AccessionTitle or Alias
SRP007328Functional Genomics in Mice by Exome Sequencing
SRP007330Vreteno, a gonad-specific protein, is essential for germline development and primary piRNA biogenesis in Drosophila.
SRP007331Tdrd1 acts as a molecular scaffold for Piwi proteins and piRNA targets in zebrafish.
SRP007332Transcriptome of the demosponge Amphimedon queenslandica at life cycle transitions
SRP007333IkBa associates with histone H2A in human keratinocytes
SRP007334Genome-wide maps of epigenetic features in G1E model and in mouse primary erythroblasts.
SRP007335Comprehensive Analysis of mRNA Methylation Reveals Enrichment in 3' UTRs and Near Stop Codons
SRP007336piRNA production requires heterochromatin formation in Drosophila
SRP007337Analysis of transcript abundance during appressorium formation in the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae using HT-SuperSAGE.
SRP007338Widespread regulated alternative splicing of single codons accelerates proteome evolution
SRP007339piRNA production requires heterochromatin formation in Drosophila
SRP007340Rapid Genome Evolution Mediated by Duplicated Sequences in Clonally Propagated Organism
SRP007342Sequencing of Bovine herpesvirus 4 V.test strain reveals important genome features
SRP007343Comparison of transcript abundance in mycelium from the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae grown in rich medium and in minimal medium using HT-SuperSAGE.
SRP007344Chromatin accessibility, p300 and histone acetylation define PML-RARalpha- and AML1-ETO-binding sites
SRP007345Analysis of DNA methylation in a three-generation family reveals widespread genetic influence on epigenetic regulation
SRP007346Tissue-specific ChIP-seq of C. elegans Rb/E2F
SRP007347Profiling of differential allelic expression in horse, donkey, mule and hinny placental tissue
SRP007348GSE30225: Open chromatin defined by DNaseI and FAIRE identifies regulatory elements that shape cell-type identity [FAIRE_seq]
SRP007349GSE30224: Open chromatin defined by DNaseI and FAIRE identifies regulatory elements that shape cell-type identity [DNase_seq].
SRP007350GSE30226: Open chromatin defined by DNaseI and FAIRE identifies regulatory elements that shape cell-type identity [ChIP_seq].
SRP007351GSE30222: RNA-seq of brain and various cell lines
SRP007352DNA binding factors shape the mouse methylome at distal regulatory regions [ChIP-seq].
SRP007353Labyrinthulomycete comparative genome sequencing
SRP007354DNA binding factors shape the mouse methylome at distal regulatory regions [BIS_seq]
SRP007355HEB and E2A function as SMAD/FOXH1 cofactors
SRP007356Nicotiana tabacum Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP007357Integrating 5 Hydroxymethylcytosine into the Epigenetic Landscape of Human Embryonic Stem Cells
SRP007358Application of Microdroplet PCR for Large-Scale Targeted Bisulfite Sequencing
SRP007359Digital gene expression and global mapping of polyadenylation sites with PolyA-Seq
SRP007360Super Elongation Complex (SEC) and global genomic analyses in murine embryonic stem (ES) cells and in human cells in response to activation signals.
SRP007361RNA-Seq of Sorghum bicolor 9d seedlings in response to osmotic stress and abscisic acid
SRP007362GSE30263: TCF Binding Sites by ChIP-seq from ENCODE/University of Washington
SRP007363Bupleurum chinense Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP007364macropus eugenii WGS
SRP007365Comparison of the distal gut microbiota from humans and animals in Africa
SRP007366Dynamic DNA Cytosine Methylation in the Populus trichocarpa Genome
SRP007368Broad miscellaneous virus genome sequencing project
SRP007369Definition of Complex Rearrangements By Target Capture in Next Generation Sequencing
SRP007370Mapping Quantitative and Complex Traits Using Phenotype-based Selection and Introgression with Next-Gen Sequencing
SRP007371Generation of a rainbow trout reference transcriptome for identifying genes responding to stressors of aquaculture environments
SRP007372Acclimation of the global transcriptome the cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. strain PCC 7002 to nutrient limitations and different nitrogen sources
SRP007373Community proposal to sequence a diverse assemblage of saprotrophic Basidiomycota (Agaricomycotina)
SRP007375Deep sequencing of the transcriptome indicates seasonal adaptive mechanisms in a hibernating mammal
SRP007377Arsenite modifies structure of soil microbial communities and arsenite oxidization potential
SRP007379Genome-wide Analysis of the Emerging Infection with Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis in the Arabian Camels (Camelus dromedarius)
SRP007383transcriptome of Saccharina latissima
SRP007384Genome-wide capture of plasticity-induced nascent RNAs in neurons: nRNA-seq
SRP007385Single-Cell Semiconductor Sequencing: scRNA-Seq
SRP007386First Somatic Mutation of E2F1 in a Critical DNA Binding Residue Discovered in Well- Differentiated Papillary Mesothelioma of the Peritoneum
SRP007387Identification and analysis of pancreatic islet specific enhancers
SRP007388Oryza sativa Japonica Group Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP007389Sequencing 6 primate exomes captured by human based exome chip
SRP007391Acceleration of Emergence of BActerial Antibiotic Resistance in Connected Microenvironments
SRP007392Detoxification activity and energy cost is attenuated in the white?ies feeding on Tomato yellow leaf curl China virus-infected tobacco plants
SRP007393The retinoblastoma orthologue, rblA, is a major regulator of S-phase, mitotic, and developmental gene expression in Dictyostelium
SRP007394Unique small RNA signatures uncovered in the tammar wallaby genome [small RNA_seq]
SRP007395Transcriptome analysis of rice roots and tips in early development by massive parallel sequencing
SRP007396Transcriptomic response of goat mammary epithelial cells to Mycoplasma agalactiae challenge – a preliminary study
SRP007397Tammar Wallaby Genome Sequencing
SRP007398Transcriptome sequencing of naked mole rat, Heterocephalus glaber
SRP007399Exome Sequencing for Diseases of the Immune Systems: X-linked Immunodeficiency with Magnesium Defect, EBV Infection and Neoplasma
SRP007400Sperm methylation profiles reveal features of epigenetic inheritance and evolution in primates
SRP007401MicroRNAome of pig adipose and muscle tissues
SRP007402Comparison of transcript abundance in mycelium from the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae grown in rich medium and in minimal medium using RNA-Seq
SRP007403An EMT-driven alternative splicing program occurs in human breast cancer and modulates cellular phenotype.
SRP007404Genome-wide analysis of H4K5-acetylated genes in fear memory
SRP007405Cell-type based analysis of microRNA profiles in the mouse brain
SRP007406Base-resolution analyses of parent-of-origin and sequence dependent allele specific DNA methylation in the mouse genome (ChIP-seq and Methyl-seq)
SRP007408Cutting through the fat: a quantitative survey of vascular wall gene expression changes following a high-fat diet in rat.
SRP007409Effect of switching bioenergy crops on rhizosphere N-cycling bacteria/archaea in different soils
SRP007410Population genetics of Vibrio cholerae from Nepal in 2010: evidence on the origin of the Haitian outbreak
SRP007411Punctularia strigosozonata HHB-11173 SS5 genome sequencing
SRP007412The evolution of gene expression levels in mammalian organs
SRP007413Development of daily rhythmicity in the rat pineal transcriptome interrogated using RNA-Seq
SRP007414Transcriptome analysis of the cowpea bruchid: Oxygen deprivation alters gene expression of metabolic enzymes and heat shock proteins
SRP007416Deep sequencing the circadian transcriptome of Drosophila brain
SRP007417GSE30400: RNA-Seq in GM12878 (ENCODE Project)
SRP007418GSE30399: Genome wide mapping for TF binding sites for Pol II, JunD, cFos, Max & cMyc in GM12878 (ENCODE Project)
SRP007420Strand-specific transcriptome profiles of the oral pathogen Porphyromonas gingivalis using genomic tiling microarray and RNA sequencing
SRP007421Opposing roles of E2A and Id3 that orchestrate and enforce the naive T cell fate
SRP007422Derivation of Rhesus Monkey Parthenogenetic Embryonic Stem Cells and its MicroRNA Signature
SRP007423Genome-wide maps of H3K4me3 and H3K27me3 in HY(Hwayong) and chd1(chr729) rice.
SRP007424Allele specific mRNA-seq expression profiling in Arabidopsis thaliana Col and Ler reciprocal F1 hybrid embryo and endosperm
SRP007425Aspergillus niger RNA-seq data for de novo assembly testing
SRP007426Streptococcus pneumoniae 5652-06 genome sequencing project
SRP007427Streptococcus pneumoniae GA11856 genome sequencing project
SRP007429Streptococcus pneumoniae 7533-05 genome sequencing project
SRP007430Phylogenomics and the origin and diversification of Kingdom Fungi
SRP007431Systematic discovery of complex in vivo dynamics of the microbiota
SRP007432Viral Tagging: a high-throughput approach to explore virus-host interactions
SRP007433Genome sequence of a saprotrophic basidiomycete
SRP007434Characterization of the fecal bacteria communities of forage-fed horses using pyrosequencing of 16s rRNA amplicons
SRP007435Diversity in mitochondrial genomic sequences in Arabidopsis thaliana
SRP007436Chromosomes carrying meiotic avoidance loci in three apomictic eudicot Hieracium subgenus Pilosella species share structural features with two monocot apomicts
SRP007437Wheat chromosome arm 4AL sequence survey
SRP007438Rhesus Testis cDNA 454
SRP007439Genome sequence and analysis of the tuber crop potato
SRP007440Streptococcus pneumoniae EU-NP04 genome sequencing project
SRP007441Streptococcus pneumoniae GA40410 genome sequencing project
SRP007442Streptococcus pneumoniae GA43264 genome sequencing project
SRP007443Streptococcus pneumoniae GA44128 genome sequencing project
SRP007444Streptococcus pneumoniae EU-NP03 genome sequencing project
SRP007445Streptococcus pneumoniae GA04175 genome sequencing project
SRP007446Streptococcus pneumoniae GA05248 genome sequencing project
SRP007447Streptococcus pneumoniae GA47522 genome sequencing project
SRP007448Streptococcus pneumoniae GA47760 genome sequencing project
SRP007449Streptococcus pneumoniae GA49542 genome sequencing project
SRP007450Streptococcus pneumoniae GA07914 genome sequencing project
SRP007451Streptococcus pneumoniae EU-NP02 genome sequencing project
SRP007452Streptococcus pneumoniae 4075-00 genome sequencing project
SRP007453Streptococcus pneumoniae GA02714 genome sequencing project
SRP007454Translocation-Capture Sequencing Reveals the Extent and Nature of Chromosomal Rearrangements in B Lymphocytes
SRP007455Coxiella burnetii multi-isolate
SRP007457Transcriptomics of the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella
SRP007458Structural variation hotspots in the soybean genome localize to clusters of biotic stress response genes
SRP007459Efficient Cross-Species Capture Hybridization and Next-Generation Sequencing of Mitochondrial Genomes from Non-Invasively Sampled Museum Specimens.
