AccessionTitle or Alias
DRP005343Analysis of transgene integration in a transgenic mouse (4C30 strain)
DRP005344mRNA of recombinant APMVs
DRP005345Microbial communities in sub-Saharan Africa
DRP005346Gut microbiota in SOD1 deficient mice
DRP005347Cultivation of Asgard archaea
DRP005348Pleuromamma abdominalis MIG-seq and ddRAD-seq
DRP005349Microbial community analysis in the terrestrial subsurface lignite seam of the Tempoku coalfield, Hokkaido, Japan.
DRP005350Characterizing a new bacterium belonging to the genus Roseobacter.
DRP005351Expression data of Lineage- Sca1+cKit+ (LSK) cells from wild-type, Calr+/-, CALRdel52;Calr+/+, or CALRdel52;Calr+/- mice.
DRP005353Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans, gut microbiota in mice eating high fat diet
DRP005354RNAseq analysis of PL/J, MRL/MpJ and FVB/NJ using murine lung
DRP005355Cichlid brain laterality RNAseq
DRP005356Mouse transcriptome analysis in in vitro neuronal differentiation
DRP005357Stenotrophomonas maltophilia strain CRB139-1, whole genome shotgun sequencing project
DRP005358Ctenophore comb plate project
DRP005359Genome sequencing of 11 Escherichia albertii strains
DRP00536016S amplicon sequence analysis of human gut microbiome in patients with Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
DRP005361HYA-supplemented HFD increased Lactobacillaceae abundance to a greater extent than LA-supplemented HFD in cecum
DRP005362Dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids altered the cecum microbiota composition
DRP005363Effects of FujiFF on microbiota profiling in the feces of the mice fed a high fat-high sucrose diet
DRP005364The mechanisms by which Plag1 regulates neurogenic potential of embryonic and neocortical neural precursor cells
DRP005365Seasonal dynamics of soil fungal and bacterial communities in cool-temperate montane forests
DRP005366Transcriptomic, epigenetic and chromatin changes during neuronal differentiation
DRP005367Gut metagenome in cardiovascular diseases
DRP005368Isolation of the genes that is involved in gross chromosomal rearrangements
DRP005369Bayesian reconstruction of a vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus transmission route using epidemiologic data and genomic variants from whole genome sequencing
DRP005370RNA-seq analysis of a methanotrophic co-culture
DRP005371A RNA splicing factor regulating splicing in androgen receptor promotes malignancy in prostate cancer
DRP005372RNA-seq of male genital development in Drosophila mauritiana
DRP005373RNA-seq of male genital development in Drosophila simulnas
DRP00537416s rRNA sequencing of mice fecal microbiota with acute kidney injury (AKI) in duced by ischemia/reperfusion.
DRP005375Microbiome analysis in mice fed HFD or HFD-Soybean protein isolate
DRP005376Gut microbiota convert HMCA into HMPA in the intestine
DRP005377HMPA intake modifies the changes of HFD-associated gut microbial composition
DRP005378ChIP-seq analysis of meioitc protein distribution
DRP005379The novel lncRNA CALIC upregulates AXL to promote colon cancer metastasis
DRP005380Mutation and deletion of PAD1 and/or FDC1 and absence of phenolic off-flavor production in top- and bottom-fermenting yeasts
DRP005381Conversion of antigen-specific effector/memory T cells into Foxp3-expressing Treg cells by inhibition of CDK8/19
DRP005382Prevalence and genomic characterization of Group A Streptococcus dysgalactiae subsp. equisimilis isolated from patients with invasive infection in Toyama Prefecture, Japan
DRP005383RNA-seq analyses of a fully-aquatic sea snake Hydrophis melanocephalus
DRP005384Genome sequence of table grape, 'Shine Muscat'
DRP005385RNA-seq analyses of an amphibious sea snake Laticauda laticaudata
DRP005386Draft whole-genome sequencing of Acinetobacter spp. strains isolated from Catheter-Associated Blood Stream Infection
DRP005387Changes in free amino acid concentrations and associated gene expression profiles in the abdominal muscle of kuruma shrimp Marsupenaeus japonicus reared at different salinity
DRP00538816S amplicon analysis of seasonal changes in bacteria community from Tame River
DRP00538916S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing of lower respiratory sample in Japanese patients
DRP00539016S rRNA next generation sequencing of bacterial community from Tama River
DRP005391Extensive gene flow among marine cave habitats in a cavernicolous shrimp
DRP005392Interdental plaque microbiota treated with NO
DRP005394sequencing ancient soil microbial DNA
DRP005395Characterization of cellulase genes from marine bacteria isolated from marine fish intestine.
DRP005396exploring URT microbiota
DRP005397Meta-16S rDNA of Japanese macaques' gut microbiome
DRP005398Quantitative detection of ALK fusion breakpoints in plasma cell-free DNA from patients with non-small cell lung cancer using PCR-based target sequencing with a tiling primer set and two-step mapping/alignment
DRP005399Comparative analysis demonstrates cell type-specific conservation of SOX9 targets between mouse and chicken
DRP005400SOX9 ChIP-seq data of E13 mouse developing limb buds and male gonads
DRP005401SOX9 ChIP-seq data of E7 chicken developing limb buds and male gonads
DRP005402Landscape genetics of Solidago virgaurea ecotypic populations in Yakushima Island, Japan
DRP005403CASTing analysis of Smad3 or Smad4 overexpressed in 293T cells
DRP005404Apollo Dengue project 2017
DRP005405Sphaeroforma arctica strain 3-2015 genome
DRP005406BDNF receptor agonist infusion
DRP005407Effect of nano-particle ZnO on soil bacteria community
DRP005408Genome sequence of a hyperhalophilic archaea, which has capability of polyester degradation.
DRP005409Identifying a major QTL associated with salinity tolerance in Nile tilapia using QTL-seq sequencing
DRP005410Sequencing of active retrotransposon Rtsp-1 insertion site in sweetpotato
DRP005411Microbial community analysis in leachate water of inert-waste landfill site
DRP005412Metatranscriptome of bloom-forming diatoms in the subarctic western North Pacific
DRP005413Henipavirus Infection in Philippines, 2014
DRP005414Hydrogenovibrio marinus MH-110 genome sequencing
DRP005415Transcriptome of a ditom Thalassiosira nordenskioeldii
DRP005416Amplicon sequencing of prokaryotic 16S rRNA gene and nosZ in agricultural soil
DRP005417Comparison of sequencing bias for library preparation kit
DRP005418whole genome analysis of Corynebacterium ulcerans strains isolated in Japan
DRP005419Metagenome sequences from the environment of diseased otter clams, Lutraria rhynchaena, in a farm in Vietnam
DRP005420transcript quantification of wheat homeologs
DRP005421Genome sequencing project of T. gondii, strain TgCatJpOk3
DRP005422Norovirus in Cambodia
DRP005423PCR-free whole exome sequencing
DRP005424Phylum-metabolic pathway relationships in a reclaimated soil
DRP005425Molecular phylogeny of the ciid genus Octotemnus
DRP005426Bacterial community in relamation soils
DRP005427RAD sequence data of Carabus subgenus Ohomopterus
DRP005428Long-term organic material amendments on prokaryotic and fungal communities
DRP005429Construction of complete Tupaia belangeri transcriptome database by whole-genome and comprehensive RNA sequencing.
DRP005430Complete genome sequence of Mycobacterium avium subsp. hominissuis strain JP-H-1
DRP005431Draft genome sequence of Sparrowhawk
DRP005432Genome-wide analysis of cleavage sites in OS suspension cell (Rice)
DRP005433Draft genome sequence of Mountain Hawk
DRP005434Genome-wide analysis of mRNA cleavage sites in Rosa hybrida cv. Cool Water.
DRP005435Genome-wide analysis of cleavage sites in Lactuca sativa L. cv. Green wave
DRP005436SCFAs supplementation exerts metabolic benefits
DRP005437H2S-negative Salmonella
DRP005438Draft genome sequence of Peregrine Falcon
DRP005439Whole genome sequencing of Mycobacterium avium subsp. hominissuis strains caused equine abortions
DRP005440Shotgun metagenomics of virion (0.22 micrometer filtrate) in Lake Biwa (2016-2017)
DRP005441Analysis of grobal gene expression in hiPSCs cultured on SNL76/7 or MEF feeder cells.
