AccessionTitle or Alias
ERP117345Secale cereale Lo7 assembly - 10X data
ERP117346Investigating the new role of FlhF identifies novel interactions with genes involved in flagellar synthesis in Campylobacter jejuni
ERP117347Insights on the genomic diversity of the emerging human pathogen Arcobacter butzleri
ERP117348Unraveling the Molecular Signature of Extracellular Vesicles from Endometrial-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Potential Modulatory Effects and Therapeutic Applications
ERP117349Heterocephalacria septentrionalis sp. nov. isolated from Cladonia lichens
ERP117351Nanopore assembly of flow sorted chromosome 1 from HG00542
ERP117352Genetic evolution of in situ follicular neoplasia to aggressive B-cell lymphoma of germinal center subtype
ERP117354Consistent host and organ-occupancy of phyllosphere bacteria in a community of wild herbaceous plant species
ERP117355Bacterial and archaeal 16S rRNA gene amplicons and fungal ITS sequenced from fluid flowing from experimental drill hole in Pyhäsalmi mine, Finland, from depth of 2,4 km.
ERP117356Repetitive sequences in parasitic plants
ERP117359water lily genome project
ERP117361Brevibacterium timonense genome
ERP117362Anaerococcus massiliensis genome
ERP117363Rat (Rattus norvegicus) RNA-Seq containing SHAM, STROKE and MANF groups
ERP117365Metagenomic sequencing of the rumen of cattle (Bos Taurus), sheep (Ovis aries), reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) and red deer (Cervus elaphus)
ERP117367Characterization of the vaginal DNA virome in health and dysbiosis: an opening study in patients with non-female factor infertility
ERP117368Metagenomic sequencing of microbial communities from Antarctic soils impacted and no-impacted by marine animals.
ERP117370Modifications to the gut microbiome in response to various anti-bacterial therapeutics.
ERP117373Breast Carcinoma–Associated Fibroblasts Transcriptome
ERP117374Human Bocavirus in Kuwait
ERP117375Transcriptomic analysis of Marseillevirus T19
ERP117376Clostridium sp genome
ERP117377Characterization of marine fish pathogens in Spain
ERP117379Characterisation of Francisella tularensis isolate in Slovenia with NGS
ERP117380Consequences of past climate change and recent human persecution on mitogenomic diversity in the arctic fox
ERP117381New Families of Lipophilic Polyphenols by Using Lipolytic Bacteria
ERP117382ChIP-seq of GFP-tagged dCoREST, dLSD1, dL(3)mbt and dG9a in D. melanogaster S2 cell lines
ERP117383Analysis of plasmidome of high-altitude lakes from the Andean Puna
ERP117387The first Crambidae phylogeny including all 15 subfamilies
ERP117388Proxy upload by EnteroBase (from database Helicobacter) for M. Achtman, University Of Warwick
ERP117393Comparison of Agilent SureSelect Focussed Exome and TruSight One Mendeliome sequencing kits using NA12878 trio DNA
ERP117394Comparison of the bacterial gut microbiome of North American Triatoma spp. with and without Trypanosoma cruzi
ERP117395Metagenomic characterization of bacterial biofilm in four food processing plants
ERP117396Storage media and not extraction method has the biggest impact on recovery of bacteria from the oral microbiome
ERP117397Demographic and environmental drivers of metagenomic viral diversity in vampire bats
ERP117398Minocycline Prevention and Reversal Study
ERP117399Segmented filamentous bacteria prevent and cure rotavirus infection
ERP117400metatranscriptomic approaches to unravel taxonomic and functional diversities of a coastal aquatic ecosystem and their reaction to hypoxia
ERP117401The Genomics of Streptococcus pneumoniae carriage isolates from children and their household contacts, pre-PCV7 to post-PCV13.
ERP117403Benefits of implementing whole genome sequencing of extended spectrum cephalosporin Escherichia coli collected through surveillance of pigs between 2013-2017 in the UK
ERP117404Molecular epidemiology of disease-causing Streptococcus agalactiae in adults in England and Wales 2014-2015.
ERP117405Pooled CRISPR Inverse PCR sequencing (PCIP-seq): simultaneous sequencing of retroviral insertion points and the integrated provirus with long reads
ERP117406Barley cv. Morex v2 Assembly (TRITEX)
ERP117407The genome of Caenorhabditis bovis
ERP117409Whole genome sequencing of Flavobacteriaceae bacterium CECT 9532
ERP117410The discovery of twintrons in land plant mitochondria documents group II intron retromobility in recent evolutionary times.
ERP117411Discovery of resistant microorganisms in effluent from sewage treatment plants
ERP117412Bacterial and Archaeal Diversity in Sulfide-bearing Waste Rock at Faro Mine Complex, Yukon Territory, Canada
ERP117413Mixed mode transmission of phages drives loss of Type I CRISPR-Cas immune systems from bacteria
ERP117414Klebsiella pneumoniae from markets in Cambodia
ERP117417Influence of plant genotype and soil on the wheat rhizosphere microbiome: identification of a core microbiome across eight African and European soils
ERP117419Identification of long non-coding RNA expression patterns useful for molecular-based classification of type I endometrial cancers
ERP117420RNA-seq for splenic gene expression in response to Newcastle disease virus challenge in Hy-Line Brown chickens
ERP117421An arthropod epigenetic clock: CpG methylation predicts age in Daphnia magna
ERP117422Whole genome sequencing of Pseudidiomarina sp. CECT 9734
ERP117424Effect of long-term high CO2 environment on gene expression of Phaeodactylum tricornutum
ERP117428The aim of this study is to investigate reproducibility in whole genome sequencing between laboratories in the analysis stage of predicting antimicrobial resistance.
ERP117429RAN-seq of Oryza sativa ssp. japonica rice leaf sheath from two months old seedling
ERP117431Analysis of Within-host Evolution of Plasmodium falciparum during treatment with Artemisinin Combination Therapies.This study looks and the evolutionary processes of Plasmodium falciparum within the human host during treatment with the ACT drugs.
ERP117432Proxy upload by EnteroBase (from database Salmonella) for M. Achtman, University Of Warwick
ERP117433Comparison of dispersed Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm cells and the remaining biofilms
ERP117434Amplicon sequencing of the trp53 locus of DNA extracted from FFPE sections of tumors obtained from the gastrointestinal tract of APC mice
ERP117437Isolation and sequencing of the mRNAs/cDNAs from wild-type and selected mutant Arabidopsis lines for studying the roles of corresponding genes in ETI early response gene regulations.
ERP117438MiSeq 2x300 paired-end sequencing of HEK293T cells stably expressing eGFP-PPP2R5A transduced with a HIV-1 Vif mutant library
ERP117439Structural and functional changes in the gut microbiome of captive Andean bears
ERP117440Alaska soil warming
ERP117442Carbon Nanotubes 2h (CN 160 y 800)
ERP117443Commonalities and differences in the transcriptional response of the model fungus Saccharomyces cerevisiae to different commercial graphene oxide materials
ERP117447Proxy upload by EnteroBase (from database Salmonella) for M. Achtman, University Of Warwick - batch acc: SAL_LA4014AA
ERP117448We performed single-cell RNA sequencing for 3,115 primary bladder cancer cells (BC159-T#3) and patient-derived xenograft cells (BC159-T#3-PDX-vehicle and BC159-T#3-PDX-tipifarnib). Matched time-series bulk tumor tissues were also sequenced using whole exome target probe (WES) and whole transcriptome target probe (WTS).
ERP117449RNA-seq data from healthy and DMD human cells, along skeletal muscle differentiation from induced pluripotent stem cells
ERP117450Prevalence and genomic characteristics of zoonotic gastro-intestinal pathogens among Swedish corvid birds
ERP117452Molecular signatures of selection associated with host-plant differences in Pieris butterflies
ERP117456An antibiotic-sensing leader peptide regulates translation and premature Rho-dependent transcription termination of the topAI gene in Escherichia coli
ERP117458Shotgun metagenomics of vaginal samples from pregnant women at risk of preterm birth
ERP117460Zygote morphogenesis but not the establishment of cell polarity in Plasmodium berghei is controlled by the small GTPase, RAB11A
ERP117461Microbial populations associated with decaying Laminaria digitata
ERP117462Alpine snow algal microbiomes from BC, Canada 2018
ERP117464Functional microbiome in methanogenic sludge digesters revealed by E. coli-fed digestion and microbial source tracking
ERP117465Whole genome enrichment approach for rapid detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and drug resistance-associated mutations from direct sputum sequencing
ERP117466Whole genome sequencing of Clostridioides difficile
ERP117468The Sle1 Cell Wall Amidase Controls Daughter Cell Splitting, Cell Size, and betalactam Resistance in Community Acquired Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus USA300:
ERP117469RNA-seq to identify the role of mRNA decay in mouse adipose tissues
ERP117470Genome Wide Association Study and Genomic Selection of Amino Acid Concentrations in Soybean Seeds
ERP117471A CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing pipeline in the EndoC-ßH1 cell line to study genes implicated in beta cell function
ERP117472Charcot-Marie-Tooth type 4B2 demyelinating neuropathy in miniature Schnauzer dogs caused by a novel splicing SBF2 (MTMR13) genetic variant
ERP117473A study to develop a therapeutic phage cocktail against ESBL urinary tract infection clinical isolates of Klebsiella and E.coli
ERP117475Dissecting psa locus regulation in Yersinia pestis - RNA-seq
ERP117476Examination of mRNA decay rate in mature adipocytes
ERP117480Dissecting psa locus regulation in Yersinia pestis - ChIP-seq
ERP117482mRNA sequencing analysis from human cartilaginous tumors (biopsies)
ERP117483Parallel Microbial Ecology of Pasteuria and Nematode Species in Scottish soils
ERP117486nifD-K IGS
ERP117487nifD-K IGS uncultured nodule endophyte
ERP117488Turck Paroxetine Mainz
ERP11748918s rRNA fungal data
ERP117490In this study, 0 - 10.5 m soil samples were taken below experimental plots where N-fertilizer was applied for nearly 20 years under wheat-maize double cropping in the North China Plain (NCP). N-fertilizer application rates of 0 (N0) and 600 kg N ha-1yr-1 (N600) were applied to different plots. Multidisciplinary approaches were employed to profile the vertical distribution of denitrifer genes and soil microbial communities responding to long-term N fertilization.
ERP117491HS-feces-16S rRNA
ERP117492Genome sequencing of bacteria from the Red Sea
ERP117494Biological network approach for the identification of regulatory long non-coding RNAs associated with metabolic efficiency in cattle
ERP117495Plutella xylostella Genome
ERP117496Assembly of two bank vole (Myodes glareolus) genomes assembled using 10x linked reads.
ERP117497Metagenomic analysis with long and short reads of 20 biogas reactors
ERP117500Transcriptome of Trypanosoma cruzi I epimastigotes
ERP117502Tomato-associated archaea show a cultivar-specific rhizosphere effect independently from soil quality
ERP117503Pseudomonas aerugionsa PAO1 transcriptome cultured in MOPS Glycerol, MOPS Acetate
ERP117504Characterization of serum small extracellular vesicles and their small RNA contents across human, rat, and mouse (data for rat and mouse)
ERP117505This work relates microbial load in the field to load in infections in the laboratory of Arabidopsis thaliana.
ERP117506Characterization of serum small extracellular vesicles and their small RNA contents across human, rat, and mouse
ERP117508Investigating the effect of CDK inhibition in EML4-ALK cells by ChIP-seq for RNA polymerase II.
ERP117510Insights into the genetic architecture of sexual dimorphism from an interspecific cross between two diverging Silene (Caryophyllaceae) species
ERP11751118S v4 amplicon sequences from Upper Bavarian lakes (Germany)
ERP117512Transcriptome adaptations of Saccharomyces cerevisiae K1 killer strains KIM01 and KIM01c in response to viral killer toxin K1
ERP117513Tumor mutational burden determined by panel sequencing predicts survival after immunotherapy in patients with advanced gastric cancer
ERP117515Genome-wide maps of chromatin interactions with lncRNA H19X.
