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TitleGWAS for atrial fibrillation in the Japanese population
AbstractWe performed a genome-wide association study (GWAS) that utilized 8,180 atrial fibrillation cases and 28,612 controls and followed up in an additional 3,120 cases and 125,064 controls in the Japanese population. We replicated previously reported loci and identified six novel loci. Five of the six novel loci were specifically associated with atrial fibrillation in the Japanese population after comparing our data to individuals of European ancestry, suggesting there might be different susceptibility genetic factors across ancestries. Our study has discovered variants in genes HAND2, KCND3 and NEBL that are relevant to atrial fibrillation susceptibility. The involvement of PPFIA4 and SH3PXD2A in axon guidance also suggested its role in the disease pathogenesis. Our findings may contribute to a better understanding of atrial fibrillation susceptibility and pathogenesis.
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Study TypeCase-Control


PubMed ID28416822
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NBDC Numberhum0014
Registration date2017-04-14
Submitting organizationRIKEN Center For Integrative Medical Sciences
Principal InvestigatorMichiaki Kubo
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