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1 DRP001207 DRA001151 Comparative study in validity of three regions of 18S-rRNA for eukaryote amplicon sequence analyses Metagenomics marine metagenome 237.5M 2013-09-19 FISHRA
2 DRP002239 DRA002161 A metagenetic approach for revealing community structure of marine planktonic copepods Metagenomics marine metagenome 83.5M 2014-03-20 UT-AQUA
3 DRP002309 DRA002227 Metagenetic analysis of copepod community in the tropical and subtropical Pacific Metagenomics marine metagenome 191.2M 2014-04-17 UT-AQUA
4 DRP002427 DRA002835 Diversity of bacterioneuston and bacterioplankton in coastal waters of Misaki, Japan Other marine metagenome 469.3M 2014-12-10 AORI
5 DRP002452 DRA002967 A study on microbial functional groups producing a climate related gas in the ocean Other marine metagenome 160.8M 2015-01-27 AORI
6 DRP002508 DRA003000 Metagenomic community analysis of marine zooplankton using two plankton nets Other marine metagenome 551.8M 2014-12-31 FISHRA
7 DRP002509 DRA002865 Bacterial Biogeography of Coastal Water in the Northern East China Sea Other marine metagenome 1.3G 2015-01-09 ISSCAS
8 DRP002839 DRA004205 Diversity and Abundance of Ammonia Oxidizing Archaea in the Coastal Sea Surface Microlayer Other marine metagenome 104.3M 2015-12-04 AORI
9 DRP003153 DRA004678 Diet analysis of Japanese sardine and Pacific round herring larvae Other marine metagenome 3.7G 2016-04-22 FISHRA
10 DRP003154 DRA004673 Latitudinal diversity patterns of pelagic copepods in the Pacific using metagenetic analysis Other marine metagenome 3.8G 2016-03-22 UT-AQUA
11 DRP003163 DRA003055
Metagenome analysis of picoeukaryotes from surface seawater Other marine metagenome 820.1M 2015-02-10 NIES
12 DRP003168 DRA002564 DDCA-metagenome Other marine metagenome 482.8M 2014-08-21 FISHRA
13 DRP003225 DRA004811 A metagenetic approach for revealing community structure of marine planktonic copepods using Illumina MiSeq Other eukaryotic mixed DNA library
marine metagenome
130.3M 2016-06-13 FISHRA
14 DRP003322 DRA002648 Bacterial Community Structure in the Seawater Pond Other marine metagenome 76.7M 2014-11-08 HUAIHAI
15 DRP003355 DRA005310 Periphyton effects on harmful cyanobacterial bloom and bacterial assemblages in a eutrophic freshwater Other marine metagenome 79.8M 2016-12-05 KRIBB-GMRC
16 DRP003386 DRA002858 Spatial Variation of Coastal Bacterioplankton Community along a Nitrogen and Phosphorus Co-pollution Gradient Other marine metagenome 185.3M 2014-12-25 ISSCAS
17 DRP003447 DRA004325 Osaka Bay Virome Other marine metagenome 2.4G 2015-12-17 KAKEN
18 DRP003594 DRA003461
Prokaryotic community response to microalgal lysates Other marine metagenome 793.7M 2016-08-07 HU_GSES
19 DRP003705 DRA005917
Diet analysis of Pacific Bluefin Tuna larvae Other marine metagenome 3.9G 2017-06-28 JFREA
20 DRP003762 DRA005228 nifH diversity in the North Pacific Ocean Other marine metagenome 198.5M 2016-11-01 JAMSTEC