ERP117516Investigating genomic diversity of historic honeybee populations from Switzerland
ERP11751716s RNA sequencing data from environmental and steel corrosion samples, Shoreham Harbour, UK
ERP117518Biomethanation at 45 °C offers high process efficiency and supports hygienisation
ERP117520RNA sprays as a tool for crop improvement and protection
ERP117522Genotypic Diversity of Salmonella Typhimurium
ERP117523Genotypic Diversity of Salmonella Typhimurium
ERP117524Genotypic Diversity of Salmonella Typhimurium
ERP117525Genotypic Diversity of Salmonella Typhimurium
ERP117526Genotypic Diversity of Salmonella Typhimurium
ERP117527Genotypic Diversity of Salmonella Typhimurium
ERP117528Nosocomial transmission of a VIM-2 carbapenemase gene without concomitant plasmid transmission between two different Pseudomonas species
ERP117530Ontogenic changes in hematopoietic hierarchy determine pediatric specificity and disease phenotype in fusion oncogene-driven myeloid leukemia-ATACseq
ERP117531nifD-K IGS Frankia
ERP117532LA-MRSA CC398 in Danish mink
ERP117533Genome sequencing of Oryctes and Marronus beetles from la Reunion
ERP117534Thalassophryne amazonica (prehistoric monster fish) genome assembly, fThaAma1, alternate haplotype
ERP117535Thalassophryne amazonica (prehistoric monster fish) genome assembly, fThaAma1
ERP117536Effect of pressure on syngas fermentation
ERP117538Microbiota and body composition during the period of complementary feeding
ERP117540WGS of B.melitensis 66/59
ERP117541Discover new allele of HLA DRB1*14 in Taiwan
ERP117542Identification of four types of vaginal microbiota in pregnant Korean women with abnormal vaginal flora
ERP117543Transcriptomes of wild type, nhr-40 and nhr-1 mutants of Pristionchus pacificus
ERP117545Kinixys spekii distribution
ERP117546Metavirome in sewage and oysters
ERP117550direct RNA seq of adenovirus mRNA using nanopore
ERP117552Salmonella Infantis NRL-AR Italy
ERP117554Potential TMA-producing Bacteria are Ubiquitously Found in Mammalia
ERP117556Fucoidan degrading marine Lentimonas
ERP117557Metagenomic to detect norovirus and other Human enteric viruses in oysters: impact on hexamer selection and targeted capture-based enrichment.
ERP117559Secale cereale Lo7 assembly - additional Hi-C raw data
ERP117560Veterinary trypanocidal benzoxaboroles are peptidase-activated prodrugs
ERP117562An elongated COI fragment to discriminate botryllid species and as an improved ascidian DNA barcode
ERP117567Long-term temporal stability of the resistome in sewage from Copenhagen
ERP117568Detailed study at the genetic level at bacteria in farm animals, human/animal sewage, sewage treatment works and rivers, to work out the complex network of transmission of important antibiotic-resistant bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes
ERP117569Fuzhuan brick tea attenuates obesity by shaping gut microbiota
ERP117571The SUMO Pathway as a Therapeutic Option in Pancreatic Cancer
ERP117572Specific targeting of intestinal Prevotella copri by a Listeria monocytogenes bacteriocin
ERP117573Sequencing and analyses of nitrifier-genomes
ERP117574Adaptive laboratory evolution of Eubacterium limosum ATCC 8486 on carbon monoxide
ERP117575Evolutionary adaptation to a constitutive perturbation of DNA replication reveals that adaptive mutations in three conserved pathways interact to restore faithful chromosome replication and segregation
ERP117576ESBL-Producing Escherichia coli isolated from Nile perch and aquatic environment of Lake Victoria, Tanzania
ERP117578MedVetKlebs: Klebsiella pneumoniae from ecology to source attribution and transmission control
ERP117580Effect of sulfate on carbon monoxide conversion by a thermophilic syngas-fermenting culture dominated by a Desulfofundulus species.
ERP117581Application of long-read sequencing for robust identification of correct alleles in genome edited animals
ERP117582The impact of mercury selection and conjugative genetic elements on community structure and resistance gene transfer
ERP117583RNA-seq of leaf tissue of barley cultivar Bowman and three derived introgression lines carrying mutations in HvELF3 (BW290), HvLUX1 (BW284) and EARLY MATURITY 7 (EAM7) (BW287) loci grown under diel (12h light / 12h dark) and constant light conditions
ERP117584A high-quality Genome Reference for the Tasmanian devil.
ERP117585A high-quality Transcriptome Reference for the Tasmanian devil.
ERP117587Ontogenic changes in hematopoietic hierarchy determine pediatric specificity and disease phenotype in fusion oncogene-driven myeloid leukemia - scRNAseq - 2
ERP117589population genomics of Lodoicea maldivica
ERP117590Dual BTK and MDM2 inhibition effects in microenvironment protected chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells
ERP117592N2 male genome
ERP117595Bacterial host-adaptive evolution overcomes continuous population bottlenecks
ERP117596The equine gastrointestinal microbiome: Impacts of weight-loss
ERP117597Long-read nanopore sequencing reveals the complex splicing profile of the psychiatric risk gene CACNA1C in human brain
ERP117599Inferring the genomic landscape of recombination rate variation in European Aspen (Populus tremula)
ERP117600The antibiotic defense substance allicin (diallylthiosulfinate) is produced by garlic (Allium sativum L.) after tissue damage, and gives garlic its characteristic odor. Allicin is a redox-toxin that oxidizes thiols in glutathione and cellular proteins. A highly allicin-resistant Pseudomonas fluorescens strain (PfAR-1) was isolated from garlic, sequenced and the genomic islands conferring allicin resistance identified within using a combination of molecular biology and in silico methods.
ERP117601Whole-genome analysis of 100 vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium (VREfm) isolates causing nosocomial outbreaks
ERP117602RNA-seq of mouse small intestinal CCR6+ group3 innate lymphoid cells
ERP117606Detection of a novel Chlamydia species in captive spur-thighed tortoises (Testudo graeca) in southeastern Spain and proposal of Candidatus Chlamydia testudinis sp.nov.
ERP117607Closing the mitochondrial permeability transition pore in hiPSC-derived endothelial cells induces glycocalyx formation and functional maturation.
ERP117608Metatranscriptomics of cryoconite
ERP117610Comparison of fibroblasts from ARH3-mutated patients and controls by transcription profiling.
ERP1176123' RNA-seq of differentiating (brown) mouse subcutaneous SVF cells upon knockdown of Zfp521, Fhl1, or Mxd1
ERP117615Genetic diversity of small ruminant lentivirus (SRLV) isolates in Italy
ERP117616ATAC-seq examining chromatin accessibility of mouse splenic IL-10+ and IL-10-CD19+CD21hiCD24hi B cells
ERP117617RNAseq of developmental sequence of wheat starchy endosperm
ERP117618Exposure of E. coli to disinfectant at sub-lethal concentrations elicits changes in the genome and transcriptome.
ERP117619Thyroid deficiency before birth modifies adipose transcriptome to promote overgrowth of white adipose tissue and impair thermogenic capacity
ERP117620Enrichment and physiological characterization of a novel comammox Nitrospira indicates inhibition by ammonium
ERP117621MiSeq of viral-derived RT-PCR amplicons from plants infected with different versions of plum pox virus
ERP117622Kinome and Rho-GTPase Synthetic Lethal shRNA Library Screen in paired NF1-/- and GAP-Related Domain Restored Schwann Cells
ERP117623Oropharyngeal microbiota associated with immune dysregulation and lung disease in Common Variable Immunodeficiency
ERP117624RNA-seq of mouse subcutaneous SVF cells before and after differentiation with a brown fat differentiation cocktail
ERP117625Influences of Ingredients and Bakers on the Bacteria and Fungi in Sourdough Starters and Bread
ERP117627Zika genome
ERP117628Discover new allele of HLA A*30 in Taiwan
ERP117629Resistome risks of wastewaters and aquatic environments deciphered by shotgun metagenomic assembly
ERP117630Barley cv. Golden Promise reference assembly
ERP117631Colistin resistant Acinetobacter baumannii in Cape Town, South Africa
ERP117633Having the balls to colonize - the Ephydatia fluviatilis group and the origin of (Ancient) Lake "endemic" sponge lineages
ERP117635Characterisation of a novel emaravirus identified in mosaic-diseased Eurasian aspen (Populus tremula)
ERP117636Sputum microbiome is associated with clinical outcome of initial antibiotic treatment in COPD exacerbations
ERP117637Oceanivirga miroungioralis strain ES3154
ERP117639Predicting antibiotic resistance in clinical infections caused by Enterobacterales from aggregated population-level taxonomy-adjusted resistance potential estimates derived from quantitative metagenomic analysis of pooled human faecal samples
ERP117641using myocardial infarction (MI) model based on miniature pigs, 84 miRNAs were identified as the differentially expressed miRNAs between MI and control group
ERP117644Colistin resistance in clinical Enterobacteriaceae isolates from the Western Cape of South Africa
ERP117648Genome Sequence of Escherichia coli KI683, isolated from a urosepsis patient. Candidate for research regarding adhesion behaviour onto abiotic surfaces.
ERP117649Impact of DNA amount and number of PCR cycle on a MOCK sequencing
ERP117651FAIRE-seq of the first leaf of two maize lines of contrasting cold-sensitivity.
ERP117654We accessed the diversity of cytosine methylation patterns among six genotype groups of Saccharum spp.
ERP117655Bifidobacterium longum R0175 Protects Rats From D- Galactosamine-Induced Acute Liver Failure
ERP117656Metabolome and microbiome signatures in the roots of citrus affected by Huanglongbing
ERP117659Discover new allele of HLA C*03 in Taiwan
ERP117662A simulated example for testing QueryFuse
ERP117663Microorganisms associated with Flux Disease were identified from Citrus plants located in Southern Italy.
ERP117664Analysis of taxonomical profiles of suppressive rhizosphere derived from 28 agricultural soils
ERP117669Genomic adaptations to aquatic and aerial life in mayflies and the origin of wings in insects
ERP117670nifD-K IGS endophyte
ERP117671The Effect of the Microbiome on Drug Metabolism
ERP117672Comprehensive molecular profiling and clinicopathological analysis to predict response to pembrolizumab in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma
ERP117673Discover new allele of HLA DQB1*03 in Taiwan
ERP117676Native mycorrhizal communities of olive roots as affected by a protective green cover and soil tillage
ERP117677Small molecule inhibiton of calcium oxalate induced transcriptomic changes of renal epithelial cells.
ERP117681Single cell RNA sequencing of DDX4 antibody positive and negative ovarian tissue cells cultured under oogonial stem cell conditions
ERP117683Complex response on the level of the transcriptome by deletion of a local transcriptional repressor AmlR by RNAseq of the coding RNA
ERP117686Sequence preference of DNMT3A/B dictates genome-wide DNA methylation signature
ERP117687Identification of centromere-associated DNA sequences in Cuscuta species
ERP117688Metagenomic sequencing of faecal extracts from a commercial pig farm with high antimicrobial usage
ERP117691Characterisation of soil fungal communities from mesocosms exposed to a gradient of zero to ten global change factors (stressors)
ERP117692cpDNA sequence variation (atpIH) of Adonis vernalis and Poa badensis
ERP11769316S Illumina MiSeq bacterial metagenomics reveal CF lung microbiome
ERP117696Investigating the impact of feed on chicken performance and Campylobacter presence
ERP117697Anthoceros RNA-seq
ERP117698Structure and regulation of the cervicovaginal microbiome in a cohort of Afro-Caribbean women
ERP117700A disrupted airway epithelium rather than an altered immune system orchestrates the fetal origin of asthma in mice
ERP117702Small non-coding RNAs in early equine osteoarthritis synovial fluid
ERP117705Genome sequencing of environmental Saitozyma podzolica yeast isolates
ERP117706Identification of Candidate Signature Genes and Key Regulators Associated with Trypanotolerance in the Sheko Breed
ERP117707Bulk RNA sequencing of colorectal tumors for molecular subtyping
ERP117708In vivo assessment of ROS production and oxidative stress effects induced by chronic exposure to gamma radiation in C. elegans
ERP117710Vaginal microbiota among young women and its relation to and HPV infection
ERP117711Draft Genome Sequence of the Green Alga Scenedesmus acuminatus SAG 38.81
ERP117713Gut Mycobiome Dysbiosis Is Linked to Hypertriglyceridemia among Home Dwelling Elderly Danes
ERP117715Comparative multi-omics analysis of clinical Enterobacter spp. isolates uncovers differences in the expression of determinants for antibiotic resistance and virulence
ERP117716Sequencing of synovial tissue fibroblasts from Rheumatoid Arthritis patients that were co-cultured with inflammatory macrophages.
