AccessionTitle or Alias
SRP019205Eastern Mediterranean Deep Sea Sediment Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP019206Bursaphelenchus xylophilus transcriptome Sequencing
SRP019207Breakpoint analysis of transcriptional and genomic profiles uncovers novel gene fusions spanning multiple human cancer types (RNA-seq)
SRP019208Rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) ligand-directed mapping
SRP019209Human GTFs ChIP-exo
SRP019210Gene Expression and Exon Splicing Change Analysis of Mouse N2A Cell Transcriptome upon Polypyrimidine tract-binding protein depletion.
SRP019211Mycobacterium leprae Genome sequencing
SRP019217Pararge aegeria ovarian and oocyte transcriptome
SRP019218Haiti Anniversary set of V. cholerae
SRP019219Homo sapiens Ligand-directed mapping
SRP019220Genome-wide transcription factor binding maps of glioma-associated oncogene family zinc finger 3 (Gli3) in Second Heart Field (SHF) cells disected from Mouse Embryos.
SRP019221The histone demethylase Jmjd3 sequentially associates with the transcription factors Tbx3 and Eomes to drive endoderm differentiation
SRP019222Epstein-Barr virus maintains lymphomas via its miRNAs
SRP019223Roquin promotes constitutive mRNA decay via a conserved class of stem-loop recognition motifs.
SRP019224Genome-Wide Binding of Ehf in mouse corneal epithelium
SRP019226Loss of cytosine-5 methylation in tRNA triggers stress responses in a disease model for Intellectual Disability
SRP019227Genome-wide binding profiles of KLF3 and KLF3 mutants in MEF cells
SRP019228Bovine mammary gene expression profiling during the onset of lactation
SRP019229Next-Generation Sequencing for Whole Transcriptome Analysis in Scrambled Control and EGFR Knockdown Cells Cultured under Normoxia and Hypoxia
SRP019230Next-Generation Sequencing for Small RNA Application in Scrambled Control and EGFR Knockdown Cells Cultured under Normoxia and Hypoxia
SRP019231Distinct Global Shifts in Genomic Binding Profiles of Limb Malformation Associated HOXD13 Mutations
SRP019232Whole genome bisulfite-seq of two healthy males.
SRP019233Identification of microRNAs in Caragana intermedia by high-throughput sequencing and expression analysis of 12 microRNAs and their targets under salt stress
SRP019234Genome-wide occupancy profile of Tbx3 in adult mouse whole heart
SRP019235A Probabilistic Model of Transcription Dynamics applied to Estrogen Signalling in Breast Cancer Cells
SRP019236Comparison of vineyard, enological and laboratory yeast transcriptomes at different steps of the fermentation curve
SRP019237Global transcriptional and phenotypic analyseis of Escherichia coli O157:H7 strain Xuzhou21 and its pO157_Sal cured mutant
SRP019238Recipe for a busy bee: MicroRNAs in honey bee caste determination
SRP019239Histone deacetylation-dependent and -independent transcriptional dysregulation in early-onset polyglutamine disease
SRP019240Classification of cancer cell lines using a promoter-targeted liquid hybridization capture-based bisulfite sequencing approach
SRP019241LncRNA DEANR1 facilitates human endoderm differentiation by activating FOXA2 expression
SRP019242A compendium of nucleosome and transcript profiles reveals determinants of chromatin architecture and transcription [Nuc-Seq]
SRP019243Imprinted expression of genes and small RNA is triggered by localized demethylation of the maternal genome in rice endosperm
SRP019244Feeding with miR-184 affects the mRNA expression profile of queen larvae
SRP019245Porteresia transcriptome sequencing
SRP019246Physiology study of Escherichia coli harboring high intracellular ATP driven by artificial Pck expression
SRP019247sRNA from strawberry flower
SRP019248Interleukin-27 treated human macrophages induce the expression of novel miRNAs which may mediate anti-viral properties (RNA-seq)
SRP019249CLIP-seq of S. cerevisiae Drn1-TAP and Dbr1-TAP
SRP019250Global analysis of alternative splicing regulated by RBM10
SRP019251NA-Seq reveals dynamic changes of gene expression in key stages of intestine regeneration in the sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus.
SRP019252Comparative characterization of microRNA profiles of different genotypes of Toxoplasma gondii
SRP019253Citrus aurantiifolia Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019254Genome-wide maps of chromatin state for H3.3 tagged cells
SRP019255Genome-wide maps of chromatin state for HIRA, UBN1 and ASF1a
SRP019256Transcriptome sequencing analysis of pepper
SRP019257Small RNA sequencing analysis of pepper
SRP019258An Ancient Transcription Factor Initiates the Burst of piRNA Production During Early Meiosis in Mouse Testes (smallRNA-Seq)
SRP019259Genome wide mapping of PSF binding sites in prostate cancer cells
SRP019260The developmental life cycle of the enteric parasite Entamoeba invadens: transcriptome analysis reveals a crucial role for phospholipase D in stage conversion
SRP019261Zfp322a regulates mouse ES cell pluripotency and enhances reprogramming efficiency [ChIP-Seq]
SRP019262Regulatory role of glycerol in Candida albicans biofilm formation
SRP019263Genome-wide Analysis of Transcriptional Regulators in Human Blood Stem/Progenitor Cells reveals a densely interconnected network of coding and non-coding genes.
