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TitleGene expression of human Th17 cells before and after activation
AbstractAlthough gene expression of human Th17 clones has been studies, to date, molecular mechanisms for human Th17 development remain unclear. We have analyzed gene expression of human Th17 cells before and after activation. Th17-cell clones from peripheral blood CD4 T cells cultured with LPS-stimulated dendritic cells derived from monocytes stimulated by TNF were established by a limited dilution method. One of the Th17 clones was proliferated significantly, and high percentages (>70%) of Th17 cells in the cultured cells were maintained by addition of monocytes, IL-1b, and IL-15. CD161+CXCR3- cells (CD161+Th17) in the cultures were sorted and purified up to approximately 97% of IL-17-producing cells after treatment with PMA/ionomycin. Furthermore, these cells were treated with TCR-stimuli, IL-1b, and IL-23 for 2 days, and IL-17-producing Th17 cells (active-Th17) detected by IL-17-catch-up antibodies were sorted. Total RNA sampled from 1x 106 CD161+Th17, active-Th17, naïve CD4 T cells, or CXCR3+ Th1 cells from combined CD4 T and dendritic cell cultures was used for SAGE. SAGE was performed by using SOLID TM SAGETM kit with barcoding adaptor molecules (Applied Biosystems). DNA sequence was analyzed by using AB5500 Genetic Analyzer (Applied Biosystems), and gene expression was analyzed by using SOLID® SAGETM software (Applied Biosystems). Our data shows high levels of IL-17A-mRNA expression by active-Th17; however, but only slight expression by CD161+Th17. Therefore, the data could provide alteration of gene expression by Th17 cells before and after stimulation.
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JGAD00000000005 Dataset for gene expression of human Th17 cells before and after activation. Whole genome shotgun sequencing 4 JGAP00000000001