ERP117718Anthoceros agrestis gametophyte DNA-seq
ERP117724Tissue-selective targeting redefines the mechanism of nuclear receptor Reverba control over clock and metabolism - RNA-seq
ERP117726CURLY LEAF regulates micro RNA activity by controlling ARGONAUTE 1 degradation in plants
ERP117727Single cell sequencing of colorectal tumors and adjacent non-malignant colon tissue
ERP117731The clock gene BMAL1 inhibits macrophage motility, phagocytosis, and impairs defence against pneumonia
ERP117732Biogeographic distributions of methanotrophic communities along a latitudinal transect from tropical to cold temperate forests
ERP117733Insertional mutagenesis in the zoonotic pathogen Chlamydia caviae
ERP117734WGS of Mycobacterium bovis strains isolated from infected animals -deer, cattle, other captive wildlife- where deer breeding is suspected to be the origin of the infectious agent dissemination
ERP117735Long-term dynamic changes in attached and microbial communities in a phenol-contaminated aquifer
ERP117736ChIP-seq of Stat3 with DNA binding sites mutation in human colon cancer SW480
ERP117737Amino acid metabolism and whole body protein synthesis and degradation in the post-absorptive and post-prandial state following 3 weeks habituation to a normal and high protein intake
ERP117741Single-cell mapping reveals new markers and functions of lymphatic endothelial cells in lymph nodes
ERP117742An ectopic IgH 3' superenhancer endows AID-initiated lesions to participate into distant class switching junctions
ERP117743Postoperative wound surveillance is a key principle of surgery, yet is not traditionally considered at anastomotic wound sites. Here we hypothesized that serial endoscopic examination of low anterior resection (LAR) anastomotic wounds can yield useful information regarding healing.
ERP117744Detection of Toxic Compounds using Multi-stage Microbial Fuel Cells
ERP117745Human fetal liver, skin and kidney single cell transcriptome data
ERP117746Septoglomus nigrum – 2 sequences complete, curated, SSU-ITS-LSU
ERP117747A New Focus of Visceral Leishmaniasis in Northern Somalia
ERP117748This study is part of article entitled: Performance and Long Distance Data Acquisition via LoRa Technology of the Tubular Plant Microbial Fuel Cell in a Paddy Field in West Kalimantan, Indonesia
ERP117749Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus epidermidis in the nasal and skin microbiota of patients planned for prosthetic joint surgery
ERP117750Bacterial and isotopic indicators across an estuarine continuum in a cholera endemic zone
ERP117751Predictors for OWOB in children with Prader Willi Syndrome
ERP117752Phylogenetic background and habitat drive the genetic diversification of Escherichia coli
ERP117753Microbial community and short chain fatty acid profiles in the gastrointestinal tract of the seaweed-eating New Zealand herbivorous fish Kyphosus sydneyanus
ERP117754Genomic DNA-seq datasets for 69 Raoultella isolates
ERP117755Barley cv. Morex Dovetail Assembly (TRITEX)
ERP117757Wheat cv. Chinese Spring Assembly (TRITEX)
ERP117758T. turgidum ssp. dicoccoides (accession Zavitan) Assembly (TRITEX)
ERP117760Monogenean parasites from the stomach of Oreochromis mossambicus from South Africa: two new species of the genus Enterogyrus Paperna, 1963 (Dactylogyridae: Ancyrocephalinae)
ERP117763mRNA-seq of mouse lung vascular endothelial cells and mouse liver sinusoidal endothelial cells before and after their partial reprogramming into progenitor-like cells and recellularization of decellularized mouse lung scaffolds
ERP117764Characterization of Potato virus x in capsicum
ERP117765Analysis of population structure and connectivity of Octopus mimus in the Eastern Pacific
ERP117767Ganoderma boninense NJ3 genome assembly was analyzed using Augustus gene prediction tool for the identification of carbohydrate-active enzyme and plant-host interaction genes.
ERP117769Gut microbiota dysbiosis in Neurodevelopmental disorders
ERP117770Fungal communities in groundwater springs along the volcanic zone of Iceland
ERP117771Genotyping of Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineages circulating in Algeria
ERP117772Genotyping of Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineages circulating in Algeria
ERP117773Genotyping of Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineages circulating in Algeria
ERP117774Genotyping of Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineages circulating in Algeria
ERP117775Genotyping of Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineages circulating in Algeria
ERP117776Genotyping of Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineages circulating in Algeria
ERP117777Genotyping of Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineages circulating in Algeria
ERP117778Genotyping of Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineages circulating in Algeria
ERP117779Comparative genome analysis of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae isolated from domestic pigs and wild boars reveals host adaptation and selective pressure from the use of antibiotics
ERP117781Genotyping of Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineages circulating in Algeria
ERP117783H2 Metabolism Revealed by Metagenomic Analysis of Subglacial Sediment from East Antarctica
ERP117784Tissue-selective targeting redefines the mechanism of nuclear receptor Reverba control over clock and metabolism - ChIP-seq
ERP117786Metagenome assembled genomes retrieved from Guanabara Bay sediment cores.
ERP117787Microbiota differences of native and invasive gelatinous zooplankton organisms in a low saline environment
ERP117791Metagenomic analysis of historical herbarium specimens reveals a postmortem microbial community
ERP117792Systems biology of prostate cancer
ERP117793Description of the associations between Bebryce grandycalix and other organisms
ERP117794Characterization of the venom peptide repertoire of the red ant Manica rubida (Myrmicinae)
ERP117797Metagenome of a nitrite-oxidizing enrichment from Austrian saline-alkaline lake containing Nitrospira alkalitolerans
ERP117798Methylome and engram stability
ERP117799Biodiversity effects on community ecosystem functions
ERP117800Effects of a resistance gene affecting fungal pathogen infection on the microbiome of crop residue: the case of the Leptosphaeria maculans-Brassica napus pathosystem
ERP117802Transcriptome analysis of the venom gland of Centruroides hirsutipalpus
ERP117804Characterisation of chromosome derived circular DNA elements from blood and muscle tissue of pigeon.
ERP117805The first draft genome sequence of Malaysian stingless bee, Heterotrigona itama (Apidae, Meliponinae)
ERP117806Herbicide metabolic resistance gene discovery in Lolium rigidum using RNA-Seq
ERP117813Population and evolutionary analysis of Korean native duck using whole-genome sequencing data
ERP117814Fecal carriage of Extended Spectrum beta-Lactamase (ESBL)/ AmpC-producing Escherichia coli in horses
ERP117815Results of the Cambridge Metagenomics Challenge Workshop July/August 2019 conducted by PuntSeq and the Cambridge Biomakespace
ERP117816Error-correction enables use of Oxford Nanopore technology for reference-free transcriptome analysis
ERP117818An ectopic IgH 3' superenhancer endows AID-initiated lesions to participate into distant class switching junctions
ERP117819We compared seedling and reproductive stage transcriptomes for both coconut types to determine potential molecular mechanisms underlying control of flowering time in coconut.
ERP117820Oxytetracycline induces collapse and restructuring of the gut microbiome in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
ERP117821Exploring Ulva australis Areschoug for possible biotechnological applications: In vitro antioxidant and enzymatic inhibitory properties and fatty acids contents
ERP117822Analysis of organized relationship between the gut microbiota, uremic metabolites known to be produced in the gut, and kidney function impairment, of the patients in various stages of Chronic Kidney Disease.
ERP117824WGS of 47 isolates of C.difficile ribotype 046 from both humans and pigs in Sweden.
ERP117825Prey (COI) and microbiome (16S) in the guts of (historic) museum specimen Antarctic fish (Trematomus sp.).
ERP117831Phylogeographical analysis reveals the historic origin, emergence, and evolutionary dynamics of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ST228
ERP117832CAGE-Sequencing of tissues from Benz 2616
ERP117835We describe carbapenem-resistant K2-ST86 hypermucoviscous Klebsiella pneumoniae strains isolated in France.
ERP117836Putative epigenetic biomarkers of stress in the red blood cells of chickens reared across different biomes
ERP117837Single cell RNA Seq of cortex cells from adult human ovaries
ERP117839Predicting antibiotic resistance in clinical infections caused by Enterobacterales from aggregated population-level taxonomy-adjusted AMR estimates derived from quantitative metagenomic analysis of pooled human faecal samples
ERP117842Quantitative transcriptomics in evaluating ovarian developmental effects in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) caged at a capped waste disposal site
ERP117843Detection of an HLA-A*02:611
ERP117844Whole genome sequencing of Enterobacteriaceae with mcr-mediated colistin resistance
ERP117845Metagenomic analysis of dental calculus of ancient baboons
ERP117849The effect of an in vitro subacute rumen acidosis on the bacterial community and the recovery process applying amplicon Illumina MiSeq and PacBio sequencing
ERP117851Bile salt metabolism is not the only factor contributing to Clostridioides (Clostridium) difficile disease severity in the murine model of disease.
ERP117852RNA-seq comparison of CD81 positive and negative cells in subcutaneous and visceral white fat and brown fat tissues in mouse
ERP117854Fermentable dietary fiber promotes helminth infection and exacerbates host inflammatory responses
ERP117855Revised phylogeny of genus Aliivibrio suggest novel species and individualistic variations among strain clusters
ERP117856Baltic Sea metagenome assembly and MAG data sets: Coastal transect 2015 and LMO time series 2013-2014
ERP117857SOX9 regulates NAV3 to control cytoskeletal and mechanical properties of profibrotic myofibroblasts during renal fibrosis
ERP117858King Saint Louis Visceral Microbiome.
ERP117859Whole track RNAseq of two different integrative vectors: pSET152::PrpsJ:acbC and pGUS::PrpsJ:gusA. in Actinoplanes sp. SE50/110.
ERP117861Whole track RNAseq of the deletion mutant ?cgt in Actinoplanes sp. SE50/110 during growth phase and during transition into stationary phase
ERP117862RNA-Seq profiling of ERCC1-XPF DNA repair defect (Er1F/-) versus wild type (Er1F/+) macrophages
ERP117865Progesterone receptor and Hepatitis E virus
ERP117866Prenatal low-dose penicillin results in long-term sex-specific changes to murine behaviour, brain, immune regulation, and gut microbiota
ERP117867Gut microbiota related to high altitude adaptation in Tibetan humans and pigs
ERP117868Genome comparison of Symbiodinium isolates
ERP117870The association between the oral and vaginal microbiota of South African adolescents.
ERP117871Mycobactrium cambodiensis genome
ERP117873Bartonella spp genome
ERP117874On the identity of Radix peregra (O. F. Müller, 1774)(Gastropoda: Basommatophora: Lymnaidae) in the Azores
ERP117875RNA sequencing from Leptosphaeria-infected cotyledons (Brassica napus cv. Darmor).
