Study Detail

Study TypeTranscriptome Analysis
Abstract Our previous study shows transcription factor Bcl11b is essential for T cell identity maintenance. Loss of Bcl11b, T cells were reprogrammed into NK cells, 'ITNKs'. Here, We fing that Bcl11b also regulates ILC2 development. By employing single-cell RNA-sequencing technology and Bcl11b-Td reporter sy .. [more]
Description This study aims to investigate the molecular meachasim of ILC2 commitment and Bcl11b regulatory networks in ILC2 cells. The genome-wide transcriptomic heterogeneity in progenitors before ILC2 lineage commitemnt or after ILC2 lineage commitment and Bcl11b-deficient ILC2 progenitors will be studied by .. [more]
Center NameThe Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute