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TitleEvolution of parasitism in the Apicomplexa: the genome sequence of Colpodella sp.
Study TypeWhole Genome Sequencing
Abstract The purpose of a Colpodella genome sequence is to provide an 'outgroup' for comparative genomic analyses. Phylogenetic analysis has shown that the Colpodellidae are the natural sister clade to Apicomplexa sensu stricto, including the Gregarines (Kuvardina et al. 2002, Leander et al. 2003). As such, .. [more]
Description Colpodella spp. are free-living, predatory flagellates. They are the closest known non-parasitic relatives of the Apicomplexa, which includes most notably the malaria parasites Plasmodium spp., but also various other parasites of Humans and livestock such as Theileria spp., Babesia spp., Toxoplasma .. [more]
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