ERP117876Freshwater monitoring by nanopore sequencing (Guppy v3.1.5 basecalls)
ERP117877Conversion of Escherichia coli to generate all biomass carbon from CO2
ERP117879Genomic Variation between PRSV Resistant Transgenic SunUp and Its Progenitor Cultivar Sunset Induced by Particle Bombardment Transformation
ERP117881Streptomyces mexicanus genome
ERP117882Field sampling of Ectocarpales and associated microbes from Southern Australia
ERP117883Targeted re-sequencing of NLRs in tetraploid wheat
ERP117884Hepatic transcriptome of hepatocyte-haploinsufficient RUVBL1 mice (RuvBL1hep+/-)
ERP117886Negativicoccus succinicivorans genome
ERP117887Determination of the transcription start sites of heterologous promoters in Actinoplanes sp. SE50/110 by 5'-end specific transcriptome sequencing
ERP117888Mycobacterium ulcerans genome
ERP117889Listeria monocytogenes genome
ERP117890Papiliotrema laurentii fungemia in a premature, very low-birth-weight neonate in Kuwait successfully treated with liposomal amphotericin B
ERP117891CNV in fall armyworms
ERP117892Pseudmonas aeruginosa PAO1 wild-type cultured in MOPS Glycerol compared to MOPS Glycerol Hypoxia (restricted oxygen).
ERP117893Amplicon sequencing of genus Nitrospira from nine Austrian saline-alkaline lakes
ERP117894RNA-seq of OE19 cells treated with siNT or siKLF5 for 72 hours
ERP117896An inter-laboratory study to investigate the impact of the bioinformatics component on microbiome analysis
ERP117898Return sludge treatment with endogenous free nitrous acid limits nitrate production and N2O emission for mainstream partial nitritation/anammox
ERP117899A Random Forest Algorithm Based on a cgMLST Scheme to Predict hvKP
ERP117900Raw sequences 16s
ERP117901Characterization of cucumber mosaic virus from capsicum
ERP117902Temporal gill transcriptome of the deep-sea mussel Bathymodiolus azoricus in situ and in the laboratory
ERP117903Characterization of cucumber mosaic virus from capsicum
ERP117904Demography and natural selection have shaped genome-wide variation in the widely distributed conifer Norway Spruce (Picea abies)
ERP117905Detection of an HLA-C*12:109
ERP117906ATAC-seq of oesophageal adenocarcinoma patient samples
ERP117912Single-cell gene expression of lymph node B cell-interacting reticular cells
ERP117913Genomic Analysis of Indian Congenital Muscular Disorder Patients Reveals a Wide Spectrum of Known and Novel Mutations
ERP117914Evolution of Streptococcus pneumoniae Serotype 3 in England and Wales: A Major Vaccine Evader
ERP117918RNA_seq-derived transcriptional profiling of gene expression for pericarp fruit tissue
ERP117921Ileostomy content from a colectomised Swedish adult individual
ERP117924Mycobacterium bovis genome
ERP117925Emergence of resistance to novel ß-lactam ß-lactamase inhibitor combinations due to horizontally-acquired AmpC (FOX-4) in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
ERP117928Genomic identification of the TRGC5 cassette and comprehensive analysis of the dromedary T cell receptor gamma (TRG) locus
ERP117931COSIMA project. Expression of OXA-type and bacterial fitness
ERP117932de novo transcriptome sequencing of branchiuran fish lice, Argulus foliaceus (Linnaeus, 1758) and Argulus coregoni (Thorell, 1865)
ERP117934Genomic isolates of S.pyogenes associated to necrotising fasciitis
ERP117936Draft genome sequence of Pluralibacter gergoviae ECO77, a unique multireplicon isolate of industrial origin
ERP117937Human RiboMetHSeq optimization
ERP117939Genomic diversity of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae isolated from UK swine
ERP117940We developed SASAR (“Super-ASsembly” from Assembly Reconciliation) as a meta-assembly tool to reconcile the result of different assemblies obtained from Nanopore long read sequencing data.
ERP117943Linking the effects of helminth infection, diet and the gut microbiota with human whole-blood signatures
ERP117944Linking the effects of helminth infection, diet and the gut microbiota with human whole-blood signatures (repeated measurements)
ERP117947storage of 5 computer files by coding into synthetic DNA oligos, and verification of encoding/decoding process via high-throughput sequencing
ERP117948Streptococcal genomic isolates associated to necrotising fasciitis (NSTI)
ERP117950Uncovering tumor intrinsic and extrinsic factors that regulate hepatocellular carcinoma growth using patient derived xenograft assays
ERP117951Mycobacterium mobilome
ERP117954Selective culture enrichment and sequencing of feces to enhance detection of antimicrobial resistance genes in third-generation cephalosporin resistant Enterobacteriaceae
ERP117955Structure and regulation of the cervicovaginal microbiome in a cohort of Afro-Caribbean women
ERP117957First Report of Bacterial Canker of Elm Tree Caused by Brenneria sp. in Hungary
ERP117958Aesculus hippocastanum is a new host plant of Brenneria nigrifluens
ERP117959Ancyronyx clisteri, a new Spider Water Beetle species from Borneo and comments on the variability and distribution of A. sarawacensis Jäch with description of the larva using DNA barcodes (Coleoptera: Elmidae)
ERP117960Bacterial Bark Canker of Walnut Caused by Brenneria nigrifluens
ERP117961Platanus x acerifolia is a new host plant of Brenneria nigrifluens
ERP117962Bacterial Bark Canker of Walnut Caused by Brenneria nigrifluens
ERP117963Nocardiosis identified by NGS approach
ERP117964Effect of age and the individual on the gastrointestinal microbiome of ponies fed a high-starch diet
ERP117966bacterial diversity
ERP117967bacterial diversity
ERP117968Estimating viral bottleneck sizes for FMDV transmission within and between hosts and implications for the rate of viral evolution
ERP117969CD56 as a marker of an ILC1-like population with NK cell properties that is functionally impaired in AML
ERP117971Postnatal gut immunity and microbiota development is minimally affected by prenatal inflammation in preterm pigs
ERP117972Two organellar genomes of the interspecific grapevine rootstock cultivar 'Börner'
ERP117974Detection of an HLA-C*07:154
ERP117976Molecular and morphological characterization of Melanothamnus testudinis sp. nov. (Rhodophyta, Rhodomelaceae) and its distinction from Polysiphonia carettia Hollenberg
ERP117978Tracing elevational changes in microbial life and organic carbon sources in soils of the Atacama Desert
ERP117979Use of DNA metabarcoding approach to perform food traceability on edible insect products
ERP117984DNA methylation profiling to investigate how Tet1 controls maintenance DNA methylation via the regulation of Dppa3 in ESCs
ERP117985Tet1 controls maintenance DNA methylation via the regulation of Dppa3
ERP117987a deep convolutional neural network classifier is developed to demultiplex based on the raw signal associated with the DNA barcodes used in Nanopore native RNA sequencing.
ERP117988Genome wide histone modification and RNA Polymerase II maps of K562 cell line
ERP117990EPIGENEC. Assessing the EPIdemiology and GENetics of Escherichia coli in the Netherlands
ERP117996Clinical samples from a genomic characterization of Carbapenem-susceptible Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains from two ICUs from the referral national hospital in Jakarta, Indonesia.
ERP117999TETs controls maintenance DNA methylation via the regulation of Dppa3
ERP118000RNA-seq of human iPSCs derived neural crest stem cells (NCSCs) upon knock-down of BAZ1B (WSTF), including 3 williams beuren syndrome lines, 1 atypical deletion line, and 3 individuals with 7q11.23 duplication syndrome. Each line has been infected with a scramble, or at least one of two short-hairpins (as described in the coupled paper).
ERP118001DNA-based evidence for ancient microbial life in loess paleosols
ERP118002Flagellin-elicited adaptive immunity suppresses flagellated microbiota and vaccinates against chronic inflammatory diseases
ERP118003Identification and characterization of genus Trichoderma using DNA sequencing of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region and the nuclear ribosomal large subunit (LSU) gene
ERP118005Taxonomic identification of colombian virus strains.
ERP118006A preliminary study of the effect of a high-salt diet on transcriptome dynamics in rat hypothalamic forebrain and brainstem cardiovascular control centers.
ERP118007Influence of cropping history on the soil and rhizosphere microbiota of rice and maize
ERP118008Plasmid dynamics in Klebsiella pneumoniae during an outbreak of a carbapenemase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae.
ERP118009Fecal microbiota in the Korean population
ERP118010Analysis of microbiota in beef stored at different temperature over time.
ERP118011Analyses of interactions and potential functions of microbiota in beef meat for maintaining food safety and quality
ERP118012An outbreak of gastroenteritis highlighting the diagnostic and epidemiological challenges of enteroinvasive Escherichia coli, Sweden, 2017
ERP118015A LINE-1 insertion situated in the promoter of IMPG2 is associated with autosomal recessive progressive retinal atrophy in Lhasa Apso dogs.
ERP118016Whole genome analysis of the Australian AUST-06 strain associated with cross-infection, isolated from people with cystic fibrosis
ERP118017Genome duplication in Leishmania major relies on DNA replication outside S phase
ERP118018Fecal microbiota signatures in Celiac Disease patients with poly-autoimmunity
ERP118019Anaerobic germination tolerance in rice derived from Ma-Zhan Red
ERP118021Conditional knockout of RAD51-related genes in Leishmania major reveals a critical role for homologous recombination during genome replication
ERP118023Mining the methylome reveals extensive diversity in Staphylococcus epidermidis restriction modification
ERP118024Detection of an HLA-DRB1*14:44
ERP118025Detection of an HLA-DRB1*16:35
ERP118027Population genomics of Tillandsia landbeckii reveals unbalanced genetic diversity and founder effects in the Atacama Desert
ERP118028Ancient Mycobacterium leprae genomes from the mediaeval sites of Chichester and Raunds in England
ERP118030High contiguity genome sequence assembly of Trifoliate yam (Dioscorea dumetorum) generated by long read sequencing
ERP118031Contrasting genomic signatures of selection driven by insecticide resistance between populations of the major malaria vector Anopheles funestus in Africa
ERP118032Distinctive growth and transcriptional changes of the diatom Seminavis robusta in response to quorum sensing related compounds
ERP118033UI-607: IIa ST8 CT5004 Listeriosis outbreak in Germany
ERP118034Avian Pathogenic E.coli strains
ERP118036Exome sequencing for Amazon native populations
ERP118037RNA-seq of human neutrophil-like cell line PLB-985 at various stages of differentiation with CRISPR knock-outs of H1 linker histones
ERP118038Host transcriptional responses to high- and low-virulent avian malaria parasites
ERP118040We studied the microbiome of fecal samples from rats treated or untreated with both antibiotics and chemically-induced colitis, and infected or uninfected with the symbiont Hymenolepis diminuta.
ERP118041Detection of an HLA-C*14:20
ERP118042Detection of an HLA-DRB1*04:68
ERP118044Postnatal gut immunity and microbiota development is minimally affected by prenatal inflammation in preterm pigs
ERP118045RNA-seq of heart from adult mice 4 and 48 hours post MycER activation compared controls
ERP118046RNA-Seq of Flp-In T-REx 293, two clones of CRISPR-Cas9 mediated knockout of CASC3 and further CASC3 depletion via small interfering RNAs
ERP118047Enhancer profiling using H3K27Ac ChIP-seq. signals in Kasumi-7, Kasumi-9, NAGL-1, and NALM-1 cell lines.
ERP118049C. jejuni from a dairy farm and milk-borne outbreak
ERP118050Hypermutation as an evolutionary mechanism for Achromobacter xylosoxidans in cystic fibrosis lung infection
ERP118052Pathogenicity of influenza viruses in mice lacking ANP32 proteins
ERP118054Dairy products and dairy processing environments as a reservoir of antibiotic resistance and quorum quenching determinants as revealed through (functional) metagenomics
ERP118056The probiotic L. casei LC-XCAL™ improves metabolic health in a diet-induced obesity mouse model in a microbiota-independent manner.
