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1 DRP002500 DRA003021
Madagascar ground gecko whole genome sequencing Other Paroedura picta 15.4G 2015-02-12 RIKEN_CLST_DBFDI
2 DRP002817 DRA004070 Madagascar ground gecko embryonic transcriptome sequencing Other Paroedura picta 127.3G 2015-10-13 RIKEN_CLST_DBFDI
3 DRP002854 DRA003478
Whole-exome sequencing of triple-target CRISPR/Cas9 KO mice Other Mus musculus 156.1G 2015-08-12 RIKEN_CLST_DBFDI
4 DRP003261 DRA004262 Paraspeckle Neat1 RNA sequencing Other Mus musculus 12.6G 2015-12-25 RIKEN_CLST_DBFDI
5 DRP003275 DRA004955 Gene expression profiling of granule cells and Purkinje cells in zebrafish cerebellum Other Danio rerio 23.8G 2016-08-07 RIKEN_CLST_DBFDI
6 DRP003336 DRA004294 ChIP-seq of OCT3/4 and PRDM14 in ESCs and EpiLCs Other Mus musculus 17.7G 2016-01-08 RIKEN_CLST_DBFDI
7 DRP003747 DRA005605 Lamprey CTCF Binding Landscape and Hox Evolution Other Gallus gallus
Homo sapiens
Lethenteron camtschaticum
44.7G 2016-09-21 RIKEN_CLST_DBFDI
8 DRP004108 DRA005693 Paroedura picta genome sequencing Other Paroedura picta 212.8G 2016-12-21 RIKEN_CLST_DBFDI
9 DRP004362 DRA006338 Elasmobranch shark genome evolution Other Chiloscyllium punctatum
Rhincodon typus
Scyliorhinus torazame
1.5T 2017-11-16 RIKEN_CLST_DBFDI