Study: JGAS00000000080




TitleStandard epigenome mapping in human epithelial cells of the digestive and urogenital organs [RNA-Seq ]
AbstractThe aim of this study is to participate in International Human Epigenome Consortium (, through disclosure of quality reference epigenome profiles in normal and diseased cells obtained from multiple Japanese people.
Study Type 1
Study TypeControl Set
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Study TypeTranscriptome Sequencing

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NBDC Numberhum0090
Registration date2016-11-11
Submitting organizationDivision of Moleuclar Pathology, National Cancer Center Rsearch Institute
Principal InvestigatorYae Kanai
Primary Phenotype
Accession Title Dataset type Data objects Policy
JGAD00000000080 Normal human absorptive epithelial cells purified from colorectal partial resection specimens, RNA-Seq Transcriptome profiling by high-throughput sequencing 12 JGAP00000000001