcriptome analysis of B. megaterium under acid stress
ERP105811Metagenomic reads for the microbiota of premature infant faecal samples
ERP105812Genome sequence of the oomycete Aphanomyces euteiches
ERP105814Genome study of the oomycete Aphanomyces stelattus
ERP105815Specific enrichment of hyperthermophilic electroactive Archaea from deep hydrothermal vent on electrically conductive support.
ERP105816Mycological Diversity Description
ERP105817Genome sequence of the oomycete Aphanomyces astaci
ERP105818Soil aggregate stability and electric conductivity drive bacterial distribution in saline-sodic soil of the Songnen Plain
ERP105819Molecular characterisation of antimicrobial resistance in Brachyspira hyodysenteriae, aetiological agent for swine dysentery
ERP105821Pelagic eukaryote microbial diversity in Amundsen Gulf, from surface to bottom
ERP105822Small RNA-Seq reveals novel miRNAs shaping the transcriptomic identity of rat brain structures
ERP105823Transcriptome profiling of wild type, K159/298Q- and K159/298R- C/EBPa expressing mouse cells
ERP105824Initial characterization of stress- and immunorelevant genes in maraena whitefish (Coregonus maraena)
ERP105825Microbiota variations in Culex nigripalpus disease vector mosquito of West Nile virus and Saint Louis Encephalitis from different geographic origins
ERP105826Seasonal and rainfall study of Sydney Harbour
ERP105828De novo genome assembly of rattan (Calamus simplicifolius)
ERP105829Genome sequencing and assembly of M. charantia Dali-11 and M.spontanea TR (bitter gourd)
ERP105830191 samples of M. charantia / M. charantia var. muricata / M. spontanea Resequencing
ERP105831Genomic sequencing of Plutella xylostella
ERP105832Long-range transported bacterial communities relating to ice nucleation accumulated in snow cover on Mount Tateyama, Central Japan
ERP10583416SrRNA of phosphate solubilizing bacteria
ERP105835Protease Encoding bacteria in arable fields
ERP105836Shotgun metagenomics of hydrothermal chimney colonizing microbial communities from the Manus Basin
ERP105837Transcriptome of Xenocatantops brachycerus
ERP105838Selective maternal seeding and environment shape the human gut microbiome
ERP105839Changes in the human nasal microbiome following exposure to pig farm environment: a prospective cohort study
ERP105840Multigene phylogeny reveals new fungicolous species and novel records and hosts in the genus Fusarium from Iran
ERP105842African genomes illuminate the early history and transition to selfing in Arabidopsis thaliana
ERP105843The IRE1a-XBP1 pathway promotes T helper cell differentiation by resolving secretory stress and accelerating proliferation (ChIP-seq)
ERP105844The genome-scale DNA-binding of FadR transcription factor in Sulfolobus acidocaldarius
ERP105845A nuclear-localized red fluorescence knock-in reporter allele for mouse pancreatic beta-cells
ERP105847Microeukaryotes of undisturbed soil and treated areas of northern Alberta boreal forest.
ERP105848EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Metagenomes and metatranscriptomes from the diffuse hydrothermal vents of Axial Seamount from 2014 (2014 'Omics from the diffuse hydrothermal vents of Axial Seamount) data set.
ERP105850Metagenomics of murine gut microbiota associated to inflammation
ERP105851From hyperalkaline mineral waters towards a Mars analogue
ERP105852Protist distribution in Chukchi sea in spring 2014 to study under-ice blooms (SUBICE 2014) revealed by 18S rRNA high throughput sequencing
ERP105854The genome of the European Beech (Fagus sylvatica) shows no traces of horizontal gene transfer from fungi and provides a resource for future studies for a climate-change-adapted forestry in Europe
ERP105856Discover new allele of HLA B*58 in Taiwan
ERP105857Discover new allele of HLA B*27 in Taiwan
ERP105858Discover new allele of HLA B*15 in Taiwan
ERP105859Herbal Formula-3 alleviates food allergy in mice by modulating the composition of the gut microbiota
ERP105860RNA-Seq of Heliconius melpomene heads
ERP105862Response of soil microbiota with additives to cadmium contamination
ERP105863Meiotic crossover landscape within RAC1 disease resistance gene
ERP105865High quality variant calls from mutliple dog genome project - Run1
ERP105866Isolated sequences BIOSUR prototype.
ERP105867Bulk RNA-seq validation experiments for "High dimensional single cell analysis predicts response to anti-PD-1 immunotherapy"
ERP105868Metagenomic Shotgun of EPS-cultivated microorganisms
ERP105869Evolutionary trade-offs associated with pmrB mutations in host-adapted Pseudomonas aeruginosa
ERP105871The peopling of the last Green Sahara revealed by high-coverage resequencing of trans-Saharan patrilineages.
ERP105873CCR8 expression defines tissue-resident memory T cells in human skin
ERP105874Microbial diversity across the Hudson Bay: a river to sea continuum
ERP105875EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Dechlorinating community (Dhgm_1) data set.
ERP105876EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the The microbial colonization of the intestine during the first monthsof life constitutes the most important process for the microbiota-induced host-homeostasis.Alterations in this process may entail a high-risk for disease in later life. However, this process the potential factorsaffecting it in the infant are not well known. Moreover, the potential impact of orally administered vaccines, expected to interact with intestinal immune cells eliciting an immune response at mucosal level,upon the establishing microbiome remains unknown.Here we assessed the intestinal microbiome establishmentprocess and evaluated the impact of rotavirus vaccination upon this process. Metagenomic, PCR-DGGE and faecal short chain fatty acids analyses were performed on faecal samples obtained from three infants before and after the administration of each dose of vaccine. We found a high inter-individual variability in the early lifegut microbiota at microbial composition level, but a large similarity between the infants' microbiomes at functional level. Rotavirus vaccination did not show any major effects upon the infant gut microbiota. Thus, the individual microbiome establishment and development process seems to occur in a defined manner during the first stages of life and it is not affected by oral rotavirus vaccination. (Rotavirus vaccine on infants gut metagenome) data set.
ERP105877EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Manikaran hot springs water metagenome (Water metagenome) data set.
ERP105878EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Metagenomic analysis of microbial mat of hot springs (Metagenomic analysis of microbial mat of hot springs) data set.
ERP105879EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Metagenome sequencing of a chitin enriched culture (Metagenome sequencing of a chitin enriched culture) data set.
ERP105881Comparative microbiome analysis of Fusarium wilt suppressive and conducive soils from the Châteaurenard region
ERP105889EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Hot spring thermophilic microbial communities from Obsidian Pool, Yellowstone National Park, USA - site 3 bottle 8 metagenome (hot springs metagenome) data set.
ERP105892Pelagic marine and freshwater protist diversity in Kimitkeot region (Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada)
ERP105893Host DNA depletion method comparison
ERP10589422 sediments/soils/mosses samples from natural granitic pools located in the Natural Park of Sierra de Guadarrama (near Madrid) Spain.
ERP105895LSA_Chicken GOS
ERP105897Coastal microplankton of the northern Adriatic
ERP105901Engage project for collaboration in next generation sequencing
ERP105903Evolutionary history of MTBC Beijing clone W148/Russian Clone
ERP105904Chromosome-based survey sequencing of Triticum dicoccoides
ERP105905Some Title
ERP10590716S amplicon sequences from the grazer-free manipulation experiment, Rimov Sept 2015
ERP105908Engage project for collaboration in next generation sequencing
ERP105911Illumina sequencing of one ostrich female
ERP105912Engage project for collaboration in next generation sequencing
ERP105913EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Hot spring sediment microbial communities from Joseph''s Coat, Yellowstone National Park, USA - JC3_ASED metagenome (sediment metagenome) data set.
