AccessionTitle or Alias
DRP004315Transcriptome analysis on early events triggered by pollen tube contents
DRP004316Siganus guttatus brain RNA-seq
DRP004318Phf6 restricts the self-renewal of hematopoietic stem cells via regulation of Nr4a1 expression
DRP004319nifH gene in KH-11-10 and KH-13-7 cruises
DRP004320Snow Impurity and Glacial Microbe effects on abrupt warming in the Arctic
DRP004321RNA-Seq analysis of yellowtail digestive system
DRP004322Genome sequencing of Hippocampus abdominalis
DRP004323Campylobacter coli from swine
DRP004324Time-course transcriptome data of Arabidopsis thaliana in LL condition
DRP004325Comparative whole transcriptome analysis in Arabidopsis accessions for acid soil tolerance
DRP004326banana monocultured soils
DRP004327Striga asiatica genome sequence
DRP004328Gene Expression Analysis Towards Coconut Genotyping and Varietal Improvement
DRP004329investigation of plastid proteins in dinoflagellates harboring non-canonical plastids
DRP004330Disease distrupts shrimp gut community assembly
DRP004331Satsuma mandarin genome sequencing
DRP004332Chara braunii genome sequencing project
DRP004333Investigation of energy metabolism regulators in adipocytes and cancer cells
DRP004334tomato RNAseq in a sunlight-type plant factory
DRP004335Whole exome suequencing in EGFR tyrosine kinase inhbitor resistant lung cancer cells
DRP004336Sequencing of genus Abies
DRP004337amoA genes repond to long-term fertilization
DRP004338Shorea macrophylla sequencing
DRP004339Prediction of shrimp disease via the ecological processes and temporal variations of gut microbiota
DRP004340Whole genome sequencing of Little Campbell for SNP assay design
DRP004341De novo transcriptome assembly and its annotation for the black ant Formica fusca
DRP004342Momotaro tomato sample in a sunlight-type plant factory in 2017-11
DRP004343Bactrocera dorsalis transcriptome
DRP004344Complete Genome Sequence of the Microcystin-Degrading Bacterium Sphingosinicella microcystinivorans Strain B-9
DRP004345Metagenomic analyses of the viral communities in an upper bathyal sediment
DRP004346Metagenomic analysis on symbiotic bacteria in ascidians related to vanadium accumulation
DRP004347Transcriptome analysis of Phyllostachys nigra cultured cell line (rpc00047) as a tool for exploring structural and functional characteristics of bamboo.
DRP004348Analysis of Candidate Idarubicin Drug Resistance Genes in MOLT-3 Cells using Exome Nuclear DNA
DRP004349Complete genome sequences of [Kluyvera] intestini str. MRY16-398 isolated from ascites of a patient in Japan
DRP004350The microbial community structure of fermented grains in Chinese distilled liquor
DRP004351Dna-Seq of bacterial membrane vesicles
DRP004352Harmonia axyridis genome sequencing
DRP00435316S ribosomal RNA gene sequences from fermented foods
DRP004354RNA-seq analysis of ES cell lines derived from mouse chromosome sibstitution strains
DRP004355Temporal dynamics of bacterioplankton community in response to excessive nitrate loading in the oligotrophic coastal water
DRP004356Effect of a poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 inhibitor against esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cell lines
DRP004357WGS of Little Campbell fish for population genomics
DRP004358Genome sequence of Environmental Vibrio cholerae O1
DRP004359Population-based study on tongue microbiota composition of Japanese elderly adults
DRP004360Bacteroides vulgatus and Bacteroides dorei reduce gut microbial lipopolysaccharide production and inhibit atherosclerosis
DRP004361WGS of Little Campbell River marine female
DRP004362Elasmobranch shark genome evolution
DRP004363Characterization of DSB repair pathway choice with biased genome editing
DRP004364Trypoxylus dichotomus larval horn transcriptome
DRP004365Bioaerosol in Tokyoskytree
DRP004366The Amami habu genome project
DRP004367Microbial community associated to Uromyces hawksworthii
DRP004368Mechanisms of induction of incretin responsiveness from incretin-unresponsiveness in pancreatic beta-cells
DRP004369Genome resequencing of the E. coli populations experienced repeated starvation-resuscitation
DRP004370UHRF1-KAT7 complex regulates H3K14 modification
DRP004371Whole genome sequencing of Voriconazole-resistant Aspergillus flavus
DRP004372Whole-genome bisulfite sequencing of VANC transgenic plants
DRP004373Fluorescent protein gene family in Acropora digitifera
DRP004374Screening of cell competition genes
DRP004375RNA-seq of VANC transgenic plants
DRP004376Small RNAs from male strobili of Cryptomeria japonica.
DRP004377Genetic variation and expression difference in Acropora digitifera
DRP004378Fungal assemblages in agricultural fields using composted aquatic plants
DRP004379ChIP-seq of VANC21 protein
DRP004380WGS of Little Campbell River stream female
DRP004381Genome assembly and annotation of Arabidopsis lyrata ssp. petraea
DRP004382Polymorphism analysis of Arabidopsis kamchatica
DRP004383HMGA2 blocks local expansion of Polycomb domains and timed repression of neurogenic genes
DRP004384Microbial composition of nori koji
DRP004385Gene expression profiles in human breast tumor cell line MCF7
DRP004386Genome sequencing of three Japanese strains of Lawsonia intracellularis
DRP004387Bacterial diversity in Austre Br?ggerbreen and glacier foreland soil
DRP004388Transcriptome analysis between wild-type and endu-2 mutant
DRP004389Pig lactic acid bacteria
DRP004390Characterization of microbiome of various oral niches in patients with periodontitis
DRP004391Characterization of tongue microbiota in nursing home residents
DRP004392Novel techniques of tailor-made breeding for energy crop improvement using high-throughput genotyping
DRP004393Characterization of salivary microbiota of healthy adults
DRP004394RNA-seq to investigate regulatory roles of DNA methyltransferases in Helicobacter pylori strain P12.
DRP004395Exome sequencing in the knockin mice generated using the CRISPR/Cas system
DRP004396rice chloroplast genome sequencing using high purity chloroplast DNA
DRP004397WGS of Japan Sea stickleback from the Cape of Benkei
DRP004398RNA-seq of multiple tissues of G. aculeatus and G. nipponicus
DRP004399WGS of Japanese freshwater populations
DRP004400RNA-Seq of hybrid testis
DRP004401Ant venom gland transcriptome analysis
DRP004402Genome-wide analysis of transcription start sites and promoter motifs of phytoplasma
DRP004403Study on the pathophysiology of diarrheal disease
DRP004404Draft genome sequence of Faecalimonas umbilicata
DRP004405Transcriptomic analyses on vegetative and reproductive tissues of wild type Marchantia polymorpha.
DRP004406A project of associating bacterial WGS and AST data
DRP004407Gene expression analysis of vocal motor system in songbirds
DRP004408Bacterial communities in Cameroon
DRP004409Genomes of microorganisms isolated from the midgut of beetle
DRP004410Comprehensive study on virus quasi-species and vascular permeability factors in severe dengue infection in humans for innovative epidemic and clinical managements
DRP004411Study of fungiome after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
DRP004412Microbial composition of anaerobic packed bed reactors
DRP004413Phylogeny of the spider mite sub-family Tetranychinae (Acari: Tetranychidae) inferred from RNA-Seq data
DRP004414Draft genome sequence of Aquitalea magnusonii H3
DRP004415Cover cropping rather than host crop identity may be a strong factor for influencing arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities in a cover crop rotational system with soybean and maize
DRP004416Complete genome sequence of Asticcacaulis excentricus M6
DRP004417Complete genome sequence of Acinetobacter ursingii M3
DRP004418Bacillus anthracis NL2016
DRP004419Bacillus anthracis knockout strain construction
DRP004420Double-stranded RNA-binding protein DRB3 negatively regulates anthocyanin biosynthesis by modulating PAP1 expression in Arabidopsis thaliana
DRP004421Linked-read sequencing of Harmonia axyridis and Coccinella septempunctata genomes
DRP004422Culture-independent metagenomic and metaepigenomic analysis of prokaryotes in Lake Biwa, Japan
DRP004423RAD-sequence of Harmonia axyridis genome
DRP004424Bcor insufficiency promotes initiation and progression of myelodysplastic syndrome
DRP004425Gene expression profiles in control and Hdac3-KD PGCLCs
DRP004427Resequence of Harmonia axyridis genome
DRP004428Identification of DEGs between black and red areas of wing discs in Harmonia axyridis
DRP004429PacBio sequencing of Harmonia axyridis genomes
DRP004430Histone modifications and TSS mRNA abundance in LPS stimulated bone marrow-derived dendritic cells
DRP004431The transcriptomes to identify insect phosphate carriers
DRP004432mRNA-seq project of pulmonary phagocytes isolated from flu-infected, phagocyte-specific NRY1R knockout mice
DRP004433Global transcriptional differences between a deprivation- resistant RCC and a deprivation-sensitive RCC
DRP004434Genome sequence of Pseudonocardia autotrophica NBRC 12743
DRP004435Identification of causal genes of Arabidopsis mutants
DRP004436RNAsequencing analysis for myb30 mutant and MYB30-OX
DRP004437Sequencing analyses of the two species of extinct elephant birds
DRP004438Sequencing analyses of the multiple nuclear genes and the partial mitochondrial genome of Palaeoloxodon naumanni
DRP004439Tulasnella sp. HR1-1 Genome sequencing
DRP004440Transcriptome analysis of symbiotic protocorm of Bletilla striata
DRP004441smRNA-seq analysis of RPTEC under hypoxic condition with Dznep.
DRP004442RNA-seq analysis of RPTEC under hypoxic condition with Dznep.
DRP004443Aspergillus fumigatus Afs35
DRP004444smRNA-seq analysis of HK2 under hypoxic condition with Dznep.
DRP004445RNA-seq analysis of HK2 under hypoxic condition with Dznep.
