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1 DRP000399 DRA000393 Deep sequencing of ESTs from nacreous and prismatic layer producing tissues and a screen for novel shell formation-related genes in the pearl oyster Transcriptome Analysis Pinctada fucata 229M 2011-05-25 UT-AQUA
2 DRP000555 DRA000529 Global gene expression analysis of gill tissues from normal and thermally selected strains of rainbow trout Transcriptome Analysis Oncorhynchus mykiss 19.7G 2012-02-10 UT-AQUA
3 DRP001081 DRA001039 miRNA expression profile in Medaka Whole Genome Sequencing Oryzias latipes 13.9M 2013-06-13 UT-AQUA
4 DRP001082 DRA001040 miRNA expression profile in Medaka2 Whole Genome Sequencing Oryzias latipes 90.9M 2013-06-17 UT-AQUA
5 DRP002239 DRA002161 A metagenetic approach for revealing community structure of marine planktonic copepods Metagenomics marine metagenome 83.5M 2014-03-20 UT-AQUA
6 DRP002309 DRA002227 Metagenetic analysis of copepod community in the tropical and subtropical Pacific Metagenomics marine metagenome 191.2M 2014-04-17 UT-AQUA
7 DRP002384 DRA002516 Dramatic improvement in genome assembly by using doubled-haploid individuals Other Takifugu rubripes 260G 2014-09-11 UT-AQUA
8 DRP002781 DRA004012
Different gene expression profiles between normal and thermally selected strains of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, as revealed by comprehensive transcriptome analysis Other Oncorhynchus mykiss 211.1G 2015-09-15 UT-AQUA
9 DRP003154 DRA004673 Latitudinal diversity patterns of pelagic copepods in the Pacific using metagenetic analysis Other marine metagenome 3.8G 2016-03-22 UT-AQUA
10 DRP003730 DRA004021
Profile the immunoglobulin heavy chain repertoires by high-throughput sequencing Other Takifugu rubripes 10.8G 2015-09-19 UT-AQUA
11 DRP004191 DRA005844 Comprehensive Gene Expression Analysis of Canine Urothelial Bladder Carcinoma Other Canis lupus familiaris 59.8G 2017-04-28 UT-AQUA
12 DRP004542 DRA007477 Large-scale metabarcoding analysis of epipelagic and mesopelagic copepods in the Pacific Other marine plankton metagenome 10.2G 2018-09-23 UT-AQUA
13 DRP004676 DRA006953 Small RNA sequencing of Akoya pearl oyster (Pinctada fucata) Other Pinctada fucata 1.3G 2018-06-01 UT-AQUA
14 DRP004691 DRA005772 Whole-genome re-sequencing of the Japanese eels Other Anguilla japonica 1.4T 2017-04-25 UT-AQUA
15 DRP004696 DRA007711 Age associated transcriptome analysis in 5 tissues of zebrafish Other Danio rerio 113.2G 2018-12-03 UT-AQUA
16 DRP004791 DRA007432 Transcriptome analysis of gene expression change after piRNA LNA-antagonist treatment Other Pinctada fucata 26.6G 2018-08-08 UT-AQUA
17 DRP004960 DRA006696 Comprehensive analysis of miRNA included in exosomes derived from canine lymphoid tumor cells Other Canis lupus familiaris 17.3G 2018-03-26 UT-AQUA
18 DRP005284 DRA008695 Metabarcoding analysis of size-fractioned copepods in the Kuroshio region off Japan Other marine plankton metagenome 4G 2019-06-21 UT-AQUA
19 DRP005348 DRA008813 Pleuromamma abdominalis MIG-seq and ddRAD-seq Other Pleuromamma abdominalis 8.8G 2019-07-16 UT-AQUA
20 DRP005631 DRA008574 Transcriptomic analysis of PIWI genes expression in the pearl oyster, Pinctada fucata Other Pinctada fucata 28.7G 2019-05-24 UT-AQUA