DRP005442Genome- and transcriptome-analysis of the photosynthetic testate amoeba Paulinella micropora
DRP005443Analysis of mutational signatures by chemical mutagens in gpt delta mice
DRP005444The Ficus erecta genome
DRP005445A novel ASXL1-OGT axis plays roles in H3K4 methylation and tumor suppression in myeloid malignancies. ChIP-Seq
DRP005446RNA sequencing of Copidosoma floridanum
DRP005447A novel ASXL1-OGT axis plays roles in H3K4 methylation and tumor suppression in myeloid malignancies. ssRNA-seq
DRP005448Comprehensive identification of the binding sites of DBP/E4BP4 in the mouse liver using ChIP-Seq
DRP005449Transcriptome of mouse liver in Per2::Luc KI and E4bp4 KO / Per2::Luc KI mice
DRP005450Draft genome sequence of Hooded crane
DRP005451RNAseq of Odontosyllis octodentata
DRP005452Draft genome sequence of Northern Goshawk
DRP005453Draft genome sequence of White-tailed eagle
DRP005454Whole genome sequencing of Sphingobium xenophagum OW59
DRP005455Striga asiatica RNA seqeuncing
DRP005456Draft genome sequence of White- naped crane
DRP005457Draft genome sequence of Aspergillus terreus TN-484
DRP005458Draft genome sequence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain Pf-1
DRP005459Fe-Mn crust metagenome
DRP005460Increasing grain Zn concentration in cultivated rice
DRP005461Transition of Bacterial Community structure in Chitin-treated Upland Soil
DRP005462Gut microbiome of blackworm (Lumbriculus variegatus)
DRP005463Transcriptome of Mpst KO mouse
DRP005464Draft genome sequence of Blakiston's fish-owl
DRP005465Draft whole genome sequence of Japanese White stork (Ciconia boyciana)
DRP005466Draft whole genome sequence of Japanese snow grouse
DRP005467Draft genome sequence of Okinawa woodpecker
DRP005468Direct conversion from human dermal fibroblasts into urothelial cells by defined factors
DRP005469Genome sequencing of Deinococcus grandis
DRP005470Draft genome sequence of Amami Woodcock
DRP005471Mpst Tg mouse transcriptome
DRP005472Transcriptomes of Dacini fruit flies
DRP005473Infection of Epstein-Barr virus in type III latency modulates biogenesis of exosomes and expression profile of exosomal miRNA in Burkitt lymphoma Mutu cell line
DRP005474First trial of rapid detection of macroalgal seed bank on cobbles: application of DNA metabarcoding using next-generation sequencing
DRP005475RNASeq of Xylophaga rikuzenica Taki & Habe, 1945
DRP005476Fertilization changes compositional variation of paddy bacterial community
DRP005477Transcriptome analysis for gall formation in Artemisia montana
DRP005478Transcriptome analysis for gall formation in Eurya japonica
DRP005479Transcriptome analysis for gall formation in Glochidion obovatum
DRP005480Influenza A virus A/WSN/33(H1N1) sequence
DRP005481Gut bacterial diversity of Filipino infants by birth process and infant diet at age 2 to 4 months
DRP005482Metaviromic analyses on crane fecal samples
DRP005483Comparison of gut bacterial diversity of cesarean-delivered, breast-fed Filipino infants age 2 to 4 months
DRP005484Genome editing in human cells by Type I-E CRISPR-Cas3
DRP005485QTL mapping for nematoda resistance in sweetpotato
DRP005486QTL mapping for insect resistance in sweetpotato
DRP005487Genome-wide association study to identify flower color loci in chrysanthemum
DRP005488RNA sequencing of Riptortus pedestris
DRP005489Eukaryotic community structures in anaerobic granular sludge based on 18S rRNA gene sequencing
DRP005490Pseudomonas fluorescens KUIN-1
DRP005491To Prevents Post-Diet Weight Regaining
DRP005492Pseudoalteromonas sp. Strain A25 Genome sequencing
DRP005493Comparison of rhizosphere soils of Allium plants and non-Allium plants
DRP005494Comparative genome analysis of Porphyromonas species isolated from companion animals
DRP005495Ketone body receptor GPR43 regulates lipid metabolism under fasting condition
DRP005496Complete genome sequence of Alteromonas sp.
DRP005497Ketone body receptor GPR43 regulates lipid metabolism in eucaloric ketogenic diet trial
DRP005498Pyxicephalus adspersus Transcriptome
DRP005499mRNA seq of LEL+ and LEL- hemocytes
DRP005500Comparative genomic analysis of Shiga-toxin producing Escherichia coli O145:H28
DRP005501Genome-wide phylogenetic analysis of mulberry varieties using double digest RAD-seq
DRP005502Japanese eel RNA seq
DRP005503Conjugation frequency of incompatibility (Inc) P-1 and P-7 plasmids, pBP136 and pCAR1, was affected by oxygen concentration
DRP005504Characterization of VanA and VanM-type VRE
DRP005505Investigation of qualitative formation of lake DOM by the whole lake BC or Limnohabitans isolate
DRP005506Analyses of micro RNA expressed from cells persistently infected by simian foamy virus derived from Japanese macaque
DRP005507Genome assembly of the Pacific bluefin tuna and re-sequence data analysis
DRP005508Analysis of genomic mutations induced by alkylating agents in Salmonella typhimurium LT-2 TA100
DRP005509Bacterial and Fungal Communities in Cacao Plantation of Indonesia
DRP005510Bacterial community structure of cattle liver at slaughter
DRP005511Constructing scaffolds for genome assembly
DRP005512Whole genome sequencing
DRP005513Transcriptome analysis of human Sat III knockdown cells
DRP005514Microbial communities in carbonate nodules
DRP005515Lithospermum erythrorhizon mRNA
DRP005516reference transcriptomic data of silkworm, bombyx mori
DRP005517Genotyping-by-sequencing in northern snakehead
DRP005518Whole-genome sequence of Desulfuromonas sp. strain AOP6, an iron(III) reducer isolated from subseafloor sediment of Nankai Trough
DRP005519Unsuspected protein dynamics during the oocyte-to-embryo transition in mice: a mass spectrometry and RNA sequencing tandem study
DRP005520Identification of host factors required for maintenance of nuclear hepatitis B virus cccDNA using single-cell transcriptome analysis
DRP005521RNA-seq and ChIP-seq to study meiotic initiation in mouse testis
DRP005522RNA-seq to study meiotic initiation in mouse STRA8 positive cells
DRP005523QQ-MBR microbial community
DRP005524Genomic analysis of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli isolates from symptomatic patients and asymptomatic carriers
DRP005525Large scaled transcription factor induction in human pluripotent stem cells
DRP005526Canagliflozin reduces plasma uremic toxins with alterations of the intestinal microbiota in CKD mice
DRP005527Effect of domestic animal grazing on vegetation and arbuscular mycorrhzal fungi in Mongolia
DRP005528RNA-Seq of apple cultivar 'Fuji' dormant buds with different chill conditions
DRP00552916S rRNA gene amplicon sequences of bacteria and archaea associated with cathodes modeified with graphene oxide and/or poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)
DRP005530RNAseqs of Euglena gracilis under aerobic/anaerobic condition
DRP005531Xanthomonas genome
DRP005532Bioavailability of isoflavone metabolites after Korean fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) ingestion in estrogen deficiency-induced rats
DRP005533RNA-sequencing data of thymic epithelial cells isolated from C57BL/6 mice and Keratin 5 promoter-driven Cyclin D1 transgenic mice.
DRP005534Transcriptome analysis of the tcrA gene mutant in Actinoplanes missouriensis
DRP005535Amplicon Sequencing of Cheese Microbial Communities from North Xinjiang
DRP005536RNA-seq from Momordica charantia
DRP005537Whole genome sequences of Capnocytophaga sp. strains KC07070 and KC07105
DRP005538RNA-seq, TuMV sequences in a natural population
DRP005539B-cell receptor (BCR) repertoire analysis of simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) infected Rhesus Macaques by deep sequencing of immunoglobulin heavy chain variable region.
DRP005540soil microbial community shift nitrogen deposition
DRP005541Genome-wide polymorphisms from RNA sequencing assembly of leaf transcripts facilitate phylogenetic analysis and molecular marker development in wild einkorn wheat
DRP005542Transcriptome of Pleurodeles waltl
DRP005543P. waltl transcriptome project_Tottori_02
DRP005544Genotyping-by-Sequencing of local medaka popualtions
DRP005545Characteristics of bacterial bioaerosols at Toyama and Yokohama in Japan as assessed by eight-stage Andersen sampler and Illumina MiSeq sequencing
DRP005546The transcription factor APA01_13830 contributes to thermotolerance in Acetobacter pasteurianus by controlling a two-component system.