DRP004446Diazotrophic community structure in an upland red soil under 26-year fertilization practices
DRP004447environmental DNA project for coral reef environments
DRP004449Skin microbiome by different collection methods
DRP004450draft genome sequence of Cupriavidus sp. P-10 isolated from phenol-fed chemostat bioreactor
DRP004451Draft genome sequences of serotype 12F Streptococcus pneumoniae strains that caused an outbreak of invasive pneumococcal diseases in Tsuruoka city, Japan
DRP004452Draft genome sequences of Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Paratyphi A from Nepal
DRP004453Japan MAGIC population in rice
DRP004454Trebouxiophyceae sp. KSI-1 whole genome shotgun sequence
DRP004455Draft genome sequence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain Hm-1
DRP004456small RNA sequencing of C. elegans
DRP004457Human LATRAP
DRP004458Draft genome sequencing of Bacillus anthracis isolates
DRP004459De novo assembly of middle-sized genome of symbiotc algae Chlorella variabilis using MinION and Illumina sequencers
DRP004460Genome sequencing project of T. gondii, strain TgCatJpOk4
DRP004461RNase characterization
DRP00446216S rDNA V1-V2 amplicon sequencing of murine colonic microbiota sampled by LMD
DRP004463Genome-wide identification of A-to-I editing in human microRNAs by ADAR isoform-specific RIP-sequencing
DRP004464Amplicon sequencing analysis of genome edited Pleurodeles waltl
DRP004465Transcriptome sequencing project of ATF3 on human hepatocellular carcinoma cells.
DRP004466Amplicon sequencing of 16S rRNA gene
DRP0044674C-seq for wild type and rearranged alleles at the Tfap2c-Bmp7 locus in mouse ES cells
DRP004468Effect of P fertilization on arbuscular mycorrhizal communities and maize growth in a tilled and no-tilled system
DRP004469RNA sequencing project of WT and miR-223 KO mice (1d skin wound)
DRP004470Expression of microRNA in murine skin wound healing
DRP004471IncN plasmid carried blaIMP-6 in concealed-type carbapenem-susceptible Escherichia coli
DRP004472Effects of the ANP signaling in the lung of tumor-bearing mice
DRP004473Effects of local gut tumor on whole-organismal gene expressions in zebrafish
DRP004474WGS of Lake Shinji Japan Sea stickleback
DRP004475Bisulfite sequencing of Arabidopsis T-DNA mutants
DRP004476metagenomic 16S rDNA amplicon sequencing of amniotic fluid samples
DRP004477RNA-seq analysis of the YlxR mutant of Bacillus subtilis.
DRP004478Efficacy of a high pressure jet device for excess sludge reduction in a conventional activated sludge process: Pilot-scale demonstration
DRP004479H3K4me2 and piRNA dependent DNA methylation
DRP004480Metagenomic analyses on the bacterial gut community of the glacier stonefly
DRP004481TSS-seq of either WT or PhyAB mutants for Red light
DRP004482RNA-Seq from liver of Eublepharis macularius
DRP004483RNA-Seq from liver of Scincus scincus
DRP004484RNA-Seq from liver of Varanus exanthematicus
DRP004485RNA-Seq from liver of Elaphe quadrivirgata
DRP004486Transcriptome analysis under P or N depletion condition in arabidopsis
DRP004487Microbiota of intestinal contents of dissected mice
DRP004488Identification of novel subsets of medullary thymic epithelial cells
DRP004489Unravelling the association between the gut bacterial community assembly and the shrimp body weight
DRP004490Transcriptional changes induced by gain of function CCaMK
DRP004491Transcriptional changes in symbiosis mutants
DRP004492Fish fauna detected by eDNA metabarcoding in damaged rivers by heavy rainfall in Northern Kyushu District, Japan in July 2017
DRP004493Transcriptome analysis in two species of lamprey
DRP004494Transcriptional regulation systems in symbiotic signal transduction network
DRP004495AMED CRE Consortium: Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae in Vietnam
DRP004496Comparative genome and transcriptome analysis of diatom, Skeletonema costatum, reveals evolution of genes for harmful algal bloom
DRP004497Epidemiological analysis of a Campylobacter lari-associated foodborne outbreak in Japan
DRP004498Accessible chromatin landscapes of vertebrate embryogenesis
DRP004499Maturing Langerin- dendritic cells control expansion of Foxp3+ regulatory T cells in the skin after ultraviolet B exposure
DRP004500Chimeric mice with humanized livers demonstrate human-specific hepatotoxicity caused by a therapeutic antibody against TRAIL-receptor 2/death receptor 5
DRP004501The polycomb protein Bmi1 restricts adipogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stromal cells to maintain the integrity of hematopoietic stem cell niche.
DRP004502Analysis of the gut microbiota in DIO mouse fed bentonite
DRP004503Identification of self-incompatibility modifier in sweet cherry
DRP004504Pombe longevity mutant research
DRP004505Aurelia sp. 1 Transcriptome or Gene expression
DRP004506mRNA sequencing of interleukin-11 knocked down tadpoles in Xenopus tail regeneration
DRP004507KDM2B in polycomb repressive complex 1.1 functions as a tumor suppressor in T-cell leukemogenesis
DRP004508Pleiotropic effects of PhaR involved in poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate accumulation in Bradyrhizobium diazoefficiens USDA 110
DRP004509Generation of orthotopically functional salivary gland from embryonic stem cells [RNA-seq]
DRP004510Generation of orthotopically functional salivary gland from embryonic stem cells [ChIP-seq]
DRP004511Complete genome sequencing of three human clinical isolates of Staphylococcus caprae
DRP004512Draft Genome Sequence of Lactobacillus kosoensis NBRC 113063
DRP004513Investigation on the origin and evolution of the diploid multicellular body plan of land plants by focusing on genes from charophycean green algae
DRP004514Microcystis CRISPR amplicon sequences
DRP004515Identification of key bacteria in microbial loop in different lakes in Japan
DRP004516Effects of queen pheromones on gene expression in ants and bees
DRP004517Transcriptome sequencing using nanopore sequencing
DRP004518Responses of bacteria to dissolved organic matter derived from different sources in an eutrophic lake in Japan
DRP004519Transcriptome-wide identification of RNA editing sites during thymopoiesis
DRP004520Detection of genetic diversity of a fish population using environmental DNA analysis: Analysis strategies for eliminating sequencing artifacts
DRP004521Effect of IBS004735, a TAZ activator, on C2C12 myodifferentiation in vitro
DRP004522Microbial regrowth in premise plumbing
DRP004523Microbial community of various types of water sources in Kathmandu Valley
DRP004524Transcriptomic analysis of anhydrobiosis for cultured cell line, Pv11, from Polypedilum vanderplanki
DRP004525PCR dropout experiments in Kuroshio Tank, Churaumi Aquarium
DRP004526Type II restriction modification system in Ureaplasma parvum OMC-P162 strain
DRP004527Multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa clinical isolates in Myanmar
DRP004528Effect of Pteridium aquilinum or Matteuccia struthiopteris on gut microbiota in mice
DRP004529Clonal spread of Streptococcus pneumoniae serogroup 12F through a surveillance conducted by Kobe city
DRP004530Whole Genome Shotgun Sequencing Project of Streptomyces spongiicola strain 531S
DRP004533Seasonal change in biomass and assemblage of Arctic eukaryota estimated by metagenome
DRP004534Complete genome sequence of Streptococcus agalactiae and Streptococcus pneumoniae.
DRP004535Lineage-specific RUNX2 super-enhancer activates MYC via a chromosomal translocation and promotes the development of blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm
DRP004536Aspergillus awamori
DRP004537Superaccurate genome resequencing of the wild silkworm, Bombyx mandarina
DRP004538Genome Sequence of Ralstonia sp. SET104 Isolated from Root Nodules of Aeschynomene indica
DRP004539The complete genome sequence of Phascolarctobacterium faecium JCM30894
DRP004540MIRAGE Syndrome is a Rare Cause of 46,XY DSD Born SGA without Adrenal Insufficiency
DRP004541Characterization of kuruma shrimp BAC clones
DRP004542Large-scale metabarcoding analysis of epipelagic and mesopelagic copepods in the Pacific
DRP0045434C-seq analysis of neo-centromere formation in chicken cell
DRP004544Response of Rpp3-NIL to soybean rust
DRP004545Relationship analysis between molecular mechanisms of persister formation and environmental stress
DRP004546Resistant starch alters gut microbial composition and metabolites in patients with coronary artery disease in a single-batch fermentation system
DRP004547Exploration of decapod crustacean genomes for endogenous WSSV relatives
DRP004548Divergent gene expression in heterogeneous Th17 cells by Satb1 that regulates encephalitogenic potentials in inflammatory responses
DRP004549RNA sequencing of Rosellinia necatrix infected with a mycovirus
DRP004550Genomic sequencing of Cerasus incisa var. bukosanensis
DRP004551Avicennia marina leaves transcriptome
DRP004552bacterial community of soil bacteria
DRP004553Fungal diversity in mountain ecosystems.
DRP004554Identification of the mutation associated with reduced seed shattering in a high-yielding indica rice cultivar 'Oonari'
DRP004555Fishes fauna of Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia by environmental DNA metabarcording.
