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1 DRP003295 DRA004940 Heterotrophic methanogens dominate in anaerobic digesters Other biogas fermenter metagenome 106.9G 2016-08-01 TOKYO_PHARM
2 DRP004955 DRA008231 Solid-state anaerobic digestion Other biogas fermenter metagenome 109.5M 2019-04-04 TOKYO_AGRITECH
3 ERP006820 ERA354945 Diversity of Clostridium cluster I community in a biogas plant Other biogas fermenter metagenome 595.6M VTI
4 ERP008939 ERA392514 Functional redundant and similar microbial communities within biogas reactors treating maize silage in co-fermentation with sugar beet silage Other biogas fermenter metagenome 252.9M ULM UNIVERSITY
5 ERP009006 ERA394163 Enriched Hetertrophic-Methantrophic Cultures from Different Soils Other biogas fermenter metagenome
compost metagenome
marine sediment metagenome
sediment metagenome
soil metagenome
6 ERP009854 ERA419669 Deeply sequenced metagenome and metatranscriptome of a biogas-producing microbial community from an agricultural production-scale biogas plant Metagenomics biogas fermenter metagenome 35.7G CEBITEC
7 ERP012807 ERA525192 Follows soon Other biogas fermenter metagenome 603.9M ULM UNIVERSITY
8 ERP013831 ERA1217657
anaerobic digestion Other anaerobic digester metagenome
biogas fermenter metagenome
9 ERP016012 ERA651133 Biogas production Other biogas fermenter metagenome 9.7M FUDAN UNIVERSITY
10 ERP023497 ERA956328 Characterization of organisms recovered from metagenome sequence data of microbial biofilms residing in mesophilic and thermophilic biogas reactors Other biogas fermenter metagenome 38.6G Center for Biotechnology (CeBiTec)
11 ERP104726 ERA1116464 TE supplementing Grass silage Anaerobic Digestion (TE-GAD) Other biogas fermenter metagenome 159.7M University College Cork, Ireland
12 ERP107536 ERA1250465 Bio-hydrogen production from buffalo waste with rumen inoculum and metagenomic characterization of bacterial and archaeal community Other biogas fermenter metagenome 1.1G CREA
13 ERP108868 ERA1489863 M'thermobacter and ex situ biogas upgrading Other biogas fermenter metagenome 45.2M University College Cork, Ireland
14 ERP108887 ERA1490101 in situ v. ex situ biogas upgrading Other biogas fermenter metagenome 6.4G University College Cork, Ireland
15 SRP017462 SRA062426 16S rRNA gene-based analysis of prokaryotic communities in a biogas reactor Metagenomics biogas fermenter metagenome 19.7M 2012-12-05 BioProject
16 SRP041213 SRA157674 Biogas batch Metagenome Metagenomics biogas fermenter metagenome 2.1M BioProject
17 SRP048891 SRA189806 Characterization of a methane-producing microbial community processing acidic effluent from sugar beet molasses fermentation Metagenomics biogas fermenter metagenome 335.8M BioProject
18 SRP049062 SRA191299 Biogas batch reactors, mesophilic Targeted Locus (Loci) Metagenomics biogas fermenter metagenome 439.8M BioProject
19 SRP056737 SRA249465 Improving anaerobic membrane bioreactor treatment of wastewater through membrane biofilm development Metagenomics biogas fermenter metagenome
bioreactor metagenome
370.3M BioProject
20 SRP058618 SRA269515 Molecular markers for the detection and taxonomic analyses of methanogenic communities Metagenomics biogas fermenter metagenome 368.9M BioProject