AccessionTitle or Alias
ERP113292Taxonomic study of Pandoraea norimbergensis LMG 18379T
ERP113293Taxonomic study of Pandoraea oxalativorans LMG 28169T
ERP113294Taxonomic study of Pandoraea pnomenusa LMG 18087T
ERP113295Taxonomic study of Pandoraea pulmonicola LMG 18106T
ERP113296Taxonomic study of Pandoraea sputorum LMG 18819T
ERP113297Taxonomic study of Pandoraea terrae LMG 30175T
ERP113298Taxonomic study of Pandoraea thiooxydans LMG 24779T
ERP113299Taxonomic study of Pandoraea vervacti LMG 28170T
ERP113300Genome sequencing of Erysipelatoclostridium ramosum CHUV1985 isolated from a bone biopsy
ERP113304Lane 6 Analysis
ERP113305Whole-genome re-sequencing of the wild accession HK104 (Caenorhabditis briggsae nematode) and two derived Mutation Accumulation Lines
ERP113306Whole-genome re-sequencing of the reference strain N2 (Caenorhabditis elegans nematode) and one derived Mutation Accumulation Line.
ERP113307Whole-genome re-sequencing of the wild isolate PB306 (Caenorhabditis elegans nematode) and three derived Mutation Accumulation Lines
ERP113310Maternal genomic variability of the wild boar (Sus scrofa) in West-Russia, Europe and North-Africa
ERP113312Population structure and genetic diversity in red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) germplasm
ERP113313Controlled library preparation of STR-bearing minigenes at three amplification time-points
ERP113315Zika genome from Sinop
ERP113316Male ST2 deficient mice and control WT mice were same-genotype housed or cohoused with the other genotype and place under chow or high fat diet for 12 wks. Gut microbiota were determined in the fecal samples harvested from those mice at end of 12 wks of diet and just before mice being exposed to air or ozone.
ERP113317The microbial community diversities of gut from Sprague Dawley Rat by Lactococcus sp. intervention.
ERP113322Microbiome of Salar de Uyuni
ERP113323Fecal and saliva human microbiota along a small-scale urbanization gradient in Cameroon
ERP113324Full genome of the Klebsiella pneumoniae lytic phage vB_KpnM_GF
ERP113325a take on the impact of pollution on coastal bacterial communities
ERP113326Proteogenomics uncovers critical elements of host response in bovine soft palate epithelial cells following in vitro infection with foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV)
ERP113327Transcriptomic analysis of marine gastropod Hemifusus tuba provides novel insights into conotoxin genes
ERP113328DNA metabarcoding adds valuable information for management of biodiversity in roadside stormwater ponds
ERP113331Nlrp6 inflammasome and colonic inner mucus layer function
ERP113333Microbiota composition from fecal samples of low-weight preterm neonates
ERP113334Nitrogen Availability Modulates the Host Control of the Barley Rhizosphere Microbiota
ERP113337ID causal variation in Malinois with SAMS
ERP113338RHD del28Phe encoded by a novel in frame deletion in Exon 1 resulting in a weak D phenotype
ERP113342Hofstenia miamia
ERP113345Divergent responses of soil microbial community after amendment with thermally altered Pinus radiata needles
ERP113346Longitudinal outbreak of K oxytoca
ERP113348Fe(II)EDTA Complexation Based Reduction of NO to N2 in an Autotrophic Up-flow Bioreactor with Sponge Iron Bed
ERP113349M. tuberculosis MinION Mykrobe test
ERP113356Anopheles stephensi immune factor APL1 confers specific protective tolerance to an otherwise lethal enteric microbiome clade
ERP113357Evaluation of in-field Nanopore sequencing of 16S rRNA genes and metagenomes using mock communities
ERP113358Denitrifiers communities in mountain ecosystem
ERP113359Transcriptional response to wounding of Arabidopsis thaliana roots
ERP113360Additional Evidence for DDB2 T338M as a Genetic Risk Factor for Ocular Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Horses
ERP113361Metagenomics analysis of microbial composition and function diversity in a Svalbard permafrost samples
ERP113362Bacterial community structure and function distinguish gut sites in captive red-shanked doucs (Pygathrix nemaeus)
ERP113363The genomic history of the Iberian Peninsula over the past 8000 years
ERP113365Test of submission
ERP113367Sequencing and genomics analysis of the eradicated European Plasmodium vivax
ERP113368Fungal communities are diverse and dynamic in earliest soil developmental stages of a receding glacier
ERP113370Bradyrhizobium ivorense sp. nov. as a potential local bioinoculant for Cajanus cajan cultures in Côte d'Ivoire
ERP113371Role of NFKB2 in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinama (PDAC)
ERP113372Diagnosis of Nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) infection using shotgun metagenomic sequencing
ERP113375hsp60 gene sequences of Helicobacter
ERP113376Spiked poultry meat
ERP113379Tumor-induced lymphatic VCAM-1 mediates invasion and permeability
ERP113381Draft genome sequence of Streptomyces mozunensis MK-23
ERP113383RNA-seq of hydroxy-acid producing strains of Crabtree-negative Saccharomyces cerevisiae
ERP113385A comprehensive reference transcriptome for Brachypodium distachyon grain development incorporating key developmental transitions and identifying potential regulators
ERP113387Metagenomic analysis of DNA-degrading microbial populations in marine sediments of the Baffin Bay, Greenland.
ERP113389The effect of ?-butyrolactone (MB3) treatment on the transcript response after wounding of Arabidopsis thaliana roots
ERP113392Metagenomics of Ojo de Campo
ERP113396RNA-sequencing of inflamed intestinal mucosa of inflammatory bowel disease patients
ERP113397VERNALIZATION 1 controls developmental responses of winter wheat under high ambient temperatures
ERP113398Single cell RNA-sequencing of polyA tailed RNA from mutant SOD1 and isogenic control human motor neurons
ERP113401Microsatellite markers for Xerophyta dasylirioides (Velloziaceae), an endimic species on Malagasy Inselbergs
ERP113402Klebsiella aerogenes ia a organism is part of the normal human gastrointestinal flora which is able to cause opportunistic infections.
ERP113405Microsatellite characterisation and sex-typing in two invasive parakeet species, the monk parakeet, Myiopsitta monachus, and the ring-necked parakeet, Psittacula krameri.
ERP113406Whole genome sequencing of Klebsiella pneumoniae from blood stream isolates collected in Asian hospitals.
ERP113409sequencing of NO16
ERP113410Identification of differentielly expressed genes in S. japonicus stress activated MAPK mutants sty1? and atf1? as compared to wild type cells.
ERP113411Identifying the genetic bases of plant traits and community composition in Populus tremuloides
ERP113412Characterisation of adult C57BL/6N sperm small RNA
ERP113414Sequencing of clinical M. tuberculosis isolates from Sweden.
ERP113415Investigating the role of exudates in recruiting Streptomyces bacteria to the Arabidopsis thaliana root microbiome
ERP113416Comparative analysis of amplicon and metagenomic sequencing methods reveals key features in the evolution of animal metaorganisms
ERP113417Transgenic P. knowlesi orthologue replacement lines provide surrogates for P. vivax vaccine development and Duffy Binding Protein tropism studies
ERP113418Fungal ecology of Miage Glacier (Italy)
ERP113419Characterisation of the bacterial microbiota associated with denture-wearing patients showing clinical symptoms of denture-associated stomatitis (chronic erythematous candidiasis), and those with no clinical symptoms
ERP113420The cross-resistance to azoles was demonstrated in C. parapsilosis, in vitro exposure to azoles, namely FLC and voriconazole (VRC), was shown to alter the susceptibility in C. parapsilosis, and resistance to these two azoles was developed after exposure to each of them, although surprisingly the susceptibility to posaconazole (PSC) was increased. Instead when C. parapsilosis was exposed to PSC the susceptibility was decreased to all azoles
ERP113422Recovery of soil fungal structure over one year after multiple pulse disturbances with organic fertilization
ERP113423Fungal communities resist recovery in sand mine restoration
ERP113424This is a data repository for sheep genomes that have been re-sequenced for various congenital traits
ERP113426Whole genomic sequencing as a tool for diagnosis of drug and multidrug-resistance tuberculosis in an endemic region in Mexico
ERP113427Frankia sp. AgTrS genome
ERP113428Frankia sp. AiOr genome
ERP113431Metagenomic assessment of the body surface bacteria of the sea urchin, Tripneustes gratilla, using a 16S rDNA gene approach
ERP113432Microbial communities in a former pilot-scale uranium mine in Eastern Finland
ERP113433Effects of Hypersensitivity Diseases and Environmental Factors on the Equine Intestinal Microbiome
ERP113434Ultraviolet radiation–induced DNA damage is prognostic for outcome in melanoma
ERP113437Hybrid sequencing of Hymenolepis diminuta genome
ERP113438RNAseq of proneural glioblastoma stem-like cells 72 hours after infection with human cytomegalovirus (CMV) Towne strain
ERP113439Nocardioides guangzhouensis whole genome sequencing project
ERP113440Combining genetic crosses and targeted mass sequencing for identifying genomic variations associated with resistance to multiple insecticides in the dengue vector Aedes aegypti
ERP113441Semi-quantitative characterisation of mixed pollen samples with genome skims using Reverse Metagenomics and MinION sequencing
ERP113443Comparative RNAseq analysis of the insect-pathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae reveals specific transcriptome signatures of infectious hyphal bodies (blastospores) and mycelial hyphae
ERP113445Reproductive organogenesis in the Hawaiian bobtail squid linked to symbiotic bacteria
ERP113446Ground Beef Microbiome Changes with Antimicrobial Decontamination Interventions and Product Storage
ERP113447feather microbiota in passerine birds
ERP113449Environmental plasticity and historical colonisation effects in the Atlantic salmon microbiome: a translocation experiment
ERP113450Bacterial and microeukaryotic communities from rock pools located at the Baltic Sea coast, Gräsö, Sweden, have been analysed to reveal the temporal variation of their metacommunity structures and assembly processes.
ERP113451Metagenomic Characterization of Viral and Bacterial Communities in Groundwater Associated with Contaminated Land
ERP113453Raw sequence reads of 16S rRNA gene amplicons in surface sediments of the Ross Sea
ERP113454Enhanced performance of next-generation sequencing diagnostics compared to standard of care microbiological diagnostics in patients suffering from septic shock
ERP113456toxA gene of Pasterurella multocida
ERP113457Tumor metastasis to lymph node requires YAP-dependent metabolic adaptation
ERP113458Whole genome analysis of 12 Pandoraea species isolates from cystic fibrosis patients
ERP113460mRNA association by aminoacyl tRNA synthetase occurs at an anticodon mimic and autoregulates translation in response to tRNA levels
ERP113462Comparative genomics of Staphylococcus aureus subsp. anaerobius from sheep in European and African countries
ERP113464NGS analysis of marine samples
ERP113465The emergence of extensively drug-resistant Shigella sonnei in Vietnam
ERP113466The spread of chloramphenicol resistant Neisseria meningitidis in southeast Asia
ERP113467Fatal Tuberculosis in a Free-Ranging African Elephant and One Health Implications of Human Pathogens in Wildlife
ERP113468Highly diverse aquatic microbial communities separated by permafrost in Greenland show distinct features according to environmental niches
ERP113470EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJEB87662 data set (EMOSE (2017) Inter-Comparison of Marine Plankton Metagenome Analysis Methods).
ERP113472RNA-seq of human cell line U2OS treated with chloroquine, amodiaquine and BMH-21
ERP113473Comparative eco-physiology revealed extensive enzymatic curtailment towards virulence factors and strong conidial resilience of the bat pathogenic fungus Pseudogymnoascus destructans
ERP113476The ciliate Stentor coeruleus microbiome
ERP113477Genomic comparison of Mucor strains including four new genomic sequences
ERP113479Influence of dissolved oxygen content on the bacteria-induced ennoblement of stainless steels in seawater and consequence on the localized corrosion risk.
ERP113480Candida glabrata causes difficult to treat invasive candidiasis due to its antifungal resistance, mainly to azoles. The aim of the present work was to study the role of the genes ERG11, CDR1, CDR2 and SNQ2 on the resistance to voriconazole (VRC) in a set of C. glabrata strains with known in vitro and in vivo susceptibility to this drug.
