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TitleBacterial community composition along the salinity gradient in salt-affected soils
Study TypeTranscriptome Analysis
Abstract The goal of the present study is investigation of changes in soil bacterial community along the salinity gradient in the area of salt lakes of Kazakhstan. By use of 454 pyrosequencing teqniques we made a set of community 16S rRNA profiles in 8 sites. 6 of them were taken along te salinity gradient .. [more]
Description In the summer of 2009, soil samples from horizon A1 (at a depth of 10 cm) were collected in the region of solonchak near Lake Akkol’ (T1: 51*4'14.45''N, 54*2'52.00''E; T2: 51*4'14.46?N, 54*2'51.19?E; T2–3: 51*4'14.11''N, 54*2'51.23''E; T3: 51*4'14.08''N, 54*2'49.66''E; T4: 51*4'13.67''N, 54*2'48.47' .. [more]
Center NameARRIAM