SRP019264HITS-CLIP analysis of FMRP mRNA binding sites from P11-P25 mouse brain polysomes
SRP019266Interrogating translating RNAs and cell-type specific gene expression using Cre-activated translating ribosome affinity purification
SRP019267Apis mellifera Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019268Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP019269Dendrocalamus latiflorus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019270Trans-chromosomal regulation by a novel lincRNA required for adipogenesis that escapes X-chromosome inactivation
SRP019271Solanum lycopersicum Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019272Genetic regulation of human adipose microRNA expression and its consequences for metabolic traits
SRP019273Genome of Indian Leishmania donovani Ld BHU 1220
SRP019274Santorini volcanic complex chimneys and mats Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP019275Mutational activation of a mechanosensitive megachannel drives metastatic cell survival.
SRP019276Ultra-deep profiling of alternatively spliced Drosophila Dscam isoforms by circularization-assisted multi-segment sequencing
SRP019277Bovine fetus isolated
SRP019278This strain will be used for comparative genome analysis
SRP019279This strain will be used for comparative genome analysis
SRP019280Strain will be used for comparative genome analysis
SRP019281This strain will be used for comparative genome analysis
SRP019282Biovar 3 reference strain
SRP019283Brucella melitensis bv. 3 str. K26 Genome sequencing
SRP019284Brucella suis bv. 3 str. 686 genome sequencing project
SRP019285Brucella abortus 544 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019286Brucella suis F8/06-1 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019287Brucella abortus 63/138 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019288Brucella melitensis F6/05-6 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019289Brucella abortus 600/64 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019290Brucella abortus 63/144 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019291Brucella suis F7/06-5 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019292Brucella abortus 64/81 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019293Brucella abortus 84/26 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019294Brucella abortus R42-08 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019295Brucella melitensis F10/06-16 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019296Brucella abortus 80/28 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019297Brucella sp. 56/94 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019298Brucella abortus 93/2 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019299Brucella suis F5/03-2 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019300Brucella melitensis BG2 (S27) Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019301Brucella abortus F10/06-3 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019302Brucella abortus 87/28 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019303Brucella melitensis UK3/06 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019304Brucella abortus 67/93 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019305Brucella melitensis F9/05 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019306Brucella abortus F1/06-B21 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019307Brucella abortus 355/78 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019308Brucella abortus 63/130 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019309Brucella ovis 81/8 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019310Brucella abortus F10/05-11 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019311Brucella canis 79/122 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019312Brucella abortus 225/65 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019313Brucella melitensis UK31/99 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019314Brucella suis F7/06-2 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019315Brucella abortus 65/63 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019316Brucella suis F8/06-3 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019317Brucella suis F5/05-10 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019318Brucella suis 01-5744 Genome sequencing
SRP019319Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019320Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019321Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019322Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019323Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019324Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019325Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019326Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019327Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019328Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019329Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019330Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019331Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019332Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019333Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019334Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019335Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019336Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019337Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019338Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019339Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019340Brucella melitensis UK29/05 Genome sequencing
SRP019341Brucella abortus 78/14 Genome sequencing
SRP019342Brucella ovis 63/96 Genome sequencing
SRP019343Brucella suis F7/06-1 Genome sequencing
SRP019344Bovine fetus isolate
SRP019345Brucella sp. F5/06 Genome sequencing
SRP019346Brucella sp. F96/2 Genome sequencing
SRP019347Brucella II
SRP019348Brucella II
SRP019349Biovar 3 strain
SRP019350Brucella ovis 80/125 Genome sequencing