DRP005547Quantitative evaluation of intraspecific genetic diversity in a natural fish population using environmental DNA analysis
DRP005548Japanese rhinoceros beetle larval hemocytes single cell transcriptome
DRP005549Uncovering viable microbiome in anaerobic sludge digesters
DRP005550Environmental DNA analysis shows high potential as a tool for estimating of intraspecific genetic diversity in a wild fish population
DRP005551Complete whole genome sequence of Paraclostridium bifermentans subsp. muricolitidis subsp. nov.
DRP005552Genome-wide variations of Phytophthora infestans isolates
DRP005553Lactoferrin Alleviates Dry Eye Disease via Modulating the Microbiome to enhance the production of immuno-modulatory short chain fatty acids.
DRP00555416S rRNA metagenome project for broiler chicken
DRP005555Transcriptomic analyses of a molecular mechanism of radular teeth biomineralization in Cryptochiton stelleri
DRP005556de novo genome assembly of Oryza sativa ssp. indica cv. IR64
DRP005557Mutational analysis for acute and chronic gamma irradiation in Arabidopsis
DRP005558Analysis of the mutations responsible for erythromycin resistance and antibiotic overproduction in Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2)
DRP005559Targeted in vivo epigenome editing using medaka embryos
DRP005560Zucchini dependent and independent pre-piRNA generation and their sequence features in silkworms
DRP005561Microbial community composition of practical-scale DHS reactor in India
DRP005562Essential role fo Gpat2 for piRNA biogenesis
DRP005563The Draft Genome of Dioscorea rotundata version 2 assembled with long-reads generated by Oxford Nanopore Technologies.
DRP005564Whole genome sequencing of peup mutants
DRP005565Nanopore long-read sequencing reveals a novel class of structural aberrations in lung cancer genomes
DRP005566Transcriptome in bovine whole blastocyst and isolated inner cell mass with re-cavitation
DRP005567Owner identification using Cutibacterium acnes (Propionibacterium acnes) 16S rRNA genotype
DRP005568Owner identification using Cutibacterium acnes (Propionibacterium acnes) 16S rRNA genotype
DRP005569Immunomonitoring of tumor and exploration of prognostic biomarker using RNAseq data of resected pancreatic cancer
DRP005570Genome sequencing of industrial Asperigillus oryzae koji strains
DRP005571Community analysis of duckweed-associated bacteria upon inoculation of PGPB
DRP005572Transcriptome of Pseudophyllomitus vesiculosus
DRP005573Transcriptome of Platysulcus tardus
DRP005574Identification and regulation of monoallelically?expressed genes in F1 hybrid ground-state embryonic stem cells
DRP005575Genome sequencing of industrial Asperigillus sojae koji strains
DRP005576Transcriptome of Incisomonas marina
DRP005578Genome sequencing of individual cells in C57BL/6 iPS cell clone
DRP005579Study of genome reprogramming-associated genetic aberrations
DRP005580Sparganum proliferum genome sequencing
DRP005581Genome Sequencing of unknown Streptococci
DRP005582Genome sequencing of individual cells in C57BL/6 ntES cell clone
DRP005583Spirometra erinaceieuropaei genome sequencing
DRP005584Scaphechinus mirabilis RNA sequence
DRP00558518SrRNA gene diversity at St.S1
DRP005586Method assessment of fecal DNA extraction
DRP005587Gut microbiota of mice after the oral administration of periodontopathic bacteria
DRP005588left arm of chr19 sequencing, UV-induced mutation frequency in Olrev3l deficient cells
DRP005589Analysis of functional roles of Regnase-1 in airway epithelial cells controlling mucosal immunity
DRP005590Rhizosphere bacterial metagenome of wheat and rice
DRP005591Emergence of carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae clinical isolates in medical settings in Myanmar
DRP005592Shewanella sp. S61 genome seuencing
DRP005593New bacteria whole genome sequencing, isolated from methane fermentator
DRP005594The plasma Y4-RNA fragment part1
DRP005595Whole-genome sequencing analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Hanoi, Vietnam (Four representative strains)
DRP005596Whole-genome sequencing analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Hanoi, Vietnam (248 strains)
DRP005597Apis melliefera HiC data
DRP005598Plasticity of rice plant in response to diverse soil environmental changes
DRP005599Whole-genome sequencing analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Hanoi, Vietnam
ERP000001Population genomics of domestic and wild yeasts.
ERP000002Complete Genome of a Clinical Isolate of Salmonella enterica serovar Paratyphi A
ERP000003Sequencing flow-sorted X chromosomes from a human female sample (CEU:NA07340) using the Illumina Genome Analyzer
ERP000004Whole Genome Sequencing of Gorilla gorilla gorilla
ERP000005ChIP-seq mapping of FOXA1, FOXA3 and H3K4me3 in the human liver cell line HepG2
ERP000008Epidemic multiple drug resistant Salmonella Typhimurium causing invasive disease in Sub-Saharan Africa have a distinct genotype and exhibit evidence of genome degradation
ERP000009Epidemic multiple drug resistant Salmonella Typhimurium causing invasive disease in Sub-Saharan Africa have a distinct genotype and exhibit evidence of genome degradation
ERP000010Mouse resequencing pilot, submitted by SC on 20-MAY-13
ERP000011Rice High-throughput genotyping by whole-genome resequencing
ERP000012An initial characterisation of the Fasciola hepatica transcriptome using 454-FLX sequencing
ERP000013Gene-targeted-metagenomics reveals extensive diversity of aromatic dioxygenase genes in the environment
ERP000014Salmonella Paratyphi A diversity (test pool)
ERP000015Whole genome re-sequencing of a single Bos taurus animal for SNP discovery
ERP000016Sequencing the Zebrafish transcriptome form a range of tissues and developmental stages using the Illumina Genome Analyzer
ERP000034129P2 Mouse Genome, submitted by SC on 20-MAY-13
ERP000035129S1_SvImJ Mouse Genome, submitted by SC on 20-MAY-13
ERP000036129S5 Mouse Genome, submitted by SC on 20-MAY-13
ERP000037AKR_J Mouse Genome, submitted by SC on 20-MAY-13
ERP000038A_J Mouse Genome, submitted by SC on 20-MAY-13
ERP000039BALBc_J Mouse Genome, submitted by SC on 20-MAY-13
ERP000040C3H_HeJ Mouse Genome, submitted by SC on 20-MAY-13
ERP000041C57BL_6N Mouse Genome, submitted by SC on 20-MAY-13
ERP000042CAST_Ei Mouse Genome, submitted by SC on 20-MAY-13
ERP000043CBA_J Mouse Genome, submitted by SC on 20-MAY-13
ERP000044DBA_2J Mouse Genome, submitted by SC on 20-MAY-13
ERP000045LP_J Mouse Genome, submitted by SC on 20-MAY-13
ERP000046NOD Mouse Genome, submitted by SC on 20-MAY-13
ERP000047NZO Mouse Genome, submitted by SC on 20-MAY-13
ERP000048PWK_Ph Mouse Genome, submitted by SC on 20-MAY-13
ERP000049Spretus_Ei Mouse Genome, submitted by SC on 20-MAY-13
ERP000050WSB_Ei Mouse Genome, submitted by SC on 20-MAY-13
ERP000051Transposon-directed insertion-site sequencing (TraDIS) of a 1 million mutant library of Salmonella Typhi
ERP000053The diploid genome sequence of an Asian individual
ERP000054CEBPA binding in five vertebrates
ERP000055Pseudomonas syringae pathovar syringae B728a genome sequencing
ERP000056Trypanosoma evansi STIB 805 resequencing project
ERP000058The C. freundii ballerup str. 7851/39 genome
ERP000059Sequencing of progeny from a Trypanosome brucei genetic crosses between T. brucei 247 and T. b. gambiense 386
ERP000060Sequencing of progeny from a Trypanosome brucei genetic crosses between T. brucei 247 and T. brucei 927
ERP000061Sequencing of progeny from a Trypanosome brucei genetic crosses between T. brucei 927 and T. brucei 927
ERP000064Transcriptome-wide analysis of response to insecticides and pollutants in the yellow fever mosquito using next-generation sequencing technology
ERP000065Transcriptome variations associated with Bti resistance in the yellow fever mosquito using next-generation sequencing technology
ERP000069Plasmodium falciparum RNA-Seq in Blood Stage
ERP000070MRSA ST239, submitted by SC on 20-MAY-13
ERP000071Bacterial variation in human body habitats across space and time
ERP000072Sequencing of the chimpanzee transcriptome in frontal cortex and liver
ERP000073The Genome-Wide Dynamics of the Binding of Ldb1 Complexes during Erythroid Differentiation.
