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1 DRP000588 DRA000562 De novo assembly and characterization of transcriptome in the central nervous system of mollusc Lymnaea stagnalis. Transcriptome Sequencing Lymnaea stagnalis 8.2G 2012-04-28 TOKU_BUNRI
2 DRP002751 DRA003499 Transcriptome analysis in MDCK cells on anti-influenza A activity of bakuchiol Other Canis lupus familiaris 4.8G 2015-04-21 TOKU_BUNRI
3 DRP003350 DRA005200
RNA-seq of medicinal plant Ephedora sinica Other Ephedra sinica 4.4G 2014-12-25 TOKU_BUNRI
4 DRP003715 DRA005638 Rhododendron dauricum transcriptome Other Rhododendron dauricum 3.3G 2017-03-16 TOKU_BUNRI
5 DRP005441 DRA006179 Analysis of grobal gene expression in hiPSCs cultured on SNL76/7 or MEF feeder cells. Other Homo sapiens 25.7G 2017-09-14 TOKU_BUNRI