SRP019351Brucella suis F9/06-1 Genome sequencing
SRP019352Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019353Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019354Genome Sequencing of Brucella
SRP019355Biovar 6 reference strain
SRP019356Virulent biotype 9 strain
SRP019357Strain used for vaccine production
SRP019358Type strain for comparative analysis
SRP019359Strain for comparative analysis
SRP019360Isolated from marine mammals
SRP019361strain for comparative analysis
SRP019362Deep profiling of the novel intermediate-size noncoding RNAs in intraerythrocytic Plasmodium falciparum
SRP019363Isolated from marine mammals
SRP019364Rodent isolate
SRP019365Seal isolate
SRP019366Strain for comparative analysis
SRP019367Strain for comparative analysis
SRP019368Strain for comparative analysis
SRP019369Isolated from a bottlenose dolphin
SRP019370This strain will be used for comparative genome analysis
SRP019371Rodent isolate
SRP019372Lens culinaris strain:multiple cultivars, accessions and species Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019373Genome-wide maps of chromatin histone methylation marks in neonatal and adult cardiomyocytes
SRP019374RNA-seq expression analysis to determine expression profile similarities between fibroblasts, induced endothelial cells from fibroblasts, and human dermal microvascular endothelial cells
SRP019375Brucella abortus NI352 Genome sequencing
SRP019376Brucella abortus NI639 Genome sequencing
SRP019377Brucella melitensis F3/02 Genome sequencing
SRP019378Brucella abortus F6/05-2 Genome sequencing
SRP019379Brucella abortus 63/294 Genome sequencing
SRP019380Brucella abortus F5/04-7 Genome sequencing
SRP019381Brucella abortus F6/05-9 Genome sequencing
SRP019382Brucella abortus 67/781 Genome sequencing
SRP019383Brucella abortus levi gila Genome sequencing
SRP019384Brucella abortus NI518 Genome sequencing
SRP019385Brucella melitensis 66/59 Genome sequencing
SRP019386Brucella sp. F8/99 Genome sequencing
SRP019387Brucella sp. UK1/97 Genome sequencing
SRP019388Brucella abortus 85/69 Genome sequencing
SRP019389Brucella melitensis F1/06 B10 Genome sequencing
SRP019390Brucella abortus 90/50 Genome sequencing
SRP019391Brucella abortus NI613 Genome sequencing
SRP019392Brucella abortus 85/140 Genome sequencing
SRP019393Brucella melitensis F10/05-2 Genome sequencing
SRP019394Brucella abortus NI492 Genome sequencing
SRP019395Brucella abortus 65/157 Genome sequencing
SRP019396Brucella melitensis F2/06-6 Genome sequencing
SRP019397Brucella abortus NI593 Genome sequencing
SRP019398Brucella abortus 80/102 Genome sequencing
SRP019399Brucella abortus NI649 Genome sequencing
SRP019400Brucella melitensis R3/07-2 Genome sequencing
SRP019401Brucella abortus 80/108 Genome sequencing
SRP019402Brucella suis F8/06-2 Genome sequencing
SRP019403Brucella abortus NI628 Genome sequencing
SRP019404Brucella abortus LEVI237 Genome sequencing
SRP019405Brucella abortus F3/01 Genome sequencing
SRP019406Brucella abortus 65/110 Genome sequencing
SRP019407Brucella melitensis UK37/05 Genome sequencing
SRP019408Brucella melitensis F5/07-239A Genome sequencing
SRP019409Brucella abortus 63/183 Genome sequencing
SRP019410Brucella abortus 64/122 Genome sequencing
SRP019411Brucella abortus I103_(UK3/01) Genome sequencing
SRP019412Brucella abortus F3/07-1 Genome sequencing
SRP019413Brucella abortus 88/226 Genome sequencing
SRP019414Brucella abortus F6/05-4 Genome sequencing
SRP019415Brucella abortus 64/108 Genome sequencing
SRP019416Brucella melitensis UK22/04 Genome sequencing
SRP019417Brucella abortus 63/168 Genome sequencing
SRP019418Brucella sp. UK40/99 Genome sequencing
SRP019419Brucella abortus 63/59 Genome sequencing
SRP019420Brucella abortus F1/06 B1 Genome sequencing
SRP019421Brucella abortus NI645 Genome sequencing
SRP019422Brucella abortus 93/1 Genome sequencing
SRP019423Brucella melitensis UK23/06 Genome sequencing
SRP019424Brucella suis 92/29 Genome sequencing
SRP019425Brucella melitensis F8/01-155 Genome sequencing
SRP019426Brucella suis 92/63 Genome sequencing
SRP019427Brucella abortus NI388 Genome sequencing
SRP019428Brucella abortus NI622 Genome sequencing
SRP019429Brucella abortus F6/05-3 Genome sequencing
SRP019430Brucella abortus F2/06-8 Genome sequencing
SRP019431Brucella suis 63/198 Genome sequencing
SRP019432Brucella abortus 78/36 Genome sequencing
SRP019433Brucella abortus NI422 Genome sequencing
SRP019434Brucella suis 63/252 Genome sequencing
SRP019435Brucella abortus 863/67 Genome sequencing
SRP019436Brucella melitensis 64/150 Genome sequencing
SRP019437Brucella abortus NI240 Genome sequencing
SRP019438Brucella abortus NI633 Genome sequencing
SRP019439Brucella melitensis Uk24/06 Genome sequencing
SRP019440Brucella melitensis UK22/06 Genome sequencing
SRP019441Brucella abortus 88/19 Genome sequencing
SRP019442Brucella abortus 877/67 Genome sequencing
SRP019443Brucella sp. UK5/01 Genome sequencing
SRP019444Brucella melitensis UK19/04 Genome sequencing
SRP019445Brucella abortus 80/101 Genome sequencing
SRP019446Brucella abortus NI274 Genome sequencing
SRP019447Brucella suis F12/02 Genome sequencing
SRP019448Brucella abortus NI495a Genome sequencing
SRP019449Brucella abortus NI380 Genome sequencing
SRP019450Brucella melitensis 63/227 Genome sequencing
SRP019451Brucella sp. 63/311 Genome sequencing
SRP019452Brucella melitensis UK14/06 Genome sequencing
SRP019453Brucella suis 63/261 Genome sequencing
SRP019454Brucella sp. UK38/05 Genome sequencing
SRP019455Gene expression data from CD11b-positive myeloid cells infiltrating tumors after local irradiation
SRP019456Brucella sequencing
SRP019457Brucella sequencing
SRP019458Brucella sequencing
SRP019459Brucella sequencing
SRP019460Brucella sequencing
SRP019461Brucella sequencing
SRP019462Brucella sequencing
SRP019463Brucella sequencing
SRP019464Brucella sequencing
SRP019465Brucella sequencing
SRP019466Brucella sequencing
SRP019467RNA-seq analysis of ES cell populations with different functional potentials in serum/LIF and 2i/LIF, as well as analysis of the transcriptional effect of LIF in ground state (2i) culture conditions.
