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1 DRP002318 DRA002236 RNA sequencing of the proliferating Xenopus tadpole tail blastema cells Transcriptome Sequencing Xenopus laevis 50G 2014-04-25 UT_SCI
2 DRP003796 DRA003991 Subfunctionalization of Xenopus laevis myod1 genes Other Xenopus laevis 41.9G 2015-09-04 NIBB
3 DRP003810 DRA003460 EXPANDE project Other Branchiostoma floridae
Ciona intestinalis
Danio rerio
Gallus gallus
Mus musculus
Pelodiscus sinensis japonicus
Xenopus laevis
Xenopus tropicalis
1.1T 2015-03-30 UT-BS
4 DRP004506 DRA005172 mRNA sequencing of interleukin-11 knocked down tadpoles in Xenopus tail regeneration Other Xenopus laevis 19.2G 2016-10-10 UT_SCI
5 SRP002578 SRA020109 microRNAs signatures of Xenopus laevis embryo epidermis at stage 11 (non ciliated) and 26 (ciliated) using high throughput sequencing Transcriptome Analysis Xenopus laevis 8G 2010-06-08 GEO
6 SRP009183 SRA047840 miR-124 acts through coREST to control the onset of Sema3A sensitivity in navigating retinal growth cones Transcriptome Analysis Xenopus laevis 5.3G 2011-11-03 GEO
7 SRP012063 SRA051431 Targeted Enrichment: Maximizing Orthologous Gene Comparisons Across Deep Evolutionary Time Other Ascaphus montanus
Bombina variegata
Discoglossus pictus
Dryophytes chrysoscelis
Gastrophryne olivacea
Hymenochirus curtipes
Incilius nebulifer
Leiopelma hochstetteri
Limnodynastes salmini
Lithobates palmipes
Pipa pipa
Rhinophrynus dorsalis
Scaphiopus hurterii
Xenopus laevis
Xenopus tropicalis
56.3G 2012-04-05 UT-Austin
8 SRP018915 SRA067910 Xenopus laevis strain:Female Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Xenopus laevis 9G 2013-02-27 BioProject
9 SRP020536 SRA072600 Cardiac transcriptome of Tcf21-depleted Xenopus embryos Transcriptome Analysis Xenopus laevis 5.2G GEO
10 SRP026409 SRA091722
Xenopus laevis strain:Kei Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Xenopus laevis 169.2G BioProject
11 SRP029582 SRA100059 Coordinated genomic control of ciliogenesis and cell movement by Rfx2 Other Xenopus laevis 23.1G GEO
12 SRP032438 SRA109040 Xenopus laevis Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Xenopus laevis 4.4G BioProject
13 SRP033369 SRA114402 Poly(A)-tail profiling reveals an embryonic switch in translational control Other Arabidopsis thaliana
Danio rerio
Drosophila melanogaster
Homo sapiens
Mus musculus
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Xenopus laevis
52.4G GEO
14 SRP041021 SRA156772 Global absolute quantification reveals tight regulation of protein expression in single Xenopus eggs Transcriptome Analysis Xenopus laevis 20.2G GEO
15 SRP042359 SRA163639 X. laevis and M. musculus Nuclear Transfer Other Mus musculus
Xenopus laevis
29.6G BioProject
16 SRP043147 SRA170144 Next generation sequencing identifies differentially localized transcripts in Xenopus laevis and Xenopus tropicalis oocytes Other Xenopus laevis
Xenopus tropicalis
104.2G GEO
17 SRP044238 SRA174832 Multicilin drives centriole biogenesis via E2f proteins Other Xenopus laevis 59.8G GEO
18 SRP049739 SRA200904 Xenopus Piwi protein associated transcripts indicate regulation beyond transposons Other Xenopus laevis
Xenopus tropicalis
9.8G GEO
19 SRP050480 SRA207304 Xenopus laevis Other Escherichia coli
Mus musculus
Xenopus laevis
56.1G BioProject
20 SRP051597 SRA221631 Occupancy and transcriptional profile of Prdm12 in posteriorized neural tissue Other Xenopus laevis 25.6G GEO