ERP000074Towards clinical proteomics on a next generation sequencing platform
ERP000075A Bayesian deconvolution strategy for immunoprecipitation-based DNA methylome analysis
ERP000076Amplification-free Illumina sequencing-library preparation facilitates improved mapping and assembly of (G+C)-biased genomes
ERP000077R&D experiment 1 to optimize library preparation for array-based sequence capture
ERP000078Simultaneous analysis of one million mutants of Salmonella Typhi
ERP000079Spontaneously Hypertensive Rat Genome
ERP000080CLIP: Construction of cDNA libraries for high-throughput sequencing from RNAs cross-linked to proteins in vivo
ERP000081In vivo survival and growth of bacterial mutants quantified by next-generation sequencing
ERP000083The Yersinia pestis strain IP674 genome
ERP000084A comprehensive genetic analysis of candidate genes regulating response to Trypanosoma congolense infection in mice
ERP000085Human Nucleoli associate with Specific Chromatin Domains Containing Transcription-repressed Genes from Multiple Chromosomes
ERP000086Contrasted patterns of organization and evolution of the wheat gene and transposable element spaces revealed by megabase level genome sequencing
ERP000087On-flowcell reverse transcription facilitates amplification-free, strand-specific, transcriptome sequencing
ERP000088Target enrichment strategies for Next-Generation Sequencing
ERP000089Chlamydia trachomatis global diversity project
ERP000090Study of the cancer genome in T lymphoma showing a recurrent chromosome 12 translocation
ERP000091WGS of P. chabaudi chabaudi AS clone
ERP000092Paired-end sequencing of the genome of Escherichia coli K-12 strain MG1655 using the Illumina Genome Analyzer II
ERP000093Microevolution of hypervirulent clade and ribotype 027 C. difficile isolates
ERP000094Ectocarpus siliculosus Sporophytes and Gametophytes Small RNA
ERP000096Novel exon splicing junctions and novel transcriptional active regions in Oryza sativa
ERP000097Whole genome sequencing of Gadus morhua (Atlantic cod)
ERP000098A Pilot Project to test the viability of the Illumina Genome Analyzer for the Sequencing of Zebrafish mapped clones in non-indexed pools
ERP000099TraDIS_Typhimurium_1M, submitted by SC on 20-MAY-13
ERP000100Genomewide Analysis of Histone Modifications in Normal Human Islets
ERP000102Apomictic and sexual ovules of Boechera display heterochronic global gene expression patterns
ERP000103The Genome of the Barley Powdery Mildew, Blumeria graminis
ERP000104The Genome of the Barley Powdery Mildew, Blumeria graminis
ERP000105The Genome of the Barley Powdery Mildew, Blumeria graminis
ERP000106Sequencing 620 rice genomes for genome-wide association studies
ERP000107Zebrafish transcriptome sequencing project
ERP000108A human gut microbial gene catalog established by deep metagenomic sequencing
ERP000109Genome Diversity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 Laboratory Strains
ERP000110Zebrafish Tilling by Illumina Sequencing
ERP000111Epidemiology of tuberculosis
ERP000112Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolate
ERP000113Phylogeography of Salmonella Typhimurium
ERP000114Native American Population Genetics
ERP000115ysblcc sox2
ERP000116MetaHit Single Cell WGA
ERP000117Single Bacterial Cell Whole Genome Amplification
ERP000118WEC diel study using 454 metagenonic and metatranscriptomic sequencing
ERP000119A draft sequence and preliminary analysis of the Neandertal genome
ERP000121Human Genome Diversity Project
ERP000122Pig Whole Genome Sequencing
ERP000123Mtb clinical isolates
ERP000124Mtb key strains
ERP000125Neandertal Amino Acid Capture project
ERP000126Computational challenges in the analysis of ancient DNA
ERP000127Xenopus tropicalis Mutation Resource
ERP000128Pyrosequencing Analysis of Oral Microbial Communities of Wild type and Toll Like Receptor 2-deficient mice using 454 GS FLX Titanium System
ERP000129The Genomics of Speciation in Campylobacter
ERP000130Staphylococcus aureus ST239 diversity
ERP000131Comparison of school outbreaks of MTB
ERP000132Multiple species and strain sequencing for Mycobacterium
ERP000133The Dominant Role of Diet on Gut Microbiota: Comparative Study in Children from Europe and Rural Africa
ERP000134Plasmodium falciparum enrichment tests
ERP000135Primate malaria sequencing
ERP000136S. pneumoniae serotype switching
ERP000137The genome sequence of the filarial nematode Onchocerca volvulus
ERP000138Helicobacter genus diversity
ERP000139Deep sequencing within the Streptococcus pneumoniae antibiotic resistant pandemic clone PMEN1
ERP000140Genomic diversity in Leishmania donovani in Indian subcontinent.
ERP000141Yersinia enterocolitica biotypes
ERP000142M. bovis genome sequencing
ERP000143Group C Salmonella
ERP000144Maiden Neisseria diversity
ERP000145Mycobacterium microti genome diversity project
ERP000146The genome sequence of antelope associated clade of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (strain VIC4031ORYX)
ERP000147C rodentium
ERP000148Determination of the genome sequence of Staphylococcus lugdunensis strain 1003
ERP000149The diversity of the genome of Leptospira interrogans ST34
ERP000150Sequencing the genomes from a global sample of Staphylococcus aureus ST22
ERP000151Determination of Staphylococcus aureus ST398 diversity.
ERP000152Genetic diversity on Streptococcus pneumoniae in Malawi 2
ERP000153Study of Salmonella enterica diversity
ERP000154Chlamydia and Chlamydophila genome sequencing
ERP000155Clostridium difficile Ribotype Reference Genome Project
ERP000156Streptococcus pneumoniae serotype 1 diversity
ERP000157Clostridium difficile ribotype 078 resequencing
ERP000158Streptococcus pyogenes transmission study
ERP000159Clostridium difficile ribotype 017 project
ERP000160Identification of genes responsible for S.mansoni resistance to oxamniquine
ERP000161The genome sequence of the cestode flatworm Hymenolepis microstoma
ERP000162The genome sequence of the murine whipworm Trichuris muris
ERP000163Non-indexed pools of mapped pig clones sequenced using the Illumina GAII.
ERP000164Pneumococcal in morbus diversity (QEH, Blantyre, Malawi)
ERP000165Klebsiella pneumoniae diversity
ERP000166WGS of Neospora caninum NCLiv strain
ERP000167WGS of Babesia bigemina Bond strain
ERP000168WGS of P. berghei ANKA clone
ERP000169Leishmania species
ERP000170Yersinia enterocolitica Nottingham
ERP000171Yersinia enterocolitica Genus project
ERP000172MDR invasive NTS S. Typhimurium strains
ERP000173Burkholderia pseudomallei serial patient
ERP000174Taylorella equigenitalis genome sequencing
ERP000175Salmonella nitra genome sequencing
ERP000176ChiP-seq profiling of Drosophila melanogaster salivary glands to identify targets for NSL1 and MCRS2.
ERP000178Genome sequencing of Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates
ERP000179Glossina morsitans genome sequencing
ERP000180S. pombe wild type strains genomes
ERP000181Salmonella bovismorbificans diversity study
ERP000182Vietnam Shigella
ERP000183Salmonella hadar and infantis diversity study
ERP000184Salmonella dublin & pullorum
ERP000185Malawi pneumococcal genomic snapshot
ERP000186Monophasic Salmonella isolates
ERP000187Spatially differing bacterial communities in water columns of the northern Baltic Sea
ERP000188Clostridium difficile ribotype 027 project
ERP000189Exploring Fecal Bacterial Diversity for Microbial Source Tracking by Barcoded Pyrosequencing
ERP000191Sequencing of Zebrafish mapped clones in non-indexed pools using the Illumina Genome Analyzer
ERP000192Discovery of sequence diversity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Russia collection)
ERP000193Genome sequencing of Trypanosoma brucei 927
ERP000194Plasmodium vivax natural genome variation
ERP000195Anopheles gambiae natural genome variation
ERP000196Anopheles gambiae Illumina sequencing R&D
ERP000197Plasmodium falciparum Illumina sequencing R&D
ERP000199Genome sequencing of Plasmodium falciparum clones from HB3xDD2 genetic cross progeny
ERP000200Genome sequencing of Plasmodium falciparum clones from 3D7xHB3 genetic cross progeny
ERP000201WGS of Plasmodium falciparum 3D7
ERP000202Sequencing of candidate positively-selected regions in the human genome
ERP000203Response of rhizosphere archaeal communities to elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations in a maize and soybean agroecosystem
ERP000204CTAP ChIP Seq
ERP000205The baker’s yeast diploid genome is remarkably stable in vegetative growth and meiosis
ERP000206High-throughput sequence analysis of variants of human cytomegalovirus strains Towne and AD169
ERP000207Sequences of complete human cytomegalovirus genomes from infected cell cultures and clinical specimens
ERP000209ChIP-Seq in human MCF7 and HEPG2 cells
ERP000211Funaria hygrometrica sporophyte/gametophyte gene expression
ERP000212Neisseria meningitidis in vivo diversity
ERP000213Interindividual and interlocation variation in the zebrafish gut microbiota
ERP000214Mycobacterium africanum genome sequencing
ERP000215Mycobacterium canetti genome sequencing
ERP000217Transmissible Dog Cancer
ERP000218Mali iNTS - Dublin & Enteritidis
ERP000219Mali iNTS - monophasic Typhimurium
ERP000220Diet modulates gut microbiota dynamics in healthy adults: an integrated approach from a nutritional intervention to metatranscriptomics
ERP000221Mali iNTS - Stanleyville
ERP000222study of subtelomeric VSG array evolution in Trypanosoma brucei
ERP000226Evolution of parasitism in the Apicomplexa: the genome sequence of Colpodella sp.