ERP118058MEF2D-HNRNPUL1 ChIP-seq in a genome-edited Kasumi-7 cell line
ERP118060Housing temperature alters exercise training adaptations in mice
ERP118061RNAseq of pancreata from KRasG12D/RosaMycER treated with Tamoxifen for different times
ERP118062HLA diversity in the Estonian population
ERP118065New Cfr-like protein implicated in PhLOPSa resistance in Clostridium difficile DF11
ERP118067Sarcophilus harrisii (Tasmanian devil) genome assembly, mSarHar1, alternate haplotype
ERP118068Sarcophilus harrisii (Tasmanian devil) genome assembly, mSarHar1
ERP118070Sequencing of DNA from MSA brain
ERP1180723' mRNA-seq of protrusions and cell bodies of BJ, PC-3M, RPE-1, U-87 and WM-266.4 cells
ERP118073Genetic subtypes of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma are associated with response to therapy and overall survival
ERP118075LongPIT sequence data
ERP118078ChIP-seq analyses of CTCF binding in liver samples from C57BL/6J (Mus musculus domesticus) mice
ERP118079WGS of Klebsiella pneumoniae
ERP118085Genomic characterization of Leishmania panamensis clinical isolates from patients with cutaneous Leishmaniasis
ERP118086Minor structural variation and complex clonal genomic structure in Leishmania (Viannia) panamensis
ERP118088Genome sequencing of Marine Flavobacteriaceae isolated from sponges
ERP118089Meningococcal quinolone resistance originated from several commensal Neisseria species
ERP118090Population history from the Middle Neolithic to present on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia
ERP118091Spa sulfurous water metagenomes: spatio-temporal study
ERP118093Dataset on antibiotic effects on the gut microbiome and host metabolism in type 1 diabetic mice
ERP118094Rapid Multiplex MinION Nanopore Sequencing Workflow for Influenza A Viruses
ERP118095Generation of a linkage map for the hybridising toads Bombina bombina and B. variegata
ERP118099Whole genome sequencing data of a Staphylococcus aureus MRSA CC398 strain (OR418) recovered from wild boar
ERP118103RNA sequencing of the ephemeroptera Cloeon dipterum transcriptome
ERP118106Molecular identification of fungi associated with mulberry root rot disease in Eastern and North Eastern India
ERP118107Molecular identification of fungi associated with mulberry root rot disease in Eastern and North Eastern India
ERP118115PrkA controls peptidoglycan biosynthesis through the essential phosphorylation of ReoM
ERP118117Viral metagenomic analysis of bat saliva viral communities in Peru
ERP118118Genetic and transcriptional dissection of resistance to Claviceps purpurea in the durum wheat cultivar Greenshank
ERP118119RNA-seq for gene expression changes upon silencing MEF2D-fusion in a MEF2D-HNRNPUL1 fusion-expressing Kasumi-7 cell line
ERP118120Whole genome sequence-based surveillance of S. pneumoniae strains in Portugal
ERP118121cpDNA sequence variation of Adonis vernalis and Poa badensis
ERP118123RNA-seq to investigate the effect of curcumin on hypoxia-induced proliferation of human retinal pigment epithelium ARPE-19 cells
ERP118125GEX: Single-cell RNA sequencing of human steady-state immune cells from the lamina propria of colon and matching mesenteric lymph nodes
ERP118126Localized metabolomic gradients in patient-derived xenograft models of glioblastoma
ERP118127The sea star, Pisaster ochraceus, has unique and dominant bacteria.
ERP118128Columbia spotted frogs (Rana luteiventris) have characteristic microbiota that may be shaped by their skin peptides and the environment
ERP118131Microbial Community Composition in Deep-Subsurface Reservoir Fluids Guides Fracture Characterization
ERP118132Molecular taxonomy of Leuclathrina translucida
ERP118133Bovine gene expression atlas
ERP118134Discover new allele of HLA A*33 in Taiwan
ERP118135Investigations of the transcriptome of Mus musculus tumour cell lines with and without mitochondrial DNA using Nanopore long reads
ERP118139Algae-associated microbiota
ERP118140Minimicrobia massiliensis genome
ERP118144Norwegian Buhund Cerebellar Ataxia
ERP118145Comparative genomics of two aphid parasitoids with different reproductive modes and extreme codon bias
ERP118146Phages plant pathogens
ERP118148Stromal evolution of cancer-associated fibroblasts in PDAC GEMMs
ERP118149Draft genome sequence of Pseudomonas protegens Pf1.
ERP118150Variola virus genome sequenced from an 18th century museum specimen supports the recent origin of smallpox
ERP118151First report of Grapevine Yellow Speckle Viroid-2 in Greece
ERP118153The genetic underpinnings of wing and genital pheromones of male Heliconius butterflies
ERP118154Case Control Candidate Gene Study for Human African Trypanosomiasis
ERP118155Human (healthy control and CRC donors) fecal microbiota transfer (FMT) to germ-free mice.
ERP118158SNP identification in genome-wide association study (GWAS) panel of pea (Pisum sativum L.)
ERP118159RNA modifications mapping by comparative Nanopore direct RNA sequencing
ERP118160Sequencing of MNase-treated macronuclear DNA
ERP118161Radiation exposure of peripheral mononuclear blood cells alters the composition and function of their extracellular vesicles
ERP118162Comparative genomics of Alexander Fleming's celebrated fungus Penicillium rubens (IMI 15378) sheds light on the evolution of penicillin synthesis genes
ERP118163Metagenome mining of new SAR11 myophages
ERP118165SS2_1: Single-cell RNA sequencing of human steady-state immune cells from the lamina propria of colon and matching mesenteric lymph nodes
ERP118166mRNA sequencing by Lexogen Quantseq 3 prime of colorectal liver metastases
ERP118167Parasites modulate the gut-microbiome in insects: A proof-of-concept study
ERP118168Direct and maternal reduced balanced protein diet influences the liver transcriptome in chickens
ERP118169Full-length immunoglobulin high-throughput sequencing in POEMS syndrome
ERP118171Identification of a novel deafness gene: functional studies of candidate genes to DFNA58 locus
ERP118172Moraxella-associated Nasopharyngeal Microbiota Are Associated with Upper Respiratory Infection and Sinusitis in Pediatric Populations
ERP118173Microbiota characterization among Heliconius erato phyllis caterpillars
ERP118175Contribution of fungal microbiome to intestinal physiology, early-life immune development and mucosal inflammation in mice
ERP118176Salmonella Mikawasima ST1815 outbreak
ERP118177Ecological Globalisation, Serial Depletion and the Medieval Trade of Walrus Rostra
ERP118178Wolbachia in mosquito population
ERP118182A collection of Wolbachia genomes from public samples
ERP118183Rhizospheric organic acids as biostimulants: interactions with soil borne microorganisms and effect on soil biochemical properties
ERP118184Whole-genome sequencing of Starkeya veronica
ERP118185EMG produced TPA metagenomics assembly of PRJEB20800 data set (Gut resistome modulates resilience and recovery of gut microbiota after broad-spectrum antibiotic treatment).
ERP118186Arabidopsis halleri shows hyperbioindicator behaviour for Pb and leaf Pb accumulation spatially separated from Zn
ERP118187Free Faecal Water in Horses: Analysis of faecal microbiota and the impact of faecal microbial transplantation on symptom severity
ERP118188Optimizing DNA extraction methods for Nanopore sequencing of Neisseria gonorrhoeae direct from urine samples
ERP118189Sequencing of A. sarmentosa diversity assessment
ERP118191Improvement of the genome of Rhopalosiphum padi using ONT MinION sequencing
ERP118192RNA-seq of antennal tissue of male and female honey bees (Apis mellifera) at 2 different time points of the day
ERP118194ATAC-seq of Kasumi-7 acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line harboring MEF2D-HNRNPUL1 fusion gene
ERP118196Additional new species of Grouvellinus Champion 1923 (Insecta, Coleoptera, Elmidae) discovered by citizen scientists and genetically barcoded in the field applying a new MinION-based workflow
ERP11819710k Salmonella Project
ERP118198Endogenous retroviral elements of CHO cells
ERP118200The mitochondrial genome of a human individual from Broion shelter, Italy.
ERP118201Profiling of total and AGO1-associated small RNAs in Col-0 wild type, rns2-2 and rns2-3 flowers
ERP118202Transcriptional profiles of human circulating innate lymphoid cells and CD4 T helper cells
ERP118203Equine skeletal muscle RNA-seq from samples taken at rest and post acute exercise.
ERP118204Study of the spatial and temporal genetic structure of R. padi in England using genotyping-by-sequencing
ERP118208Pooled CRISPR screening with high sensitivity using empirically designed sgRNAs
ERP118209Linc-GALMD1 regulates viral gene expression in the chicken
ERP118210Fungal Planet description sheets: 1042–1111
ERP118212Effects of long-term mineral fertilization on soil microbial functional community
ERP118213Genome of Dionaea muscipula
ERP118214Aldrovanda vesiculosa (whaterweel) genome
ERP118218Exploiting genomic differences between Listeria monocytogenes EGDe isolates reveals crucial roles for SigB and wall rhamnosylation in biofilm formation.
ERP118219Publicly available whole-genome sequencing data supports TB surveillance
ERP118220Transcriptome profiling of human urothelial carcinoma cell lines RT-112, VM-Cub-1, SW1710, UMUC3 and a benign urothelial control HBLAK engineered to stably express HDAC5 against their vector control
ERP118221Fitness determinants during Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm growth
ERP118222Genetic analysis of HDACs in a PDAC mouse model
ERP118223Molecular taxonomy of the genus Cladostephus (Sphacelariales, Phaeophyceae)
ERP118226Notch2 Signaling Induces Trans-differentiation of Follicular to Marginal Zone B Cells
ERP118227Assessing Species-Time Relationships in water-filled treehole bacterial communities
ERP118228RNA-seq of Delta47 human myeloma cells expressing either the FNDC3A protein or a Mock control
ERP118229Sequencing of RNAs derived from the purified endoplasmic reticulum of human LP1 myeloma cells expressing either the wt FAM46C protein or the D90G mutant allele
ERP118231Agrenseq on Aegilops sharonensis
ERP118233Point mutations in topoisomerase I alter the mutation spectrum in E. coli and impact the emergence of drug resistance genotypes
ERP118235Agrenseq on Aegilops sharonensis
ERP118238Evolution towards human-specific Salmonella enterica accompanied the Eurasian Neolithization
ERP118240The DNA of things
ERP118242Draft genome of an isolate of Extensively-Drug Resistant (XDR) Mycobacterium tuberculosis from Eastern Nepal
ERP118243Reconstruction of complex rearrangement patterns causing the initiation of clear cell renal cell carcinoma.
ERP118244Algae-growth promoting methylobacteria
ERP118246Coat color variation in domestic yak
ERP118248An integrated approach to profile lung tumor endothelial cell heterogeneity across species and models and to identify angiogenic candidates
ERP118250Optimizing the genetic prediction of the eye and hair color for North Eurasian populations
ERP118251Avian pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC) strain-dependent immunomodulation of respiratory granulocytes and mononuclear phagocytes in CSF1R-reporter transgenic chickens
ERP118252Shotgun sequencing of a Torymus bedeguaris larva (sample T1) inhabiting a rose bedeguar gall, for the purpose of studying associated microorganisms
ERP118255Identification and characterization of bacteria causing flacherie in mulberry silkworm, Bombyx mori L.
ERP118256Draft genome of an isolate of Extensively-Drug Resistant (XDR) Mycobacterium tuberculosis from Eastern Nepal
ERP118258Biodiversity of Capsicum annuum (Red chilli) Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria Isolated from Different Agro-climatic Zones of Pakistan
ERP118262Steering root microbiomes of a commercial horticultural crop with plant-soil feedbacks
ERP118263Target-capture based phylogenomics of Nepenthes using Angiosperm-353 bait kit
ERP118264Molecular characterization of bacterial fish pathogens
ERP118265Desulfovibrio sp.86 was isolated from consortium 86 obtained from chlordecone insecticide enrichment cultures
ERP118266Pooled CRISPRi screening of the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 for enhanced growth, tolerance, and chemical production
ERP118267Animal experiment: the effect of fecal microbiota from preeclampsia patients on the pregnant mice
ERP118268A case-control study to compare the fecal microbiome of preeclampsia and normotensive pregnant women
ERP118269A case-control study to compare the placental microbiome of preeclampsia and normotensive pregnant women
ERP118270Genomic sequence and assembly of the beetle Ophraella communa (ragweed leaf beetle), belongs to the family Chrysomelidae.
