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TitleA comprehensive survey of 3' animal miRNA modification events and a possible role for 3' adenylation in modulating miRNA targeting effectiveness
Study TypeTranscriptome Analysis
Abstract Animal microRNA sequences are subject to 3' nucleotide addition. Through detailed analysis of deep-sequenced short RNA datasets, we show adenylation and uridylation of miRNA is globally present and conserved across Drosophila and vertebrates. To better understand 3' adenylation function, we deep-seq .. [more]
Description Short RNA (15-30bp) from THP-1 cells were subjected to various experimental conditions and then isolated. RNA libraries from different conditions were deep-sequenced, each on a single Illumina Genome Analyzer lane. Three RNA libraries were constructed after siRNA-mediated knockdown of nucleotidyltra .. [more]
Center NameRIKEN_OSC