DRP004556Comparative transcriptomics reveals cryptic physiological differences between two accessions in Rorippa aquatica (Brassicaceae), North American Lake cress
DRP004558Staphylococcus aureus genome sequencing
DRP004559Analysis of epigenetic modifications in the chicken cells
DRP004560Transcriptome analysis of taste organoids
DRP004561The cold stress transcriptome of Oryza officinalis
DRP004562Fetal Leydig cell dedifferentiation and redifferentiation
DRP004563Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis
DRP004564Prokaryotic community structure of long-term fertilization experiment fields
DRP004565Complete Genome Sequences of human respiratory syncytial virus Subgroup B
DRP004566Nosocomial transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan
DRP004567Whole Genome Sequencing of Staphylococcus aureus
DRP004568Microbial community assembly in response to trophic perturbation
DRP004569Genome Sequence of Classical Swine Fever Virus of Subgenotype 2.1 Isolated from Pig in Japan, 2018
DRP004570Shotgun metagenomics of bacterioplankton in Lake Biwa (2016)
DRP004571shrimp gut eukaryotic microbiota
DRP004572Nanopore sequencing of drug-resistance-associated genes in malaria parasites, Plasmodium falciparum
DRP004573Whole Genome and Transcriptome Sequencings of Baccaurea motleyana
DRP004574Whole Genome and Transcriptome Sequencings of Nephelium lappaceum
DRP004575Transcriptome phenology of Arabidopsis halleri
DRP004576Primary B cells infected with Epstein-Barr virus
DRP004577Development of an integrated modeling method for designing new cultivars with high performance
DRP004578Development of an integrated modeling method for designing new cultivars with environmental adaptability
DRP004579Bacterial Diversity among Halophytes: Diversity of Bacterial Microbiome in Rhizosphere and Root Endosphere of Two Halophytes: Glaux maritima and Salicornia europaea
DRP004580Gut microbiota of 13 infants
DRP004581mRNA sequencing of Borna disease virus-infected cells
DRP004582DNMTs function as co-repressors in MAX-mediated repression of germ cell-related genes in mouse embryonic stem cells
DRP004583Gut microbiota of 104 Japanese adults
DRP004584RNA-seq of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
DRP004585RNA-sequencing of the wild wheat related species Aegilops umbellulata
DRP004586The detection of eDNA from all 19 species and subspecies of the genus Anguilla
DRP004587Metgenomic analysis of human saliva microbiome from healthy subjects
DRP004588Regulation of zygotic gene activation in mouse embryos
DRP004589Acetobacter pasteurianus NBRC 3278 genome sequencing project
DRP004590Acetobacter pasteurianus NBRC 3299 genome sequencing project
DRP004591N2O-reducing bacterium
DRP004592Acetobacter pasteurianus NBRC 106471 genome sequencing project
DRP004593Acetobacter pasteurianus NBRC 3279 genome sequencing project
DRP004594Complete genome sequence of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus strain JMUB3031 isolated form a patient with severe pneumonia
DRP004595Outbreak in nursery caused by enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O121 and tranfer of ESBL plasmid
DRP004596Acetobacter pasteurianus NBRC 3280 genome sequencing project
DRP004597Acetobacter pasteurianus NBRC 3277 genome sequencing project
DRP004598Acetobacter pasteurianus NBRC 3284 genome sequencing project
DRP004599Metagenomic analysis of the bacterial community in termite
DRP004600Acetobacter pasteurianus NBRC 3188 genome sequencing project
DRP004601Acetobacter pasteurianus NBRC 3222 genome sequencing project
DRP004602Metatranscriptomic analysis of bacterial community in termite
DRP004603Korean gut microbiota
DRP004604Salivary microbiota of jet-lagged 2 adults
DRP004605Preventive effect of probiotics in radiotherapy
DRP004606Whole Genome and Transcriptome Sequencings of Syzygium samarangense
DRP004607Whole Genome and Transcriptome Sequencings of Salacca sumatrana
DRP004608Whole Genome and Transcriptome Sequencings of Flacourtia inermis
DRP004609The transcriptome analysis of MpPYL1 null mutant and MpPYL1 overexpressing plant in Marchantia polymorpha
DRP004610Gene expression profiles in control and Setdb1-KD PGCLCs
DRP004611Identification of the causative genes for mutational traits in Japanese quail
DRP004612Whole Genome and Transcriptome Sequencings of Artocarpus nangkadak
DRP004613RNA-sequencing study of each tissue of Nannophya pygmaea
DRP004614Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis
DRP004615Whole Genome and Transcriptome Sequencings of Pometia pinnata (Matoa)
DRP004616Whole Genome and Transcriptome Sequencings of Lansium domesticum
DRP004617Proton pump inhibitors raise the susceptibility to oral infection of enteropathogenic bacteria in mice.
DRP004618Metagenomic sequences of the Ofunato Bay 2015
DRP004619Coho salmon selective breeding at Miyagi Pref. Japan
DRP004620Genome sequencing and assembly of Clostridium tagluense strain A121
DRP004621Lactobacillus curieae
DRP004622Total RNA-seq analysis of Ago1 or Iru-depleted Drosophila S2 cells
DRP004623Mouse HSPCs gene expression profile
DRP004624Draft genome sequence of edible cyanobacterial species, Aphanothece sacrum FPU3
DRP004625Celes akitanus feces metabarcoding
DRP004626Small RNA-seq analysis of Ago1 or Iru-depleted Drosophila S2 cells
DRP004627Bmi1 counteracts hematopoietic stem cell aging by suppressing ectopic activation of bivalent domains and developmental genes
DRP004628Associated bacterial profiles in Porites lutea tissues affected by pink pigmentation response (PPR)
DRP004629Brain RNAseq of LCF2 for eQTL analysis
DRP004630Bacterial community of jeotgal.
DRP004631Genome sequencing of Streptomyces albulus NBRC14147
DRP004632fungal community under bamboo invasion of broadleaf forests
DRP004633Identification of the causative gene of Lotus japonicus late nodulation mutant
DRP004634Amplicon sequencing of Borna disease virus nucleoprotein transcripts
DRP004635Complete genome sequence of Staphylococcus argenteus TWCC 58113 bearing two plasmids.
DRP004636Amplicon sequencing for V4 region of 18S rRNA gene of haptophytes in the Tokara strait, south of Kyushu Island in Japan
DRP004637Transcriptome during soldier differentiation in termite
DRP004638Genome sequencing for developig microsatellite markers of Carex section Podogyane
DRP004639The transcriptome analyses of shell and dart formation in Euhadra quaesita
DRP004640Anaerobic microbial community enriched with amino acids
DRP004641Leopard Coral Grouper
DRP004642Genome project of Lactobacillus paragasseri and related species
DRP004644Community structure difference of gut eukaryotic microbiota among cohabitating retarded, overgrown and normal shrimp
DRP004645RNA-seq of left ventricular tissue
DRP004646Draft rubber tree genome
DRP004647Fecal microbiota in human treated with a milk containing galactooligosaccharide, maltitol, and glucomannan
DRP004648Sediment protists in coastal saline/brackish lakes and inland freshwater lake
DRP004649Single cell transcriptome analysis of Physcomitrella leaf cells
DRP004650Whole genome comparison of four ceftriaxone resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolated in Japan during 2015-2016
DRP004651Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains for awamori brewing
DRP004652Propidium monoazide-metagenomic analysis by 16S rRNA gene based sequencing with chilled food.
DRP00465316S amplicon sequence of human salivary microbiome every 4 hours for 3 days
DRP004654RAD-Seq and bulked segregant analysis by sequencing
DRP004655Identification and detection of USA300 methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus clones with a partial deletion in the ccrB2 gene on the type IV SCCmec element
DRP004656Salt tolerance in rice
DRP004657mRNA sequences of silkworm cultured cells with adipocyte differentiation
DRP004658Small RNA sequences of silkworm cultured cells with adipocyte differentiation
DRP004659Microbiota of incubated salivary microbiome
DRP004660The transcriptome analysis in ppsnrk2 quadruple knockout
DRP004661Aspergillus flavus IFM59975
DRP004662Genome-wide transcriptional response of Bradyrhizobium elkanii to genistein.
DRP004663Aspergillus flavus IFM54693
DRP004664Aspergillus flavus IFM55053
DRP004665Aspergillus flavus IFM58503
DRP004666Aspergillus flavus IFM61224
DRP004667Aspergillus flavus IFM57535
DRP004668Aspergillus flavus IFM60519
DRP004669Aspergillus flavus IFM61226
DRP004670Aspergillus flavus IFM60655
DRP004671Aspergillus flavus IFM59894
DRP004672Oocyte depletion in Sry-mutated XY female mice
DRP004673RAD-seq of Drosophila introgression lines
DRP004674Genome resequencing of Salmonella typhimurium LT-2 strains TA98 and TA100
DRP004675Microbial Community and Ovine Host Responses to Early and Late Haemonchus contortus Infection
DRP004676Small RNA sequencing of Akoya pearl oyster (Pinctada fucata)
DRP004677The effects of wastewater loading rate on the interactions between the dominant populations in activated sludge microbiome
DRP004678Bacterial community associated with nematodes from the hindgut of the cockroach
DRP004679Molecular taxonomy and ecology of potentially toxic phytoplankton species from the Black Sea
DRP004680Metagenomic analysis of biological samples collected from patients with Kawasaki disease.
DRP004681ASD project
DRP004682Genome Sequence of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus O/MYA/Yan/5/2016
DRP004683Genome Sequence of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus?O/MYA/Yan/3/2016
DRP004684Tbx6b ChIP-seq in Ciona embryos
DRP004685A metabologenomic approach reveals alterations in the intestinal environment of mice fed American diet
DRP004686Isolation and characterization of Fab-specific Alpaca VHH for affinity purification
DRP004687Effect of elevated CO2 on methane emission from two contrasting freshwater marshes
DRP004688Histone lysine methyltransferase G9a is a novel epigenetic target for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma
DRP004689Complete genome sequence of Arthrobacter sp. Strain MN05-02, a UV-resistant bacteria from Sonoran Desert
DRP004690Metagenomic analysis of Kirishima hot springs
DRP004691Whole-genome re-sequencing of the Japanese eels
DRP004692RNA-seq for shoots of rice BILs
DRP004693Genome sequencing of Microcystis aeruginosa NIES-4285
DRP004694Simultaneous and highly efficient construction of two independent sets of high-density linkage maps and draft sequences using an artificially generated hybrid organism
DRP004695Induced pluripotent stem cell (201B7) classified by morphological difference
DRP004696Age associated transcriptome analysis in 5 tissues of zebrafish
DRP004697Thujopsis dolabrata var. hondae needles transcriptome
DRP004698Transcriptome sequencing of saline tilapia
DRP004699Draft genome sequence of edible cyanobacterial species Aphanothece sacrum FPU1
DRP004700Draft genome sequence of Thermosipho globiformans strain MN14
DRP004701Comparative transcriptome analysis of diploid and tetraploid Arabidopsis
DRP004702Parageobacillus thermoglucosidasius strain TG4 Genome sequencing
DRP004703Metagenome analysis of microbial community from hot spring water and soil
DRP004704Genome sequence of Rhodococcus erythropolis JCM 3201
DRP004705TSS activity profiling in fetal retinal pigment epithelium (CAGE on Human RPE)
DRP004706Constructed root-channel wetland (CRCW) Genome sequencing
DRP004707Whole genome sequencing of Halomonas sp. MBEE15
DRP004708Genome sequences of Leptotrichia species
DRP004709Amplicon sequencing for V4 region of 18S rRNA gene of diatoms and haptophytes in the central South Pacific Ocean
DRP004710Contrasting the roles of mycorrhizal compatibility in community development between arbuscular- versus ecto-mycorhizal systems
DRP004711Transcriptome analysis of transgenic tobacco plants expressing a geraniol synthase gene
DRP004712Amplicon sequencing for V4 region of 18S rRNA gene of diatoms and haptophytes in the western Pacific Ocean
DRP004713Amplicon sequencing for V4 region of 18S rRNA gene of diatoms and haptophytes in the central North Pacific Ocean
DRP004714Microbial communities of activated sludge reactors treating PTA wastewater
DRP004715RNA-seq of rat primary podocytes treated with or without puromycin aminonucleoside
DRP004716RNA polymerase I activators count and adjust ribosomal RNA gene copy number
DRP004717Do below-ground genotypes influence above-ground microbiomes of grafted tomatoes?