ERP118271Soybean Aphid Biotype 1 Genome: Insights into invasive biology and adaptive evolution of a major agricultural pest
ERP118273SS2_2: Single-cell RNA sequencing of human steady-state immune cells from the lamina propria of colon and matching mesenteric lymph nodes
ERP118275Characterization of fish pathogens ECPs
ERP118276A scalable CRISPR/Cas9-based fluorescent reporter assay to study DNA double-strand break repair choice
ERP118277Response of Cucumber and Tomato Microbiomes to Rainfall
ERP118280Detection of an HLA-DQB1*05:05:02
ERP118283Human dendritic cell subsets in acute skin inflammation
ERP118284RNA-seq analysis following REVERBalpha knockdown in fibroblasts
ERP118285Biomolecular analyses reveal the age, sex and species identity of a near-intact Pleistocene bird carcass
ERP118288Response of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi to grazing in wetland ecosystem on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau
ERP118289Transcriptomic analysis of mouse splenic B cells that are either TG2-sufficient or TG2-deficient
ERP118290Pivotal roles for pH, lactate and lactate-utilizing bacteria in the stability of a human colonic microbial ecosystem
ERP118292Understanding the viral piRNA production in mosquitoes
ERP118293Deciphering the antennal transcriptome in response to arboviral infection
ERP118296Improving Culex Reference Genome with Long-Read Sequencing
ERP118298Ostreobium quekettii SAG6.99 RNAseq transcriptome sequencing
ERP118299Evaluation of the natural bacterial diversity of field-caught Ae. aegypti infected with Wolbachia
ERP118300Diversity of ace-1 duplications in Anopheles gambiae
ERP118312Tackling rapid radiations with targeted sequencing
ERP118313Search for polymorphisms in the structural regions of the LGB1, LGB2 and LALBA genes of the domestic horse and their association with expression level. National Science Centre (Poland) grant: 2016/21/N/NZ9/01350
ERP118315VDJ: Single-cell RNA sequencing of human steady-state immune cells from the lamina propria of colon and matching mesenteric lymph nodes
ERP1183164C-seq to show the effects of insertion of STITCH into MYC+30kb and NEUROG2-65kb positions on the chromatin conformation in human iPSCs and differentiated neural progenitor cells
ERP118317B4GALT1 Is a New Candidate to Maintain the Stemness of Lung Cancer Stem Cells
ERP118319An indigenous Saccharomyces uvarum population with high genetic diversity dominates uninoculated Chardonnay fermentations at a Canadian winery
ERP118320A nanopore based chromosome-level assembly representing Atlantic cod from the Celtic Sea
ERP118321EPS Bifidobacterium and model colon microbiota
ERP118322Benz2616 Rambouillet sheep mRNA sequencing
ERP118324Arginine sensing regulates virulence gene expression and disease progression in enteric pathogens.
ERP118327Metagenomic sequencing was performed after bloodstream infection in patients with finger injuries
ERP118328The prevalence and genomic context of Shiga toxin 2a genes in E. coli found in cattle
ERP118329Novel RHD mutation resulting in an amino acid substitution in the first extracellular loop of the Rhesus protein
ERP118331Colour-sidedness in Gloucester cattle is associated with a complex structural variant impacting regulatory elements downstream of KIT
ERP118332Transcriptomics in Cuscuta spp.
ERP118333tRNA 2'-O-methylation by a duo of TRM7/FTSJ1 proteins modulates small RNA silencing in Drosophila.
ERP118334Adaptor protein RapZ activates endoribonuclease RNase E by protein-protein interaction to cleave a small regulatory RNA
ERP118335The effect of moxidectin on the faecal microbiome of horses with low parasite burdens
ERP118339Disrupting butterfly caterpillar microbiomes does not impact their survival and development
ERP118341DNA methylation patterns vary in boar sperm cells with different levels of DNA fragmentation
ERP118343Functionally annotating regulatory elements in the equine genome using histone mark ChIP-Seq
ERP118344A new Haloactinobacterium species, isolated from soil of a copper mine
ERP118348The ability to manipulate ROS metabolism in pepper may affect aphid virulence
ERP118351Single-cell gene expression of germinal center B cells from CXCL12-conditionally deficient and –sufficient mice
ERP118353Inclusion of Oxford Nanopore long reads improves all microbial and phage metagenome-assembled genomes from a complex aquifer system
ERP118355Amplicon Deep Sequencing of Plasmodium falciparum Kelch13 isolates from Senegal
ERP118356Burkholderiaceae genomes sequenced for genome mining
ERP118357QTL map based candidate gene discovery for salt tolerance in rice
ERP118358Affect of antiviral ribavirin on YFV WT and vaccine strains.
ERP118359Fermented food metagenomics reveals substrate-associated differences in taxonomy, antibiotic resistance and health-associated determinants
ERP118362Reciprocal cybrids reveal how organellar genomes affect plant phenotypes
ERP118364Neolithic genomes reveal a distinct ancient HLA allele pool and population transformation in Europe
ERP118365How phlorizin affects gut microbes
ERP118366Pecten maximus (king scallop) genome assembly, xPecMax1, alternate haplotype
ERP118367Pecten maximus (king scallop) genome assembly, xPecMax1
ERP118368SPOCD1 is a novel executor of piRNA-directed DNA methylation that links MIWI2 to the de novo DNA methylation machinery
ERP118369Microbial sequencing of traditional Chinese medicine fermentation broth
ERP118371Role of SigB in Listeria monocytogenes biofilm formation
ERP118372Biogas upgrading from lipid-rich wastewaster promoted by biogas recirculation.
ERP118373Analysis of freeze-dried faecal samples collected from individuals between 1974 and 1980
ERP118374Lutra lutra (Eurasian otter) genome assembly, mLutLut1, alternate haplotype
ERP118375Lutra lutra (Eurasian otter) genome assembly, mLutLut1
ERP118376RNAseq of the two isogenic variants of the CAL27 head-and-neck cancer cell line with wild-type or mutated CYP1B1 genotype
ERP118377ChIP-seq of HNF4A and GATA6 in oesophageal adenocaricnoma OE19 cells
ERP118378Habitat selection linked to dietary specialisation in the Eurasian pigmy shrew (Sorex minutus)
ERP118381High connectivity of the white seabream (Diplodus 2 sargus, L. 1758) in the Aegean Sea, eastern 3 Mediterranean basin
ERP118382(Cross-)Resistance to Antibiotics and Non-Antibiotic Antibacterials in Laboratory Isolates of Escherichia coli
ERP118383Outbreak of invasive pneumococcal disease connected to shipyard, Finland, May-October 2019
ERP118385Northern German Theodoxus fluviatilis population structure based on ITS2 phylogenetic markger gene study
ERP118386Healthy in vivo human liver samples
ERP118387Improved reference genome assembly for Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas)
ERP118388RNA-seq of human mesenchymal stromal cells cultured in PEG hydrogels with and without FGF-2
ERP118389Proasellus meridianus in Norway
ERP118390Comparing diversity levels in environmental samples: DNA sequence capture vs. metabarcoding approaches using 18S and COI genes
ERP118391Assessing the utility of using a next generation sequencing platform to develop a Shigella spp threshold and emerging pathogens to profile faecal samples from individuals with suspected diarrhoea
ERP118392Secale cereale Lo7 assembly
ERP118393Sequencing of Lymniadeae from Estonia and Germany
ERP118394Whole genome sequencing of Chryseobacterium sp. CECT 9390
ERP118395A footptrint of plant eco-geographic adaptation on the composition of the barley rhizosphere bacterial microbiota
ERP118396Whole genome sequencing of Chryseobacterium sp. CECT 9393
ERP118397Whole genome sequencing of Chryseobacterium sp. CECT 9293
ERP118398Shotgun sequencing of archaelogical paleofeces and sediments
ERP118399scRNAseq of Cyp11a1-expressing cells from mouse melanoma model derived tumors
ERP118400Relationships between nitrogen cycling microbial community abundance and composition reveal the indirect effect of soil pH on oak decline
ERP118403Genome sequence and assembly of abnormal chromosome 10 genome Ab10
ERP118404High-resolution transcriptional profiling of Anopheles gambiae spermatogenesis reveals mechanisms of sex chromosome regulation
ERP118406Effects of a resistance gene affecting fungal pathogen infection on the microbiome of crop residue: the case of the Leptosphaeria maculans-Brassica napus pathosystem
ERP118408Transcriptomes of MDA-MB-231 and LM2-4/luc+ human breast cancer cell-lines
ERP118409Clades of huge phage from across Earth's ecosystems
ERP118412Sequencing genome and transcriptome of Sparganum proliferum
ERP118413Genome and transcriptome sequencing of Spirometra erinaceieuropaei
ERP118414Single cell RNA-sequencing of lineage-negative fraction of stromal cells isolated from inguinal white adipose tissue in mouse
ERP118417Linked-read genome of Nesidiocoris tenuis, a zoophytophagous mirid
ERP118418Sciurus vulgaris (red squirrel) genome assembly, mSciVul1, alternate haplotype
ERP118419Sciurus vulgaris (red squirrel) genome assembly, mSciVul1
ERP118420Neostethus bicornis genome assembly, fNeoBic2, alternate haplotype
ERP118421Neostethus bicornis genome assembly, fNeoBic2
ERP118422Sciurus carolinensis (grey squirrel) genome assembly, mSciCar1, alternate haplotype
ERP118423Sciurus carolinensis (grey squirrel) genome assembly, mSciCar1
ERP118424Candidate Gene Case Control Study of Human African Trypanosomiasis
ERP118425Sex control breeding of obscure pufferfish
ERP118426Microbiological quality, fungal diversity and aflatoxins contamination in carob flour (Prosopis flexuosa)
ERP118428Secale cereale Lo7 - GBS data
ERP118429Shotgun sequencing of a Torymus bedeguaris larva (sample T3) inhabiting a rose bedeguar gall, for the purpose of studying associated microorganisms
ERP118430Shotgun sequencing of a Diplolepis rosae larva (sample D5) inhabiting a rose bedeguar gall, for the purpose of studying associated microorganisms
ERP118431Shotgun sequencing of a Diplolepis rosae larva (sample D7) inhabiting a rose bedeguar gall, for the purpose of studying associated microorganisms
ERP118432Shotgun sequencing of a Diplolepis rosae larva (sample D11) inhabiting a rose bedeguar gall, for the purpose of studying associated microorganisms
ERP118433Shotgun sequencing of a Periclistus brandtii larva (sample P9) inhabiting a rose bedeguar gall, for the purpose of studying associated microorganisms
ERP118434Shotgun sequencing of a Orthopelma mediator larva (sample O6) inhabiting a rose bedeguar gall, for the purpose of studying associated microorganisms
ERP118435Shotgun sequencing of a Orthopelma mediator (sample O8) larva inhabiting a rose bedeguar gall, for the purpose of studying associated microorganisms
ERP118436Shotgun sequencing of a Orthopelma mediator (sample O10) larva inhabiting a rose bedeguar gall, for the purpose of studying associated microorganisms
ERP118437Shotgun sequencing of a Orthopelma mediator (sample O12) larva inhabiting a rose bedeguar gall, for the purpose of studying associated microorganisms
ERP118438Inferring tunicate relationships and the evolution of the tunicate Hox cluster with the genome of Corella inflata
ERP118440scRNA seq of the hESC line H9 differentiated to retinal pigment epithelium at two different time points
ERP118441To investigate the association between gut microbiota and formation of cholesterol gallstone
ERP118443emm1 increases in scarlet fever outbreaks
ERP118444Five Streptococcus suis complete genomes
ERP118446Characterising viable bacteria on hat fed to horses when left dry, after soaking in water or after high temperature steaming.
ERP118448Paleogenomic diversity of micro-eukaryote communities obtained from DNA archived in sediments of 48 French lakes
ERP118449Linked-read genome of Bracon brevicornis, a parasitoid wasp, with annotation
ERP118450Hybrid genome of Trichogramma brassicae, a parasitoid wasp
ERP118452Phage-host interactions in Alteromonas
ERP118453RNA-seq analysis of LAN-1 neuroblastoma cells treated with G9a inhibitor BIX-01294.