ERP105914EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Active sludge microbial communities of municipal wastewater-treating anaerobic digesters from China - AD_SCU002_MetaG metagenome (activated sludge metagenome) data set.
ERP105915EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Hot spring microbial communities from Grendel Spring, Yellowstone National Park, USA - T=76-80 metagenome (hypersaline lake metagenome) data set.
ERP105916EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Bacteria Genome sequencing and assembly (Bacteria) data set.
ERP105917EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Platygyra carnosa metagenome Raw sequence reads (coral metagenome) data set.
ERP105918EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Hot Lake Unicyanobacterial Consortia (microbial mat metagenome) data set.
ERP105919EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the FVB Partial Co1 (FVB Partial Co1) data set.
ERP105920EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the FVB F Partial Co2 (FVB F Partial Co2) data set.
ERP105921EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the High fat feeding rather than obesity drives taxonomical and functional changes in the gut microbiota in mice (mice obesity) data set.
ERP105922EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Metagenomic analysis of the Binga Hot Springs in Zimbabwe for Microbial Diversity and Hydrolytic Enzymes (Binga Hot Springs) data set.
ERP105923EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Acid sulfate soil microbial profile - pre-investigation (Acid sulfate soil microbial profile - pre-investigation) data set.
ERP105924Conservation Strip Tillage Leads to Permanent Alterations in the Rhizosphere Microbiota of Brassica napus Crops.
ERP105925Five cases of dermatophytosis in man caused by zoophilic species Trichophyton erinacei, transmitted from hedgehogs
ERP105926Estonian forest and grassland topsoil samples
ERP105927Sydney Harbour microbial diversity study
ERP105928Gut microbial characteristics in pancreatic carcinoma patients
ERP105929Micro-eukaryotic diversity and community structure of sediments of a sea cucumber farming system in Bohai bay
ERP105930Lactation stage-dependent dynamics of the microbiota in sow milk
ERP105931Equid herpesvirus 8: complete genome sequence and association with abortion in mares
ERP105932Survey of microbial eukaryotes from Sea off Jinha, South Korea
ERP105933Eukaryotic communities of saline water bodies in Orenburg region (Russia) studied with 18S metagenomic sequencing on the Illumina platform (Miseq)
ERP105934Temporal shotgun metagenomic dissection of the coffee fermentation ecosystem
ERP105935H. seropedicae response to iron
ERP105936Root-associated microbiome of maize genotypes with contrasting P use efficiency
ERP105938fungal metagemoics of the rhizosphere of Rhazya stricta, Enneapogon desvauxii, Citrullus colocynthis, Senna italica, Zygophyllum simplex and the mycoflora of Locust migratoria
ERP105940Some Title
ERP105941Some Title
ERP105942Tropomyosin isoforms regulate distinct cellular pathways in undifferentiated and differentiated B35 neuroblastoma cells
ERP105943Short read coffee bean ripening transcriptome of the upper canopy
ERP105944MicroEukaryote Diversity in the East China Sea / Kuroshio Current
ERP105946Some Title
ERP105947Some Title
ERP105948Some Title
ERP105949Some Title
ERP105950Some Title
ERP105951Eukaryote sequences amplified from geothermal springs in Canada and New Zealand, and from saline springs from Canada.
ERP105953Whole Genome sequencing of Physeter catodon
ERP105954Metagenome of the female upper reproductive tract
ERP105956In China, approximately two thirds of maize planting areas are suffering a shortage of water. Drought occurred at seedling stage generally exert seriously effects on maize in terms of limited height, low growth rate, and even result in complete yield failure. Therefore, how to alleviate drought harm on maize seedlings could have critical impacts on the maize production in this country. In order to obtain the excellent strain that can enhance the drought resistance of maize, the effect of rhizosphereand endophytic fungi on the growth of maize seedlings was carried out under drought treatment.
ERP105957In China, approximately two thirds of maize planting areas are suffering a shortage of water. Drought occurred at seedling stage generally exert seriously effects on maize in terms of limited height, low growth rate, and even result in complete yield failure. Therefore, how to alleviate drought harm on maize seedlings could have critical impacts on the maize production in this country. In order to obtain the excellent strain that can enhance the drought resistance of maize, the effect of rhizosphereand endophytic fungi on the growth of maize seedlings was carried out under drought treatment.
ERP105958P. aeruginosa mutational resistome
ERP105959Ultra-deep shotgun sequencing
ERP105960V4 region sampling of the oil sands waste remediation site Base Mine Lake, in Northern Alberta.
ERP105962Detection in Malaysia of Borrelia sp. from Ixodes granulatus
ERP105964A time series of 18S SSU rDNA V4 region meta-amplicons from Bellingham Bay, WA, USA.
ERP105965Drobak Sediment 18S V4 Amplicon
ERP105966Complete transcriptional profiling of five entomopathogenic Xenorhabdus and Photorhabdus strains
ERP105967Soils from different localisation in the Canary islands
ERP105968IBD timeseries with pre and post colonoscopy and surgery
ERP105969Microeukaryotes of a tailings pond sediments in Northeastern Alberta.
ERP105970Analysis of drought stress responsive SSH library during flowering stage in Pennisetum glaucum cv 841B
ERP105973Frontal cortex of male piglets housed in barren and environmentally enriched conditions
ERP105975Cattle transcriptome of macrophages
ERP105976Metronidazole resistance in Clostridioides difficile is conferred by a plasmid
ERP105978Illumina Miseq paired-end sequencing (2x250 or 2x75) of 550 pb fragment from the genome of one ostrish
ERP105979Evidence for geomycological gold redox transformation under supergene conditions
ERP105980Domesticated PiggyBac transposases together carry out programmed DNA elimination in Paramecium
ERP105981Candidatus Phytoplasma solani mleP1 gene encodes a 2-Hydroxycarboxylate transporter
ERP105983Neonatal selection by Toll-like receptor 5 influences long-term gut microbiota composition
ERP105984Influences of cysteine residues and hydrogen bond networks on enzyme activity of the persulfide dioxygenase from Acidithiobacillus caldus
ERP10598518S rDNA sequences from Eimeria which infect corncrake
ERP105986Some Title
ERP105987Divergent evolution between sister species of European green lizards and implications for speciation
ERP105988See abstract
ERP105989Single isolate
ERP105990Whole genome sequencing of S. equi subspecies zooepidemicus clinical sample
ERP105991First genetic characterization of multi-drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from Algeria
ERP105992Feline tooth transcriptome changes involvement in feline tooth resorption (TR)
ERP105993Environmental DNA study of the V4 SSU genes of water tank of Bromeliads in Costa Rica
ERP105994Effect of infection with and treatment of sensitive and resistant strains of Teladorsagia circumcincta on the ovine intestinal microbiota
ERP105995Some Title
ERP105996Some Title
ERP105997Some Title
ERP105998Transcriptome-wide mapping of early immune responses in lumpfish
ERP105999Some Title
ERP106000Some Title
ERP106001Some Title
ERP106002Some Title
ERP106003Some Title
ERP106004Some Title
ERP106005Some Title
ERP106006Some Title
ERP106007Some Title
ERP106008Some Title
ERP106011Some Title
ERP106012Some Title
ERP106013These are genomic reads for the assembly of the R. padi genome: Sequence centre TGAC. 2X250 HiSeq Illumia. PCR-free library. 395bp insert size.
