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1 DRP000172 DRA000172 Whole genome analysis of Japanese native cattle (Bos taurus) 'Kuchinoshima-Ushi' Whole Genome Sequencing Bos taurus 70.7G 2010-05-06 TUAGRI
2 DRP000449 DRA000440 RNA-sequencing of bovine granulosa cells Transcriptome Sequencing Bos taurus 25.8G 2011-08-22 TUAGRI
3 DRP000521 DRA000497 Whole genome sequencing reveals many genetic variations in the Japanese native cattle (Bos taurus) Mishima-Ushi Whole Genome Sequencing Bos taurus 419.8G 2011-12-06 TUAGRI
4 DRP000528 DRA000504 Transcriptome profiling of inner cell mass and trophectoderm in blastocyst in the bos taurus Transcriptome Sequencing Bos taurus 65.3G 2012-01-04 UF_DAS
5 DRP000556 DRA000530 RNA-sequencing of bovine GV and M2 oocytes and 8-cell stage embryos. Transcriptome Sequencing Bos taurus 71.9G 2011-08-22 TUAGRI
6 DRP000575 DRA000549 Dynamic evolution of endogenous retrovirus-derived genes for placentation: An RNA-seq study in Bos taurus Transcriptome Sequencing Bos taurus 12.9G 2011-05-24 UT-VMS
7 DRP000647 DRA000616 RNA-sequencing of estradiol exposed bovine granulosa cells Transcriptome Sequencing Bos taurus 48.4G 2012-08-06 TUAGRI
8 DRP001940 DRA001862 Whole genome sequencing of Digital Dermatitis Whole Genome Sequencing Bos taurus 47.6G 2014-03-05 MIYAZAKI
9 DRP002884 DRA002244 Resveratrol affect development of oocytes derived from early antral follicle of aged cows Other Bos taurus 20.1G 2014-05-15 TUAGRI
10 DRP003279 DRA004662 Age-dependent changes in bovine oviduct Other Bos taurus 6.9G 2016-04-19 TUAGRI
11 DRP003470 DRA005460 Effect of two IFNTs in bovine endometrial cells Other Bos taurus 3.8G 2017-01-18 UT-GALS
12 DRP005566 DRA008645 Transcriptome in bovine whole blastocyst and isolated inner cell mass with re-cavitation Other Bos taurus 27G 2019-07-06 HU_AGRI
13 DRP005642 DRA006403 Transcriptome analysis of cAMP increased bovine immature oocytes Other Bos taurus 7.1G 2017-12-03 TUAGRI
14 SRP001038 SRA009327 Small regulatory RNA in the bovine genome Transcriptome Analysis Bos taurus 532M GEO
15 SRP002394 SRA012648 An Atlas of Bovine Gene Expression Reveals Novel Distinctive Tissue Characteristics and Evidence for Improving Genome Annotation Transcriptome Analysis Bos taurus 4.6G 2010-04-30 GEO
16 SRP002558 SRA020053 Metagenomics detects a minimal disruption in the bovine abomasal microbiota by the parasitic nematode Ostertagia ostertagi in immune animals Metagenomics Bos taurus 298.8M 2010-06-02 USDA-ARS
17 SRP004430 SRA026457 Comparison of the bovine embryonic transcriptomes using RNA-Seq Transcriptome Analysis Bos taurus 8.7G 2010-11-16 GEO
18 SRP007095 SRA037397 Cow and bison partial exome sequening Exome Sequencing Bison bison
Bos indicus
Bos taurus
3.2G 2011-06-02 University of Montana
19 SRP007896 SRA045505 Non-coding small RNA profiling by high throughput sequencing of bovine primary retinal microvascular endothelial cells Other Bos taurus 818.3M 2011-08-19 GEO
20 SRP009677 SRA048557 RNA-seq profiling of theca and granulosa tissue of dominant follicle at 3 stages of follicular development in cows and heifers. Transcriptome Analysis Bos taurus 22.3G 2011-12-09 GEO