DRP004718human induced pluripotent stem cell containing a human artificial chromosome vector
DRP004719Transcriptome of in vitro culture of Striga hermonthica
DRP004720Soil Bacteria community miseq sequencing
DRP004721whole genome sequencing of a sea snake Laticauda laticaudata
DRP004722Whole genome sequencing of a sea snake Laticauda colubrina
DRP004723whole genome sequencing of a sea snake Emydocephalus ijimae
DRP004724whole genome sequencing of a sea snake Hydrophis melanocephalus
DRP004725WGS of Bordetella species
DRP004726Developmental phase-specific mortality induced by UVB damage in the two-spotted spider mite, Tetranychus urticae
DRP004727Whole genome sequencing, Heavy-ion beam-induced mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana
DRP004728Allo-authentication revealed by sexual asymmetry and uniparental organelle-inheritance of male- and female-gametes in the green alga, Ulva compressa
DRP004729Application of a heat-stress induced transposon to breeding
DRP004730Transcription profiling by high throughput sequencing of cerebellum from Jsap1 and Jlp knockout mice
DRP004731Transcription profiling by high throughput sequencing of telencephalon from Jsap1 and Jlp knockout mice
DRP004732Enrichment of bacteria potentially involved in a brown alga degradation in the guts of marine gastropods
DRP004733Transcriptomic analysis reveals abundant differential gene expression and alternative splicing events in the heart tissues of the Nile tilapia in response to acute hypoxia
DRP004734Effects of an active transpon on the rice epigenome
DRP004735mud Bacteria community miseq sequencing
DRP004736Generation of human oogonia from induced pluripotent stem cells in vitro
DRP004737Differential gene expression profiles and alternative splicing events in the gill tissues of the Nile tilapia in response to acute hypoxia
DRP004738polyA RNA-Seq analysis of C2C12 cells treated with siRNAs
DRP004739Actinidia spp. genomic sequencing
DRP004740RDR6 gene knockout in Nicotiana benthamiana
DRP004741Isolation and Identification of Bifidobacterium species from feces of captive chimpanzee
DRP004742Development of gene set for Rb inactivation signature in spherogenesis
DRP004743Identification of the gene set correlated with Rb-depletion induced spherogenesis
DRP004744Functional analysis of psm-mec RNA in staphylococcal species
DRP004745Effects of endurance exercise on gut microbiota in elderly men
DRP00474616S rRNA sequencing of fermented grains during fermentation process of distilled liquors
DRP004747Functional analysis of novel RNA binding proteins of Staphylococcus aureus
DRP004748Transcriptome analysis for the brain of freshwater goby
DRP00474916S rRNA sequencing for bacterial community of fermented grains during fermentation process of distilled liquors
DRP004750ITS sequencing of fermented grains during fermentation process of distilled liqours
DRP004751ITS sequencing for fungal community of fermented grains during fermentation process of distilled liquor
DRP004752Microbial composition in Tanagasima submarine mud volcano and overlying seawater
DRP004753Transcriptome data of lettuce under LED periodic dark-pulse light condition in closed-type plant factory
DRP004754Transcriptomic Identification of Chemoreceptor Genes in the Red Palm Weevil Rhynchophorus ferrugineus
DRP004756Identification of ovulation-inducing genes selected by the method for in vivo induction of oocyte maturation and ovulation in zebrafish
DRP004757Subseafloor microbiome project
DRP004758Fine selection of up-regulated genes duirng ovulation by in vivo induction of oocyte maturation and ovulation in zebrafish
DRP00475916S amplicon sequence analysis of Opg-deficient mice
DRP004760Genome analysis of Listeria sp. isolated from environmental sample in Japan
DRP004761Development of the genetic and genomic information infrastructure of Saccharomyces cerevisiae IR-2
DRP004762Streptomyces sp. NL15-2K Genome sequencing and assembly
DRP004763Genetic analysis of histamine-producing bacteria in China
DRP004764transcriptome data of calcite formed corals
DRP004765An Iron Corrosion-Assisted H2-Supplying System: A Novel Culture Method for Methanogens and Acetogens under Low H2 Conditions
DRP004766NGS analysis of gene regulation in animal models
DRP004767Effect of chondroitin sulfate on intestinal microbiota in mice.
DRP004768Spatial Change in Microbial Community in a Temperate Coniferous Forest
DRP004769RNA-seq for chick skeletal muscle myoblasts
DRP004770Changes in gene methylation and expression accompany caste specialization and ageing in a social insect
DRP004771Analysis of statistical genetics using cell line genotype data of Japanese ancestry
DRP004772Genome-wide analysis of transcription start sites and mRNA translation state in Arabidopsis cells
DRP004773Microbial community analysis of feces of wild western lowland gorillas
DRP004774chromatin landscape during RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis_RNA-seq
DRP004775Histone modifications in the mouse PGCs.
DRP004776Comparison of bacterial flora inhabiting river volume soils in Aomori and Fukushima prefectures, Japan.
DRP004777chromatin landscape during RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis
DRP00477818S rDNA Illumina analysis of parasites in rats
DRP004779Whole genome sequencing of Bacillus anthracis isolated in Vietnam
DRP004780Remodeling of white adipose tissues for hibernation
DRP004781Draft genome sequence of Sporomusaceae bacterium strain FL31, a lactate-fermenting bacterium of the class Negativicutes
DRP004782Genome sequencing of bacteria contributing to the geochemical cycling of arsenic, bromine, and iodine.
DRP004783Dehydration and heat stress responses in NF-YB2- and NF-YB3-overexpressing plants
DRP004784The Jumonji-C domain-containing proteins JUMONJI 30 and JUMONJI 32 control abscisic acid-dependent growth arrest during Arabidopsis post-germination.
DRP004785Small RNA sequences of BmMLV-infected silkworm ovary
DRP004786Sequencing vlotage-sensitive sodium channel cDNA in Aedes albopictus
DRP004787Prospective cancer study to systematically understand the evolutionary process of tumors.
DRP004788Multivariate analysis of resistance to fipronil
DRP004789ChIP-seq analysis of the retina in six7 and six6b transgenic zebrafish
DRP004790Genome methylation profile of iPSCs reprogrammed and/or maintenanced with 3i
DRP004791Transcriptome analysis of gene expression change after piRNA LNA-antagonist treatment
DRP004792Fungal community structure in upland red soil under log-term fertilization
DRP004793metagenomic data from human fecal samples
DRP004794Legionella pneumophila sequencing 2
DRP004795Bacterial community structure of surface wipe samples at restaurant in Japan
DRP004796Cecal microbiota composition of GF mice inoculated with cecal contents from mouse B5 with or without perturbation.
DRP004797The chromatin binding protein Phf6 restricts the self-renewal of hematopoietic stem cells
DRP004798Development of the genetic and genomic information infrastructure of the filamentous fungi Monascus purpureus GB-01
DRP004799Whole-genome sequencing data of Chrysanthemum seticuspe
DRP004800Transcriptome sequencing data of Chrysanthemum seticuspe
DRP004801Bacillus cereus isolated from inpatients
DRP004802Spleen B cell repertoires of wild-type and lambda5-deficient mice
DRP004803Transcriptome of cultured CHO-S cells
DRP004804MiR-222 regulates proliferation of primary mouse hepatocytes in vitro
DRP004805RNAseq for branch development in Shorea leprosula
DRP004806Complete genome sequence of Erythrobacter flavus KJ5
DRP004807Transcriptome-wide identification of ADAR1 p150-specific RNA editing sites in macrophage cell line
DRP004808Genome sequencing of an Acoelomorpha, Praesagittifera naikaiensis
DRP004809Comparison of transcriptome profiles by Fusarium oxysporum inoculation between Fusarium yellows resistant and susceptible lines in Brassica rapa
DRP004812Genomic analysis of Helicobacter cinaedi
DRP004813Microbial diversity in sediments from the bottom of the Challenger Deep, Mariana Trench.
DRP004814Comparative RNA-seq between cultured and gut-colonized Burkholderia symbiont
DRP004816ldl3 mutant vs wild-type in Arabidopsis de novo shoot regeneration_RNA-seq and ChIP-seq
DRP004817Functional assays for HeyL alone and the HeyL-Hes1 heterodimer
DRP004818Neuron-specific transcriptome analysis in mice models of neurodegenerative diseases
DRP004819Microbial communities in a deep-sea hydrothermal vent chimney structure
DRP004820Sacculina yatsui transcriptome project
DRP004821Genetic studies of early heading in rice in Hokkaido
DRP004822Megaviridae PolB amplicon
DRP004823Gene expression during seed germination and seedling greening
DRP004824Molecular basis for adaptive traits underlying local adaptation in Abies sachalinensis
DRP004825Elucidation of the mechanisms of chitosan-like bioflocculant production by Citrobacter strains and its higher production.