SRP019468MBBR treating wastewater Targeted Locus
SRP019469Soil community for preservation Metagenome
SRP019470Canis lupus familiaris Genome sequencing
SRP019471Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis: Genome sequencing
SRP019472Seasonal dynamics of microbial communities in the activated sludge over 4 years
SRP019473Chromosome-wide profiling of X-inactivation status and epigenetic regulation in fetal brain
SRP019474Archaea and bacteria in coal and mine water samples Metagenome
SRP019475Olives Metagenome
SRP019476Caenorhabditis briggsae strain:AF16 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019477Paraclostridium bifermentans ATCC 19299 Genome sequencing
SRP019478Paraclostridium bifermentans ATCC 638 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019479Clostridioides difficile CD43 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019480Clostridioides difficile CD9 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019481Clostridioides difficile DA00165 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019482Clostridioides difficile DA00196 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019483Clostridioides difficile DA00197 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019484Clostridioides difficile DA00244 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019485Clostridioides difficile DA00261 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019486Clostridioides difficile F152 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019487Clostridioides difficile F200 Genome sequencing
SRP019488Clostridioides difficile F480 Genome sequencing
SRP019489Clostridioides difficile F501 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019490Clostridioides difficile F525 Genome sequencing
SRP019491Clostridioides difficile F548 Genome sequencing
SRP019492Clostridioides difficile F601 Genome sequencing
SRP019493Clostridioides difficile F665 Genome sequencing
SRP019494Clostridioides difficile P23 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019495Clostridioides difficile P25 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019496Clostridioides difficile P50 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019497Amplitude modulation of androgen signaling by c-MYC [ChIP-Seq]
SRP019498Amplitude modulation of androgen signaling by c-MYC [RNA-Seq]
SRP019499Whole transcriptome analyses of three Berkshire and three Korean native pig fat, liver and muscle tissue using RNA-Seq
SRP019500MicroRNA-146 function in the innate immune response of zebrafish embryos to Salmonella typhimurium infection [RNA-seq]
SRP019501Chromosome-wide profiling of X-inactivation status and epigenetic regulation in opossum fetal brain and placenta
SRP019502Genome-wide analysis of SPL7 regulated genes in Arabidopsis
SRP019503Homo sapiens Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019504Solanum spp. Transcriptome/Gene expression
SRP019505Chromera velia strain:CCMP28787 Genome sequencing
SRP019506Agave deserti Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019507Lilium hybrid cultivar strain:Sorbonne Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019508honeybee metagenome Metagenome
SRP019509Samia cynthia Genome sequencing
SRP019510Mangifera indica Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019511Reference genome for the Human Microbiome Project
SRP019512HMP reference genome
SRP019513E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019514E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019515E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019516E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019517E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019518E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019519E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019520E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019521E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019522E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019523E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019524E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019525E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019526E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019527E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019528E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019529E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019530E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019531E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019532E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019533E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019534E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019535E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019536E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019537E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019538E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019539E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019540E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019541E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019542E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019543E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019544E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019545E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019546E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019547E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019548E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019549E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019550E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019551E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019552E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019553E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019554E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019555E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019556E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019557E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019558E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019559E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019560E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019561E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019562E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019563E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019564E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019565E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019566E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019567E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019568E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019569E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019570E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019571E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019572E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019573E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019574E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019575E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019576E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019577E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019578E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019579E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019580E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019581E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019582E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019583E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019584E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019585E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019586E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019587E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019588E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019589E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019590E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019591E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019592E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019593E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019594E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019595E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019596E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019597E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019598E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019599E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019600E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019601E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019602E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019603E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019604E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019605E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019606E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019607E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019608E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019609E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019610E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019611E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019612E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019613E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019614E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019615E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019616E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019617E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019618E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019619E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019620E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019621E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019622E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019623E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019624E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019625E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019626E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019627E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019628E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019629E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019630E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019631E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019632E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019633E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019634E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019635E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019636E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019637E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019638E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019639E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019640E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019641E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019642E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019643E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019644E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019645E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019646E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019647E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019648E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019649E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019650E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019651E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019652E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019653E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019654E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019655E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019656E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019657E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019658E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019659E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019660E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019661E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019662E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019663E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019664E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019665E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019666E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019667E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019668E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019669E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019670E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019671E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019672E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019673E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019674E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019675E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019676E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019677E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019678E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019679E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019680E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019681E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019682E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019683E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019684E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019685E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019686E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019687E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019688E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019689E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019690E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019691E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019692E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019693E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019694E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019695E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019696E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019697E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019698E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019699E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019700E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019701E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019702E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019703E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019704E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019705E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019706E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019707E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019708E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019709E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019710E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019711E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019712E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019713E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019714E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019715E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019716E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019717E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019718E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019719Homo sapiens Exome
SRP019720E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019721E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019722E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019723E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019724E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019725E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019726E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019727E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019728E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019729E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019730E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019731E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019732E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019733E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019734E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019735E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019736E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019737E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019738E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019739E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019740E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019741E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019742E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019743E coli UTI Bacteremia
SRP019744Setaria viridis Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019745Mycobacterium tuberculosis OSDD386 Genome sequencing
SRP019746Lupinus polyphyllus Genome sequencing
SRP019747Mycobacterium tuberculosis OSDD630 Genome sequencing
SRP019748Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus ST22 Genome sequencing
SRP019749Mycobacterium tuberculosis OSDD071 Genome sequencing
SRP019750Frac-seq reveals preferential polyribosome association of minor mRNA isoforms
SRP019751Mycobacterium tuberculosis OSDD504 Genome sequencing
SRP019752G-Quadruplex structures are stable and detectable in human genomic DNA.