SRP007460An Extended dsRBD with a Novel Zinc-Binding Motif Mediates Nuclear Retention of Fission Yeast Dicer
SRP007461GSE30567: Long RNA-seq from ENCODE/Cold Spring Harbor Lab
SRP007462An atlas of DNA methylomes in pig adipose and muscle tissues
SRP007463Cyclobacterium marinum DSM 745 genome sequencing project
SRP007464Echinacea purpurea Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP007465The sequencing of hippocampal and cerebellar transcriptomes provides new insights into the complexity of gene regulation in the human brain
SRP007466Phenotypic plasticity of two eucalyptus genotypes subjected to field water shortage
SRP007469Transcriptomes of Frankia sp. strain CcI3 in growth transitions
SRP007470Short RNAs expression profiling in SET2 cells.
SRP007471Streptococcus pneumoniae GA47597 genome sequencing project
SRP007472Streptococcus pneumoniae GA19923 genome sequencing project
SRP007473Streptococcus pneumoniae 7879-04 genome sequencing project
SRP007476Nucleosomes regulate base-specific mutations in eukaryotes
SRP007477A powerful and flexible statistical framework for testing hypotheses of allele-specific gene expression from RNA-Seq data
SRP007478Microbialites from distant environments in Mexico
SRP007480Transcriptome analysis of orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides) spleen in response to Singapore grouper iridovirus
SRP007481Transposon-mediated gene regulatory network rewiring contributed to the evolution of pregnancy in mammals
SRP007483Transcriptomic analysis of autistic brain reveals convergent molecular pathology [high-throughput sequence data]
SRP007484Seedling transcriptome sequencing of the Arabidopsis thaliana MAGIC founder accessions
SRP007485ChIP-Seq data from Arabidopsis thaliana under dark and far-red light
SRP007486Dual Role of FoxA1 in Androgen Receptor Binding to Chromatin, Androgen Signaling and Prostate Cancer [ChIP_seq, DHS_seq]
SRP007487MicroRNA profiling of murine T lymphopoiesis
SRP007488RNA mapping of Drosha deficient cells
SRP007489Aspergillus fumigatus transcriptome under normoxia and hypoxia conditions
SRP007490Chromatin maps of mature T cells
SRP007491Bisulphite-sequencing of chromatin immunoprecipitated DNA (BisChiP-seq) directly informs methylation status
SRP007492Chromatin state signatures associated with tissue-specific gene expression and enhancer activity in the embryonic limb.
SRP007494Integrative Annotation of Human Large Intergenic Non-Coding RNAs Reveals Global Properties and Specific Subclasses
SRP007495Streptococcus pneumoniae GA14688 genome sequencing project
SRP007497St. Jude Children''s Research Hospital - Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome Project(PCGP): Whole Genome Sequencing of Childhood Retinoblastoma
SRP007498Unstressed HeLa cells and ELAVL1/HuR knock down conditions: polyA RNA-Seq, small RNA-Seq, and PAR-CLIP
SRP007499Performance comparison of exome DNA sequencing technologies
SRP007500The transcriptome sequencing of Digitalis purpurea leaves
SRP007501Genome of Indian Leishmania donovani
SRP007502Human metagenome of extremely low birth weight infants
SRP007503Multi-isolate study of Anopheles
SRP007504Genome of saprotrophic basidiomycete
SRP007506Determination of transcript abundance before and after serum induction in human HCT-116 colon cancer cell line.
SRP007507Exploring viral diversity in raw sewage
SRP007508The human mitochondrial transcriptome
SRP007510Transcriptional programs in transient embryonic zones of the cerebral cortex defined by high-resolution mRNA-sequencing
SRP007511Multiple tissue RNA sequencing of two Arabidopsis thaliana MAGIC founder accessions
SRP007512RNA sequencing reveals differential expression of mitochondrial and oxidation reduction genes in the long-lived naked mole-rat when compared to mice.
SRP007513Zelda binding in the early Drosophila melanogaster embryo marks regions subsequently activated at the maternal-to-zygotic transition
SRP007514Direct sampling of cystic fibrosis lungs indicates that DNA-based analyses of upper airway specimens can misrepresent infecting populations
SRP007516Role of FliL in Swarmer Cell Differentiation
SRP007517Changes in soil microbial diversity and composition across a ph gradient revealed through fingerprinting and illumina sequencing of ribosomal dna
SRP007518Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus CIG1750
SRP007519Oncogenic ETS proteins replace activated Ras/MAPK signaling in prostate cells.
SRP007520Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus CIG1770
SRP007521Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus CIGC340D
SRP007524Community analysis of bacterial biofilms of a finished drinking water supply reservoir by T-RFLP and pyrosequencing
SRP007525A Hybrid Mechanism of Action for BCL6 in B Cells Defined by Formation of Functionally Distinct Complexes at Enhancers and Promoters
SRP007526RNAi promotes heterochromatic silencing through replication-coupled release of RNA pol II (RNA seq)
SRP007527Chromatin maps of the Drosophila melanogaster TrxG protein Ash1 and FSH
SRP007528Genome-wide binding map of the HIV Tat protein to the human genome (ChIP-Seq)
SRP007529Budding yeast mRNA poly(A) site mapping
SRP007530Expression analysis in mouse female PGK12.1 ES cells by RNA-seq
SRP007531Oryza sativa Japonica Group Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP007532Transcriptome sequencing to systematically detect trans-splicing in human embryonic stem cells
SRP007535Mycobacterium massiliense 1S-154-0310 genome sequencing project
SRP007536Pyrosequencing the midgut transcriptome of the brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens
SRP007537Mycobacterium massiliense 2B-0307 genome sequencing project
SRP007538Mycobacterium massiliense 2B-0626 genome sequencing project
SRP007539Mycobacterium massiliense 2B-0912-R genome sequencing project
SRP007540Mycobacterium massiliense 2B-1231 genome sequencing project
SRP007541Alternative splicing and trans-splicing events revealed by analysis of Bombyx mori transcriptome
SRP007542Mycobacterium massiliense 1S-151-0930 genome sequencing project
SRP007543Mycobacterium massiliense 1S-152-0914 genome sequencing project
SRP007544Mycobacterium abscessus 3A-0122-S genome sequencing project
SRP007545Mycobacterium abscessus 3A-0731 genome sequencing project
SRP007546Mycobacterium abscessus 3A-0810-R genome sequencing project
SRP007547Mycobacterium abscessus 3A-0930-S genome sequencing project
SRP007548Mycobacterium abscessus 5S-0422 genome sequencing project
SRP007549Mycobacterium abscessus 5S-0817 genome sequencing project
SRP007550Mycobacterium abscessus 6G-0125-R genome sequencing project
SRP007551Mycobacterium abscessus 5S-1212 genome sequencing project
SRP007552Mycobacterium abscessus 6G-0212 genome sequencing project
SRP007553Mycobacterium abscessus 5S-1215 genome sequencing project
SRP007554Mycobacterium abscessus 6G-0125-S genome sequencing project
SRP007555Mycobacterium abscessus 5S-0921 genome sequencing project
SRP007556Mycobacterium abscessus 6G-0728-S genome sequencing project
SRP007557Mycobacterium abscessus 6G-1108 genome sequencing project
SRP007558Genome-wide Analysis of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
SRP007559Bactrocera dorsalis Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP007560Transcriptome for human liver cancer
SRP007561Chenopodium quinoa Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP007562Tammar wallaby CENP-A ChIP-seq
SRP007563Effect of splicing on histone H3 K36 methylation
SRP007564Mycobacterium massiliense CCUG 48898 genome sequencing project
SRP007565Retinoic Acid-Induced DR2 Alu Transcripts in Stem Cells Generate Functional Small RNAs that Mediate Target mRNA Degradation
SRP007566Embryonic stem cell based system for the discovery and mapping of developmental transcriptional programs
SRP007567Ribosome Profiling of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Reveals the Complexity of Mammalian Proteomes
SRP007568Establishment of Enhancer Repertoires that Orchestrate the Myeloid and Lymphoid Cell Fates (ChIP-Seq dataset)
SRP007569SuperSAGE evidence for CD14++CD16+ monocytes as a third monocyte subset
SRP007570Splicing enhances recruitment of methyltransferase HYPB/Setd2 and methylation of histone H3 lysine 36
SRP007571Genome Sequencing of Gastric Cancer Reveals Diverse Mutational and Pathogen Signatures
SRP007573Stream Biofilm Bacterial Communities Random Survey
SRP007574Arabidopsis Root-Associated Bacterial Communities Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP007575Multiple genetic pathways to similar fitness limits during viral adaptation to a new host
SRP007577Mercenaria mercenaria transcriptome sequencing
SRP007578Native molecular state of AAV vectors revealed by single molecule sequencing
SRP007579Genome-wide profiling of gene expression of normal and Tbx20 knockout adult mouse whole heart
SRP007580Transcription-associated Loading and Translocation of Condensin II on Chromosome Arms in Embryonic Stem Cells (flavopiridol ChIP-Seq)
SRP007581Arabidopsis AGO5 contributes to a POL II-based RNA silencing pathway directing epigenetic marks
SRP007582Plant Y-chromosome degeneration is retarded by haploid purifying selection.
