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1 DRP001231 DRA001169 Bacterial 16S rRNA gene sequences obtained from sub-seafloor sulfide samples Metagenomics ecological metagenomes 12.1M 2013-10-09 RIKEN_BRC
2 DRP001232 DRA001170 Archaeal 16S rRNA genes from iron flocs and hot springs Metagenomics ecological metagenomes 17.7M 2013-10-09 RIKEN_BRC
3 DRP002334 DRA002308 Blattabacterium sp. BPAA Genome Sequencing Other Panesthia angustipennis spadica 12.3G 2014-06-20 RIKEN_BRC
4 DRP002684 DRA002289 Genome sequence of Blattabacterium cuenoti str. BPAY Other insect metagenome 8.6G 2014-06-12 RIKEN_BRC
5 DRP003147 DRA004754
Strategic Innovation Promotion Program Other Pseudomonas sp.
soil metagenome
240.1M 2017-05-31 RIKEN_BRC
6 DRP003270 DRA002517
ENU-induced mutant mice exome sequencing in RIKEN BRC. Other Mus musculus 949.2G 2014-09-11 RIKEN_BRC
7 DRP004059 DRA004485 Spontaneous Mutations in Sib Mating Mice. Other Mus musculus 1.2T 2016-02-25 RIKEN_BRC
8 DRP004404 DRA007225 Draft genome sequence of Faecalimonas umbilicata Other Faecalimonas umbilicata 1.4G 2018-08-14 RIKEN_BRC
9 DRP004864 DRA005633 C57BL/6JJcl one molecule long reading Other Mus musculus 199.4G 2017-02-23 RIKEN_BRC
10 DRP004897 DRA003185 Comprehensive analysis on Developmental Control of Pluripotent Embryonic Cells and Germ Cells In Mice Other Mus musculus 206.5G 2015-03-19 RIKEN_BRC
11 DRP005013 DRA008344 Draft genome sequence of Mesosutterella multiformis Other Mesosutterella multiformis 1.1G 2019-04-26 RIKEN_BRC
12 DRP005137 DRA006452 Dead chimney metagenome Other hydrothermal vent metagenome 2.7G 2018-01-23 RIKEN_BRC
13 DRP005138 DRA006508 Fe-Mn crust 16S tags Other marine plankton metagenome
marine sediment metagenome
2.2G 2018-01-26 RIKEN_BRC
14 DRP005459 DRA006451 Fe-Mn crust metagenome Other marine sediment metagenome 53.2G 2018-01-24 RIKEN_BRC
15 DRP005691 DRA008891
NAS-01 genome sequencing Other Athalassotoga saccharophila 8.3G 2019-03-15 RIKEN_BRC