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1 DRP000009 DRA000009 Subsurface mine microbial mat metagenome Metagenomics microbial mat metagenome 259.6M 2009-08-20 JAMSTEC
2 DRP000160 DRA000160 Genome reconstruction of previously uncultivated lineages of thermophilic archaeotes Metagenomics microbial mat metagenome 174.3M 2010-04-13 JAMSTEC
3 DRP000303 DRA000302 Detection of possible food-poisoning pathogens from Paralichthys olivaceus Metagenomics food metagenome 2.4G 2010-10-06 NIID
4 DRP000319 DRA000318 Autotrophic growth of nitrifying community in an agricultural soil Metagenomics soil metagenome 82.1M 2011-01-04 ISSCAS
5 DRP000323 DRA000321 Low input of nitrogen fertilizer shifts microbial community in paddy rice ecosystem Metagenomics rhizosphere metagenome
soil metagenome
772M 2010-12-14 TOHOKUGL
6 DRP000379 DRA000375 Exploring bacterial diversity of the abyssal seafloor in the East Sea, Korea Metagenomics marine sediment metagenome 71M 2011-04-14 GIMB
7 DRP000423 DRA000415
The Usefulness and Reproducibility of Pyrosequencing for the Analysis of a Microbial Community of a Methane-Oxidizing Biofilm Metagenomics activated carbon metagenome
biofilm metagenome
20.2M 2011-07-06 EWHA_WU
8 DRP000446 DRA000437
Comprehensive Detection of Possible Pathogens Associated with Kawasaki Disease Metagenomics human metagenome 114.7G 2013-10-09 NIID
9 DRP000451 DRA000442 microbial community of traditional Korean alcoholic beverages Metagenomics food metagenome 158.9M 2011-05-19 KYHEUBIO
10 DRP000452 DRA000443 Effective Gene Collection from the Metatranscriptome of Marine Microorganisms Metagenomics uncultured marine microorganism 592M 2011-08-17 OCHA_AP
11 DRP000454 DRA000445 Comprehensive Detection of Possible Bioterrorism Agents, Francisella sp., from clinical specimen using Next-generation Direct DNA Sequencing Metagenomics human metagenome 42M 2011-09-05 NIID
12 DRP000463 DRA000454 Fluctuation of Gene Pools of Soil Microbiota Spiked by Aromatic Hydrocarbons Metagenomics soil metagenome 31.2G 2011-08-26 TOHOKUGL
13 DRP000487 DRA000468 metagenomic analysis on 16S rDNA (2009) Metagenomics soil metagenome 268.2M 2011-09-21 KYOTO_AG
14 DRP000490 DRA000471 Comparative study of subseafloor microbial community structures in deeply buried coral fossils and sediment matrices from the Challenger Mound in the Porcupine Seabight Metagenomics marine sediment metagenome 119.5M 2011-10-05 JAMSTEC
15 DRP000498 DRA000477 fish_related environments_microbiome Metagenomics fish metagenome
food metagenome
freshwater metagenome
freshwater sediment metagenome
209.2M 2011-10-28 HYDRO_CAS
16 DRP000513 DRA000489 Bacterial community of Korean traditional fermented foods Metagenomics food metagenome 55.6M 2011-11-28 KFRI
17 DRP000524 DRA000500 Viral metagenomic analysis of Bat fecal samples Metagenomics viral metagenome 304.5M 2011-12-26 WIV_CAS
18 DRP000543 DRA000519 Effects of Non-Methane Volatile Organic Compounds on Performance and Microbial Community of Methanotrophic Biofilter Metagenomics biofilm metagenome 15.2M 2012-01-30 EWHA_WU
19 DRP000544 DRA000520 Comparison of RNA- and DNA-Based Bacterial Communities in a Lab-Scale Methane-Degrading Biocover using Ribosomal Tag Pyrosequencing Metagenomics biofilm metagenome 10.3M 2012-01-30 EWHA_WU
20 DRP000550 DRA000526 Characterization of the active microbiotas associated with honey bees reveals healthier and broader communities when colonies are genetically diverse Metagenomics honeybee metagenome 94.9M 2012-02-11 INDIANA