SRP007583Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus CIG2018
SRP007584Genome sequencing of a Fusobacterium nucleatum colon cancer tumor isolate
SRP007586Matapan Metagenome
SRP007587Novel piRNA Pathway Components Identified Among the Class of TUDOR Domain Containing Proteins
SRP007588The Histone Methyltransferase Wbp7 Controls Macrophage Function through GPI Glycolipid Anchor Synthesis. [ChIP_seq]
SRP007589Deep sequencing of pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs reveals multiple mechanisms of resistance within a single population
SRP007590RNAi promotes heterochromatic silencing through replication-coupled release of RNA pol II (ChIP-seq)
SRP007591miRNA of Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas for different organs and developmental stages
SRP007592Distribution of Drosophila insulator proteins after ecdysone treatment in Kc cells
SRP007595Small RNA from W23 maize anthers at 1mm, 1.5mm, and 2mm
SRP007596Genome-wide maps of polyadenylation sites in control and PABPN1kd cells
SRP007598Ginkgo biloba Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP007599Perturbation dynamics of the rumen microbiota in response to exogenous butyrate
SRP007600GSE31039: Histone Modifications by ChIP-seq from ENCODE/LICR
SRP007601Tf1 transposition
SRP007602Frequent mutations of ubiquitin mediated proteolysis pathway in clear cell renal cell carcinoma
SRP007603Daubentonia madagascariensis Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP007605Comprehensive analysis of RNA-Seq data reveals extensive RNA editing in a human transcriptome
SRP007608Scabiosa columbaria Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP007609Developmental Profile of the Lucilia sericata Transcriptome
SRP007610miRNAs target conserved motifs of diverse genes encoding NB-LRRs to trigger trans-acting siRNAs in legumes.
SRP007611Joint analysis of microRNome and 3'-UTRome in the endometrium of rhesus monkey
SRP007612Parallel bacterial evolution within multiple patients identifies candidate pathogenicity genes
SRP007613Dissecting the retinoid-induced differentiation of F9 embryonal stem cells by integrative genomics [ChIP-seq]
SRP007614Population of viral small RNAs expressed in common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) T cells latently infected with Herpesvirus saimiri (strain A11)
SRP007615Profile of small interfering RNAs from cotton plants infected with the polerovirus Cotton leafroll dwarf virus
SRP007616Distinct soil bacterial communities revealed under a diversely managed agroecosystem
SRP007617Streptococcus pneumoniae GA06083 genome sequencing project
SRP007618Streptococcus pneumoniae GA13430 genome sequencing project
SRP007619Streptococcus pneumoniae GA19101 genome sequencing project
SRP007620Streptococcus pneumoniae GA02270 genome sequencing project
SRP007621Crassostrea gigas transcriptome
SRP007626Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP007627Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP007628Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP007629Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP007630Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP007633Characterization of the infant GUT bifidobacterial population by 16S amplicon pool pyrosequencing
SRP007634Meta-barcoding of 'dirt' DNA from soil reflects vertebrate biodiversity
SRP007635Chromatin Conformation Capture in two biological replicates of K562 cells to identify interactions between tRNA genes in human cells.
SRP007636ChIP-Seq for S.mansoni miracidia, cercaria, adult (male+female)
SRP007637Long-amplicon 454 sequencing reveals accession specific intra-individual polymorphisms in the ITS region of Arabidopsis thaliana
SRP007638Integrated epigenome profiling of repressive histone modifications, DNA methylation and gene expression in normal and malignant urothelial cells [ChIP-Seq data]
SRP007639Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 04KEN156/4 Genome sequencing
SRP007641small RNA profiling in human cell line following Dicer silencing
SRP007642An RNA-Seq Transcriptome Analysis of Orthophosphate-Deficient White Lupin Reveals Novel Insights into Phosphorus Acclimation in Plants
SRP007643DNA methylation profiling of flatfish dab (Limanda limanda)
SRP007644Transcriptome sequencing and comparative analysis of three Antarctic notothenioid species
SRP007647Streptococcus pneumoniae 8190-05 genome sequencing project
SRP007648Teladorsagia circumcincta Genome Sequencing
SRP007649Epigenetic Profiling of Human Colorectal Cancer
SRP007650RNA-seq and expression profile of WT and ZFP57 KO ES cells
SRP007651ChIP-Seq of HA tagged ZFP57 and KAP1 in mouse ES cells
SRP007652Nuclear DICKKOPF-1 as a biomarker of chemoresistance and poor clinical outcome in colorectal cancer
SRP007653Breast cancer risk-associated SNPs modulate the affinity of chromatin for FOXA1 and alter gene expression
SRP007655Comparative Analysis of RNA-Seq Alignment Algorithms and the RNA-Seq Unified Mapper (RUM).
SRP007656Core Sample from Deep Subsurface Metagenome
SRP007658Transcriptome sequencing of three Antarctic notothenioid species
SRP007659High Archaeal diversity in Antarctic circumpolar deep waters
SRP007661Tf1 transposition
SRP007662Hermes transposition
SRP007664Weakening of perennial ryegrass cell wall within the rumen is a rapid process accomplished predominantly by primary attached bacterial biofilm communities dominated by as yet uncultured Lachnospiraceae, Prevotellaceae and unclassified bacteria
SRP007665Global identification of (H3.3-H4)2 tetramer split positions by sequential ChIP-Seq in HeLa cells
SRP007666Postnatal development- and age-related changes in DNA methylation patterns in the human genome
SRP007667Heat-shock protein 90 globally targets paused promoters and regulates environment-induced gene expression
SRP007668MicroRNA expression during cell cycle arrest
SRP007669Dacryopinax sp. DJM-731 SS1 genome sequencing
SRP007670Alternative splicing of the TRPV1 gene underlies infrared sensation in vampire bats
SRP007671Repeatability and Contingency in the Evolution of a Key Innovation in Phage Lambda
SRP007672Transcriptomics of a Giant freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii: de novo assembly, annotation and marker discovery
SRP007673The transcriptome and proteome are altered in marine polychaetes exposed to elevated metal levels
SRP007674Sample richness and genetic diversity as drivers of chimera formation in nSSU metagenetic analyses
SRP007675Klebsiella pneumoniae Oxa-48 strain 1191100241 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP007676Tf1 transposition
SRP007677Tf1 transposition
SRP007678SAR324 cluster bacterium JCVI-SC AAA005 Genome Sequencing
SRP007679Microbial colonization and sepsis in premature infants
SRP007682Cannabis Sativa Genome Sequencing
SRP007683Chromera velia Transcriptome
SRP007685New Dominant Microbial Groups Along A Salinity Gradient
SRP007687Metagenomic sequencing of the accessory nidamental gland of Euprymna scolopes
SRP007688Yersinia pestis PY-03 Genome sequencing project
SRP007689Yersinia pestis PY-04 Genome sequencing project
SRP007690Bombus terrestris transcriptome project
SRP007693Targeted analysis of nucleotide and copy number variation by exon capture in allotetraploid wheat genome
SRP007694Effective Detection of Rare Variants in Pooled DNA Samples using Cross-Pool Tailcurve Analysis
SRP007695Population genomics in lake and stream stickleback populations
SRP007696Yersinia pestis PY-05 Genome sequencing project
SRP007697Yersinia pestis PY-06 Genome sequencing project
SRP007698Yersinia pestis PY-07 Genome sequencing project
SRP007699Yersinia pestis PY-08 Genome sequencing project
SRP007700Yersinia pestis PY-09 Genome sequencing project
SRP007701Yersinia pestis PY-10 Genome sequencing project
SRP007702Yersinia pestis PY-11 Genome sequencing project
SRP007703Yersinia pestis PY-12 Genome sequencing project
SRP007704Yersinia pestis PY-13 Genome sequencing project
SRP007705Yersinia pestis PY-14 Genome sequencing project
SRP007706Yersinia pestis PY-15 Genome sequencing project
SRP007707Yersinia pestis PY-16 Genome sequencing project
SRP007708Yersinia pestis PY-19 Genome sequencing project
SRP007709Yersinia pestis PY-100 Genome sequencing project
SRP007710Yersinia pestis PY-101 Genome sequencing project
SRP007711Yersinia pestis PY-103 Genome sequencing project
SRP007712Yersinia pestis PY-102 Genome sequencing project
SRP007713Yersinia pestis PY-113 Genome sequencing project
SRP007714Aedes albopictus oocyte transcriptome
SRP007715The Cyc8-Tup1 complex inhibits transcription primarily by masking the activation domain of the recruiting protein
SRP007716Yersinia pestis PY-25 Genome sequencing project
SRP007717Yersinia pestis PY-29 Genome sequencing project
SRP007718Yersinia pestis PY-34 Genome sequencing project
SRP007719Yersinia pestis PY-36 Genome sequencing project
SRP007720Yersinia pestis PY-32 Genome sequencing project
SRP007721Lingulodinium polyedrum transcriptome
SRP007722Yersinia pestis PY-42 Genome sequencing project