ERP113483Four Draft Single-Cell Genomes of Novel, Nearly Identical Kiritimatiellaeota from the Continental Deep Subsurface
ERP113484IGGdb: integrated genomes from the gut microbiome and other environments
ERP113487In vivo and in vitro effect of an avocado peel polyphenolic extract (AvPPE) rich in cecal microbiota
ERP113489Survival of Late Pleistocene Hunter-Gatherer Ancestry in the Iberian Peninsula
ERP113491Pavin and Pyreneans lakes metagenome
ERP113496The ESBL/AmpC resistance pool in Escherichia coli in pigs and pig farmers Vietnam
ERP113497mRNA-Seq and 3'mRNA-Seq analyses of A2Lox mouse embryonic stem cells treated with control siRNA or siRNAs against Srrt or Ncbp1
ERP113498Population RNA-seq of human ESC-derived cardiac derivatives
ERP113499International Space Station flight project EXTREMOPHILES.
ERP113500Partial genomic assemblies of isolates from the international space station
ERP113502Mouse melanomas treated with epitope-standardized adoptive T-cell therapy targeting different endogenous gene products
ERP113503isolates from ISS and a clean room
ERP113504An established population of African clawed frogs (Xenopus laevis) in mainland China
ERP113505Symbiodinium ITS seqs from Orbicella annularis in The Bahamas
ERP113507Functional trait evolution in Sphagnum
ERP113508Determining the effects of C10.36 mediated translocation of Surface Spliceosomal Complex (SSC) on alternative splicing in Ramos cells
ERP113509Prokaryotic genomes for 2058 new species assembled from globally distributed human gut metagenomes
ERP113510Mouse ChIP-seq, MeDIP- and hMeDIP-seq
ERP113511Discover new allele of HLA C*07 in Taiwan
ERP113512Genome-wide screens implicate loss of cullin ring ligase 3 in persistent proliferation and genome instability in TP53 deficient cells
ERP113514Genetic diversity of Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 3 in Greek vineyards
ERP113515Probiotic Plant Fermentation Extracts Intervention Causes Weight Loss in Obese Patients by Increasing Microbiota-associated Metabolites that Boost Thermogenesis
ERP113516Mitogenomics of historical type specimens of Australasian turtles
ERP113518Incidence, seasonal fluctuation of the viral titre and genetic variability of Prunus infecting ilarviruses
ERP113519The origins and adaptation of European potatoes reconstructed from herbarium genomes
ERP113520In vitro ruminal fermentation kinetics and Metagenomic characteristics of West African Fodder-tree species
ERP113521An examination of the intestinal microbiome of pigs divergent in feed efficiency
ERP113522Phialemonium sp. nov.
ERP113526Simulations developed to emulate metagenomic cancer tissue sequence data.
ERP113527Novel germline alleles predicted by cAb_Rep database
ERP113528Non-Essential Adhesion- and Virulence-Related Genes of Mycoplasma bovis
ERP113529In this study, we estimated the impacts of invasion of the non-native plant alligator weed and its associated aboveground herbivory on the soil fungal community in China across a invasion gradient.
ERP113530The Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR) strain collection
ERP113531RIP-seq to identify transcripts interacting with pluripotency factors in mouse embryonic stem cells
ERP113532Genome sequencing of Aeromonas species
ERP113533mRNA coding for major guinea pig isoallergens of Cav p 1
ERP113534Project description. Six BAC clones overlapping the Rysto region were sequenced
ERP113535Wood mycobiome of a vineyard affected by esca
ERP113537Bulk 3-prime RNA-sequencing of murine diffuse large B-cell lymphoma samples (PiggyBac transposon tools for recessive screening identify B-cell lymphoma drivers in mice)
ERP113538B-cell receptor repertoire sequencing of murine diffuse large B-cell lymphoma samples (PiggyBac transposon tools for recessive screening identify B-cell lymphoma drivers in mice)
ERP113540A Longitudinal Study of the Colon-Associated Microbiome in SIV Infection: Compositional Shift towards Bacteroidetes is Linked to Mucosal CD4+ T cell Depletion and Enterocyte Damage
ERP113542Ancient DNA sheds light on the genetic origins of early Iron Age Philistines.
ERP113543Microbial population dynamics in a photobioreactor located in Northern Sweden
ERP113544Discovery of novel astrovirus genotype species in small ruminants
ERP113545Post-transcriptional gene silencing triggers dispensable DNA methylation in gene body in Arabidopsis
ERP113546Diversity of photosynthetic picoeukaryotes in eutrophic shallow lakes as assessed by combining flow cytometry cell-sorting and high throughput sequencing
ERP113547Characterization and Analysis of Skin- and Intestine-associated Microbiomes of Fish in the Lower Northwest Passage of Nunavut, Canada (2019)
ERP113548The microbial community study of propionate-degrading and methanogenic environment in various sources of sludge
ERP113550High-coverage long-read sequencing of Plasmodium falciparum experimental cross parents to generate draft genome assemblies.
ERP113553Analysis of the TP53 activation response by DREAM component LIN37 knockout and rescue HCT116 cell lines
ERP113554Megalithic tombs in western and northern Neolithic Europe were linked to a kindred society
ERP113555Alteration of CpxA due to H208P substitution confers imipenem resistance
ERP113557Alteration of CpxA due to H208P substitution confers imipenem resistance in a Proteus mirabilis clinical isolate
ERP113561Monospecies Biofilms from a Crustose Coralline Alga Induce Settlement in the Reef-Building Coral Leptastrea purpurea
ERP113562U1 RAP-RNA-Seq analysis of A2Lox mouse embryonic stem cells treated with a control or Srrt-specific siRNA
ERP113565Molecular characterization of Pratylenchus loosi
ERP113567T cell receptors repertoire sequencing of the human CD8+ naive subsets (CXCR3-,CXCR3+)
ERP113568The ETS transcription factor ELF5 modulates estrogen action in breast cancer via participation in FOXA1-ER driven transcription.
ERP113569yeast Diversity
ERP113570nematodes present in tea soil samples.
ERP113571Genome sequence and assembly of the twenty-five founder lines of the the Nested Association Mapping (NAM) population.
ERP113572This study describes the microbial community abundance and composition of two drill cuttings piles from beneath two offshore oil and gas installations and the potential impact on natural attenuation
ERP113586Study of changes in chromosomal interaction patterns of Flowering Locus C gene upon vernalization
ERP113589Metagenomic analysis of some key samples from anaerobic digestion of high salt and sulphate waste.
ERP113592Isolation and characterization of microalgal strains for biomass production and wastewater reclamation in Northern Sweden
ERP113593RNA-seq of human cardiovascular endothelial cell line HUVEC, treated with different media
ERP113594Drosophila Subobscura Genome
ERP113595RNA-Seq of hippocampus in Diversity Outbred mice
ERP113596Unraveling biophysical underpinnings to the success of multispecies biofilms in porous environments
ERP113597H3K4me1 ChIP-seq of untreated HeLa S3 cells
ERP113598Temporal stability of the rumen microbiota
ERP113599Identification of de novo LINE-1 (L1) retrotransposon integration sites in HeLa S3 cells by ATLAS-seq-neo (unselected insertions)
ERP113600Transcriptomic response of Dickeya dadantii to DNA relaxation by novobiocin
ERP113601Genome sequencing of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
ERP113603Novel Encephalomyelitis-Associated Astrovirus in a Muskox (Ovibos moschatus) – a Surprise from the Archives
ERP113604Phenotypic and molecular predictors for clinical efficacy of pivmecillinam in community-acquired urinary tract infections caused by ESBL-producing Escherichia coli
ERP113605An ancient evolutionary mechanism for the regulation of hemoglobin expression in vertebrate erythroid cells
ERP113606Major changes in chromosomal somy, gene expression and gene dosage driven by SbIII in Leishmania braziliensis and Leishmania panamensis
ERP113607CRISPR knocking out of ANP32 Proteins shows that they are Essential Host Factors for Influenza Virus Replication in Human Cells
ERP113608Transcriptional Response of Arabidopsis thaliana to Fluctuating Light
ERP113609The intestinal microbiome from two ecotypes of Atlantic cod and three additional Gadidae species.
ERP113610WGS of pooled and individual samples for a GWAS and GP study of Ash susceptibility to Ash Dieback
ERP113611Transcriptomic response of a continuous Nitrosomonas europaea culture to oxygen-limited growth
ERP113613Comparative genomics between S. cerevisiae and S. kudriavzevii.
ERP113614Novel arenavirus isolated from ticks in Florida
ERP113615Microbial diversity among teeth in the oral community
ERP113616Protein kinase B controls Mycobacterium tuberculosis growth via phosphorylation of the transcriptional regulator Lsr2 at threonine 112
ERP113617Whole genome sequence from 3,000-year-old Egyptian emmer wheat reveals dispersal and domestication history
ERP113618Progesterone increases Bifidobacterium prevalence during late pregnancy
ERP113619Multi-drug resistant Vibrio parahaemolyticus
ERP113620Origin and Evolution of heteropathogenic Escherichia coli
ERP113621Temporal stability of the rumen microbiota
ERP113623Unraveling the invasion history of the Asian tiger mosquito in Europe
ERP113625Tracking the dairy microbiota from farm bulk tank milk to skimmed milk powder using 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequenicng and shotgun metagenomic sequencing
ERP113626Effects of soil management practices on the microbiome of the agricultural Long-Term-Experiment (LTE-1) at Bernburg (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany).
ERP113627TB micro-diversity
ERP113629We studied the effect of urea with nitrification inhibitors on the ammonia-oxizing bacterial community in a Brazilian oxisol.
ERP113630Immunodeficiency complemented by virus and IFN-?
ERP113631Microbiome recovery following colorectal surgery and antibiotic exposure in mice is dependent on diet and has a major influence on anastomotic healing: a longitudinal 16S rRNA analysis
ERP113632Human Gut Microbiota from Autism Spectrum Disorder Promote Behavioral Symptoms in Mice
ERP113633Transcriptomics of Frankia alni upon early contact with its host
ERP113635This project involves the de novo assembly of the genome of a terrestrial ammonia oxidising archaeon Ca. Nitrosocosmicus franklandus C13
ERP113637Haemophilus spp isolated from sputa collected from COPD patients as part of a longitudinal study called AERIS.
ERP113638Transcriptomics in grain of high and low asparagine wheat genotypes in response to sulphur availability
ERP113639Evidence for a de novo, dominant germ-line mutation causative of osteogenesis imperfecta in two Red Angus calves
ERP113640Genomic diversity of Listeria monocytogenes from Brazil
ERP113641Microbiome analyses of seeds of different tobacco cultivars
ERP113643Temporal stability of the rumen microbiota
ERP113644microbial diversity in crude oil contaminated soil sample
ERP113645Identification of SNPs in alpacas using the Bovine HD Genotyping Beadchip
ERP113646The rapid emergence and spread of multi-drug resistant Gram-negative bacteria has renewed interest in colistin as a last resort treatment.
ERP113647Tandem repeat evolution during Chenopodium speciation and formation of the allotetraploid crop quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa)
ERP113649Have the cake and eat it: Optimising non-destructive DNA metabarcoding of macroinvertebrate samples for freshwater biomonitoring
ERP113650Differential gene analysis to identify genes expressed in CEPsh glia of C. elegans
ERP113654Sample processing methods impacts on rumen microbiome
ERP113655Comparative gene expression on a co-culture of anaerobic ammonium and sulfur-oxidizing bacteria under ammonium and nitrate limitation
ERP113656No cross resistance between PAS and TMP-SMX in MTB
ERP113657Calmodulin gene as a barcode locus for identification of mycotoxigenic fungal species occurring on maize
ERP113658Reference genome for Global Pneumococcal Sequence (GPS ) project
ERP113659Immunologic pathways in protective versus maladaptive host responses to attenuated and pathogenic strains of Mycoplasma gallisepticum
ERP113660HTS data for HCMV
ERP113661Xpert interpretation of rare rpoB mutations
ERP113664Chromosome-level assemblies of seven A. thaliana accessions using PacBio long-read sequencing.
