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TitleUrease gene-containing Archaea dominate autotrophic ammonia oxidation in two acid soils
DescriptionThe high-throughput sequencing of 16S rRNA genes at the whole community level provides an almost unbiased profiling strategy for measuring characteristic changes in relative proportions of the microorganisms involved in certain functional processes, such as nitrification, in a complex system. There are 84 samples in the study.Two kinds of soil are involved in the study including forest soil(FS) and tea orchard soil(TS).The sample reflect the 16s rRNA gene diversity of forest soil and tea orchard soil in Zhejiang province of China.The soil samples were incubated in in soil microcosms for 8 weeks. Microcosm incubation was performed by adding 100.0 μg of urea-N g-1 d.w.s or sterilized water every week.By combining DNA-based stable isotope probing (SIP) and high-throughput pyrosequencing,The pyrosequencing results of fraction 4-9 were showed in the paper.

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Taxon ID410658
Common Name
Scientific Namesoil metagenome
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