ERP106014Some Title
ERP106015Some Title
ERP106016Some Title
ERP106017Some Title
ERP106018Some Title
ERP106019Some Title
ERP106020Some Title
ERP106021Some Title
ERP106022Some Title
ERP106023Some Title
ERP106024Some Title
ERP106025Some Title
ERP106026Some Title
ERP106030Some Title
ERP106031Some Title
ERP106032Some Title
ERP106033Some Title
ERP106034Some Title
ERP106035Some Title
ERP106036Some Title
ERP106037Some Title
ERP106038Some Title
ERP106039Some Title
ERP106040Some Title
ERP106041Some Title
ERP106042Some Title
ERP106043Some Title
ERP106044Some Title
ERP106045Some Title
ERP106046Some Title
ERP106048Some Title
ERP106049Some Title
ERP106050Some Title
ERP106052Some Title
ERP106053Some Title
ERP106054Some Title
ERP106055Some Title
ERP106056Some Title
ERP106057Some Title
ERP106058Some Title
ERP106059Some Title
ERP106060Some Title
ERP106061Some Title
ERP106062Some Title
ERP106063Some Title
ERP106064Some Title
ERP106065Some Title
ERP106067Distinct genomic features characterise two clades of Corynebacterium diphtheriae: proposal of Corynebacterium diphtheriae subsp. diphtheriae subsp. nov. and Corynebacterium diphtheriae subsp. lausannense subsp. nov.
ERP106068Classification of three corynebacterial strains isolated from the Northern bald ibis (Geronticus eremita)
ERP106069Some Title
ERP106070Some Title
ERP106071Some Title
ERP106072Some Title
ERP106073Some Title
ERP106074Some Title
ERP106075Some Title
ERP106076microbiome profile of fungivorous thrips Hoplothrips carpathicus
ERP106077Some Title
ERP106078Some Title
ERP106079Some Title
ERP106080Some Title
ERP106081Some Title
ERP106082Some Title
ERP106083Some Title
ERP106084Some Title
ERP106085Some Title
ERP106086Some Title
ERP106087Some Title
ERP106088Some Title
ERP106089Some Title
ERP106090Some Title
ERP106091Some Title
ERP106092Some Title
ERP106093Some Title
ERP106094Some Title
ERP106095Some Title
ERP106096Some Title
ERP106097Some Title
ERP106098Myzus cerasi clonal line contig genome assembly
ERP106099de novo assembly of Pristionchus exspectatus
ERP106100Complete BK Polyomavirus genome sequences from patients with urinary tract infections.
ERP106101New record of Microtus mystacinus in Eastern Kazakhstan
ERP106103Genome-Wide Identification by Transposon Insertion Sequencing of Escherichia coli K1 Genes Essential for in vitro Growth, Gastrointestinal Colonizing Capacity and Survival in Serum
ERP106104Whole-genome sequence of Burkholderia novacaledonica LMG 28615T
ERP106105Taxonomic study of Achromobacter sp. LMG 30378
ERP106106Meningitis belt outbreak of Neisseria meningitidis serotype C ST-10217
ERP106108Analysis of 3800-year-old Yersinia pestis genomes suggests Bronze Age origin for bubonic plague
ERP106109Phylogenetic relationships in Apocynaceae based on nuclear PHYA and plastid trnL-F sequences
ERP106110Zornia latifolia: a smart drug being adulterated by Stylosanthes guianensis
ERP106111Exome data for CARMIL2 study submitted by Alazami et al.
ERP106113Genome assembly of Larimichthys crocea
ERP106115Genome assembly of Nibea albiflora
ERP106118Bacterial diversity analysis from crude oil contaminated sands
ERP106119Increased lipid peroxidation-derived cyclic DNA adduct ?-OHPdG and mutations in high fat diet-induced hepatocarcinogenesis and its prevention by Theaphenon E
ERP106120Transcriptomic analysis of Fusarium graminearum disease response in near-isogenic hexaploid wheat lines differeing for the presence of a resistance QTL on chromosome 2DL
ERP106121Engage project for collaboration in next generation sequencing
ERP106122TruSight One sequencing panel in combination with whole genome amplified (WGA) DNA from 3 micro-manipulated cells
ERP106124Engage project for collaboration in next generation sequencing
ERP106125Candidatus Nitrosocaldus cavascurensis, an ammonia oxidizing, extremely thermophilic archaeon with a highly mobile genome
ERP106127Diversity of marine microbial eukaryotes in Nares Strait in summer 2014 and 2016
ERP106128Late Quaternary climate change explains soil fungal community composition rather than richness in forest ecosystems
ERP106130Aphid RNAseq host, non-host and artificial diet for Rhopalosiphum padi and Myzus persicae genotype O (clonal lines) at time points 3 hours and 24 hours.
ERP106131The study includes fungal genetic diversity assessment by ITS-1 next generation sequencing (NGS) analyses. The main the main experimental objects are soils of different classes, quality groups and also subjected to various agrotechnical treatments
ERP106132RNA-seq of Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type2 (SCA2) transgenic mouse lines and age-matched wild-type
ERP106133Fine scale description of hybrid classes in a hybrid swarm
ERP106135Abundance and community structure of ureolytic bacteria in responses to long-term nitrogen fertilization
ERP106136Transcriptome changes in Slc7a5-null mouse embryos
ERP106137Morphological and molecular chracterization of Colletotrichum acutatum from feijoa in Italy
ERP106138Lake Malawi cichlid Astatotilapia calliptera genome assembly fAstCal1.2
ERP106139Morphological and molecular study on Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. carthami from Euphorbia lathyris in Italy
ERP106140Genome-wide characterisation of DNA methylation in an invasive Lepidopteran pest, the cotton bollworm Helicoverpa armigera
ERP106141PRA in Old Danish Pointing Dog
ERP106143High-resolution metagenomic study on near-subsurface soils samples from the Salar de Atacama in Chile
ERP106146A consistent and predictable commercial broiler chicken bacterial microbiome in antibiotic-free production displays strong correlations with performance
ERP106147RNA-Seq analysis of an industry isolated Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain following exposure to preservatives and product formulations.
ERP106148Focused PARP1 mutagenesis screen for talazoparib resistance in HeLa-PARP1-GFP and SUM149-GFP cells
ERP106149Carbapenemase positive Citrobacter species
ERP106152Human primary adipose-derived stem cells (hpASC) differentiated to white adipocytes stimulated with norepinephrine 3h
ERP106153Molecular studies of Cryphonectria parasitica isolates from Southern Italy
ERP106154Myzus cerasi transcriptional responses to different hosts.
ERP106155Molecular characterizaction of vitellogenins and zona pellucida proteins and their estrogen-induced expression in Senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis)
ERP106157Dealing with the adaptive immune system during de novo evolution of genes from intergenic sequences
ERP106158Draft genome of Arthrobacter sp. AM8 isolated form permafrost soil
ERP106159Investigation of plant species effects on soil Metagenomics from lab-scale bioretention columns
ERP106160Clonal dynamics towards the development of venetoclax resistance in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
ERP106161Some Title
ERP106163Fatal encephalitic Borna disease virus 1 infection cluster in solid organ transplant recipients
ERP106164Transcriptome sequencing of dorsal and subventral glands from mixed life stage pine wilt nematodes, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
ERP106166GLP-1 release from STC-1 cells stimulated by Tigerinin peptides
ERP106167Anopheles funestus RNAseq
ERP106168Korean Complex Karyotype Sarcoma Patients (RNA-seq)
ERP106169Microbial biogeography of 925 geothermal springs in New Zealand
ERP106170EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the sludge metagenome Metagenomic assembly (sludge metagenome) data set.