DRP004827Draft genome of Agarivorans sp. TU001
DRP004828Hemigrapsus sanguineus normal
DRP004829Genome analysis of a novel aerobic bacteriochlorophyll a-containing betaproteobacterium, Aquabacterium pictum W35
DRP004830Draft genome sequence of Mycolicibacterium sp. strain Tsukiji isolated from blood culture of hematooncology patient.
DRP004831coral bleaching associated genes
DRP004832The complete mitogenome sequences of Benedenia seriolae isolates derived from Japanese yellowtails
DRP004833Effect of thinning at R5 on transcriptome in soybean main stem
DRP004834Soil microbial community dynamics after amendment of urea
DRP004835Characterization of mRNA Profiles of the Exosome-like Vesicles in Porcine Follicular Fluid
DRP004836Methyl variation of Arabidopsis accessions
DRP004837Diversity of microbial eukaryotes in freshwater deep lakes of Japan
DRP004838Identify new transcription in intergenic regions in Arabidopsis and Oryza
DRP004839Late Jomon male and female genome sequences from the Funadomari site in Hokkaido, Japan
DRP004840RNAseq of the Olfactory Epithelium of basal ray-finned fish
DRP004841Does soil test phosphorus level shift arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities colonizing tomato roots and tomato fruit nutrition?
DRP004842Comparative transcriptome analysis of ethylene dependent and low temperature modulated ripening in kiwifrui
DRP004843Shimomotoyama Yayoi nuclear genome
DRP004845Aberrant active cis-regulatory elements associated with downregulation of RET finger protein overcome chemoresistance in glioblastoma
DRP004846Mechanism of heterologous protein expression in Komagataella phaffii based on transcriptome
DRP004847Comparative transcriptomics in an anhydrobiotic tardigrade, Hypsibius dujardini, during desiccation treatment
DRP00484816S rRNA gene sequencing, Alteration of intestinal microbiota of gibel carp (Carassius auratus gibelio) after traditional Chinese medicine feeding
DRP004849OsMYC2 mediates a large part of jasmonic acid-inductive defense-related transcriptional changes in rice
DRP004850Exhaustive screening of outer hair cell-specific genes
DRP004851RNA-seq in Japanese wild Arabidopsis harreli
DRP004852RAB39A-knockdown spheres
DRP004853RNA-seq in Japanese wild radish
DRP004854High throughput sequencing of microorganisms in spoilage yellow rice wine
DRP004855Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans, gut micromiota in mice
DRP004856A multi-modal data resource for investigating geographic heterogeneity in patient-derived xenograft tumors
DRP004857Green Tea Polyphenol, (-)-Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate, Improves Gut Dysbiosis and Serum Bile Acids Dysregulation in High-Fat Diet-Fed Mice
DRP004858Genome sequences of Carabus subgenus Ohomopterus beetles
DRP004859sequencing of pmoa gene
DRP004860Age-related difference in gut microbiota composition and IgA response to gut microbiota
DRP004861Subsurface microbial community of
DRP004862Mice containing a human chromosome 15 (Tc15 mice) model behavioral impairment.
DRP004863RNA-seq in European cultivate radish
DRP004864C57BL/6JJcl one molecule long reading
DRP004865small RNA identification of Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans
DRP004866Identification of genomic islands of speciation in Lake Victoria cichlids
DRP004867Genome-wide identification of insecticide resistant genes in the smaller tea tortrix, Adoxophyes honmai
DRP004868The Metagenomic analysis of bile samples from xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis patients
DRP004869Molecular epidemiological risk assessment of nosocomial infection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
DRP004870DNA methylation profiles of assisted reproductive technologies (ART)-conceived Silver-Russell syndrome (SRS) patients
DRP004871Single cell RNA-seq analysis of mouse hematopoietic progenitors
DRP004872Identification of RNA motif for segmented genome packaging of influenza virus
DRP004873Staphylococcus capitis from a bile sample of a xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis patient
DRP004874Transcriptome analysis of Spi-B and SOX8 KO mice
DRP004875Circatidal rhythmic expression in mangrove cricket
DRP004876Acinetobacter baumannii from a bile sample of a xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis patient
DRP004877GenomePhased genome sequence of an interspecific hybrid flowering cherry, Somei-Yoshinowide association study to identify flower color loci in chrysanthemum
DRP004878Protease capable of degrading osteoprotegerin in the bone microenvironment.
DRP004879Multidrug resistant Pseudomonas spp. strains sequence
DRP004880Transcriptome sequencings of Zygosaccharomyces bailii for its function and metabolism in single and mixed cultures
DRP004881Whole Genome Sequencing of Mammoth
DRP004882The number of phosphorylated SOG1 sites regulates DNA damage response in A. thaliana
DRP004883Genome-wide association study in pepper
DRP004884Fecal microbiomes in Toy poodles
DRP004885Targeted Capture Sequencing of mosquito VGSC
DRP004886whole genome analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains isolated in Japan
DRP004887RNAseq of hemocyte, fat body, gut and whole body of Acyrthosiphon pisum
DRP004888RNAseq of large globular cells and whole body of Nipponaphis monzeni
DRP004889RNAseq of bacteriocytes of Nipponaphis monzeni
DRP004890Nemacystus decipiens: Onna1 strain genome project
DRP004891Analysis of sludge microbiomes in MBRs treating heavy oil
DRP004892Transcriptome of a non-photosynthetic chrysophyte
DRP004893Genome sequence of Buchnera aphidicola Nmo (Nipponaphis monzeni)
DRP004894Metatranscriptome analysis of sludge microbiomes in MBRs treating heavy oil
DRP004895RNA-Seq analysis of chromatic acclimation in cyanobacterium Leptolyngbya sp. PCC 6406
DRP004896QTL-seq for heading date in SYF2
DRP004897Comprehensive analysis on Developmental Control of Pluripotent Embryonic Cells and Germ Cells In Mice
DRP004898Transcriptomic analysis of Escherichia coli strains carrying non-E. coli 16S rRNA genes
DRP004899VIM-60 producing multidrug-resistant P. aeruginosa in Japan
DRP004900Changes of DNA methylation patterns in mice spermatozoa induced by sodium valproate
DRP004902Transcriptome of rice zygotes produced by in vitro fertilization
DRP004903Reduction of gut microbiome-derived phenyl sulfate prevents diabetic nephropathy and renal dysfunction
DRP004904Genome sequence of Candidatus Serratia symbiotica strain IS
DRP004905Highly variable mRNA half-life time within marine prokaryotic taxa and functional genes
DRP004906Partial genome sequencing of a temperate evergreen herb, Tanakaea radiacans
DRP004907Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development
DRP004908Partial genome sequencing of a temperate herb, Deinanthe bifida
DRP004909Whole genome sequencing of Klebsiella pneumoniae strain KP17001AIH
DRP004910RNA-seq of the lung adenocarcinoma cell line H1299 transfected with negative control or PLK1 siRNA.
DRP00491116S rRNA gene amplicon sequences of bacteria and archaea associated with biocathodes developped at different set potentials
DRP004912Microbiome analysis in fecal samples from 5 different mouse strains
DRP004913Analysis of Effect of Crk/Crkl family deficiency on gene expression in mice
DRP004914population genetics of tea plants
DRP004915Elucidation of biosynthetic genes for the meroterpenoid antibiotic ascofuranone using Acremonium sclerotigenum
DRP004916Complete genome sequences of Enterobacter asburiae str. MRY18-106 isolated from a patient in Japan
DRP004917Comparative transcriptome analysis of silkgland-expressed genes between mulberry feeders and nonmulberry feeders
DRP004918Microbial communities of hydrothermal vent in the Okinawa Trough: Yokosuka field at Yaeyama knoll
DRP004919Transcriptome analysis of brain and internal genitalia expressed genes in adult females
DRP004920Draft genome sequences of two Veillonella tobetsuensis clinical isolates from intraoperative bronchial fluids of elderly patients with pulmonary carcinoma
DRP004921GRAS-Di for mangrove fish species
DRP004922cyanobacterial genomes in NIES
DRP004923Comparative transcriptome analysis of midgut-expressed genes between mulberry feeders and nonmulberry feeders
DRP004924Diversity of dead bacterial biomass consumers in compost
DRP004925Marchantia MET1 mutant BS-seq
DRP004926Effect of partially hydrolyzed guar gum on gut microbiota in a rat model of short bowel syndrome.
DRP004927DNAseq and RNAseq data of vancomycin intermediate resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains sequentially isolated from blood specimens of a persistent bacteremia patient.
DRP004928Marchantia MET1 mutant RNA-seq
DRP004929Whole Genome Shotgun Sequencing of Caulerpa lentillifera
DRP004930Analysis of juvenility-associated genes (JAGs) in mouse hepatocytes and cardiomyocytes.
DRP004931Transcriptomic profiling of Mycobacterium sp. EPa45 during cultivation in the presence of phenanthrene
DRP004932Community structure analysis of a phenanthrene-degrading bacterial consortium during phenanthrene degradation
DRP004933MiDeca Primer
DRP004934Complete genome sequence of Enterococcus faecium QU 50
DRP004935Soil bacterial diversity along elevational gradients
DRP004936Amplicon sequencing of the fermented grain (16S)
DRP004937Whole genome sequences of motile and non-motile strains of Escherichia albertii
DRP004938Determination of nutrient-responsive genes in C. elegans
DRP004939A new species of Pseudomonas putida group
DRP004940Microbiota involved in fermented traditional Japanese indigo
DRP004941Whole-genome sequencing data for Lotus japonicus
DRP004942Microbiome of colored dental biofilms in children
DRP004943Transcriptome analysis of WT and an nrrA mutant of Synechococcus PCC 7002 under conditions of nitrogen deprivation.
DRP004944Cellular fractionation and RNAseq for the unc-75 mutant
DRP004945Cellular fractionation and RNAseq for the lst-3 mutant
DRP004946ddRAD-seq for Japanese native horse "Taishu"
DRP004947Cellular fractionation and RNAseq for the wild-type strain
DRP004948Nitrotoga sp. AM1 Genome sequencing
DRP004949Whole genome analysis of Mycoplasma haemohominis identified from a patient with pyrexia, anemia and liver dysfunction.
