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1 DRP000426 DRA000418 Chromatin associated RNAi components take part in active transcriptional regulation in Drosophila small RNA Drosophila melanogaster 2.7G 2011-07-14 RIKEN_OSC
2 DRP000460 DRA000451 whole genome sequencing for Dark-fly Whole Genome Sequencing Drosophila melanogaster 6.1G 2011-09-14 KYOTO_SC
3 DRP001250 DRA001188 mRNA 5 end sequencing Transcriptome Analysis Drosophila melanogaster 50.9G 2013-10-21 ASGRC-WM
4 DRP001295 DRA001230 Comparative transcriptome analysis of immune response to oral Penicillium-fungus infection in D. virilis and D. melanogaster. Transcriptome Analysis Drosophila melanogaster
Drosophila virilis
123.4M 2013-11-25 TOKYO_METRO
5 DRP001802 DRA001729 mRNA sequencing of Drosophila melanogaster for comparing gene expression between a control line and miRNA over-expression lines Transcriptome Sequencing Drosophila melanogaster 69G 2014-02-18 NIG
6 DRP001920 DRA001847 An evolutionarily conserved protein CHORD regulates scaling of dendritic arbors with body size Whole Genome Sequencing Drosophila melanogaster 72.2G 2014-03-05 KYOTO-GB
7 DRP002791 DRA004064 Amplicon sequencing of melanin biosynthesis genes of Drosophila melanogaster Other Drosophila melanogaster 152.6M 2015-10-04 TOKYO_METRO
8 DRP002834 DRA004032 mixed population experiment Other Drosophila melanogaster 429.2G 2015-09-26 KYOTO_SC
9 DRP003277 DRA004268 RNA-seq analysis of Drosophila melanogaster embryos infected and uninfected with male-killing Spiroplasma Other Drosophila melanogaster 50.7G 2016-01-04 AIST
10 DRP003423 DRA005340 Genomic impriting in Drosophila Other Drosophila melanogaster 98.5G 2016-12-15 HOKUDAI
11 DRP003471 DRA003033 RNA-seq analysis of long-term olfactory aversive memory in the mushroom body of Drosophila melanogaster. Other Drosophila melanogaster 10.2G 2015-02-16 UT_IMCB
12 DRP003494 DRA003056 Dark-fly_female_transcriptome Other Drosophila melanogaster 22.9G 2015-02-23 KYOTO_SC
13 DRP003695 DRA002265 Gene expression variation in Drosophila melanogaster Other Drosophila melanogaster 364.5G 2014-05-30 HOKUDAI
14 DRP003746 DRA006010 RNAs associated with Sxl in Drosophila primordial germ cells Other Drosophila melanogaster 2.1G 2017-07-31 TSUKUBA
15 DRP003971 DRA004265 Total mRNA and piRNA sequences of delta-mbt-OSCs Other Drosophila melanogaster 13.6G 2016-01-02 UT-BS
16 DRP004055 DRA005909
Hybrid dysgenesis of natural strains in Drosophila and piRNA Other Drosophila melanogaster 1.2G 2017-06-21 KYOTO_IT
17 DRP004058 DRA005292 Identification of mRNAs that associate with Drosophila Mbf1 protein Other Drosophila melanogaster 3.9G 2016-11-29 SAGA_U
18 DRP004105 DRA004544
Ultra-deep sequencing of ribosome-associated poly-adenylated RNA in early Drosophila embryo reveals hundreds of conserved translating sORFs Other Drosophila melanogaster 45.6G 2016-03-11 JIAOTONG_U
19 DRP004559 DRA005234
Analysis of epigenetic modifications in the chicken cells Other Drosophila melanogaster
Gallus gallus
601.8G 2017-04-06 OSAKA_FB
20 DRP004622 DRA006791 Total RNA-seq analysis of Ago1 or Iru-depleted Drosophila S2 cells Other Drosophila melanogaster 13.1G 2018-04-20 UT_IMCB