ERP000228Staphylococcus aureus ST239 diversity (Turkey)
ERP000229Metagenomic phage sequencing
ERP000230FVB Cancer Mouse Genome
ERP000231Mus castaneus genome sequencing
ERP000232The Sequence of the Two Most Common Zebrafish Laboratory Strains: AB and Tuebingen
ERP000233Identification of the expression profile of Staphylococcus aureus grown in the presence or absence of a fatty acid.
ERP000234WGS of Plasmodium falciparum IT
ERP000235The indica genome sequence by next-generation sequencing
ERP000236The japonica genome sequence by next-generation sequencing
ERP000237WGS of Trypanosoma brucei genetic crosses
ERP000238454 sequencing pools of barcoded BAC clones to survey the gene space of the barley genome
ERP000239Sox2 and Chd7 ChIP seq data in neural stem cells
ERP000240An investigation on the response of living conifer tissues to saprotrophic Phlebiopsis gigantea and its potential to acquire necrotrophic capability
ERP000241Streptococcus pneumoniae strains
ERP000242Whole genome sequencing of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
ERP000243Caroli Genome Project
ERP000244Salmonella Typhimurium DT104 isolates
ERP000245Streptococcus pneumoniae evolution
ERP000246Streptococcus pneumoniae ST180 diversity
ERP000247Creation of targeted mutations in the Zebrafish using zinc finger nucleases
ERP000248A Pilot Project for Zebrafish Tilling by Illumina Sequencing
ERP000249Population sequencing using high-complexity DNA pools identifies many novel nucleotide and structural variants in complex trait associated regions
ERP000250Clostridium difficile genomic stability
ERP000251Burkholderia pseudomallei diversity
ERP000252Study of antigenic variant gene repertoire of B. bigemina and B. bovis strains from distinct geographic locations
ERP000253Examination of molecular basis of gametocytogenesis in malaria parasites
ERP000254Neisseria meningitidis transformation study
ERP000255Long Insert Mouse Genomes
ERP000256Diversity of the human immunoglobulin loci
ERP000257ncRNA expression, including snoRNAs, across 11 tissues using polyA-neutral amplification
ERP000258Mouse Breast Cancer
ERP000259Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis diversity
ERP000260Genetic basis of drug resistance in African trypanosomes
ERP000261A combined massive parallel sequencing-indicator species approach revealed significant association between sulfate-reducing bacteria and uranium-reducing microbial communities
ERP000262Clostridium difficile ribotype 027 resequencing
ERP000263Zebrafish gene 3 prime end pull down for genome annotation
ERP000264The genome sequence of Nippostrongylus brasiliensis
ERP000265Distinct patterns of somatic alterations between normal and tumor genomes
ERP000266Mobilization of a 100 kb Genomic Cargo by the DNA Transposon piggyBac in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells
ERP000267Sequence-based mapping of Schistosoma mansoni pooled BACs
ERP000268DNA Ligand Evolution
ERP000269Chlamydia trachomatis pilot
ERP000270Investigating the diversity of Vibrio cholerae isolates
ERP000271Signatures of adaptation to obligate biotrophy in the Hyaloperonospora arabidopsidis genome
ERP000272Signatures of adaptation to obligate biotrophy in the Hyaloperonospora arabidopsidis genome
ERP000273Comparative genomics analysis of Mycoplasma leachii reveals genes involved in host specificities
ERP000274GABI-RYE EXPRESS: Unlocking the genetic potential of rye by establishing a functional genomics resource for the EXPRESSed portion of the rye genome
ERP000275Legionella pneumophila strain 130b whole-genome sequencing
ERP000276Mycobacterium tuberculosis pilot
ERP000277RNAi of signal transduction components in Drosophila S2 cells
ERP000278Genome of Cynomolgus monkey Macaca fascicularis
ERP000279Concatenated small PCRs
ERP000280H-NS and Fis binding to E. coli K12
ERP000281Salmonella Typhi and Salmonella Paratyphi A Strains
ERP000282Danio Species Sequencing Project - Danio albolineatus
ERP000283Danio Species Sequencing Project - Danio nigrofasciatus
ERP000284Neisseria lactamica Colonisation
ERP000285The intracellular sRNA transcriptome of Listeria monocytogenes during growth in macrophages
ERP000286TraDIS of Livestock Salmonella pools
ERP000287Streptococcus pyogenes genome architecture
ERP000288Spatial organization of the intestinal microbiota in the mouse ascending colon
ERP000290Genetic diversity of P. berghei strains with different defined phenotypes
ERP000291Genome diversity of P. ovale human clinical isolates (both classical type and the variant type)
ERP000293Sequencing of Plasmodium falciparum reference isolates for genotyping
ERP000294Sequencing of pooled DNA from Indian S. Paratyphi A isolates
ERP000295454 Sequencing of Litomosoides sigmodontis transcriptome from 3 lifestages
ERP000296Sequencing of pooled DNA from Indian S. Paratyphi A isolates
ERP000297Globodera pallida genomic sequencing
ERP000298Whole genome sequencing of Plasmodium cynomolgi M strain (isolate)
ERP000299WGS of Plasmodium reichenowi
ERP000300Variation discovery in Haemophilus influenzae
ERP000301Salmonella Paratyphi B and Java Genome Sequencing Program
ERP000302Validation of de_novo mutations in human trios
ERP000303Melanesian CNV
ERP000305Pilot CNV 500bp library
ERP000306Whole genome sequencing of Plasmodium knowlesi Nuri
ERP000307Haemonchus contortus genome sequencing
ERP000309T. circumcincta - exposure to ivermectin in vitro
ERP000310Streptococcus pneumoniae global lineages
ERP000311Salmonella typhisuis
ERP000312Salmonella virchow
ERP000313C jejuni HPC5 pseudolysogen(CP34)
ERP000314Whole genome sequencing (WGS) of Plasmodium yoelii YM
ERP000315Whole genome sequencing of P. ovale reference genomes (classical and the variant type).
ERP000316Influenza sequencing
ERP000317HIV genome sequencing
ERP000318Denisova Genome Project
ERP000319454 pyrosequencing of the Triticum aestivum (bread wheat) genome to 5X coverage
ERP000322Salmonella enterica strain C5507
ERP000323Pigeon adapted variants of DS. Typhimurium
ERP000324Bordetella bronchiseptica complex IV Genome Sequencing
ERP000325Whole genome sequencing of Plasmodium falciparum Dd2 clones
ERP000327Whole genome sequencing of Plasmodium falciparum progeny from HB3-Dd2 cross
ERP000328Multiple Sequencing of Salmonella bongori strains
ERP000331Bordetella diversity project
ERP000333Genome-wide analyses define different classes of PPARbetadelta target genes characterized by distinct modes of transcriptional regulation (Sequencing)
ERP000335Genome resequencing of E.coli O157:H7 strain ZAP430
ERP000336Re-sequencing targeted regions of chosen human Y chromosomes.
ERP000338Paired end protocol test
ERP000339Viral metagenomic study of two freshwater Lakes.