SRP019753Angiogenesis study of Gd@C82(OH)22 nanoparticle
SRP019754Abscisic acid regulates plant growth and flowering through SINGLE FLOWER TRUSS pathway in tomato.
SRP019755Evolutionary and ontogenetic changes in RNA editing in human, chimpanzee and macaque brains
SRP019756Phenazine regulated genes in Pseudomonas chlororaphis 30-84
SRP019757mRNA profiling of GGT-HIF2aM3 (gamma-HIF2alphaM3) kidney cortex
SRP019758RNA-seq analysis of HT-29, MCF10A, and MDA-MB-436 cells
SRP019759Mycobacterium tuberculosis OSDD500 Genome sequencing
SRP019760Engraulis encrasicolus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019761Mycobacterium tuberculosis OSDD354 Genome sequencing
SRP019762Increased Neanderthal ancestry in genomic regions associated with lipid catabolism in contemporary Europeans
SRP019763Limulus polyphemus Joint Assembly and Mapping
SRP019764454 Pyrosequencing-based assessment of bacterial and fungal diversity and community structure in termite guts, mounds and surrounding soils
SRP019765Odocoileus virginianus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019766Tadpole Frog Microbiota Metagenome
SRP019767Kaupichthys hyoproroides Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019768Great Barrier Reef sponge Metagenome
SRP019769Schistosoma japonicum Small RNA Transcriptome
SRP019770Mycobacterium tuberculosis OSDD472 Genome sequencing
SRP019771Mus musculus strain:DBA/2 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019772Mycobacterium tuberculosis OSDD326 Genome sequencing
SRP019773Mycobacterium tuberculosis OSDD487 Genome sequencing
SRP019774Mycobacterium tuberculosis OSDD518 Genome sequencing
SRP019775small RNA derived from Laodelphax striatellus
SRP019776Chicken cecal contents Metagenome
SRP019777Saccharomyces cerevisiae CEN.PK113-7D Genome sequencing
SRP019778G-protein coupled receptor 3 (cAMP-receptor like) regulating genes involved in blastospore production of entomopathogen fungi Beauveria bassiana
SRP019779Integration of genome-wide approaches identifies lncRNAs of adult neural stem cells and their progeny in vivo [RNA CaptureSeq]
SRP019780Integration of genome-wide approaches identifies lncRNAs of adult neural stem cells and their progeny in vivo [RNA-seq]
SRP019781Integration of genome-wide approaches identifies lncRNAs of adult neural stem cells and their progeny in vivo [ChIP-seq]
SRP019782Regulation of constitutive and alternative splicing by PRMT5 reveals a role for Mdm4 pre-mRNA in sensing defects in the spliceosomal machinery (RNA-Seq)
SRP019783''Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus'' microbial community Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP019784Transposon defense by endo-siRNAs, piRNAs and somatic pilRNAs: Roles of Loqs-PD and R2D2
SRP019785Campylomormyrus compressirostris Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019786Temperature Sensitive Remodeling of Fruit Fly Physical Chromosomal Domains upon Heat Shock
SRP019787Soil DNA Soil Bacteria Amplicon Sequencing
SRP019788RNA-seq analysis of Xenorhabdus nematophila
SRP019789Elysia chlorotica Genome sequencing
SRP019790Transcript structures in Shewanella sp ANA-3
SRP019791Transcript structures in Shewanella putrefaciens CN-32
SRP019792Transcript structures in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
SRP019793Transcript structures in Shewanella sp MR-4
SRP019794Transcript structures in Shewanella sp MR-7
SRP019795Transcript structures in Shewanella loihica PV-4
SRP019796Transcript structures in Shewanella amazonensis SB2B
SRP019797Transcript structures in Shewanella sp W3-18-1
SRP019798The glycogen scaffolding protein PTG coordinately regulates glycogen and lipid storage
SRP019799Genome-wide high-throughput small RNA sequence analysis of B. cinerea
SRP019800Genome-wide high-throughput small RNA sequence analysis of B. cinerea-infected tomato leaf and fruit
SRP019801Genome-wide high-throughput small RNA sequence analysis of B. cinerea-infected Arabidopsis rosette leaves
SRP019802Dromaius novaehollandiae Embryonic Transcriptome
SRP019803Dromaius novaehollandiae Genome sequencing
SRP019804MPC_ Deep Sequencing Reveals Distinct Pattern of DNA Methylation in Prostate Cancer
SRP01980516S rRNA metagenomic survey of clinical specimens
SRP019806RNAseq analysis of the serotype M1 group A Streptococcus strain MGAS2221
SRP019807Identification of expressed and conserved human non-coding RNAs
SRP019808Thapsia villosa var. laciniata Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019809Physcomitrella patens Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019810Genome-wide total RNA and MBD-sequencing in HCT116 and DKO cells as a global re-expression model [RNA-Seq]
SRP019811Genome-wide total RNA and MBD-sequencing in HCT116 and DKO cells as a global re-expression model [MBD-Seq]
SRP019812Whole Genome Sequencing of Emergent Meningooccal Clones of Public Health Significance
SRP019813Whole Genome Sequencing of Emergent Meningooccal Clones of Public Health Significance
SRP019814Whole Genome Sequencing of Emergent Meningooccal Clones of Public Health Significance
SRP019815Whole Genome Sequencing of Emergent Meningooccal Clones of Public Health Significance
SRP019816Whole Genome Sequencing of Emergent Meningooccal Clones of Public Health Significance
SRP019817Genome-wide methylation and expression analysis of two breast cancer cell lines [RNA-Seq]
SRP019818Genome-wide methylation and expression analysis of two breast cancer cell lines [Methyl-MAPS]
SRP019819Whole Genome Sequencing of Emergent Meningooccal Clones of Public Health Significance
SRP019820Whole Genome Sequencing of Emergent Meningooccal Clones of Public Health Significance
SRP019821Whole Genome Sequencing of Emergent Meningooccal Clones of Public Health Significance
SRP019822Whole Genome Sequencing of Emergent Meningooccal Clones of Public Health Significance
SRP019823Whole Genome Sequencing of Emergent Meningooccal Clones of Public Health Significance
SRP019824Whole Genome Sequencing of Emergent Meningooccal Clones of Public Health Significance
SRP019825Whole Genome Sequencing of Emergent Meningooccal Clones of Public Health Significance
SRP019826Whole Genome Sequencing of Emergent Meningooccal Clones of Public Health Significance
SRP019827Fundamental differences in promoter CpG island DNA hypermethylation between human cancer and genetically engineered mouse models of cancer [RRBS]
SRP019828DNA methylation status of myelinating Schwann cells during development and in diabetic neuropathy [Bisulfite-Seq]
SRP019829Role of SMARCAD1 and H3R26Cit in Maintenance of the Naïve Pluripotent State
SRP019830Khardoong La sub glacial Metagenome
SRP019831Saccharomyces cerevisiae YJM1078 Genome sequencing
SRP019832Armillaria ostoyae RNA1 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019833Loss of a Conserved tRNA Anticodon Modification Perturbs Cellular Signaling
SRP019834Lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta) and interior spruce (Picea glauca, Picea engelmannii and their hybrids) Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019835Polymerase-IV occupancy at RNA-directed DNA methylation sites requires SHH1
SRP019836Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 09ETH8-3 Genome sequencing
SRP019837Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 07KEN11-2 Genome sequencing
SRP019838Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 86ITA1042A Genome sequencing
