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1 DRP001290 DRA001225 Applicability of 454 pyrosequencing to explore the diversity of fungal endophytes in tropical forest canopies Metagenomics terrestrial metagenome 116.4M 2013-11-21 KYOTO_CER
2 DRP002557 DRA002257 Microbes on flower and insect body surfaces Other terrestrial metagenome 697.9M 2014-05-20 KYOTO_CER
3 DRP003250 DRA005067
Diversity of Ktedonobacteria in terrestrial environments Other compost metagenome
leaf metagenome
sand metagenome
soil metagenome
terrestrial metagenome
1.2G 2016-08-24 TOHOKU
4 ERP005282 ERA293752 Functional metagenomic profiling of Tibetan Plateau soils affected by permafrost or seasonal freezing Metagenomics terrestrial metagenome 27M HELMHOLTZ ZENTRUM MUENCHEN
5 ERP009004 ERA394157 Hydrocarbon Metagenomics Project Metagenomics aquatic metagenome
freshwater metagenome
terrestrial metagenome
1.6G Genome Alberta
6 ERP013031 ERA528840 Soil metagenome sampled from a chitin-amended agricultural field Other terrestrial metagenome 6.9G UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK
7 SRP000664 SRA008287 Taxonomy of Windshield Splatter: Contrasting Geographic Locations using Short Read Counts Metagenomics terrestrial metagenome 88.1M 2009-04-01 The Pennsylvania State University
8 SRP020908 SRA072478 Liaohe oil field Metagenome Metagenomics terrestrial metagenome 34.1M BioProject
9 SRP026239 SRA050547 Analysis of ITS1 and ITS2 regions for barcoding fungal specimens Metagenomics terrestrial metagenome 172.9M 2012-03-05 BioProject
10 SRP026598 SRA091942 Black shale weathering profile Metagenome Metagenomics terrestrial metagenome 36.2M BioProject
11 SRP029242 SRA098204 Flooded rice paddy Transcriptome or Gene expression Other soil metagenome
terrestrial metagenome
410.3M BioProject
12 SRP029350 SRA099509 Woodrat feces and environmental sources Targeted Locus (Loci) Metagenomics gut metagenome
phyllosphere metagenome
terrestrial metagenome
714.8M BioProject
13 SRP031898 SRA075724
Canadian MetaMicrobiome Library Projects Metagenomics Bacteroides fragilis NCTC 9343
Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron VPI-5482
activated sludge metagenome
human gut metagenome
soil metagenome
terrestrial metagenome
45.7G BioProject
14 SRP033337 SRA109358 food web metagenome (Fungi) Metagenomics terrestrial metagenome 37M BioProject
15 SRP033378 SRA112076 Namib Desert hypoliths Metagenome Metagenomics terrestrial metagenome 246.2M BioProject
16 SRP033424 SRA115109 Corroded concrete Targeted Locus (Loci) Metagenomics terrestrial metagenome 46M BioProject
17 SRP035906 SRA129378 Terrestrial and aquatic Antarctic samples Metagenome Metagenomics terrestrial metagenome 382.1M BioProject
18 SRP036169 SRA135158 Bacteria Metagenome Metagenomics terrestrial metagenome 71.3M BioProject
19 SRP038096 SRA140408 Bacteria Targeted Locus (Loci) Metagenomics terrestrial metagenome 8.5G BioProject
20 SRP038758 SRA141827 18S fungal sequences of assembled fungal communities colonizing litter bags Targeted Locus (Loci) Metagenomics terrestrial metagenome 46.2M BioProject