ERP106171EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the The antibiotic resistance potential of the preterm infant gut microbiome measured using shotgun metagenomics. (Antibiotic resistance within the preterm infant gut.) data set.
ERP106172Molecular studies of Cryphonectria parasitica isolates from Southern Italy
ERP106174Draft genome sequencing of Lactuca. sativa cv. Tizian
ERP106178dynamic change of 114 mice gut microbiota
ERP106179Genomic history of extinct and living elephantids
ERP106180RNA-seq of metabolically labelled RNA by 4-thiouracil from mouse tissues
ERP106181Identification of Bmal1 binding sites by ChIP-seq in mouse lung tissue
ERP106183RNA-seq of Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus aureus challenged with squalene compared to control growth
ERP106184Impact of oxytetracycline and bacterial bioaugmentation on the efficiency and microbial community structure of a pesticide-degrading biomixture
ERP106185Linking root chemistry to root associated bacterial and fungal communities: the impact of benzoxazinoid biosynthesis genes
ERP106187Determinants of HIV-1 virological failure and acquired drug resistance with regard to decentralization of HIV care
ERP106188EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Metagenome sequencing of marine membrane vesicles (marine metagenome) data set.
ERP106189EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the freshwater sediment metagenome Raw sequence reads (freshwater sediment metagenome) data set.
ERP106190EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the freshwater metagenome Raw sequence reads (freshwater metagenome) data set.
ERP106191EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Resistome of effluents of wastewater treatment plants () data set.
ERP106192Characterization of bacterial and archeal communities associated to dietary adaptations of grass and maize silage based diets
ERP106193Identification of virulence factors from Fusarium
ERP106194Roof-Inhabiting Cousins of Rock-Inhabiting Fungi: Novel Melanized Microcolonial Fungal Species from Photocatalytically Reactive Subaerial Surfaces.
ERP106197Impact of single room contact precautions on hospital-acquisition and transmission of multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli
ERP106198Anopheles funestus pooled template whole genome sequencing for permethrin resistance GWAS
ERP106199Jejunal mucosa transcriptome analysis of preweaned calves
ERP106201Deletion at the 5'-end of Estonian ASFV strains associated with an attenuated phenotype
ERP106202DNA methylation landscape of the genes regulating D-serine and D-aspartate metabolism in post-mortem brain from controls and subjects with schizophrenia
ERP106203Molecular Diagnosis of Orthopedic-Device-Related Infection Directly from Sonication Fluid by Metagenomic Sequencing
ERP106204Anopheles funestus pooled template whole genome sequencing of field-collected mosquitoes (Ghana, Benin, Cameroon and Uganda)
ERP106205Compilation of different anaerobic digester microbial communities analysed through 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing during continuous and long term operation for conversion of non pre-treated microalgae into biogas
ERP106207Viscumin B-cell Linear epitope as biological element in MIP-based nanobiosensors
ERP106208Profiling skeletal muscle microRNAs in laminin alpha 2 chain-deficient congenital muscular dystrophy
ERP106209Phylogenetic relationships in Apocynaceae based on nuclear PHYA and plastid trnL-F sequences
ERP106210Phylogenetic relationships in Apocynaceae based on nuclear PHYA and plastid trnL-F sequences
ERP106211Bacterial diversity of eggs using 16S rRNA sequencing: from raw materials produced by different suppliers to pasteurized liquid eggs
ERP106212Surveillance of HIV-1 transmitted drug resistance in the context of decentralization of HIV care and treatment in Senegal
ERP106213Surveillance of HIV-1 transmitted drug resistance in Guinea in the context of the Ebola Outbreak 2014-2015
ERP106214Low-dose addition of silver nanoparticles stresses marine plankton communities
ERP106215Suspected transmission and subsequent spread of MRSA from farmer to dairy cows
ERP106217Systematic identification of G-quadruplex sensitive lethality by genome-wide genetic screening
ERP106218Analysis of Cas9/sgRNA mutagenic activity at a variety of loci in zebrafish (Run 7)
ERP106221Caecal tonsil transcriptome of inbred chickens with and without C. jejui challenge
ERP106223Analysis of Cas9/sgRNA mutagenic activity at a variety of loci in zebrafish (Run 8)
ERP106224Analysis of Cas9/sgRNA mutagenic activity at a variety of loci in zebrafish (Run 9)
ERP106225Analysis of Cas9/sgRNA mutagenic activity at a variety of loci in zebrafish (Run 10)
ERP106226Sox2 ChIP-seq in hindbrain and spinal cord neural progenitors differentiated from mouse embryonic stem cells
ERP106228FXR activation inhibits CAF tumor-promoting features
ERP106229The Rosa genome provides new insights into the design of modern roses
ERP106232NUDT21 Negatively Regulates PSMB2 and CXXC5 by Alternative Polyadenylation and Contributes to Hepatocellular Carcinoma Suppression
ERP106233Four draft whole genome sequences of Escherichia coli isolated from an agricultural environment
ERP106234Raw sequences of mock communities sequenced by the Langille Lab.
ERP106237DNA isolation and sampling kits comparison
ERP106238PORCUPINE (PCP) regulates development in response to temperature variations through alternative splicing in Arabidopsis
ERP106239Variability in the anatoxin a gene clusters of Cuspidothrix issatschenkoi from Germany, New Zealand, China and Japan
ERP106240gut microbiome
ERP106241Lake Baikal community 18S rRNA-gene sequences
ERP106243Stabilized biological production by product addiction
ERP106244A new multiplex PCR protocol to detect mixed trypanosomatid infections in species of Apis and Bombus
ERP106245Sampler selection for whole airborne biological community analysis using Next Generation Sequencing
ERP106246Four double haploid Atlantic salmon
ERP106248Effect of Yoga and low-FODMAP diet in the intestinal microbiota of patients with IBS
ERP106249all hz SNP calls along the 3P Q. robur genome see Plomion et al 2018 Nature Plants for details
ERP106250Emerging biodegradation of the previously persistent artificial sweetener acesulfame in biological wastewater treatment
ERP106251Taxonomic assignment of algal endosymbionts from Amphistegina gibbosa and Amphistegina lessonii exposed to heat stress.
