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TitleAnalysis of TKI resistant mechanism for gastrointstinal stromal tumor
AbstractGastrointestinal stromal tumors are the most common mesenchymal tumor of the digestive tract and the proliferation is driven by gain-of-function mutations in KIT. Despite its proven benefits, half of the patients treated with imatinib develop disease progression within 2 years due to secondary resistance mutations in the KIT kinase domains. To characterize the changes associated with imatinib resistance, we performed genomic and transcriptomic analyses of four resistant cell lines and one cell line briefly exposed to imatinib. We also performed exome sequencing of drug-resistant clinical samples.
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Study TypeExome Sequencing

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NBDC Numberhum0039
Registration date2015-10-13
Submitting organizationOsaka unversity graduate school of medicine
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JGAD00000000039 GIST-001 and GIST-002 data Exome sequencing 8 JGAP00000000005