SRP019839Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 86MAR185C Genome sequencing
SRP019840Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 85MAR42-2 Genome sequencing
SRP019841Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 01MN84A1-2 Genome sequencing
SRP019842Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 84KEN8B Genome sequencing
SRP019843Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 86PAK1030A Genome sequencing
SRP019844Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 60IRN10B Genome sequencing
SRP019845Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 09TAN8-16 Genome sequencing
SRP019846Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici Ken2009-02B Genome sequencing
SRP019847Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici Eth2010-01A Genome sequencing
SRP019848Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 09TAN06-2 Genome sequencing
SRP019849Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 84CSK764-3 Genome sequencing
SRP019850Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 96ZIM2A Genome sequencing
SRP019851Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 84CSK759C Genome sequencing
SRP019852Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 59KS19 Genome sequencing
SRP019853Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 99KS76A Genome sequencing
SRP019854Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 01SD80A Genome sequencing
SRP019855Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 83ETH6-2-2 Genome sequencing
SRP019856Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici Eri2010-15A Genome sequencing
SRP019857Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 06ND76C Genome sequencing
SRP019858Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 80MAR33B Genome sequencing
SRP019859Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici Eth2010-02A Genome sequencing
SRP019860Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 09TAN10-1 Genome sequencing
SRP019861Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 87KEN11-4 Genome sequencing
SRP019862Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 87KEN3018-4 Genome sequencing
SRP019863Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 86SD656B Genome sequencing
SRP019864Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 59OH5B Genome sequencing
SRP019865Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 56SD37B Genome sequencing
SRP019866Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 71MN603-2 Genome sequencing
SRP019867Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici ISR2164 Genome sequencing
SRP019868Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici Ken2010-10A Genome sequencing
SRP019869Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 74MN1409 Genome sequencing
SRP019870Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 77ND82A Genome sequencing
SRP019871Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici Ken2010-09A Genome sequencing
SRP019872Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici ISR2147 Genome sequencing
SRP019873Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 65SD2 Genome sequencing
SRP019874Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 83ETH6-1 Genome sequencing
SRP019875Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 83KEN7A Genome sequencing
SRP019876Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 75WA165-2A Genome sequencing
SRP019877Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici Ken2009-06B Genome sequencing
SRP019878Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici Eri-2010-13A Genome sequencing
SRP019879Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 75MN68C Genome sequencing
SRP019880Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 72ETH11-4 Genome sequencing
SRP019881Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 84ETH19A Genome sequencing
SRP019882Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 07KEN 24-4 Genome sequencing
SRP019883Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici 84KEN8C Genome sequencing
SRP019884Laser Capture Microdissection-Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (LCM-RRBS) maps changes in DNA methylation associated with gonadectomy-induced adrenocortical neoplasia in the mouse
SRP019885Agave tequilana strain:Weber azul Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019886Hordeum vulgare Genome sequencing
SRP019887Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019888Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019889Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019890Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP019891Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019892Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019893Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP019894Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019895Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019896Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019897Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP019898Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019899Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019900Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019901Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019902Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019903Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019904Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019905Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019906Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP019907Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019908Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019909Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019910Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019911Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019912Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP019913Red Sea Metagenomic Project
SRP019914Cell-autonomous function of Runx1 transcriptionally regulates megakaryocytic maturation in mice (ChIP-seq)
SRP019915Gene expression analysis of murine peritoneal macrophages deficient for SAMHD1 and IFNAR
SRP019916RNA-Seq characterization of spinal cord injury transcriptome in acute/subacute phases: a resource for understanding the pathology at the systems level
SRP019917Genome-wide mapping of Runx1-bound sites in early B-cell progenitors
SRP019918Macrotermes natalensis Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019919Amphiura filiformis Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019920Forest soil Metagenome
SRP019921Castanospermum australe Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019922General Sample for Saccharomyces cerevisiae
SRP019923Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Hadar str. ATCC 51956 Genome sequencing and assembly
SRP019924Anti-ZFX ChIP-seq in a human medulloblastoma cell line
SRP019925Cryptosporidium meleagridis strain:TU1867 Genome sequencing
SRP019926Transcriptome and expression profiling analysis revealed changes of multiple signaling pathways involved in immunity in mud crab Scylla paramamosain during Vibrio parahaemolyticus infection
SRP019927Mosquito Variation
SRP019928mRNA-Seq of brain tissue from honeybee (Apis mellifera) drones (male), workers (female) and queens (female).