DRP004950Selective isolation of Pseudonocardia by transplantation technique and plant growth promoting activity
DRP004951Developemtanl transcriptomes of an appendicularian, Oikopleura dioica.
DRP004952Developemtanl transcriptomes of an ascidian, Halocynthia rorenzi.
DRP004953Bacterial community analysis
DRP004954Clonal instability detected by TDS using BM in tMN after ML treatment
DRP004955Solid-state anaerobic digestion
DRP004956IMP-type Metallo-beta-lactamase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae WGS
DRP004957RNA-seq to investigate regulatory roles of DNA methyltransferases in Helicobacter pylori strain 26695.
DRP004958Fingerprinting of Proteins that Mediate Quagga Mussel Adhesion using a De Novo Assembled Foot Transcriptome
DRP004959Transcriptomic profiling of Streptococcus pyogenes M1T1 strain in a mouse model of necrotizing fasciitis
DRP004960Comprehensive analysis of miRNA included in exosomes derived from canine lymphoid tumor cells
DRP004961Comparative genomics and high-resolution discrimination of Mycoplasma pneumoniae clinical isolates
DRP004962Small RNA-seq of the Japanese subterranean termite Reticulitermes speratus
DRP004963Eumeta variegata draft genome
DRP004964RNase characterization
DRP004965Isolation of a bacterial mixture capable of utilizing C-mannosyl tryptophan as the sole carbon source
DRP004966Regulation of paramyxovirus RNA synthesis by the R2TP complex
DRP004967Development of Platanus-allee and benchmarks of haplotype assemblers
DRP004968A landscape of cis-natural antisense transcription under cadmium exposure in rice
DRP004969polyA RNA-Seq analysis of tibialis anterior muscle treated with shRNAs
DRP004970Plant pretreatment with rumen fluid
DRP0049714d high-boron treated root tip RNA-seq
DRP004972Campylobacter jejuni from wild birds in Japan
DRP004973RUNX3 promotes the development of MDS via suppressing expression level of Runx1 and enhancing activation of Myc pathway in the absence of Tet2.
DRP004974Mode and structure of the bacterial community on human scalp hair
DRP004975Reproductive ecology of dusky frillgoby
DRP004976Genome analysis of Melissococcus plutonius
DRP004977Analysis of Biological Soliton
DRP004978Complete Genome Sequence of Shigella flexneri phage SfPhi01
DRP004979Notch activation time course in olfactory receptor neuron precursor
DRP004980Amplicon sequencing of Nitrotoga enrichment cultures
DRP004981RNAseq for calyx development in Dipterocarpaceae
DRP004982Transcriptome of Rhizophagus irregularis in response to palmitoleic acid
DRP004983Loss of Epe1 induces epigenetic diversification among epiclones
DRP004984Loss of Epe1 enhances ectopic heterochromatin formation
DRP004985Transcriptome of Rhizophagus irregularis comparing extraradical mycelium and intraradical mycelium
DRP004986Transcriptome of silkworm midgut orally infected with wild-type and Bm105 viruses
DRP004987Transcriptome of silkworm midgut infected with BmNPV Bm95 and Bm124 mutants
DRP004988Transcriptome of silkworm midgut infected with BmNPV Bm124 mutants
DRP004989Transcriptome of BmN4 cells infected with two BmNPV strains
DRP004991Attractive Surface Bacterial Communities Structure of Black and White Section from Yunnan Karst Area Stone
DRP00499216S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing in TIH
DRP004993Whole-genome resequences of Bacillus natto mutant strains
DRP004994Global transcriptome analyses of chrysanthemum stunt viroid infection
DRP004995root microbiome
DRP004996Analysis of sequences collected from dental plaque
DRP004998Genome sequence of Zygosaccharomyces mellis
DRP004999The presence of RNA in murine spermatozoa
DRP005000Tomato resequence
DRP005002Comparison of microbial DNA extraction methods for clinical applications
DRP005005Buttiauxella sp. strain A111 whole genome shotgun sequencing project
DRP005006Origin of the wheat B-genome chromosomes conferred by RNA-seq analysis of leaf transcripts in the section Sitopsis species of Aegilops
DRP005007Sludge and biofilm in pig manure treating membrane bioreactor
DRP005008RADseq population genomics confirms divergence across closely related species in blue coral (Heliopora coerulea)
DRP005009Transcriptome of Psychotria rubra (Rubiaceae)
DRP005010Staphylococcus arlettae P2 Genome sequencing and assembly
DRP005011Genome sequencing and assembly
DRP005012Microbiota involved in fermented traditional Japanese indigo
DRP005013Draft genome sequence of Mesosutterella multiformis
DRP005014RNA-seq analysis of Thrips tabaci in Japan for identifying pyrethroid resistance related genes
DRP005015Determination of polysomal RNAs by RNA-seq
DRP005020MM2d_ PEO-IAA treatment-6h_RNA-seq
DRP005026Developing techniques of DNA/RNA analyses for studying ecological communities in nature
DRP005027Transcriptome Sequencing in termites
DRP005028Phylogeographic analysis of Papilio polytes in Ryukyu Islands, Japan based on mtDNA
DRP005029Draft genome sequence of Streptococcus dysgalactiae isolated from fish
DRP005030Growth inhibition after MazF activation through specific alteration of cellular state rather than through near-indiscriminate RNA cleavage.
DRP005031Usefulness and limitations of sample pooling for environmental DNA metabarcoding of freshwater fish communities
DRP005032Gut Microbiota induced by Anthranoid Laxatives
DRP005033Gut microbiota of 104 Japanese adults
DRP005034A small molecule PHA767491 modulates the Arabidopsis circadian clock
DRP005035RNAseq analysis of Arabidopsis ztl-3 mutants
DRP005036Fluctuation of bacterial communities along with soybean growth stages
DRP005037MiFish-based metabarcoding data of vertebrates in Leptospira-endemic areas in Okinawa Island, Japan
DRP005038Bacterial metabarcoding data in Leptospira-endemic areas in Okinawa Island, Japan
DRP005039Draft genome of Pichia manshurica from Ishizuchi-Kurocha
DRP005040Time-series monitoring of potentially toxic diatoms of the genus Pseudo-nitzschia in Tokyo Bay, Japan with massively parallel sequencing technology
DRP00504116S rRNA gene sequencing, comparative analysis of bacterial communities in intestinal tract and respiratory organ of Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus)
DRP005042Gut microbiota of patients receiving indigo naturalis
DRP005043Metagenomic sequences of the Ofunato Bay 2016
DRP005044Pseudomonas lactis phage HU1 whole genome
DRP005045Analysis of DS mouse
DRP005046Effect of different plant species on bacterial community structure of rhizospheric soil and plant's root
DRP005047Changes of bacterial community in the gut of Portunus trituberculatus induced by Vibrio alginolyticus infection
DRP005048Transcriptome analysis on thymocytes with or without EBAB cis-element
DRP005049mRNA-Seq following the embryonic development in medaka (Oryzias latipes)
DRP005050Confirmation of mating between Zygosacchromyces yeast stains by mating-type-like loci nucleotide sequences
DRP005051Setaria italica (Foxtail millet) Gene Mapping Projects
DRP005052RNA-seq analysis of the kidneys of bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) acclimated to seawater and freshwater environments
DRP005053Megaviridae PolB amplicon project
DRP005054Colonization and Characteristics of Legionella pneumophila isolated from cooling tower in Japan
DRP005055Changes of histone modification induced by STEMIN1 in the moss Physcomitrella patens
DRP00505616S rRNA gene sequencing
DRP005057Development of tongue microbiota
DRP005058ChIp-Seq and RNA-seq analysis for searching STEMIN1-target genes
DRP00505916S rRNA gene sequencing
DRP005060Complete genome sequences of blaFRI-positive Enterobacter spp. isolated from river water and a patient
DRP005061Female eel wild vs cultured
DRP005062Comparison of whole genome sequences of sibling Acanthaster spp. and evolution of fertilization-related gene
DRP005063Multiplexed ISSR genotyping by sequencing distinguishes two precious coral species (Anthozoa: Octocorallia: Coralliidae) that share a mitochondrial haplotype
DRP005064Evaluation of 16S RNA gene amplicon sequencing analyses
DRP005065Podostemaceae RNA-seq
DRP005066Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. W3110 (thermal-adaptated strain) Whole Genome Sequencing Project
DRP005067Methanothermobacter sp. CaT2 (aggregation defective mutants) Whole Genome Sequencing Project
DRP005068Zymomonas mobilis subsp. mobilis TISTR 548 (thermal-adaptated strain) Whole Genome Sequencing Project
DRP005069Komagataeibacter sp. MSKU3 strain genome sequencing project
DRP005070Genotyping by whole genome sequence of Bacillus cereus isolated in Japan
DRP005071Zymomonas mobilis subsp. mobilis CP4 (thermal-adaptated strain) Whole Genome Sequencing Project
DRP005072Convergent genetics of mouse and human leukemias
DRP005073New species Pseudomonas oleovorans group
DRP005074RNA sequencing in the freshwater planarian Dugesia ryukyuensis
DRP005075Komagataeibacter sp. MSKU3 (ethanol-adapted strain) genome sequencing project
DRP005076Streptococcus suis isolates from porcine endocarditis
DRP005077Environmental metagenomics, soil fungal and prokaryotic community in three black locust forests along an aridity gradient of Loess Plateau, China
DRP005078Komagataeibacter sp. MSKU3 (thermal-adapted strain) genome sequencing project
DRP005079CAGE and RNA-seq in blue light exposure of A. thaliana sprouts
DRP005080microRNAs in serum extracellular vesicles in flu-infected mice
DRP005081Transcriptome sequencing of the Japanese subterranean termite Reticulitermes speratus
DRP005082Transcriptome of Helicobacter pylori PMSS1 helical
DRP005083Transcriptome of Helicobacter pylori SS1 coccoid
DRP005084Gene expression profile in adult zebrafish liver
DRP005085Transcriptome of Helicobacter pylori ATCC 43504 helical
DRP005086Transcriptome of Helicobacter pylori PMSS1 coccoid
DRP005087Transcriptome of Helicobacter pylori ATCC 43504 coccoid
DRP005088Transcriptome of Helicobacter pylori SS1 helical
DRP005089Draft Genome Sequences of Bifidobacterium species Consecutively Isolated from Healthy Japanese.
