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1 DRP001810 DRA001737 Phyllosphere fungal metagenomics Metagenomics leaf metagenome 416M 2014-02-28 KYOTO_AG
2 DRP002234 DRA002156 Fungal diversity on decomposing sugarcane leaf litter Metagenomics leaf metagenome 188.3M 2014-04-01 YOKOHAMA
3 DRP002725 DRA002469 Phyllosphere fungal metagenomics Other leaf metagenome 447M 2014-08-24 KYOTO_AG
4 DRP003250 DRA005067
Diversity of Ktedonobacteria in terrestrial environments Other compost metagenome
leaf metagenome
sand metagenome
soil metagenome
terrestrial metagenome
1.2G 2016-08-24 TOHOKU
5 ERP003400 ERA227035 Bacterial community dynamics in the butterfly Heliconius erato Other insect metagenome
leaf metagenome
6 ERP003492 ERA234736 Practical innovations for high-throughput amplicon sequencing Metagenomics Arabidopsis thaliana
endophyte metagenome
freshwater metagenome
leaf metagenome
root metagenome
soil metagenome
synthetic metagenome
7 ERP006039 ERA317798 Parfrey_euk_testing_samples_515_1119 Metagenomics Amytornis merrotsyi merrotsyi
Amytornis merrotsyi pedleri
Crangonyx subterraneus
Niphargus auerbachi
air metagenome
algae metagenome
freshwater metagenome
freshwater sediment metagenome
gut metagenome
human gut metagenome
human oral metagenome
human skin metagenome
leaf metagenome
marine metagenome
marine sediment metagenome
soil metagenome
60.7M Colorado Center for Microbial Ecology, University of Colorado at Boulder
8 ERP019882 ERA765564 Identifying the core seed bank of a complex boreal bacterial metacommunity Other aquatic metagenome
leaf metagenome
soil metagenome
6.9G Universite du Quebec a Montreal
9 SRP029369 SRA099535 The DNA was extracted from the microorganism on aged flue-cured tobacco leaves and the cultured aged flue-cured tobacco leaves. it has contained most of the microorganism species of each sample, theoretically. Clone ends Other leaf metagenome 76.4M BioProject
10 SRP029989 SRA097154 Unravelling the diversity of grapevine microbiome Metagenomics leaf metagenome 55.4M BioProject
11 SRP033423 SRA111213 Effects of differences in leaf chemistry on bacterial communities colonizing leaf litter in a freshwater stream Metagenomics leaf metagenome 70.1M BioProject
12 SRP035356 SRA124286 Fungal ITS2 amlicons Targeted Locus (Loci) Metagenomics leaf metagenome
soil metagenome
134.6M BioProject
13 SRP036089 SRA130205 Bacterial and fungal communities on grapevine leaves Metagenomics leaf metagenome 443M BioProject
14 SRP039088 SRA142995 Fungal ITS1 amplicon library from surface sterilized plants and lichens Metagenomics leaf metagenome 370.7M BioProject
15 SRP044236 SRA081976 Endophytic bacteria of non-cultivated plants Metagenomics leaf metagenome 36.9M BioProject
16 SRP045515 SRA179337 Pyrosequencing reveals a highly diverse endophytic bacterial community in Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni leaves at different Metagenomics leaf metagenome 27.2M BioProject
17 SRP048036 SRA184036 Foliar fungal endophytes in Changbai Mountain Metagenome Metagenomics leaf metagenome 484.7M BioProject
18 SRP048670 SRA188642 Populus tremuloides leaves Targeted Locus (Loci) Metagenomics leaf metagenome 100.4M BioProject
19 SRP048671 SRA188643 Bacteria associated with gypsy moth - aspen interactions Targeted Locus (Loci) Metagenomics insect gut metagenome
leaf metagenome
51.3M BioProject
20 SRP064132 SRA300754 Populus trichocarpa leaves Metagenome Metagenomics leaf metagenome 2.7G BioProject