ERP118457Genomic and phenotypic characterisation of invasive neonatal and colonising group B Streptococcus isolates from Slovenia, 2001-2018
ERP118460CRISPRi screen in E. coli MG1655 with the EcoWG1 library
ERP118462Collection of various small RNA sequencing libraries of C. Reinhardtii.
ERP118463FILTURB1: A comparison of eDNA field sampling methods to characterise amphibian communities in turbid aquatic environments
ERP118464Bombus haematurus in Italy
ERP118465New ancient Eastern European Yersinia pestis genomes illuminate the dispersal of plague in Europe
ERP118466Electrolithoautotrophy as potential primary metabolism for colonization of conductive surfaces in deep-sea hydrothermal chimneys
ERP118468Erythroid differentiation regulator-1 is induced by microbiota in early life and drives intestinal stem cell proliferation and regeneration
ERP118469Effect of forage particle size on hindgut fermentation and the fecal bacterial community
ERP118470Novel RHD gene variant resulting in the abolition of the stop codon
ERP118471Identification of an ABO*A2-like allele based on a novel combination of three previously known ABO gene polymorphisms
ERP118472RNA-seq of purified cardiomocytes from adult mice (+/- AAV-CCNT1) 4 hours post MycER activation compared controls.
ERP118473A novel splice- site mutation in the ABO gene causing an ABO Bel subgroup phenotype
ERP118474Bioinformatics pipelines comparison for the analyses of 16S metagenomic data in clinical samples
ERP118475Comparison of RNA-seq of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (WT and (p)ppGpp0) under the absence of branched chain amino acids
ERP118476Changes in peatland microbiome through rewetting
ERP118478Higher spatial than seasonal variation in floodplain soil eukaryotic microbial communities
ERP118479Whole-transcriptome of the liver in 15-day-old C3H/HeOuJ and CAST/EiJ mice.
ERP118484RNA-seq of HEK293T total RNA treated with 40 nM pre-miR-124/pre-miR-132 against mock treated control samples
ERP118485Mapping the bacterial ecology on the phyllosphere of dry and post soaked grass hay for horses
ERP118486RNA-seq of miR-CLIP double purified, miR-124/miR-132 miR-CLIP probe treated HEK293T cells and corresponding mock treated and intermediate samples
ERP118487Characterization of the gut microbiota of the Antarctic sea urchin Abatus agassizii
ERP118489Genome of cultivated Magnetospirillum species to decipher the evolution of magnetotaxis
ERP118490Genome of cultivated Magnetospirillum species to decipher the evolution of magnetotaxis
ERP118491Genome of cultivated Magnetospirillum species to decipher the evolution of magnetotaxis
ERP118492Genome of cultivated Magnetospirillum species to decipher the evolution of magnetotaxis
ERP118493Genome of cultivated Magnetospirillum species to decipher the evolution of magnetotaxis
ERP118494Comparative analyses of vertebrate gut microbiomes reveal convergence between birds and bats
ERP118496RNA-Seq of GNRH1 neurons differentiated from human pluripotent stem cells (1)
ERP118497Effect of heat stress on developing wheat grain
ERP1184982-year decomposition study of seagrass Zostera muelleri leaf and rhizome/roots in Australia
ERP118499ChIP-seq analysis of RNA polymerase II occupancy in wt, wee1-50 and cdc25-22 fission yeast cells
ERP118500Transcription profiling of Arabidopsis thaliana leaves as reaction to caterpillar (Trichoplusia ni) feeding and fungi (Laccaria bicolor) infection of the roots
ERP118503RNAseq on PBMC of two patients with a novel syndromic entity combining immunodeficiency, lymphoproliferation and HLH-like phenotypes, and three age and sex-matched controls for each patient.
ERP118504Small RNAome characterization of Gigaspora margarita BEG34 germinated spores
ERP118505RNA-seq analysis of astrovirus replication in human intestinal enteroids reveals multi-cellular tropism and an intricate host innate immune landscape
ERP118507Transcriptomics analysis of skeletal muscle in humans with heart failure
ERP118508Secale cereale L. inbred line 'Lo7' genome assembly paper Rabanus-Wallace et. al
ERP118509RNA-seq of Mycobacterium smegmatis wild type and deletion mutant of the redox-sensing MarR-type repressor HypS revelas HypS function in hypochlorite and antimicrobial resistance.
ERP118511A snapshot of diversity: Intraclonal variation of Escherichia coli clones as commensals and pathogens
ERP118513mtDNA genomes of seven hominin remains from Bacho Kiro Cave
ERP118516High-accuracy nanopore consensus sequencing for protein engineering
ERP118518Reactors applied to the treatment of vinasse - FEAGRI / UNICAMP
ERP118524Microbial Diversity in Chinese Healthy and Patients with Acne
ERP118526Methodological insight into mosquito microbiome studies: dissection and preservation
ERP118529Age-dependent expression of cancer-related genes in a long-lived seabird
ERP118530Microbiome signature in insect-based food
ERP118531Development and validation of an HPLC method for the quantitative analysis of bromophenolic compounds in the red alga Vertebrata lanosa
ERP118532Development and validation of an HPLC method for the quantitative analysis of bromophenolic compounds in the red alga Vertebrata lanosa
ERP118533A unified protocol for simultaneous extraction of DNA and proteins from archaeological dental calculus
ERP118534ChIP-seq of Myxococcus xanthus to identify CdbA DNA binding sites in vivo
ERP118535Complete genome sequence of 6 Mycoplasma feriruminatoris strains, fast-growing mycoplasma species isolated in Switzerland
ERP118536A phylogenomic analysis of Nepenthes (Nepenthaceae)
ERP118537RNA-seq of murine mesenchymal stem cells during differentiation to osteoblasts, treated with tofacitinib or baricitinib against vehicle control
ERP118538Comparative and population genomics approaches reveal basis of adaptation to desert conditions in a small rodent
ERP118539RNA-seq of Lon and FtsH conditional mutants of Mycoplasma pneumoniae under depleting and inducing conditions
ERP118540Tick-Borne Relapsing Fever caused by Borrelia persica in a Traveler returning from Central Asia
ERP118542WGS for Paragraph SV assessment
ERP118543Genetic determinants of phage infection by transposon sequencing
ERP118544Single cell transcriptional characterization of 1488 human megakaryocytes and 885 haematopoietic stem cells
ERP118545Off Earth Identification of Bacterial Populations Using 16S rDNA Nanopore Sequencing
ERP118546Obesity-Induced Microbiome Alterations Result in Severe Gastrointestinal Graft-Versus-Host Disease Following Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
ERP118549Transcriptome comparison after RCO induction
ERP118550Bacteriome of Washing machines
ERP118551Salmonella Agona outbreak in 2019
ERP118553Emergence of a truly multidrug-resistant Candida kefyr (Kluveromyces marxianus) in Kuwait
ERP1185543'-Seq LK Pabpn1 KD in vivo
ERP118555The impacts of iron limitation and ocean acidification on the cellular stoichiometry, photophysiology, and transcriptome of Phaeocystis antarctica
ERP118563Microbiome signatures of diagnosis and aggressiveness of a neurovascular disease, cavernous angioma
ERP118564Rapid sex-specific adaptation to high temperature in Drosophila
ERP118565Efficacy of PD-L1 targeting and novel mechanisms of resistance in metastatic colorectal cancer
ERP118566Two case reports with multifocal infections due to Campylobacter fetus
ERP118567Identification of a Novel Pathogenic Missense Mutation in the Fibronectin type III Domain of ITGB4 Gene in Epidermolysis Bullosa with Pyloric Atresia
ERP118568Human Milk Composition to 24 Months
ERP118570NOD2 Influences Trajectories of Intestinal Microbiota Recovery After Antibiotic Perturbation
ERP118571Drawing an image of zinc homeostasis in Mycobacterium smegmatis - The critical role of Zur and SmtB autoregulation
ERP118573Spirodela intermedia 7747 assembly
ERP118575Six Acinetobacter genomes
ERP118577Molecular characterization of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase genes in Enterobacteriaceae isolates from Nigeria
ERP118579Groundwater bacterial communities evolve over time, exhibiting cyclic similarity patterns in response to annual recharge events
ERP118580Antibiotic effects on the selection of enteric bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract of weaned piglets
ERP118581This study was conducted to understand the epidemiology of antimicrobial resistant bacteria transmission between animals, people and environment in the greater greater Serengeti ecosystem.
ERP118583First descriptions of larval stages of Grouvellinus spp. (Insecta: Coleoptera: Elmidae) from Borneo matched with the imagines by mtDNA barcodes.
ERP118584A low-digestibility protein supplementation during an energy-restricted diet reduces visceral fat and stimulates gut microbiota aminoacid metabolism in subjects with metabolic syndrome
ERP118585Sequencing of 16S rRNA amplicons tp understand microbiological contamination of beef carcases and products in the boning room of two Australian beef export abattoirs.
ERP118586The impact of gut microbiota on chemotherapy-induced gastrointestinal toxicity in children with leukemia
ERP118588Phylogeography of Pleistodontes nigriventris from northern and southern populations in Australia
ERP118589Enterococcus burkinafasonensis genome
ERP118590Colibactin causes genomic instability and promotes Wnt independence in primary colon epithelial cells
ERP118591Latrine inside an old palace (18th century) (Sassari - Italy)
ERP118592Evolution of gut microbiome in early childhood: a cross-sectional study of Chinese children
ERP118593Bi-allelic SNP markers of 133 cultivar and 112 wild soybean samples through whole-genome sequencing
ERP118595PoolSeq analysis of seasonal variation in a natural population of the non-biting midge Chironomus riparius
ERP118596Liquid Biopsy-Based Single-Cell Transcriptome Profiling Characterizes Heterogeneity of Disseminated Tumor Cells from Lung Adenocarcinoma
ERP118597Amlakhadi sample WGS study
ERP118598Transcription profiling of Arabidopsis thaliana leaves as reaction to fungi (Laccaria bicolor) infection of the roots
ERP118600The chromosomal architecture of acute myelocytic leukemia HL-60 cells upon all-trans retinoid acid treatment
ERP118601Genome sequencing of wild and cultivated mediterranean olive trees (Olea europaea) identifies recurrent hybridization during domestication
ERP118602A new symbiotic lineage related to Neisseria and Snodgrassella arises from the dynamic and diverse microbiomes in sucking lice
ERP118603RNA-seq of phage VPE25 treated Enterococcus faecalis OG1RF relative to untreated controls
ERP118605RNAseq of iPSC derived cardiomyocytes in response to endothelin-1 as a model for cardiac hypertrophy
ERP118607Antibacterial compounds from actinomycetes collected in Switzerland
ERP118608The basis for natural multiresistance to phage in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
ERP118611Field-adapted full genome sequencing of peste-des-petits-ruminants virus using Nanopore sequencing
ERP118615Bacillus velezensis genome
ERP118616Analysis of the West Nile Virus Outbreak in Germany 2018-2019
ERP118617WGS of Noire du Velay ewes with low and high prolificacy
ERP118618Whole genome sequencing of Swedish Giant Schnauzers with and without hypothyroidism
ERP118619A Reference Genome Sequence for the European Silver Fir (Abies alba Mill.): A Community-Generated Genomic Resource
ERP118620Pre-extinction Demographic Stability and Genomic Signatures of Adaptation in the Woolly Rhinoceros
ERP118622Single Molecule Real-Time DNA sequencing of HLA genes
ERP118624Sequencing data: Lake mixing regime selects methane-oxidation kinetics of the methanotroph assemblage
ERP118625Identification of conditionally essential genes for Streptococcus suis infection in pigs
ERP118626Phototrophic bacterial diversity in Gujarat, India
ERP118629Ferula sadleriana microsatellite discovery.
