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1 DRP000415 DRA000408 A digital transcriptome analysis of dogs using the human genome as a reference. Transcriptome Analysis Canis lupus familiaris 7.2G 2011-06-27 SUMS
2 DRP000425 DRA000417 Global transcriptional response against glucose deprivation. Transcriptome Analysis Homo sapiens 5G 2011-07-14 SUMS
3 DRP000665 DRA000634 Global transcriptional response against glucose deprivation Transcriptome Analysis Homo sapiens 11.7G 2012-06-29 SUMS
4 DRP003868 DRA004087
Global transcriptional response to acidosis Other Homo sapiens 49.5G 2015-10-23 SUMS
5 DRP004433 DRA005074 Global transcriptional differences between a deprivation- resistant RCC and a deprivation-sensitive RCC Other Homo sapiens 12G 2016-08-29 SUMS
6 DRP004852 DRA005595 RAB39A-knockdown spheres Other Homo sapiens 33.6G 2017-02-23 SUMS
7 DRP004930 DRA007101
Analysis of juvenility-associated genes (JAGs) in mouse hepatocytes and cardiomyocytes. Other Mus musculus 45.9G 2019-09-05 SUMS
8 DRP005124 DRA005850 Global transcriptional differences between normal and heart failure left ventricle muscles of dogs. Other Canis lupus familiaris 16.3G 2017-06-02 SUMS