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1 SRP007091 SRA000607 Patterns of nucleotide misincorporations during enzymatic amplification and direct large-scale sequencing of ancient DNA. Metagenomics Mammuthus primigenius 7.1M 2005-08-24 MPI-EVA
2 SRP007092 SRA000607 Neanderthal Genomic DNA from Vindija, Croatia Metagenomics Homo sapiens neanderthalensis 49.5M 2005-08-24 MPI-EVA
3 SRP007093 SRA000607 Ursus spelaeus fossil metagenome Metagenomics fossil metagenome 6.2M 2005-08-24 MPI-EVA
4 SRP007094 SRA000607 Control dataset for the Neanderthal shotgun sequencing project Whole Genome Sequencing Homo sapiens 20.2M 2005-08-24 MPI-EVA