SRP007723Yersinia pestis PY-54 Genome sequencing project
SRP007724Yersinia pestis PY-45 Genome sequencing project
SRP007725Yersinia pestis PY-47 Genome sequencing project
SRP007726Yersinia pestis PY-53 Genome sequencing project
SRP007727Yersinia pestis PY-55 Genome sequencing project
SRP007728Yersinia pestis PY-52 Genome sequencing project
SRP007729Yersinia pestis PY-46 Genome sequencing project
SRP007730Yersinia pestis PY-48 Genome sequencing project
SRP007731Yersinia pestis PY-58 Genome sequencing project
SRP007732Yersinia pestis PY-59 Genome sequencing project
SRP007733Yersinia pestis PY-61 Genome sequencing project
SRP007734Yersinia pestis PY-63 Genome sequencing project
SRP007735Yersinia pestis PY-64 Genome sequencing project
SRP007736Yersinia pestis PY-66 Genome sequencing project
SRP007737Yersinia pestis PY-56 Genome sequencing project
SRP007738Yersinia pestis PY-60 Genome sequencing project
SRP007739Yersinia pestis PY-65 Genome sequencing project
SRP007740Yersinia pestis PY-71 Genome sequencing project
SRP007741Yersinia pestis PY-72 Genome sequencing project
SRP007742Yersinia pestis PY-76 Genome sequencing project
SRP007743Yersinia pestis PY-88 Genome sequencing project
SRP007744Yersinia pestis PY-89 Genome sequencing project
SRP007745Yersinia pestis PY-90 Genome sequencing project
SRP007746Yersinia pestis PY-91 Genome sequencing project
SRP007747Yersinia pestis PY-92 Genome sequencing project
SRP007749Viral and Microbial Cystic Fibrosis Lung Metagenome
SRP007750Boechera stricta Whole Genome Sequencing Project
SRP007751Yersinia pestis PY-93 Genome sequencing project
SRP007752Yersinia pestis PY-94 Genome sequencing project
SRP007753Yersinia pestis PY-95 Genome sequencing project
SRP007754Yersinia pestis PY-96 Genome sequencing project
SRP007755Yersinia pestis PY-98 Genome sequencing project
SRP007756Methicillin-resistant/vancomycin susceptible strain
SRP007757Tissue-Specific Transcriptome Comparisons in a Non-Model Insect, the Field Cricket Teleogryllus oceanicus
SRP007758De novo sequencing and comprehensive analysis of purple sweetpotato (Impomoea batatas L.) transcriptome
SRP007759Transcriptome analysis of Brassica napus seeds
SRP007760Yersinia pestis PY-99 Genome sequencing project
SRP007761Tf1 transposition
SRP007762Thermoanaerobacterium sp. M1031 Genome sequencing
SRP007763Genome-wide detection of context-sensitive alternative splicing in Arabidopsis roots
SRP007764GBS cellulolytic enrichment 77S sediment Project
SRP007765Genome sequences of clinical ST131 strains
SRP007766Caldilinea aerophila DSM 14535 = NBRC 104270 Genome sequencing
SRP007767Sinorhizobium meliloti AK58 Genome Sequencing
SRP007768Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002 Project
SRP007785Vine-Associated Yeast Metagenome
SRP007786Hoatzin crop microbiome fiber fraction 14 Project
SRP007787The fecal viral flora of California sea lions
SRP007788Kolumbo Volcano red mat Project
SRP007790Pronounced Seasonal Dynamics of Freshwater Chitinase Genes
SRP007791Kolumbo Volcano white/grey mat Project
SRP007792Hoatzin crop microbiome fiber fraction 12 Project
SRP007793Resolving the evolutionary relationships of molluscs with phylogenomic tools. Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP007794Mixed Alcohols Bioreactor shotgun metagenome comparison
SRP007796Mixed Alcohols Bioreactor shotgun metagenome comparison
SRP007797Bankia setacea (Shipworm) Gill Enriched Metagenome Project
SRP007798Emticicia oligotrophica DSM 17448 genome sequencing project
SRP007799Viruses in diarrhetic dogs include novel kobuviruses and sapoviruses
SRP007800A diverse set of microRNAs and microRNA-like small RNAs in developing rice grains
SRP007801SHROOM3 is a novel candidate for heterotaxy identified by whole exome sequencing
SRP007802Contributions of selection and mutation in explaining the recombination-genomic diversity association in Drosophila
SRP007803Burkholderia cepacia Bu72 genome sequencing project.
SRP007804Natural history shapes genetic structure: Comparative range-wide population genetics of endemic aquatic turtles in the Chihuahuan desert
SRP007805Candida tenuis Project
SRP007806Beggiatoa alba B18LD genome sequencing
SRP007808miRNA sequencing data
SRP007809Thermoanaerobacterium thermosaccharolyticum M0795 genome sequencing project
SRP007810Metagenomic characterization of airborne viral diversity in the near-surface atmosphere
SRP007811EST sequencing and gene expression profiling of defense-related genes from Persea americana infected with Phytophthora cinnamomi.
SRP007813Glycine max Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP007814Moorea Reef Archaea and Eukaryota gene survey
SRP007815Soil bacterial community responses to oilseed meal addition
SRP007816Coordinated changes in DNA methylation in antigen-specific memory CD4 T cells
SRP007817Hoatzin crop microbiome epithelium fraction 12 Project
SRP007818GSE31302: RNA-Seq of Gonads and Carcasses in D. simulans and D. pseudoobscura
SRP007819Comprehensive identification of edited miRNAs in the human brain
SRP007820The DNA methylomes of a newborn and a centenarian
SRP007821Variation in chromatin accessibility is a key determinant of heritable variation in gene expression
SRP007822Dynamic Transformations of Genome-wide Epigenetic Marking and Transcriptional Control Establish T Cell Identity [ChIP-Seq]
SRP007823Dynamic Transformations of Genome-wide Epigenetic Marking and Transcriptional Control Establish T Cell Identity [RNA-Seq]
SRP007824Soil fungal community responses to oilseed meal addition
SRP007825Small RNA sequencing in normal and psoriatic skin
SRP007826Characterization of the small RNAome in acute myeloid leukemia and discovery of novel small RNA species by deep sequencing (Illumina)
SRP007827DNA binding factors shape the mouse methylome at distal regulatory regions [strand-specific-RNA-seq]
SRP007828Transcriptome sequencing of queen and virgin queen of two ants: Camponotus floridanus and Harpegnathos saltator
SRP007829smRNA sequencing of queen and virgin queen of two ants: Camponotus floridanus and Harpegnathos saltator
SRP007830Genome-wide mapping of ligand-dependent progesterone receptor chromatin interactions in human breast cell lines using PR ChIP-seq
SRP007831Transcriptome Analysis of Human Supragingival Dental Plaque Microbiome from 19 Twin Pairs with and without Dental Caries
SRP007832Control of Embryonic Stem Cell Lineage Commitment by Core Promoter Factor, TAF3 (RNA-Seq data)
SRP007833Control of Embryonic Stem Cell Lineage Commitment by Core Promoter Factor, TAF3 (ChIP-Seq data)
SRP007834A RNA-seq-based gene expression profiling of radiation-induced tumorigenic mammary epithelial cells
SRP007835Genome-wide maps of histone modifications unwind in vivo chromatin states of the hair follicle lineage [ChIP-Seq]
SRP007836Comparative Genomics of West Nile virus for Broad Institute Viral Genomics Initiative
SRP007837Colistin-resistant, lipopolysaccharide-deficient Acinetobacter baumannii responds to lipopolysaccharide loss through increased expression of genes involved in the synthesis and transport of lipoproteins, phospholipids and poly-beta-1,6-N-acetylglucosamine
SRP007838Plasmodium fragile strain nilgiri
SRP0078395-hydroxymethylcytosine: the sixth DNA base
SRP007840Whole genome bisulfite sequencing of Entamoeba histolytica
SRP007841Epigenetic remodeling and deregulation of SAPAP4/DLGAP4 is linked with early-onset cerebellar ataxia
SRP007842Nucleosome occupancy dynamics in yeast BY4741 responding to 0.4mM H2O2 over time (0-60 min)
SRP007843RNA-Seq on SOLiD platform of DrosDel deficiency and w1118 flies
SRP007844Paradoxornis webbianus bulomachus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP007846Ipomoea batatas Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP007848microRNAs deep sequencing data of four soybean samples
SRP007849Pyrosequencing and mid-infrared spectroscopy techniques reveal distinct aggregate stratification of soil bacterial communities and organic matter composition
SRP007850Genomic Sequencing of Head and Neck Cancer
SRP007852Floral transcriptome of sweet potato
SRP007853Genome-wide profiling of DNA methylation in human cancer cells
SRP007854Effects of Leuconostoc mesenteroides starter culture on microbial communities and metabolites during kimchi fermentation
SRP007855Large scale transcriptome characterization of gill, hepatopancreas and muscle tissues in the Malaysian giant freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii
SRP007856Mus musculus Mutant Exome Project
SRP007858The impact of RNAi on the Saccharomyces cerevisiae transcriptome
SRP007859GSE49206: seq-ab8895_H3K4me1:733246_N2_L3
SRP007860GSE31363: Transcription Factor Binding Sites by Epitope-Tag ChIP-seq from ENCODE/University of Chicago
SRP007861Genome-wide identification of functional elements regulated by T-bet and GATA3 in human T-cells
SRP007862Species-specific splicing differences are primarily governed by changes in cis-acting sequences
SRP007863Genomic maps of lincRNA occupancy reveal principles of RNA-chromatin interactions.