ERP106252Genomic encoding of transcriptional burst kinetics
ERP106254Integrative analysis of fitness and metabolic effects of plasmids in Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1
ERP106255Microbial Eukaryotes of Lagoons of the Solomon Islands
ERP106256Cryptosporidium actin sequences from pigs
ERP106257Variant linkage analysis using de novo transcriptome sequencing identifies the conserved phosphine resistance locus rph1 in insects
ERP106259Human study:the effect of inulin type fructans supplement on gut microbiota in Chinese population
ERP106260Permissive Fatty Acid Incorporation Promotes Staphylococcal Adaptation to FASII Antibiotics in Host Environments
ERP106261Impact of supplementation with fermented dairy matrices on gut microbiota composition of hyperhomocysteinemic mice
ERP106262Do Holarctic ant species exist? Trans-Beringian dispersal and homoplasy in the Formicidae
ERP106263The essential genome of Escherichia coli K-12 identified using TraDIS
ERP106264Partial characterization of Sweetpotato Feathery Mottle Virus infecting Ipomoea batatas in Burkina Faso
ERP106265Partial characterization of Sweetpotato Feathery Mottle Virus infecting Ipomoea batatas in Burkina Faso
ERP106266Partial characterization of Sweetpotato Feathery Mottle Virus infecting Ipomoea batatas in Burkina Faso
ERP106267Partial characterization of Sweetpotato Feathery Mottle Virus infecting Ipomoea batatas in Burkina Faso
ERP106268Partial characterization of Sweetpotato Feathery Mottle Virus infecting Ipomoea batatas in Burkina Faso
ERP106269Partial characterization of Sweetpotato Feathery Mottle Virus infecting Ipomoea batatas in Burkina Faso
ERP106270Partial characterization of Sweetpotato Feathery Mottle Virus infecting Ipomoea batatas in Burkina Faso
ERP106271Partial characterization of Sweetpotato Feathery Mottle Virus infecting Ipomoea batatas in Burkina Faso
ERP106272Partial characterization of Sweetpotato Feathery Mottle Virus infecting Ipomoea batatas in Burkina Faso
ERP106273Partial characterization of Sweetpotato Feathery Mottle Virus infecting Ipomoea batatas in Burkina Faso
ERP106274Partial characterization of Sweetpotato Feathery Mottle Virus infecting Ipomoea batatas in Burkina Faso
ERP106275Partial characterization of Sweetpotato Feathery Mottle Virus infecting Ipomoea batatas in Burkina Faso
ERP106276Partial characterization of Sweetpotato Feathery Mottle Virus infecting Ipomoea batatas in Burkina Faso
ERP106277Sequencing 1524 Pseudomonas genomes
ERP106278Transcriptome-wide mapping of signaling pathways and early immune responses in lumpfish leukocytes upon in vitro bacterial exposure
ERP106279Use of a Regression Model to study host-genomic determinants of phage susceptibility in MRSA
ERP106280Coral and human-associated micro-eukaryotes.
ERP106281Genetic variation of dynamic fiber elongation and developmental quantitative trait locus mapping of fiber length in Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
ERP106282Coprolites reveal ecological interactions lost with the extinction of New Zealand birds
ERP106283Myod-lineage beige adipose tissue identification
ERP106284Profiling of the transcriptional response of an infective nematode during the early stage of infection by exposing Heterorhabditis bacteriophora infective juveniles to Manduca sexta hemolymph plasma for 9 hours. A subset of differentially expressed genes were identified as candidate parasitic genes which may provide functional insight into the process of nematode parasitism.
ERP106285Phylogeography of Quercus robur in European Russia
ERP106286Draft Genome Sequence of Rhizobium sp. strain T2.30D-1.1 and T2.26MG-112.2 Isolated from 538.5 and 492.6 Meter Deep respectively on the Subsurface of the Iberian Pyrite Belt
ERP106287Phyllosphere epiphytic and endophytic fungal community and network structures differ in a tropical mangrove ecosystem
ERP106288determine the relative contributions of gut microbiota in modulating the chronotoxicity of APAP
ERP106289Cultivation and genomic analysis of Candidatus Nitrosocaldus islandicus, a novel obligately thermophilic ammonia-oxidizing thaumarchaeon
ERP106293The linear mitochondrial genome of the quarantine chytrid Synchytrium endobioticum; insights into the evolution and recent history of an obligate biotrophic plant pathogen
ERP106295de novo assembly and annotation of Leptosphaeria biglobosa G12-14 genome using Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencing
ERP106296de novo assembly and annotation of Leptosphaeria maculans JN3 genome using Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencing
ERP106297de novo assembly and annotation of Leptosphaeria maculans NzT4 genome using Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencing
ERP106298mRNA-seq of human cells lines derived from Papillary thyroid carcinoma (TPC1) transfected with siRNA against BHLHE40 (DEC1) or with scramble control siRNA
ERP106299Life on the edge: Active microbial communities in the Kryos MgCl2-brine basin at very low water activity
ERP106300Role of Fnr1 and Fnr3 in transcriptional regulation under oxygen limitation in Herbaspirillum seropedicae
ERP106301RNA-Seq transcriptional analysis of Herbaspirillum seropedicae fnr1 and fnr3 deletion mutants in comparison with the wild type under two different oxygen regimes
ERP106302Whole genome characterization indicates replicative and non-replicative mechanisms in clustered CNV formation
ERP106303Nasal Resisotme in infants with CF during the 1st year of life
ERP106305Retrospective analysis of bacterial cultures sampled in German chicken-fattening farms during the years 2011-2012 revealed additional VIM-1 carbapenemase-producing Escherichia coli and a serologically rough Salmonella Infantis
ERP106306The genome and transcriptome of the dicot infecting smut fungus Thecaphora thlaspeos
ERP106307Evaluating high-throughput sequencing (HTS) data of microalgae living in melting snow: improvements and limitations
ERP106308GenoSysFat 1: Salmon feed-switch experiment vegetable ? fish oil 2015-2016
ERP106314Prairie dog soils
ERP106316Complete nucleotide sequence of Fig mosaic emaravirus found for the first time in cyclamen
ERP106318Sequencing of Mycobacterium marinum strains
ERP106319Research on Airborne Ice Nucleating Species
ERP106320Resistflow-WWTPs-16S DNA data (unpublished)
ERP106321Phylogeography of Quercus robur in European Russia
ERP106323sputum from patients with bronchiectasis pooled together and sequenced for the purpose of investigating the effect of erythromycin on antibiotic resistance carriage
ERP106324In this study, tumor xenografts, cancer cell lines and their corresponding normal samples were fully characterized using whole-genome sequencing.
ERP106325Whole genome sequencing of recent Listeria monocytogenes isolates from Germany reveals population structure and disease clusters
ERP106326Association of metformin administration with gut microbiome dysbiosis in healthy volunteers
ERP106327Nocardia suismassiliense genome
ERP106328Integrative approach using novel Yersinia pestis genomes to revisit the historical landscape of plague during the Medieval Period
ERP106329Microbial community adaptability to altered temperature conditions influences prospect for optimization in anaerobic digestion
ERP106330Genomic blueprint of a relapsing fever pathogen in 15th century Scandinavia.
ERP106331Draft genome sequence of Sphingorhabdus sp. strain EL138, a metabolically-versatile alphaproteobacterium isolated from the gorgonian coral Eunicella labiata
ERP106333MiniSeq 16S rRNA sequencing
ERP106337Anopheles funestus targeted genome sequencing (FANG colony)
ERP106338EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Banana aphid (Pentalonia nigronervosa) haemolymph Metagenome (insect metagenome) data set.
ERP106339EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Hot spring microbial communities from Great Boiling Spring, Nevada - cellulolytic enrichment S 77C Metagenome (hot springs metagenome) data set.
ERP106340EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Hot spring and microbial mat streamer communities from Octopus Spring Streamers, Yellowstone National Park, USA - T=80-84 metagenome (hot springs metagenome) data set.
ERP106341EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Hot spring sediment microbial communities from Zodletone spring, Oklahoma to study Microbial Dark Matter (Phase II) - Zodletone Spring source 2m metaG metagenome (hot springs metagenome) data set.
ERP106342EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Hot spring microbial communities from South Africa to study Microbial Dark Matter (Phase II) - Sagole hot spring metaG metagenome (hot springs metagenome) data set.
ERP106343EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Hot spring microbial communities from South Africa to study Microbial Dark Matter (Phase II) - Tshipise hot spring metaG metagenome (hot springs metagenome) data set.
ERP106344EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Hot spring sediment bacterial and archeal communities from California, USA to study Microbial Dark Matter (Phase II) - Elbow Spring sediment metaG metagenome (sediment metagenome) data set.
ERP106345EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Hot spring and microbial mat streamer communities from Octopus Spring Streamers, Yellowstone National Park, USA - OCT_B metagenome (hot springs metagenome) data set.
