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1 DRP003250 DRA005067
Diversity of Ktedonobacteria in terrestrial environments Other compost metagenome
leaf metagenome
sand metagenome
soil metagenome
terrestrial metagenome
1.2G 2016-08-24 TOHOKU
2 ERP021864 ERA828917 The ecological dichotomy of ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria in the hyper-arid soils of the Antarctic Dry Valleys (NZTABS) Other metagenome
sand metagenome
1.9G University of California San Diego Microbiome Initiative
3 SRP060350 SRA275739 Qatar barchan dunes 16S and metagenomics Metagenomics sand metagenome 2.4G BioProject
4 SRP068150 SRA331191 marine coarse sand surface grab Raw sequence reads Metagenomics sand metagenome 420.1M BioProject
5 SRP074819 SRA424680 uncultured prokaryote Metagenome Metagenomics sand metagenome 411.3M BioProject
6 SRP091681 SRA485460 Fungal communities across four coastal marine habitats in North Carolina, USA Metagenomics sand metagenome
seawater metagenome
sediment metagenome
161.6M BioProject
7 SRP093389 SRA482731 desert sand Targeted loci environmental Metagenomics sand metagenome 126.2M BioProject
8 SRP115088 SRA597726 Sulfidogenic crude oil bioreactor Raw sequence reads Metagenomics sand metagenome 61G BioProject
9 SRP120118 SRA620027 Metatranscriptomics of Mortierella PMI93 and Ilyonectria PMI82 and Populus interaction Other root metagenome
sand metagenome
soil metagenome
147.2G BioProject
10 SRP134260 SRA665430 Diversity of Bacteria in Desert Sands Other sand metagenome 345.9M BioProject
11 SRP154277 SRA741679 Intestinal microbial community diversities of Trachemys scripta elegans and Mauremys sinensis Metagenome Other food metagenome
freshwater metagenome
gut metagenome
sand metagenome
721M BioProject
12 SRP157865 SRA758085 Microbial community structure of contaminated aquifer Other sand metagenome 599.9M BioProject
13 SRP181589 SRA838011 Diversity and abundance of ammonia-oxidizing microorganism in a sand filter Other sand metagenome 54.3M BioProject
14 SRP200290 SRA893764 water and sand samples Raw sequence reads Metagenomics aquatic metagenome
sand metagenome
144.7M BioProject
15 SRP201050 SRA896650 Comammox Enrichment Other sand metagenome 174.8M BioProject
16 SRP201190 SRA897542 Comammox Enrichment Effects in Different Reactor Configurations Other sand metagenome 598.5M BioProject
17 SRP211884 SRA913107 Diel and daily coral reef seawater microbial time-series Metagenomics biofilm metagenome
coral metagenome
sand metagenome
seawater metagenome
3.6G BioProject
18 SRP214764 SRA921336 Enrichment of comammox with different nitrogen Other sand metagenome 647M BioProject
19 SRP229947 SRA996224 Lucilia sericata microbiota Raw sequence reads Metagenomics food metagenome
insect metagenome
sand metagenome
148.5M BioProject
20 SRP237561 SRA1012023 Multidimensional Reveal of Nitrogen Regulation on Comammox Other sand metagenome BioProject