SRP007864Transcriptome changes in IL-10 treated peritoneal macrophages
SRP007865Genome-wide binding of STAT3 in peritoneal macrophages
SRP007866Developmental stage-specific gene expression in the two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae)
SRP007867CTCF promotes RNA pol II pausing and links DNA methylation to alternative splicing [ChIP-Seq]
SRP007868De novo assembly and analysis of partial tandem duplications and gene fusions in RNA-seq data
SRP007869Centromere-Like Regions in Budding Yeast
SRP007871Effect of p53 knowkdown on genome-wide map of AR-DNA binding
SRP007872Ancylostoma caninum Genome Sequencing
SRP007874Epstein-Barr Virus Exploits Intrinsic B-Lymphocyte Transcription Programs to Achieve Immortal Cell Growth
SRP007875Aspergillus fumigatus Af10 genome sequencing project
SRP007876microRNA profiling in Marek's disease virus induced lymphoma and infected spleen by deep sequencing
SRP007877Small RNAs in S. cerevisiae reconstituted with RNAi
SRP007878Transcriptional mechanisms controlling direct motor neuron programming
SRP007879TCF7 is a key regulator of the switch of self-renewal and differentiation in a multipotential hematopoietic cell line
SRP007881Analysis of the RNA-Seq data of castration resistant prostate cancer (CRPCa)
SRP007883Plasmodium vivax Brazil I genome sequencing
SRP007884Spider mite preliminary feeding experiment with mites reared on bean and two Arabidopsis thaliana accessions
SRP007885CTCF promotes RNA pol II pausing and links DNA methylation to alternative splicing [RNA-Seq]
SRP007886Genome-wide maps of methylation state in cisplatin sensitive and resistant ovarian cancer cell line
SRP007887Effect of receipt of male ejaculate sex peptide on micro RNA expression in female Drosophila melanogaster, 3 hours after the start of mating, in HeadThorax (HT) and Abdomen (Abd) tissues.
SRP007888DNA-Seq of DrosDel deficiency lines and w1118 lines
SRP007889RNA-Seq on Illumina platform of Drosophila DrosDel deficiency lines
SRP007890Saccharomonospora halophila 8 Genome Sequencing
SRP007891Necator americanus Genome Sequencing
SRP007892Oesophagostomum dentatum Genome Sequencing
SRP007893Genome-wide study of HCFC1 binding sites and its associated transcription factors in cycling Human HeLa cells
SRP007894Genome-wide analysis reveals unique regulation of transcription of Th2-specific genes by GATA3
SRP007896Non-coding small RNA profiling by high throughput sequencing of bovine primary retinal microvascular endothelial cells
SRP007897Genome-wide transcription factor binding and chromatin methylation marks in the G1ME megakaryocytic progenitor model cell line
SRP007898Methylation map of 8 neuroblastoma cell lines: NGS after MBD2-capture
SRP007899sRNA sequencing from wild-type Arabidopsis (diverse tissue types)
SRP007900Dictyocaulus viviparus Genome Sequencing
SRP007901Fungus-growing Ant Refuse Dumps
SRP007902Fungus-growing Ant Refuse Dumps
SRP007903Fungus-growing Ant Refuse Dumps
SRP007904Fungus-growing Ant Refuse Dumps
SRP007905Fungus-associated Insect Herbivore Microbiomes
SRP007906Drosophila ananassae transcriptome
SRP007907Fungus-associated Insect Herbivore Microbiomes
SRP007908Fungus-associated Insect Herbivore Microbiomes
SRP007909Fungus-associated Insect Herbivore Microbiomes
SRP007910Fungus-associated Insect Herbivore Microbiomes
SRP007911Fungus-associated Insect Herbivore Microbiomes
SRP007912Fungus-associated Insect Herbivore Microbiomes
SRP007913Fungus-associated Insect Herbivore Microbiomes
SRP007914Fungus-associated Insect Herbivore Microbiomes
SRP007915Fungus-associated Insect Herbivore Microbiomes
SRP007916Fungus-associated Insect Herbivore Microbiomes
SRP007917Fungus-associated Insect Herbivore Microbiomes
SRP007918Fungus-associated Insect Herbivore Microbiomes
SRP007919Identification and Characterization of Genes Required For Compensatory Growth in Drosophila
SRP007920Yersinia pestis PY-02 Genome sequencing project
SRP007921Collodictyonidae cDNA library
SRP007922Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP007923Plasmodium vivax India VII genome sequencing project
SRP007924HIV WGS and Population Diversity Analysis
SRP007926An all-taxon microbial inventory of the Moorea coral reef ecosystem
SRP007927Thiorhodococcus drewsii AZ1 genome sequencing project
SRP007928Microbiome changes in Response to Antibiotic Therapies in a Single CF patient
SRP007929Marichromatium purpuratum 984 genome sequencing
SRP007930pooled samples sequencing for BSA
SRP007931Fungus-growing termite whole gut metagenome
SRP007932D. discoideum NC4 transcriptome data
SRP007933Identity, dynamics and association-networks of suboxic freshwater bacterioplankton in stratified humic lakes
SRP007937Adaptation to transposon invasion in Drosophila melanogaster
SRP007938Human Vaginal Microbiota Metagenome
SRP007939Identification and characterization of microRNAs from peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) by high-throughput sequencing
SRP007940The impact of a consortium of fermented milk strains on the gut microbiome of gnotobiotic mice and monozygotic twins. (RNA-Seq)
SRP007941Identification of microRNAs association with Rheumatoid Arthritis Synovial Fibroblasts using the Human TNF Transgenic Mouse Model
SRP007942The Growth factor independence 1 (GFI1) 36N variant predisposes to Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) by inducing epigenetic changes at the Hoxa9 locus
SRP007943Dynamic Changes in Ezh2 Gene Occupancy Underlie Its Involvement in Neural Stem Cell Self-Renewal and Differentiation towards Oligodendrocytes
SRP007944An Esrrb and Nanog Cell Fate Regulatory Module Controlled by Feedback Interactions [ChIP-seq]
SRP007945Dynamic epigenetic enhancer signatures are predictive for key transcriptional regulators associated with cellular differentiation states
SRP007946microRNA expression of cancer and matched adjacent tissues from 7 testicular germ cell tumors and 10 transitional cell carcinomas of bladder
SRP007947mRNA expression of cancer and matched adjacent tissues of 7 testicular germ cell tumors and 10 transitional cell carcinomas of bladder
SRP007948Tissue-specific nuclei purification from animal models for genome-wide expression and chromatin profiling.
SRP007949Transcription profile analysis of S. cerevisiae strains
SRP007950Single base resolution methylome of two ants: Camponotus floridanus and Harpegnathos saltator
SRP007951High resolution methylome map of rat reveals role of intragenic DNA methylation in identifying coding region and alternative splice site.
SRP007952The Dynamic Architecture of Hox Gene Clusters
SRP007953Distinct p53 Genomic Binding Patterns in Normal and Cancer-derived Human Cells
SRP007954Integrating Genomics, Transcriptomics, and T-Cell Biology: An RNA-seq Atlas of the Murine CD4+ Transcriptome
SRP007955Multiplexed RNA structure characterization with selective 2'-hydroxyl acylation analyzed by primer extension sequencing (SHAPE-Seq)
SRP007956Gene expression of polyoma middle T antigen induced mammary tumors [RNA_Seq : MOLF x PyMT]
SRP007958The ets transcription factor ELF5 suppresses the estrogen sensitive phenotype and contributes to antiestrogen resistance in luminal breast cancer. [human ChIP-Seq]
SRP007959Transcriptome sequencing of Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas
SRP007960SAGA and ATAC histone acetyl transferase complexes regulate distinct sets of genes and ATAC defines a class of p300-independent enhancers
SRP007961Genome-wide study of DNA methylation in AML by MeDIP-seq
SRP007962Small RNAs in H9 embryonic stem cells
SRP007963Ribosome footprinting in the cytosol and endoplasmic reticulum
SRP007964Desulfitobacterium dehalogenans ATCC 51507 genome sequencing
SRP007965transcriptome analysis
SRP007966Mycobacterium massiliense 1S-153-0915 genome sequencing project
SRP007968Effect of the proton pump inhibitor omeprazole on the gastrointestinal bacterial microbiota of healthy dogs as evaluated by molecular techniques
SRP007969Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Discovery in Tomato
SRP007970Exome sequencing of liver fluke-associated cholangiocarcinoma
SRP007971PCE/TCE dechlorinating microbial community and dehalogenase genes from Wonju Stream, South Korea
SRP007973Analysis of Genetic Inheritance in a Family Quartet by Whole-Genome Sequencing
SRP007975Transcriptome of Gossypium hirsutum Host During Attack by Reniform Nematode Pathogen
SRP007976ChIP-Seq for histone modifications in breast cancer cells
SRP007984Drosophila biarmipes genome sequencing project
SRP007985Desulfitobacterium metallireducens DSM 15288 genome sequencing project.
SRP007986Desulfosporosinus acidophilus SJ4 genome sequencing project
SRP007987Transcriptome analysis of Chelidonium majus using Illumina data.
SRP007989Assessment of the microbial diversity of Brazilian kefir grains by DGGE and pyrosequencing
SRP007990Spathaspora passalidarum NRRL Y-27907 genome sequencing
SRP007991Drosophila bipectinata genome sequencing project
SRP007992Dynamic, sex-differential STAT5 and BCL6 binding to sex-biased, growth hormone-regulated genes in adult mouse liver
SRP007993GSE31477: ENCODE Transcription Factor Binding Sites by ChIP-seq from Stanford/Yale/USC/Harvard
SRP007995Heterocephalus glaber genome sequencing
SRP007996Anopheles 15 Genomes RNA portion Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP007997GSE28777: seq-JL00001_DPY27_N2_L3
SRP007998Pseudoziziphus celata Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP007999Metatranscriptomic data from a population of Marine Group I Archaea obtained from the Gulf of California
SRP008000Mycobacterium massiliense 2B-0107 genome sequencing project
SRP008001Sequencing of wheat chromosome 3A
SRP008002Drosophila elegans genome sequencing project
SRP008003Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. C236-11 genome sequencing
SRP008004Methanofollis liminatans DSM 4140 genome sequencing
SRP008005Mengenilla moldrzyki strain:ON-2011 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP008006Lakeside Drive Fe-seep time series study
SRP008007An efficient method for generation of bi-allelic null mutant mouse embryonic stem cell lines and its application for investigating epigenetic modifiers
SRP008008rem-1 analysis in C. elegans
SRP008009Yy1 occupancy of mouse ES cell genome
SRP008010The Exoribonuclease Nibbler Controls 3'' End Processing of MicroRNAs in Drosophila
SRP008011A key role for Mbd3 in 5-hydroxymethylcytosine-dependent gene regulation in embryonic stem cells
SRP008012Sex-biased expression in Drosophila willistoni
SRP008013GSE31755: Histone Modifications by ChIP-seq from ENCODE/Stanford/Yale/Davis/Harvard
SRP008014Factors influencing in vivo deposition of histone variants H3.1 and H3.3
SRP008015Deep sequencing of MYC DNA-binding sites in Burkitt''s lymphoma
SRP008016SRC-1 targets ADAM22: an ER-independent mechanism of tumour progression in endocrine resistance
SRP008017Mycobacterium massiliense 2B-0912-S genome sequencing project
SRP008018Vibrio cholerae HC-59A1 Genome sequencing project
SRP008019Drosophila ficusphila genome sequencing project
SRP008020Drosophila kikkawai genome sequencing project
SRP008021Drosophila rhopaloa genome sequencing project
SRP008022Neem Seed Transcriptome
SRP008023Neem Leaf Transcriptome
SRP008024Drosophila takahashii genome sequencing project
SRP008025Neurospora crassa OR74A transcriptome in csp1 knock-out/over-expressing strains
SRP008027Deep sequencing and assembly of the tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) transcriptome.