ERP106346EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Hot spring microbial communities from Joseph''s Coat, Yellowstone National Park, USA - JC2_E metagenome (hot springs metagenome) data set.
ERP106347EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Hot spring microbial streamer communities from Conch Spring, Yellowstone National Park, USA - C T=80-84 metagenome (hot springs metagenome) data set.
ERP106348Arctic microbiome along Svalbard Cross Shelf transects
ERP106349Anopheles funestus targeted genome sequencing (Cameroon)
ERP106352Gut microbiome response to short term dietary intervention in reactive hypoglycemia subjects
ERP106355Distribution of AR genes in CompostingRun4
ERP106357EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the human gut Metagenome (human gut metagenome) data set.
ERP106358EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Compositional_dynamics_of_intestinal_spore_forming_bacteria (Compositional_dynamics_of_intestinal_spore_forming_bacteria) data set.
ERP106359EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Liver cirrhosis occurs as a consequence of many chronic liver diseases that are prevalent worldwide. Previous studies have shown an association between the gut microbiota and liver complications such as cirrhosis and other liver injuries. We therefore undertook a whole gut microbiome wide association study of stool samples from 98 liver cirrhosis patients and 83 healthy controls to characterise the faecal microbial communities and their functional composition. In total, we generated 860 Gb of high-quality sequence data and built a reference gene set for the liver cirrhosis cohort containing 2.69 million genes, 36.1% of which was not covered by previously published gene catalogues. (Mgwas study of LC) data set.
ERP106361Tulsishyam hot spring amplicone metagenome
ERP106364EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Metagenomes from human infant fecal samples with and without necrotizing enterocolitis (human gut metagenome) data set.
ERP106365Phylogeography of Quercus robur in European Russia
ERP106366Characterization of microbial communities during a Ground Tire Rubber (GTR) desulfurization process
ERP106367Next generation sequencing for patients with hypomyelinating leukodystrophies
ERP106368Intra-host symbiont diversity and extended symbiont maintenance in photosymbiotic Acantharea (clade F)
ERP106369Responses in Methane Production, Rumen metabolism and Microbial Community in Tropical Adapted Cattle Fed 3-Nitrooxypropanol
ERP106370New perspectives in sustainable viticulture: unique resistant traits against downy mildew in the Vitis vinifera domestication center
ERP106371Foliar fungal communities of Norway spruce in a tree species diversity gradient in mature European forests
ERP106372Novel PCB-degrading Rhodococcus strains able to promote plant growth for assisted rhizoremediation of historically polluted soils
ERP106373endophytes of mangroves improve salt tolerance of cereal crops and facilitate mangrove seedling
ERP106376Lis1 regulates FGF signaling
ERP106381Whole exome sequencing analyses of human, IDH2-mutated, acute myeloid leukemia samples from patients before or during treatment with Enasidenib.
ERP106388Alterations of the intestinal microbiome in patients with retinal artery occlusion
ERP106394Genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) raw data of 20293 barley accessions from the Barley Core Collection hosted at the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK) Gatersleben. A single plant was analyzed for each accession.
ERP106395Ring Test for fecal DNA extraction protocols in pigs
ERP106396Comparison of in-field Nanopore sequencing with laboratory based Illumina sequencing of shotgun metagenomes
ERP106401Identification of bacterial isolates by 16S rRNA
ERP106404High-throughput sequencing identifies degraders of dDNA
ERP106405Draft Genome Sequence of Brevundimonas sp. strain T2.26MG-97 Isolated from X Meter Deep on the Subsurface of the Iberian Pyrite Belt
ERP106406small and large RNA sequencing of a mouse model of IGF1R-driven lung cancer
ERP106407A fatal bacteremia caused by hypervirulent KPC-2 producing extensively drug-resistant K64-ST11 Klebsiella pneumoniae in Brazil
ERP106408Plant growth promoting bacteria
ERP106409Sequencing of the genome of a new Rhabdochlamydia species from tick samples
ERP106410An integrated genomic analysis of L1 retrotransposon mosaicism in the brain
ERP106411Microbial modulations using fecal microbiota transplantation improves cerebral amyloidosis, taupathy and gliosis in ADLPAPT transgenic mice.
ERP106412Genome-wide profiling reveals cancer-related genes have switched alternative polyadenylation sites in colorectal cancer
ERP106413RNA-seq of pericarp of purple-grain wheat Luozhen No.1 of 20 days (D20) shading treatment after pollination, against 20 DAP untreated controls
ERP106415Engage project for collaboration in next generation sequencing
ERP106416Young genes have distinct gene structure, epigenetic profiles, and transcription start site regulation
ERP106419Spontaneous Translocation of a Gut Pathobiont Drives Autoimmunity
ERP106421Translocation of a gut pathobiont drives autoimmunity in mice and humans
ERP106423Combinatorial genetics reveals a scaling law for the effects of mutations on splicing
ERP106425This study aims to investigate the active players in foaming activated sludge with comparative metagenome and metatranscriptome experimental design.
ERP106426Gut microbia translocation induces inflammation after STEMI
ERP106427Homo sapiens forkhead box M1 (FOXM1), a novel transcript variant FOXM1D, complete cds
ERP106428Adult zebrafish fed HFD or HFO
ERP106430Here, we present a large RNA-Seq dataset of Suid alphaherpesvirus, derived from long-read sequencing including PacBio RSII, PacBio Sequel and Oxford Nanopore platforms.
ERP106431HA-tagged FOXM1 isoforms
ERP106432Temporal diversity and community structure of the planktonic protist assemblage at the Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) station MareChiara in the Gulf of Naples(Mediterranean Sea) assessed using V4 Illumina sequencing.
ERP106433This study presented the transcriptome sequencing of submerged and floating leaves of the aquatic plant P. octandrus.
ERP106434Hepatitis B and hepatitis D virus infections in the Central African Republic, twenty-five years after a fulminant hepatitis outbreak, indicate continuing spread in asymptomatic young adults
ERP106436RNAseq of the human gut commensal Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron wildtype, relA (bt0700) and ppGpp0 (bt0700 bt3998) strains across three conditions: glucose minimal medium, 1h of carbon starvation, and mouse gut colonization
ERP106437Atopobium massiliense genome
ERP106438Clostridium cagae genome
ERP106439Corynebacterium sp.nov genome
ERP106440Control of floral size and scent profiles by the plant circadian clock
ERP106441Dorea pacaensis genome
ERP106442Paenibacillus cagae genome
ERP106443Prevotella caldimerdae genome
ERP106444FLAG-tagged FOXM1A Plasmid
ERP106445Corynebacterium neomassiliense genome
ERP106446HA-tagged ROCK2 plasmid
ERP106447Host identity and functional traits determine the community composition of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in facultative epiphytic plant species
ERP106448Population genetics of the Malagasy olive (Noronhia lowryi, Oleaceae) in quartzite savannahs from Central Madagascar
ERP106449The 2016-2017 Yemen cholera outbreak strain
ERP106453Assessing genome instability in Bloom syndrome
ERP106454Renal transcriptome profiling by RNAseq in Bicc1 WT and KO mice.
ERP106455CD1d-dependent immune suppression mediated by regulatory B cells through modulations of iNKT cells
ERP106457Whole-genome sequencing of Arabidopsis thaliana herbarium specimens collected from 1863 to 1993 of helps to track a new colonization of North America and to describe new mutations accumulated over several centuries.
ERP106458272 modern Hungarian whole mitogenomes
ERP106459Alfaria dactylis sp. nov.
