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1 DRP002715 DRA003594 Resequencing of the common marmoset genome improves the genome assemblies and gene-coding sequence analysis Other Callithrix jacchus 207.2G 2015-05-20 KEIO
2 DRP003040 DRA004502 Common Marmoset BobyMap Other Callithrix jacchus 1.7G 2016-03-02 KEIO
3 SRP000006 SRA000144
Transcriptome of Callithrix jacchus Other Callithrix jacchus 24.2G 2007-06-22 WUGSC
4 SRP008743 SRA046085 PrimSeq Transcriptome Analysis Callithrix jacchus
Chlorocebus aethiops
Dasypus novemcinctus
Daubentonia madagascariensis
Eulemur coronatus
Eulemur mongoz
Galago senegalensis
Homo sapiens
Macaca mulatta
Monodelphis domestica
Mus musculus
Nycticebus coucang
Pan troglodytes
Propithecus coquereli
Tupaia belangeri
Varecia variegata variegata
154.7G 2011-09-22 University of Chicago
5 SRP016589 SRA060279 Macaca mulatta Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Callithrix jacchus
Homo sapiens
Macaca mulatta
9G 2012-10-23 BioProject
6 SRP021223 SRA073404 NHPRTR Tissue Samples Other Callithrix jacchus
Cercocebus atys
Lemur catta
Macaca fascicularis
Macaca fuscata
Macaca mulatta
Macaca nemestrina
Microcebus murinus
Pan troglodytes
Papio anubis
4T BioProject
7 SRP022949 SRA080329 Callithrix jacchus transcriptome Transcriptome Analysis Callithrix jacchus 30.2G BioProject
8 SRP028820 SRA097915 The ancestral regions of 8 mammalian Y chromosomes Other Callithrix jacchus 55.5G BioProject
9 SRP029216 SRA098920 Male and Female resequencing of 7 Mammals and Chicken Other Callithrix jacchus
Gallus gallus
Gorilla gorilla gorilla
Loxodonta africana
Monodelphis domestica
Notamacropus eugenii
Pongo pygmaeus
Rattus norvegicus
319.9G BioProject
10 SRP029760 SRA100897 Origins and functional evolution of Y chromosome gene repertoires across the class Mammalia Other Callithrix jacchus
Loxodonta africana
Notamacropus eugenii
Rattus norvegicus
101.7G GEO
11 SRP032923 SRA108704 Exome Sequencing of Callithrix jacchus 186/17066 (REFERENCE) Whole Genome Sequencing Callithrix jacchus 5.5G BioProject
12 SRP033451 SRA115193 Small RNA and gene expression profile in the adult testes of the common marmoset Transcriptome Analysis Callithrix jacchus 31.9G GEO
13 SRP037780 SRA139653 Transcriptional responses of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) in marmosets Transcriptome Analysis Callithrix jacchus 7.4G GEO
14 SRP038206 SRA140674 Alternative Capture of Noncoding RNAs or Protein-Coding Genes by Herpesviruses to Alter Host T-Cell Function Transcriptome Analysis Callithrix jacchus 35.4G GEO
15 SRP041711 SRA161753
Marmoset reference genome and diversity panel Other Callithrix jacchus 704.5G BioProject
16 SRP041910 SRA163507 Callithrix jacchus 186/17066 (reference individual) Genome Sequencing Whole Genome Sequencing Callithrix jacchus 9.7G BioProject
17 SRP051824 SRA228069 WGS Sequencing of three Callitrichid species Other Callithrix geoffroyi
Callithrix jacchus
Callithrix kuhlii
423G BioProject
18 SRP051959 SRA230853 Tissue-specific RNA-sequencing for ten non-human primate species. Other Callithrix jacchus
Cercocebus atys
Macaca fascicularis
Macaca fuscata
Macaca nemestrina
Microcebus murinus
Pan troglodytes
Papio anubis
Saimiri sciureus
1.8T BioProject
19 SRP052231 SRA231650 Non-viral generation of marmoset monkey iPS cells by a six-factor-in-one-vector approach Transcriptome Analysis Callithrix jacchus 20.3G GEO
20 SRP061107 SRA277717 The transcriptomes of novel marmoset monkey embryonic stem cell lines reflect genomic features Transcriptome Analysis Callithrix jacchus 10.5G GEO