ERP000340Mycoplasma and Chlamydia multiplex test
ERP000341Sequencing of species and strains of the Phytophthora to identify polymorphisms: Phytophthora infestans strain PIC99189
ERP000342Sequencing of species and strains of the Phytophthora to identify polymorphisms: Phytophthora ipomoeae strain PIC99167
ERP000343Sequencing of species and strains of the Phytophthora to identify polymorphisms: Phytophthora infestans strain 90128
ERP000344Sequencing of species and strains of the Phytophthora to identify polymorphisms: Phytophthora infestans strain T30-4
ERP000345ETEC wild types and attenuated vaccine strains
ERP000346RNASeq_Tuber melanosporum_Free-living mycelium_fruiting-bodies_Corylus avellana ectomycorrhizal root tips
ERP000347Salmonella Paratyphi A global variation
ERP000348Salmonella enterica variation
ERP000349Salmonella enterica diversity
ERP000350RNA sequencing in E. coli K12
ERP000351The genome sequence of the tapeworm Echinococcus mutlilocularis
ERP000352454 Sequencing of Taxus cuspidata (Japanese Yew) transcriptome from cultured cambial meristematic cells
ERP000353Dindel: Accurate indel calls from short read data
ERP000371Comparative high-throughput transcriptome sequencing and development of SiESTa, the Silene EST annotation database
ERP000380ChIP-seq for FOXA1, ER and CTCF in breast cancer cell lines
ERP000381High-throughput sequencing of complete human mtDNA genomes from the Philippines
ERP000383Abundance and phylogenetic diversity of the intestinal bacterial community in the food waste reducing larvae of Hermetia illucens
ERP000388Paired-end sequencing of the genome of Escherichia coli K-12 strain MG1655 using the Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx
ERP000389Tameness QTL Sequence Capture
ERP000390Microevolution of the two most abundant Pseudomonas aeruginosa clones PA14 and C in cystic fibrosis lungs
ERP000393Survey of transcription factor binding sites in yeast using ChIP-seq
ERP000394HNF6 ChIP-seq in mouse
ERP000395CTCF binding evolution in mammals
ERP000397Whole Genome Sequencing of Clostridium botulinum
ERP000398Whole Genome Sequencing of Lactobacillus reuteri
ERP000399Cleome gynandra leaf development RNA-seq
ERP000400Sequencing the Zebrafish transcriptome form a range of tissues and developmental stages using the Illumina Genome Analyzer
ERP000402Blackface Teladorsagia Solexa
ERP000411Potato Genome Sequencing
ERP000413Population structure and diversity in non-encapsulated Streptococcus pneumoniae
ERP000418Gene expression profiles between normal and breast tumor genomes
ERP000419Transcriptional profiling of Ptf1a-dependent progenitor to acinar cell development (RNA-Seq part)
ERP000423Complete genome sequence of the zoonotic pathogen Chlamydophila psittaci
ERP000427Schistosoma mansoni transcriptomics at different life stages
ERP000428Streptococcus suis genome comparisons
ERP000433The optimization of in vitro culture growth conditions for human gastrointestinal tract microbiota
ERP000435Streptococcus pneumoniae evolution and population structure during longitudinal sampling in a defined human population
ERP000436Whole genome sequencing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from a population in Malawi - transmission dynamics and associations with HIV
ERP000438SNP discovery in African taurine and Zebu cattle by whole genome sequencing of pooled DNA
ERP000440Illumina short read assembly of Albugo laibachii strain Nc14 to investigate virulence mechanism and biotrophy
ERP000441Sequencing the transcriptome of Albugo laibachii strain Nc14 to identify expressed effector proteins
ERP000442Sequencing of species and strains of Albugo laibachii to identify polymorphic regions in the genome: A. laibachii isolate Em1
ERP000443SNP discovery in African taurine and Zebu cattle by whole genome sequencing of pooled DNA
ERP000444Polish Potato Genome Sequencing
ERP000445Chromosomal genomics - genome scale dissection of gene order in barley chromosomes
ERP000446Chromosomal genomics - genome scale dissection of gene order in wheat chromosomes
ERP000449Association mapping, comparative genomics and constructing linkage groups using next-generation RAD sequencing of a non-model organism
ERP000450Stepwise mutation to multiple drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis in an otherwise stable genetic background does not support models of high mutation in the host and emphasizes the need for maintained effective concentrations of multiple antibiotics
ERP000453XMRV sequences in in-bred mouse strains analysed by deep sequencing
ERP000456Bacterial community composition of anthropogenic biochar and Amazonian anthrosols assessed by 454 pyrosequencing
ERP000459Whole human genome sequencing of an African male individual (HapMap: NA18506) using the Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx and paired 100 base reads
ERP000460Whole human genome sequencing of an African male individual (HapMap: NA18507) using the Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx and paired 100 base reads
ERP000461Whole human genome sequencing of an African female individual (HapMap: NA18508) using the Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx and paired 100 base reads
ERP000469Ultra-deep sequencing of mouse mitochondrial DNA; mutational patterns and their origins
ERP000473Pyrosequencing reveals a shift of soil microbial diversity composition and structure under elevated Carbon dioxide
ERP000476Beyond the consensus: dissecting within-host viral population diversity of foot-and-mouth disease virus using next-generation genome sequencing
ERP000477Beyond the consensus: dissecting within-host viral population diversity of foot-and-mouth disease virus using next-generation genome sequencing
ERP000479Schizosaccharomyces japonicus genome study
ERP000482OvHV2 miRNA Identification
ERP000483Streptococcus pneumoniae evolution and population structure during longitudinal sampling in a defined human population
ERP000485Streptococcus pneumoniae evolution and population structure during longitudinal sampling in a defined human population
ERP000487Streptococcus pneumoniae evolution and population structure during longitudinal sampling in a defined human population
ERP000492Identification of a mutation related to fatal Foal Immunodeficiency Syndrome in the Fell and Dales pony
ERP000493Citrobacter rodentium transcriptomics (Regulation)
ERP000494Haplotype phasing of an individual human genome
ERP000495Shotgun sequencing of Yersinia enterocolitica strain W22703 biovar 2, serovar O:9: oscillation between invertebrates and mammals
ERP000496Trypanosoma vivax Y486 bloodstream stage RNAseq
ERP000497Sequencing of 12 pooled samples of Arctocephalus gazella (Antarctic fur seal) transcriptome, using 454-Titanium
ERP000506Tissue-wide RNA-seq expression profiles of Drosophila melanogaster
ERP000509GENCODE Targeted Sequencing Batch III
ERP000510Genome resequencing of inbred rat strains
ERP000514Genome sequence of high acetic acid resistant bacteria: Gluconacetobacter europaeus LMG 18890T (type strain), Gluconacetobacter europaeus LMG 18494 (V3 strain), Gluconacetobacter europaeus 5P3 (wine vinegar isolate), and Gluconacetobacter oboediens 174Bp2 (spirit vinegar isolate)
ERP000515Genome sequence of high acetic acid resistant bacteria: Gluconacetobacter europaeus LMG 18890T (type strain), Gluconacetobacter europaeus LMG 18494 (V3 strain), Gluconacetobacter europaeus 5P3 (wine vinegar isolate), and Gluconacetobacter oboediens 174Bp2 (spirit vinegar isolate)
ERP000516Genome sequence of high acetic acid resistant bacteria: Gluconacetobacter europaeus LMG 18890T (type strain), Gluconacetobacter europaeus LMG 18494 (V3 strain), Gluconacetobacter europaeus 5P3 (wine vinegar isolate), and Gluconacetobacter oboediens 174Bp2 (spirit vinegar isolate)
ERP000517Genome sequence of high acetic acid resistant bacteria: Gluconacetobacter europaeus LMG 18890T (type strain), Gluconacetobacter europaeus LMG 18494 (V3 strain), Gluconacetobacter europaeus 5P3 (wine vinegar isolate), and Gluconacetobacter oboediens 174Bp2 (spirit vinegar isolate)
ERP000518Genome sequence of high acetic acid resistant bacteria: Gluconacetobacter europaeus LMG 18890T (type strain), Gluconacetobacter europaeus LMG 18494 (V3 strain), Gluconacetobacter europaeus 5P3 (wine vinegar isolate), and Gluconacetobacter oboediens 174Bp2 (spirit vinegar isolate)
ERP000519Genome sequence of high acetic acid resistant bacteria: Gluconacetobacter europaeus LMG 18890T (type strain), Gluconacetobacter europaeus LMG 18494 (V3 strain), Gluconacetobacter europaeus 5P3 (wine vinegar isolate), and Gluconacetobacter oboediens 174Bp2 (spirit vinegar isolate)
ERP000520Evolution of drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
ERP000522454 Sequencing of sunflower (INRA inbred lines XRQ and PSC8) infected by Plasmopara halstedii (race 710) transcriptome at 14 dpi.