ERP113667Interplay between the hind-gut microbiome, behavior and physiology in sheep managed under different husbandry protocols
ERP113668Population dynamics of Staphylococcus aureus recovered from Gambian women and new-borns following an oral dose of azithromycin taken during labour
ERP113669The genetic history of admixture across inner Eurasia
ERP113670Comparison of the microbial community between high and low methane emitting cattle
ERP113671Long-term changes in metagenomic profiles of fecal samples stored at room temperature
ERP113676Gene expression of CD8 T cell progenies generated via asymmetric cell division
ERP113680World wide soil sampling 1
ERP113681Circadian and Sleep regulation of synaptic RNA
ERP113682Implementing new method to resolve human gut microbiome structure on strain level and reveal the relationship with obesity.
ERP113685ChIP-seq experiment of the beta-catenin co-factor Bcl9 in developing forelimbs.
ERP113687RNA-seq of mice genital ridges from males and females at embryonic days E11 and E12
ERP113688Genetic variations in canine genome
ERP113689The origins and adaptation of European potatoes reconstructed from herbarium genomes
ERP113691RNAseq of yeast cells sampled during the lag (10% glucose consumption), mid-exponential (75% glucose consumed) and post-exponential phases (>99% glucose consumed)
ERP113692Nakazawaea ambrosiae sp. nov.
ERP113696RNA-seq of mouse T cells exposed to Schistosoma mansoni with transwell barrier.
ERP113700Heterogeneity of response to fulvestrant and PI3-Kinase inhibitors of an estrogen receptor-positive GEMM-derived Pten p53 null transplantable breast tumour model
ERP113702Searching for sources of wheat resistance to Puccinia striiformis (yellow rust) infection as an element of integrated plant protection.
ERP113703Genome sequencing of the endosymbiotic consortium and mitochondrion of Cinara cuneomaculata species voucher 2628
ERP113704Isolation of moderately themophilic microorganisms from hot springs located in Budakii Guroymak (Bitlis) and Billoris (Siirt)
ERP113706Metagenome sequencing of modern dental calculus
ERP113707Comparing chromosome 3L of Ae. tauschii the diploid wheat and 3DL of Paragon the hexaploid wheat
ERP113709Genome sequencing of the endosymbiotic consortium and mitochondrion of Cinara curtihirsuta species voucher 3053
ERP113711Genome sequencing of the endosymbiotic consortium and mitochondrion of Cinara curvipes species voucher 3402
ERP113712Symbiodinium DGGE ITS seqs from Orbicella annularis in The Bahamas.
ERP113713Genome sequencing of the endosymbiotic consortium and mitochondrion of Cinara kochiana kochiana species voucher 2762
ERP113714Genome sequencing of the endosymbiotic consortium and mitochondrion of Cinara laricifoliae species voucher 3058
ERP113715Genome sequencing of the endosymbiotic consortium and mitochondrion of Cinara piceae species voucher 3303
ERP113717Genome sequencing of the endosymbiotic consortium and mitochondrion of Cinara pseudotsugae sensu Palmer, 1952 species voucher 2889
ERP113718Genome sequencing of the endosymbiotic consortium and mitochondrion of Cinara splendens sensu Palmer, 1952 species voucher 3004
ERP113719Prevalence of multidrug resistant organisms (MDRO) in nursing homes in Ireland and the Netherlands
ERP113720Genome sequencing of the endosymbiotic consortium and mitochondrion of Cinara cf. splendens/pseudotsugae species voucher 3390
ERP113721A 3D molecular atlas of the chick embryonic heart
ERP113722The Fecal, Oral, and Skin Microbiota of Children with Chagas Disease treated with Benznidazole
ERP113723RIP-Seq and RNA-Seq of an RNA-binding protein secreted by Listeria monocytogenes which activates RIG-I signaling
ERP113724RNA-seq of whole body L2 females, L2 hermaphrodites, L2 converted females (hermaphrodite-fated larvae induced to develop as females), adult males and mixed stages individuals from the three-sexed nematode Auanema rhodensis
ERP113725RNA-seq of wild type (Hap), insulation (STITCH+30kb) and deletion (del(30-440)) of the MYC enhancer in human iPS cells.
ERP113727Characterisation of Microbial Diversity and Chemical Properties of Cheddar Cheese Prepared from Heat-treated Milk
ERP113728nChIP-seq for CTCF, H3K4me3, H3K27me3 and H3K9me3, in wild type (Hap), STITCH+30kb and STITCH/KRAB clones of human iPS cells.
ERP113730ADA Resistant Starch + L. plantarum Intervention in Mice - Barouei 2019
ERP113731Hydrogen, alcohols and volatile fatty acids from the co-digestion of coffee waste (coffee pulp, husk, and manufacturing wastewater) by applying autochthonous microorganisms
ERP113732Discover new allele of HLA DQB1*05 in Taiwan
ERP113734Candidate Gene Association study of eNAD
ERP113736Whole genome sequencing of Lactobacillus plantarum CECT 9434, a natural mutant riboflavin overproducer derived from the strain Lactobacillus plantarum CECT 8962
ERP113738Size variation is regulated differently between and within sexes in natural populations
ERP113739Bronze Age population dynamics and the rise of dairy pastoralism on the eastern Eurasian steppe
ERP113741Whole genome sequence-based surveillance of Listeria monocytogenes in Portugal
ERP113744Exome sequencing of diverse collection of wheat landraces, cultivars and breeding lines
ERP113745Removal of Adult Cyathostomins alters Faecal Microbiota and Promotes inflamatory Phenotype in Horses
ERP113746First case of human Gongylonema pulchrum infection in Slovenia
ERP113748Whole genome sequencing of neotrpical species Echinococcus oligarthrus
ERP113750Camellia oleifera SNPs related to oil content and quality identification project
ERP113751Sulfate fertilization of ryegrass soil columns negatively affects microbial communities and nematodes but improves plant sulfur supply and growth
ERP113755Discover new allele of HLA C*14 in Taiwan
ERP113756RNAseq of dpy1 and Y1 resp BR
ERP113757Microbial composition in the presence of DMDS
ERP113759gut microbiota of wild-living fish (V1-3 region, 454 pyrosequencing)
ERP113760WES analysis of CDS17 and T-CDS17 cell lines
ERP113761This study aimed to investigate the bacterial and fungal communities of Haliji cheese.
ERP113762F8 inversions at Xq28 causing hemophilia A are associated with specific methylation changes: Implication for molecular epigenetic diagnosis
ERP113764Whole genome sequencing of Halomonas sp. EAR18
ERP113765EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJEB2280 data set (Viral metagenomic study of two freshwater Lakes.).
ERP113766Whole genome sequencing of Pseudoalteromonas sp. RA15
ERP113768DNA methylomes of pituitaries during the onset of puberty in gilts
ERP113769Sheep genomes version 2
ERP113770Establishment of Porcine and Human Expanded Potential Stem Cells (bulk RNA-seq)
ERP113771Establishment of Porcine and Human Expanded Potential Stem Cells (ChIP-seq)
ERP113773RNA-seq of isolated tumor cells from high grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC) patients
ERP113777Indoor Microbes
ERP113778Ancient genomes indicate population replacement in Early Neolithic Britain
ERP113779Salmonella phages
ERP113780Multifaceted dysfunction of infant airway macrophages in response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis
ERP113781We have monitored the oral and gut microbiome changes during pregnancy in Henan China using 16S sequencing approaches
ERP113782RNAseq of KSHV infected cells
ERP113784Chemical sequence space study of the ShKT superfamily including novel sequences of Oulactis sp. nov.
ERP113787High-quality immunoglobulin library preparation for germline inference and repertoire expression analysis.
ERP113791Establishment of Porcine and Human Expanded Potential Stem Cells (Single-Cell RNA-seq)
ERP113792Acne vulgaris (acne) is a chronic inflammatory skin disease, and the skin microbiome plays an important role in its pathogenesis and development. We aimed to investigate the characteristics of the facial skin microbiome of acne patients and microbiome differences related to different grades of acne
ERP11379618S rRNA gene sequencing survey of eukaryotic diversity in biofilms from a drinking water distribution network
ERP113797Whole genome sequencing of MH258
ERP113798Metagenomic sequencing of the rumen of 240 cattle from Scotland
ERP113799Representative Salmonella Poona human isolates from an outbreak associated with powdered milk in France, 2018-2019
ERP113802Chromosome-level assembly of Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus)
ERP113803Genomic Epidemiology of Clostridium difficile RT027/ST01 strains from Chile, Honduras And Mexico
ERP113807Detection and molecular characterisation of novel dsRNA viruses related to the Totiviridae family in Umbelopsis ramanniana
ERP113809ChIP-Seq of 2 Salicylic Acid resistant canola lines with H3K4me3 and Pol2 compared to the mother line after induction with SA
ERP113811RNA-seq of 12-weeks-old male murine heart ventricles.
ERP113812Comparative transcriptome profiling of the response to Pyrenochaeta lycopersici in resistant tomato cultivar Mogeor and its background genotype - susceptible Moneymaker.
ERP113813Genomic profiling of EM organoids: low-coverage whole genome sequencing
ERP113814Temporal meta-omic analysis of a cellulose-degrading microbial community
ERP113815Three-year incubation of tundra soil collected from the Carbon in Permafrost Experimental Heating Research (CiPEHR) experimental site in May 2010
ERP113816Starch source alters molecular ecological network interaction, functional profile, and short-chain fatty acid production in a porcine gut microbiota
ERP113817Triplicate PCR reactions for 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing are unnecessary
ERP113818Fungal planet Apenidiella
ERP113819Evolution of TCR diversity and clonality of human CD4+ memory T cell subsets defined according to progressive increase in killer-like receptor expression
ERP113820We modified soil microbiome with 36 plant species
ERP113822In vitro and in vivo characterisation of Listeria monocytogenes outbreak isolates
ERP113825Full genome sequence of African swine fever virus Belgium2018/1
ERP113826Soil fungi exhibit taxon-specific preferences for distinct particle size fractions
ERP113827Whole genome sequencing of Lactobacillus plantarum CECT 9435, a natural mutant riboflavin overproducer derived from the strain Lactobacillus plantarum CECT 8965
ERP113829single-cell sequencing of BRCA2 depleted HeLa cells treated with PARP and ATR inhibitors
ERP113833interkingdom relationships in the soil and rhizosphere
ERP113835DNA methylomes of hypothalamus during the onset of puberty in gilts
ERP113837Na,K-ATPase sequences for Poekilocerus bufonius, Phymateus aegrotus and Schistocerca gregaria
ERP113839Vaccine-induced gene expression signature correlates with protection against SIV and HIV in multiple trials
ERP113840Study on the diversity of gut microorganisms in mice infected with different toxic H7N9 viruses
ERP113841Antimicrobial Agent Susceptibility and Typing of Staphylococcal Isolates from Subclinical Mastitis in Ewes
ERP113842A Natural mtDNA Polymorphism in Complex III Is a Modifier of Healthspan in Mice
ERP113843Whole genome sequencing of Lactobacillus plantarum CECT 9492
ERP113844Hepatitis E Virus Prevalence in Galician (NW Spain) Shellfish
ERP113846Plant growth-promoting bacteria in Sorghum: Complementary mechanisms revealed by genomics and metagenomics
ERP113847Ancient whole human genomes from two Neolithic individuals excavated from Trumpington Meadows, Cambridgeshire, UK.
ERP113849Bacterial diversity of sediment ecosystem of Chilika lagoon
ERP113850Whole genome sequencing of Lactobacillus plantarum CECT 9571, a natural mutant riboflavin overproducer derived from the strain Lactobacillus plantarum CECT 9492
ERP113851Whole genome resequencing of five pools of 15 tetraploid potato cultivars
ERP113852HPV16 whole genome minority variants in persistent infections from young Dutch women
ERP113854Investigating the response of digester metagenomes to various short-chain fatty acids using genome-centric metatranscriptomics
ERP113855Grid-seq spatial transcriptomics wounding
ERP113856Grid-seq spatial transcriptomics flg22 h2o infiltration
ERP113857Grid-seq spatial transcriptomics flg22 h2o spotting
ERP113858Grid-seq spatial transcriptomics untreated leaf
ERP113859Choice Study of Sequencing Chinese Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients
ERP113860WGS analysis of novel bacterial species
ERP113861Identification of downstream targets and pathways initiated by Sall1 and Nanog during reprogramming
ERP113862Extracellular proteins from Lactobacillus acidophilus are essential immunomodulatory players in Crohn Disease
ERP113864Pea genome Sequence from the international Pea Genome Consortium.