SRP019929Facilitates chromatin transcription complex is a marker and target of aggressive cancers with lower survival rates
SRP019930Whole genome sequencing of (KHV) Kinh in Ho Chi minh City, Vietnam HapMap population from primary blood
SRP019931Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR5848 Genome sequencing
SRP019932Pearl river estuary Targeted Locus
SRP019933Transcriptome sequencing and de novo analysis for noble scallop Chlamys nobilis using 454 GS FLX
SRP019934Activated sludge metagenome Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP019935The interactome of Pou5f1 enhancer in mouse embryonic stem cells
SRP019936An Integrated Model of the Transcriptome Landscape of HER2-Positive Breast Cancer
SRP019937DNAseq data from human ovarian carcinoma cell lines subjected to shRNA TRC1.0 library
SRP019938Oreochromis niloticus Transcriptome before and after Streptococcus agalactiae infection
SRP019939Using RNA-Seq to create sample-specific proteomic databases that enable mass spectrometric discovery of splice junction peptides
SRP019940Homo sapiens Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP019941rat miRNA seq data
SRP019942Polar bear (Ursus maritimus) Fat and Blood Transcriptomes
SRP019943Homo sapiens Exome
SRP019944Whole-transcriptome, high-throughput RNA sequence analysis of the bovine macrophage response to Mycobacterium bovis infection in vitro
SRP019945SFMBT1 Functions with LSD1 to Regulate Expression of Canonical Histone Genes and Chromatin-Related Factors [ChIP-Seq]
SRP019946SFMBT1 Functions with LSD1 to Regulate Expression of Canonical Histone Genes and Chromatin-Related Factors [RNA-Seq]
SRP019947Arabidopsis thaliana strain:columbia Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019948Drosophila melanogaster piRNA sequencing
SRP019949Tropical soils Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP019950Brassica napus flower buds Transcriptome
SRP019951Genome and exome sequencing of a Spinocerebellar ataxias affected family
SRP019952HNF communities Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP019953Glycine max strain:G93-9223 Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019954Gastrointestinal tract of (Dromaius novaehollandiae) Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP019955Soil Microbial Communities associated with A. gerardii and S. cereale rhizospheres
SRP019956RNA-seq analysis of Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655
SRP019957Computational Analysis of Bacterial RNA-Seq Data
SRP019958Brg1 Modulates Enhancer Activation and Polycomb-mediated Repression in Mesoderm Differentiation [RNA-Seq]
SRP019959Brg1 Modulates Enhancer Activation and Polycomb-mediated Repression in Mesoderm Differentiation [ChIP-Seq]
SRP019960RNA-seq analysis of Salmonella enterica Typhimurium LT2
SRP019961Differences in gastric carcinoma microenvironment stratify according to EBV infection intensity; implications for possible immune adjuvant therapy
SRP019962A Switch Between Topological Domains Underlies HoxD Genes Collinearity in Mouse Limbs (4C-Seq)
SRP019963A Switch Between Topological Domains Underlies HoxD Genes Collinearity in Mouse Limbs (ChIP-Seq)
SRP019964The developmental transcriptome analysis of Athetis lepigone
SRP019965Drosophila serrata Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019966ChIP Sequencing of TAP tagged transgenic lines of Taf4b in Arabidopsis thaliana
SRP019967Crassostrea gigas Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019968Homo sapiens Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019969Crassostrea gigas Transcriptome or Gene expression under different types of Bacteria
SRP019970Mus musculus Genome sequencing
SRP019971Comparative Genomics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Emergence of pandemic clones and their implication to human health
SRP019972Quantitative Mammalian Transcriptomics using Designed Primer-based Amplification
SRP019973CompleteGenomics sequencing of (PUR) Puerto Rican in Puerto Rico HapMap population DNA for sequencing was extracted from whole blood
SRP019974CompleteGenomics sequencing of (KHV) Kinh in Ho Chi minh City, Vietnam. DNA for sequencing was extracted from whole blood
SRP019975CompleteGenomics sequencing of (PEL) Peruvian in Lima, Peru HapMap population. DNA for sequencing was extracted from whole blood
SRP019976CompleteGenomics sequencing of (PJL) Puerto Rican in Puerto Rico HapMap population DNA for sequencing was extracted from whole blood
SRP019977Burkholderia pseudomallei HBPUB10134a Genome sequencing
SRP019978Solanum tuberosum Genome sequencing
SRP019979Burkholderia pseudomallei HBPUB10303a Genome sequencing
SRP019980Homo sapiens Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019981Bactrocera dorsalis strain:Punador Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019982Triticum aestivum strain:AUS1408; Carnamah; Drysdale; Quarrion; Spica; Whistler; WW1842 Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP019983Small RNA transcriptome in murine liver during Schistosoma japonicum infection
SRP019984rat IPSC mRNA-seq
SRP019985farmland soils Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP019986Sequences Associated with Centromere Competency in the Human Genome
SRP019987Next generation sequencing analysis of microRNAs in brown preadipocytes and in vitro differentiated mature brown fat cells
SRP019988Muscleblind-like proteins regulate embryonic stem cell-specific alternative splicing and reprogramming I
SRP019989Muscleblind-like proteins regulate embryonic stem cell-specific alternative splicing and reprogramming II
SRP019990miRNAs associated with the different human Argonaute proteins
SRP019991Trypanosoma cruzi Dm28c Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP019992Meloidogyne incognita Variation
SRP019993Burkholderia pseudomallei 1026b Genome sequencing
SRP019994Stratification of Leiomyosarcoma molecular subtypes by 3'' end RNA-sequencing: Toward precision medicine
SRP019995Transcriptomic analysis of Alishewanella species utilizing pectin as a sole carbon source
SRP019996Sour dough Metagenome
SRP019997Identification of Cytokinin-Responsive Genes Using Microarray Meta-Analysis and RNA-Seq in Arabidopsis
SRP019998Wild N. lepida feces Metagenome
SRP019999Semi arid steppe soil Metagenome
SRP020000Prunus Genome sequencing
SRP020001Transcriptome assembly of several Compositae crops and their wild relatives
SRP020003Escherichia coli K12 Re-sequencing
SRP020004Genome sequencing of banana pathogen Dickeya zeae
SRP020005Peromyscus leucopus Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP020006SR Proteins Collaborate with 7SK and Promoter-Associated Nascent RNA to Release Paused Polymerase
SRP020007The consequences of rapid mating system evolution in crucifer genomes
SRP020008Danio rerio strain:Tubingen Epigenomics
SRP020009Termitomyces sp. J132 Genome sequencing
SRP020010Macrotermes natalensis gut Metagenome
SRP020011Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020012Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP020013Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020014Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020015Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020016Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020017Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020018Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020019Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020020Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020021Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020022Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020023Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020024Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020025Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020026Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020027Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020028Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020029Cryptococcus neoformans Genome sequencing
SRP020030Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020031Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020032Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020033Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020034Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020035Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020036Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020037Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020038Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020039Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020040Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020041Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020042Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020043Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020044Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020045Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020046Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020047Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020048Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020049Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020050Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020051Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020052Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020053Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020054Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020055Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