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1 SRP012193 SRA051675 Differential microRNA response to a high-cholesterol, high-fat diet in livers of low and high LDL-C baboons Transcriptome Analysis Papio hamadryas 8.7G 2012-04-13 GEO
2 SRP013567 SRA053474 Papio hamadryas (taxid:9557) Transcriptome or Gene expression Transcriptome Analysis Papio hamadryas 30.4G 2012-06-05 Texas Biomedical Research Institute
3 SRP049728 SRA200880
Genome sequencing of the hamadryas baboon Other Papio hamadryas 165.1G BioProject
4 SRP073519 SRA416319
Awash baboon - ddRADseq Other Papio anubis
Papio anubis x hamadryas
Papio hamadryas
135.2G BioProject
5 SRP108673 SRA570747 Primate fetal hepatic response to maternal obesity: epigenetic signaling pathways and lipid accumulation [miRNA-seq] Transcriptome Analysis Papio hamadryas 409.2M GEO
6 SRP148590 SRA708276 Identification of coordinately regulated microRNA-gene networks that differ in baboons discordant for LDL-Cholesterol Transcriptome Analysis Papio hamadryas GEO
7 SRP156478 SRA754081 Comparative methylation of Papio baboons Other Macaca mulatta
Papio anubis
Papio cynocephalus
Papio hamadryas
Papio kindae
Papio papio