ERP113866Genomic profiling of EM organoids by whole-exome sequencing
ERP113867Comparative RNA-Seq of Cupriavidus necator H16, formerly Ralstonia eutropha H16, grown in minimal media with 3-hydroxypropionic acid (3-HP) or fructose as sole carbon source.
ERP113868RNA-seq comparison of whole muscle between WT mice, dystrophic mice, and P2rx7-null dystrophic mice
ERP113869ChIP-sequencing of 3xFLAG-AntA from Streptomyces albus S4
ERP113870Grapevine comparative early transcriptome profiling reveals that Flavescence dorée phytoplasma represses plant responses induced by vector feeding in susceptible varieties
ERP113872Transcriptional response in leaves and root of potato plants to cadmium (Cd) exposure
ERP113874Gut microbiota from high-risk men who have sex with men drive immune activation in gnotobiotic mice and in vitro HIV infection
ERP113875The role of myoglobin in epithelial cancers - insights from transcriptomic
ERP113877The Campylobacter jejuni Type VI Secretion System plays a role in the oxidative stress response and enhancing host colonisation
ERP113879Discover new allele of HLA DQB1*03 in Taiwan
ERP113880Mobile And Real-time PLant disEase (MARPLE) diagnostics for strain-level identification of wheat yellow rust
ERP113881Transcriptome profiling of primary skin fibroblasts reveal distinct molecular features between PLOD1- and FKBP14-kyphoscoliotic Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
ERP113882TBXT gene's mutations in Sheep
ERP113883Grid-seq vs TruSeq comparison
ERP113885Responses of marine algal holobionts towards environmental changes
ERP113886Snail microbiomes as indicators of water contamination
ERP113887EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA344863 data set (Viral Metagenomics of fecal samples of fruit bats).
ERP113889Microbiome profiles of Formica polyctena and associated myrmecophilous beetles
ERP113891The tremendous effect of the rational ribosomal engineering on the transcriptome in Streptomyces albus nalyzed by RNA-seq of coding RNA.
ERP113894DEPS-1 controls piRNA function
ERP113900Reduced large-scale beta-diversity and changes in metapopulation patterns of sediment bacterial communities following a major inflow into the Baltic Sea
ERP113903human gut microbiota in relation to obesity
ERP113906Core microbiome and mycobiome of vineyard soils from Northern Italy
ERP113912Stranded poly-A RNAseq datasets for 66 adult butterflies
ERP113913Klebsiella pneumoniae diversity in the Caribbean
ERP113915Impact of nitrogen loading rate on anammox reactor community
ERP113916Long-term growth of salt-tolerant plants in coastal saline soil reveals plant species-specific remediation efficacy and recruitment pattern of archaeal, bacterial and fungal communities
ERP113917raw Arundo donax (A. donax) pieces were applied as carbon source and biofilm carriers for denitrification in a lab-scale moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) for the treatment of reverse osmosis concentrate gathered from local wastewater reuse plant.
ERP113918Discover new allele of HLA A*02 in Taiwan
ERP113921Origin and differentiation trajectory of fibroblastic reticular cells in splenic white pulps - total splenic stroma cells - single cell RNA-seq
ERP113922Single cell RNA-seq of metabolite specific T-cells (MR1-restricted) from adult mouse thymus.
ERP113923Genome sequence of organohalide-respiring Desulfoluna spongiiphila DBB and Desulfoluna butyratoxydans MSL71T
ERP113924RNAseq and de novo transcriptome assembly of healthy and vibriosis dip vaccinated Atlantic cod juveniles comprising a time-series with parallel controls on day 2, 4, 21 and 42 days post vaccination.
ERP113925Genomic Landscape In Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma Patients
ERP113927Transcriptome sequencing of Festulolium accessions under salt stress
ERP113928Ancient DNA reveals a multi-step spread of the first herders into sub-Saharan Africa
ERP113929Surveillance of invasive meningococcal disease based on whole genome sequencing (WGS), Czech Republic, 2015.
ERP113931scRNA-seq analysis of lung CD64-expressing mononuclear cells, patrolling and classical monocytes from steady-state C57BL/6J mice
ERP113932The Core Equine Faecal Microbiome: A Broader Perspective
ERP113933Detection of Base Analogs Incorporated During DNA Replication by Nanopore Sequencing
ERP113934RNAseq analysis for meat quality traits in a Multibreed Angus-Brahman population in Florida
ERP113937the gut microbiota from human, ferret, marmoset, minipig, woodchuck, tree shrew were compared.
ERP113939SATAY screen in a strain deleted for WSS1
ERP113941NGS-based typing to investigate an outbreak of Staphylococcus aureus on a neonatology ward
ERP113943Elucidation of purine-9 methylation in human nucleo-cytoplasmic tRNAs
ERP113944endo-Beta-1,4- glucanase belonging to GH family 5 from a rhizosphere metagenomic library
ERP113947Novel genomic isolates of Streptococcus pyogenes and Streptococcus dysgalactiae subsp. dysgalactiae associated to NSTI (necrotising fasciitis)
ERP113951Ancient Mycobacterium leprae genomes from mediaeval England
ERP113952Omics approach to multi-resistant clinical vanB2 Enterococcus faecalis strain. Authors: Luís Pinto, Carmen Torres, Concha Gil, Hugo Santos, Jose Capelo-Martínez, Vítor Borges, João Paulo Gomes, Catarina Silva, Luís Vieira, Patricia Poeta, Gilberto Igrejas
ERP113954RNAseq of 48 Atlantic cod juveniles. Time-series of a Francisella noatunensis infection with parallell controls 6hrs, 2, 4 and 7 days post intraperitonal injection
ERP113955Study on intestinal microorganisms in mice infected with H7N9
ERP113957nucleotide sequence
ERP113958Anti cancer drug therapy
ERP113959Genetic background of glyphosate resistance in maize
ERP113960Single-cell RNA seq of mouse proximal small intestine at E16.5
ERP113962Transcriptomic analysis by AmpliSeq Ion Torrent to to understand the role of LKB1 and PARD3 in Glioblastoma biology
ERP113964Streptomyces massiliamara sp. nov., a new bacterial species isolated from an extremely saline soil sample from Sebkhet Ouled Amara in Algeria.
ERP113965Streptomyces massiliambarkus sp. nov., a new bacterial species isolated from an extremely saline soil sample from Sebkhet Ouled M'barek in Algeria.
ERP113966Streptomyces macomades sp. nov., a new bacterial species isolated from a saline soil sample from Garaet Timerganine in Algeria.
ERP113967Glycomyces timergansis sp. nov., a new bacterial species isolated from a saline soil sample from Garaet Timerganine in Algeria.
ERP113968Streptomyces timergansis sp. nov., a new bacterial species isolated from a saline soil sample from Garaet Timerganine in Algeria.
ERP113970A Genetic Analysis of the Gibraltar Neanderthals
ERP113971Genome evolution under sexual and asexual reproduction (Timema genomes)
ERP113972EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA443757 data set (Miscanthus phyllosphere microbial communities from Michigan, USA - G6R3_NF_09MAY2016_LD1 MG metagenome).
ERP113973EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA266679 data set (Pelagic Microbial community sample from North Sea - COGITO 998_met_07 Metagenome).
ERP113974EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA344863 data set (Viral Metagenomics of fecal samples of fruit bats).
ERP113975Impact of Plant Development on Structure and Function of Rhizosphere Microbial Community associated with Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
ERP113976Characterization of microbial communities associated with ceramic raw materials as potential contributors for the improvement of ceramic rheological properties
ERP113977The genome and transcriptome pilot analysis of L. amazonensis in Colombia
ERP113978Discover new allele of HLA DRB1*04 in Taiwan
ERP113979Through extensive simulations we show that even low index hopping rates can lead to biases in ancient DNA studies when multiplexing samples with vastly different quantities of endogenous material.
ERP113980The Synchytrium endobioticum AvrSen1 triggers a Hypersensitive Response in Sen1 potatoes while natural variants evade detection
ERP113981Comprehensive Illumina Library Comparison
ERP113982Wild emmer (T. turgidum ssp. dicoccoides) WGS assembly raw data
ERP113983Genetic resistance to WNV in horses
ERP113984Selection of the fully human nanobodies against cancer stem cell-specific marker EpCAM for cancer therapy
ERP113986A report on the incidence of powdery mildew of pomegranate caused Erysiphe sp. in India
ERP113988Metagenomic shotgun analysis on VSL#3 lot. 805095 manufactured at Nutrilinea(Italy)
ERP113989EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA407112 data set (Investigating the viral ecology of global bee communities with high-throughput metagenomics).
ERP113991EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJEB6941 data set (Evaluation of methods to purify virus-like particles for the sequencing of intestinal viromes).
ERP113992EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA288501 data set (Freshwater Viruses Metagenomic assembly).
ERP113995EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA385126 data set (viral metagenome Metagenome).
ERP113996EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJEB22882 data set (Taxonomic and gene content analysis of the bacterial viral metagenomes from the oral cavity from healthy youngsters in Valencia).
ERP113997A new species of Pyrenochaetopsis
ERP113998Bacterial community data (16S V3V4 DNA and cDNA amplicons) from a mesocosms experiment simulating permafrost soil succession upon thermokarst collapse and subsequent colonization by microorganisms, soil fauna and roots. Väisänen et al., 2020, Applied Soil Ecology
ERP114001Small intestinal microbial dysbiosis
ERP114002Dietary impact on small intestinal microbiome
ERP114003The aeroponic rhizosphere microbiome: Community dynamics in early succession suggest strong selectional forces
ERP114006Transcriptional and methylation patterns of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex
ERP114007Transcriptional and methylation patterns of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex
ERP114008Raw data of improved reference genome assembly for barley cv. Morex [Morex V2] using the TRITEX pipeline
ERP114009Molecular characterisation of the syntype of Botrylloides crystallinus n. sp. (Tunicata, Ascidiacea, Styelidae) from Mediterranean Sea
ERP114010EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJEB7772 data set (An analysis of the composition of viruses and bacteria in stool samples from IBD patients and healthy controls.).
ERP114011EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA319556 data set (A mock community containing 9 viruses and four bacterial species Raw sequence reads).
ERP114012Setosphaeria fungus isolated from human brain tissue
ERP114013Effects of alkali vegetation types on bacterial communities of sodic soils under extreme weather conditions
ERP114014EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA319556 data set (A mock community containing 9 viruses and four bacterial species Raw sequence reads).
ERP114015Whole genome sequencing of Neisseria meningitidis W isolates from the Czech Republic recovered in 1984-2017.
ERP114016Single cell genomics of small marine-planktonic protists
ERP114017We resequenced 112 glycine soja and 133 glycine max in order to discover their selection signatures.
ERP114019EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA406172 data set (Arabidopsis rhizosphere microbial communities from North Carolina - M.Oy.5.yng.040610 metagenome).
ERP114020EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA406788 data set (Rhizosphere microbial communities from Sorghum bicolor, Mead, Nebraska, USA - 072115-113_1 MetaG metagenome).
ERP114021EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA443746 data set (Switchgrass phyllosphere microbial communities from Michigan, USA - G5R4_MAIN_09MAY2016_LD1 MG metagenome).
ERP114022EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA443750 data set (Switchgrass phyllosphere microbial communities from Michigan, USA - G5R4_NF_09MAY2016_LD1 MG metagenome).
ERP114023EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA443767 data set (Miscanthus phyllosphere microbial communities from Michigan, USA - G6R1_MAIN_31MAY2016_LD1 MG metagenome).
ERP114024EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA443770 data set (Miscanthus phyllosphere microbial communities from Michigan, USA - G6R4_MAIN_31MAY2016_LD1 MG metagenome).
ERP114025EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA443858 data set (Miscanthus phyllosphere microbial communities from Michigan, USA - G6R1_MAIN_20JUN2016_LD1 MG metagenome).
ERP114026EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA443866 data set (Miscanthus phyllosphere microbial communities from Michigan, USA - G6R4_MAIN_20JUN2016_LD1 MG metagenome).
ERP114027EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA321634 data set (mouse gut metagenome Raw sequence reads).