SRP008028The genetic consequences of spatially varying selection in panmixia: more transient than stable polymorphisms in the American eel (Anguilla rostrata)
SRP008029Drosophila eugracilis genome sequencing
SRP008030Phoenix dactylifera strain:Khalas Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008031Heliconius erato Sd locus - positional cloning
SRP008032Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. 04-8351 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP008033Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. 09-7901 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP008034Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. 11-3677 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP008035Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. 11-3798 Genome sequencing
SRP008036Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. 11-4404 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP008037Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. 11-4522 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP008038Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. 11-4623 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP008039Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. 11-4632 C1 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP008040Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. 11-4632 C2 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP008041Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. 11-4632 C3 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP008042Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. 11-4632 C4 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP008043Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. Ec11-5536 Genome sequencing
SRP008044Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. 11-4632 C5 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP008045Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. Ec11-5537 Genome sequencing
SRP008046Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. Ec11-5538 Genome sequencing
SRP008047A metagenome-wide association study of gut microbiota in type 2 diabetes.
SRP008048WGS sequencing
SRP008051A conserved haplotype controls parallel adaptation in geographically distant salmonid populations
SRP008052Genome sequencing of mouse induced pluripotent stem cells reveals retroelement stability and infrequent DNA rearrangement during reprogramming
SRP008053Variation in the bacterial microbiota among the gut organs of young and old honey bee workers (Apis mellifera)
SRP008054Personal Omics Profiling Reveals Dynamic Molecular Phenotypes and Actionable Medical Risks
SRP008055DOE Joint Genome Institute Brassica napus var. napobrassica EST project
SRP008056Laboratory-evolved ethanol tolerant MG1655
SRP008057Mouse intestinal microbiota Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP008058Panonychus citri Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008059Global studies of bacterial diversity in human gut and chicken cecum
SRP008060Yersinia pestis study by K.Bos et al.
SRP008061Genome-wide maps of TCF7L1 binding during early adipogenesis
SRP008063Comparative Transcriptomes Analysis of Two Pinewood Nematodes Bursaphelenchus xylophilus and Bursaphelenchus mucronatus by Deep-Sequencing Technology
SRP008067Mycobacterium abscessus 3A-0122-R genome sequencing project
SRP008069Genomic analyses of the RNA binding protein Hu Antigen R (HuR) identify a complex network of target genes and novel characteristics of its binding sites
SRP008070Transcriptome analysis of Chelidonium majus using Illumina data.
SRP008071Transcriptome analysis of Eschscholzia californica using Illumina data.
SRP008072Transcriptome analysis of Papaver somniferum using Illumina data.
SRP008073Drosophila melanogaster small cell line RNA-Seq
SRP008074Divergent gene expression in the conserved the dauer stage of the nematodes Pristionchus pacificus and Caenorhabditis elegans
SRP008075Whole-genome spectrum and rates of non-lethal mutations in Escherichia coli
SRP008076Transcriptome analysis of Glaucium flavum using Illumina data.
SRP008077Transcriptome analysis of Papaver bracteatum using Illumina data.
SRP008078Transcriptome analysis of Thalictrum flavum using Illumina data.
SRP008079Transcriptome analysis of Stylophorum diphyllum using Illumina data.
SRP008080Transcriptome analysis of Corydalis cheilanthifolia using Illumina data.
SRP008081Transcriptome analysis of Nandina domestica using Illumina data.
SRP008082Transcriptome analysis of Sanguinaria canadensis using Illumina data.
SRP008083Transcriptome analysis of Hydrastis canadensis using Illumina data.
SRP008084Transcriptome analysis of Xanthoriza simplicissima using Illumina data.
SRP008085Bulk Segregant Analysis of CBS1502 lineage GSY2694
SRP008086Transcriptome analysis of Argemone mexicana using Illumina data.
SRP008087Transcriptome analysis of Berberis thunbergii using Illumina data.
SRP008088Transcriptome analysis of Menispermum canadense using Illumina data.
SRP008089Transcriptome analysis of Nigella sativa using Illumina data.
SRP008090Plantago ovata Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008091Developing genomic resources in a non-model genus Linum via 454 pyrosequencing and genomic reduction.
SRP008092Genetic diversity analysis with 454 pyrosequencing and genomic reduction confirmed the eastern and western division in the cultivated barley gene pool.
SRP008093Transcriptome analysis of Amsonia hubrichtii using Illumina data.
SRP008094Transcriptome analysis of Tabernaemontana elegans using Illumina data.
SRP008095Transcriptome analysis of Vinca minor using Illumina data.
SRP008096Catharanthus roseus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008098Transcriptome analysis of Lonicera japonica using Illumina data.
SRP008099Transcriptome analysis of Hypericum perforatum using Illumina data.
SRP008100Transcriptome analysis of Cedrela sinensis using Illumina data.
SRP008101Transcriptome analysis of Dianthus superbus using Illumina data.
SRP008102Transcriptome analysis of Platanus occidentalis using Illumina data.
SRP008103Transcriptome analysis of Silene vulgaris using Illumina data.
SRP008104Transcriptome analysis of Centella asiatica using Illumina data.
SRP008105Transcriptome analysis of Acacia victoriae using Illumina data.
SRP008106Transcriptome analysis of Prunella vulgaris using Illumina data.
SRP008107454 sequencing for Megalobrama amblycephala - transcript fragment library
SRP008108Jarid1b targets genes regulating development and is involved in neural differentiation [ChIP-seq]
SRP008109The differences of the transcriptional profile between wide-type maize and transgenic ZmPIS maize (drought tolerance) by the assay of digital gene expression profile data
SRP008110Nicotiana tabacum strain:SR1 Genome sequencing
SRP008111The impact of a consortium of fermented milk strains on the gut microbiome of gnotobiotic mice and monozygotic twins. (COPRO-Seq)
SRP008112Bacterial natural product biosynthetic diversity in geographically distinct soil microbiomes.
SRP008116Effect of wheel running exercise on gene expression in skeletal muscles of mice
SRP008117Targets of Ty3 transposition in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
SRP008118Transcriptome-Wide Binding Sites for Components of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Non-poly(A) termination Pathway: Nrd1, Nab3 and Sen1
SRP008119Genome-wide activity-dependent MeCP2 phosphorylation regulates nervous system development and function [ChIP-Seq]
SRP008120VDR/RXR and TCF4/beta-Catenin Cistromes in Colonic Cells of Colorectal Tumor Origin: Impact on c-FOS and c-MYC Gene Expression
SRP008121Tumor-specific retargeting of an oncogenic transcription factor chimera results in dysregulation of chromatin and transcription
SRP008123Effect of wheel running exercise and myostatin depletion on gene expression in triceps brachii muscles of mice
SRP008124Creation of an anti-inflammatory GR cistrome by TLR4 signaling
SRP008125Genome and transcriptome analyses of the thermophilic zygomycete fungus Rhizomucor miehei
SRP008126Swine gut microbiome
SRP008127Norwegian isolate
SRP008128Genome-wide analysis rice transcriptional change during the early stages of false smut formation caused by Ustilaginoidea virens [set A]
SRP008129Transcriptional responses of the two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae) after transfer to different plant hosts
SRP008130Oral cavity microbiome analysis vs. pneumonia risk
SRP008132Developmental stage-specific small RNA composition in the two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae)
SRP008133Transcriptome Analysis of Silver Carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) by Paired-End RNA Sequencing
SRP008134A Large-scale Gene Discovery for the Red Palm Weevil Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)
SRP008135Comparative Metagenomic Analysis to Understand Taxonomic and Functional Fingerprints of HCH (Hexachlorocyclohexane) Degrading Soil Microbial Communities across HCH Gradient.
SRP008137454 sequencing of 16S rRNA genes from endotracheal biofilms
SRP008138Thalassiosira oceanica CCMP1005 Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly
SRP008139Thalassiosira oceanica CCMP1005 Whole Genome Shotgun Assembly
SRP008140Deletion of TnAbaR21 results in both expected and unexpected phenotypic changes in a multidrug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii strain
SRP008141Single-nucleotide resolution analysis of the transcriptome structure of Clostridium beijerinckii NCIMB 8052 using RNA-Seq
SRP008142Deep sequencing of gastric exome
SRP008143A-to-I editing of microRNAs in the mammalian brain increase during development
SRP008144Directional DNA methylation changes and complex intermediate states accompany lineage specificity in the adult hematopoietic compartment
SRP008145Systematic dissection and optimization of inducible enhancers in human cells using a massively parallel reporter assay
SRP008146RNA-Seq analysis of ada2?, nrg1? and cir1? and KN99a wildtype cells in capsule inducing and non-inducing conditions
SRP008149Desulfosporosinus meridiei DSM 13257 genome sequencing
SRP008152RNA-seq portion of the Plasmodium 100 Genomes Project Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008153The transcriptome of Aedes aegypti females from two strains (Chetumal and Rex-D Puerto Rico) either kept on a sugar diet or blood fed
SRP008154Brenneria salicis ATCC 15712 genome sequencing
SRP008155Origins of Multicellularity RNA Sequencing
SRP008156Transcriptome analysis of Euphorbia peplus using Illumina data.
