Study: JGAS00000000008




TitleResearch for candidate genes of splenic epidermoid cyst
AbstractSplenic epidermoid cyst is a very rare benign tumor-like lesion filled with fluid or semi-fluid material. It occurs mostly in 2nd or 3rd decades of life with some female dominance. Most cases are asymptomatic and the clinical symptoms are dependent on the size of the cyst. Exome re-sequencing is an efficient strategy to selectively sequence the protein-coding regions of the genome, and has increasingly been used to identify novel genetic variants underlying Mendelian diseases. In this study, exome re-sequencing of 8 Japanese patients with splenic epidermoid cyst were conducted.
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Study TypeExome Sequencing
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JGAD00000000008 Exome data set of splenic epidermoid cyst Random chromosome sequencing 8 JGAP00000000001