ERP114028Effect of hematopoietic NPC1 on gut microbiota composition
ERP114029The Effect of Phage Genetic Diversity on Bacterial Resistance Evolution
ERP114032Carbapenemase-producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Spain: interregional dissemination of the high risk-clones ST175 and ST244 producing VIM-2, VIM-1, IMP-8, VIM-20 and KPC-2
ERP114034Closely related multidrug-resistant Salmonella enterica serovar Heidelberg isolates from imported poultry meat in the Netherlands
ERP114035Made in error
ERP114036The effects of aphid herbivory upon barley root fungal and AMF communities and characteristics in an agricultural system
ERP114037Inefficient secretion of anti-sigma factor FlgM inhibits bacterial motility at high temperature
ERP114038Isolation and identification of phenol degrading bacteria
ERP114040Ecology and Biology of facultative methanotrophs at natural gas seeps
ERP114041Development of a DNA Barcoding-like Approach to Detect Mustard Allergens in Wheat Flours.
ERP114042Ecology and Biology of facultative methanotrophs at natural gas seeps
ERP114044Marchantia polymorpha linkage map
ERP114045Increasing sustainability of biological gas desulfurization
ERP114048RNA-seq of pig alveolar macrophages stimulated with LPS and Poly (I:C)
ERP114049Pig histone modification alias
ERP114050Pig histone marks
ERP114052A personal gut microbiota study
ERP114054Rationally engineered Staphylococcus aureus Cas9 nucleases with high genome-wide specificity.
ERP114056Specialised sledge dogs accompanied the Inuit dispersal across the North American Arctic
ERP114057EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA357148 data set (Cow-to-mouse fecal transplantation established intestinal microbiota as cause of cow mastitis).
ERP114059Actinobacillus indolicus and Actinobacillus porcinus type strain genomes
ERP114062Size increase without genetic divergence in the Eurasian water shrew Neomys fodiens
ERP114063Whole genome sequencing and progress towards full inbreeding of the mouse Collaborative Cross population
ERP114064RNAseq analysis of Arabidopsis cell suspension culture treated with IAA, RN3 and RN4
ERP114068Letrozole Treatment of Pubertal Female Mice Results in Activational Effects on Reproduction, Metabolism and the Gut Microbiome
ERP114070Characterizing chemoautotrophy and heterotrophy in marine archaea and bacteria with single-cell multi-isotope nanoSIP
ERP114072Complete genome sequencing of Enterococcus faecalis strains suggests a role of Ebp deletions in infective endocarditis relapses
ERP114073Changes in heterochromatin content and ancient chromosome fusions in the endemic Malagasy boids Sanzinia and Acrantophis
ERP114074Deep sequencing of early biofilm microbiomes on dental composite materials
ERP114076Systematic analysis on transcription unit architecture of Streptomyces lividans TK24
ERP114079Effect of raw potato starch on the gut microbiome and metabolome in mice
ERP114081Glomeris marginata embryonic transcriptome
ERP114086EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA255783 data set (Home Microbiome Metagenomes).
ERP114087EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA271618 data set (Baboon feces Metagenome).
ERP114088Comparative analysis of Tritrichomonas foetus genomes from cattle, cat and pig
ERP114089Characterisation of Microbial Diversity and Chemical Properties of Cheddar Cheese Prepared from Heat-treated Milk
ERP114091Variation and genetic control of chromatin architecture in humans (ChIPseq)
ERP114092Water availability shapes edaphic and lithic cyanobacterial communities in the Atacama Desert
ERP114094Akkermansia muciniphila ameliorates the age-related decline in colonic mucus thickness and attenuates immune activation in accelerated aging Ercc1-/?7 mice
ERP114095Genetic and molecular analysis of pediatric large B-cell lymphoma
ERP114096Multi-platform single cell transcriptomic profiling as a benchmarking resource
ERP114097Seq [organism=Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum] [clone=peh28] gene, Complete cds
ERP114098Seq [organism=Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum] [clone=cel8C] gene, Complete cds
ERP114099Seq [organism=Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum] [clone=cel12B] gene, Complete cds
ERP114100New species of the genus Venturia
ERP114102Short read Whole genome shotgun sequencing of 276 wild A. thaliana rosettes from south west Germany.
ERP114103EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA277357 data set (Denitrification-dependent anaerobic methane oxidizers in a marine oxygen minimum zone).
ERP114104Altered Gene Expression in Antipsychotic Induced Weight Gain
ERP114107Deregulated expression of NKL homeobox genes in T-cell lymphomas
ERP114108RNA-seq of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum 3D7 during its intraerythrocytic development cycle
ERP114109Single-cell RNA sequencing of VE-Cadherin+ cells isolated from mouse E10.5 aorta-gonad-mesonephros region.
ERP114110RNA-Seq of frozen human brain tissue
ERP114112RNAseq of Pseudomonas extremaustralis under oxidative stress at low oxygen conditions
ERP114113Isolation and molecular identification of Bacterial antagonist against Paramyrothecium roridum causing brown leaf spot of mulberry
ERP114114RNA-Seq of human pancreas tissue
ERP114115Bacillus sp. probiotics supplementation diminish the Escherichia coli F4ac infection in susceptible weaned pigs by influencing the intestinal immune response, intestinal microbiota and blood metabolomics.
ERP114116Neurogenesis in Prostate Cancer is driven by Neural Precursors from the Central Nervous System
ERP114117Supplementation of IL-10 Mice with Human milk oligosaccharides
ERP114118Denticeps clupeoides (denticle herring) genome assembly, fDenClu1.1
ERP114119Denticeps clupeoides (denticle herring) genome assembly fDenClu1.1, alternate haplotype
ERP114120Increased dissemination and parallel evolution of antimicrobial resistance in Salmonella enterica serovar Paratyphi B variant Java in poultry from Europe and Latin America
ERP114121Listeria monocytogenes sequences
ERP114122Variation and genetic control of chromatin architecture in humans (RNAseq)
ERP114124Single cell RNA-seq of tail tissue from regeneration-competent and -incompetent Xenopus laevis tadpoles
ERP114125Mastacembelus armatus (zig-zag eel) genome assembly fMasArm1.2, alternate haplotype
ERP114126Molecular characterization of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii using whole-genome sequencing revealed missed transmission events, Germany, 2012-2015
ERP114127RNAseq of human cell line RPCI-WM1 comparing artificial PRDM1-targeting miRNA to non-targeting control, and comparing Tazemetostat treatment to DMSO. ChIPseq for the factors BLIMP1 and H3K27me3 in the RPCI-WM1, OPM-2 and NCI-H929 cell lines, along with ChIPseq for EZH2 in the NCI-H929 cell line.
ERP114128RNA-seq in GR18 cell line to identify genes regulated by the Glucocorticoid Receptor (24h treatment)
ERP114129ATAC-seq in GR18 cell line comparing cells treated for 90 minutes with 1 micro molar dexamethasone with vehicle (ethanol) control-treated cells
ERP114130Whole genome sequencing to analyse patient-to-patient transmission of Mycobacterium abscessus in cystic fibrosis patients.
ERP114131ChIP-seq for H3K27ac in the GR18 cell line treated for 1.5 h with 1 µM dexamethasone
ERP114132Clinical experiment: gut microbiota pattern in stroke patients (stroke dysbiosis index, SDI) was an independent predictor for early outcome of ischemic stroke patients
ERP114133Clinical experiment: gut microbiota pattern in stroke patients (stroke dysbiosis index, SDI) was an independent predictor for early outcome of ischemic stroke patients
ERP114134Functional metagenomic analysis of airborne samples collected near Red Sea.
ERP114136ADAR-Deficient Mice Exhibit Complex Tissue-Specific Splicing Patterns
ERP114138DMAP based habitat-specific metagenomic gene catalogs,
ERP114139Editing independent dysregulation of Rps3a1 and its pseudogene Rps3a3 in Adar?7-9 mice
ERP114141EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJEB8249 data set (Bariatric surgery induces long-term changes on the gut metagenome contributing to fat mass regulation).
ERP114142study on probiotic strains
ERP114143Isolation of different isolates of Fusarium oxysporum from chili plant
ERP114144Degree and site of chromosomal instability define its role in tumorigenesis
ERP114147EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJEB8245 data set (Metagenomic sequencing revealed altered microbiota in microscopic colitis).
ERP114148Diversity of Bacteria in India
ERP114149Food Tracking perspective: DNA metabarcoding toidentify composition in complex and processed foodproducts.
ERP114150Erpetoichthys calabaricus (reedfish) genome assembly fErpCal1.1
ERP114151Human milk oligosaccharide supplementation in inflammation
ERP114152EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJEB8939 data set (Metagenomic analyses of Rumen microbiomes reveals the functional isoforms driving microbial niche differentiation for nutrient acquisition and use).
ERP114153Erpetoichthys calabaricus (reedfish) genome assembly fErpCal1.1, alternate haplotype
ERP114154Alterations in the Root Endophyte Microbiome of Rice Receiving Growth-Promoting Treatments of Urea-N and Rhizobium Biofertilizer
ERP114155EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA61259 data set (Oral and Stool Bacterial Sequencing).
ERP114156A study on probiotic strains
ERP114158EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA231909 data set (A prospective, longitudinal analysis of the developing gut microbiome in infants en route to type 1 diabetes).
ERP114159Transcriptomic signatures uncover key metabolic determinants of the drug interaction between trimethoprim and erythromycin
ERP114160Oil exposed bacterial, archaeal and fungal communities in water and sediment of Baltic Sea coastal area.
ERP114161Earlyvir coli strains
ERP114162Transcriptome-based exon capture of Harmonia axyridis
ERP114167To investigate allelic diversity at the MHC class II DRB1 locus in three Spanish sheep breeds
ERP114168Isolation and identification of Phytophthora species from the onion.
ERP114169Roseburia phages
ERP114170Isolation and characterization of glucanase gene from Trichoderma
ERP114172Genomic surveillance of invasive meningococcal disease in the Czech Republic, 2015-2017.
ERP114173Optimization of metagenomic approach for sewage and stool
ERP114174A Eukaryotic Community Succession Based Method for Postmortem Interval (PMI) Estimation of Decomposing Porcine Remains
ERP114177A risky business? Habitat and social behaviour impact skin and gut microbiomes in Caribbean cleaning gobies
ERP114178Temporal expression profiles of sugarcane infected by Puccinia kuehnii
ERP114179Novel marine diatom ssRNA virus NitRevRNAV infecting Nitzschia reversa
ERP114180Genetic Identification of the Prope1 gene in Iraqi sheep
ERP114181The gut microbiome on a periodized low-protein diet is associated with improved metabolic health
ERP114182We implemented an oligo-based rRNA removal approach and analyzed its efficiency using total RNA extracts from wild type Trypanosoma brucei (Lister 427 bloodstream-form MITat 1.2).
ERP114183Linking pollen foraging of megachilid bees to their nest bacterial microbiota
ERP114185Optimization of fluorogenic RNA-based biosensors using droplet-based microfluidic ultrahigh-throughput screening
ERP114186Tracking five millennia of horse management with extensive ancient genome time-series
ERP114187Single-cell amplified genomes of uncultured choanoflagellates shed light into animal origins
ERP114188Lactobacillus salivarius TUCO-L2 genome sequencing and assembly
ERP114190Brassica napus seed microbiota
ERP114194Occurrence of fecal ESBL-producing Escherichia coli in horses
ERP114195Ancient cattle genomics of the Near East.
ERP114198This study describe a new specie of Talaromyces from Caatinga's soil.
ERP114200By regular analyses and high-throughput sequencing (Illumina Miseq), we study the effects of three year N (0, 7.5, 15 g N m-2 year-1) and P (0, 7.5, 15 and 30 g P2O5 m-2 year-1) addition on the soil chemical properties, AMF colonization, OTU richness, diversity index and community composition.
ERP114201Bos taurus-indicus hybridization correlates with intralocus sexual-conflicting effects of PRDM9 on male and female fertility in Holstein cattle
ERP114203Clinical and environmental L. pneumophila subsp. pneumophila isolates from an archived (1984 to 2015) collection of Legionella species held at the Bacterial Respiratory Infections Service (Formerly Mycobacteria), Scottish Microbiology Reference Laboratory, Glasgow (BRIS SMiRL Glasgow).
ERP114205Airborne microbial community heterogeneity at the ocean-atmosphere interface of the Great Barrier Reef marine ecosystem
ERP114207Hospital Microbiome
ERP114209Chronic heart failure (CHF) leads to diaphragm myopathy that significantly impairs quality of life and worsens prognosis. In this study, we aimed to assess the efficacy of a recently discovered small-molecule inhibitor of MuRF1 in treating CHF-induced diaphragm myopathy and loss of contractile function.