ERP106460Discover new allele of HLA DRB*15 in Taiwan
ERP106461Whole-exome sequencing of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and CTCs associated to white blood cells
ERP106462A genome-wide association analysis for show-jumping performance in Hanoverian stallions
ERP106463Extended-spectrum ß-lactamase-genes are spreading on a wide range of pre-existing plasmids in Escherichia coli strains
ERP106464Soil metagenome
ERP106465Genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) raw data of 684 barley accessions collection of the Station de Recherche Agroscope Changins-Wädenswil (Switzerland). A single plant was analyzed for each accession.
ERP106466Genome-wide DNA-binding profile of HNF4A and genome occupancy of the histone modifications H3K4me1, H3K27ac in kidneys from Bicc1 WT and KO mice by ChIPseq.
ERP106470Body size in horses
ERP106471RNA extracted from Sf21 cell line were sequenced and used in genome annotation worflow.
ERP106472RNA extracted from Tni cell line (High Five) were sequenced and used in genome annotation worflow.
ERP106473Diversity of diatom resting stages in surface sediments using V4 fragment of 18S.
ERP106474We applied different fertilizer strategy including chemical fertilizer, organic fertilizer, and bio-organic fertilizer (Trichoderma) under a crop rotation system (Maize-Cabbage-Potato) in a two years field experiment in Nantong city, China.
ERP106475miRNA sequencing of 33 peripheral blood samples (27 patients with cerebral aneurysm and six healthy controls) performed on Illumina MiSeq.
ERP106476A comparative study of prokaryotic diversity and physicochemical characteristics of Devils Hole and the Ash Meadows Fish Conservation Facility, a constructed analog
ERP106479acdS allele diversity
ERP106481RNA-seq analysis of Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000
ERP106482The Local Microbiome Following Pediatric Bladder Augmentation
ERP106485Binding of the Zika virus genome to endogenous human transcripts
ERP106486Reads mapping to different assemblies
ERP106487RNA sequencing of purified intestinal epithelial cells from paediatric biopsies including Inflammatory Bowel Disease and healthy controls
ERP106490Complete genome sequence of the Pseudomonas protegens bacteriophage FGP100
ERP106491Simultaneous carbon and nitrogen removal from sewage in a structured bed biofilm reactor subjected to intermittent aeration and effluent recirculation at four different operating conditions were tested, varying the hydraulic retention time (HRT) and aeration and non-aeration periods
ERP106492The parabasalid symbiont community of Heterotermes aureus: Molecular and morphological characterization of four new species and reestablishment of the genus Cononympha
ERP106494Danakil depression
ERP106495Intermittent hypoxia and hypercapnia, a hallmark of obstructive sleep apnea, alters the gut microbiome and metabolome
ERP106496Maternal exposure of glyphosate-based herbicide affects the gut microbiome of Sprague-Dawley rats
ERP106497Tricholomopsis sulphureoides in Central Europe – species of old-growth forests
ERP106498Discover new allele of HLA C*15 in Taiwan
ERP106499Tench gut microbiome
ERP106500Hypermucoviscous Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from human blood samples
ERP106501There are 3 zooplankton samples from 3 different ponds, we collected sample and use the fresh samples to do DNA extraction directly, then mix them with adjustment guided by the number of species within each of them. At last, use Hiseq-2599 PE-150 to do NGS work
ERP106502Comparative analysis of microbial diversity in two hot springs of Bakreshwar, West Bengal, India
ERP106504Comparative analysis of microbial diversity in two hot springs of Bakreshwar, West Bengal, India
ERP106506Nuclear DNA sequences from Denisova 11
ERP106509Salmonella Enteritidis in laying flocks, 2016-2017
ERP106510Single-cell RNAseq of Human T lymphocyte derived from H7N9 infected patients
ERP106511High five cell line genome assembly
ERP106512Non-random association patterns in a plant-mycorrhizal fungal network reveal host-symbiont specificity
ERP106513Bulk Tank Raw Milk Microbiota Differs Within and Between Farms
ERP106514The genome of an ancient Rouran individual reveals an important paternal lineage in the Donghu population
ERP106515SMRT amplicon sequencing of KIR2DL1 alleles
ERP106517Data analysis approaches for genotype-phenotype association studies based on next-generation sequencing: Application on Listeria monocytogenes growth in cold conditions.
ERP106518Limited congruence across micro, meio and macrofaunal benthic assemblages in a heterogeneous coastal environment
ERP106519RNA-seq as a global measure of the similarity between human pluripotent stem cell and fetal liver derived B cell hierarchies
ERP106521Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the impact of G2-Enhancer on DNA extraction from deep-soil samples
ERP106522Eukaryotic diversity in a floodplain fluvial system
ERP106523Draft genome sequence of Labrenzia sp. strain EL143, a coral-associated alphaproteobacterium with versatile symbiotic living capability and strong halogen degradation potential
ERP106527Discover new allele of HLA DQB1*03 in Taiwan
ERP106528Complete genome sequence of Moritella yayanosii DB21MT-5
ERP106529Species Divergence in Iris Series Sibiricae (Iridaceae) Based on Chloroplast DNA Sequence Data
ERP106530Hydraulic retention time affects bacterial community structure in an As-rich acid mine drainage (AMD) biotreatment process
ERP106531Host phylogeny is a main determinant of Fagaceae-associated ectomycorrhizal fungal community assembly at a regional scale
ERP106532RNA-seq of human skin lesions diagnosed as actinic keratosis, intraepidermal carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma
ERP106533Species Divergence in Iris Series Sibiricae (Iridaceae) Based on Chloroplast DNA Sequence Data
ERP106534transcriptomic analysis of F. graminearum disease response in near-isogenic resistant and susceptible hexaploid wheat lines
ERP106535Ectomycorrhizal fungi associated with Betulaceae species
ERP106536In situ gene expression of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in cystic fibrosis expectorates chronically infected patients
ERP106537Whole genome sequencing of Lactobacillus plantarum CECT 8962
ERP106538Whole genome sequencing of Leuconostoc suionicum CECT 8484
ERP106539Whole genome sequencing of Leuconostoc suionicum CECT 8486
ERP106540Analysis of the dose-dependent response of the ribosome-targeting antibiotic lincomycin on gene expression and its relationship to growth and secondary metabolism of S. coelicolor A3(2).
ERP106541Whole genome sequencing of Leuconostoc suionicum CECT 9216
ERP106543De novo whole genome sequencing and assembly of the invasive cane toad, Rhinella marina
ERP106545single cell sequencing
ERP106546Early evolutionary divergence between papillary and anaplastic thyroid cancers
ERP106547Whole genome sequencing of Lactobacillus plantarum CECT 8965
ERP106548Whole genome sequencing of Lactobacillus plantarum CECT 8963
ERP106549Whole genome sequencing of Lactobacillus plantarum CECT 8964
ERP106550Whole genome sequencing of Lactobacillus plantarum CECT 8966
ERP106551Whole genome sequencing of Leuconostoc mesenteroides CECT 9217
ERP106552High throughput cultivation-based screening on the MicroDish platform allows targeted isolation of antibiotic resistant human gut bacteria
ERP106553Aspergillus niger N402 derivatives grown with different supplements
ERP106554Hypothalamic DNA-methylation differences in Red Junglefowl divergently selected for reduced fear of humans
ERP106555Metagenomics analysis of bacteria in lameness cow foot lesions
ERP106556RNA-seq analysis of the effect of BSA and NaOH added to standard culturing medium on THP-1 macrophages
ERP106557Next-generation sequence analysis reveals methicillin-resistance transfer to a methicillin susceptible Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA) strain that subsequently caused a methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) outbreak: a descriptive study.
