Sample Detail

TitleE-MTAB-4511:Non transfected #1
DescriptionProtocols: HUVECs were obtained from LONZA and grown according to suppliers recommendations. Cells were cultured in EBM2 media, supplemented with EGM2. Transfection (7 hours) was performed using Roche X-tremegene DNA transfection reagent in 0.4% FBS media. Directly following transfection, cells were stimulated (14 hours) with small molecule (or DMSO), in 0.4% FBS media. RNA was extracted using RNeasy mini kit (Qiagen). Samples (>100 ng RNA) were processed for whole transcriptome sequencing using TruSeq stranded total RNA library prep kit (Ribo‚ÄźZero GOLD, Illumina).

Organism Info

Taxon ID9606
Common Name
Scientific NameHomo sapiens
Anonymized Name
Individual Name