SRP008157Transcriptome analysis of Grindelia integrifolia using Illumina data.
SRP008158Transcriptome analysis of Marrubium vulgare using Illumina data.
SRP008159Transcriptome analysis of Isodon rubescens using Illumina data.
SRP008160Transcriptome analysis of Pseudolarix amabilis using Illumina data.
SRP008161Elm EST database for detection of leaf beetle oviposition-induced defense genes
SRP008162Exome Sequencing Identifies a Spectrum of Mutation Frequencies in Advanced and Lethal Prostate Cancers
SRP008163Cryptolaemus montrouzieri Mulsant, 1853 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008166Fervidobacterium pennivorans DSM 9078 genome sequencing
SRP008167Mycobacterium abscessus 6G-0728-R genome sequencing project
SRP008170Geobacter metallireducens RCH3
SRP008173Vibrio cholerae HC-61A2 Genome sequencing project
SRP008174Transcriptome analysis of Lactuca sativa using Illumina data.
SRP008175Transcriptome analysis of Arnica montana using Illumina data.
SRP008176Transcriptome analysis of Lippia dulcis using Illumina data.
SRP008177Transcriptome analysis of Valeriana officinalis using Illumina data.
SRP008178Gamma phage sensitive
SRP008179Transcriptome analysis of Thapsia garganica using Illumina data.
SRP008180Transcriptome analysis of Arnica chamissonis using Illumina data.
SRP008181Transcriptome analysis of Chrysanthemum coronarium using Illumina data.
SRP008182Transcriptome analysis of Matricaria recutita using Illumina data.
SRP008183Transcriptome analysis of Xanthium strumarium using Illumina data.
SRP008184Isolated from cream cheese
SRP008185Transcriptome analysis of Artemisia chamaemelifolia using Illumina data.
SRP008186Transcriptome analysis of Ligularia fischeri using Illumina data.
SRP008187Transcriptome analysis of Petasites hybridus using Illumina data.
SRP008188Transcriptome analysis of Artemisia absinthium using Illumina data.
SRP008189Whole genome sequencing of Streptococcus pneumoniae penicillin-resistant mutants reveals mutations in penicillin-binding proteins and a putative iron transporter
SRP008190Isolated from uncooked chicken
SRP008191Insect isolate from Canada
SRP008192Multi-isolate study of Aspergillus fumigatus
SRP008205Insect isolate from France
SRP008209De novo characterization of the antler tip of Chinese Sika deer transcriptome and analysis of gene expression related to rapid growth
SRP008211Streptococcus pneumoniae GA40183 genome sequencing project
SRP008212The metagenome of an anaerobic microbial community decomposing poplar wood chips
SRP008213Streptococcus pneumoniae EU-NP05 genome sequencing project
SRP008214Genome-wide location analysis of WNT (Tcf7l2) and BMP (SMAD1) in human hematopoeitic progenitors co-occupied with lineage specific regulators (GATA1, GATA2)
SRP008215Genome-wide location analysis of WNT (Tcf7l2) and BMP (SMAD1) in human hematopoeitic cell lines co-occupied with lineage specific regulators (GATA1, GATA2, CEBPA)
SRP008216microRNA Targetome Analysis of Latently KSHV-infected Primary Effusion Lymphoma Cell lines Using PAR-CLIP [Illumina]
SRP008217A role for Snf2 related nucleosome spacing enzymes in genome-wide nucleosome organization
SRP008218Molecular profiling of human mammary gland links breast cancer risk to a p27+ cell population with progenitor characteristics
SRP008220Streptococcus pneumoniae GA40563 genome sequencing project
SRP008221Streptococcus pneumoniae GA13224 genome sequencing project
SRP008222Streptococcus pneumoniae GA18068 genome sequencing project
SRP008223Neuronal activity regulates hippocampal miRNA expression
SRP008224Streptococcus pneumoniae GA47179 genome sequencing project
SRP008225An Alternative Splicing Switch Regulates Embryonic Stem Cell Pluripotency and Reprogramming [RNA-Seq]
SRP008226A cross-species analysis of microRNAs in the developing avian face
SRP008227Streptococcus pneumoniae GA47461 genome sequencing project
SRP008228Streptococcus pneumoniae GA52612 genome sequencing project
SRP008229Streptococcus pneumoniae GA13499 genome sequencing project
SRP008230Streptococcus pneumoniae GA49194 genome sequencing project
SRP008232Streptococcus pneumoniae GA47210 genome sequencing project
SRP008233ChIP-Seq of ORC2 bound to third instar salivary gland DNA in WT and mutant Drosophila, analyzed by Illumina sequencing
SRP008234Single nucleotide polymorphism discovery in rainbow trout by deep sequencing of a reduced representation library
SRP008235Streptococcus pneumoniae GA47628 genome sequencing project
SRP008236Streptococcus pneumoniae GA02254 genome sequencing project
SRP008237Streptococcus pneumoniae GA44386 genome sequencing project
SRP008238Streptococcus pneumoniae England14-9 genome sequencing project
SRP008239Global transcriptomics of enterotoxigenic E. coli strain E24377A
SRP008240Acetomicrobium mobile DSM 13181 Genome sequencing
SRP008241Analysis of Caenorhabditis elegans intestinal gene expression and alternative polyadenylation using fluorescence-activated nuclei sorting (FANS) and 3' end deep sequencing (3'end-seq)
SRP008242Deinococcus peraridilitoris DSM 19664 genome sequencing
SRP008243Escherichia coli DSM 30083 = JCM 1649 = ATCC 11775 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP008244Solitalea canadensis DSM 3403 Genome sequencing
SRP008245Frateuria aurantia DSM 6220 Genome sequencing
SRP008247Distinctive phyllosphere bacterial communities in tropical trees
SRP008249Improving the performance of true-Single Molecule Sequencing for ancient DNA
SRP008250Revealing RNA processing products from deep-sequencing data
SRP008251Microbial diversity of a coalbed methane reservoir in Ordos Basin, China, characterized by 454 pyrosequencing
SRP008252Screening of ethylene responsive genes from rose flowers
SRP008253Ultra short and progressive 4sU-tagging reveals key characteristics of RNA processing at nucleotide resolution
SRP008254An Alternative Splicing Switch Regulates Embryonic Stem Cell Pluripotency and Reprogramming [ChIP-Seq]
SRP008255Genomic diversity in switchgrass (Panicum virgatum): from the continental scale to a dune landscape
SRP008258Human mitochondria hub of small RNAs: Analysis by deep Sequencing
SRP008259Expression profiles of IAA biosynthesis deficient seedlings of Arabidopsis thaliana
SRP008260Bisulfite Sequencing Reveals that Aspergillus flavus Holds A Hollow in DNA Methylation
SRP008261Streptococcus pneumoniae GA43257 genome sequencing project
SRP008262SKIP Is a Component of the Spliceosome Linking Alternative Splicing and the Circadian Clock in Arabidopsis
SRP008264The little elongation complex (LEC) regulates small nuclear RNA transcription
SRP008265Prevotella dentalis DSM 3688 genome sequencing project
SRP008266Streptococcus pneumoniae NP141 genome sequencing project
SRP008267Saprospira grandis DSM 2844 genome sequencing project
SRP008270Historically petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated field soil
SRP008271Histone H3K9 and H3K14 acetylation mark active enhancers and promoters together with bivalent promoters in mouse embryonic stem cells
SRP008272Selective Functions of Individual Zinc Fingers Within the DNA-Binding Domain of Ikaros (RNA-seq: Thymocytes)
SRP0082735-hydroxymethylcytosine-mediated epigenetic dynamics during neurodevelopment and aging [5hmC Capture and Seq]
SRP008276GSE32218: Histone Modifications by ChIP-seq from ENCODE/Stanford/Yale
SRP008277Prunus avium strain:Bing; Rainier Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008278Avena sativa Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008279High-throughput semi-quantitative analysis of insertional mutations in heterogeneous tumors
SRP008280Integration of Hi-C and ChIP-seq data reveals distinct types of chromatin hubs
SRP008281Pachycladon fastigiatum Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008282Identification of Sequence Variants in Genetic Disease Genes using Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing
SRP008284Suaeda liaotungensis genome sequencing project.
SRP008285Trancriptome analysis of the Interaction between Bombyx mori Nucleopolyhedrovirus and Its Host Cells
SRP008286Picea abies transcriptome project
SRP008288Transposable elements are a major cause of somatic polymorphism in Vitis vinifera L.
SRP008289High-throughput sequence analysis of turbot (Scophthalmus maximus L.) transcriptome using 454-pyrosequencing for discovery genes involved in antiviral immune response.