ERP106558Transcriptome profiling of liver samples of C/EBPß ?uORF mice
ERP106559Whole genome sequencing of Leuconostoc mesenteroides CECT 9266
ERP106560Sequencing of adenovirus from clinical samples
ERP106561Whole genome sequencing of Leuconostoc mesenteroides CECT 9268
ERP106562Whole genome sequencing of Lactobacillus fermentum CECT 9269
ERP106563Lithocholic acid significantly extends the lifespan in Drosophila melanogaster by targeting multiple lifespan-extending pathways
ERP106564Whole genome sequencing of Lactobacillus sakei CECT 9267
ERP106566RNA sequencing of chicken limb distal mesenchyme cells to compare gene expression over time and in heterochronic grafted cells
ERP106567Anaerobic degradation of phenanthrene by a sulfate-reducing enrichment culture
ERP106568Varicella zoster and fever rash surveillance in Lao People's Democratic Republic
ERP106569Microbiome across depth in large benthic Foraminifera
ERP106570RNA-seq of GFP+ (Myod-lineage) progenitor cells versus Tomato+ progenitor cells from inguinal WAT of Myod-driven mTmG reporter mice
ERP106572Blautia marasmi genome
ERP106574Anopheles coluzzii small RNAseq
ERP106575Anopheles coluzzii RNAseq
ERP106576Microbial community abundance and activity in the vertical and horizontal subsurface flow filters of experimental greywater treatment system
ERP106578Sequence Requirements for Cascade Function in a Type I-E CRISPR System: RNA-Seq
ERP106579Phenotypic and transcriptomic responses to salinity stress across genetically and geographically divergent Tigriopus californicus populations
ERP106580Progression of KRas^G12D;Rosa26-MYC tumours to invasive disease
ERP106581Determinants of high-level oxacillin resistance in MRSA strain USA300.
ERP106582Discover new allele of HLA DRB1*12 in Taiwan
ERP106583human induced neural stem cell lines and parental PBMNCs whole genome deep sequencing
ERP106584Draft annotated genome of pneumococcal whole cell vaccine strain Streptococcus pneumoniae RM200
ERP106585Microbial biogeography of French caves
ERP106586Whole genome sequencing of Klebsiella pneumoniae collected from patients and environment in Cambodia
ERP106587Single molecule real-time (SMRT) sequencing of the Plassmodiophora genome.
ERP106589Discovery and biosynthesis of the antibiotic bicyclomycin in distant bacteria classes
ERP106590EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Geospatial distribution of viral communities in tropical freshwater ecosystems (freshwater metagenome) data set.
ERP106591Transcriptome analysis of HeLa cells upon deprivation of methionine and cysteine (Met/Cys)
ERP106592RNA-seq of total lymph node cells from inducible ll7 gene deletion mice
ERP106593Commensal Orthologs of the Human Autoantigen Ro60 as Triggers of Autoimmunity in Lupus
ERP106595RNAseq of Mucor strains cultured on potato dextrose agar (PDA)
ERP106596Gene expression profiling across ontogenetic stages in wood white (Leptidea sinapis) reveals pathways linked to butterfly diapause regulation.
ERP106597Whole Genome Scan for meat quality traits in a Multibreed Angus-Brahman population in Florida
ERP106598Genome-wide association across Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains reveals substantial variation in underlying gene requirements for toxin tolerance.
ERP106599EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Metagenomic analysis of fecal microbiome as a tool towards targeted non-invasive biomarkers for colorectal cancer (Metagenomic analysis of fecal microbiome as a tool towards targeted non-invasive biomarkers for colorectal cancer) data set.
ERP106601Biofilms from the inner surface of multiple bath toys were characterised, particularly focussing on total cell counts (flow cytometry) and microbial community compositions (16S rDNA amplicon sequencing). A control study was done to elucidate the impact of (1) the flexible plastic material, (2) bacteria from the tap water, and (3) biological and chemical properties of the used bath water on these biofilms.
ERP106602Anti-hepatosteatosis effect of fermented-Samjunghwan via postbiotic metabolites in HepG2 cells and OLETF rats
ERP106603Transciptome time course of Arabidopsis stigma senescence
ERP106605Endocarditis due to Neisseria meningitidis
ERP106606Sequencing 5-hydroxymethyluracil via chemical modification and mismatch formation
ERP106607Integrating quantitative morphological and qualitative molecular methods to analyze soil nematode community responses to plant range expansion
ERP106608Greater amberjack genetic variants
ERP106609Class I MHC expression in the sheep
ERP106610Whole exome sequencing and transcription profiling of a patient cohort of oral cavity squamous cell carcinomas
ERP106612Hyperglycemia drives intestinal barrier dysfunction and risk for enteric infection
ERP106613Anaerobic degradation of sulfated polysaccharides by two novel Kiritimatiellales strains isolated from Black Sea sediment
ERP106615Targeted re-sequencing of the bovine collagenous lectins and peptidoglycan recognition proteins
ERP106616Comparative genomic and phenotypic analysis of the vaginal probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1
ERP106618EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Reproducibility of associations between the human gut microbiome and colorectal cancer assessed in a patient population from Washington, DC, USA (Colorectal cancer and the human gut microbiome) data set.
ERP106619MHC diversity in the domestic goat Capra hircus
ERP106623Common beans and cowpeas as complementary foods to reduce environmental enteric dysfunction and stunting in Malawian children
ERP106624Identification of hypervirulent Klebsiella pneumoniae in clinical samples at Bandar Abbas, South of Iran
ERP106625Environmental sample - Ancient
ERP106626Gut microbia translocation induces inflammation after STEMI
ERP106627EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Durable coexistence of donor and recipient strains after fecal microbiota transplantation (Impact of faecal microbiota transplantation on the intestinal microbiome in metabolic syndrome patients) data set.
ERP106629EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Infant fecal microbiome related to eczema (human gut metagenome) data set.
ERP106630EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Human Faecal Samples Raw sequence reads (human gut metagenome) data set.
ERP106631EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the preterm infant gut metagenomes (NIH Y4 Cohort) (human gut metagenome) data set.
ERP106632Study for giant panda gut microbiota and cellulose digestion mechanism
ERP106633TNF-a initiates miRNA-mRNA signaling cascades leading to loss of contractility in obstruction-induced bladder dysfunction
ERP106635Genetic polymorphisms of different chromosomal regions in dogs with Canine Hip Dysplasia
ERP106637Genome-wide Methylation Patterns Under Caloric Restriction in Daphnia magna.
ERP106638Culturomics project
ERP106639Genomics of Rapid Evolution in Field Crickets
ERP106640A Nucleosome Destabilizing Factor that Facilitates Transcription in Chromatin
ERP106641Metagenomic data from an northwestern argentinian artisanal cheese
ERP106642Unusually long lungworms from the Dutch North Sea: Characterisation of Parafilaroides gymnurus from eastern Atlantic common seals
ERP106643Bulk RNA Barcoding and sequencing (BRB-seq) protocol for RNA-seq of human pre-adipocytes and differentiated adipocytes
ERP106644EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the Microbiome study of the RISK cohort (human gut metagenome) data set.
ERP10664516S Amplicon sequencing of northwestern argentinian artisanal cheeses gDNA using V4 primers
ERP106646HEV blood donnors
ERP106647Late Pleistocene human genome suggests a local origin for the first farmers of central Anatolia
ERP106648Bacteriophages synergize with the gut microbial community to combat Salmonella