ERP114210Marine microbial community composition and diversity during the upwelling season in the Southern Benguela: a spatio-temporal study
ERP114211Sequences of the male-specific portions of the human Y-chromosome of Thailand and Laos populations
ERP114212Identification of a novel HLA allele
ERP114213RNA-seq of liver stage-derived parasites from wild-type and TCRd-/- mice
ERP114215Effect cellulose and arabinox on the piglet gut microbiota
ERP114216Multiplexed DNA high throughput genotyping study to determine the mutational status of transient (TAM) and acute myeloid leukaemic (ML-DS) Down syndrome individuals.
ERP114217Widespread utilization of peptide communication in phages infecting soil and pathogenic bacteria
ERP114218Spatial-temporal colonization of the intestinal mucosa-associated microbiota of piglet
ERP114220RNA-seq of primary mouse podocytes with KDM6A overexpression against controls
ERP114225Mycobacterium tuberculosis genomes
ERP114226Metagenomic assessment of the effect of sample processing on different microbiomes
ERP11423116S rDNA sequencing of BALB/c and C57BL/7 mouse gut microbiomes
ERP114236Low coverage sequencing of E. superba, with Illumina and Nanopore reads.
ERP114238Miseq Whole Genome Sequencing of Leptospira interrogans from a Dolphin (TURSIOPS TRUNCATUS) in the Mediterranean Sea
ERP114240Duodenal-type follicular lymphoma and in situ follicular neoplasia – two sides of the same coin?
ERP114242ChIP-seq of CSF-1R in THP-1 cell lines deleted for EGR1 gene by CRISPR-Cas9 and ChIP-seq of CSF-1R in 2 CMML patients
ERP114243Illumina RNA-seq of polyA+ RNA from HAP1 cells
ERP114244Nanopore RNA-seq of polyA+ RNA from HAP1 and HEK293 cell lines
ERP114245RNA-seq of Smarca5-deficient CD4/CD8 double-positive thymocytes isolated from 6-week mouse thymi and their comparison with wild-type and TP53-null controls.
ERP114246EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA405200 data set (Marine microbial communities from the Central Pacific Ocean - Fk160115 155m metaG metagenome).
ERP114247Gene expression profiling of fibroblast subpopulations (COLVI+ vs. COLVI-) in mice
ERP114248Ribosome profiling of NEW1 knock-out as well as the isogenic wild type strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The cultures were grown either at 20°C or 30°C.
ERP114249SUMO2 ChIP-seq in MCF10A cells
ERP114250Plants roots and rhizosphere DNA was spiked with 16S-like plasmids for quantitation of microbial 16S
ERP114251EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJDB5777 data set (Metagenome analysis of the trench microbiome project on Northwest Pacific Ocean).
ERP114252Isolation of Toxicocladosporium aquimarinum sp. nov. and Toxicocladosporium qatarense sp. nov. from marine waters of the Arabian Gulf surrounding Qatar
ERP114253RNAseq of the small intestine of mice 6 days after they were transplanted with either wildtype allogeneic T cells or glucocorticoid-resistant allogeneic T cells (mouse model of acute graft-versus-host disease
ERP114257ChIP-seq for Hoxa2 on mouse second branchial arches at E11.5.
ERP114258ChIP-seq for Meis on mouse branchial arches at E11.5.
ERP114259Gene expresssion in human iPSC-derived neurons from normal and SPG3A donors
ERP114261Inter- and intra-lineage genetic diversity of wild-type Zika viruses reveals both common and distinctive nucleotide variants and clusters of genomic diversity
ERP114262Transcriptomic analysis by AmpliSeq Ion Torrent to explore the effects of the long non-coding RNA TGFB2-AS1 on gene expression in human keratinocytes
ERP114264The Transcriptional Landscape of Marek's Disease Virus in Primary Chicken B Cells Reveals Novel Splice Variants and Genes
ERP114265Bacterial communities in Haemaphysalis, Dermacentor and Amblyomma ticks collected from wild boars of an Orang Asli Community in Malaysia
ERP114266RNAseq of tumor samples from CT26 syngeneic mouse treated with a PD-L1 and CTLA-4 immunotherapy combination
ERP114268Ileal mucosa-associated microbiota to predict postoperative recurrence in Crohn's disease
ERP114271Discover new allele of HLA C*07 in Taiwan
ERP114272Single cell analysis of rogue autoantibody producing B cell clones
ERP114273Discover new allele of HLA DRB1*04 in Taiwan
ERP114275Molecular characterization and epidemiology of Streptococcus pneumoniae serotype 24F in Denmark:
ERP114276RAPs in control of antisense transcription in E. coli
ERP114278Draft genome sequences of 12 Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Typhimurium, monofasic
ERP114279Determination of the complete genome of European mountain ash ringspot-associated emaravirus from Sorbus intermedia reveals two additional genome segments
ERP114280Circadian 30-h time-course RNA-seq study of SW480 and SW620 cells
ERP114281Microbial community drivers during anaerobic granulation at high salinity
ERP114282Glucocorticoid-resistant B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia displays receptor tyrosine kinase activation
ERP114283Diversity of soil microbial communities matters when legumes face drought
ERP114284Bacterial and fungal communities in biological soil crusts from Oman
ERP114285m6A meRIP-Seq from Ythdf2CKO pre-leukemic cells
ERP114287Daily variability of bacteria and archaea active composition and their contribution to biogeochemical shifts in a extreme high altitude wetland
ERP114289Transcriptomics of the flatworm Paracatenula sp. santandrea and its chemosynthetic symbiont Ca. Riegeria santandreae from the Bay of Sant´Andrea (Elba, Italy)
ERP114290Marine microbial communities from the sediments and bottom water in a productive coastal zone of the eastern South Pacific
ERP114291Novel Candidate Alleles for Hereditary Breast Cancer Identified in BRCA1/2 Negative Greek Families by exam sequencing
ERP114293Changes in the Gut Microbiome following treatment with Dupilumab
ERP114295We isolated seven different brain tissues(angular gyrus, anterior caudate, cingulate gyrus, hippocampus middle, inferior temporal lobe, dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and ventrolateral prefrontal cortex) from M.fascicularis of one individual and produced paired data of whole genome bisulfite sequencing and whole transcriptome sequencing.
ERP114297M.tundrae T4
ERP114299Short read sequencing of glyphosate resistant and sensitive Amaranthus tuberculatus
ERP114300Epigenomic analysis of KLF1 haploinsufficiency in primary human erythroblasts
ERP114301The indigenous microbiota of microalgae in alpine snowfields supports performance of the meta-community
ERP114304Demographic history and paleo-distribution of a tree species (Coffea mauritiana) endemic to Reunion Island
ERP114306Genome Sequences of Paraburkholderia spp. Isolated from Wood-decay Fungi Reveal Antimicrobial Biosynthetic Potential
ERP114307Centroceras gasparrinii var. minor (Ceramiaceae, Rhodophyta) in the North Adriatic Sea (Mediterranean): molecular and morphological characterization and distribution
ERP114308Beneficial plant microorganisms affect the endophytic bacterial communities of durum wheat roots as detected by different molecular approaches
ERP114310Genome Sequences of Choline-utilising Methanogenic Archaea, Methanococcoides spp. Isolated from Marine Sediments
ERP114311Maternal Postnatal Psychosocial Distress is Associated with Decreased Microbial Diversity in Milk
ERP114314MIAmS: microsatellite instability detection on NGS amplicons data
ERP114316Microbiome data for ColPortal, an integrative multiomic platform for analysing epigenetic interactions in colorectal cancer.
ERP114319Molecular analysis of the erythroid phenotype of a patient with BCL11A haploinsufficiency
ERP114321Demography history of Coffea canephora
ERP114323Carnoulès COWG metatranscriptome
ERP114327ChIP-seq for H2Bub1, H3K27ac and H3K79me3 in SW837 cells
ERP114328Variant calling on GRCh38 with the 1000 genomes samples 2
ERP11432930X whole genome sequencing coverage of the 2504 Phase 3 1000 Genome samples.
ERP114331Whole-Genome sequencing of Holothuria polii
ERP114332Genomewide T. brucei RNAi screen using proteasome inhibitor
ERP114334Metagenomics study
ERP114336The pig gut microbiome and antibiotic resistome in industrialized feedlots in China
ERP114337Gut microbiomic analysis of 1,479 pregnant women during pregnancy
ERP114338Study on probiotic strains
ERP114339SLAM-Seq analysis of Ythdf2-deficient pre-leukemic cells
ERP114340shotgun metagenomics of wet coffee fermentation
ERP114342De novo whole genome sequencing of B.subtilis strain Natto3, a poly-?-glutamic acid producer
ERP114344RIBO-seq analysis of YTHDF2-deficient pre-leukemic cells and control pre-leukemic cells
ERP114346Genotype data from 50 Khoe-San individuals from Xade and 1 individual from Ghanzi in Botswana. The data was typed in Illumina Omni2.5-Octo BeadChip.
ERP114347Lake or river: environment shapes the ecological adaptation at the level of gene expression in two populations of the freshwater bivalve Diplodon chilensis
ERP114348ChIP-seq against the CTCF protein in Raji cells with inducible BZLF1 protein (KF717093.1) prior to and post induction of BZLF1.
ERP114349ChIP-seq against BZLF1 in Raji cells (EBV, Human Herpesvirus 4, GenBank accession KF717093).
ERP114350ATAC-seq experiment in two versions of Raji cells with inducible BZLF1 variants prior to and after induction of EBV's lytic cycle by doxycycline.
ERP114353Equine intestinal microbiota after feeding a prebiotic
ERP114354Assessment of the human microbiome associated with enteric diseases among deployed military personnel
ERP114358Penicillium species in section Lanata-divaricata are common soil-inhabiting fungi, but their presence in acidic soil has rarely been investigated.
ERP114360Genomic insights into three new provisional candidate lineages involved in nitrate and nitrite reduction in EBPR enrichment cultures
ERP114361Genome sequences of lipase producing isolates from Fatberg samples (London)
ERP114363Y-chromosome haplogroups from Hun, Avar and conquering Hungarian nomadic people of the Carpathian Basin
ERP114364RNA-Seq of human intracranially implanted U87MG-GFP cells as a function of distance from blood vessels
ERP114365RNA-Seq of human U87MG-GFP cells from sub-cutan xenografts as a function of distance from blood vessels
ERP114366Single cell RNA-sequencing of non-erythrocyte splenocytes from control and social defeated C57BL6 mice
ERP114367ChIP-seq for ARID1A in HCT116 cells
ERP114368Reduced sialylation triggers complement c3-mediated neuronal loss in aging mice
ERP114369Microbial community dynamics in real-scale vertical flow treatment wetlands fed with raw municipal wastewaters
ERP114370mRNA-seq for HCT116 Parental and ARID1A knockdown cells, mRNA-seq for DLD1 Parental, ARID1A knockdown and ARID1A knockout cells, mRNA-seq for COLO320DM Parental and ARID1A knockdown and ARID1A knockout cells
ERP114372RNA-Seq in midbrain of Coq9R239X mice treated with Rapamycin
ERP114375Microbial diversity study from hydrothermal bulk wall chimney retrieved from Luso hydrothermal vent field.
ERP114376Salmonella enterica subsp.enterica serovar Agama investigation
ERP114377EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJEB9576 data set (Shotgun Metagenomics of 250 Adult Twins Reveals Genetic and Environmental Impacts on the Gut Microbiome).
ERP114378Suspect cases, bovine, more metadata, when published
ERP114379Pooled Whole Genome Re-Sequencing of three chicken populations
ERP114381Rapid Sequencing of 100kb input S cerevisiae DNA
ERP114382Genome re-sequencing of an ancient Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)
ERP114384Evidence for strong selection event during the domestication by extensive mitochondrial genome analysis between japonica and indica in cultivated rice
ERP114385Genetic investigations for limb malformations in Holstein cattle.
ERP114386Fractionation RNAseq in conjunction with Illumina TRUseq method
ERP114387RNAseq libraries to study early developmental progenitors (24hrs differentiation vs hESCs)
ERP114388Ecophysiology and phylogeny of new terricolous and epiphytic chlorolichens in a fog oasis of the Atacama Desert
ERP114389Detection of DNA base modifications by deep recurrent neural network on Oxford Nanopore sequencing data
ERP114390Drug metabolism by 28 human gut communities
ERP114391Nanopore based direct RNA sequencing across development of C elegans.
