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TitleDraft Genome Sequences for Clostridium thermocellum Wild-Type Strain YS and Derived Cellulose Adherence Defective Mutant Strain AD2
Study TypeWhole Genome Sequencing
Abstract Clostridium thermocellum wild-type strain YS is an anaerobic, thermophilic, cellulolytic bacterium capable of directly converting cellulosic substrates into ethanol. Strain YS and a derived cellulose adherence defective mutant strain AD2 played pivotal roles in describing the original cellulosome co .. [more]
Description A Multi-Platform approach was used. Draft genome data for strain YS was generated using a combination of 454 and Illumina HiSeq2000 technologies from 3 kb and 500 bp paired-end libraries, respectively. The 454 data consisted of 650,450 reads and generated 207,578,580 bp. After trimming and filterin .. [more]
Center NameOak Ridge National Laboratory