ERP000526The antennal transcriptome of the tobacco hornworm (Manduca sexta)
ERP000527Transcriptome Analysis of the potato (genotype RH89-039-16)
ERP000528Increased c-di-AMP levels allow Staphylococcus aureus growth in the absence of lipoteichoic acid
ERP000529Neospora caninum RNAseq
ERP000531Toxoplasma gondii RNASeq
ERP000533Library-10000 Sequencing
ERP000540Ion Torrent Sequencing Data March 2011
ERP000541Ion Torrent Sequencing Data March 2011
ERP000542Ion Torrent Sequencing Data March 2011
ERP000543Ion Torrent Sequencing Data March 2011
ERP000544A 454 pyrosequencing approach for phylogenomic analysis of the Arthropoda
ERP000546Illumina bodyMap2 transcriptome
ERP000548FOXK2 ChIP-seq
ERP000549A Novel Unstable Duplication upstream of HAS2 predisposes to a Breed-defining Skin Phenotype and a Periodic Fever Syndrome in Chinese Shar-Pei Dogs
ERP000550Complete transcriptomic landscape of prostate cancer in the Chinese population using RNA-seq
ERP000551RNAseq analysis of Pichia pastoris GS115
ERP000554Wheat rhizosphere metatranscriptomics
ERP000555Galleria larval transcriptome raw 454 data
ERP000560Tissue specific analysis of chromatin state reveals predictive signatures of enhancer activity during embryonic development
ERP00056518 Genomes of Arabidopsis thaliana
ERP000569Whole-exome sequencing identifies Max mutations as a cause of hereditary pheochromocytoma
ERP000570Dynamic regulation of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in mouse ES cells and during differentiation
ERP000573RNA and chromatin structure
ERP000575Global mRNA decay in B. cereus
ERP000579Simultaneous RNA-seq of bone marrow derived dendritic cells from Mus Musculus C57BL/6 cocultured with Candida albicans strain SC5314 over a 2 hour infection time course
ERP000580Bacteroidetes pyrosequencing for microbial source tracking (MST)
ERP000581The head-regeneration transcriptome of the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea
ERP000583Cancer gene discovery in mouse gastrointestinal cancers
ERP000590Mitochondrial Genome Sequences Illuminate Maternal Lineages of Conservation Concern in a Rare Carnivore
ERP000591Mouse Transcriptome
ERP000598Streptococcus pneumoniae evolution and population structure during longitudinal sampling in a defined human population
ERP000599Streptococcus pneumoniae evolution and population structure during longitudinal sampling in a defined human population
ERP000601Bonobo Genome Project
ERP000602Chimpanzee and Bonobo Resequencing Project
ERP000603Sequencing of Hapmap individual NA12878
ERP000604Transcriptome analysis of MCF-7 breast cancer cell population to reveal the transcriptional diversity at the single cell level
ERP000605GENCODE PCR-Seq Batch I
ERP000614Mouse Transcriptomes
ERP000616Salmonella typhimurium (tropical isolates)
ERP000617Recrudescent Salmonella study
ERP000619ExpressionPlot: A web-based framework for analysis of RNA-Seq and microarray gene expression data
ERP000627Whole genome shotgun sequencing in a Solanum tuberosum interspecific backcross genotype
ERP000628Tag profiling of genes from two Pachycladon species
ERP000629The transcriptomes of columnar and standard type apple trees (Malus x domestica) - a comparative study
ERP000630Population genomics of Sinorhizobium medicae based on low-coverage sequencing of sympatric isolates
ERP000634Plasmodium yoelii RNA-Seq
ERP000635The Zebrafish transcriptome during early development
ERP000647Multiplexed Microsatellite Recovery Using Massively Parallel Sequencing
ERP000657CID island ChIP
ERP000666The genome of the leaf-cutting ant Acromyrmex echinatior
ERP000669Comparing the bacterial diversity of acute and chronic dental root canal infections
ERP000671RNAi of signal transduction components in HCT116 cells
ERP000673Metagenomic sequencing of coprolites
ERP000681CTCF binding in gorilla
ERP000682Ion Torrent Sequencing Data March 2011
ERP000684High-resolution human cytomegalovirus transcriptome
ERP000685nuclear run-on sequencing analysis of histone deacetylase inhibition
ERP000689Dynamic CpG island methylation landscape in oocytes and preimplantation embryos
ERP000690Within-leaf homogeneity of a plant virus revealed by ultra-deep-sequencing
ERP000691Within-leaf homogeneity of a plant virus revealed by ultra-deep-sequencing
ERP000692The Genome of the Barley Powdery Mildew, Blumeria graminis
ERP000694Gene expression differences between mated and virgin females of Nasonia vitripennis
ERP000696Evidence for conservation of a novel master sex-determining gene in salmonids
ERP000698Molecular evolution of Cardamine impatiens and C. resedifolia genes
ERP000699Dirofilaria immitis genome
ERP000702Transcriptome characterization through comparative genome-wide analysis of nuclear RNA and RNAPII association in erythroid cells
ERP000703Exome sequencing of high-grade serous ovarian cancer
ERP000704Genomic instability and tumour evolution in high-grade serous ovarian cancer
ERP000710Transciptome profiling of ovarian cancer cell lines
ERP000712Global assessment of genomic variation in cattle by genome resequencing and high-throughput genotyping
ERP000713small RNA sequencing in developing pollen of Oryza sativa
ERP000716Genomic Sequencing (WP1.1)
ERP000717Genomic Sequencing (WP1.1)
ERP000718Genomic Sequencing (WP1.1)
ERP000719Selection among lower taxonomic ranks of bacteria in tropical forest decomposer communities
ERP000723Sexual dimorphism in mice
ERP000728Quantitative RNA-seq analysis of the transcriptome of Campylobacter jejuni
ERP000729Resequencing of 462 accessions from world-wide germplasm collection
ERP000735Pyrosequencing of Bacterial rrs as Influenced by Soil DNA Extraction Procedure
ERP000737Different crop rotation systems as drivers of change in soil bacterial communities structure and yield in Oryza sativa L.
ERP000738Hoxa2 ChIP-seq
ERP000742The impacts of treatment with biocontrol fungus (Phlebiopsis gigantea) on bacterial biota of Norway spruces stumps
ERP000745Genome dissection in the polyploid crop oilseed rape by transcriptome sequencing
ERP000746Genome diversity of spatially distinct Streptococcus agalactiae
ERP000750Impact of enrofloxacin on the human intestinal microbiota revealed by comparative molecular analysis
ERP000751Transcription profile of Dirofilaria immitis
ERP000758Transcription profile of Dirofilaria immitis
ERP000759A pre-mRNA degradation pathway that selectively targets intron-containing genes requires the nuclear poly(A)-binding protein
ERP000760rice ssRNA-seq
ERP000762Global analysis of repetitive sequences in Silene latifolia using low-pass WGS data
ERP000765Accurate and comprehensive sequencing of personal genomes
ERP000771Transcriptome analysis of mouse cardiac hypertrophy
ERP000772Neisseria meningitidis diversity
ERP000773MicroRNA expression in primates
ERP000778Profiling of Mili and Miwi2 associated piRNAs in WT, MiliDAH, Miwi2DAH and Miwi2KO from E16.5 gonadocytes.
ERP000779The potential of pmoA amplicon pyrosequencing for methanotroph diversity studies
ERP000781GENCODE PCR-Seq Batch V
ERP000788Comparison of solution-based exome capture methods for next generation sequencing
ERP000789RNA CLIP-seq for Cugbp1, Mbnl1 and Ptbp1 in mouse C2C12 myoblasts
ERP000793Chromatin profiling by ChIP-seq
ERP000796Transcription elongation analysis by GRO-seq
ERP000799Transcription profiling by RNA-seq
ERP000800Microbial communities associated with potato common scab suppressive soil
ERP000805iCLIP and iCLAP for TIA1 and TIAL1 proteins
ERP000806Role of Fun30 in chromatin remodelling and centromere function
ERP000807Hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria and the bacterial community response in Gulf of Mexico beach sands impacted by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
ERP000809Population genomics of Streptococcus pneumoniae in the presence of vaccine and antimicrobial treatment
ERP000810Teladorsagia circumcincta transcriptome sequencing study, using Roche 454-Titanium
ERP000812Discovery of sequence diversity in Streptococcus equi
ERP000815High-resolution analysis of SRSF3 and SRSF4 binding sites by iCLIP
ERP000816iCLIP of human brain and neuroblastoma sample to characterisethe RNA targets and position-dependent splicing regulation by TDP-43; implications for neurodegenerative diseases.