ERP114394Genome sequencing of the bioethanol yeast strains Saccharomyces cerevisiae PE-2 haploid 3 and haploid 4
ERP114395Diabetes causes marked inhibition of mitochondrial metabolism in pancreatic ß-cells
ERP114401Human skin microbiotas across elevations
ERP114405In this study we show that targeted RNA-seq can be used in routine clinical diagnostics and it delivers reproducible and clinically valid results
ERP114406A. thaliana Col-0 exposed to A. laibachii spatial transcriptomics
ERP114407TDP-43 iCLIP in mESC and hESC
ERP114408Faecal carriage and acquisition of Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase (ESBL)-producing Enterobacteriaceae in dogs, cats and humans: prevalence, risk factors, and co-carriage.
ERP114409tailfindr: Alignment-free poly(A) length measurement for Oxford Nanopore RNA and DNA sequencing
ERP114410The microbiome of the invertebrate model host Galleria mellonella is dominated by Enterococcus
ERP114415Carrier Screening Assay for Plain Populations
ERP114416BAM files containing the alignment of the reads to reference genome
ERP114421Discover new allele of HLA B*15 in Taiwan
ERP114422Discover new allele of HLA B*40 in Taiwan
ERP114423Fecal samples and colon biopsies collected 2000-2006 in 2 parishes in Stockholm, comprising Swedish-born inhabitants aged 18-70 years
ERP114424How the differential dynamics of microbial community networks can help identify microorganisms potentially useful for controlling residue-borne diseases: the case of the wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici
ERP114425Integrative analysis of single-cell expression data reveals distinct regulatory states in bidirectional promoters.
ERP114426Cultivation of bacteria from Aplysina aerophoba: effects of oxygen and nutrient gradients
ERP114427Assessing the relevance of organoids to model inter-individual variation
ERP114428RNA-Seq of developing shoot apical meristems of barley cultivar Bonus and two allelic praematurum-c/mat-c mutants mat.c.907 (NGB 116862) and mat.c.943 (NGB 117474) grown under long- and short-day photoperiods
ERP114430RNA-seq upon PAX8 knockdown in Renal Cell Carcinoma cell lines
ERP114431RNA-seq of virulence determinants of the Korean CA-MRSA strain [ST72 CA-MRSA] and derived mutants of CA-MRSA
ERP114432MeDIP and hMeDIP-seq of human cervical cancer
ERP114433Enrichment of Oral Microbiota in Early Cystic Precursors to Invasive Pancreatic Cancer
ERP114434ChIP-seq for PAX8 and histone modifications in Renal Cell Carcinoma cell lines.
ERP114435Infection of naïve primary human B-lymphocytes with Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) – time course transcriptomic analysis in the pre-latent phase of viral infection
ERP114437New species from Vietnam
ERP114439Vaginal microbiota composition in untreated high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
ERP114440Vaginal metatranscriptome of bacterial mRNA from healthy and BV volunteers
ERP114441Exploration of the key functional strains from an azo dye degradation microbiota by DGGE and high-throughput sequencing technology
ERP114442Diverse conjugative elements silence natural transformation in Legionella species
ERP114445Functional description of microbial communities from biochemical passive reactors treating synthetic Acide Mine Drainage
ERP114448Water Microbiome characterization of several habitats of the lagoon of Aveiro (PT)
ERP114450Treatment of eosinophilic oesophagitis with an elemental diet is associated with changes in the microbial communities of the upper gastrointestinal tract
ERP114451RNA-Seq of Acinetobacter baumannii ATCC 17978 and a gene knockout strain of putative response regulator gene A1S_2006 from the ATCC 17978 background
ERP114453Ischaemic sensitivity of human tissue by single cell RNA seq
ERP114455Comparison of 3L and 3DL in wheat
ERP114456Whole-genome sequence data for Salmonella enterica isolated from animal production, food and the environment and derived from routine diagnostics, monitoring and control programs at the German National Reference Laboratory for Salmonella (German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR)).
ERP114458Bee Pollination Modifies the Structure of the Seed Microbiota
ERP114459Responses of tundra soil microbial communities to half a decade of experimental in-situ warming at two critical depths (CiPEHR Alaska site)
ERP114460Combining next-generation sequencing and progeny testing for rapid identification of induced recessive and dominant mutations in maize M2 individuals
ERP114461EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJEB12124 data set (Gut microbiome-dependent stratification of patients for anti-diabetic treatment).
ERP114463Effect of temperature in the genome and transcriptome of L. braziliensis promastigotes
ERP114464Low-calcium diet in mice leads to reduced gut colonization by Enterococcus faecium
ERP114465A new species of Tamarix (Tamaricaceae) related to Tamarix kotschyi from Hormozgan Province, S Iran
ERP114467Biotechnological Potential of Isolated Bacteria from Sea Cucumber Holothuria leucospilota and Stichopus vastus from Lampung, Indonesia
ERP114468Plant-soil feedbacks in a grassland
ERP114470This dataset includes a total of 266 whole genome sequencing data from goats (AGIN-USDA). It has been uploaded for the VarGoats Consortium ( To use this dataset please contact: or or Ben.Rosen@ARS.USDA.GOV or
ERP114471Diversity and ecology of nanophytoplankton in the Gulf of Gdansk
ERP114473Phylogeny of unisolated Sp+ Frankia
ERP114474RING1B calibrated ChIP-seq (cChIPseq) datasets for control mESCs and an Scc1-AID auxin-inducible degron.
ERP114475Six in situ Hi-C libraries of control and mESC auxin-inducible degrons for Scc1 and Ring1b.
ERP114476Calibrated total RNAseq (cRNA-seq) of E14_Scc1_AID mESCs mixed with Drosophila SG4 cells with and without a 6-hour auxin treatment.
ERP114477Cytogenetically visible inversions are formed by multiple molecular mechanisms
ERP114479Dissecting the effects of natural selection and mutation on genetic diversity in three recently diverged cryptic butterfly species
ERP114480RNA-seq in Raji cells with inducible BZLF1 prior to and after induction of EBV's lytic cycle by doxycycline
ERP114481Capture-C identification of chromatin interactions of 53 selected cellular loci prior to and post induction of EBV's lytic cycle in Raji cells
ERP114482ChIP-seq against BZLF1 in DG75 cells (EBV-negative, human Burkitt lymphoma cell line)
ERP114483Bacterial diversity of sediment ecosystem of Chilika lagoon
ERP114484Bacterial diversity of sediment ecosystem of Chilika lagoon
ERP114485Transcriptional differences between canine cutaneous epitheliotropic lymphoma and immune-mediated dermatoses
ERP114486Frankia sp. AvVan genome
ERP114488Comparative analysis of abiotic stress responses in the basal algae Cyanophora paradoxa
ERP114489RNA-Seq data of Dictyostelium lacteum cell types and P. pallidum encystation time series
ERP114490Low coverage whole genome sequencing of subsequent passages of soft tissue sarcoma patient-derived xenografts
ERP114492Metagenomic analysis of skin-mucus bacterial microbiota from sea caged Atlantic salmon
ERP114493We assessed the diversity of Pseudo-nitzschia in the Gulf of Trieste by sequencing the rbcL marker gene.
ERP114494Identification by ChIP-Seq of the binding sites of the extracytoplasmic function (ECF) sigma factor SigE in the genome of Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2) M600.
ERP114497Stem cell function in ß-thalassemia - HSC Cells
ERP114498EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJEB29513 data set (Shotgun metagenomic analysis of Lake Paajarvi sediment microbes.).
ERP114499Mucosa-associated microbiota in Ulcerative Colitis
ERP114501Illumina and Nanopore methods for whole genome sequencing of hepatitis B virus (HBV)
ERP114502EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJEB12797 data set (Shotgun metagenomics of moose rumen).
ERP114503Phylogenetic and biogeographic analysis of the steppe plant Krascheninnikovia ceratoides
ERP114504EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJEB12797 data set (Shotgun metagenomics of moose rumen).
ERP114505EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJEB12797 data set (Shotgun metagenomics of moose rumen).
ERP114506EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA406152 data set (Arabidopsis rhizosphere microbial communities from North Carolina - M.Oy.2.old.250510 metagenome).
ERP114507EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJEB12797 data set (Shotgun metagenomics of moose rumen).
ERP114508The arrival of Siberian ancestry connecting the Eastern Baltic to Uralic speakers further east
ERP114509EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA405734 data set (Cellulose-adapted microbial communities from the Joint BioEnergy Institute, USA - Passage B1F01 metagenome).
ERP114512Variations in daptomycin-beta-lactam synergy and enterococcal species - Daptomycin-ß-lactam synergy depends on enterococcal species and specific mutation
ERP114517Sparus aurata (gilthead seabream) genome assembly fSpaAur1
ERP114518Sparus aurata (gilthead seabream) genome assembly fSpaAur1, alternate haplotype
ERP114520Whole genome sequencing for Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates sourced from the DRS2 survey in the Philippines
ERP114522Tracking of antibiotic resistance transfer and rapid plasmid evolution in a hospital setting by Nanopore sequencing.
ERP114523Sequence based microsatellite genotyping development for Alosa alosa and Alosa fallax.
ERP114524Sequence based microsatellite genotyping development for Armillaria species.
ERP114525Sequence based microsatellite genotyping development for Melipona variegatipes.
ERP114526Comparative genomics of Burkholderia associated to rice roots
ERP114528Sequence based microsatellite genotyping development for Quercus faginea and Quercus canariensis.
ERP114529Sequence based microsatellite genotyping development for Salmo salar.
ERP114530Human Milk Oligosaccharides modulate the risk for preterm birth in a microbiome dependent and independent manner
ERP114531Whole genome sequencing and analysis of Neisseria meningitidis isolates (Project 150219)
ERP11453416S rRNA-based subtyping of the as yet uncultivable bacterium Ct85, non-associated with IBS-D
ERP114535Assessing different components of biodiversity across a river network using eDNA
ERP114537Whole genome assembly of Tuwongella immobilis MBLW1
ERP114538Four new isolates of Vibrio parahaemolyticus from UK waters sequenced with short read and MinION data.
ERP114540Combined dietary supplementation of long chain inulin and Lactobacillus acidophilus W37 supports oral vaccination efficacy against Salmonella Typhimurium in piglets
ERP114544Metagenomic long and short reads for DNA and RNA samples
ERP114546Study of natural wool shedding
ERP114548Taxonomic reassessment of the genus Pseudocitrobacter using whole genome sequencing: Pseudocitrobacter anthropi is a later subjective synonym of Pseudocitrobacter faecalis and Pseudocitrobacter vendiensis sp. nov.
ERP114549Genomic and transcriptomic analyses of C.avellana var. Tombul
ERP114550RNA sequencing of mechanically intact and degraded murine tail tendon fascicles after exposure to differential temperature and oxygen tension
ERP114551Evidence of developmental escape from transcriptional-gene-silencing in MESSI retrotransposons
ERP114552Comparative transcriptomics of rice response to the interaction with rice-associated Burkholderia s.l. which differentially interacts with rice
ERP114553Stem cell function in ß-thalassemia - MSC Cells
ERP114556bio-fertilizer analysis
ERP114557E.coli metabolism during Urinary Tract Infection
ERP114558E.coli Metabolism during Urinary Tract Infection
ERP114559UPEC Metabolism
ERP114560UTI Metabolism
ERP114561Whole genome assembly of Gemmata massiliana Soil9
ERP114563EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of the PRJNA266672 data set (Pelagic Microbial community sample from North Sea - COGITO 998_met_01 Metagenome).
ERP114564Structure and function of picoplankton and virus communities along zonal gradients in the South Pacific Ocean
ERP114565Whole genome assembly of Gemmata obscuriglobus UQM 2246
ERP114566Whole genome assembly of Gemmatacea sp. CJuql4
ERP114569We analyzed CCM1/KRIT1, CCM2/MGC4607, and CCM3/PCDP10 among 41 patients with cerebral cavernous malformation. Then, we found two novel pathological variants of CCM1 (c.1846delA and c.485+1G>C) and one novel variants of CCM2 (c.401_402insGCCC).