DRP005090Genome re-sequencing of large body-sized strains of the silkworms
DRP005091Genome sequencing of Acidovorax sp. NB1
DRP005092MHC-I epitope prediction via repertoire-wide TCR-peptide contact profiles
DRP005093The complete genome of 6 Alistipes sp. strains
DRP005094A primary project of sex chromosome in Seriola dumerili
DRP005095Development of prediction and control technology for coastal fishery damage by marine microbial analysis
DRP005096A primary project of sex chromosome in Seriola quinqueradiata
DRP005097Transcriptome analysis in starfish Astropecten latespinosus development
DRP005098Population genomics of Leucopsarion petersii
DRP005099Community dynamics of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in two radiocesium degradation lands due to the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear disaster in Japan
DRP005100Gene expression profiles in control, Nanos2-KO and Ddx6-KO murien germ cells.
DRP005101Change of protist and cyanobacterial communities exposed by the elute of a seafloor massive sulfide ore from the seafloor in the Okinawa Izena area, Japan
DRP005102Draft Genome Sequence of Dicyma pulvinata Strain 414-3
DRP005103Gene expression profile of thioglycollate-elicited peritoneal macrophages (TEMPs) in WT and HIF-1a KO mices under hypoxic condition.
DRP005104The gut microbiota of Drosophila larvae and adults
DRP005105A field diagnosis and genotyping of chikungunya virus by a dried RT-LAMP and MinION sequencing
DRP005106Time-course analysis of mouse injured spinal cord
DRP005107Draft Genome Sequences of Two Hydrogenogenic Thermophilic Carbon Monoxide-Oxidizing Bacteria Moorella spp.
DRP00510816S rRNA amplicon sequencing of microbial communities in a bulking and healthy sludge granules in a mesophillic expanded granular sludge bed reactor
DRP005109Anaerobic bulking-associated microbiota occurred in a mesophilic expanded granular sludge bed reactor treating high-strength organic wastewater discharged from a food-processing manufactory based on 16S rRNA gene amplicon data
DRP005110Whole genome shotgun sequencing for Nitrosomonas stercoris strain KYUHI-S
DRP005111Komagataeibacter sp. MSKU9 strain genome sequencing project
DRP005112Analysis of microbiota in glasshopper.
DRP005113Comparison of MLVA and WGS in EHEC O157
DRP005114Akt Inhibition Synergizes with PRC2 inhibition in the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma
DRP005115Komagataeibacter sp. MSKU15 strain genome sequencing project
DRP005116Microbiota of a thermophilic anaerobic digestion reactor stably treating poly(L-lactic acid) at same organic loading rate
DRP005117Draft genome sequence of Salmonella enterica serotype Senftenberg strain SL180013
DRP005118RNA-seq for human skeletal muscle myoblasts with iSN04
DRP005119Diversity of plant-associated microbes in Sugadaira, Nagano, Japan
DRP005120A possible strategy to the viral population analysis of tick based on Batch Learning Self-Organizing Maps (BLSOMs)
DRP005121Marine metatranscriptome in the temperate coastal region
DRP005122Marine microbial community in the temperate coastal region
DRP005123Amplicon sequencing of the mature Daqu starters (16S and ITS)
DRP005124Global transcriptional differences between normal and heart failure left ventricle muscles of dogs.
DRP005125Metatranscriptomic insights into the effect of starters on the solid-state fermentation of Chinese liquor
DRP005127Genome sequencing of genus Stella bacteria.
DRP005128RNA-sequencing of goldfish scale in space with or without melatonin
DRP005129HIV-1 integration site search
DRP005130The identification of glucose-responsive genes in the liver of WT and ob/ob mice.
DRP005131RNA-seq of Argonaute-associated small RNA in Pyricularia oryzae
DRP005132Whole genome sequencing of Bacillus anthracis
DRP005133Identification of novel neural immediate early genes in honeybee
DRP005134Beetle gut microbe
DRP005135RNA-seq analysis of adult skeletal muscles of Vgll2 knockout mice
DRP005136Gut microbiota development of preterm infants hospitalised in intensive care units
DRP005137Dead chimney metagenome
DRP005138Fe-Mn crust 16S tags
DRP005139Whole Genome Sequencing of Oryza sativa L. cv. Takanari
DRP005140FRI-5 carbapenemase-producing Enterobacter asburiae WGS
DRP005141Soil Microbial Community Involved in Reductive Dissolution of Arsenic
DRP005142Cobetia litoralis strain AM6 Genome sequencing and assembly
DRP005143developing embryo gene expression in wild type and gle4 in rice
DRP005144Non-canonical PRC1 orchestrates homeostatic and emergency hematopoiesis and restricts transformation by acting as a rheostat of myeloid differentiation
DRP005145KDM2B in polycomb repressive complex 1.1 functions as a tumor suppressor in the initiation of T- cell leukemogenesis
DRP005146Complete genome of Sulfodiicoccus acidiphilus strain HS-1(T)
DRP005147Transcriptome of Chattonella antiqua (mRNA-seq)
DRP005148Time-course mRNA-Seq analysis of Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 and the faaA disruptant grown in the presence of 1% Triton X-100
DRP005149Application of highly multiplexed amplicon sequencing in torafugu, Takifugu rubripes.
DRP005150Rad-seq dataset for Semisulcospiridae
DRP005151Characteristics of salivary microbiota in cancer patients
DRP005152Bacterial community analysis
DRP005153Draft Genome Sequence of Sporoactobacillus inulinus NBRC 111894
DRP005155Transcriptome analysis in brittle star Amphipholis kochii development
DRP005156Consortia of anti-nematode fungi and bacteria in a soybean field
DRP005157Transcriptome analysis in cidaroid Prionocidaris baculosa development
DRP005159Effects of conductive carbon nanomaterials on methanogens
DRP005160Methylome diversity in Helicobacter pylori East Asian isolates (Japan, Hokkaido, Okinawa and Fukui)
DRP005161RNA sequence of Physcomitrella patens
DRP005162Vertical microbial distribution in the untouched tsunami sediment and the artificially stirred tsunami sediment by the Great East Japan Earthquake
DRP005163Draft genome sequences of six Flavobacterium psychrophilum isolates from dead juvenile ayu in Nahari River, Kochi, Japan.
DRP005164Draft genome sequence of Vibrio harveyi strain GAN1807
DRP005165Draft genome sequences of three Flavobacterium psychrophilum isolates from diseased ayu in Kagami River, Kochi, Japan.
DRP005166Transcriptome analysis of murine lymph nodes after space flight
DRP005167De novo transcriptome of Araneus ventricosus and closely related spiders in super family Araneoidea.
DRP005168Transcriptome analysis of murine spleen in space
DRP005169Full-length cDNA sequences of Japanese pear, Hosui
DRP005170Functional Genomic approach for Falcataria moluccana breeding and genetic improvement
DRP005171Isolation of OXA-181 and OXA-232 carbapenemase-producing Escherichia coli and OXA-181 carbapenemase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae from a pregnant woman returning from India to Japan
DRP005172Comprehensive analysis on the DE genes in P. polytes
DRP005173Multifaceted Hi-C benchmarking for chromosome-scale genome scaffolding
DRP005174Discovery of SNPs and construction of high-density linkage map using Rad-seq for oil palm
DRP005175Araneus ventricosus draft genome
DRP005176sludge microbiome in industrial wastewater treatment system
DRP005177Biofilm and sludge in pig manure wastewater treating membrane bioreactor
DRP005178Metatranscriptomic evidences for magnetite nanoparticle-stimulated acetoclastic methanogenesis under continuous agitation
DRP005179Nanopore whole-genome sequencing of NA18943
DRP005180Phylotypic characterization of lichen-forming microorganisms in Antarctica
DRP005181Project determining zoonotic streptococcal genome
DRP005182RNAseq project of Nomorhamphus species in Sulawesi
DRP005183Lake microbial community
DRP005184Lake eukaryotic community
DRP005185Transcriptome analysis of developing gemma cup in Marchantia
DRP005186Transcriptome of Pleurodeles waltl
DRP005187RNA sequencing of the heads of male castes in Nasutitermes takasagoensis by Illumina Hiseq
DRP005189Lake fungal community
DRP005190Lib 6 Ishigaki island Apr 2013
DRP005191Population genetic analysis of Cryptomeria japonica using amplicon sequencing data
DRP005192Genome sequencing of Streptomyces sp. 6-11-2
DRP005193Lib 2 Muroto mesopelagic, Nov 2013
DRP005194Timing of evolutionary innovation: independent origins of ectomycorrhizal symbiosis and adaptive radiation in a species-rich fungal clade
DRP005195Consistent host bacterial colonization pattern over shrimp life stage
DRP005196Lib 5 Okinawa mesopelagic Nov 2013
DRP005197Lib 3 Iwanai mesopelagic Nov 2013
DRP005198Rausu mesopelagic Nov 2013
DRP005199Lib 7 Okinawa main island Oct 2013
DRP005200Muroto mesopelagic
DRP005201Capsaspora genome assembly improvement
DRP005202Malus and Pyrus illumina genome sequencing
DRP005203Microbial communities of anaerobic digester sludge fed with electron donors
DRP00520416S rRNA amplicon sequencing of microbial communities in a thermophilic anaerobic digestion reactor using poly(L-lactic acid)
DRP005205Draft genome sequence of Thermodesulfovibrio sp. strain Kuro-1
DRP005206Genome sequencing of Streptomyces sp. strain 1-11
DRP005207Mahafacyclin B exposed CHO-K1 cells
DRP005208cis-/trans-Permethrin induced silkworm fat body transcriptome
DRP00520916S rRNA metagenome project for saliva of wild pigs
DRP005210Transcriptomes of endangered plants in oceanic Islands (Melastoma)
DRP005211Polyploid CHO cells
DRP00521216S rRNA metagenome project for broiler chicken in Vietnam and Thailand
DRP005213Transcriptomes of endangered plants in oceanic Islands (Calanthe)
DRP005214Transcriptomes of endangered plants in oceanic Islands (Crepidiastrum2)
DRP005215Transcriptomes of endangered plants in oceanic Islands (Crepidiastrum)
DRP005216Transcriptomes of endangered plants in oceanic Islands (Ajuga)
DRP005217Genome sequencing of wild rice Oryza minuta accessions (II)
DRP005218Methylome diversity in Helicobacter pylori East Asian isolates (China, Q_5)
DRP005219Genome sequencing of wild rice Oryza eichingeri W1525
DRP005220Genome sequencing of wild rice Oryza rhizomatis W1805
DRP005221Genome sequencing of wild rice Oryza latiforia accessions
DRP005222Genome sequencing of wild rice Oryza eichingeri accessions
DRP005223Comparative transcriptome analysis of Trichosporon fungal hybrids
DRP005224Roles of restriction-modification systems on genome methylation, transcriptome, and phenotype
DRP005225Genome sequencing of wild rice Oryza grandiglumis accessions
DRP005226Comparison of lung microbiota between antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitis and sarcoidosis
DRP005227Elucidation of the genome-wide chromatin interactions for therapy-resistance of ER positive breast cancer
DRP005228Genome sequencing of wild rice Oryza minuta accessions
DRP005229Genome sequencing of wild rice Oryza punctata tetraploid accessions
DRP005230Methylome diversity in Helicobacter pylori East Asian isolates (China,YN)
DRP005231Genome sequencing of wild rice Oryza punctata accessions
DRP005232Genome sequencing of wild rice Oryza officinalis accessions
DRP005233Methylome diversity in Helicobacter pylori East Asian isolates (India)
DRP005234Genome sequencing of wild rice Oryza rhizomatis W1808
DRP005235Elucidation of chromatin interactions for hormone therapy- resistance of ER positive breast cancer
DRP005236Genome sequencing of wild rice Oryza alta accessions
DRP005237Tea RAD-seq, classification of tea cultivars.