ERP000818Whole Genome Profiling provides a robust framework for physical mapping and sequencing in the highly complex and repetitive wheat genome
ERP000819Fosmid-based whole genome haplotyping of a HapMap trio child
ERP000823Targeted genomic capture and massively parallel sequencing to identify genes for hereditary hearing loss
ERP000824Biogeography of pelagic bacterioplankton across an antagonistic temperature-salinity gradient in the Red Sea
ERP000825Massive anchored parallel sequencing (MAPS) for genome-wide integrome analysis
ERP000828Total RNA sequencing reveals nascent transcription and widespread co-transcriptional splicing in the human brain
ERP000829Establishment and validation of a double index protocol
ERP000834A computational index derived from whole-genome copy number analysis is a novel tool for prognosis in early stage lung squamous cell carcinoma
ERP000837Neandertal Sidron Capture project
ERP000842Metagenome sample taken from adult grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idellus) intestine and associated environments
ERP000868Comparative genomics of photosynthetic bradyrhizobia
ERP000874Sparus aurata (Gilthead seabream) transcriptome sequencing study, using Roche 454-Titanium
ERP000875Mate-pair and targeted exome sequencing of primary and metastatic colorectal cancer of four patients
ERP000877Tissue-specific Whole Transcriptome Sequencing in Castor bean Directed at Understanding Triacylglycerol Lipid Biosynthetic Pathways.
ERP000879134 mtDNA by LPCR
ERP000885Analysis of Transcriptome Differences between Resistant and Susceptible Strains in the Citrus Red Mite Panonychus citri (McGregor) (Acari: Tetranychidae)
ERP000888The colonic mucosa-associated microbiota is influenced by an interaction of Crohn disease and FUT2 (Secretor) genotype
ERP000895Combining SNP discovery from next-generation sequencing data with Bulked Segregant Analysis to fine-map genes in polyploid wheat
ERP000897Genomic binding of Pol III transcription machinery and relationship with TFIIS distribution in mouse embryonic stem cells
ERP000902Spontaneous epigenetic variation in the Arabidopsis thaliana methylome
ERP00090450 Helminth Genomes Initiative
ERP000908High-throughput RNA interference screening using pooled shRNA libraries and next generation sequencing
ERP000909A maternal effect regulates global DNA methylation patterns
ERP000911Deep-sea foraminiferal diversity
ERP000912Long-term survival of hydrated resting eggs from Brachionus plicatilis
ERP000916Diversity of MRSA II
ERP000917Genome variations in drug-resistant Leishmania major parasites.
ERP000919Combining ecophysiological and microbial ecological approaches to assess the interaction between Medicago truncatula genotypes and the soil microbial communities
ERP000922De novo sequencing and analysis of the the antler tip of Chinese Sika deer transcriptome using the Illumina sequencing platform
ERP000926De novo identification of viral pathogens from cell culture hologenomes
ERP000931The transcriptome of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus intraradices (DAOM 197198)
ERP000934Sequencing of pooled BAC clones from Solanum phureja doubled monoploid clone, DM1-3 516R44 (CIP801092)
ERP000935Pyrosequencing analysis of microbial communities of mice fed normal diet (ND), high fat diet (HFD) or HFD supplemented with KFLAB (HFD-KFLAB) using 454 GS FLX Titanium System
ERP000936Bombus terrestris (Buff-tailed or Large earth bumblebee) transcriptome sequencing study, using Roche 454-Titanium
ERP000937The immunotranscriptome of Mytilus edulis from the Baltic Sea
ERP000938Identification, utilisation and mapping of novel transcriptome-based markers from blackcurrant
ERP000939Pneumocystis jirovecii De novo Genome Sequencing from the Lung Microbiome of a Patient with Pneumocystis Pneumonia
ERP000941Denitrifier communities in cryoturbated and unturbated permafrost peat soil
ERP000942Scaffold_builder for combined de novo and reference-guided assembly
ERP000943Core genome conservation of Staphylococcus haemolyticus limits sequence based population structure analysis
ERP000944Tagmentation method for preparing DNA for NGS sequencing from as little as 20pg input DNA amount, as developed by the Systems Biology Laboratory UK.
ERP000946Beta cell directed differentiation (ChIP-seq)
ERP000947Genome scale analysis of vernalization and gibberellin responses in sugar beet shoot apices
ERP000948Brugia malayi transcriptomics at different life cycle stages
ERP000950Novel Tools for Conservation Genomics: Comparing Two High-throughput Approaches for SNP Discovery in the Transcriptome of the European Hake
ERP000951Neisseria meningitidis study
ERP000952Counting absolute number of molecules using unique molecular identifiers
ERP000954mRNA-Seq for homoeologous transcript quantitation in polyploid Brassica napus
ERP000955Ecological genomics of Anopheles gambiae along a latitudinal cline in Cameroon
ERP000957Assessing diversity of the female urine microbiota by high throughput sequencing of 16S rDNA amplicons
ERP000959Ultra-deep proteome and transcriptome mapping of a human cancer cell line
ERP000960ELK1 ChIP-seq
ERP000969Characterization of the genetic differences between the human and chimpanzee genomes
ERP000971SureSelect sequencing of colour pattern regions in multiple races of Heliconius butterfly
ERP000973MicroRNA expression in primates II
ERP000976Molecular analysis of meso- and thermophilic microbiota associated with anaerobic biowaste degradation
ERP000981Population genomics in a long-term evolution experiment with Escherichia coli.
ERP000986Low-pass whole genome shotgun sequencing of barley cultivar Barke
ERP000987ChIPseq Smad3-JMJD3
ERP000988Monitoring Endangered Freshwater Biodiversity by Environmental DNA
ERP000989Bacterial pathogen genome variation reveals host adaptation strategies in a long-standing epidemic lineage
ERP000990Sequencing and de novo analysis of the Chinese Sika deer antler-tip transcriptome during the ossification stage using Illumina RNA-Seq Technology
ERP000991Promiscuous hybrid exchange of mimicry genes among Heliconius butterfly species
ERP000992The effect of estrogen and progesterone and their antagonists in Ishikawa cell line compared to MCF7 and T47D cells
ERP000993Whole genome resequencing, RNA-Seq and RAD sequencing data for Heliconius melpomene genome paper
ERP000995Pyrosequencing of 16S rRNA gene amplicons to s 1 tudy the microbiota in the gastrointestinal tract of carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)
ERP000999Accurate variant detection across unamplified and whole genome amplified DNA using targeted next generation sequencing workflow
ERP001002Identification of Bacteria Utilizing Biphenyl, Benzoate, and Naphthalene in Long-Term Contaminated Soil
ERP001004OCT4 ChIP-Seq in NCCIT cells
ERP001006LINT - a novel dL(3)mbt containing complex represses malignant brain tumour signature genes - sequencing data
ERP001015Antarctic Dry Valleys Seal Transplant
ERP001018Study of genome-wide alternative polyadenylation in A. thaliana
ERP001020Algal surface-associated compounds mediate epibacterial colonisation of the marine macroalga Fucus vesiculosus
ERP001021Comparison of microbial communities in marinated and unmainated broiler meat by metagenomics
ERP001022Transcription profiling by high throughput sequencing of long non-coding RNAs across multiple rodent species
ERP001023Stimulation of different functional groups of bacteria by various plant residues as a driver of soil priming effect
ERP001024Quantification of Stochastic Noise of Splicing And Polyadenylation in Entamoeba histolytica
ERP001025Denitrifying bacteria from the genus Rhodanobacter dominate bacterial communities in the highly contaminated subsurface of a nuclear legacy waste site
ERP001029Foxa1 and Foxa2 are essential for gender dimorphism in liver cancer
ERP001030wheat starchy endosperm RNA-Seq
ERP001031Evaluation of general 16S ribosomal RNA gene PCR primers for classical an next generation sequencing based diversity analysisqu
ERP001035Analysis of complex constitutional genome rearrangements in patients with congenital defects
ERP001036Effect of crude oil, dispersant and oil-dispersant mixtures on human intestinal microbiota
ERP001037Relapse and Reinfection in Tuberculosis
ERP001038Mutualism between gut microbiota and the host as revealed in a comparative study of breast-fed versus formula-fed infants.
ERP001053Structure and mechanism of the CMR complex for CRISPR-mediated viral immunity
ERP001056Phyllosphere fungal assemblages response to temperature: a study on a temperate altitudinal gradient of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.)