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1 DRP000595 DRA000567 Whole transcriptome identification of turtle Transcriptome Sequencing Gallus gallus
Pelodiscus sinensis japonicus
158.9G 2012-05-10 RIKEN_CDB
2 DRP000670 DRA000639 MicroRNA prediction profiles for carapacial ridge, limbs and body wall of Pelodiscus sinensis TK14-stage embryos Transcriptome Sequencing Pelodiscus sinensis japonicus 3.8G 2012-09-03 RIKEN_CDB
3 DRP003810 DRA003460 EXPANDE project Other Branchiostoma floridae
Ciona intestinalis
Danio rerio
Gallus gallus
Mus musculus
Pelodiscus sinensis japonicus
Xenopus laevis
Xenopus tropicalis
1.1T 2015-03-30 UT-BS