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TitleInnate myeloid cell sbuset-specific gene expression patterns in the human colon are altered in Crohn's disease patients
AbstractBackground: There is a heterogeneous subset innate myeloid cells, such as macrophages and dendritic cells, in the human intestinal lamina propria. Several studies have demonstrated that these cells contribute to the maintenance of gut homeostasis through induction of inflammatory responses and tolerance via cell type-specific mechanisms; whereas, disrupted innate immune responses are implicated in the pathogenesis of Crohn’s disease. However, the detailed mechanisms by which each innate myeloid subset regulates gut homeostasis and inflammation largely remains unknown. Aim: We aimed to clarify the comprehensive gene expression profiles of innate myeloid cell subsets in the lamina propria from normal human colons (NC) and the inflamed colon sites from patients with Crohn’s disease (CDi). Methods: We performed RNA-sequencing analysis and precise bioinformatics analysis on three innate myeloid cell subsets, CD14-CD11c-, CD14-CD11c+, and CD14+CD11c+CD163low cells from NC and CDi. Results: Transcriptional analysis of the three subsets from the NC showed distinct gene expression patterns and gene ontology (GO) enrichment analysis revealed the associated innate myeloid subset-specific biological process (BP) terms. In addition, changes in gene expression patterns were observed in innate myeloid subsets from CDi. Furthermore, the core GO-BP terms for the genes upregulated in the innate myeloid cells from CDi were distinct from those found in NC. Conclusion: Our data identified the innate myeloid cell subset-specific transcriptomes and the associated enriched GO-BP terms in the NC and found these patterns were altered in CDi.
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Study TypeTranscriptome Sequencing


PubMed ID30343293
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NBDC Numberhum0125
Registration date2018-03-01
Submitting organizationExperimental Immunology, iFReC, Osaka University
Principal InvestigatorShimon Sakaguchi
Molecular Data TypeTranscriptome Sequencing
PlatformIon S5
VendorThermo Fisher Scienfitic
Primary PhenotypeCrohn's disease
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JGAD00000000138 Innate myeloid cells in Crohn’s disease Transcriptome profiling by high-throughput sequencing 21 JGAP00000000001