ERP114571Deprivation of dietary fiber enhances susceptibility of mice to cryptosporidiosis
ERP114572Deprivation of dietary fiber enhances susceptibility of mice to cryptosporidiosis
ERP114574Impact of narrow-spectrum antibiotics on the oral and fecal microbiome and resistome in a young child treated for otitis media
ERP114575Deprivation of dietary fiber enhances susceptibility of mice to cryptosporidiosis
ERP114576Deprivation of dietary fiber enhances susceptibility of mice to cryptosporidiosis
ERP114577Deprivation of dietary fiber enhances susceptibility of mice to cryptosporidiosis
ERP114580cDNA from ten different strains of P.gingivalis
ERP114581Rickettsia in hedgehogs from Portugal
ERP114582A rhlI 5' UTR-derived sRNA regulates RhlR-dependent quorum sensing in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
ERP114583Whole genome sequencing of Halomonas sp. EAR18
ERP114584Gene-expression changes in neurons active during contextual fear conditioning compared to controls left in the homecage
ERP114587Stable Redox-Cycling Nitroxide Tempol has Antifungal and Immune-modulatory Properties
ERP114588Keratinocyte expression of Mcpip1 is essential for the maintenance of skin integrity and for the control of local and systemic inflammation
ERP114589Metagenomics analysis of ancient microbiomes
ERP114590Mycobacterium chimaera-intracellulare strains genome
ERP114591Chemogenomic profiling of anti-leishmanial efficacy and resistance in the related kinetoplastid parasite Trypanosoma brucei
ERP114594Study of the Genetic Factors Associated with Learning and Memory in Belgian Malinois Dogs
ERP114595Biogeochemical soil dynamics under the influence of various urban runoffs
ERP114596White nose syndrome restructures bat skin microbiomes
ERP114598Discover new allele of HLA A*24 in Taiwan
ERP114600Mechanisms of inhibition of Plasmodium falciparum growth by a novel 4-cyano-3-methylisoquinoline compound
ERP114601Naturally-diverse aerobiology and mice gut microbiota
ERP114602Whole-genome sequence analysis of extended spectrum beta-lactamase producing E. coli strains from poultry and humans
ERP114606Takifugu rubripes (torafugu) genome assembly fTakRub1
ERP114607Takifugu rubripes (torafugu) genome assembly fTakRub1, alternate haplotype
ERP114609Echeneis naucrates (live sharksucker) genome assembly fEcheNa1
ERP114610Echeneis naucrates (live sharksucker) genome assembly fEcheNa1, alternate haplotype
ERP114611Scleropages formosus (golden arowana) genome assembly fSclFor1
ERP114612Scleropages formosus (golden arowana) genome assembly fSclFor1, alternate haplotype
ERP114613GM-CSF secreting Th cells are discreetly regulated during neuroinflammation
ERP114616Biomass sample from Indonesian gas biodesulfurization installation analyzes on 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing
ERP114617Microbial community analyzes of the bacterial samples taken from the lab-scale gas biodesulfurization system
ERP114620Taxonomy of Pectobacterium polaris
ERP114621Characterization of Adult Transcriptomes from the Omnivorous Lady Beetle Coleomegilla maculata Fed Pollen or Insect Egg Diet
ERP11462616s and 18s amplicon sequencing from a transect off the British Columbia coast
ERP114629The role of long-term mineral and organic fertilisation treatment in changing pathogen and symbiont community composition in soil
ERP114631Back to the roots: a reappraisal of Neocosmospora
ERP114632RNAseq of human epithelial nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell line Detroit 562, following infection with strains of Streptococcus pneumoniae
ERP114633Hevea brasiliensis latex IsoSeq
ERP114634Capture-C experiments on auxin treated control (E14-Tir) and Scc1-AID, Ring1b-AID, Ring1b-AID-Scc1-AID and CTCF-AID (with and without a 6-hour auxin treatment) cells.
ERP114636Predicting response to vedolizumab therapy using mucosal transcriptomics in IBD patients
ERP114638Early development of the intestinal microbiota in horses, and associations with mare microbiotas
ERP114639ATAC-seq in Renal Cell Carcinoma cell lines
ERP114643Fasciola hepatica Infection in Cattle: Analysing Responses of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC) Using a Transcriptomics Approach
ERP114644Modern wolves trace their origin to a late Pleistocene expansion from Beringia
ERP114649De novo whole genome sequencing of Bacillus methylotrophicus strain IC4, a poly-?-glutamic acid producer
ERP114651The genome of Lactococcus algidus NAGRM3a-7 iso0lated from marinated beef
ERP114653The objective of this study was to investigate the occurrence and assess the phylogenetic positioning of Chlamydiae and hemotropic Mycoplasma species in captive and free-living bats.
ERP114654- Daldinia sp. strain SG1 internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region, contains ITS1, 5.8S rRNA gene, ITS2 complete nrDNA sequence - Daldinia sp. strain SG1 large subunit (LSU), contains 28S rRNA gene partial sequence, complete D1/D2 region nrDNA sequence
ERP114655- Didymosphaeriaceae, cf. Tremateia sp. strain SG8c internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region, contains ITS1, 5.8S rRNA gene, ITS2 complete nrDNA sequence - Didymosphaeriaceae, cf. Tremateia sp. strain SG8c large subunit (LSU), contains 28S rRNA gene partial sequence, complete D1/D2 region nrDNA sequence
ERP114656- Biscogniauxia sp. strain SG25 internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region, contains ITS1, 5.8S rRNA gene, ITS2 complete nrDNA sequence - >Biscogniauxia sp. strain SG25 large subunit (LSU), contains 28S rRNA gene partial sequence, complete D1/D2 region nrDNA sequence
ERP114657Modulation of microbiota by fermentation of potato fiber FiberBind 400 in TIM-2 colon model
ERP114658Purpureocillium lilacinum strain T26B internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region, contains ITS1, 5.8S rRNA gene, ITS2 complete nrDNA sequence
ERP114659Xylaria cubensis strain TS7 internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region, contains ITS1, 5.8S rRNA gene, ITS2 complete nrDNA sequence
ERP114661WGS to predict drug susceptibility against first-line anti-tuberculosis drugs
ERP114664Whole genome sequencing of Leishmania donovani parasites resistant to DDD1716002
ERP114665Whole genome sequencing of Leishmania donovani parasites resistant to DDD1542111
ERP114666Whole genome sequencing of Trypanosoma cruzi parasites resistant to DDD1542111
ERP114667winogradsky control column top
ERP114668winogradsky conrol column bottom
ERP114669Isolation and identification of secondary etiologic agent from WSSV affected shrimp from India
ERP114671Isolation and identification of secondary etiologic agent from WSSV affected shrimp Penaeus monodon from India
ERP114673Convergent phenotypic evolution of the visual system via different molecular routes: How Neotropical cichlid fishes adapt to novel light environments
ERP114674Identification of polymorphisms in the PLIN2 gene in Nellore cattle
ERP114675Metabarcoding analysis of the olive (Olea europaea) microbiome
ERP114677A new species of Botryotrichum
ERP114683Do you really know your model organism? New insights on Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis TAC125 genome organization by next and third generation sequencing technologies
ERP114684Scorodite Cystallization through GAC-catalyzed As(III) Oxidation in a Thermoacidophilic Airlift Reactor
ERP114686Methanogenic Archaea
ERP114687Viral respiratory tract infections and oropharyngeal microbiome interactions in wheezing children
ERP114688Strain-resolved Dynamics of the Lung Microbiome in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis
ERP114690Transcriptional changes in black poplar leaves upon exposure to herbivore-induced plant volatiles
ERP114695Pathogenic autoreactive T and B cells cross-react with mimotopes expressed by a common human gut commensal to trigger autoimmunity
ERP114697Characterisation of Campylobacter jejuni isolates - Integrate Samples
ERP114698Characterisation of Campylobacter jejuni isolates - Enigma samples
ERP114703We have used Cas9 enrichment for targeted nanopore sequencing to study DNA methylation, structural variants and mutations
ERP114705Evaluation of citrus flavonoids against Aspergillus parasiticus in maize
ERP114706Salmonella Heidelberg
ERP11470816S rRNA amplicon analysis of rectal swab samples form HIV infected children in Zimbabwe
ERP114711RNA-seq of human hepatocellular carcinoma cell line Huh7 and immortalized hepatocyte cell line THLE5B treated with experimental compound AD80, Sorafenib, and vehicle for 24 hours
ERP114712RNA-seq of GFP positive and negative fractions of zebrafish transgenic cell lines of sea sponge enhancers
ERP114713NGS in hematopoietic cell transplant recipients
ERP114715Nutrient-Dependent Plant Driven Colonization Patterns
ERP114716Cryptic Aspergillus species - case of chronic cavitary pulmonary aspergillosis due to Aspergillus lentulus in a heart transplant recipient
ERP114717Ancient West African foragers in the context of African population history
ERP114720Transcription during macronuclear development of Oxytricha trifallax
ERP114722Whole genome sequencing (WGS) was carried out on 78 V. cholerae clinical isolates characterized phenotypically and associated with cholera in eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo between 2014 and 2017
ERP114723Metagenomic survey of chloroform fate in hypersaline lake Strawbridge in western Australia
ERP114724Genome-resolved metagenomics of an autotrophic thiocyanate-remediating microbial bioreactor consortium
ERP114725Identification of different Begomo Virus in weed species
ERP114726vB_PaeM_MiJ3: A Novel Jumbo Phage Infecting Pseudomonas aeruginosa Possesses Several Unusual Genomic Features
ERP114727Prevalence and characteristics of pks gene cluster harboring Klebsiella pneumoniae from bloodstream infection in China
ERP11473018s rDNA reads of eukaryotic microbial community in the German Bight
ERP114732Whole Genome Sequencing of Giant Schnauzer Dogs with Progressive Retinal Atrophy Establishes NECAP1 as a Novel Candidate Gene for Retinal Degeneration
ERP114733Exploring the microbiota of raw and pasteurized milk and the bacterial link to slits in commercial Cheddar cheese
ERP114736Whole transcriptome analysis in nicotiana benthamiana WT and transgenic lines presenting spontaneous systemic posttranscriptional silencing (PTGS) of a GFP transgene (line GFP6.4 described in Kalantidis Plant J 2006). Change in gene expression was analysed in WT versus GFP6.4 before initiation, during spreading and maintenance of GFP-PTGS.
ERP114737RNA-seq of CD34+CD43+ cells derived from CMML-iPS clones and Control-iPS clones
ERP114738Actinobacteria from Leontopodium Nivale Subspecies Alpinum Rhizosphere and Their Relation to the Host's Actinobacterial Endophyte Community
ERP114739Candidate diazotrophs in deep-sea sediments are phylogenetically and catabolically diverse
ERP114740New Ebola virus strain isolated from the 2017 Likati outbreak in DRC, using MinION-Oxford Nanopore Technologies.
ERP114741Abnormal keratinocyte differentiation in the nasal planum of Labrador Retrievers with hereditary nasal parakeratosis (HNPK)
ERP114742Effect of the phage cocktail Salmofree® on the poultry microbiome in a commercial broiler farm
ERP114743We sequenced the genome of a male Cercopithecus dryas from the Democratic Republic of Congo
ERP114744Tethered chromosome conformation capture (TCC) raw data of durum wheat (T. turgidum) cv. Svevo
ERP114747RNA-Seq SNP mining
ERP114748Bedaquiline micro-heteroresistance after tuberculosis treatment cessation
ERP11474926 animals were selected in various herds to represent Lacaune sheep breed diversity. A trio is included
ERP114750Rhinatrema bivittatum (two-lined caecilian) genome assembly aRhiBiv1
ERP114751Rhinatrema bivittatum (two-lined caecilian) genome assembly aRhiBiv1, alternate haplotype
ERP114754Salmo trutta (brown trout) genome assembly fSalTru1
ERP114755mRNA sequencing
ERP114756Genome diversity and signatures of selection for production and performance traits in dromedary camels
ERP11475716S amplicon sequencing of corn plants root attached soil.
ERP114758Epidemic CA-MRSA clone in Argentina: Colonization at admission and permanence during hospital stay.
ERP114759Clonal evolution in CLL patients treated with ibrutinib
ERP114760Ribosome profiling and RNA sequencing of Infectious Bronchitis Virus
ERP114761Genetic basis and timing of a major mating system shift in Capsella
ERP114762Trafficking of siRNA precursors by the dsRBD protein Blanks in Drosophila