DRP005238Microbial community in sub-Saharan African soil
DRP005239whole genome analysis of diarrheagenic Escherichia coli isolated in Kawasaki, Japan
DRP005240Single molecule sequencing after WGA
DRP005241Structure-specific transcriptome of Rhizophagus irregularis
DRP005242Complete Genome Sequences of Rubrobacter xylanophilus strain AA3-22 Isolated from Arima Onsen Hot Spring in Japan
DRP005243complete genome sequence of Thermus thermophilus AA2-20 and AA2-29
DRP005244Microbial community analysis of plant cultivation soils
DRP005245Effect of photoperiod on gene expressions in guard cells
DRP005246Genome sequencing of Procambarus clarkii
DRP005247Dehydration stress responses in nga1-1
DRP005248Genome-wide expression analysis regulated by internal nitrate in Arabidopsis thaliana
DRP005249whole genome analysis of Candida auris strains isolated in Japan
DRP005250Draft genome sequence of Vibrio rotiferianus AM7
DRP005251Hmga2 functions as an oncogene upon the deletion of Tet2 and promotes the pathogenesis of myelodysplastic syndrome.
DRP005252Genomic analysis of Mycoplasma bovis isolated in Japan
DRP005253Change in community structure of sulfate-reducing bacteria in seasonally hypoxic bay sediments
DRP005254Studies on temporal changes in the sediment oxygen consumption and bacterial community structure in a seasonally hypoxic enclosed bay, Omura Bay
DRP005255White Sponge Theonella
DRP005256Post-transcriptional regulation of immune system by RNase Regnase-1
DRP005257Japanese Encephalitis Virus differential expression
DRP005259Studies of fungal DNA assemblage in terrestrial water
DRP005261Whole genome sequences of mecA and mecC-positive Staphylococcus aureus strain JRA307 isolated from a horse
DRP005262Straw degrading bacteria in paddy soil
DRP00526396-plex exome sequencing of Micro-Tom mutants
DRP005264Bottleneck Size-Dependent Changes in the Genetic Diversity of Rotavirus
DRP005265Genome sequencing of Escherichia coli O8:H8 strains
DRP005266Gut microbiota of a number of Drosophila mutant strains and insects
DRP005267Pinctada radiata transcriptome
DRP005268characterization of mutations induced by gamma-ray and carbon-ion irradiation
DRP005269Fecal microbiota of mice administrated with fecal sample of an UC patient with or without 13 strains of Treg-inducing bacteria, followed by dietary perturbation with low fiber diet from day 35 to 48.
DRP005270Floral transcriptome of Plumeria rubra
DRP005271Whole-brain mRNA expression profiles in autism risk gene hetero KO mouse
DRP005272Microbiomes in reverse osmosis membrane system treating effluent of membrane bioreactor
DRP005273Global shifts in gene expression profiles accompanied with environmental changes in cnidarian-dinoflagellate endosymbiosis
DRP005274Establishment of a cell-based assay system for measuring the level of Masc-induced dosage compensation in silkworm cultured cells
DRP005275Airborne microbial communities at high-altitude and suburban sites in Toyama, Japan suggest a new perspective for bioprospecting
DRP005276TP53 codon 72 polymorphism is associated with FGFR3 and RAS mutation in non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer
DRP005277Transcriptome analysis of Stevia tissues
DRP005278Draft genome sequence of Thermus thermophilus HC11
DRP005279Stevia miRNA study
DRP005280FANTOM6 project
DRP00528116s rRNA sequencing of 1) intestinal fecal contents of surfactant D (SP-D)-deficient or wild type mice and 2) SP-D-binding or non-binding bacteria sorted from feces of wild type FVB mice.
DRP005282Multidrug-resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae NGS
DRP005283Amplicon sequencing analysis of 16S rRNA gene of DHS reactor
DRP005284Metabarcoding analysis of size-fractioned copepods in the Kuroshio region off Japan
DRP005285Paradigm conversion of mammalian mitochondrial genome by transmitochondrion (A)
DRP005286Draft whole genome sequence of Okinawa Rail
DRP005287Paradigm conversion of mammalian mitochondrial genome by transmitochondrion (B)
DRP005288Rickettsia asiatica genome
DRP005289Draft whole genome sequence of Red-crested white crane (Grus japonensis)
DRP005290Subgingival microbiota of 30 Japanese healthy or periodontitis adults
DRP005291Genomic analysis of a riboflavin-overproducing Eremothecium gossypii (Ashbya gossypii) mutant isolated by disparity mutagenesis
DRP005292Nitrosococcus oceani strain NS58 whole genome shotgun sequencing project
DRP005294The saliva microbiota of healthy controls and UC patients, and the resulting fecal microbiota of exGF B6 mice inoculated with these saliva samples.
DRP005295Mushroom residue and cover crops affected bacterial community structure
DRP005296Inferring Virio-related microbial interactions and validating virulence factors of candidate pathogens in the gut of shrimp
DRP005298Whole genome sequencing of Helicobacter suis
DRP005299Genomic characterization for adaptation of Shorea balangeran
DRP005300microbial community of farmland in Shandong
DRP005301Time-course transcriptome of in vitro xylem differentiation system using Arabidopsis cotyledons
DRP005302Complete genome sequence of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O111:HNM strain 110512
DRP005303Carbon availability mediates rice straw decomposition microbial community assembly in subtropical China
DRP005304RNA-seq of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii in phosphate starvation
DRP005305Cross-Omics analysis of Microcyctis aeruginosa and its viruses
DRP005306Hornet gut microbiome
DRP00530716S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing of microbiota in PBSA-packed denitrification reactors for land culture water treatment of rainbow trout
DRP005308A new targeted capture method using bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) libraries as baits for sequencing relatively large genes
DRP005309Identification of initial colonizing bacteria in dental plaque
DRP005310Whole-genome resequencing of evolved E. coli in experimental cooperation
DRP00531116S rRNA sequencing for QT bacterial community of fermented grains during liquor fermentation process of distilled liquors
DRP005312The exome sequences of PanIN developed in Ptf1a-Cre;KRAS mouse with chronic pancreatitis.
DRP005313Exome sequencing of clear cell sarcoma and sarcoma-iPSC
DRP005314Genome wide mapping of Dmrt3 and Dmrta2 binding sites in the developing mouse telencephalon.
DRP005315Transcriptome sequencing of the damp-wood termite Hodotermopsis sjostedti
DRP005316VCP machinery mediates autophagic degradation of empty Argonaute
DRP005317RNAs in a decoction of Glycyrrhizae Radix
DRP005318Investigation of Quorum Sensing System in nitrifier Nitrospira japonica
DRP005319Transcriptome of Heterocapsa circularisquama (mRNA-seq)
DRP005320Osaka Bay Metatranscriptome
DRP005321Investigation of diversity of Bradyrhizobium in field grown sorghum
DRP005322RNA sequencing of neonatal and adult mice after pyramidotomy
DRP005323Single molecule sequencing of a symbiotic bacterium after WGA
DRP005324The genome analysis of Classical swine fever virus and related porcine viuses
DRP005325Persimmon fruit shape gene network
DRP005326Draft genome sequence of Streptococcus pyogenes ATCC11434
DRP005327Fungal population in Katsuobushi
DRP005328Efficient production of a triple recessive mutant with altered seed dormancy in bread wheat via CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing
DRP005329Gut microbiota of streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice
DRP005330ITS sequencing for QTZ fungal community of fermented grains during fermentation process of distilled liquor
DRP005331Whole-genome sequencing analysis of lineage 1 strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Da Nang, Vietnam
DRP005332Nutrikinetic study of genistein metabolites in ovariectomized mice
DRP005333Mesodinium rubrum transcriptome
DRP005334Teleaulax amphioxeia transcriptome
DRP005335Dinophysis fortii transcriptome
DRP005336Identification of dsr4286 and dsr28 mutations in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
DRP005337The Complete Genome Sequence of 8 methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Strains