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1 ERP106179 ERA1179030 Genomic history of extinct and living elephantids Other Elephas antiquus
Elephas maximus
Loxodonta africana
Loxodonta cyclotis
Mammut americanum
Mammuthus columbi
Mammuthus primigenius
2 SRP001123 SRA009453 Insights from the transcriptome of the elephant and the origin of eutherian placentation Other Loxodonta africana 151.9M 2009-09-15 Wayne State Universi
3 SRP029216 SRA098920 Male and Female resequencing of 7 Mammals and Chicken Other Callithrix jacchus
Gallus gallus
Gorilla gorilla gorilla
Loxodonta africana
Monodelphis domestica
Notamacropus eugenii
Pongo pygmaeus
Rattus norvegicus
319.9G BioProject
4 SRP029760 SRA100897 Origins and functional evolution of Y chromosome gene repertoires across the class Mammalia Other Callithrix jacchus
Loxodonta africana
Notamacropus eugenii
Rattus norvegicus
101.7G GEO
5 SRP056537 SRA248662 Multiple Mammalian Genomes for Comparative Annotation - Elephant diversity project Other Elephas maximus
Loxodonta africana
Mammuthus primigenius
846.9G BioProject
6 SRP071663 SRA384789 Expression Profiling of Term Placenta in Viviparous Mammals by RNA-Seq Other Ateles fusciceps
Bos taurus
Canis lupus familiaris
Dasypus novemcinctus
Loxodonta africana
Monodelphis domestica
Mus musculus
Pan paniscus
62.9G GEO
7 SRP125259 SRA631818 DNA Damage Response in Elephant Cells Transcriptome Analysis Loxodonta africana 334.7G GEO
8 SRP202173 SRA902439 Sequencing LOXODONTA AFRICANA Other Loxodonta africana 1.9M BCCAGSC
9 SRP202344 SRA902647 Sequencing LOXODONTA AFRICANA Other Loxodonta africana 29.1G BI
10 SRP211139 SRA912004 Sequencing LOXODONTA AFRICANA Other Loxodonta africana 1.3G NISC
11 SRP211347 SRA912231 Sequencing LOXODONTA AFRICANA Other Loxodonta africana 166.8K TIGR
12 SRP254741 SRA1061282
How to Make an Elephant Other Elephas maximus
Loxodonta africana
352.9G BioProject
13 SRP255306 SRA1062561 How to Make an Elephant: Functional Genomic Divergence and the Evolution of Cancer Suppression Transcriptome Analysis Loxodonta africana 119.1G GEO