SRP008290De novo identification of viral pathogens from cell culture hologenomes
SRP008292St. Jude Children''s Research Hospital - Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome Project(PCGP): Whole Genome Sequencing of Childhood Medulloblastoma
SRP008293St. Jude Children''s Research Hospital - Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome Project(PCGP): Whole genome sequencing of infant acute lymphoblastic leukemia
SRP008294St. Jude Children''s Research Hospital - Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome Project (PCPG): Whole Genome Sequencing of Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma
SRP008295St. Jude Children''s Research Hospital - Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome Project (PCGP): Somatic Mutations in Pediatric AML FAB-M7 Subtype by Whole Transcriptome Sequencing
SRP008296St. Jude Children''s Research Hospital - Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome Project (PCGP): Whole Genome Sequencing of Core Binding Factor Acute Myeloid Leukemia
SRP008297DOC2 whole genome sequencing study
SRP008298Gossypium arboreum Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008299G. barbadense seedlings and roots post infection with reniform nematodes infection transcriptome
SRP008300Frequent alterations and epigenetic silencing of differentiation pathway genes in structurally rearranged liposarcomas
SRP008301Exome Sequencing in Autosomal Recessive Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia
SRP008303Global profiling of miRNA and the hairpin precursor
SRP008305Vibrio cholerae HE-40 Genome sequencing project
SRP008306Streptococcus pneumoniae GA05578 genome sequencing project
SRP008307Streptococcus pneumoniae GA02506 genome sequencing project
SRP008308G. hursutum seedlings and roots post infection with reniform nematodes infection transcriptome
SRP008309Comprehensive Genome-wide Protein-DNA Interactions Detected at Single Nucleotide Resolution
SRP008310Lactuca serriola UC96US23 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008311Gossypium longicalyx Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008312Imperata cylindrica var. major Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008314R. reniformis transcriptomic study of pooled life stages
SRP008315R. reniformis whole genome seuqnece
SRP008316Production of Virus-Derived Ping-Pong-Dependent Piwi-like RNAs in the Mosquito Soma
SRP008317Penaeus vannamei Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008318Toluene Depletion in Produced Oil Contributes to Souring Control in a Field Subjected to Nitrate Injection
SRP008319GATA2 in endothelial cells
SRP008320Reaumuria trigyna Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008321Sequence exons of 193 genes using Hiseq 2000
SRP008322Vibrio cholerae HE-46 Genome sequencing project
SRP008324Vibrio cholerae HC-55C2 Genome sequencing project
SRP008325Vibrio cholerae HC-17A1 Genome sequencing project
SRP008326Vibrio cholerae HC-77A1 Genome sequencing project
SRP008327Vibrio cholerae HC-62A1 Genome sequencing project
SRP008329whole genome shotgun bisulfite sequencing of tomato fruits
SRP008331Transposon-based construction of strand-specific RNA-seq libraries
SRP008333Lachancea waltii ATCC 56500 ARS Sequencing
SRP008334Pool of Gossypium hirsutum (upland cotton) BACs
SRP008335Evolutionary paths to antibiotic resistance under dynamically sustained drug selection
SRP008336DOE Joint Genome Institute Amorphophallus konjac EST project
SRP008337Role of DNMT3B in the regulation of early neural and neural crest specifiers
SRP008338Differential miRNAs between Sensitive and Resistant Pig to Escherichia coli F18 by deep sequencing
SRP008339Immune-related microRNAs are enriched in breast milk exosomes
SRP008340Streptococcus pneumoniae GA08825 genome sequencing project
SRP008342Comparison of sequencing platforms for TCR sequencing
SRP008344Insect isolate from Pakistan
SRP008346Clinical isolate
SRP008347DOE Joint Genome Institute Riftia pachyptila EST project
SRP0083482-week-old Arabidopsis seedlings (Columbia ecotype)
SRP008349DOE Joint Genome Institute Ridgeia piscesae EST project
SRP008351Produces polyglutamate capsule
SRP008352LTR retrotransposons contribute to genomic gigantism in plethodontid salamanders
SRP008353LTR retrotransposons contribute to genomic gigantism in plethodontid salamanders
SRP008354LTR retrotransposons contribute to genomic gigantism in plethodontid salamanders
SRP008355LTR retrotransposons contribute to genomic gigantism in plethodontid salamanders
SRP008356LTR retrotransposons contribute to genomic gigantism in plethodontid salamanders
SRP008357LTR retrotransposons contribute to genomic gigantism in plethodontid salamanders
SRP008358Pichia angusta NCYC 495 leu1.1 genome sequencing project
SRP008359Lactuca serriola gene space sequencing project
SRP008361Insecticidal crystalline toxin negative strain
SRP008362Soil isolate from Japan
SRP008363Soil isolate
SRP008364Strain for comparative analysis
SRP008365Human tissue isolate
SRP008366histone modifications during tomato fruit development
SRP008367Solanum lycopersicum Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP00836816S rRNA gene sequencing of the duodenal microbiota in dogs with inflammatory bowel disease
SRP008369AluScan: a method for genome-wide scanning of sequence variations in the human genome
SRP008370Drosophila ficusphila Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008371Drosophila rhopaloa Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008372Drosophila biarmipes Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008373Drosophila bipectinata Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008374Drosophila elegans Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008375Drosophila eugracilis Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008376Drosophila kikkawai Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008377Drosophila takahashii Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008378Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4843 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008379Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4844 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008380Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4845 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008381Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4846 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008382Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4887 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008383Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4888 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008384Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4838 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008385Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4890 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008386Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4891 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008387Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4892 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008388Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4898 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008389Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4916 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008390Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4918 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008391Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4919 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008392Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4920 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008393Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4921 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008394Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4922 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008395Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4923 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008396Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4924 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008397Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4925 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008398Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4926 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008399Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4927 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008400Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4928 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008401Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4929 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008402Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4930 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008403Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4931 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008404Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4932 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008405Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4933 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008406Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4934 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008407Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4935 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008408Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_4936 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008409Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_5050 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008410Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_5054 Genome Sequencing
SRP008411Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_5057 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008412Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. S5_457 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008413Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. S5_470 Genome Sequencing Project
SRP008414Isolated from a cat
SRP008415Human isolate
SRP008416Discovery of Genome-Wide Mutations of Thermoanaerobacter sp. X514 ethanol tolerant mutant Xm and Xe
SRP008417Soil isolate
SRP008418Soil isolate
SRP008419Encapsulated wound isolate
SRP008420Soil isolate
SRP008421Soil isolate
SRP008422Soil isolate
SRP008423Strain for comparative analysis
SRP008424Strain for comparative analysis
SRP008425Strain for comparative analysis
SRP008426Food isolate
SRP008427Nannochloropsis oceanica strain LAMB0001 genome sequencing
SRP008428Chitinase-producing strain
SRP008429The ERI-6/7 helicase acts at the first stage of an siRNA amplification pathway that targets recent gene duplications.
SRP008430Whole genome expression analysis in the third-instar larval midgut of Drosophila melanogaster
SRP008432Norwegian soil isolate
SRP008433Grain field isolate
SRP008434Isolated from a lamp
SRP008435Isolated from amniotic fluid
SRP008436Isolated from blood
SRP008437Isolated in Spain
SRP008438Soil isolate from India
SRP008439Serotype H13 dairy isolate
SRP008440Isolated in China
SRP008442Soil isolate
SRP008443Soil isolate
SRP008444Soil isolate
SRP008445Soil isolate
SRP008446Soil isolate
SRP008447Soil isolate
SRP008448Canadian isolate
SRP008449Identification of avian W-linked contigs by short-read sequencing
SRP008451Lactuca sativa cv. Salinas Genome sequencing project
SRP0084522b-RAD method
SRP008453Panicum hallii var. filipes transcriptome
SRP008455De novo sequencing and comparative analysis of the Vaccinium corymbosum L. transcriptome to discover putative genes related to antioxidants
SRP008458Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. E92/11 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP008465Heliconius melpomene aglaope Variation
SRP008466Heliconius cydno alithea Variation
SRP008467Heliconius melpomene amaryllis Variation
SRP008469Sorghum bicolor, BTx623 RNA-Seq - Conserved Poaceae Specific Genes Project
SRP008470Heliconius melpomene rosina Genome Sequencing
SRP008472Treponema saccharophilum DSM 2985 genome sequencing project
SRP008474Salt-induced transcriptome changes in the semi-mangrove plant Pongamia pinnata
SRP008475Metagenomic Profile of the Bacterial Communities Associated with Ixodes ricinus Ticks.
SRP008476Rotylenchulus reniformis Genome sequencing
SRP008477Small RNA profiling of wildtype and Eri1-deficient mouse T cells
SRP008478Svalbard Reindeer Rumen Metagenome
SRP008479IGIB-NIV Viral Hologenome
SRP008480bedbug RNA-seq
SRP008481Heliconius melpomene rosina Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008482RNA-seq reveals novel transcriptome of genes and their isoforms in human pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells treated with Thrombin
SRP008483Genome wide identification of p63 binding sites in human neonatal foreskin keratinocytes
SRP008485Medicago truncatula Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008486IBM1, a JmjC domain histone demethylase, is involved in the regulation of RNA-directed DNA methylation through epigenetic control of RDR2 and DCL3 expression in Arabidopsis.
SRP008488Condylura cristata Genome Sequencing
SRP008489Tetrahymena borealis genome sequencing project
SRP008490Microtus ochrogaster Genome Sequencing
SRP008491Tetrahymena elliotti 4EA Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP008492Tetrahymena malaccensis 436 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP008493Tetrahymena thermophila SB210 micronuclear genome sequencing
SRP008494Study of Huntington disease by analyzing RNA-Seq data using fly and mouse models
SRP008495Production of artificial piRNAs in flies and mice
SRP008496Identification of a Novel Angiogenesis and Tumor Suppressor Gene Rab25 in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
SRP008502Genome-wide maps of AR binding in prostate cancer cell lines VCaP and VCS2
SRP008505Brachypodium distachyon, Bd21 RNA-Seq - Conserved Poaceae Specific Genes Project
SRP008507tnni2 Binding Genome Seqences
SRP008508Genome-wide maps of polyadenylation sites in OPMD-model and control mice
SRP008509Vibrio cholerae HC-60A1 Genome sequencing project
SRP008510Sargasso Sea Bacterioplankton Community
SRP008511A unique role of Cohesin-SA1 in gene regulation and development [ChIP-Seq]
SRP008512Functional association of Gdown1 with RNA Polymerase II in Human
SRP008513Apostichopus japonicus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP008514bacterial structure of sheng oil field
SRP008515microbial community diversity of activated and anaerobic
SRP008516Sus scrofa strain: Iberian
SRP008518Autophagy driven by a master regulator of hematopoiesis
SRP008519Analysis of H3K9 trimethylation in unstimulated and stimulated dendritic cells and fibroblasts
SRP008520Analysis of JmjD2d-bound regions in unstimulated and stimulated dendritic cells
SRP008521Identification of candidate enhancer elements in unstimulated and stimulated dendritic cells and fibroblasts
SRP008522Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Montevideo str. R8_2533 Genome Sequencing Project