020056Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020057Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020058Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020059Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020060Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020061Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020062Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020063Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020064Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020065Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020066Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020067Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020068Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020069Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020070Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020071Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020072Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020073Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020074Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020075Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020076Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020077Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020078Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020079Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020080Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020081Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020082Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020083Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020084Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020085Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020086Anas platyrhynchos Transcriptome or Gene expression
SRP020088DNA-RNA Immunoprecipitation sequencing (DRIP-seq) of human NT2 cells
SRP020089De novo assembly and characterization of Litchi fruit transcriptome
SRP020090Pbx and Prdm1a transcription factors differentially regulate subsets of the fast skeletal muscle program in zebrafish
SRP020091Contrasting levels of constraint on the self-compatible Capsella Rubella and outcrossing Capsella Grandiflora species. Exome
SRP020092Genome Wide Association identifies Novel Loci Involved Fungal Communication
SRP020093Complex genetic architecture of cardiac disease in a wild type inbred strain of Drosophila melanogaster
SRP020094Homo sapiens Epigenomics
SRP020095Uncultured microbiome of mice Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP020096CompleteGenomics sequencing of (LWK) Luhya HapMap population DNA for sequencing was extracted from whole blood
SRP020097Transcriptome from Single Nuclei (Mus musculus)
SRP020098Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020099Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020100Neoparamoeba pemaquidensis and its endosymbiont Perkinsela
SRP020101Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020102Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020103Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020104Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020105Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020106Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020107Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020108Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020109Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020110Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020111Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020112Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020113Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020114Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020115Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020116Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020117Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020118Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020119Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020120Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020121Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020122Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020123Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020124Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020125Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020126Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020127Genome-wide analysis of condensin binding sites in vertebrate genome
SRP020128Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020129Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020130Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020131Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020132Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020133Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020134Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020135Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020136Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020137Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020138Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020139Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020140Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020141Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020142Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020143Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020144Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020145Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020146Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020147Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020148Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020149Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020150Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020151Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020152Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020153Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020154Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020155Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020156Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020157Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020158Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020159Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020160Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020161Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020162Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020163Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020164Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020165Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020166Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020167Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020168abc transporters in Dictyostelium discoideum development
SRP020169Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020170Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020171Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020172Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020173JB9 Targeted Locus (Loci)
SRP020174Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020175Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020176Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020177Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020178Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020179Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020180Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020181Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020182Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020183Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020184Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020185Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020186Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020187Burkholderia pseudomallei 406e re-sequencing
SRP020188Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020189Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020190Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020191Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020192Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020193Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020194Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020195Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020196Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020197Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020198Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020199Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020200Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020201Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020203Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020204Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020205Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020206Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020207Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020208Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020209Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020210Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020211Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020212Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020213Cryptococcus Sequencing
SRP020214Cryptococcus Sequencing