ERP118635Phototrophic bacterial diversity in gujarat, India
ERP118637Holistic optimization of bioinformatic analysis pipeline for detection and quantification of 2'-O-methylations in RNA by RiboMethSeq
ERP118639Phototrophic bacterial diversity from Gujarat, India
ERP118640Phototrophic bacterial diversity in gujarat, India
ERP118641Phototrophic bacterial diversity of gujarat, India
ERP118643Virome sequencing of human stool
ERP118645Arabidopsis halleri extreme-habitat local adaptation
ERP118646Metagenomes of cloud water sampled at puy de Dôme Mountain (1465m asl, France).
ERP118648Comparing the influence of different peptides to CD4 T cell clone
ERP118651Role of caecal microbiota in differential resistance to Campylobacter jejuni colonisation in chickens.
ERP118656Phototrophic bacterial diversity in Gujarat, India
ERP118657Native AM fungal inoculation in Estonian quarry for vegetation restoration
ERP118658Miseq WGS of an XDR Salmonella typhi italian isolate
ERP118659Dubourgella massiliensis genome
ERP118660Coliphages complete genomes
ERP118661Pototrophic bacterial diversity in Gujarat, India
ERP118662Phototrophic bacterial diversity in Gujarat, India
ERP118663The Relationship between Fecal Bile Acids and Microbiome Community Structure in Pediatric Crohn's Disease
ERP118664Phototrophic bacterial diversity in gujarat, India
ERP118665Phototrophic bacterial diversity of gujarat, India
ERP118666Phototrophic bacterial diversity of gujarat, India
ERP118667Defining the core group of the genus Gomphonema Ehrenberg with molecular and morphological methods
ERP118668RNA-seq of Phlebotomus papatasi after feeding with blood, and blood containing Leishmania major, Leishmania donovani and Herpetomonas muscarum.
ERP118669Phototrophic bacterial diversity of gujarat, India
ERP118670Phototrophic bacterial diversity of gujarat, India
ERP118671Phototrophic bacterial diversity of gujarat, India
ERP118672Phototrophic bacterial diversity of gujarat, India
ERP118673Differential efficacies of Cas nucleases on microsatellites involved in human disorders and associated off-target mutations
ERP118675Phototrophic bacterial diversity of gujarat, India
ERP118676Rain water from Opme meteorological station (680m, central France)
ERP118677Phototrophic bacterial diversity of gujarat, India
ERP118678Phototrophic bacterial diversity of gujarat, India
ERP118681Phototrophic bacterial diversity of gujarat, India
ERP118682Coherent and complementary results from marker gene time-series and minimalist mixed-cultures
ERP118684Phototrophic bacterial diversity of gujarat, India
ERP118685Microbial genomes from non-human primate gut metagenomes expand the primate-associated bacterial tree of life with over 1,000 novel species
ERP118686Phototrophic bacterial diversity of gujarat, India
ERP118688In this study we assessed the effects of indirect exposure of antibiotics via irrigation water in microbiomes and resistomes composition of soil and Lactuca Sativa (Lettuce) in a controlled setting. We collected samples from soil and roots, and microbiome composition of all samples went through shotgun-sequencing.
ERP118689Role of Ribonuclease inhibitor (RNH1) in haematopoietic stem cell function
ERP118691In this study we assessed the effects of indirect exposure of antibiotics via irrigation water in microbiomes and resistomes composition of soil and Lactuca Sativa (Lettuce) in a controlled setting. We collected samples from soil and roots, and microbiome composition of all samples were analyzed by 16s rDNA amplicon sequencing
ERP118693Associations between the intestinal microbiome and the complement system in age-related macular degeneration
ERP118694Pervasive and non-random recombination in near-full length HIV genomes from Uganda. HIV genomes assembled from clinical samples. Please see for details and additional information.
ERP118697Transcriptional responses of Paxillus involutus driven by phosphate availability and ectomycorrhizal symbiosis with Pinus Sylvestris
ERP118698Interspecific interactions infections select against Pseudomonas aeruginosa mutators, analysis of clinical samples
ERP118700Sampling of UK - North sea coastline
ERP118701Whole genome sequencing of Klebsiella pneumoniae
ERP118702hvCAS treated with T3-EC
ERP118703Whole-genome sequencing of Mus minutoides
ERP118704Whole genome sequencing of Salmonella Infantis isolates from chicken meat samples in Turkey
ERP118705Seasonal and diel patterns of bacteriophages in the Red Sea
ERP118706Yamadazyma vietnamensis f.a., sp. nov. endophytic yeast from coconuts
ERP118707The phylogeny of Ptiliidae (Coleoptera: Staphylinoidea) – the smallest beetles and their evolutionary transformations
ERP118709Gut microbiota and gallstone formation - cohousing study
ERP118710Antigenic variation by switching inter-chromosomal interactions with an RNA splicing locus in trypanosomes
ERP118712Spirodela intermedia 8410 assembly
ERP118714Phototrophic bacterial diversity of gujarat, India
ERP118717Foxh1/nodal defines context-specific direct maternal Wnt/Beta-catenin target gene regulation in early development
ERP118718Anaerobic digestion of human excreta
ERP118722Import of aspartate and malate by DcuABC drives H2/fumarate respiration to promote Salmonella initial gut-luminal colonization
ERP118723Bacterial sequences
ERP118725Verification of the polyamine biosynthesis mutant
ERP118726Prokaryote community metabarcoding data from sediments of coastal and estuarine locations of the Bay of Biscay
ERP118728The objective of the current study was to provide up-to-date data on prevalence and types of ESBL/pAmpC-E and MRCPS among healthy dogs in Sweden.
ERP118730Full set of variants (113 SNPs) within the LTA4H gene in a Portuguese dataset of 112 TB patients and 120 controls in order to assess their association with TB susceptibility
ERP118731Direct RNA sequencing reveals m6A modifications on adenovirus RNA are necessary for efficient splicing
ERP118732Bacterioplankton reveal years-long retention of Atlantic deep-ocean water by the Tropic Seamount
ERP118733Effect of proteases on soil: Bioestimulation and Microbial Biodiversity
ERP118735Sporaefaciens musculi gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel bacterium isolated from the caecum of an obese mouse
ERP118736Sporaefaciens musculi gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel bacterium isolated from the caecum of an obese mouse ONanopore_reads
ERP118737Alteration in the Culex pipiens transcriptome reveals the implication of the mosquito immune system during Rift Valley fever phlebovirus infection
ERP118744First report of Erwinia amylovora causing fire blight in apple in India.
ERP118745Tick-symbiont interactions
ERP118746Streptococcus suis from chickens and pigs from Vietnam - ViParc study
ERP118750Effects of diets high in animal or plant protein on oxidative stress in individuals with type 2 diabetes: a randomized clinical trial
ERP118751Fecal microbiota in early stage melanoma patients
ERP118754Gut microbiota composition and frailty in elderly patients with Chronic Kidney Disease
ERP118755Non-canonical splicing and novel gene products revealed by direct RNA sequencing of adenovirus transcripts
ERP118756novel SNPs in the genomic region of bovine BAMBI gene
ERP118758GeDI-MeDIP sequencing: A novel method for parallel identification of genetic and epigenetic variations in a same reduced fraction of large genomes
ERP118759The epigenetic pattern and genome-wide CTCF occupancy in HL-60 cells treated with ATRA
ERP118760Unveiling the Ecological Applications of Ancient DNA from Mollusk Shells
ERP118761Single Sentence Summary: Short-term treatment with rapamycin reverses periodontal bone loss, attenuates inflammation, and remodels the oral microbiome toward a more youthful state.
ERP118762Comprehensive single-PCR 16S and 18S rRNA community analysis validated with mixed 16S and 18S rRNA mock communities and denoising algorithms
ERP118763Single-cell RNA sequencing of 22 Hodgkin lymphoma tumors and 5 reactive lymph nodes
ERP118765Engineering a miniaturized SaCas9 adenine base editor with reduced RNA off-targets and increased on-target DNA editing efficiencies
ERP118769Genetic variation of the giant mud crab Scylla serrata in relation to metal pollution of Indonesian Mangroves
ERP118770MiR-200b-5p as a suppressor by targeting FGF4
ERP118771MiR-200b-5p as a suppressor by targeting FGF4
ERP118773Functional MHC diversity in Scottish Blackface sheep
ERP118775FloChIP's histone mark data obtained in multiplexing mode
ERP118776FloChIP TF benchmarking data
ERP118777Molecular characteristics of Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacterales in the Netherlands; Results of the 2014-2018 national laboratory surveillance
ERP118778Phylogenetic analysis and distribution of torque teno virus in Romanian healthy individuals
ERP118779Gut microbiome alterations after high-fat low-carbohydrate weight reduction diet: pros and cons
ERP118782Tree root zone microbiome: exploring the magnitude of environmental conditions and host tree impact
ERP118784Vulnerability of drug-resistant EML4-ALK rearranged lung cancer to transcriptional inhibition
ERP118787Mouse brown adipocyte single nucleus RNAseq with Smartseq2
ERP118789Resistance genes in landrace collection
ERP118790Structural venomics reveals evolution of a complex venom by duplication and diversification of an ancient peptide-encoding gene
ERP118793Clytia hemisphaerica genome assembly.
ERP118797Peptide venom composition of the fierce stinging ant Tetraponera aethiops
ERP118799Insight into the Microbiome of the Subterranean Aphid Anoecia corni
ERP118800Adding insult to injury: The effects of chronic oxybenzone exposure and elevated temperature on two reef-building corals
ERP118802Environmental impact of underwater exhausted CO2 from ships and its potential as antifouling strategy
ERP118803Analysis of genomic divergence landscape in recurrently hybridising Chironomus sister taxa suggests stable steady-state between mutual gene-flow and isolation
ERP118805Amplicon-based high-throughput sequencing method capable of species-level identification of coagulase-negative staphylococci
ERP118806Population genetics and genomics of Trichogramma evanescens
ERP118807KLF5 ChIP-seq in CP-A and OE19 cells
ERP118809Photosynthetic culture enrichments of cloudwater
ERP118810Sequencing and assembly of 5 wheat lines
ERP118811Comparison of the intestinal bacterial communies between sympatric wintering hooded crane (Grus monacha) and domestic goose (Anser anser domesticus)
ERP118812Generation and Evaluation of Hybrids of Pleurotus giganteus (Berk.) Karunarathna & K.D. Hyde and Identification of the Hybrids using ISSR Markers
ERP118814tRNA fragments (tRFs) populations analysis in mutants affecting tRNAs processing and tRNA methylation
ERP118815Molecular epidemiology of EV-D68 based on the VP1 sequences
ERP118816Child stunting is a significant health concern in low and middle-income countries. Delayed and reduced growth or stunting results from nutrition deficiencies, genetics, and altered gut microbiota. Recent studies have shown that gut bacteria of stunted children are different from their normal counterparts, generally with lower Firmicutes/Proteobacteria ratio. While the role of bacteriophages (phages for short) in regulating bacterial populations in the environment is well studied, their role in gut dysbiosis is unknown. In collaboration with the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh, we have studied the role of phages in healthy and stunted children from Bangladesh. We show that these children harbor distinct gut bacteriophages relative to their non-stunted counterparts. Furthermore, the gut bacteriophages isolated from this children are infectious and can regulate bacterial abundance and composition in an age-specific manner, highlighting their possible role in the pathophysiology of child stunting.
ERP1188172-year decomposition study of seagrass Zostera muelleri leaf and rhizome/roots in Australia - associated sediments
ERP118819Fusarium from muskmelon
ERP118820Application of next generation sequencing (NGS) for identification of prosthetic joint infection pathogens: a diagnostic evaluation study
ERP118821Transcriptome sequencing (brain and liver) of Mus minutoides
ERP118822Lab-scale aerobic granular sludge fed with acetate
ERP118823Conditioning of soil with wild plant species suppresses thrips
ERP118824Tracing back the evolutionary route of the Enteroinvasive Escherichia coli (EIEC) and Shigella through the example of the highly pathogenic O96:H19 EIEC clone
ERP118826Shotgun sequencing of Culicoides infected by Schmallenberg virus
ERP118828A landscape of genomic alterations at the root of near-untreatable tuberculosis
ERP118829Identification of a shearwater specimen in a Danish museum