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1 DRP000157 DRA000157 Metatranscriptomic analysis for eukaryotic functional genes in forest soil Metatranscriptomics soil metagenome 50.1M 2010-02-24 AIST
2 DRP000316 DRA000315 Pyrosequencing reveals contrasting succession patterns of major bacterial taxa in soils along a land-use type gradient Transcriptome Sequencing soil metagenome 9.8M 2010-12-03 ISSCAS
3 DRP000319 DRA000318 Autotrophic growth of nitrifying community in an agricultural soil Metagenomics soil metagenome 82.1M 2011-01-04 ISSCAS
4 DRP000323 DRA000321 Low input of nitrogen fertilizer shifts microbial community in paddy rice ecosystem Metagenomics rhizosphere metagenome
soil metagenome
772M 2010-12-14 TOHOKUGL
5 DRP000463 DRA000454 Fluctuation of Gene Pools of Soil Microbiota Spiked by Aromatic Hydrocarbons Metagenomics soil metagenome 31.2G 2011-08-26 TOHOKUGL
6 DRP000487 DRA000468 metagenomic analysis on 16S rDNA (2009) Metagenomics soil metagenome 268.2M 2011-09-21 KYOTO_AG
7 DRP000569 DRA000543 Comparative metagenomic analysis of soil microbial communities in tropical and temperate forests Metagenomics soil metagenome 4.5G 2012-01-26 KYOTO_AG
8 DRP000572 DRA000546 Nitrification of archaeal ammonia oxidizers in acid soils is supported by hydrolysis of urea Metagenomics soil metagenome 87.2M 2012-04-27 ISSCAS
9 DRP000618 DRA000587 Urease gene-containing Archaea dominate autotrophic ammonia oxidation in two acid soils Metagenomics soil metagenome 507.9M 2012-06-28 ISSCAS
10 DRP000637 DRA000606 Effect of chlorpyrifos on soil bacterial diveristy Metagenomics soil metagenome 88.1M 2012-07-18 ZJUT
11 DRP000759 DRA000728 Habitat specificity, host-plant specificity, and phylogenetic signal in the assembly of root-associated and soil-inhabiting fungi in a Quercus-dominated temperate forest Metagenomics rhizosphere metagenome
soil metagenome
31.2M 2012-09-18 KYOTO-GE
12 DRP000974 DRA000937 Detection of horizontal spatial structure of soil fungal communities in natural forest Metagenomics soil metagenome 36.4M 2013-03-04 KYOTO-GE
13 DRP001000 DRA000962 ITS fungal networks in healthy and diseased soils Metagenomics soil metagenome 68.9M 2013-03-19 YANGZHOU
14 DRP001008 DRA000970 Subsurface eubacterial community of Arakawa Low Land Metagenomics soil metagenome 24.3M 2013-02-25 SAITAMA
15 DRP001023 DRA000983 Characterizing changes in soil bacterial community structure in response to short-term warming Metagenomics soil metagenome 43.9M 2013-04-28 ISSCAS
16 DRP001053 DRA001011 Comparative metagenome analyses of anode-associated microbial communities developed in rice paddy field-soil microbial fuel cells Metagenomics bioanode metagenome
soil metagenome
22G 2013-05-22 TOKYO_PHARM
17 DRP001167 DRA001116 Microbial Diversity and Specific Taxa in Soils along a Seven-year-gradient of Potato Monoculture Metagenomics soil metagenome 62.5M 2013-08-13 YANGZHOU
18 DRP001195 DRA001139 The role of geographic distance in shaping belowground microbial community composition in a long-term field experiment of soil transplantation Metagenomics soil metagenome 227M 2013-09-09 ISSCAS
19 DRP001197 DRA001141 The role of geographic distance in shaping belowground microbial community composition in a long-term field experiment of soil transplantation Metagenomics soil metagenome 258.3M 2013-09-10 ISSCAS
20 DRP001198 DRA001142 Impact of Brassica seed meals with different glucosinolate content on soil fungal community and disease control of Fusarium wilt of chili pepper Metagenomics soil metagenome 78.8M 2013-09-07 YANGZHOU